Y&R Transcript Tuesday 8/25/15


Episode # 10739 ~ Devon makes a surprising confession; Mariah switches gears with Kevin; Lauren confides in Cane about her relationship with Michael.

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Doctor: I'm sorry for your loss, Sharon. But the good news is, you're healthy. There's no reason why you can't try to conceive again.

Sharon: Uh, hi, sweetie. What's all the excitement about?

Faith: Dylan said you have news for me.

Sharon: I do. Um...are you ready? Well, Dylan asked Mommy to marry him. And I said yes.

Faith: [Squeals] Yay! Our family keeps getting bigger! [Squeals]

Paul: Hey. Perfect timing. Come on in. I got some, uh -- you want some coffee?

Dylan: No, no.

Paul: Okay. 'Cause, uh, I got some files I want you to look at -- details on the Harding/Annicelli investigation. It's a good way to get your feet wet. So, take a look at that, and then you --

Dylan: Yeah, you know, that's -- that's why I'm here. Uh, I won't be joining the force.

Kevin: No, I'm not hacking right this second. No, I'm not gonna stop digging to find Marco. And no, I'm not gonna tell you what I have already found since you don't endorse what I'm doing.

Mariah: Normal people usually say hello.

Kevin: Good to know.

Mariah: So, I need a favor. Come with me to Sage's baby shower.

Kevin: Are you... you're serious. A baby shower. Gosh, that sounds great. No, she's your coworker. Enjoy.

Mariah: Well, no, that's my problem. See, it's -- it's not a work thing. It's, um, it's a family thing, and I'm kind of sort of weirdly honorary member of that family.

Kevin: Yeah, but I'm not, so have fun. [Chuckles]

Mariah: You're being a jerk. Come with me as my date.

Kevin: Why, yes. Yes, Mariah, I would love to come to that adorable family function with you as your date.

Mariah: [Chuckles]

Nick: So the guy who was supposed to be protecting you was actually behind Austin and Courtney's deaths? And now you two are having to go through it again.

Summer: I mean, it helps to know that Harding was the killer, but there's still no explanation as to why.

Sage: Well, we understand that it's a lot to deal with, so if this baby shower's not on your to-do list, that's okay.

Noah: No, no, no. Too late. We're in.

Marisa: And it's good to have something happy to celebrate.

Noah: Besides, you're gonna need some backup.

Sage: Backup for what?

Nick: Don't -- don't scare her.

Summer: It's not scaring. It's a reasonable warning.

Nick: Oh, 'cause that sounds a lot better.

Sage: Well, I-I think of myself as pretty tough, but you're starting to scare me a little bit. [Chuckles]

Noah: Let's just put it this way. Newman events -- never boring.

Summer: Or calm.

Noah: But the food's always good, so...

Summer: And something usually happens to cut things short, so that's always good, too.

Nick: Okay, you two are killing me.

Sage: What exactly am I supposed to be scared of?

Victor: I guess that's supposed to be me.

Nikki: Hey! You're back.

Neil: Yeah, I'm back, I am.

Nikki: Those pictures you sent from Banff -- absolutely beautiful. Did you get enough time to yourself up there?

Neil: No, I didn't. Not enough time. But what do they say? Quality, not quantity.

Nikki: Well, yeah, right. You just had to go all the way to the Canadian Rockies. You nut.

Neil: Yeah, I just wanted a change of scenery, you know. Hilary and Devon's wedding -- that was a gamechanger. It was wallow or move on. Time away was productive. You know, it was closure. Closure -- I needed that.

Michael: Let your superiors know that we're here. It's all legal and above-board. Thank you, sir. Have you heard from Hilary?

Devon: No, not a word because I'm stuck in here with a security guard at the door who won't let me look for my own wife!

Michael: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! I know you're upset. You got to keep that down.

Lily: Michael is here to deal with all the legal aspects so you don't have to worry about it.

Devon: Okay. Michael, they had me in a police lineup. They think that Hilary could be dead and that I might be responsible for it.

