Y&R Transcript Wednesday 9/2/15


Episode # 10745 ~ Ashley & Billy question Jack's motives; Sage struggles with her new life; Sharon dodges a bullet with Dylan.

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Sharon: Dylan, you weren't imagining things. I know that I have been acting strangely lately, and it's because... I've been keeping something from you.

Dylan: [Sighs]

Sharon: You feel guilty for going through my pill case... and I feel guilty because... I went off my meds for a few days.

Dylan: What? Sharon, why would you do that?

Sage: I keep thinking how perfect our ceremony was. It was just sweet and simple.

Nick: We did it the right way by keeping it small.

Sage: Yeah. Your parents were incredibly gracious after not being invited to the wedding, especially Victor.

Nick: Sometimes my dad can surprise you -- in a good way.

Sage: Yeah, 'cause I think he and I got off on the right foot -- you know, setting boundaries, making it clear what we want and what we don't want. I think that's the type of attitude that Victor respects.

Noah: I want to trust you, Marisa, okay? I really do. I mean, look at me. I'm putting my heart on the line. All you care about is money?

Marisa: That's not true. Victor made me the offer, but I didn't accept it. I didn't even consider it.

Victor: You most certainly did.

Marisa: He's lying, Noah. Victor approached me. I wanted nothing to do with his spiteful gesture.

Chelsea: Victor claims this is about profits -- taking my fashion line to new heights -- when really it's just about control -- controlling me and how and where I raise my son.

Anita: Honey, do you really want to antagonize the man who could hold the golden ticket for this little guy's future? Mnh-mnh!

Chelsea: Connor's future is in Paris with Gabe and me.

Anita: Honey, you built your label from the ground up. You really want to give up a fabulous career as a designer to go with this guy who conned me and ran off with your boy here?

Chelsea: He didn't go through with it.

Anita: No, because he had a momentary flash of conscience. Whoop-de-do.

Chelsea: Okay. He's not perfect. I know that. Gabe is a very complicated man. He's very passionate and intense and --

Anita: Trouble is what he is, and that's part of the attraction. Believe you me, I get it. But you've already been with a man like this. Do you really want to get back on that carnival ride?

Chelsea: I've asked myself that question many times. The truth is, mom, I love him. And I know in my heart we only stand a chance if we stay far away from Victor's orbit.

Victoria: I'd like to check on the security of the firewall -- make sure that nobody hacks in to the Newman mainframe. I understand that'll change. It seems like every other day there's some new threat. Your budget reflects that. Please...update accordingly.

Adam: I see you're still paranoid someone's out to destroy the old man.

Victoria: Yeah. Well, I guess paranoia is hard-wired into us. That's how our ancestors stayed one step ahead of the saber-toothed tiger... and other predatory creatures.

Billy: IT. Scoured jack's hard drive, looking for anything related to a paragon project.

Ashley: How far back did you have them look?

Billy: Over a year.

Jack: Wow. I put my trust in you, made a show of faith by naming you C.E.O., And this is how you repay me -- by having me investigated?

Ashley: What did they find?

Sharon: I was doing some research online, and I found this website with all this scary information about some of the meds I'm taking and how it could be harmful to an unborn child, so I just stopped taking them.

Dylan: You just stopped without talking to a doctor? Isn't that dangerous?

Sharon: Well, it can be, but I wasn't comfortable with the thought that I'd be responsible for maybe something bad happening to our baby.

Dylan: Okay, Sharon, but you can't just stop.

Sharon: I know. I know. You know, Mariah realized what was going on, and she called me on it. But she was wonderful and she was understanding, though she didn't let me off the hook. I called my psychiatrist, and after we talked, I realized how foolish I am being and that I just let my fears get the best of me. I don't know. I don't know what I was thinking.

Dylan: So, you're back on your meds?

Sharon: It might take me a few days for my mood to stabilize.

Dylan: Okay. I'm just -- I'm just glad you're all right. And now I know what's been going on.

Sharon: Yeah. I'm sorry I didn't tell you.

Dylan: So, Mariah stopping by earlier -- she was just making sure you're back on track?

