Y&R Transcript Monday 8/31/15


Episode # 10743 ~ Adam & Chelsea team up to take on Victor; Victoria pushes Billy away; Devon refuses to give up on Hilary.

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Ashley: Wow. I think this martini just went right to my head. I could have sworn you just offered me the co-CEO position at Jabot.

Jack: The right person for the right job.

Ashley: So, after all the games you played to make sure that I wasn't co-CEO, why the change all of a sudden?

Jack: It isn't all of a sudden.

Ashley: Really? 'Cause it really seems as well-thought-out as the dissolution of Newman-Abbott -- no planning, no consulting, just sweeping changes without any forethought whatsoever.

Jack: Gee, and here I expected a "thanks, jack. I accept. When do I start?"

Phyllis: What's with all the consternation over here? It looks very serious.

Jack: Yeah, I'm not sure. I didn't expect it, either. I just offered her the position we talked about. See, there was some forethought to all this. It didn't come off the top of my head.

Ashley: I'm not a piece that you can shove around on your chess board.

Phyllis: Ashley, this isn't a game. It's time jack not carry this all on his shoulders -- this family, this company. We need to unite against the competition.

Ashley: But you see, for a while there, I couldn't tell the difference between Victor and my brother. So, if that's what you mean when you say "unity," I say, "thanks but no thanks."

Chelsea: I'll walk away from the company I built and start a new life in Paris.

Victor: That's not possible, you know. There's a non-compete clause in the original contract you signed with Jabot. That contract has reverted back to me in its entirety. In other words, I own Chelsea Lawson.

Chelsea: You can't own me. Nobody owns me.

Adam: It's all right. I'm gonna have a legal team pick that contract apart until it's confetti. Nobody owns Chelsea's intellectual property but her.

Victor: You know that we, of course, appreciate your vision and your talent and would be more than pleased if you stayed on with your clothing line.

Adam: You'd be more than pleased? Well, that's good. So, he's, like -- he's doing you favor.

Victor: We will, of course, expect you to continue working out of your present offices. In other words, a move to Paris would be out of the question.

Victoria: More sparkling cider.

Stitch: Oh, my favorite. Congratulations, man.

Nick: Thank you.

Summer: Welcome to the family, Sage.

Nick: Okay, well, this was the exact moment at the baby shower where I took my wife aside just so she wouldn't freak out. So, excuse us.

Mariah: It's okay to be freaked out by this crowd. It happens to me every day.

Sage: Please don't make them feel like I'm ungrateful. I'm -- I really love this.

Nick: You just look a little wobbly. You know, maybe some superstitions are kicking in. Sometimes it's scary to be happy.

Sage: It's terrifying.

Nick: That too. Please. You -- you look beautiful. You're healthy. The baby is healthy. People -- they love us. Some folks never get a slice of happiness. Sage, we get the whole pie.

Lily: Okay. I'm having your bags sent up, so just go and get some rest, okay?

Devon: I'm not gonna lay in the same bed that Hilary and I share. I need to contact the authorities in virgin Gorda and see if there's any news.

Michael: Devon, if there were news, we'd know about it.

Lily: Just get some rest. Thank God Michael was able to convince the authorities to let you leave the island. I don't think you closed your eyes for a second on the plane.

Devon: Well, lily, every time I do close my eyes, I have a million images going through my head. In all of them, Hilary needs me. I can't get to her. And anyone that thinks that I've hurt Hilary is --

Neil: Devon, come here. It's so good to see you, Devon. Thank you for bringing him home.

Michael: Sure.

Cane: Devon, I'm sorry for your loss.

Devon: What loss? Hilary's not dead.

Cane: I'm sorry, mate. I just thought when you said that --

Devon: Missing is not the same as dead. You know, I'm home not because I gave up but because I'm trying to keep myself out of jail and put together a team to find my wife.

Neil: Yeah. We understand. Look, you -- you look exhausted. You need a little bit of time.