Victoria: You know Mom will most likely examine every tray of food that comes up from the kitchen.

Abby: I am better at this than I thought.

Kyle: Better at what?

Abby: Oh.

Victoria: Yeah, you're good.

Kyle: Yeah.

Abby: Okay.

Kyle: You're a real natural, Abby.

Abby: The diaper is too big or the doll is too small. Listen, I have diapered Katie before.

Victoria: Oh, yes, and you did a really good job.

Kyle: Hmm. So, is this like a contest? 'Cause I'll give it a shot. Get some practice in.

Abby: Please tell me that is not some kind of hint.

Kyle: Oh, God, no. [Chuckles] Seriously? No, I'm just happy to play along together, you know, family, co-ed baby shower, finger sandwiches, not looking over our shoulders for a killer who turns out to be a cop.

Abby: Harding is dead. And it's mind-blowing and sad and a relief, as awful as that sounds.

Victoria: Then there's the other big news item.

Abby: Not as bad as the cop-turned-serial-killer who kissed me on new year's eve, but just as bizarre.

Kyle: Newman-Abbott no longer being Newman-Abbott.

Abby: After all the drama and the fights.

Kyle: It all just fizzles out like it never happened.

Abby: Oh, it happened.

Victoria: It did. It happened.

Abby: Now I just have to figure out where to report for duty tomorrow.

Kyle: Oh, come on, cous. That's not hard.

Victoria: Newman.

Kyle: Jabot.

Noah: He loves doing that.

Summer: Hi, Grandpa.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart. How are you?

Summer: Good. But you put a grandchild in his arms, and he becomes a total softie.

Victor: What?!

Noah: Oh, yeah. Everybody knows it. Now, you put a little baby in grandpa's hands, and he turns right to mush.

Victor: What are you saying? Not true.

Nick: That's true. Babies are your kryptonite.

Victor: I just protect my family.

Summer: Yeah, and that can get a little scary.

Sage: Well, I'm not scared. I like it.

Nick: That's the hormones talking.

Sage: [Laughing] No, it's not. I mean it. I haven't had a real family in a really long time, and I'd like to be part of a group that looks out for one another.

Victor: Well, families are complex, you know. And ours is very complex. So, whenever there are family functions, it can get somewhat interesting.

Noah: Understatement.

Summer: Yeah, we were just explaining that to Sage.

Victor: But in the end, family are the only ones you can turn to when trouble hits. Now, I can unfortunately not be at today's event.

Noah: Well, that was some serious buildup for no RSVP, grandpa.

Victor: [Chuckles]

Nick: What's stopping you? I know you actually want to be here.

Victor: I have some business to discuss with Paul Williams.

Summer: Should we be worried?

Victor: No, you shouldn't be worried. But I've brought a present for you.

Nick: Oh, yeah. Let's rip that sucker open.

Sage: Ooh. That's very thoughtful. Thank you, Victor.

Nick: Swing set?

Sage: [Chuckles] [Gasps] Stocks.

Victor: A tradition, a Newman tradition.

Sage: Well, thank you so much.

Victor: You're welcome.

Nick: That's dad's, uh, version of warm and fuzzy.

Sage: [Chuckles]

Victor: And if you have noticed, um, those are Newman enterprise stocks, not Newman-Abbott.

Sage: Look at this.

Victor: That is Nicholas' little car.

Nick: You kept this?

Victor: I saved it. So welcome to our family.

Paul: Well, I thought this is what you wanted.

Dylan: Joining the force would make a lot of sense, you know, with my military background, I get to give back to the community, not to mention it would be great working with you.

Paul: Right, but you changed your mind.

Dylan: Yeah, with my mind on Sharon and the little one, I just don't think I could do the job the way it needs to be done right now, and it wouldn't be worth making Sharon worry all day.

