Y&R Transcript Tuesday 9/8/15


Episode # 10749 ~ Jack tries to protect Jabot; Cane uncovers shocking information while searching for Hilary; Ashley gets closer with Joe.

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[Computer keys clacking]

Ashley: Ah!

Jack: You thought the job was gonna be easy?

Ashley: [Sighs] Well, it would be if I had internet service.

Jack: Oh? Computers are down?

Ashley: Yep, the entire system since last night's power outage.

Jack: Wow. How do you think that happened?

Ashley: Nothing official yet, but I'm assuming it's from the storm.

Jack: Well, maybe you should call I.T.

Ashley: Gee, thanks, jack. I hadn't thought about that.

Jack: I'm just trying to help.

Ashley: I got your note. It was very sweet. Thank you. I've got everything handled.

Jack: I'm not here to check up on you, sis.

Ashley: Then why are you here?

Jack: I'm here to tell you I made a deal with the devil.

Ashley: Please don't tell me that the devil's name is Victor.

Joe: Phyllis, I'm glad we ran into each other.

Phyllis: That makes one of us.

Joe: You know, I was just curious how Avery's doing. I haven't heard from her since she left town.

Phyllis: Well, you're gonna have to get used to it 'cause you're not gonna hear about her from me, either.

Joe: Well, I was just wondering how she's doing.

Phyllis: I'm not discussing my sister with you. But I do have one question. Why are you still here?

Joe: Glutton for punishment.

Phyllis: In Genoa city. You followed Avery here. She's gone. Why aren't you?

Cane: And you're sure the team you put together is good, right?

They've conducted searches like this all over the world and had great success.

Cane: Yeah? Well, not in this case.

We've scoured every inch of this island. There is no sign of Mrs. Hamilton. Other than the shoe the police recovered, nothing else has turned up.

Cane: Yeah, and I read your report. Nothing in the water, nothing washed up on the beach, and there's no sign that she left the island by either air or sea.

It's like she vanished into thin air.

Cane: Well, that's impossible, so she has to be here somewhere.

Do you want us to continue looking?

Cane: I promised my brother-in-law that I would find his wife and that I would clear his name. And I will not leave this island until I do that.

What next, then?

Cane: Okay. All right, I've already put this up on some social-media sites. What I need you to do is take these and canvass the island with them, okay?

It doesn't say how much the reward is.

Cane: We're still working on that.

Michael: Offering a reward could motivate an honest person to come forward.

Devon: So what's the problem?

Michael: The amount. It could draw out a lot of less-than-honest people.

Devon: I don't care.

Michael: False leads could send your investigators in all the wrong directions. If you offered less, Devon...

Devon: The reward is $1 million, Michael.

Michael: Devon --

Devon: If that doesn't work, I'll push it to $10 million or $100 million. I don't care. I will give every penny that I have to anyone that has information about where Hilary is.

Neil: You've been sleeping peacefully? I know that I have. Yeah. For the first time in months, I've been able to sleep without waking up to all the pain and hurt that you and Devon caused me. [Sighs] Payback is a powerful medicine, Hilary.

Devon: The reporter that I spoke to the other day asked if I had any more pictures of Hilary, 'cause all we've been using is the ones from the, uh, the reward poster, and they thought if they had more shots that it'd make it easier for people to recognize her.

Lily: Yeah, I have, uh, wedding pics on my laptop. I can forward them to you.

Devon: Thank you. I appreciate that.

Lily: We're gonna find her.

Devon: I know. Wherever she is or whatever's happened to her, I know that she knows how much I love her and how hard I'm working to bring her home, just like I know that she's doing everything she can to get back to me.

Neil: Yeah, Hilary. I always tried to take care of you like a good husband. I showered you with all the love that I could. I tried to make all your wishes come true. That wasn't enough for you. Nothing was never enough for you. Not because you fell in love with Devon. No, no, no. No. It wasn't ever about love. It was about you. Who you are. Huh. Who you've always been. The person to inflict pain on other people. That's why you came to Genoa city. Because you wanted to get revenge on me. You wanted to hurt me and my family for what you thought I did to your mother. I never clearly understood that deep obsessive impulse to pay somebody back. I-I wanted -- I wanted to teach you that love has the power to heal. Instead, you ended up teaching me that it has the power to destroy.