Devon: You're the one that told me not to give up on Hilary. If something were to happen to her, I would know it. I'd feel it. My heart's still beating, which means hers is, too. Do you understand that?

Neil: Yeah. Come here. It's gonna be okay.

Billy: Well, hello, Mrs. Newman.

Sage: Oh, wow. That sounds amazing.

[Both laugh]

Billy: Yeah, I'll bet it does. It's a hell of a lot better than "Mrs. Bingham." So, how does it feel to be married to somebody that everybody doesn't want to punch in the face when they see him?

Sage: It's, uh, novel. It's...a relief.

Marisa: Mariah, give us a hand.

Mariah: No, I'm good here with my friends.

Summer: Okay.

Sage: Wow. Look at this.

Nick: Wow.

Summer: [Singsong voice] Okay. Cake time.

Nikki: Oh, well, what is this? Cake cutting without the mother of the groom? Very poor form, son.

Nick: Mom. [Smooches]

Sage: Nikki, I'm so glad that you could come. [Smooches] I hope that you're not upset about the wedding.

Nikki: Uh, really, upset is not the word. Uh, but then again, it was very short notice. Only offspring invited. Not a mother to be seen.

Nick: That is not the way I would have phrased it.

Nikki: Well, this is how I'll phrase it -- I have been to plenty of weddings, many of them my own, and the most important thing is that you got the wedding you wanted.

Sage: It was perfect.

Nikki: [Chuckles] I'm just messing with you.


Nick: It was good.

Kyle: Let's do this, huh?

Summer: Yay! Come on!

Victoria: Do you remember --

Billy: Our first wedding? I mean, not the one in Jamaica. The other first one, where your dad had you arrested before we said, "I do"? Yeah, yeah. Vaguely.

Victoria: Okay, that's not what I was gonna say. You know, it wasn't all horrible memories and bad moments. There was some really great times.

Billy: Yeah. There were some amazing times. And then your dad would come in and ruin them.

Victoria: No, Billy. Not always.

Billy: See, you're doing it. You're blocking out all the crap that your dad pulled. And let's face it -- I mean, stealing Chelsea's line? It was a low blow.

Victoria: Okay, I'm not gonna get into this with you.

Billy: Okay. Don't.

Victoria: You know, he didn't steal Chelsea's line. Chelsea chose Newman in a blind bid. If you want to blame anyone, blame jack for merging with Newman and leaving Jabot's assets vulnerable.

Billy: Blame jack for leaving the assets vulnerable. You know what? No. I'm gonna blame Victor. He's Godzilla with a mustache. He just crushes everything in his path. And you know what's next? That baby that Sage is carrying that she didn't even think she could have. And when that kid is born, Victor is gonna swoop in and lay claim to him.

Victoria: It's called family, Billy. You wouldn't understand that.

Billy: Spoken like a Newman.

Victoria: Are you trying to offend me?

Billy: No, I'm not.

Victoria: Well, I am offended, because you're trying to insult me.

Billy: No, I'm just trying to make a point.

Victoria: No, you're being a jerk, and it's old. I'm not interested in it.

Billy: Way to go, Billy.

Adam: Let's just slow down for a second. Just so we're all clear, what you're saying is if Chelsea goes to Paris, you're gonna just let her company die? You're gonna intentionally lose money so that you can keep tabs on her and her son? Is that what you're saying?

Victor: Chelsea and her company are very valuable to us. You are valuable to no one.

Adam: Mm.

Victor: So, why don't you go to France and create a new business? Bon voyage.

Adam: See, that's what he does. You tell someone to leave, you think they're just gonna go? You don't tell me where to go.

Chelsea: And you don't get to decide if I stay, Victor.

Victor: You accepted the sealed bid.

Chelsea: Nowhere in there did it say that you get to dictate where I live or I never would have accepted. Victor, Connor means everything to me. And I truly think it's best for him to be raised outside of Genoa city.

Victor: Why is that?

Adam: That's -- that's Victor. He thinks everyone's got a price.

Chelsea: Well, he's wrong. I'm not for sale.

