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Episode # 10738 ~ Victor & Jack have revenge on their minds; Abby tries to connect with Stitch; a showdown at the Athletic Club reaches a shocking climax.

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Paul: We can settle this without any more bloodshed. You surrender to me now, and I'll see that you're treated fairly.

Harding: Yeah. I've said those words myself, chief. I'm not gonna fall for that.

Paul: You know me, mark! Come on! I'm a man of my word! We can salvage this! It's not too late!

Harding: With three people dead?! I'm looking at the rest of my life in prison!

Dylan: So, you're saying you did it?

Harding: The only way that Dylan gets out of here alive is if you let me go.

Paul: Oh, man. You know I can't do that.

Harding: Well, then say goodbye to your son.

Paul: No, no, no. No shot! I'll lower my gun. I swear.

Harding: Nice and slow. Then kick it over here.

Dylan: Paul, don't do it. He's gonna shoot us both.

Harding: Shut your mouth. Lower the gun, chief.

Dylan: Paul, don't do it!

Harding: Lower the gun! [Grunts]

Paul: Dylan!


Sharon: Aaaah! Aaaah! [Gasping]

Harding: [Grunting]

Paul: You okay?

Dylan: Yeah. I'm fine.

Harding: [Grunting continues]

Dylan: You wanted this. Now talk. Why'd you kill those kids? Who are you working for?!

Harding: [Grunting continues]

Jack: If I'd made the right choice, this scum would be lying in a pool of blood on the floor right now.

Victor: You're not a murderer, Jack. Your conscience wouldn't allow it.

Jack: My conscience would have been just fine with it.

Victor: I will take care of things from here.

Jack: No. I'm not finished with him yet. And I'm not gonna kill you... yet. I want to hear you confess.

Marco: You think you have it all figured out, don't you, Jackie? According to you, I'm the mastermind of some intricate, diabolical plot against you and half the people in Genoa city, right?

Phyllis: Are you denying that you took jack's place, using his power and his position?

Marco: I'm not gonna deny anything. I'm merely setting the record straight. And for the record... I wasn't working alone.

Abby: How was your salmon?

Stitch: It was good.

Abby: Really? Um, I thought that, uh --

Stitch: No, it was fine.

Abby: Oh, 'cause -- 'cause you hardly touched it.

Stitch: I guess I wasn't as hungry as I thought I was.

Abby: Not very talkative, either. I'm not criticizing. I just -- I noticed.

Stitch: Yeah. I'm sorry. I'm beat. It was a long day at the hospital.

Abby: With what? I mean, can you talk about it? I would love to hear about your day.

Stitch: Yeah. It was just, you know -- it was just the usual stuff -- rounds, a lot of patients, and... [Yawns]

Abby: Right. Well, if you're really tired, we could always go back to our room and turn in.

Stitch: You know what? It's a gorgeous night out there. Let's, uh -- let's go up to the roof first, have a nightcap.

Sharon: Damn it! I can't see the screen. What is happening? A shot was fired. You heard that, right?

Mariah: You've got to calm down. You've got to calm down.

Kevin: Dylan's okay. Dylan's okay.

Sharon: Thank God.

Kevin: Paul is fine, too.

Summer: What about Harding?

Kevin: He's down. Looks like he's been hit.

Mariah: How bad is it?

Kevin: I can't tell, but it doesn't look like he's walking away from this.

Noah: Good. I just hope he goes to jail for the rest of his miserable life. It's not gonna bring Austin and Courtney back, but... at least they'll get some justice.

Harding: In the cabin -- [Grunting]

Dylan: What? What? Just say it. Who was it? Who hired you? Was it Marco?

Harding: [Breathing heavily]

Paul: That's right. All right. EMTs are on their way.

Dylan: They'd better hurry. Harding! Come on! Stay with us! Harding!

Sharon: What's happening now?

Kevin: There's a blind spot, and I can only pivot the camera so far.

Noah: But he can't get away, though, right?

Kevin: I need to see what's going on. Excuse me.

Mariah: Kevin, no. Paul and Dylan can handle this!

Noah: I'm going with him, okay? Just stay right here. I'll call you as soon as I know something.

Mariah: What, only boys can go?

Sharon: [Crying]

Mariah: Hey. Hey. We know that Dylan is safe, okay? So just try to relax. Take a few breaths.

