Y&R Transcript Friday 8/21/15


Episode # 10737 ~ A deadly showdown takes place in Genoa City; Sharon confronts Mariah & Summer; Phyllis is out for revenge.

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Devon: So, what news do you have about my wife?

We got a call from the owner of Paradise Trails about a missing tourist. It seems your wife went off on her own and never returned.

Devon: Yeah. I'm already aware of this.

Mr. Hamilton contacted the front desk, hoping Hilary had returned to the hotel, but we couldn't locate her anywhere on the property.

I'd like to talk to Mr. Hamilton alone, if you don't mind.

Of course. Just let us know if there's anything else we can do.

Devon: Of course. Thank you for everything.

Thank you.

Devon: What did you want to talk to me about? Do you guys know where she is?


Devon: Do you have any leads?

I just came from Gorda Peak. I met a woman who was walking up by the summit. She told me she heard a scream. And then I found this.

Devon: A room key.

To this hotel. To this room.

Devon: So, that's Hilary's room key?

I think your wife may have fallen.

Marco: Do I really have to lay this out for you? You're a smart girl. You know how it works. People look out for themselves. Victor Newman is on the top of that list.

Marisa: So what if he is? I'm no threat to him.

Marco: Ha! Are you kidding me? You have enough dirt on him now to put him behind bars for the rest of his life! As if that isn't enough to get rid of you, you're now sleeping with his grandson.

Marisa: What if I am?

Marco: [Chuckles] You think Victor Newman is gonna let one of his precious heirs wind up with someone like you?

Marisa: It's not up to Victor.

Marco: Ooh. So passionate. Then you have fallen for Noah. Too bad it's not gonna end well. This is what's gonna happen -- Victor Newman is going to convince Noah to get rid of you, to dump you and find another nice girl -- a nice, rich, American girl. That's how it works. The rich get richer. We are not part of this world.

Marisa: You have no idea what this world --

Marco: Don't kid yourself. Don't kid yourself. You're as expendable as I am... not just with Victor, with Jack. You know that as well as I do. Marisa, I know this hurts. I know it does. One day, you and I will have a chance to laugh about this. Right now, though, we have to get to safety -- you and I. Untie me. I'll get you somewhere safe. Come on.

Victor: I'm sure you know where Marco is.

Jack: I just left him in my family's cabin, tied to a bed. Fitting turnabout, don't you think?

Victor: If he hasn't escaped already.

Jack: No. He's being closely guarded -- for now.

Victor: What do you mean, "for now"? What do you intend to do with him?

Jack: What I should have done from the start.

Victor: Kill him?

Jack: After what he did to my wife, he deserves to die.

Paul: Ah. No dessert for me, thanks. Chris?

Christine: Just coffee. Thanks.

Paul: And you know what? I think I'll have some herbal tea.

Christine: Oh. Well, I am impressed. You have made some very healthy choices tonight.

Paul: Well, I am trying.

Christine: [Chuckles] Even when I'm not around?

Paul: Oh, yeah! I've cut out all refined sugar, both saturated and trans fats -- in fact, everything that tastes good.

Christine: [Chuckles]

Paul: The only thing left to eat is lettuce. I'm beginning to feel like, uh, bugs bunny.

Christine: Mm-hmm. Well, you can cheat every once in a while, bugs. Just don't go overboard.

Paul: Okay. Point taken.

Christine: You expecting a call?

Paul: Uh... Dylan was gonna check in. I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss it.

Christine: Is something up?

Paul: Oh, nothing for you to worry about -- just, you know, father-son stuff.

Christine: Yeah, like hell it is. I know what's going on.

Paul: What are you talking about?

Christine: I saw Dylan at the department earlier, talking to Harding.

Paul: Oh. So?

Christine: So? You're using him to keep tabs on what's happening at work, aren't you?

Dylan: Did you really see Harding at the cabin that night?

Summer: Yes.

Dylan: Okay. Think about this. It wasn't just power of suggestion and you made yourself believe it?

Mariah: Okay, we really, really don't have time for this.

Dylan: No, but we've got to take the time, because I can't go to Paul and accuse his lead detective of murder unless summer's statement holds up.