Adam: Good for you.

Victor: Why would a thoughtful, intelligent woman like that sacrifice everything for you?

Adam: Well, you can ask her, but she already left.

Victor: Let me rephrase that. Would you give up Chelsea and Connor for everything?

Jack: And you have history with Victor. You have the brains and the integrity to go toe to toe with him without getting sucked in to it all. That's why I need you as co-C.E.O. I need you. We need you.

Ashley: Thank you. It's a pity you didn't think of that all the times you made all those decisions for our company without informing me.

Jack: [Sighs]

Phyllis: She's talking about Marco, you know, and I do not blame you.

Jack: That was a misstep on my part. I was too impressed with the money a shell company could bring in. I failed in my due diligence, and I didn't fully realize what I was dealing with in Annicelli.

Ashley: It was shady to say the least and, frankly, really stupid. You could have destroyed Jabot.

Phyllis: Look, Ashley's right. From now on, you tell us all what's going on, and nothing that isn't legit.

Jack: Okay, okay. You have my word.

Ashley: Good. Then you won't mind if I ask you a few questions, will you?

Jack: Such as...?

Ashley: Why are you so sure that Annicelli isn't a threat any longer? And why the hell did you really dissolve the merger?

Jack: You know as much as I do. Annicelli is out of the country with the feds after him. It would be suicide for him to come back here. As far as the merger goes, ending it was a no-brainer from the minute I was bleeding in the damn park.

Ashley: Then why didn't you dissolve it then?

Phyllis: Oh, he was in no condition --

Ashley: I'm talking to jack.

Jack: I want to finish this. Excuse me for just a second.

Ashley: Oh. Okay, jack. See you later.

Jack: Devon, how you holding up?

Devon: Oh. They think that I hurt her, jack.

Jack: That's ridiculous.

Neil: Yeah. You know what's going on here? Rumors and innuendos. It's nothing but garbage.

Devon: No one knows where she is.

Jack: She is a bright, resourceful woman, and more than that, she loves you. That is reason enough for her to fight her way back to you.

Devon: I appreciate you saying that. Some people think that I'm wasting my time and that I should give up, but I'm not going to. I can't.

Jack: Don't. Don't.

Michael: Uh, Devon, a word?

Neil: No. Wait. Hold on. Whatever you have to tell this man, you're gonna say right here in front of his family.

Devon: Yes, please. Just tell me, Michael.

Michael: Uh... the blood that was found on Hilary's shoe -- the DNA tests indicate that, in fact, it is Hilary's. You will be extradited to B.V.I. The charge is homicide.

Phyllis: Jack has been a very good friend to Devon. He is truly a decent human being.

Ashley: He is truly exceptional at evading my questions.

Phyllis: Jack cannot win with you. He gave you what you wanted -- co-C.E.O. -- And you will not take yes for an answer.

Ashley: You know what? I didn't ask to share a title with somebody who gives information on a need-to-know basis, Phyllis. It doesn't work for me.

Jack: You know what? Ashley is right. CEO of Jabot is a one-man job, or a one-woman job. You need to run Jabot yourself.

Abby: So, what part of your past do you think prepared you for my family?

Stitch: [Chuckles]

Abby: Was it fighting in a war zone or the pressure cooker of the E.R.?

Stitch: Is this about your dad? Because he and I have a healthy mutual respect.

Abby: I'm talking about my mom. She thinks I'm one of dad's brainwashed minions. Abby "zombie" Carlton Newman.

Stitch: Look, Ashley's a businesswoman. You made that very clear when she hobbled into the E.R. Couple thanksgivings ago.

Abby: Oh, yes. And thank you for reminding me that I tried to get you guys together.

Stitch: Okay, let me finish, smart aleck. Ashley's a businesswoman, but she's also your mom. So you just got to give her a chance and let the mom part catch up to the business part.

Nick: Thanks for the swell event.

Mariah: It was all summer and Noah. I'm just a seat filler.