Sharon: I'm not gonna know that for sure until I see Dylan myself.

Mariah: I wish I could be there, too. I mean, this is the guy who terrorized us for months. He's responsible for Austin and Courtney's death.

Summer: I want to see this through to the end, if only to tell Harding how much I hate him.

Sharon: Then let's go. Let's do this. What are we waiting for?

Summer: Yeah.

Sharon: [Groans softly] [Exhales sharply]

Abby: Oh, my God. Is that Harding?

Paul: Oh, no. You're gonna have to go downstairs. Doc, we could use your help. Abby, please.

Stitch: I'll be right down.

Paul: Please.

Stitch: All right. What happened?

Dylan: Gunshot wound, abdomen.

Stitch: Give me some room. Give me some room.

Dylan: Yeah.

Stitch: [Sighs]

Dylan: You okay?

Paul: Yeah. I'm all right. I'm just a little shaky, that's all. You?

Dylan: Yeah. Fine. I was just getting a little jumpy, you know? He pointed the gun at you. I felt like I had to do something. It was probably stupid, but --

Paul: Yeah, it was -- really stupid. But thanks. So... what happened up here before I arrived?

Dylan: Right. After you and Chris left the restaurant, Kevin tapped in to the hotel surveillance system, and he found Harding on the roof. And then when I got here, he was on the phone, trying to get his hands on a passport.

Paul: Okay. Well, we'll get ahold of his phone, and, uh, we can see who he was calling. Maybe it'll lead right to Annicelli. Who knows?

Victor: You point all the fingers you want. I would never knowingly hurt my grandchildren by killing those they loved.

Marco: Are you really trying to claim that your hands are clean when everyone in this room knows you're the one who found me, who brought me here to replace your rival?

Victor: You decided to play by your own rules -- rules allowing murder.

Marco: I didn't kill those kids.

Phyllis: If you didn't, then who did?

Marco: One of Genoa city's finest -- detective mark Harding.

Jack: Wait. You're blaming an officer who got wounded trying to catch you?

Phyllis: That is a load of crap. Why would an officer of the law get mixed up with someone like you?

Marco: A question only a wealthy person would ask.

Jack: Did you know your partner had a dirty cop on the payroll?

Victor: Absolutely not.

Marco: Being Jack Abbott was a full-time job. I hired Harding to tie up certain loose ends.

Jack: What do you mean? What loose ends?

Marco: Those two young people -- the filmmaker and the policewoman. Each stumbled onto the fact that there was more than one Jack in town. They had video proof. I hired Harding to get rid of the evidence.

Phyllis: You ordered a hit on my daughter's husband?

Marco: Oh, please. I wouldn't waste my time. No. Harding's the one that eliminated Travers, and too bad he didn't get rid of the computer files. So, when officer Sloane stumbled onto the video, he silenced her, too. That was his plan, not mine. And all of the cover-ups after, including poor, unfortunate Tobias gray -- that was Harding, too. No. He didn't consult me. He did what he could to protect my secrets, and he was paid very handsomely for it.

Victor: Those young people are dead because you were careless.

Marco: No, boss. Those people are dead... because your plan had to be protected at all costs.

Victor: Don't you lay the blame at my feet.

Jack: That's exactly where it belongs.

Jack: Think about it. This wouldn't be the first time you brought someone into town to wreak havoc on my life and then claim to have no responsibility for the collateral damage. This time you caused three deaths, including your granddaughter's husband and your grandson's bride. Hell, I would have been the fourth casualty if it hadn't been for Marisa's help.

Marco: Oh, I'm sure Marisa gave him plenty of help in lots of areas.

Jack: You shut up. I accept your claim that Marco's the one that took this to a more violent level. He may not have pulled the trigger, but he didn't give a damn about the lives of any of those people, as long as he kept his secret about his identity.

Marco: Okay, okay! We've established that I'm a big, bad devil. What are we gonna do about it, boys? What's next? You gonna take me into town, take me to the police station? Oh, but then you'd have to tell them about your part in it. And you'd have to explain all those bodies you left behind in your wake when you got back to Genoa city.

Marisa: In self-defense.

Marco: Oh, and you're the witness? How credible. How many times have you lied since you woke up this morning?

Victor: There's another option.

Marco: And what is that, Vic?

Victor: I have a very fitting end in mind for you.