Summer: Look, I promise I saw Harding there. I am willing to take a polygraph if necessary.

Kevin: Can we ask Paul about -- wait. Where's Noah?

Mariah: That's what I have been trying to tell you. Noah didn't want to wait for the process to play out, so he went to find Harding on his own.

Dylan: What the hell was Noah thinking, going after Harding?

Summer: He was thinking that he wanted to get the guy that killed his fiancée and my husband. And don't tell me that you need more proof that Harding is guilty. I know what I saw. He was at the cabin the night that Austin was murdered. He had just put him inside the armoire, and the bloody bookend was right nearby.

Mariah: Dylan, you have got to believe her. She has no reason to lie about this.

Summer: And if you want me to take a polygraph, fine, but it is just wasting time that we could be using to catch Harding.

Dylan: That's a job for the police. The last thing we need is for Noah to mess this case up by tipping Harding off that we're on to him.

Kevin: Not to mention risking his life by poking at an angry bear.

Dylan: He's got to be stopped.

Kevin: Hold on.

Mariah: Guys.

Sharon: Hey. Why did Dylan just rush off like that?

Mariah: Uh, I guess he had to take care of something.

Sharon: You guess? Where'd he go?

Summer: He was --

Mariah: He didn't say.

Sharon: You're lying. What's going on?

Harding: Hey. Where are you? The boat is leaking, and I am running out of fingers to plug up the holes. If you think that you can just leave me to clean up your mess, think again. [Sighs] What do you want, Newman? Okay. I don't have time for spoiled rich kids coming in here like they own the place. You have something to say, tell the sergeant at the desk.

Noah: It's over, Harding. It's over. I know what you did. So now everybody else is gonna know, too.

Harding: Okay. I don't know what you're talking about, but get out of my way.

Noah: You're the killer. You killed Austin, and you killed Courtney.

Harding: I understand that you want justice for Courtney's death --

Noah: Shut up, Harding! I know it was you! Summer saw you in the cabin that night, right after you shoved Austin's body in the armoire. She saw the bookend you used to kill him with. Yeah, buddy. She remembers.

Harding: Summer, huh? She was drugged! She was all messed up in the head!

Noah: You're not gonna talk your way out of this one -- not this time. You did a real good job, hiding your guilt, going out there looking like you're trying to find the killer. The whole time, it was you.

Harding: Okay. I don't have to listen to any of this.

Noah: You killed my fiancée, you son of a bitch!

Harding: Get your hands off me.

Devon: So, she may have fallen? She did or she didn't? You don't know where she is?

Gorda Peak is very narrow near the top.

Devon: And it's dangerous, and one wrong step -- I know.

You've been there?

Devon: I -- yes, when I went to go meet her. I don't understand why we're discussing this when we should be looking for my wife.

You're not going anywhere.

Mariah: Lying? Me? I mean, no. Why would I lie? I have no reason to do that. I have no idea where Dylan went.

Sharon: Okay. Maybe you don't know, but you're definitely holding something back.

Mariah: Why would we do that?

Sharon: I can only think of one reason -- because you're trying to protect me.

Mariah: Oh, please. I am not that considerate.

Summer: She's really not.

Sharon: You don't fool me, Mariah. I know you care, and I'm only gonna get more upset if you don't tell me. So, why did Dylan go rushing out of here? Is it Paul? Is he okay? Did he have another heart attack?

Mariah: Not that I know of.

Sharon: Okay. Is it the murder case? Has there been a new development?

Mariah: I mean, even if there was, Dylan is not a cop. He can't just...run off investigating, you know? That would be crazy.

Sharon: But that's exactly what he did, didn't he? Summer? I saw that look. Ignore her and answer me.

Mariah: No. No. She has no answers. She probably didn't even understand the question.

Sharon: Stop doing this. Stop putting me off!

Mariah: Hey, take it easy.

Summer: Look, Sharon, it doesn't even involve you.

Sharon: Doesn't involve me? Really? I was framed for murder. The killer knocked me out, dragged me to my house, and left the tire iron behind with my fingerprints on it! I am definitely involved. And you better tell me what's happening right now.

Mariah: I have no clue --

Summer: Look, we know who the killer is.

Noah: So, what are you gonna do, Harding? You gonna kill me like you did the others?