Phyllis: What? You got no lie on the tip of your tongue? You're usually so good at that. Like the one about you not following Avery to Genoa city.

Joe: I came here for business, and now it's my home.

Phyllis: Oh, is your hotel room here your home?

Joe: I have friends here, and I've established Genoa city as a base of operations for my business. And bonus -- I don't have any more restraining orders against me, so whether you like it or not, I'm staying here. I was just asking about Avery.

Phyllis: Why, Joe? Why do you want to know?

Joe: Because I care about her.

Phyllis: You care about your ex-wife who accused you of being a rapist?

Joe: People make mistakes. That was hers.

Phyllis: Avery's biggest mistake was marrying you.

Joe: You know, I loved her.

Phyllis: No, you abused her. You controlled and manipulated her long after the divorce. See, you followed her to Genoa city and you destroyed her relationship with Dylan, and you forced her to have one with you. You pushed her over the edge, and I saw that for myself. So you may not be the one who attacked her, but she would have never been in that alley if it weren't for you.

Joe: You know what? Don't put that on me.

Phyllis: I am blaming the monster who assaulted her. It was your fault that she left town. I lost my sister because of you.

Joe: You know, I may have been a lousy husband, but I'm not to blame for all of Avery's problems, and I'm sure as hell not responsible for why you lost your sister. That's on you.

Ashley: I'm right. You made a deal with Victor.

Jack: It is not like before.

Ashley: What are you up to?

Jack: We have merely agreed to coordinate our efforts.

Ashley: For what?

Jack: To find out more about this paragon project and who's behind it.

Ashley: We don't even know if that's a real thing.

Jack: Victor believes it's a real threat, and more and more, I think there's a possibility that someone's after his company and mine.

Ashley: You mean mine.

Jack: There will be nothing left of our family company if Victor and I don't outsmart our common enemy.

Ashley: Wow. It took you one entire day.

Jack: What?

Ashley: You leave me a really sweet note telling me how supportive you are of me, and then you go behind my back and make a deal with Victor.

Jack: Wait a minute. I have been totally up front with you.

Ashley: You made me C.E.O. Let me run the damn company.

Jack: Ash, this is not a power play. This is a real threat against the Newmans and the Abbotts.

Ashley: What did Victor propose?

Jack: I proposed that each of us work individually to ferret out what information we can about this mystery project and share what we've learned.

Ashley: Very nice. In theory. Except what if Victor makes a deal whoever's the mastermind of paragon and then they bring down jabot together?

Jack: I guess I'll have to figure out who it is first.

Ashley: I don't like the sound of this at all.

Jack: What? Me besting Victor? Me finally coming out on top?

Ashley: You want to square off with him again -- have at it, okay? I've got a business to run.

Jack: This is not a game, sis.

Ashley: Whatever it is, jack, you got lots of time to do it, don't you? [Sighs] Thank heavens. I can finally get some work done!

Jack: Oh. Good. Transaction incomplete. What's that?

Ashley: Jack.

Jack: I'm just asking.

Ashley: [Sighs] It's a purchase order for packaging materials that was automatically scheduled for last night.

Jack: During the blackout. Wow. I guess you'll have to submit it again.

Ashley: "Wow" is right. I placed this order, but then I got another bid from another company for 30% less. And since this transaction was canceled, I've saved the company about $2 million.

Jack: You managed to turn the blackout to your advantage.

Ashley: Yeah, I told you I'd be good at this.

Jack: I never doubted that.

Ashley: Thank you. I've got to get going. I've got a meeting at the club with a potential buyer, I hope, the biggest department store in Finland.

Jack: Ash? Good luck.

Ashley: Good luck to you, too. Call me if you need anything.

Jack: Keep your eyes and ears open for anyone who might have an ax to grind with the Abbotts.

Phyllis: Get lost, Joe. Water, please.

Joe: What's the matter, Phyllis? Can't handle the truth?

Phyllis: Like you would know what that is.