Nick: I'm calling bull on that. You okay? Look, is this about my wedding? I mean, you understand why I kept the guest list small, right?

Mariah: Yeah. It's like I told Kevin. I'm not family. I get it.

Nick: You are family. I didn't even invite my own parents.

Mariah: Ah. Lumping me in with Victor. Thank you very much.

Nick: Look, I'm glad you're at this party. I'm even more glad that you're in Genoa city. Sharon's -- you're good for Sharon, and she's really gonna need you, especially now that she's pregnant. And not in a "taking you for granted" kind of way.

Mariah: It's not that.

Nick: Then why the face?

Mariah: It's, uh, it's nothing. [Chuckles] Just I'm bad at this whole "happy party smiley" thing, so, um, why don't I just -- I'm gonna stop talking and I'm just gonna give you a hug and say congratulations.

Nick: Well, you can do better than that. Knock me a kiss right here.

Mariah: Are you serious?

Nick: I'm totally serious.

Mariah: Oh, God.

Nick: Come on, come on.

Mariah: [Laughs]

Victoria: Hi.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Abby: Hi.

Victor: Sorry I'm late.

Nikki: Hi, darling. It's all right. Is your delay Chelsea related?

Victor: Uh, well, yeah, somewhat.

Nikki: Oh, so then she's thrilled to keep her line at Newman?

Victor: She knows I have her best interests at heart. Yeah. Well, my goodness. Look at the beautiful bride and the lucky groom. My goodness.

Sage: We're so glad you could make it.

Victor: Ah.

Nick: Dad and Sage are buds now. They have teamed up against me so the baby can have a pony.

Sage: [Laughs]

Nikki: Oh, well, let's see if your father can wait until the baby can walk.

Victor: Well, I'm looking forward to another grandchild. And I am actually rather grateful to you.

Sage: Me? Wh-- what did I do?

Victor: Because I think you're largely responsible for convincing my son to come back to Newman enterprises.

Sage: Oh, I can't take credit for that one.

Victor: Are you sure?

Sage: I'm sure.

Summer: Hi, grandpa.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Summer: Hi. Here.

Victor: What beautiful flowers.

Summer: Since you didn't get to throw them at your wedding.

Nick: Oh, yeah. Let it fly.

Summer: [Chuckles]

Sage: Well, I don't know 'cause my pitching arm's a little out of practice.

Nick: Oh, it's simple. It's simple. You just got to be the bouquet.

Sage: Be the bouquet.

Nick: Na-na-na-na-na-na-na.

Kyle: That's, uh, very Zen.

Nick: Yes, yes.

Sage: All right. Here we go, girls. Ready? [Clears throat] Three... two... one...

[Women gasp]

Lily: Wait. Why should Devon go back to the island? They haven't found Hilary, and they have no proof he had anything to do with her disappearance.

Devon: They can't convict me for something that I didn't do. So at least if I'm back there, I can hound them until they find her.

Neil: Wait. No. You know what's gonna happen if you go back there? Some cop or attorney, they're gonna take a look at you and they're gonna feel the need to make an example out of the wealthy foreigner. That would be you. No, no, no. We're gonna fight extradition and we're gonna make sure you never step foot back on that island.

Michael: Look, we can fight it, but there's no guarantee we'd win. He'd end up going back anyway.

Neil: Michael, if you think that I'm gonna allow this man to get on a plane, you got another thing coming, okay? That's my son. He's not going anywhere.

Devon: This is my fault. I feel like this is the universe paying me back for falling in love with my father's wife. I deserve this, but Hilary doesn't deserve any of it.

Ashley: So, you go over to talk to Devon for two minutes, and you come back with a huge change in the power structure at Jabot?

Jack: Sometimes the right answer comes in an instant.

Phyllis: Did something happen over there? Is there any news?

Jack: Devon is away from the woman he loves. He may never see her again. It reminded me there are not enough hours in the day to hold old grudges.

Ashley: Phyllis has been out of a coma for quite a while now. I mean, why didn't you just resign then, jack?

