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Episode # 10736 ~ Jack & Marco face off; Noah seeks justice for Courtney; Hilary's world is turned upside down.

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Jack: Thanks. It's just what I wanted.

Marco: Run, Jackie! Run before I get you!

Jack: You're panicking, Marco. You should be. Because finally, your fate is in my hands.

Marco: Too bad this is all for nothing. Enlisting Marisa, getting her to woo me into submission, all for nothing.

Jack: Why do you think you're here, Marco?

Marco: You're going to teach me a lesson, aren't you? You think I harmed you. You got the wrong bad guy! I'm not the one who kept you on that island or killed those kids in Genoa city. No, the only thing I'm guilty of is looking a hell of a lot like you.

Jack: Oh, you're guilty of more than that. You're forgetting something.

Marco: What's that?

Jack: Sleeping with my wife!

Noah: She's ignoring my texts and my messages.

Kevin: Well, Marisa said she was going to pick up some supplies, right?

Mariah: Maybe she had to haggle down the prices.

Noah: I already called the supplier. She never showed.

Mariah: Well, then she didn't feel well. She went home.

Noah: She would have called me, Mariah. And look, when she kissed me, it was like she was saying goodbye. Why? Why would she do that?

Kevin: Well, what happened right before she left?

Mariah: We were just trying to fit the pieces of the puzzle together -- the cabin, Harding, Marco.

Kevin: Okay, well, Marco is her ex. Maybe talking about him upset her.

Noah: I don't think so.

Kevin: Well, what else could it have been? The only other thing we discussed was the surveillance footage that showed two sightings of jack within minutes of each other.

Mariah: Which is impossible.

Noah: And yet there it is. So what does it mean? What does that have to do with Marisa?

Summer: You guys -- guys, I remembered. I did see someone at the cabin the night of the murder. I saw Harding.

Harding: This is a waste of time. We've already done a thorough search of the crime scene.

Dylan: Well, just think of it as a training exercise. I want to learn from the best.

Harding: Like I have time to tutor you. Let's get out of here.

Victor: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I thought the two of you by now would have concluded the investigation.

Harding: We were just leaving.

Dylan: We just have a few more questions.

Victor: Detective Harding took the bullet, and you are asking questions. Is that it?

Dylan: I'm just an observer.

Victor: Really?

Dylan: That's right. I'm here to offer a different perspective.

Victor: Well, I have a few questions for both of you.

Devon: [Sighs]

[Knock on door]

Devon: [Sighs] [Sighs] I was wondering when you were gonna be -- hey. Sorry. I thought you were my wife.

Concierge: I hope I didn't disturb your rest, Mr. Hamilton. I'm the concierge. Your wife sent me. She wanted you to take this.

Devon: Come in, please. Thanks. We were, um, taking a helicopter ride over the island, and I started to get a little lightheaded, so...

Concierge: Mrs. Hamilton mentioned that. Our staff physician suggested that these pills, lots of water, and rest might help.

Devon: Okay. Did she go ahead and go on the guided tour?

Concierge: That was her plan.

Devon: Okay. She wanted to stay here when I wasn't feeling well, but I told her to go on without me.

Concierge: Feel better.

Devon: Thanks. Actually, you know what? I-I do -- I feel better. I feel great. Uh, maybe you can help me connect with the guide and, uh, so I can meet up with my wife. [Sighs] Maybe I don't feel better.

Concierge: Then perhaps you should do as your wife asked. Rest and take your medicine.

Devon: That's probably a good idea.

Neil: Beautiful, isn't it? It's hard to look at that view and think "small world."

Hilary: Neil, what are you doing here?

Neil: Well, I guess we could call it fate or -- or we could call it coincidence or a good travel agent. But you see, that -- that would be a lie. Hey, no, no, no. Be careful. Careful. You might slip and fall. And that rusty rail might not be strong enough to keep you from falling. And look... it's a long way down there, isn't it?

Hilary: Why are you here, Neil? This is my honeymoon. Did you follow us?

Neil: Okay, let's explain this. I tried, all right? I tried to stay away, but my conscience wouldn't let me.

Hilary: Your conscience?

Neil: I can't really put this into words. There's something that -- something that you need to see.

Hilary: Whatever it is, I'm sure it can wait until Devon and I get back to Genoa city.

Neil: No, it can't wait. I told you there's something you need to see. And I'm sorry, but it's gonna be very painful.

Hilary: Painful?

Neil: I'm just the messenger. And you need to know the truth about the man that you married.

Hilary: Okay, what truth could you tell me about Devon? He's loving, he's strong, he's devoted to his work, to his family, to me. Neil, I know the man that I married.