Sharon: Something like that.

Dylan: I just wish you felt like you could come to me.

Sharon: I thought that you'd be disappointed in me.

Dylan: [Sighs] Come here. Thank you for being honest. And, for the record, you could never disappoint me.

Sharon: Thank you for being supportive.

Dylan: And stay off the internet, okay? [Chuckles] Next time --

Sharon: Next time, I will talk to my doctor first.

Dylan: Good. Okay.

Sharon: All right. I'm going to take a shower and head to the coffeehouse.

Dylan: I'll meet you there. I got a stop to make first, okay?

Sharon: All right. Let's pick up where we left off later.

Adam: Predatory? Me? I wouldn't even be here right now if it weren't for your father's ham-handed tactics. I'd be in Paris, starting a new life with the woman that I love and her son, who has the misfortune of being a Newman heir, and let's be clear -- the only reason that your father gives a damn about Chelsea's company is because of Connor.

Victoria: Well, we believe in Chelsea's talent and the potential for the line, apparently more than you do.

Adam: Victoria... as a mother -- as a mother, I want you to think about the position that your father's putting Chelsea in, okay? Now, she has decided that it's best for her son to be raised outside of all this -- this infighting, okay? And he's forcing her to choose between her son's well-being and a clothing line that she started from the ground up, a clothing line that he doesn't care about.

Victoria: That's just business, Gabe.

Adam: Victoria... there's a child involved.

Victoria: You know, Chelsea signed this contract of her own free will. She knew that there was a noncompete clause -- one that Jabot chose not to enforce. So, what can I say? We're not Jabot. So, Chelsea can sit on the sideline of her career for the next two years, or she can roll up her sleeves and come to work at her parent company's headquarters. It doesn't seem like an unreasonable request, considering the amount of money we intend to invest.

Adam: You guys worked together. You worked alongside Chelsea. You were neither professional or respectful. You jerked her around to get payback for Billy because of her relationship with me. You made it personal the way your father is making this personal. Him taking over her label -- that's his way of making sure that Connor stays here in Genoa city so that he can start indoctrinating him, right -- making him fall in line, become a clone, just like the rest of you Newmans?

Noah: Grandpa, are you saying that Marisa came to you for money?

Marisa: I did not.

Victor: Just remember who you're dealing with, okay? She cavorted around with a known south American drug lord -- a sociopath who may have been involved in the murder of your fiancée.

Marisa: I have been completely honest with Noah about my relationship with Marco.

Victor: And because of the people she consorted with, I thought she was after money, so I offered her some.

Noah: Why didn't you just talk to me first, grandpa?

Marisa: Noah, I swear to you -- I swear I didn't agree to anything.

Victor: Nor did she refuse my offer or add expressions of outrage at the audacity of me offering her money, nor did she have professions of undying love for you, son.

Marisa: I didn't waste my breath. Why would I? Your grandfather doesn't care how I feel. He decided that I'm not good enough for you and that's that. He sees me as a liability. He wants me gone. Well, here's my answer to that. Keep your damn money. I don't want it.

Noah: See, grandpa, you know how much respect I have for you, but this is out of line. You can't interfere in my life like this. Okay?

Victor: Son... I'm protecting you.

Noah: I'm a grown man! I don't need protecting!

Victor: I've lived a little longer than you have, okay? So be careful. Don't succumb to a beautiful body and a beautiful face. Very dangerous.

Marisa: Thank you for believing me.

Noah: I would hold on to my assumptions if I were you.

Billy: IT came up empty-handed. Jack doesn't appear to be involved in any paragon project or anything else nefarious as far as --

Jack: He doesn't appear to be because he isn't! That you two would doubt me on this --

Billy: Jack, I'm not going to apologize for this -- not after the Jekyll-and-Hyde routine that you've been pulling ever since your honeymoon.

Ashley: Jackie, he has a very valid point.

Billy: Look, Jack, Jack... I understand that you would want to put something in motion after Victor shot you, but we talked about ways to get back at him. This paragon thing has got Victor rattled, and you can bet that the old man is gearing up for a war which could come back on all of us.