Jack: I should have. I have cared for too long and too much about Victor Newman. You're smarter than that. You can run Jabot without making it you versus Victor. You're smart, you're talented, and you have dad's integrity, and you will lead Jabot where it needs to go.

Ashley: For just having made that decision, that was a damn fine speech, jack. I can't imagine Jabot without you.

Jack: Hey, I'll be on the board. I will throw my weight behind whatever you need help with. But in order for this to happen, you have to say yes.

Ashley: Yeah, um, I still have questions.

Jack: I understand that.

Ashley: And suspicions.

Jack: Okay, I accept that.

Ashley: I've waited a really long time for this.

Jack: It's taken far too long, and that's my fault. But now's the time.

Ashley: I accept.

Chelsea: Oh, um...sorry. I don't know -- I'm just gonna...

Adam: Yeah, we were just sort of passing through the -- here you go.

Sage: No, please. Please stay. Weddings are about starting over, doing things right. And we're all with who we want to be with. A year ago, I didn't even think that was possible. Chelsea, I want you to stay. Celebrate.

Nick: My wife wants you to stay, and, uh, you know, enjoy the love, the cake at least. Even you, Gabe.

[Glass clinking]

Noah: Excuse me. I'd like to make a toast. Um, to my father and Sage. I think you, uh, you know what I'm getting at here. My dad, good man, good father, that sly grin that gets him out of every jam. Wait for it. There it is. And, Sage, for not bolting on the wedding, thank you for that. We all thank you for that. Sorry.

Nick: Yeah. Suddenly not loving this toast.

Noah: I have the fortunate pleasure of working with Sage, who is calm, she's logical. Nothing ever rattles her. But the reason why I love you the most -- the way you look at my dad. It's real love. Dad, you hit the jackpot. To Sage and dad.

Kyle: Hey.

Victoria: Cheers.

Nick: Thanks, bud.

Marisa: That was lovely.

Chelsea: Victor is insisting I stay in Genoa city.

Billy: What? He can't do that. You should tell that guy to kiss it. Chelsea, you do whatever you have to do.

Chelsea: Even if that means running off with Gabe?

Billy: Let's not get crazy here. Look, I just want you to keep your company and your kid out of snidely's clutches.

Victor: Hello, Chelsea.

Billy: It's a party, Victor. She's not on the clock.

Chelsea: It's okay.

Victor: Was I talking to you?

Billy: [Scoffs] I don't care. I'll talk to you later.

Victor: So, how nice to see you under more cheerful circumstances.

Chelsea: Sage is definitely glowing. You know, I do this thing with my closet. When I get a new dress, I donate an old one, you know, just to keep it from getting crowded. So maybe you should try it. Maybe now that you have a grandchild on the way, you could stop fighting to keep Connor around you all the time.

Victor: Connor will always be part of my family. And there was a time when you were very happy to hear that after Adam's death. But I assume Gabriel has done everything in his power to undermine our connection.

Chelsea: Bottom line -- this is my life, Victor, and Connor is my son.

Victor: Of course he is. No one is questioning that. But he will always be a Newman. I don't care who you're dating at the moment.

Adam: Congratulations, you two. You mind if I, uh, have a moment alone with your bride?

Nick: She doesn't need my permission. She can talk to you as long as she can tolerate it.

Adam: Thank you.

Sage: I'm glad you stayed.

Adam: Thank you. I hate to crash your -- your reception here, but, uh, you know, you've been -- you've been smiling a lot here. I never saw you smile at Constance's house, and that's -- that's all you do now. It's nice, actually.

Sage: Yeah. I do. It's a miracle baby and a miracle marriage, so... who knew, huh?

Adam: I'm happy for you.

Sage: Thank you.

Adam: But you know, um, Newman miracles, they come with Newman baggage. And it's only a matter of time before my father, he is going to latch on to you and that baby and nick, and he is gonna try to pull you back into that Newman vortex, okay? Now, you are in love and you're about to become a mother, which is wonderful. But you just need to remember, the biggest menace to that kid is named grandpa, okay?