Harding: If you had put your hands on any other cop in this office, you'd be in lockup right now.

Noah: Better than being dead.

Harding: Now...I'm gonna let that go, because I know this is your grief talking.

Noah: You are so full of crap, Harding. You were on Courtney the moment that she joined the force, always on her about every little thing. What was that, exactly, huh? Rejection, maybe? Didn't think a pretty girl belonged on the squad? Maybe thought she was just a dumb blonde? Is that why you hated her?

Harding: I didn't hate her.

Noah: Yeah? What was it, then?

Harding: I was trying to toughen her skin.

Noah: Right.

Harding: I think she could have been a first-rate cop if she could just toughen up. I admired her. That's the truth. And I miss her, too. Just...I'm trying to do right by her, man. I'm trying to get justice for Courtney. Let me do that. Hey. Will you keep an eye on this jackass -- make sure he doesn't get into any more trouble?

Victor: Killing Marco Annicelli is not a good idea, all right? You'll live with that for the rest of your life.

Jack: Well, you have no conscience. You do it.

Victor: I may be ruthless in business, and I am, but I ain't a killer.

Jack: Oh, that's right. You hire other people to do your dirty work, like Kelly.

Victor: Am I responsible for what that crazy dame did?

Jack: You can pretend all you want that you're not, but you have to admit you would have benefited had she let me rot in that bed.

Victor: Jack, you're talking nonsense. I've got work to do.

Jack: Yes, you've got work to do. Pick up the phone. Make the call. I want Marco gone!

Mariah: So, that's how we found out it was detective Harding.

Sharon: Are you sure about this?

Summer: Yeah. The ringtone on Harding's cell phone brought it all back to me. I mean, it's the same ringtone that I heard that night at the cabin. I woke up, and he was standing right next to the armoire, and a bloody bookend was right nearby.

Sharon: Summer, I'm so sorry.

Summer: I just -- I can't help but think, "what if I'd woken up sooner?" You know, maybe I could have stopped him. Maybe Austin would still be here with us. I just -- I could barely even move. I was so out of it that night.

Mariah: We all were, thanks to fen.

Sharon: Fen? What did he have to do with this?

Mariah: Fen was blackmailed into drugging the punch.

Sharon: What?!

Mariah: Yeah, I know. The whole thing is absolutely insane.

Summer: And then Harding was in the perfect place to cover it all up -- steer suspicion away from himself.

Sharon: I read that he was shot by that drug dealer and then made a hero for trying to catch him.

Mariah: As far as we can tell, that was all damage control.

Summer: Just another way to throw off the investigation.

Sharon: Well, if Harding was willing to go that far, then he was really desperate, and he's even more dangerous than before.

Paul: Oh, thank you. So, you know, I'm doing him a favor. Dylan expressed interest in doing more to help people.

Christine: And you thought you'd accommodate him -- is that it?

Paul: What's wrong with that?

Christine: Come on. We both know this is just as much for you as it is for him.

Paul: Okay. So, you want me to work less. What better way to do that than to have Dylan down at the department as my eyes and ears?

Christine: If you're just gonna be monitoring things from home, you might as well be at work.

Paul: Whoo-hoo! Finally, we agree!

Christine: You know what? I know that you think that I am being overly cautious and overbearing. It's because I care about you. I'm serious. It's hard enough that you're a cop, that someone could take your life at any moment, but we have a new threat now. You had a heart attack, and you know what the doctor said if you have another heart attack.

Paul: I won't. I'm taking every precaution.

Christine: Okay, Paul. Not against stress, right? And going back to work is about stress. And same with having Dylan spy for you. Plus, he has a business to run.

Paul: Well... Dylan has decided he wants a career in law enforcement.

Christine: Since when?

Paul: Well, we've been talking about it for a while, and I am just, you know, giving him a window into the job while we finalize the paperwork.

Christine: This is more than a window, right? He's doing fieldwork? He's investigating cases?

Paul: Not officially.

Christine: What difference does it make, Paul? It's still wrong.

Paul: No, not if there are lives at stake.

Harding: Chief, I'm glad I found you. I'm sorry to interrupt your dinner. I just -- we have a problem.

Paul: What's going on?