Joe: Well, I know you just up and left your kid sister with your crappy parents, and that was well before I got in the picture.

Phyllis: Avery and I worked through all that. She understood why I had to leave home and why I couldn't take her with me.

Joe: Well, I'm sure that's what she told you. But she was singing a different tune when she confided in me. The pain that you caused her, Phyllis, was deep and lasting. You didn't lose your sister because of me. You lost Avery because you suck at being a sister.

Phyllis: Okay, I want you to listen to me, you arrogant piece of slime. The days of Avery confiding in you are over. She confides in me now. And if she tells me you try to contact her at all by phone or you try to text her or you send her a message by carrier pigeon, I will make your life a living hell. You got it?

Lily: What's going on?

Joe: Oh, I was just asking Phyllis about her sister, and I seemed to have, uh, ruffled her feathers a bit.

Lily: Well, no offense, but I think that Joe has as much right as anybody to know how Avery's doing.

Phyllis: I cannot believe that you're defending him. And I bet your husband would be just as appalled as I am.

Cane: $1 million is a lot of money, Michael.

Calls will start pouring in.

Michael: I told Devon that offering such a large sum could end up slowing down our search.

We'll waste a lot of time chasing down bad leads.

Cane: Well, all we can do is follow the believable ones and, uh, hope for the best.

Michael: One could think offering such a huge reward could help us prove Devon's innocence.

Cane: How?

Michael: Well, he's practically begging witnesses to come forward, and he's not hiding it. Those are not the actions of a guilty man.

Cane: I find it hard to believe the authorities are accusing him with so little evidence.

Michael: It's not like it's never happened.

Cane: What? You think they know something they're not saying?

Michael: Well, I'm on my way to visit the prosecutor now. I'll let you know what he says.

Cane: All right, well, I'll keep on my search, okay?

Michael: I will meet you back here. Gentlemen.

Cane: You look worried.

I've been on many cases where someone is missing, whether it's because of an accident or they got lost or just took themselves off the grid. In time, they turn up. But when there's foul play, the person responsible makes sure they never turn up. They hide the body somewhere no one will ever find it.

Neil: You okay?

Devon: I don't know how much longer I can just sit in Genoa city and not do anything.

Neil: You know if you go to virgin Gorda, they're gonna arrest you, right?

Devon: I do know that. That's the only thing stopping me from going there and burning the whole island down.

Neil: What you got there?

Devon: I'm just -- I'm looking for new pictures of Hilary to release to the press 'cause the reporter that I spoke to the other day said that it might help with finding Hilary, so I'm trying to pick the best one.

Neil: Hmm. Let me see that. [Clears throat] Yeah, yeah, that's -- that's a good one. Where was that?

Devon: That was at the empire state building. That was during the trip we were in new York together.

Neil: It's okay. I already told you, uh, it's all in the past, right? [Sighs] Mm-hmm. I think you really should use that picture. It's a very clear shot of her. She's smiling.

Devon: Yeah.

Neil: It's kind of surprising, though. She's 1,200 feet up in the air and she's deathly afraid of heights.

Devon: What do you mean, she's afraid of heights?

Neil: Well, ever since she was a kid. She got stuck at the top of a Ferris wheel. You know, totally freaked her out. She's been terrified of heights ever since. Yeah, that's why I was kind of shocked you were able to convince her to take a helicopter ride and then a hike up the hill.

Devon: I should be arrested.

Neil: Why?

Devon: I'll tell you why -- 'cause [Scoffs] I'm guilty. Everything that happened to her in virgin Gorda I'm responsible for.

Michael: Thanks for meeting with me.

Mr. Donovan: Well, I should warn you, I have more than enough evidence to prosecute Mr. Hamilton.

Michael: All circumstantial. You have no body. You have no proof that my client's wife is even dead.

Mr. Donovan: I have won many cases on far less evidence than I have in this one.

Michael: [Sighs] I've done my homework, Mr. Donovan. Your laws here regarding disclosure are the same as we have in the states, so... please disclose.

Mr. Donovan: Well, we know that Mr. Hamilton sent his wife on a hike and that someone canceled her scheduled tour guide, which created an opportunity for him to be alone with her on the summit where a witness saw them arguing.