Sage: Thank you for that.

Adam: Yeah.

Sage: That's -- that's good to know.

Adam: Well...

Sage: But I have an idea. What if you go and take the love of your life out of here and move to Paris, just stay there... forever?

Adam: Well, gee whiz, Sage, that was warm and cuddly after the "share your love" welcome. What the hell? What happened to the truce? What do you have to worry about? The baby's not mine.

Sage: But you live a lie, and that lie affects my life. And my life is good. Come on, Adam. You hate everything about this town, so why don't you go and be happy? Let me be happy here.

Chelsea: This was -- this was a mistake. I think, um, we never should have stayed.

Adam: Whoa, hold on a second. What happened? Victor corner you?

Chelsea: It's exhausting. Um, I'm sorry. We're both really happy for you, Sage, and -- and you're glowing. You look beautiful. But we -- we really have to go.

Adam: No, hold on a second. Hell with that. He doesn't own you, all right? He doesn't own me. He doesn't own this place. Let's go -- let's go throw our faces in the cake.

Kyle: Okay, you've got to try this. It is so good.

Summer: Mmm. Wow. That is really, really good.

Kyle: Right?

Summer: Mm-hmm.

Kyle: Yeah. [Chuckles]

Summer: Okay, so what's got you in such a good mood? Is it the cake, the wine, or is it just me?

Kyle: [Laughs] No, you know what? Um, I think it is a few things. The merger being nullified, my dad actually acting like my dad, you know, he and Victor aren't pretending to have this bromance but secretly plotting their mutual destruction.

Summer: Yeah, no, don't worry. They're gonna be back to snarling at each other across the room in no time with us stuck right in the middle.

Kyle: Oh, yes. Look, hey, at this point, we have survived Harding.

Summer: Mm-hmm.

Kyle: We have outlasted Newman-Abbott.

Summer: Yeah.

Kyle: I feel like right now nothing can touch us unless we let it. Come here.

Victor: It's a nice party, isn't it?

Marisa: Your family is so loving with everyone. Noah has his father's kindness.

Victor: And my grandson treats you well. I wonder how he would feel if he realized that your former lover was partly responsible for Courtney's death.

Marisa: No one has to know about Marco. We agreed.

Victor: We did, indeed. And we had our reasons. But now Marco is gone. So listen carefully. I will send half a million dollars into your account and you leave town.

Marisa: Noah cares about me. He wants me here.

Victor: He's simply mourning the death of his ex-fiancée. In a few months, I promise you, he won't even remember your name. Now, just imagine all the things you can buy and do with half a million dollars. And imagine how my grandson will feel when he learns that you lied to him.

Noah: Hey, grandpa.

Victor: Hi, Noah.

Noah: Everything okay?

Victor: You bet. I'm getting to know your girlfriend, as I promised. She's lovely.

Ashley: [Gasps]

Billy: Where you going?

Ashley: I was looking for you, but this is not the time or the place.

Billy: When has that ever stopped anybody in this town?

Ashley: Stopping me.

Billy: Okay, I'm intrigued. Now you have to tell me.

Ashley: Jack stepped down as C.E.O. And he put me in charge.

Billy: You're kidd-- well, that -- that deserves a toast.

Ashley: Here's the thing, though. I'm not really sure if this is the end of jack's run at Jabot or not or he's just gonna come up with some plan to undermine Victor.

[Glasses clink]

Billy: Okay, why would jack step down from the C.E.O. Spot if he's trying to undermine Victor? I mean, he'd need the power of the title, wouldn't he?

Ashley: I would be the smokescreen maybe? People focus on me while he executes his plan?

Billy: I don't know, ash. I mean, if jack's playing games like that...

Ashley: His hands would be clean and I would take the fall. You get that?

Jack: We can do more of this, out and about during the day. We could do it here. We could do it in Istanbul or Fiji or the south of France.

Phyllis: You're trying to divert my attention. Let's throw out some exotic locations so she doesn't remember what she's dying to know.