Jack: I would never put you in harm's way.

Ashley: We could not take that on faith, given your recent questionable judgment, Jack, and, frankly... I find your timing suspect.

Jack: What do you mean, my timing?

Ashley: Recent sabbatical from business, naming me C.E.O. Out of nowhere.

Billy: Like maybe you'd like your days freed up for a little side project?

Ashley: With a convenient scapegoat ready and willing?

Jack: I have no plans against Victor -- none. And I resent like hell you're assuming that I would lie to you about this.

Ashley: Then why are you here?

Jack: I came by to pack a few of my things and to answer any questions you might have. See, I didn't want to just dump everything on you. I wanted to aid in a smooth transition. You really think I would set you up like this?

Ashley: It wouldn't be the first time you've hurt me, Jack.

Billy: She's got you there.

Ashley: First order of business is getting back Chelsea by Jabot. You know, I had my suspicions about that whole sealed-bid nonsense, and guess what -- legal agrees with me.

Jack: Wait, wait. Where are you going now?

Ashley: I can take it from here, Jack. Thanks for stopping by.

Nick: Hopefully dad is too consumed with other things to try and control our lives.

Sage: Well, you know what they say -- if you want something done, give it to a busy person.

Nick: Dad wants to keep me at Newman enterprises. He starts interfering, then I'm out. He knows that's the deal.

Sage: Did you get that in writing?

Nick: Should have.

Sage: [Chuckles]

Nick: Are you really that concerned?

Sage: I'm trying not to be.

Nick: Look, I know what dad's interfering looks like. I am hyper-attuned to it. If it happens, I'm out.

Sage: I know you are.

Nick: I mean, you see where we're at, right? This very spot, this exact spot...

Sage: Right here.

Nick: ...Yeah, we said... our vows.

Sage: Almost two whole days ago.

Nick: Yeah, but can't you still feel it -- the words... the love behind them? I really think that can get me through anything -- even my father.

Sage: I love you so much, Nicholas Newman.

Nick: Back atcha.

Sage: I can't wait to bring our baby here -- ride the carousel and feed the ducks. You know, I shouldn't let my insecurities about Victor ruin a single moment of our life.

Nick: You're allowed.

Sage: I just...feel very blessed.

Nick: You really are.

Sage: [Laughs]

[Cell phone rings]

Nick: Mm.

Sage: Mm?

Nick: That's good timing. Hold on. Sorry. Ah, it's Dylan.

Sage: Oh, it's okay.

Nick: Yeah?

Sage: Yeah. Take it.

Nick: Hey, man. What's up?

Dylan: Oh, man, I'm glad you picked up.

Nick: What's wrong?

Dylan: It's Sharon.

Anita: He is.

Chelsea: He was my little baby, right? Yeah. Hey.

Sharon: Connor is so handsome. I can't believe how big he's getting.

Anita: Yeah. They grow up quick, don't they?

Sharon: Yeah, they really do. Oh. Oh, look what I found here on the ground. You don't want to lose this.

Chelsea: Oh, thank you. This is gonna be you again, Sharon, before you know it.

Sharon: Yeah. I-I can't wait.

Chelsea: Yeah. I'm really, really happy for you and Dylan. I'm so glad things turned out this way.

Sharon: That's a nice thing to say. Thank you.

Chelsea: Well, I mean, I say it in a partly selfish way. I've always felt so terrible, taking Connor from Dylan. But I know how much he wanted a child of his own and to be a father. I know how important that was to him.

Victoria: You don't know my father. You don't know the man that he is. You just created this persona inside your head of some evil tyrant that carelessly destroys people's lives...

Adam: There's nothing careless about it.

Victoria: ...Which gives you the perfect motive for revenge.

Adam: That's right. It does. Well, congratulations. It's official. You've become a Victor Newman apologist. I want you to think for a second where that's left the rest of the women in his life, including your mother.

Victoria: You have no right to insult my mother.

Adam: I have every single right! You sit here and you preach the gospel according to Victor Newman -- how everything he does is for the love of his family. And if there are casualties, well, who cares?