Dylan: [Breathing heavily] This is it. This is all they had downstairs.

Stitch: It's no use. He's gone.

Dylan: [Sighs] Now we'll never know the whole story.

Paul: [Sighs] You know I didn't have a choice. If I didn't shoot, he would have shot you. I wasn't about to lose my son.

Noah: Mom.

Kevin: What are you doing here?

Noah: I told you to wait.

Mariah: We deserve to be a part of this.

Abby: All we know is that detective Harding was shot again. Ben. Oh, thank God you're okay!

Kevin: Which we already knew.

Summer: Okay. Well, what's happening upstairs?

Abby: Yeah. We saw the ambulance pull up.

Stitch: Detective Harding is dead.

Kevin: H-h-he's dead?

Noah: Well, did Harding confess before he died?

Dylan: He definitely implied involvement. Didn't deny killing anybody, but he died before he could tell us why or who he was working with.

Abby: So, this is really over?

Dylan: I believe Harding killed Austin, Courtney, and Tobias Gray. [Sighs] Look, I got to get to the station and make my statement, okay?

Sharon: Okay.

Dylan: I'll see you at home later.

Sharon: Okay.

Abby: It kind of freaks me out.

Stitch: Hey, it'll be okay. Like Dylan said, it's over.

Abby: Yeah, it's just, I mean, he seemed like a normal guy. He kissed me on new year's eve.

Stitch: Harding kissed you?

Abby: It didn't mean anything. Nothing came from it. But it's just creepy to know that I was that close to a murderer.

Stitch: [Sighs]

Abby: Are you okay?

Stitch: I'm fine.

Sharon: I hope you both at least gained some closure.

Noah: Yeah, it helps, having some answers.

Summer: Yeah, some, anyways.

Mariah: You still have questions.

Kevin: Yes. So, Harding was the killer... which means he probably set up Sharon and Tobias, too, but none of that explains what Marco Annicelli had to do with any of this.

Marco: What are you going to do to me?

Victor: I'm gonna be sending you straight to hell.

Abby: I'm free! There's no more threats hanging over my head, and I feel like celebrating. But you don't. I understand. I mean, for me, it was like this weight was lifted, but for you, you feel awful because you couldn't save the man.

Stitch: Yeah. I'm just -- I'm just glad the killer's out of commission and you're safe.

Abby: Me, too. And since I am safe... I don't need a bodyguard anymore. We really only moved in together because Kevin thought that the drug lord was the murderer, and now that theory is kaput, so... we don't need to be holed up in this hotel anymore.

Stitch: I won't miss the bodyguard thing, although the part about being holed up together -- I got to admit, that kind of felt good.

Abby: Yeah. It's just the thing is, um... I'm gonna go home... to my house... alone.

Noah: Marisa's not picking up. It just goes straight to voicemail. I think she should know about Harding.

Summer: I still cannot believe that a police detective could have done such horrible things.

Noah: Well, it made it easier for him to frame people, cover his tracks.

Summer: Yeah, but why? That's what I don't get.

Noah: The same reason we suspected everybody else. Austin had something damning enough on his computer that Harding was willing to kill for it rather than let it get out.

Kevin: And the DNA mistake and Marco Annicelli being in town at the time of the murders -- are those just coincidences?

Summer: Well, clearly, you don't think so.

Kevin: You're right. I don't.

Mariah: I thought you were going home.

Sharon: I'm just too antsy just thinking about Dylan putting his life on the line.

Mariah: Sharon, he's safe now.

Sharon: Oh, I know, but -- ugh.

Mariah: What's wrong?

Sharon: Nothing. It's just a little cramp. I had one earlier. I'm sure it'll pass.

Mariah: Should you call your doctor?

Sharon: Um...you know what? It's probably just stress, but, um, you know, maybe you're right. I'll just -- I'll have it checked out.

Mariah: Mom, I can take you to the doctor right now. You can call Dylan on the way.

Sharon: No, no, honey. That's not necessary. You know, I'm just being cautious. Would you mind putting all these papers away for me in the office?

Mariah: Yeah, sure.

Sharon: [Sighs]

Paul: You know... how it goes down. Everything happened so fast. I, um -- I couldn't assess the situation at first. All I -- all I could see was Dylan, the gun.

Christine: And you thought of Ricky.