Harding: Well, ever since you pretty much deputized your son, the inmates have been running the asylum.

Paul: You want to clarify that?

Harding: Noah Newman and his friends are interfering in a triple-homicide investigation.

Christine: Isn't this why Paul put you in charge during his absence -- to handle situations like that?

Harding: Well, I don't think he anticipated a situation like this. Noah Newman just got in my face and accused me of being a dirty cop.

Paul: And why would he do that?

Harding: Hell if I know! I'm the one who took a bullet trying to catch the guy who killed his fiancée. He needs to mind his own business and let me do mine.

Paul: All right. I'll talk to him.

Harding: Please, sooner rather than later, before this gets any worse.

Christine: I agree with him. You have to put a stop to this now.

Noah: I'm just gonna make a phone call. That's still allowed, isn't it?

Dylan: Hey. Noah.

Kevin: You're all right.

Dylan: We, uh, heard you went after Harding.

Kevin: Did you find him?

Noah: Yeah. He just denied being in the cabin the night Austin was killed.

Dylan: So, you told him summer positively placed him there?

Noah: Yeah. He knows. It freaked him out. He couldn't get out of here fast enough.

Kevin: He's probably trying to make a run for it.

Dylan: That's what I would do.

Kevin: I'm gonna check the CCTV and see if I can spot him.

Dylan: Okay.

Noah: Look, I'm sorry if I messed up, okay? I just -- I just had to look him in the eye and ask him why he did it.

Dylan: That's what I intend to find out.

Marco: We'll go someplace where we fit in, that accepts us for who we are.

Marisa: We can't go back to that life, Marco.

Marco: You loved that life. You loved me. We can have that back.

Marisa: You would kill me in a heartbeat if you had the chance.

Marco: If that were true, why aren't you dead right now? I'll tell you why -- 'cause you're the one person I can't do without. After all the women who have come and gone in my life, you're the only one that matters.

Marisa: No. Really? Then why were you dying to get back to Phyllis not more than an hour ago?

Marco: Ooh, is that jealousy that I hear?

Marisa: Oh, don't be ridiculous.

Marco: That is the most unconvincing denial I've ever heard. I knew there was still a connection between us. Marisa... Noah may have gotten into your head. Only one man has gotten into your heart.

Marisa: You're right. There is. I-I can't deny it.

Marco: Don't. Don't even try. Come. Let me take you somewhere that's safe, somewhere I can show you how much I love you. That's it. That's it. Untie me. There you go. We don't have much time left. Jack's coming back. What?

Marisa: Your time is up. [Spits] Jack is gonna kill you... slowly and painfully. And I'm gonna enjoy watching every second of it.

Phyllis: So will I.

Devon: I don't understand why you're keeping me here. Why can't I go look for my wife?

Search-and-rescue teams are looking for her.

Devon: And I would like to be there when she's found.

You can join them after you answer some questions. It may help us locate her.

Devon: Fine. Okay. Whatever I can do to help.

Good, because it appears you were the last one to see your wife before she... went missing.

Christine: What were you thinking? By sending Dylan out there, you've completely disregarded any semblance of procedure.

Paul: [Sighs] I think you're exaggerating.

Christine: I'm not. If we catch Marco Annicelli, the evidence against him could be deemed inadmissible because it was gathered by a civilian and not a cop.

Paul: Okay. I trust Dylan to do the right thing.

Christine: That's what worries me. You have so much faith in Dylan, and I'm not really sure why, other than the fact that he's your son, and you're giving him what he wants. This could cost us the case.

Paul: I understand.

[Cell phone rings]

Paul: Dylan, what's up?

Dylan: Paul, look, you got to drop everything you're doing as soon as possible. You need to get a judge and get a warrant for Harding's arrest.

Paul: Wait a minute. Hold on. I heard Noah had a run-in with him, and Harding was just here, interrupting our dinner here at the club to fill me in.

Dylan: Harding's there?

Paul: Well, he left, and he wasn't happy.

Dylan: I bet he wasn't. We have an eyewitness that can place him at the scene of Austin's murder. I think he's gonna run, Paul.

Paul: Well, then why did he come here to see me?

Dylan: Probably to cast doubt on our version of things and to stall any attempt at an arrest so he can make an escape.