Victoria: My father does love his family.

Adam: You keep telling yourself that, and maybe you're okay if he takes control of your kids' lives -- not Connor.

Victoria: He's a wonderful grandfather to Connor. Chelsea would be the first person to acknowledge that.

Victor: Sweetheart, don't bother defending me to that man.

Adam: No, that's a good idea, actually. You should stop doing that, because what you're doing is indefensible. Victor, it's not for love. It's for control, right? But it's okay. You can stop right there, because Chelsea and Connor and I -- we're in Paris right now. We've set up a life for ourselves, and we have no intention of moving back here. It's a battle you can't win, so just let it go.

Victor: You can do anything you want. Use all of your limited powers. But you will not prevent me from doing what is best for my family.

Adam: Well, we'll see about that, won't we?

Dylan: She read this thing online and just went with it, you know -- didn't think it through. She acted on impulse. If Mariah hadn't figured out that she was off her meds --

Nick: I'm just glad Mariah found it in time and that Sharon was honest with you about it. Sounds like things are gonna work out.

Dylan: Yeah. You know, because of my own issues, I felt like I understood her probably better than most people. But now I'm not so sure. I know you've been through some things with her in the past, so I just want to make sure I'm handling it right.

Nick: Sharon wasn't diagnosed with bipolar disorder until a few years ago. We weren't together at the time.

Dylan: Really? I didn't know that.

Nick: Yeah. But looking back, you know, it's obvious she's been dealing with it for years. There were some periods of time where she was stealing things, showed some poor impulse control with some other men.

Dylan: Wow. That couldn't have been easy for you.

Nick: I know some of my choices contributed to the problem, too.

Dylan: How? What do you mean?

Nick: I cheated on her with Phyllis. Then Phyllis and I had summer. That was some pretty killer stress on Sharon, and it went on for years. I don't think that's what pushed her into mental illness, but if the genes and the tendencies were there...

Dylan: I mean, I haven't done anything.

Nick: Well, of course you haven't. It doesn't make any sense for Sharon to be acting like this if things are going so well, but if you look at her history, I mean, her dad was never around, Cassie's biological father took off, Sharon and I got together and then I left and we got back together and that went on, and...then you showed up. And now Sharon's pregnant. She's probably feeling vulnerable, wondering if things are gonna last.

Dylan: And that right there could trigger one of these episodes?

Sharon: After you read me the riot act, then I agreed to start taking my meds again, and then you stopped by in the morning to make sure I meant it. Got it? I'm sorry, Mariah, but we just need to make sure that we've got our stories straight. That's all. I hate putting you in this position, but you know what? Once I get pregnant again, then it'll all be over with, okay?

Marisa: I guess I don't need to ask who you believe.

Noah: Look, obviously, my grandfather crossed some boundaries, okay? But I know that he just wants what's best for me. What I'm a little less clear on right now are your intentions.

Marisa: As I've told you again and again --

Noah: Yeah. You claim that you said no, but why would he send you a check, knowing that you wouldn't accept it?!

Marisa: To make you doubt me!

Noah: Oh, he was supposed to know that I would be here when you opened the envelope? How'd he know that? There's no way he could have planned for that.

Marisa: No way? How well do you know your grandfather? You know what? It doesn't matter what Victor was planning or what he thinks of me. I only care what you think of me.

Noah: I-I don't know, Marisa. Right now I don't know what to think.

Marisa: I've had money before... but never something like this. What I have with you... you told me you love me, and I know what it meant for you to say those words after losing Courtney. And I feel loved. And that means more to me than any string of zeroes on a piece of paper. But maybe you agree with your grandfather that I'm not good enough for you.

Noah: Marisa, wait. Marisa, come here. Marisa, wait. Just talk to me.

Marisa: Let go of me!

Noah: Marisa, wait. Come -- just come here. Come here.

Victoria: Just so you know, defending you is a very big part of my job description.

Victor: Well... I like it when you do it. But I don't give a damn what that punk thinks about me.

Victoria: I know. But Chelsea is a different story. You know, after Adam died, there was a lot of tension between you two. And then things got better.