Paul: Yeah, for a split second, yeah. I mean, you know, same scenario. I reacted instinctively, but instead of shooting my son to save someone else, I shot someone else... to save my son. You know, if I were too late, I don't know what I would have done.

Christine: You weren't too late. Dylan's still here. And maybe saving your other son's life will give you permission to forgive yourself.

[Knock on door]

Paul: Yeah? Come in.

Dylan: Hey. Hey, Chris.

Christine: Hi. I heard you had quite a night.

Dylan: I'm not gonna apologize for going after Harding, a guy who killed three people.

Christine: We should have listened to you and gotten the warrant. Harding would be arrested, and Paul wouldn't have been put in the position he was in.

Dylan: I get it. You had to play by the rules.

Christine: Um, I'm gonna return some calls, okay?

Paul: Okay. Thanks.

Christine: Yeah. You're gonna make a great cop.

Paul: [Sighs heavily]

Dylan: Harding may be dead... but this is far from over.

Marco: [Groans softly]

Victor: Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. Death would be too good for you, too easy for you. You're going back to that hellhole of a prison cell in Peru.

Phyllis: Those nightmares you had when you were screaming in Spanish -- you seemed so tormented. I'm sure that's what you were dreaming of.

Victor: You take him to my helicopter. That will take you to the airstrip, to my jet. You put him on that jet, and you fly to lima, Peru, where my people are waiting for you. If he gives you any trouble, shoot him. No one will miss this scum.

Marco: I look forward to seeing all of you again soon. I promise you it will happen.

Phyllis: In the meantime, I hope you start munching on some cockroaches in that dark hellhole of yours for the next 30 years!

Marisa: Vete al infierno. [Smooches]

Victor: Get him out of here now.

Jack: You put your life at risk, trapping Marco here. I don't know how we can ever thank you enough.

Phyllis: Yes. We owe you.

Marisa: Well, I want to see him rot as much as you do.

Victor: Boy. All a little too late, isn't it? Had you told me you were in contact with Marco, it would have solved all of this.

Marisa: I didn't know where Marco was then.

Victor: Really? But you were in contact with him, weren't you?

Marisa: It was just a message. I couldn't be sure it was him.

Victor: If you had told me even about the message, we would have found that SOB.! We wouldn't have been in this trouble! You lied to me! Don't ever lie to me.

Abby: Until today... I needed you, or I thought I needed you, to keep me safe. But I'm safe now, and I'm stronger, and... I told you that I wanted this to be a real relationship. I need to feel like -- like you need me.

Stitch: I do need you.

Abby: Really? Because when I pushed you on it, you finally opened up to me. You told me how you felt about losing your patient. But then you went back into your cocoon. And you put these walls up that I can't break through. And I want you to talk to me. I want you to tell me your deepest thoughts and your deepest feelings. I care about you, Ben, and I wish that this could work out. Do you know how easy it would be if you just came home with me and you kept taking care of me? But I am fully capable of functioning on my own. I don't need you to take care of me. And I feel like it would be better to actually be alone than to feel as alone as I do when I'm with you sometimes. I guess I'll go pack.

Stitch: Abby, wait!

Marisa: So, you're gonna put me on the same plane as Marco? Is that it?

Jack: No. No. He sure as hell is not. You did everything you could to help me get back to Phyllis, and I owe you. And you owe me.

Victor: You're being naive right now. She cannot be trusted.

Jack: I trust her. If she lied, she lied for good reason. She was victimized by Marco, as well. Look, if she wants to start her life over, we owe it to her to give her a chance.

Victor: You don't reveal any of this. Do you understand? You don't reveal how you came to town with Jack Abbott... or what happened here just now. Not a word to anyone. You keep your mouth shut, you'll bell right. If you don't...

Noah: I mean, it's possible that Harding acted alone and this whole Annicelli thing is just a coincidence.

Kevin: Yeah. I don't like coincidences -- for instance, Marisa disappearing at the same time Harding gets exposed.

Noah: Marisa had nothing to do with Harding.

Kevin: Yeah, if you say so.

Noah: I can't believe you're still digging. We know for a fact that Harding is guilty.

Mariah: We may never have all of the details, like what was on Austin's computer that Harding was so determined to keep secret. But you're right. I mean, the killer's finally been caught, and we can get justice for Austin and Courtney.

Summer: Justice? That's not justice. Justice would have been if Harding had gone on trial. Then our questions would have been answered.