Christine: What's going on?

Paul: Hold on. Where are you now?

Dylan: We're at the station.

Paul: All right. Stay there. I'll be right over. All right. Come on. Let's go. I'll explain on the way.

Dylan: Well, apparently, Harding went to the athletic club to tell Paul that you confronted him. I think it's just a ploy to buy himself some time. Kevin, can you pull up the --

Kevin: Already on it.

Noah: I mean, he's got to be gone by now, right?

Dylan: Yeah. We're gonna check every camera in the area.

Noah: That's gonna take too long.

Kevin: I got him. He's at the athletic club, on the roof deck.

Dylan: Wait, wait, wait. What are you doing?

Kevin: I'm calling Paul. He needs to know about this.

Dylan: No, no, no. I don't want him involved any more than he has to be -- not in his condition.

Kevin: Well, then, let's get the sergeant on the line.

Dylan: Is he loyal to Harding? Do we know?

Kevin: [Sighs]

Dylan: I'm gonna handle this on my own.

Victor: You know, Jack... there are other ways to handle this, you know? There's no need to resort to violence. I mean, we can easily make sure that Marco Annicelli's put back into that Peruvian jail from which he crawled.

Jack: And who's to say someone couldn't just pluck him out of that Peruvian jail, bring him back to Genoa City on a whim, and he could take my place again?

Victor: He threatened my family. He killed Noah's fiancée and Summer's husband. Why the hell would I want to associate with him?

Jack: I don't know. You tell me. Why did you continue to work with him after you knew what he'd already done?

Victor: I did not know anything about the damn murders.

Jack: I'm not taking your word for anything. The only way to get Marco out of our life for good... is to deal with it tonight. Make the call!

Marco: Oh, Phyllis. Thank God you're here. I thought I'd never get away from Marco and this traitor. They've been working together all along. They're trying to kill me.

Marisa: Don't believe a word out of his mouth. That's not Jack. It's Marco.

Marco: She's playing you, just like she played me. Come on. Untie me and we'll get out of here. Please. Come on, red.

Phyllis: Don't you "red" me. I bought your act for months, Marco, and that's not gonna happen anymore.

Marco: Can't blame me for trying.

Phyllis: I blame you for a lot of things, and I'm gonna hold you accountable for every single one of them.

Marco: Okay, sweetheart. I'm sure we can work something out -- something that will work for everyone, now. Phyllis?


Phyllis: No, we're gonna find a solution to this problem.

Marco: Red, put the knife down. You don't have it in you. You're too soft. Don't -- Phyllis, I know you. I know you intimately.

Phyllis: That should shut him up for a minute.

Marisa: Thank you.

Marco: [Groans]

Phyllis: You are used to manipulating other people, messing with their minds. I want you to feel what it is like to be on the other end! What do you think we should do with him?

Marco: [Muffled speech]

Phyllis: There are so many ways to end this... so little time.

Marisa: How does it feel, hmm... to be at the mercy of someone you thought you could trust with your life? I loved you, you know. I had never felt that way about anyone before. You took me from that hell I was living in and gave me a home. You made me feel safe for the first time in my life. I would have done anything for you, even after you left me. But then meeting up with you again -- God, I would open up my eyes. I realized all along you had been using me. And when I was done serving your purposes, you decided to eliminate me, put me down like a dog. You were in a position to cash in -- have more money than you would ever need. That wasn't enough for you, was it? No. You chose to take over another man's life. You know, what you did to me was bad enough. What you did to Phyllis -- at least I knew who you were and the kind of life you led, but she -- she was completely in the dark. Every time you got into bed with her, you took away her power. You took away her choice. And if I were her, I would do the same thing to you.

Phyllis: Oh, I like that. That's good. An eye for an eye... or, in your case...

Sharon: Dylan's gonna get himself killed. He's walking into a minefield.

Mariah: What are you gonna do -- go in after him?

Sharon: I have to. I can't let anything happen to him.

Mariah: No. No. It is too dangerous.

Summer: For yourself and the baby.

Mariah: I mean, what are you gonna do? You don't have a gun. You don't have any superpowers. You're just gonna be a liability.