Victor: Right.

Victoria: She didn't seem to mind having you around Connor. So...here you are, antagonizing the man that she loves, which I don't really think is a good strategy, unless --

Victor: Unless what?

Victoria: Dad, are you planning on taking Connor away from Chelsea?

Victor: No! I would never take that boy away from his mother. That's where he belongs. But I'll be damned if I allow an outsider like Gabriel Bingham to influence her to the point where she moves to Paris... an ocean away from here. You know how I want my family close to me -- my children and grandchildren. I love that! That's what I work for -- spent my whole life working for. I will not give that kind of power to that outsider.

Victoria: Well, I was on the phone with IT. When Gabriel walked in here.

Victor: Did he overhear anything sensitive?

Victoria: No, no, but I was instructing them to keep a secure hold on our firewall. When I got off the phone, he accused me of being paranoid, so I taunted him by saying that he was a predator. I wanted to get a sense if he knew anything about the paragon project.

Victor: And?

Victoria: Gabriel didn't take the bait, but he made it very clear that he despises you, dad. Either way, he's a threat that I would not take lightly.

[Indistinct conversation]

Adam: Hey.

Chelsea: Hi.

Anita: Gabriel.

Adam: Anita. How are you? What's up, slugger? How you doing?

Anita: Chelsea told me about your agreement -- that you're in town for a few days so you can work out the business with Victor and the clothing line and then it's back to glamorous Paris?

Adam: Right.

Anita: Yeah. So, I better...

Connor: [Babbling]

Anita: ...Spoil this little guy while I can, huh?

Chelsea: Well, you're -- I mean, it's your prerogative since you're his grandma.

Anita: As his Anita.

Chelsea: [Chuckles]

Anita: Geez. Come on, slugger. Let's go get ourselves a big drink, okay?

Adam: That's nice of you. Ugh.

Chelsea: You look like you're in a mood.

Adam: Really? It's that obvious? I had quite a morning, to be honest with you.

Chelsea: Why? What happened?

Adam: Well, um... I stopped by to see Victoria -- try to appeal to her as a mother, you know? Thought maybe someone like her could see the position that Victor's putting you in.

Chelsea: But not too sympathetic, eh?

Adam: No. She basically just parroted his words back to me like a clone. Really, the only thing that was missing was the mustache.

Chelsea: Eh. There's a mental image.

Adam: Seriously, Chelsea, we need allies, you know -- somebody who has influence over Victor, someone who can stop him from -- from just holding you hostage so he can dictate the way that we raise our son.

Dylan: I fully assured Sharon in every way I know how. I made sure she understands I'm not going anywhere, you know -- I'm committed to the family we're making. She knows how important this child is -- could that be it?

Nick: What?

Dylan: Well, if Sharon thinks the reason I proposed to her is because of the baby, maybe...

Nick: Is it?

Dylan: No. No, man. I moved in. I mean, the baby wasn't even on the radar, and then we found out, and I'm thrilled, but I-I hope Sharon knows how important

she is to me.

Nick: Look, Dylan, there's so much about Sharon's condition that is out of our control.

Dylan: I agree. You're right about that.

Nick: Have you thought about talking to her doctor?

Dylan: I don't know. I mean, even if I had Sharon's permission, I don't know if I'd feel comfortable with that. I think we just need to work harder on trusting each other.

Jack: I realize my behavior may have seemed inconsistent.

Billy: [Chuckles] There's a nice word for it. You and the mustache announce to the world that you're forging a kinder, gentler company, and then the bullets start flying, literally?

Jack: Mistakes were made, yes. But that's beside the point now.

Billy: No, that is the point, Jack. Then this other completely out-of-character move, putting Ashley in the big chair -- bet she's already changed the lumbar settings. [Clicks tongue]

Jack: Is it really so incomprehensible that I would want to spend more time with Phyllis?

Billy: Jack, look -- you're not newlyweds anymore. And you two have been practically inseparable since the wedding. So, tell me, what -- what is the real reason that you're handing over the reins?

Jack: I don't want to fight anymore. I'm tired. I-I lost my taste for fighting.