Jack: Ouch.

Phyllis: What happened back there, making Ashley sole C.E.O.?

Jack: She has deserved this for a long time. My ego merely caught up with my brain.

Phyllis: Or?

Jack: Or what?

Phyllis: Or you didn't want her to know about Marco. Or why you and Victor agreed to break up Newman-Abbott. Did you step away from Jabot because you wanted to keep this secret safe? Because we could have kept that secret about Marco safe with you still as CEO.

Jack: Keeping secrets, keeping track of lies is a lousy way to live. It's also a lousy way to run my father's company. My father deserves better. So does Ashley. Hell, this is her legacy every bit as much as it is mine. She'll do dad proud.

Phyllis: Are you gonna take up knitting?

Jack: No, I'm a very important man. I have very important things to do.

Phyllis: Oh, really? Such as?

Jack: Okay, listen to me. When I was chained up and I thought I might not live another second, I promised myself I was not going to waste another second of my life if I made it out of there. And what did I do? I blew it. I came back to town and started tussling with Victor right away. A mistake. It's a mistake I'm not going to make again.

Abby: Mom, this is neutral territory. No business talk.

Ashley: I'm not here for business. I just want to say I'm sorry.

Abby: Um, okay.

Ashley: I never should have tried to get you to side against your father. You are an adult, and you are capable of making your own decisions about your life and your career.

Stitch: Well, that's great to hear. Right, Abby?

Abby: Yeah, it's terrific. It's out of nowhere. But, um... I don't know. It kind of makes me nervous.

Ashley: No, no, don't be nervous. Congratulate me. Jack made me CEO of Jabot.

Stitch: [Laughs]

Abby: Wow. He finally did it.

Stitch: You've been waiting for that as long as I've known you. In the lab, sweating over test tubes -- it was all for that title, and now it's yours. Congratulations, Ashley.

Ashley: Thank you.

Abby: So you are CEO of Jabot. Which makes me the enemy.

Ashley: No. We are not the first family members to be working for competing companies. It's another reason why jack is stepping aside. Jabot shouldn't exist solely to compete with Newman enterprises. We are completely different entities.

Abby: You may not see dad as the enemy, but I'm pretty sure he still sees Jabot that way.

Ashley: Not with me in charge. Very soon, Victor's gonna realize that Jabot and Newman do not have to be at each other's throats. I promise you.

Noah: Did my grandfather say something to you?

Marisa: Party small talk. How much he loves his family.

Noah: You know, I told him that you were here to stay, and I thought he'd be fine with that. Clearly he's not.

Marisa: Why are we talking about your grandfather when there's cake and champagne? Cake. [Chuckling] Noah, cake. What?

Noah: You know, sometimes when I look at you, it's, um, it's like I'm seeing you again for the first time. I mean, you were soaking wet and afraid, but tough. It was weird, but I had this feeling like you were gonna change everything. You did.

Nick: Oh, yeah.

Sage: [Laughs]

Chelsea: You know, it's moments like this I can't believe I didn't recognize you when I first met "Gabe." I would recognize that glare anywhere. I'm surprised nick and Victor haven't gone up in flames by now.

Adam: Hmm. Sage urged me to go back to Paris.

Chelsea: So? What? Did you think she was gonna beg you to stay? Besides, we are going back, because you promised. Nobody here is gonna be able to give you what you need, so let's -- let's go get our son and go back to our new home.

Sage: [Laughs]

Michael: As soon as I get any more information, I'm gonna get it to you.

Nikki: My goodness. Devon is home.

Victor: Mm-hmm. With a very good attorney and a family around him.

Nikki: Yeah. With Neil's arm around his shoulder.

Victor: You still concerned about his alibi?

Nikki: Well, I would just feel a whole lot better if I knew for certain that he was in Canada when he said he was. Has your investigator come back with anything?

Victor: Not yet, but I'm gonna call him again. Neil.

Neil: Hi, Victor. Good to see you, Nikki. Um, listen, the other day you offered your help for my son.