Neil: [Laughs] No. No, Hilary, you really don't know him. You see, there's a stranger in your house, and he doesn't deserve your praise, he doesn't deserve your loyalty.

Hilary: Why are you saying this?

Neil: He's been unfaithful. Yeah. That's right. He cheated on you, and he lied about it, ever since the bachelor party.

Mariah: Here. Take a minute.

Noah: How did it happen? What did you see?

Kevin: Was it another dream or a memory?

Mariah: Let her catch her breath. Do you want me to call Kyle?

Summer: No, he's out of town for a meeting. I was at the apartment alone.

Noah: Did you have another dream?

Summer: No, that's the weird part about it, Noah. I was -- I was awake, and then suddenly I just -- I-I saw everything. I saw him.

Noah: You mean you saw him? You saw Harding? You saw Harding with Austin at the cabin?

Kevin: All right, okay, okay, let her talk.

Summer: Okay, it was really out of focus at first, and I was -- I was lying on the ground, and I heard something.

[Ringtone playing]

Summer: And I-I tried to see what it was, and it was a man standing there. It didn't make any sense to me. He was standing at the armoire and pulled out his phone and... and then he -- he saw me.

Mariah: Harding saw you looking at him?

Summer: Yeah, he looked right at me.

Noah: It's -- it's okay. You're safe. We're here with you.

Kevin: Yeah. What happened then?

Summer: He ran out.

Kevin: And you passed out again?

Noah: Okay. Summer, what happened next?

Summer: I found the bookend. I picked it up and it was covered in Austin's blood. I think that that's why I've been blocking it out this whole time. I didn't want to see it again. I didn't want to see it, knowing that it was Austin's blood. But this memory, it just keeps pushing at me and pushing at me, so I had to remember this, for Austin's sake, for Courtney's, for all of ours.

Noah: Summer, you did good. We got him now.

Mariah: Noah, Noah, Noah.

Kevin: Where are you going?

Noah: Where do you think I'm going? I'm going to find Harding!

Kevin: You can't!

Noah: I can't?! Kevin, I have to! I have to find him!

Kevin: Well, then you're gonna have to go through me.

Mariah: And me.

Noah: Mariah.

[Door closes]

Victor: So, how close are you to catching Marco Annicelli?

Harding: Well, we're working, uh, a few leads, but so far, Annicelli's been able to cover his tracks.

Victor: And you have nothing to add from your unique perspective?

Dylan: Well, we could assume Marco was the gunman. We only have jack's story to connect us to the drug lord.

Victor: What story?

Harding: Jack Abbott and his wife gave a statement to the station earlier today.

Victor: What did they say?

Harding: Well, Abbott told us that he --

Dylan: Wait, wait, hey. Are you allowed to do this, share information on an ongoing --

Victor: Please let him finish. Let him finish, please.

Harding: Thank you. As I was saying, jack Abbott was doing business with a dummy corporation, and then he discovered that this business was a front for Annicelli, and he backed out. But international drug lords don't take too kindly to being shoved aside. That might be the motive for the shooting.

Victor: I see, I see, I see.

Dylan: Well, aren't you and jack business partners?

Victor: We're no longer partners, for your information, all right? We dissolved our partnership earlier on. Wish I had done that earlier, and I would have had I known that he was cavorting with known criminals.

Harding: Well, I think we're done here. Thank you for your time, Mr. Newman.

Dylan: You know, you -- you seem pretty anxious for us to catch Marco. It wouldn't be because you were doing business with him, too, right?

Marco: Oh, it must be unbearable, hearing that your blushing bride spent her night with another man on her honeymoon. And ouch -- she didn't even know it.

Jack: Shut up!

Marisa: Marco, stop.

Marco: Oh, no, I'm just getting started, baby. I'm playing with house money. And Jackie here, you got nada.

Jack: Is that so?

Marco: Phyllis. Mm! Delectable. And I got to delect her again and again, every day, sometimes many times a day for month after month. Mmm! I fooled your whole family. Your hot sister, Ashley. Ooh, and that niece, that juicy, little Abby with the long legs. I like her. Oh, Kyle. I think he likes me as you better than he likes you.

Jack: What kind of sick, twisted excuse for a human being gets his kicks being someone else? What's the matter, Marco? Is your life so small, so pathetic, so disgusting you can't stay in your own skin?

Marco: You know, I always knew I had a bit of you in me. But it's nice to see you got a hell of a lot of me in you.

Marisa: That's not true.

Marco: Oh, yes, it is. Jackie knows it. Right, jack? Tell her. Show her what you came here to do! Show her what you've been itching to do ever since you came back to town and found somebody sleeping in papa bear's bed!