Billy: Jack, that's hard to believe and... not so hard to believe.

Jack: I think this change would be better for the family and the company and might go a long way toward rebuilding some trust.

Billy: Well, I got to be honest with you, brother -- you got your work cut out for you.

Jack: I can see that.

Billy: But I'm there for you.

Jack: [Sighs] [Exhales sharply]

Ashley: The merger contracts between our two companies -- I had Jabot's attorneys look a little deeper into the sealed-bid clauses, and, sure enough, Chelsea does not have to hand over Chelsea by Jabot and walk away.

Victor: Well, that's what I told Chelsea after the Abbotts left the meeting. She can keep control of her brand.

Ashley: Right. So, I assume there's a catch.

Victoria: Yes. She has to keep her home base here in Genoa city.

Ashley: Oh. So Billy was right. This is all about Connor. You were willing to throw an entire company into chaos -- all the people that sew and market and ship -- just so you had a bargaining chip?

Victor: Well, that's your interpretation, isn't it?

Victoria: The name will be changed, the line will be expanded, and I'm really looking forward to making something of it.

Victor: Okay, sweetheart.

Victoria: Bye, dad.

Victor: Thank you.

Victor: Something else on your mind?

Ashley: Yes!

Victor: What?

Ashley: Jack has stepped down. I'm the new CEO of Jabot cosmetics, so I guess you'll be dealing with me from now on.

Victor: I'll be damned. Just when I thought the day couldn't get any better.

[Door opens]

Dylan: Hey. I thought you were heading to crimson lights. What are you doing back here?

Sage: [Clears throat] Don't mind me.

Noah: Um... I'm sorry. Um...

Sage: That's okay. I will report to our boss that morale is high. Our boss -- my husband. "Husband" -- I'm still getting used to saying that.

Noah: And loving every minute of it.

Sage: You bet.

Noah: Good. Um... I'm gonna go get some more brown ale from, uh, uh, downstairs... over here.

Marisa: [Chuckles]

Sage: Wow. You and Noah seem to be doing pretty well.

Marisa: If you had walked in earlier, you would have thought differently.

Sage: What do you mean?

Marisa: Victor sent me a check for half a million dollars.

Sage: Half a million dollars?

Marisa: Mm-hmm -- a little bribe to get me to leave town. Then Victor showed up.

Sage: And what happened?

Marisa: He tried to convince Noah that I accepted the money, which, of course, I hadn't. The worst part is that Noah was starting to buy in to Victor's story.

Sage: Starting to, meaning he didn't?

Marisa: By the end, Noah realized I was telling the truth -- told his grandfather he'd gone too far -- but it was so -- god. It was so embarrassing how I had to defend myself like that.

Sage: I can imagine.

Marisa: Victor has so much power over his family. As much as nick loves you, don't underestimate the threat his father poses. If Victor decides you're in his way, you could be next.

Billy: So, neutral territory?

Victoria: Yeah. It'll do. So, what's the occasion?

Billy: May you live in interesting times.

Victoria: You do realize that that's a curse?

Billy: With me.

Victoria: Here is to the most unromantic thing that anyone has ever said to me.

Billy: Well, speaking of curses, how is your dad?

Victoria: He's good. I had a nice talk with him today about Chelsea and Connor.

Billy: Mm, and his plans to recruit the kid into the cult of the black knight?

Victoria: Before you go there, dad has no intention of keeping Chelsea from her son. "A child should be with his mother" -- those were his exact words.

Billy: Thank you for, uh -- for looking after that little boy.

Victoria: I know how much he means to you.

Billy: Not that I trust Victor Newman to keep his word.

Victoria: [Sighs]

Adam: Anita, what I meant by that, uh --

Anita: No, there's no need to explain yourself, Gabe. If you love Connor enough to think of him as your own, that's good enough for me. Then you have my blessings to go to Paris, okay? I know you're gonna take good care of my little grand-- my -- my little slugger!

Chelsea: We are gonna take good care of him, mom. I promise. We will. Thank you.

Anita: How much longer are you gonna be here -- I mean, exactly?