Victor: Right.

Neil: So I want to take you up on that offer, if it still stands.

Michael: Okay, I've got an extradition to fight. I'll be in touch.

Devon: Thank you.

Michael: All right.

Devon: There's nothing without Hilary. I can't stop looking for her.

Lily: Even if you do have to go to virgin Gorda to clear your name, we'll keep looking for Hilary. I mean, dad would be there now if you asked him to go.

Neil: No proof of any crime, but they already have him convicted.

Victor: Now, I offered assistance in trying to find Hilary and trying to help you with Devon. Uh, you thought the local authorities would be upset by that?

Neil: Yeah, well, now we're fighting an extradition. Victor, I'm gonna ask you something from the bottom of my heart, okay? Pull some strings, make some calls, do whatever you have to do. Just keep him off the island.

Victor: I'll take care of it.

Neil: Thanks.

Jack: We beat a coma! We beat a drug lord! We won! This is the prize, not a corporation, not an executive position. Us. You and me.

Phyllis: Being with me 24/7 is hardly a life plan.

Jack: Look, we can travel, we can -- we can stay here. We can spoil our children and our grandchildren. If you want to stay in the corporate world, I will hand you your briefcase and kiss you goodbye. I'll pack a lunch for you. Stick little notes in it, saying how beautiful you are, how much I love you.

Phyllis: You are ridiculous.

Jack: And you are perfect.

Phyllis: I don't think so.

Jack: Oh, we could argue about that. We're pretty good at arguing, too. In fact, everything we do together, we seem to be pretty darn excellent at.

Phyllis: Okay. You want to prove it to me?

Jack: How do I do that?

Phyllis: Take me home. [Laughs]

Billy: Look at that. We, uh, we all survived.

Victoria: Yeah. We did.

Abby: So, what did you say to my mom? Because you did say something, didn't you, after she went off on me?

Stitch: I know. You don't need me fighting your battles.

Abby: No. I don't. At all. But I like that you do. Mm-hmm.

Sage: Your family is adorable.

Nick: The Newmans are not adorable.

Sage: Yes, they are.

Nick: Actually, faith -- she's extremely adorable. The rest of us? Any, uh, superstitions kick in 'cause we didn't do the rice thing?

Sage: No. I'm actually feeling remarkably not freaked out or nervous.

Nick: Good.

Sage: Yeah.

Nick: Well, there is one tradition I'm keeping in my back pocket just in case.

Sage: Ohh.

Nick: And it's time to bust it out.

Sage: [Laughs] Okay.

Nick: The bride and groom's first dance.

[Upbeat music plays]

Sage: [Laughs] Yes. I like it.

Nick: Okay, just -- let's actually -- let's slow this down a little bit.

[Slow music plays]

Adam: Right over there. That's the first time Gabriel Bingham saw you playing with your little boy, there.

Chelsea: Except not really. Because you had been watching us through the camera you had planted in his bedroom, remember?

Adam: Well, you know, minor, little details. Just blow by all the weird stuff. You know, all I ever wanted was to be a family again.

Chelsea: The good thing is, now we -- we can be, so why don't we grab Connor and we'll take that flight back to France?

Adam: Probably just, uh... probably just need a few more days here.

Chelsea: I knew it. I was waiting. I don't care about the clothing line. Victor can have it. I don't care what he does. He can take some -- some burlap sacks and put my name on it. I don't care, Adam.

Adam: Chelsea, that man has no right to steal your dreams.

Chelsea: What about our dreams?

Adam: We'll have everything that we want. We have everything that we want. Our dreams will be fulfilled. I just need a little more time, babe. A little more time.

Chelsea: Okay, a few days and that's it.

Adam: Yeah? It's all I need. Thank you.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Cane: What are you not telling me? Why are you keeping secrets from me when we agreed we wouldn't do this anymore?

Victor: You went to great lengths to lie to me about being in Canada. You were in the islands.

Paul: Devon, you're under arrest.

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