Mariah: Maybe. We'll never know. But the important thing is we're safe now. We can stop looking over our shoulders.

Noah: I agree. Case closed.

Dylan: Did you get anything off of Harding's phone?

Paul: No, afraid not. Whoever he called about the passport was using a burner phone.

Dylan: Ah. So, uh, when I confronted Harding before you showed up, I asked him who...paid him to murder those kids. And he said that I had it all wrong, that they weren't hits. He was talking about hush money -- how somebody was paying him to keep secrets.

Paul: Annicelli?

Dylan: That would be my guess, which brings us back... to motive. What secret was Harding protecting?

Paul: Right. Well, we'll go over everything and see what we can find out.

Dylan: Well, I'd like to help if I can.

Paul: Okay. That, uh... [Sighs] You know, why don't we talk about this later? It's been a long night. Go home and get some rest.

Dylan: You first. You're not even supposed to be here.

Paul: [Chuckles] Yeah, so Chris keeps telling me. You know what? She was right about something else. You have amazing instincts, and you're gonna make a terrific cop. And, you know, with all your military experience, I'll be able to fast-track the process. You'll get your badge in no time. You know something, Dylan? I, uh... I can't tell you how proud I am that we're gonna be working side by side.

Doctor: I'm sorry for your loss, Sharon. But the good news is you're healthy. There's no reason why you can't try to conceive again.

Sharon: [Crying] What's all this?

Dylan: It's just, uh, my way of saying that I'm sorry.

Sharon: What do you mean?

Dylan: Well, I listened to your voicemail.

Sharon: Dylan, I was scared that --

Dylan: I know. I know. I know you were. I know. And then I saw your face earlier, after Harding was shot. [Sighs] Sharon, just -- it made me realize that I wasn't just putting my life... in danger, that I could be jeopardizing... our future... and our baby's future. So, I just, you know -- I just want to say that I'm sorry for that.

Sharon: Um... Dylan...

Dylan: No, let me -- just let me finish. I-I never... shied away from danger. But I just -- you know, I just have so much to lose right now, and I don't want to risk the one thing that I've always wanted, and that's a family of my own. So, I have decided that I'm not gonna join the force after all.

Sharon: But you were so passionate about it and about doing something that mattered and doing something that you've wanted since you were a kid.

Dylan: Yeah, that's -- that's right. That's right. But... I mean, we are bringing a new life into the world together. I mean, I'm -- I'm -- I'm gonna be a dad. How much more important does it get than that?

Stitch: I don't mean to hurt you or shut you out. It's just it's hard for me to talk about myself. I spent most of my life lying about who I was. I couldn't afford to open up -- to anyone.

Abby: Well, you managed to open up to Victoria and my mom.

Stitch: It's different with you. I'm more protective of you.

Abby: Why? Why? What's the worst thing that could happen if you gave me a glimpse of the real Ben?

Stitch: You could learn something that frightens you and run like hell. I have lost so many people in my life -- my dad, my mom... who -- who -- who vanished without a word, my sister... guys I was in the army with that I fought beside. My wife divorced me and took our son to the other side of the planet. Today on my lunch break... I got to video-chat with him. I heard all about his mom's fabulous new boyfriend.

Abby: That's why you were so quiet at dinner.

Stitch: Talking about this stuff brings up a lot of hurt and anger.

Abby: And you think you're gonna scare me?

Stitch: It scares me. But the thought of losing you when you turned to leave just now -- it terrified me, Abby. So, if you just -- if you give me another chance, I will try so hard to let you in. Just... I just got to figure out how to start.

Abby: I think you just did.

Summer: Kyle called twice.

Mariah: Where is he again?

Summer: New York, for a business trip. I think I need to tell him about Harding.

Noah: Kevin, give it a rest. Come on.

Kevin: I didn't say anything.

Noah: I can hear your mind reeling from here. It's over. Just let it be over, please.

Mariah: Excuse me. Kevin is the person that suspected Harding in the first place, and if he hadn't been so tenacious, we might all still be in danger.

Kevin: I just feel like there's a piece here that is not fitting.

Noah: Marisa.

Marisa: Hi.

Noah: Where have you been?! I've been so worried about you!

Victor: I don't think it needs saying, but whatever happened here stays amongst ourselves, all right?

Jack: What, are you kidding?

Victor: No.