Adam: Not long.

Chelsea: No. As I told you, we are just here for a few days, and then we are going to cut our losses.

Adam: You know what? What the heck are we still doing here anyway, right? We came. We tried. Why are we beating our head against the wall? For what?

Chelsea: What are you saying?

Adam: I'm saying let's get the heck out of here. Let's get on our next flight to Paris. Let's go home.

Chelsea: Seriously?

Adam: Yeah. To hell with Victor Newman and all his petty machinations. Who cares?

Chelsea: Thank you. You could not have said anything to make me happier. Thank you. Let's get back to our beautiful life.

Jack: Victor! Well, it's your lucky day. I've got some good news for you -- news you're gonna love.

Victor: Your sister already delivered the news. Congratulations on your early retirement.

Jack: I prefer to think of it as a sabbatical, but it's an opportunity Ashley's waited a long time for.

Victor: You know, this is a rather dangerous time for your sister to take over the reins of your company.

Jack: Ashley has been looking in to your paragon project. So has Billy. It appears there's so evidence it actually exists, which means your bringing Marco Annicelli into town, making all our lives miserable, was for naught.

Victor: Mm.

Jack: So, you can live with the knowledge that you brought a psychopath into town. Good luck sleeping.

Victor: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You think this is over?

Sharon: Um...you know, I drove all the way there, and then I realized that I forgot my register key, and so I had to turn around and drive all the way back to get it. How's that for being disorganized?

Dylan: Well, actually, I'm glad that we met here so we can -- we can talk in private.

Sharon: Yeah. Me, too. I can't stop thinking about what I did, going off my meds. I'm sure it created all kinds of questions in your mind and it planted all kinds of doubts, and I'm ashamed I did that.

Dylan: Sharon, I thought you understood. We have no secrets. You can trust me with anything.

Sharon: I want us to have that kind of trust. I love you so much. If this has pushed you away...

Dylan: I love you. And I'm with you because I've chosen to be. It's not because of the baby. It's because of you.

Nick: What happened between my dad and Marisa has nothing to do with you and me.

Sage: How can you say that? Noah clearly loves Marisa. And your father doesn't give a damn. Who's to say he's gonna stop interfering just because she told him where he can stick his bribe?

Nick: It's their issue. It's unfortunate, but it's not going to affect us.

Sage: Your father is a powerful man, nick -- a man who gets what he wants. If he wants to push me aside after I produced a Newman heir, I doubt anybody's gonna stop him.

Victoria: You know, my dad cares about Connor. Why is that so hard for people to accept?

Billy: Okay. Imagine that you and I wanted to start over. We decided to move far away 'cause it was what was best for us and for the kids. What is to stop your dad from doing the same thing to us -- using his considerable clout to make us come back?

Victoria: Well, for that to happen, we -- we'd have to be back together. Are we?

Victor: I have always viewed you as a worthy adversary, Jack. You're as concerned about the safety of your family as I am concerned about the safety of my family. But if you begin to doubt the paragon project, then I think you're either a liar or a fool. I'm almost convinced that an Abbott is behind that project.

Jack: If you're gonna use this as yet another reason to go after my family, so help me god...

Victor: If an Abbott is not involved in this, then someone is very interested to make sure that both our companies go down in flames, so you ignore me at your peril.

Chelsea: You want that guy?

Adam: You got teeth or something in there, right?

Chelsea: I know. He's a big boy. That's why.

Chelsea Lawson?

Chelsea: Yeah.

You've been served.

Chelsea: What?! Wh-- what... what is this?

Adam: Let me see that. Let me see that.

Chelsea: What does it say?

Adam: Son of a -- the man doesn't know when to stop.

Chelsea: What are you talking about?

Adam: It's Victor. He's filing a petition for visitation. Until this matter's resolved... he's demanding that neither you or Connor leave town.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Neil: It's quite possible we might never get to the bottom of this, Devon.

Sharon: You're not gonna have to lie anymore.

Mariah: Why is that?

Sharon: I'm pregnant.

Victor: When I win that court case, you will not see that boy again!

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