Paul: Well, you're right about that. I mean, it's not just you joining the force. The whole family has to be on board. So maybe one day when your kid's grown and Sharon doesn't worry --

Dylan: Yeah, maybe one day down the road. But soon...I'm gonna be a dad. And, uh, that's all I think about. I wake up thinking about it. Not much room for anything else.

Paul: Well, a child is a gift. And you're right to be excited about it. You're not gonna waste a moment.

Dylan: And when my kid lets me down one day...

Paul: Oh, oh, hold on a second. Is that what you think? You're letting me down today? That's not possible. Not a chance. And you'll know what I mean someday. You'll feel the same way about your own kid. And I just hope I'm around to say I told you so.

Dylan: Well, I'm counting on it.

Faith: We could go bowling or have a bounce house.

Sharon: For the wedding?

Faith: Mm-hmm. We can tell everybody at daddy's baby shower.

Sharon: Oh, my goodness. Is that today?

Faith: We'll have a party for this baby soon, too. I can't wait till your baby is here.

Cane: Hey, hey, hey. I'm looking for you. Did Michael fill you in on what happened on the island?

Lauren: Yes, he's with Devon right now helping with the authorities. It's unbelievable.

Cane: God, Devon must be freaked out. All he wants to do is find his wife.

Lauren: But instead he's a suspect on his own honeymoon.

Cane: Neil's over there. I don't think he knows what happened yet. You know, when the plane went down in winter, as furious as he was with Hilary, all he wanted to do was protect her, okay? This is gonna hit him pretty hard.

Lauren: Let me go with you.

Cane: Okay.

Neil: Right back at you.

Nikki: [Chuckles]

Cane: Um, sorry to interrupt. Neil, do you have a sec?

Neil: Yeah. What? Something wrong?

Lauren: Um, there's some news from the virgin islands.

Nikki: Wait. Isn't that where Hilary and Devon are?

Cane: Hilary's, uh, missing, and the authorities think that...

Nikki: Oh, my God.

Cane: I'm sorry.

Neil: That's not good. After everything that she's been through. I mean, I... this can't happen to Hilary.

Devon: So, I was up all night answering questions at the police station 'cause they think Hilary's gone. Well, she's not. She's probably lost or hurt or somebody grabbed her.

Michael: All right, all right, all right, I will consult with the authorities. I'll make sure that they are exploring all the possibilities.

Devon: Supposedly somebody heard a man arguing with her, and then someone heard a woman scream. What if a psycho kidnapped her? I have all these pictures that I keep thinking about in my head.

Lily: You cannot think that way. You're gonna drive yourself crazy.

Devon: It's too late for that. My wife needs me.

Michael: All right, all right, look, I'm gonna go now. I am going to see what avenues the police are exploring. I will explain to them exactly who you are. You're a devoted husband concerned for his wife. I will do my job. But you have to do your job. No more displays of anger. No more yelling. Please, Devon. Right?

Devon: Yeah.

Michael: Lily.

Lily: I'm gonna be right here with you.

Devon: Michael. Please make them find Hilary.

[Door closes]

Lily: Look, Michael's gone, okay? It's just you and me.

Devon: She's just another tourist to them, lily. They don't care about finding her like I do.

Lily: Let me ask you. Do you think that she could have run off and she's laying low?

Devon: No. Why would she do that?

Lily: I assume you don't want Michael to know about the call girl at the bachelor party.

Devon: What does that have to do with anything?

Lily: I didn't want to say anything in front of him. But did she find out? Did you have an argument about it?

Devon: Do you think she ran off on me or that I killed her?!

Devon: What are you saying? That I pushed her off a cliff 'cause of something that might not even have happened one night with a hooker and now I'm a murderer?! I mean...

Lily: Stop, hey, hey, hey. Keep your voice down. There's a guard right outside.

Devon: [Sighs]

Lily: Listen, I know you don't want to think about it, but what if she set you up? She did make it seem like Cane cheated on me, and then she went online and said that dad murdered her mother.

Devon: She's not that person anymore, lily.