Michael: You have no proof that Devon made that phone call, and the witness saw someone who looks like Devon.

Mr. Donovan: We're confident a positive I.D. Will be made once we have your client in a lineup.

Michael: Even if you could prove your theoretical scenario, you have no motive.

Mr. Donovan: I've done my homework, too, Mr. Baldwin. I discovered that the accused and the victim --

Michael: Alleged victim.

Mr. Donovan: ...Cheated on her previous husband, Mr. Hamilton's father. It's possible she cheated on her new husband, too.

Michael: [Chuckles] That is a complete work of fiction. You have no proof.

Mr. Donovan: I know that the former Hilary Curtis is really Ann turner and that she came to Wisconsin to exact revenge on Mr. Hamilton's whole family. Perhaps she wasn't done.

Michael: All right, that's it. Wait. That's it. That's your case? You have nothing. Pure speculation.

Mr. Donovan: The shoe with Mrs. Hamilton's blood on it is a fact. You're right. A body would make this an open-and-shut case. But not having one isn't going to stop me from trying and convicting your client.

Michael: You'd have to get him back here first.

Mr. Donovan: Ah, he can't fight extradition forever.

Michael: A couple million dollars says he can.

Mr. Donovan: The best thing you can do for your client is to convince him to come back here and admit his guilt.

Devon: I'm guilty, man!

Neil: Hey, hey. Shh, shh, shh, shh. No, no, no, don't you say that in a public place. You hear me?

Devon: Why not say it? 'Cause it's the truth. I convinced Hilary to go on that trail where she disappeared. She probably didn't want to go. She did it for me.

Neil: Okay.

Devon: How could I not know my wife is afraid of heights?

Neil: Shh. Calm down. It's not your fault.

Devon: I'm her husband. I'm supposed to know those things.

Neil: Maybe it's over now. You know, obviously she's been working on it because she went to the top of the empire state building and she took a ride in a helicopter, right?

Devon: Yeah, which she probably just did for me, too. This is just a lot of stuff that I didn't know about her. And I thought that I had a lifetime to learn it.

Neil: You don't know that you won't.

Devon: I was willing to sacrifice everything to be with her -- my relationship with lily, my relationship with you. [Sighs]

Neil: Hey, listen. It's all in the past, all right? I've forgiven you. I'm here now.

Devon: I know you are. I know. And I honestly don't know how I would be getting through any of this without you here.

Neil: I know. I know how much she means to you. I do.

Devon: I'd give away every penny to have her back. Everything. Just the thought of her being out there and suffering, I don't...

Neil: Hey. Got to stay strong.

Devon: I'm trying to stay strong. But the more time goes by, the harder that is. If I lose her...

Neil: Hey. Hey, hey, hey. No, no, no. Come here. No.

Joe: Well, it's hard to believe that those two are actually sisters. I mean, she's complete opposite of Avery, right? Truth, goodness. Well, she was right about one thing. Cane probably wouldn't appreciate you coming to my defense.

Lily: No, he probably would not.

Joe: You know, I'm sorry for causing so much trouble between you two.

Lily: It's fine, it's fine. We're working through it.

Joe: You two really seem to love each other.

Lily: Yeah. We do. I think we've learned that if love is gonna last, then you have to have trust. So don't worry about me coming to your defense or anything. It's not gonna cause any problems for Cane and me.

Joe: Well, it's probably just a waste of your breath. I mean, it's no secret Phyllis hates me, and after, uh, alienating Cane, you're about the only one in this town that's decent to me.

Lily: Well, believe it or not, I think you're a decent guy.

Joe: Well, Avery, I'm sure would disagree.

Lily: Hey, we've all made mistakes in the name of love, right? I mean, who hasn't?

Joe: And I wonder why you still see me that way.

Lily: Well, maybe because I'm a good judge of character.

Ashley: Phyllis!

Phyllis: Ash, hi.

Ashley: I'm so glad to see you. I want to talk to you.

Phyllis: As long as it's not too stressful. I just had an amazing massage.