Sharon: I'm just gonna make sure Dylan's okay.

Mariah: You can't do that. You just have to trust that Dylan knows what he's doing.

Sharon: Well, maybe I can talk some sense into him and get him to stop. [Sighs] Please answer. Please answer. Voicemail. Hi. It's me. Um, I'm at Crimson Lights with Mariah and Summer, and they told me where you're headed. They told me that you're going after Harding. And if you get this message in time, then please, please stop and consider turning around. It's too big of a risk. Harding -- he is dangerous. He's got to feel cornered right now, and he's capable of anything. He has nothing to lose, and we do. You know, we're so close to having everything. Just...remember... that I need you and our baby needs you and I want you to come home to us. I love you. [Sighs]

Mariah: Dylan loves you, too. He wants that life as much as you do.

Sharon: I know. But he also wants justice. He can't help it. That's who he is. It's in his blood. He got it from Paul. And Harding has betrayed everyone -- everyone in uniform -- and now this is personal. Dylan is gonna see this through to the end. And I just can't stand here and wait.

Mariah: Sharon! Damn it.

Summer: Come on. We have to go after her.

Noah: All right. Dylan's got to get there soon, man. Harding could leave any second.

Paul: Kevin! Any news on Harding?

Christine: He wouldn't have been driven to do this if you had just stayed out of it.

Noah: I was wrong.

Christine: I know you're hurting, and I know you want Harding to answer for Courtney's death, but taking this into your own hands wasn't the way to deal with it.

Kevin: Well, then what was? Paul wasn't here to deal with it. We don't know who here we can trust.

Paul: Okay. I am here now. Where is Dylan?

Kevin: [Sighs]

[Cell phone rings]

Christine: Lorenzo, I can't talk right now. What do you mean, they want to plea out? No. Get Bundy. [Sighs] Okay. I'll be there. Listen, I have to handle this. Promise me you won't take any unnecessary chances.

Paul: I give you my word. I will be careful. I promise. Now tell me, where is my son?

Harding: Where the hell are you? I can't be waiting here all day. I need that passport ASAP. I don't care! I'll pay whatever! Just get here now!

Dylan: Planning a trip?

Devon: So, we were taking a helicopter ride over the island. I started to get sick, and we came back here.

And then?

Devon: Then I realized we had the hike up Gorda peak, all right? I wasn't feeling well, so I suggested she go on her own.

You encouraged her to go alone?

Devon: Yes, 'cause I knew she had her heart set on it. I didn't want to disappoint her. Our schedule was packed, and I thought there'd be a guide on the tour.

There wasn't?

Devon: No, there wasn't. She was late, and he thought she bailed, so he went home.

How is it you happen to know that?

Devon: 'Cause I ran in to the owner when I went looking for her.

What made you change your mind about joining your wife? I thought you said you were feeling sick.

Devon: I was feeling sick, but I started to feel better because my wife had the concierge bring up some medicine. You can ask her. She will verify.

I have no doubt she will.

Devon: What's that supposed to mean?

Never mind. What happened after you found out this Palani fellow clocked out?

Devon: I figured that Hilary went on the tour alone.

So, you went after her?

Devon: No. I came back here.

Knowing your wife was on a dangerous hike, alone?

Devon: The owner of the company told me he was gonna send a crew up to look for her. He suggested that I go to the bottom of the hill, where there was cell reception, and to come back to the hotel in case she returned.

This is the honeymoon suite, so I suppose you and she were recently married?

Devon: Yeah. What about it?

Well, even newlyweds have fights. Did you two have an argument before she left for the peak?

Devon: No! We didn't have any argument! And I don't understand why you're interrogating me right now, all right? You have no idea what we went through to even be together. I wouldn't hurt my wife. I'm the one who wanted to call you guys in the first place, so can you please just help me find her?!

Noah: I don't believe it. He made it. I thought Harding would be gone by now.

Kevin: I'm gonna mess around with the sound and see if I can pick up what they're saying.

Dylan: I know what you've done. I know you killed those kids.

Harding: Not you, too?

Dylan: But you couldn't have committed those murders by yourself. Somebody else was involved, and I'm guessing that somebody was pulling the strings, because you're not the type of guy to turn your back on the force and go rogue. There's got to be a reason.