Lily: She could be that person if you piss her off enough.

Devon: I wasn't the person she was arguing with. I was sleeping in that bed yesterday. She went off on the hike on her own and never came back.

Lily: I understand. I believe you. The police might not. So we need to figure this out. Tell me exactly what happened.

Devon: It was a great day. It was the perfect start to our honeymoon. It was the beginning of our new lives together. There's no way that Hilary would just walk off of her own free will.

Michael: When you hear the term "soul mates," they're talking about this couple. Devon and Hilary are deeply in love and completely committed to one another. Present tense.

You're a lawyer, correct? Then you know what I know. No one knows what goes on inside a marriage.

Devon: I don't know if it was the motion sickness or not eating enough, but the helicopter ride took me out, and we decided that I would rest and she'd go on the hike on her own.

Hilary: I would feel selfish if I went.

Devon: It's not selfish if I'm telling you to go, babe. Okay? You hike, I'll sleep. And when you get back, I'm thinking we can soak in that big tub for a little bit before dinner.

Hilary: Oh, my husband is planning our bath times. I like that.

Devon: Yeah.

Hilary: I love you.

Devon: I never should have let her go by herself.

You don't think it's strange, a honeymoon couple splitting up for the day?

Michael: The way I understand it, Devon wasn't feeling well. It strikes me as particularly generous that he encouraged his wife to go out and have a good time even though he couldn't join her.

It's a dangerous hike.

Michael: It's a guided hike. Tourists take it all the time.

There's one piece of evidence you haven't heard.

Lily: We don't even know what happened. She might just be lost.

Devon: Then why haven't they found her? What if they never find her?

[Cell phone rings]

Devon: Hello?

Neil: Devon. I just heard.

Devon: Hey. Yeah. They can't find Hilary, and they think that I might have something --

Neil: Okay, slow down. I'll jump on a plane right now and come over there if that's what you want. You just say the word.

Devon: You'd do that?

Neil: Would I do that? You're my son. You just say where you need me to be and I'll be there, okay?

Devon: I really appreciate that, but you don't have to do that. Lily and Michael are here. Lily's talking me off the ledge, and Michael's talking to the cops. We're gonna find Hilary.

Neil: You listen to me. Your wife is very tough and resourceful. You can never, ever count her out. I wouldn't.

Noah: Hey, Grandpa, you got a second?

Victor: Sure.

Noah: You know, that was ally great how you treated Sage and made her feel welcome, like she was part of the family, you know, even though I know that you didn't always feel that way.

Victor: Oh, I see. So you're hoping that I'll extend the same kind of welcome to your friend.

Noah: Let's just say that, um, Marisa and I, were gonna be spending a lot of time together.

Victor: Ah. Well, then I'll have a chance to get to know her better.

Marisa: I didn't grow up in a town like this around people like Noah. People who treat each other with kindness and respect. It changed everything, changed me. And I'm glad.

Sharon: You're back.

Dylan: Yeah. Did you tell Faith?

Sharon: Um...

Dylan: Did you tell faith that what?

Faith: You're getting married!

Dylan: [Laughs] That's right. Aww. Pretty great, right?

Faith: What's the baby's name gonna be?

Dylan: Whoa, wait a minute.

Went from the wedding to baby's names. I got to catch up here. Gilbert?

Faith: It's gonna be a girl.

Dylan: Oh, it's gonna be a girl. Okay.

Faith: I vote Charlotte.

Dylan: Hmm.

Faith: And we can call her Charlie.

She's gonna love me the best

Dylan: [Laughs] So, um, why don't you write down some names and see how they look and then maybe you can figure out what she's gonna be when she grows up since you have it all figured out?

Faith: Got it.

Dylan: Got it. Hey. What's going on here? Why the tears?

Lily: Wait. Dad said he would come?

Devon: Yeah. And he meant it, too. He meant everything that he said at the wedding about forgiving me and Hilary and wanting us to be happy. He actually meant it, and we finally have dad's blessing, and then Hilary is probably missing or hurt, and I'm stuck here not able to look for her.