Ashley: Good for you. It's about the paragon project. You've heard of it, right?

Phyllis: Yeah. Crazy, imaginary plot to destroy the Newmans, yeah.

Ashley: Well, now Victor has jack believing in it now.

Phyllis: Jack? Jack, my husband, who's supposed to be taking a break from business?

Ashley: Yeah, that lasted about five minutes. Now he's determined to find out who's behind this paragon. He thinks it's somebody that's close to both families and possibly has a vendetta against jack or Victor. You're not listening to me.

Phyllis: I'm sorry. I just had a little run-in with my sister's ex earlier. He actually had the audacity to ask for information about her. He is so disgusting. You know, in a perfect world, he would be gone and Avery wouldn't be. Anyway, um, I'm not quite sure why he is still in town. You're friends with Joe, aren't you?

Ashley: Well, we spent a little time together in new York. That's all.

Phyllis: How well do you know him?

Ashley: Not that well. Why?

Phyllis: Well, it's just strange that he's still here in town. It seems like he's got a hidden agenda.

Ashley: Well, if he did, why does that matter to you?

Phyllis: Could his hidden agenda be the paragon project?

Ashley: Why do you think Joe would have a problem with the Newmans and the Abbotts?

Phyllis: That warehouse redevelopment plan was very huge for him. He lost a lot of money when Victor backed out of that.

Ashley: Yeah. What about jack? I mean, what would be his beef with jack?

Phyllis: Me. Going after my husband would be a good way of getting back at me for turning Avery against him.

Ashley: I think that's a reach.

Phyllis: But the timing is right for all of this. He has enough resources to pull something like this off.

Ashley: I can look into it.

Phyllis: Good.

Ashley: You know, or better yet, we could have Victor and jack look into it since they're reprising their roles as the dynamic duo.

Phyllis: What are you talking about?

Ashley: [Sighs] They've made a deal, Phyllis. They're gonna start working together. Can you bel-- Phyllis. Hey, uh, yeah, it's Ashley Abbott. I have a meeting with Mr. Aderling. Do you think we could postpone it just for an hour? Great. Yeah. Something's come up. Thanks so much.

Devon: I just have to keep it together. I have to focus and believe that Michael and Cane and the search and rescue team, they will -- they will find Hilary and they will bring her back home.

Neil: There you go. I like this. You can't lose hope.

Devon: I'm not gonna lose hope. If they could just find the man that she was arguing with.

Neil: Yeah. Well, that -- that could be anybody. Um, have you thought about what you're gonna do if something did happen to Hilary?

Devon: Well, my priority would become making whoever's responsible pay.

Michael: There is no way Devon is going to plead guilty to a crime he didn't commit.

Mr. Donovan: I'm not asking him to.

Michael: Mr. Hamilton loved his wife. There's no way he would hurt her. They just got married, for God sakes.

Mr. Donovan: It wouldn't be the first time a bride was murdered on her honeymoon.

Michael: You don't know these two. They fought enormous obstacles to be together. Their relationship has withstood every challenge they faced. Their wedding was one of the most romantic things I've ever witnessed. There's no reason for Devon to be angry at Hilary. In fact, there was...

Mr. Donovan: There's a reason for her to be angry with him? Hmm. Why would Mrs. Hamilton have been angry with her husband?

Michael: I didn't say she was. Devon is a good and decent man. He wouldn't hurt a fly, much less the woman he loves.

Mr. Donovan: Very moving, Mr. Baldwin. Just remember juries may be moved by lovely words, but they'll be convinced by the evidence. Good day.

[Door opens]

Jimmy: You're the man looking for a missing woman?

Cane: Yeah, that's me.

Jimmy: I've been calling your hotline. I can't get through.

Cane: You know something?

Jimmy: I saw what happened.

Devon: Thank you.

Lily: Hey. Did you get the pictures I sent?

Devon: Yeah, I did. Thank you.

Lily: Any news?

Devon: Yeah. My wife's afraid of heights.

Lily: What?

Devon: Dad just told me that.

Lily: If she was afraid of heights, why did she go hiking up a mountain?