Kevin: Oh, damn it.

Sharon: Why'd you say that? Why'd you say that like that?

Noah: Mom, listen.

Sharon: What's going on? What are you hiding? Is this Dylan?

Kevin: No, no, no. This is just surveillance video.

Sharon: Okay. Let me see that.

Mariah: Sharon.

Noah: Mom, you don't want to do that.

Mariah: No, mom.

Sharon: Let me see.

Dylan: So, just explain it to me. Help me understand. That way I can help you.

Sharon: Oh, my God.

Harding: Get out of my way.

Dylan: You can tell me why you did it. It's just us. You can finally get it off your chest.

Harding: You trying to talk me down? Is that it? Not even in uniform yet, already playing the cop -- all the tricks. You have no idea what it takes. No, wait. Maybe you do. Maybe it's not so different from being a soldier, putting your life on the line day in, day out, for laws and principles you don't even believe in yourself, and all for a paycheck that barely pays the rent.

Dylan: Is that the motivation -- money? Were you contracted by Marco to kill those kids?

Harding: I wasn't paid to kill anybody. I was paid to keep secrets. And if you think I'm gonna give any of them up now, you're gonna be disappointed. But don't worry. It's not gonna last long.

Paul: Drop the gun, Harding. Drop the gun.

Phyllis: You think you know me. You think we were intimate. That implies that there was a mutual understanding, and there was no mutual understanding, and you know it. The point is... that person doesn't exist anymore. That Phyllis is gone -- that woman you conned... that woman you assaulted... that woman you assaulted on her wedding night, like you were attacking her in a dark alley. Well, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "oh, it wasn't nearly as bad as all that," but you know what? It was worse. What you did to that woman, using her husband's real-life injuries to explain the changes she felt... using their love like a knife held to the throat to force her to go along for weeks and for months? You know something? That woman... given the chance... would slit your throat from ear to ear. But I am not that woman, and I will not give you that satisfaction, and you will never, ever take anything from me ever again.

Marco: [Whimpers]

Jack: Won't stop me.

Marisa: Jack, don't!

He's sure of that? It was a positive ID? Okay. Thanks. We have an eyewitness who saw your wife arguing with a man at the summit.

Devon: Well, what man was it? Was it the owner of the company? Was it someone else? You have to find him.

I don't think that will be too difficult.

Devon: What, do you think it's me?

Jack: I've waited a long time to do this. You will never hurt another woman again.

Marisa: Don't do it. It's not worth it.

Jack: Someone has to stop him.

Marisa: Not this way. Do not sacrifice your life.

Jack: No one else will know. It's just the three of us. Look, he's already missing officially. People will just assume he got away.

Phyllis: No! You have a full conscience already. Don't just stoop to his level. You are a better man than that. Please put the knife down!

Victor: You made the right choice, Jack.

Paul: You heard what I said, Harding. Lower your weapon.

Harding: Chief, stop. I'm sorry it came to this, but if you take another step, I will kill your son.

Paul: We can settle this without any more bloodshed. You surrender to me now, and I'll see that you're treated fairly.

Harding: Yeah. I've said those words myself, chief. I'm not gonna fall for that.

Paul: You know me, mark! Come on! I'm a man of my word! We can salvage this! It's not too late!

Harding: With three people dead?! I'm looking at the rest of my life in prison!

Dylan: So, you're saying you did it?

Harding: The only way that Dylan gets out of here alive is if you let me go.

Paul: Oh, man. You know I can't do that.

Harding: Well, then say goodbye to your son.

Paul: No, no, no. No shot! I'll lower my gun. I swear.

Harding: Nice and slow. Then kick it over here.

Dylan: Paul, don't do it. He's gonna shoot us both.

Harding: Shut your mouth. Lower the gun, chief.

Dylan: Paul, don't do it!

Harding: Lower the gun! [Grunts]

Paul: Dylan!


Sharon: Aaaah! Aaaah! [Gasping]

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Abby: Since I am safe, I don't need a bodyguard anymore.

Marco: Those people are dead because your plan had to be protected at all costs.

Victor: Don't you lay the blame at my feet.

Jack: That's exactly where it belongs. Secure your seats today.

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