Lily: Okay, you can't wander on the island, but you're not helpless. You know Hilary better than anyone, which means that you have the best chance of figuring out what happened. But you have to think. Just concentrate.

Devon: They said someone heard a man arguing with her. It wasn't me, so maybe it was the guide.

Lily: But why would she be arguing with him? What did he do?

Devon: Maybe he hit on her.

Lily: No, no, she knows how to put a guy in his place.

Devon: Then who would it be?

Lily: Maybe someone told her about the bachelor party?

Devon: Here on our honeymoon? Was it the bellman?

Lily: My father-in-law.

Colin: Let me get some vodka on the rocks.

Neil: We were all gonna move on, get better. Devon and Hilary were supposed to find happiness to make that damn affair worth it. I don't know. Now what?

Cane: Michael and lily are there, okay? And they will do whatever it takes to find out what really happened to Hilary. Don't worry about it.

Neil: They just started living the life they both wanted, you know? If anything happens to that woman, I swear to God...

Sharon: Faith has loved you ever since you first stepped foot into this house when you came to fix the roof. She adored you. You know, she's always wanted Nick and me to get back together, but now she's planning our wedding and she's even naming our baby, and... these are just happy tears.

Dylan: Okay. Okay. I mean, there's a lot to be excited about for all of us. You, faith, and this baby. [Sighs] It's everything that I could ever want.

Abby: This is fantastic. You didn't even want me at Newman-Abbott, and now I have to stay at Newman enterprises.

Victoria: Who said I didn't want you there?

Abby: You said I couldn't even spell COO.

Victoria: I just thought that the title was too much too soon, that's all.

Kyle: Which is an excellent reason to come back to Jabot, where you were before all this started.

Victoria: Dad's gotten used to you at Newman. He believes in you, which is reason enough to stay.

Abby: Well, by all means, let's figure out my career right this second. That makes perfect sense.

Nick: Hey.

Abby: Saved by the baby shower. The parents-to-be. Hello. Welcome.

Nick: All right. And Kevin's here.

Kevin: Kevin is Mariah's date.

Mariah: And he's not socially inept at all.

Kevin: That's true. I'm not.

Marisa: Everything looks so beautiful.

Noah: Yeah, and Sage already got a visit from grandpa, so, you know, she's gonna have to get used to all these big Newman functions.

Victoria: Oh, yes, they're endless.

Abby: Yes, we throw parties for breakfast. It's kind of insane. [Chuckles] You look fabulous, by the way.

Kyle: Sage, could you tell her you're wearing Jabot so she knows which office she should be in?

Nick: Well, I think little mama needs, uh, a little lemonade, so let's get some.

Mariah: You know that you don't have to announce that you're my date.

Kevin: That is a factual truth.

Mariah: It is also a factual truth that you're a dork.

Kevin: I'm okay with that.

Nick: So, basically every family dinner is just like this, you know -- every pushy person in one place. I mean, it's -- it's too much.

Sage: Our little one's gonna have a family. Our little baby's never gonna feel alone in the world, like he or she doesn't have anyone to count on. And it's not gonna be charity. It's gonna be love.

Nick: For you and the baby.

Paul: Thanks for coming by.

Victor: Which leads me to the question, why the hell am I here? Your own employee killed my granddaughter's husband and my grandson's fiancée. This should be a closed investigation.

Paul: Well, it's not closed yet. We still don't know Harding's motive. And we did find a large amount of cash hidden in his apartment. And prior to his death, he admitted that he was being paid to keep secrets.

Victor: You're not suggesting I paid this killer hush money, are you? I hardly knew the guy.

Paul: I'm just saying he was shot in your office.

Victor: Well, then add trespassing to his crimes. He wasn't in my office on my account.

Paul: No one is accusing you of anything. We are just trying to piece some of these facts together. So, tell me -- um, did you ever come across a man by the name of Marco Annicelli?