Jack: You really think I'm gonna let you get away with what you did to me now that the merger's undone, now that Marco's being punished, now that you basically confessed to all of us what you did? I have a very important story to tell the authorities about how you damn near eliminated me from the face of the earth!

Victor: Don't leave out the other half of the story, Jack -- how you killed Kelly Andrews in her sleep and caused an explosion on board that ship, killing all kinds of crewmembers.

Jack: Okay, okay. You've been holding that over my head for quite a while now. It's not gonna work. You and I both know those charges aren't gonna stick.

Victor: You think about it! You're an intelligent man. How do you think some judge in some backwater, sweltering, banana republic country is gonna deal with you? He'll look at you and say, "oh, he's an American, a yank... who killed an innocent tourist and a couple of dozen of my countrymen." What do you think he's gonna do? Once you're extradited, all bets are off. You would be a fool to gamble with your life that way.

Jack: I'll take my chances overseas. That means you're gonna pay for what you did.

Victor: Who are you calling?

Jack: Who do you think? Paul Williams.

Phyllis: No. No. That is too much of a risk, Jack.

Jack: Wait, red.

Phyllis: We have been separated since our wedding. Maybe you can survive sitting in a Caribbean jail cell, waiting to stand trial, but I can't. I can't lose you again. After all of this time we have been separated, we're finally getting a chance to start our life over again. Baby... what happened to you, what happened to us, is beyond horrible. I don't know if I'm ever gonna forgive Victor for doing this. But all I want is to live out the promises we made to each other when we said, "I do." So, please, for the love of God, do not throw our future away just to get back at Victor. Please.

Abby: I'm so sorry, Ben.

Stitch: Now that Jenna knows the truth about my past, she's loosened up some about me talking to max on the phone. I can video-chat more often.

Abby: But...

Stitch: But still.

Abby: Yeah. It's not the same as seeing him, holding him in your arms. How could it be? Hey, why don't we take a trip to Australia?

Stitch: That'd be great.

Abby: Shall we go pack?

Stitch: What? I-I-I just got reinstated back at memorial. I mean, we can't just drop everything and take off now.

Abby: No... but we can make the trip to my house... together.

Marisa: Where was I? Uh, I was just -- I headed out to --

Summer: Kyle was shocked to hear about Harding.

Marisa: Well, what about Harding?

Kevin: He's dead.

Marisa: Dead? What happened?

Noah: Paul Williams shot him.

Kevin: Of course, it's possible he was working with Marco Annicelli, who is still out there.

Marisa: Marco won't be a problem anymore.

Noah: How do you know that?

Marisa: I just do.

Jack: I don't want to be taken from you, either, but Victor nearly destroyed our lives.

Phyllis: Please do not risk this.

Jack: I can't stand the idea of him getting away with this. But it appears Victor and I are gonna have to find a way to coexist.

Phyllis: Thank you. Thank you.

Jack: Listen, there is one other concern, Victor. Marco escaped once. Who's to say he won't escape again and steal my life one more time?

Victor: I've taken certain measures to make sure that won't happen. We'll be able to identify him.

Marco: [Groaning softly]

Christine: Normally when people go on leave, they don't spend it all at work.

Paul: I belong here, Chris. I'm sure you can see that. You know, if I had been on the job, maybe --

Christine: Don't blame yourself. What happened happened. [Sighs] But I can see sitting on the sidelines is slowly driving you insane, so if you want to call your doctor and talk about coming back to work on a limited schedule, I'm not gonna fight you on that -- a schedule that I will make sure conveniently coincides with mine.

Paul: [Chuckles] Thanks. And thank you for being so supportive of Dylan.

Christine: I meant what I said. I think he's gonna be a great cop. [Sighs] And, selfishly speaking, it will be nice to have someone else around here who loves you like I do... to keep an eye on you.

Sharon: I don't want you making any rash decisions, especially tonight.

Dylan: No. It's -- it's the right thing. [Sighs] Just as I'm sure... about this.

Sharon: [Gasps]

Dylan: Sharon... I want to marry you. Will you be my wife? [Chuckles] You're gonna -- you're gonna keep me in suspense, huh?

Sharon: [Chuckles] [Chuckles]

Dylan: I'm -- I'm hoping those are tears of joy and, uh, a "yes"?

Sharon: [Crying] Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, I will marry you.

Dylan: Mmm.

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