Devon: Because I'm an idiot and I suggested that she go by herself even when she wanted to stay at the hotel with me. She was trying to tell me she didn't want to go.

Lily: Come on, Devon. You couldn't have known that. You wouldn't have arranged it if she hadn't said that she wanted to go.

Devon: Well... why would she keep a fear like that from me?

Lily: Maybe she was embarrassed.

Devon: I'm the one that should be embarrassed. I made her go on the helicopter, and then I got sick. She could have told me then. She told Neil about it.

Lily: Is that what this is about? The fact that dad knew something about her you didn't?

Devon: No. I'm just -- I'm not thinking straight. I guess I've had too much caffeine and not enough sleep.

Lily: Look, I'm sure dad didn't mean to upset you about Hilary's phobia.

Devon: I know he didn't. Just -- I just forget sometimes how close they were before I came into the picture.

Lily: If I didn't know any better, I would think that you were jealous.

Cane: And you are sure that is what you saw?

Jimmy: Not the type of thing you forget. Do I get the reward now?

Cane: Why don't you write your name and your number on the back of this, please? Thanks. I'll be in touch. Don't speak to anybody till you hear from me, you understand? All right. Thanks.

Michael: What was all that about?

Cane: It looks like we may have found ourselves a credible witness.

Michael: What did he say?

Cane: He said he saw a man on the rocks below the hiking trail where Hilary went missing.

Michael: That's all?

Cane: The man picked her up and carried her off. And he looked a lot like the husband they've been showing on television.

Michael: Oh, and he just happened to conveniently remember this hours after Devon offers $1 million for any information leading to Hilary's whereabouts? Really?

Cane: He said the reason that he didn't report it earlier is he thought she was drunk, and, uh, you know, then he saw the flier, he went and checked on the news, so he came and saw me, so...

Michael: [Sighs] Still sounds very convenient.

Cane: Michael, he was very sincere.

Michael: Whether or not he's telling the truth, this is exactly the kind of information the prosecutor is looking for, someone placing Devon at the scene of the crime and conveniently coincidentally carrying off a body.

Cane: I understand that, but the head of the search team said if Hilary was killed, the murderer would most likely dispose of the body.

Michael: Is that why he thinks we can't find her?

Cane: He thinks it's very possible, yeah.

Michael: Well, it's looking more and more like he might be right.

Cane: What do you want to do?

Michael: For starters, make sure nobody hears about this for now.

Phyllis: How could you?

Jack: How could -- you talked to Ashley. I was going to tell you when the time was right.

Phyllis: Really? When is the right time to tell me you made a deal with Victor?

Jack: I know you're upset.

Phyllis: Oh, I am a million miles past upset.

Jack: Could I please explain?

Phyllis: You came this close to telling the police that you were kidnapped by Victor and replaced by a murdering drug lord!

Jack: That's right. And you convinced me not to.

Phyllis: Because I didn't want to lose you. Not because I was trying to protect Victor. The man shot you. Have you forgotten all of that?

Jack: I have not forgotten a single thing that man did. To me or you.

Phyllis: So, what? You're teaming up with him?

Jack: No. I was kept away from my family for months. I couldn't do a thing to change what was happening in Genoa city. I couldn't do a damn thing to protect the people I love!

Phyllis: None of that was your fault!

Jack: No one is going to threaten my family again.

Phyllis: Okay, the only threat here is Victor.

Jack: No, you're wrong. This paragon project is a real thing.

Phyllis: Because Victor said so?

Jack: No. Because of the lengths Victor went to with Marco, risking going to jail himself. It had to have been a credible threat.

Phyllis: So you're gonna team up with Victor to destroy a common enemy.

Jack: Yes. That's the plan.

Phyllis: What if in the process you lose everything you're trying to protect?

Ashley: Hi. Do you mind if I join you?

Joe: Well, I'm surprised you'd want to after speaking with Phyllis. I'm sure she gave you an unbiased opinion of me.

Ashley: Well, she's not your biggest fan. But he did say that you've got pretty eyes. No, really. Don't take my sister-in-law too seriously. She can be very...

Joe: Screaming banshee?

Ashley: No. Judgmental.