Devon: Do you really think Colin would fly all the way out here to blow things up with Hilary?

Lily: Look, he doesn't think like a normal person. Maybe he told Hilary about the prostitute since he knew he couldn't blackmail you anymore.

[Cell phone rings]

Cane: Hey, lily, you okay?

Lily: Yeah, I'm fine. Um, but things aren't great. Hey, have you seen your dad lately?

Cane: Yeah, I'm looking at him right now. Do you want to talk to him?

Lily: No, I just -- I wanted to know where he was.

Cane: Anything wrong?

Lily: Um, I'll talk to you later.

Devon: Do you really think Colin could fly out here, talk to Hilary, and fly back in time?

Lily: Look, let's just go to the source.

[Cell phone rings]

Colin: Hello, lily. Calling from the islands, are we?

Devon: Here. Hey, Colin, this is Devon. Don't play around with me right now. Did you tell Hilary about the hooker?

Colin: Not a word. Silent as a grave.

Devon: Is that some kind of joke or something? Did you text her or message her or anything? Because she's missing out here, and the cops think that I had something to do with it, okay? If you want money, name your price. It's yours. Just please tell me anything that you might know about where the hell Hilary is.

Colin: I'm sorry. I really don't know anything. I wish I could help.

Victor: I've had no dealings with Harding or Annicelli. I don't know anything about those guys' pasts. I don't know what they're up to. I certainly wouldn't pay hush money to someone who killed members of my family. That's absurd. As far as this Annicelli guy is concerned, maybe he's a figment of Harding's imagination.

Paul: Well, Harding was smart, but not that smart. There is more to this.

Victor: I bet you there is. You feeling a little guilty that Harding worked right here under your nose, managed to kill three people, you had no clue?

Nick: And there we go. Clearly I am the diaper champion. I mean, I did that with one hand behind my back. And let's not even talk about my hair-braiding skills.

Summer: That is such a lie. We're lucky we didn't have to shave my head the one time you tried.

Nikki: [Laughs] I do remember that. All right, everybody, listen up. I have paper and pens for everyone. We're going to write down our words of wisdom and advice for the parents-to-be.

Mariah: Oh, I have one. Do not join a cult.

Nikki: Oh, that was gonna be mine.

Noah: You know, mine is gonna be all about how the kid's big brother is the coolest thing ever.

Victoria: He means aunt. The aunt is the coolest ever.

Abby: Oh, well, thank you, Victoria. I really am, aren't I?

Victoria: Seriously? I'm gonna -- I'll get rid of her.

Sage: Oh, no, no, no. It's okay. It's okay. Hey, everyone!

Sharon: Hi!

Sage: It's good to see you.

Sharon: Thank you for inviting us. You know, faith is so excited to be involved. And we got a little something for the baby, too.

Dylan: Faith is keen on baby gifts. Here you go. [Laughs]

Faith: I'm gonna be an epic big sister.

Noah: Oh, yeah? Well, does this epic big sister want an epic big treat?

Faith: Yes.

Noah: Okay, come here.

Mariah: Hey, you, um, you never called me after your doctor's appointment the other day. How did it go?

Sharon: Oh, uh, because it was nothing. It was a little bit of stress, you know, the usual.

Mariah: You need stress to not be usual?

Sharon: Dylan decided not to join the police force, so I'm sure that'll help.

Mariah: I'm sorry. Am -- am I not supposed to notice this teensy weensy little thing on your finger?

Sharon: Yes, we got engaged. But we're not telling anyone because this is Sage's day.

Noah: Excuse me. Faith just told me that you're engaged?

Sharon: Yes! I got engaged!

Summer: You're engaged?

Victoria: Here we go.

Kevin: Mazel tov, you crazy kids.

Sharon: Oh, thank you.

Cane: Lily called and she was asking if my father was around. Didn't give an explanation.

Lauren: Maybe she's like the rest of us and likes him as far away as possible. No disrespect.

Cane: None taken. It's fine.

Colin: My sympathies, friend. I heard about your poor daughter-in-law. The fact that they're trying to nail your son as the guilty party... not exactly a happy honeymoon. You know, I would take no joy in this situation, but I know one of Hilary's past victims who might.

Neil: You better watch what's coming out of your mouth. Seems you're implying that I might have had something to do with this.

Colin: Just because you tried to crush their previous relationship. Now, why would I think that you might do away with Hilary yourself?

Neil: You're the only one with an ax to grind here since I pulled the plug on you blackmailing my son. Yeah, you got the dirty hands at the poker table, not me. You remember that.

Colin: Well, once again, my sympathies. I'll keep a happy thought.

Neil: Yeah. You do that.

Michael: Thank you.

Devon: Is there any sign of Hilary?

[Door closes]

Michael: No. Sorry. I did talk to the officer in charge of the investigation. He brought up an issue.

Lily: What issue?

Michael: Evidently someone called to cancel your guided tour. The call came from this hotel.

Devon: That doesn't make any sense.

Lily: Maybe Hilary canceled it.

Devon: And pretended to go by herself? That doesn't make any sense.

Lily: Are you sure it doesn't?

Michael: All right. [Clears throat] If there's something you're not telling me, you need to tell me now. I am useless to you without all of the information.

Devon: There's a chance that I slept with another woman, Michael.

Noah: There's a lot going on around here. I guess I better break out my tux.

Mariah: You know, I'll see if I can dig up a formal underground t-shirt for you.

Sharon: No, today is Sage's day.

Nick: Uh, what about, uh, the dad? I mean...

Sharon: And Nick, too. We're here to celebrate your wonderful news.

Faith: And cupcakes.

Victoria: That's very Sharon to make this event all about her. Poor Nick just has to stand there and laugh and joke.

Nikki: Both of my sons are far too good-hearted for their own good.

Nick: Hey, man, congratulations.

Dylan: Yeah, well, uh, this isn't exactly how we planned to announce it.

Nick: Well, I already warned Sage. Newman family events are never boring.

Dylan: Hmm.

Nick: But I am real psyched for you and Sharon. You know, she seems happy and grounded, and, dude, our kids are gonna get to grow up together and hang out.

Dylan: I know. That's cool. Growing up an only child, it's okay. I'm just glad that my kid's gonna have faith and a cousin to grow up with.

Sage: Oh, Nick! Look!

Nick: Baby sling. Very familiar with this apparatus. I will wear it with pride. In fact, Dylan, I'm gonna get you one.

Dylan: [Chuckles]

Nick: And it's gonna match, and we're gonna be twins.

Dylan: Oh, can't wait.

Nick: It's gonna be so cool.

Dylan: Hmm.

Sage: [Gasps] Oh!

Victoria: Oh.

Sage: Nikki, thank you.

Nikki: You're very welcome. It comes with lessons from Grandma. [Laughs]

Nick: Wow. So, the baby's gonna get to practice at your place, right, before it comes to ours and gets the hang of it?

Nikki: Oh, no. But I will throw in a pair of earplugs.

[Light laughter]

Victoria: Okay, I think it's time for a toast. To the Newman baby to be. You will be loved and you will be cherished.

Abby: We will make you crazy, but there will be times, uh, in public that you don't want to acknowledge us.


Victoria: But you'll be family, and we can't wait to meet you. Cheers.

Nick: Cheers.

Summer: Well, all the aunts have spoken. What about you, uncle Dylan?

Dylan: [Chuckles] Oh.

Nick: Spotlight.

Dylan: Yeah. Thank you, Summer, for that. Well, uh, I went from 0 to 60 as far as family's concerned, and I know I missed a lot of years with you, and I plan on making up for lost time. But the best part is, with all of you around, I know we're gonna have plenty of help when I become a dad, too.