Joe: Well, I can handle that. I've been the town's punching bag since I got here.

Ashley: Aww. Why are you still here?

Joe: You know, Phyllis asked me that same question.

Ashley: Really? Well, it is a legitimate question. You don't have any family here. No ties to the community. You said yourself you got a lot of haters, so... why stick around?

Joe: Well, I still have business here.

Jack: I know you have good reason not to believe that I can protect you. I'm asking you to trust me.

Phyllis: I do.

Jack: Then trust me when I tell you no one in my family is gonna get hurt again.

Phyllis: When Victor is involved, somebody always gets hurts.

Jack: No one knows better than I do what Victor's schemes cost innocent people. I lost months with you. I'll never get them back. I'm not going to lose another minute. That's why I took a sabbatical from jabot.

Phyllis: Step away from it all, jack. I am begging you.

Jack: I'm sorry. I can't do that. Not as long as someone is plotting to ruin our happiness.

Phyllis: There is not some phantom enemy out there getting in the way of our happiness. It is Victor. He is the one coming between us.

Ashley: What kind of business is keeping you in town? Another real estate deal?

Joe: Amongst other things. You know, I still head up the better days foundation.

Ashley: Oh, I know. I just got your latest newsletter. You're doing such a great job. But I peeked at the financials. You're not pulling a salary.

Joe: No, strictly pro bono.

Ashley: Oh. Admirable. Kind of hard to pay the bills, though, right?

Joe: Yeah, well, I get by.

Ashley: [Laughs] I'm sorry. I mean, it's hard for me to figure out who would be doing business with you. I mean, you said yourself you've got issues with half the town, right? Dylan, Phyllis, Victor. I mean, when that development deal fell through, that was pretty harsh.

Joe: Ah. Water under the bridge.

Ashley: Come on, Joe. You got burned when Victor backed out. You know you did.

Joe: Yeah, but I made out all right.

Ashley: Yeah? So you're working on another job? I mean, project? Come on. What is it?

Joe: Well, I don't want to bore you with the details.

Ashley: No, no, no, you're not boring me. Come on.

Joe: Maybe later. I got to run. Always good to see you, ash.

Cane: I'm not gonna say anything. You know that. But what about this guy who gave us the tip?

Michael: Well, if he wants the reward money, he's probably not going to go shooting off his mouth.

Cane: Yeah? Well, I guess we'll have to hope he keeps his mouth shut. Hey. You don't think that, um...

Michael: What? That he was telling the truth? That Devon was carrying Hilary's dead body? No, I don't. I can't believe that.

Cane: You know we have to know for sure, right?

Michael: Well, say if Devon were guilty, if we asked him, he's not gonna tell us the truth.

Cane: Which means we need someone who can help us. Here.

Devon: Why would I be jealous of Neil? She left him to marry me. She's my wife.

[Cell phone rings]

Lily: Ooh, it's Cane. Hi.

Cane: Hey. Um, is Devon there with you?

Lily: Yeah, he's right here. You want to talk to him?

Cane: No! No, no. Don't tell him anything I'm gonna say to you, okay?

Lily: Uh, yeah, that should be fine.

Cane: All right, now, if he's looking at you, just you got to stay cool.

Lily: Um, yeah, I-I can hear you.

Devon: What'd he say? Is there any news?

Cane: We have a witness that may have seen Hilary after she fell.

Lily: Okay.

Cane: And the woman he saw was unconscious. And she was carried off by a man who matches Devon's description.

Neil: Ooh. Devon is really worried about you. It's killing him not knowing where you are. He really loves you. I don't know. I-I really shouldn't feel bad for him. I loved you, too. I really did. You broke my heart. You made me do this. You really did. Devon is blaming himself. And he really should because he's partly responsible for putting you right here in this bed hooked up to this... this is empty. No. No! No! No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Don't you die on me. Hilary!

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Devon: I don't know how I'm supposed to convince a jury of my innocence when my sister and my own damn lawyer think that I'm a murderer.

Chelsea: Your father used my son to blackmail Gabe and me into staying in town.

Ashley: If the paragon project exists, I have an idea of who's behind it.

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