[Glasses clink]

Nikki: Well, I, for one, think we should read some of these suggestions and advice, make sure they're up to the Newman standards, you know. Nicholas.

Nick: Oh, yes. Sure. I'm going first. "Give candy to big sister."

Nikki: Hmm.

Nick: No signature. Summer, this you?

Summer: I mean, I do have a big sweet tooth.

Nikki: Oh, Summer.

Faith: It was me.

Nikki: [Gasps]

Nick: No way!


Nikki: Oh, my goodness.

Sage: The next one. [Chuckles] "Potty jokes are always funny." No signature.

Nick: Classy.

Mariah: Yeah, it was me. It was definitely me.

Kevin: What?

Mariah: Yep.

Kevin: You stole my idea. I ha to do a new one.

Sage: Uh, this one is from Victoria. "I know you'll always put your family first. Your child will grow up knowing at he or she is loved and cherished and always protected."

Victor: You have my respects. You shot Harding to save your son. Wish you had dispatched Harding sooner.

Paul: This investigation didn't die with Harding, Victor.

Victor: Paul, let it rest. Close the damn file. Let's move on, all right? You have a nice day.

[Door closes]

[Glasses thud]

Sage: From Nikki, "it may be terrifying, but you have to stand back, let your child make their own decisions, fight their own battles, smile, give them your support, and never let them see the panic in your eyes."

Kyle: So, Summer tells me that you're certain Marco has left town for good. Why is that?

Summer: Did you do something to Marco?

Marisa: Something more permanent? 'Cause that's the kind of person you think I am? Excuse me. I-I need more tea.

Dylan: Have you seen your mom?

Mariah: Um, no, actually, I haven't seen her in awhile. I hope she's not feeling sick again.

Dylan: Again? I-I didn't know there was a first time.

Sage: From Summer. "A little sofa time with ice cream usually makes everything better for the both of you. There's nothing you can't handle together."

Noah: Mom? What's wrong?

Sharon: Wha-- what? Hey. How come you're not at the party? Noah, everything's fine. I'm fine.

Noah: What's going on? Is it dad and Sage, they're moving on? What?

Sharon: No. No. I-I'm happy for your father, for both of them.

Noah: You're sure?

Sharon: I'm moving on, too. I am. I-I have my -- my beautiful children and I have Dylan and I have our baby and this baby, this is my new start, too, to be happy. I can be happy, too, right?

Noah: [Chuckles]

Nick: "Every parent's least favorite part of the job -- discipline. But a dad's got to do what a dad's got to do."

Hilary: You could have showed me this before the ceremony. But you waited.

Neil: Just like you waited until after you and I were married so you and Devon could carry on your little sordid relationship. Payback's a bitch. Ain't it, my love?

Devon: Colin is the only one that knows about the call girl.

Michael: [Sighs]

Devon: But he swears he didn't say anything to Hilary.

Michael: I was there that night. You did not seem inclined to participate in that particular activity. You have no memory of the interlude?

Devon: No, I don't 'cause I was out of it. But even the chance that it happened, I didn't want Hilary to know. Maybe she found out, though. I haven't said anything to the cops.

Michael: And you're not going to.

Devon: If it helps them track her down.

Michael: In what way?

Devon: They might decide that she ran off instead of something worse.

Michael: Or they might just decide that you're an unfaithful husband prone to argue with his wife, an argument that could or could not have gotten out of control. No, that information -- it stays in this room, do you hear me?

[Knock on door]

Devon: What's going on?

Michael: Do you have more information, Officer?

Officer: You recognize this?

Devon: Yeah, it -- it belongs to my wife.

Officer: It was found washed up on the shore. The search has turned from rescue to recovery.

Hilary: [Screams]

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Adam: I should have told you that Jack called and wanted me to move back to Genoa City.

Chelsea: Yes. What were you thinking buying us a house?

Nick: Sage and I are getting married tonight.

Jack: Each family will walk away with everything they had prior to the merger.

Victor: Not quite everything.

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