[Bottle shatters]

Marco: Go ahead! What's stopping you? Do it! Do it! Go ahead, jack. Finish what you came here to do. What's that supposed to mean? You think you're better than me?

Jack: Better than you? I'm a lot better man than you. But I am not gonna give you the satisfaction of stooping to your level.

Marco: Got a news flash for you, Jackie. You already made it there. How about untying me and we settle this like real men?

Jack: You'd like that, wouldn't you? Get used to disappointment. You see, it's me running the show now. And I want answers!

Victor: Please remind your amateur sidekick it was my office, my inner sanctum, that was used as a place for ambush.

Dylan: We already know that someone pretending to be you sent jack that text and the security cameras were turned off.

Victor: And allowed him to enter here unobserved. It's only by the grace of God it was detective Harding who walked in here, not jack or Phyllis, not someone in my family. You took the bullet for any one of us.

Dylan: If only you'd gotten a good look at the shooter before he ran off.

Harding: Sorry. I was too busy bleeding.

Victor: Well, thank you very much for your sacrifice. And now that you know that Marco Annicelli is the culprit, I hope you do everything in your power to catch that SOB.

Harding: Thank you for your cooperation.

Victor: And I hope you order your people to shoot to kill.

Harding: Yes. Thank you very much. Uh, we'll do everything we can. Let's go.

Victor: Excuse me one second. I'd like a word alone with your... observer, okay? It's a family matter.

Harding: Get your own ride back to the station.

Dylan: Is this about my mother? Is she okay?

Victor: That depends on your discretion.

Noah: It's ridiculous. I'm going to the cops.

Mariah: But you're not going to the cops! You're going after Harding!

Noah: So what?! Huh?! He killed my fiancée!

Kevin: Then make him pay, Noah, by going through the proper channels.

Noah: Kevin, I'm gonna do this my way.

Kevin: Let Dylan gather evidence.

Noah: So what? So Harding can cover it up again like he's done from the beginning with Austin and Courtney and that idiot Tobias?

Mariah: And what do you think he's gonna do with you when you confront him? He's gonna get you alone somewhere and he's gonna kill you, too.

Kevin: Okay, I know you're angry.

Noah: Kevin, this is not about vengeance, all right? This is about justice.

Kevin: Which is why you cannot tell Harding what summer just told us. We have to have proof.

Summer: You don't believe me?

Kevin: No, no, that is not what I meant.

Summer: I'm not making this up, you guys.

Mariah: Nobody is saying that, but haven't we learned anything from all of the times that we thought we caught the killer and winded up with nothing?

Summer: Okay, so when what do we do?

Mariah: We do exactly what Dylan told us to do. We keep our emotions in check and we go to the cops.

Noah: What happens in the meantime, hmm? Harding goes free, armed, and carrying a badge?

Kevin: We are gonna get him. We just need a little bit of time.

Noah: Who do you think he's gonna kill while we're taking our time, hmm? Have you asked yourselves why Harding killed not once, but again and again? Either he is a serial killer or he is covering a larger crime for an even larger criminal.

Mariah: Like Marisa's ex-boyfriend.

Noah: Right. Like Marco. Now, he could have Marisa right now.

Mariah: You don't know that!

Noah: She's not answering my calls!

Kevin: Okay, let's look at this objectively. We trust Paul. Paul made Dylan a part of this investigation. We have to tell him first.

Noah: And what if Dylan's with Harding?

Kevin: All right, leave that to me. I will find Dylan and I will bring him back here. Will you just hang tight and be cool for a few minutes?

Noah: I'll wait. Kevin, I'm not gonna wait forever.

Kevin: Okay.

Devon: Hey, baby, I know you're probably on top of a mountain somewhere with no service, but that's cool. Just wanted to let you know that I am feeling much better. No more dizziness, no more exhaustion, ready to climb a mountain. And I know you got a head start, but I am on my way. And, uh, I will do my damnedest to catch up with you. First one at the top of the ridge gets a kiss. Love you.

Hilary: I knew you would do something like this. Nikki warned me. [Scoffs] Why? Why would you, Neil? Why would you come to me before my wedding and then at the wedding and swear that you weren't planning anything?

Neil: Um, honestly, I was torn.

Hilary: No, you were setting a stage. You were setting us up so that we would trust you again. And all of this talk about how you found peace with yourself and how you accepted the fact that I love Devon... [Scoffs] You even said yourself that I couldn't find a finer man than your son.

Neil: Well, there was a time when that was true.

Hilary: Yeah. And then he fell in love with your wife.

Neil: Whoa, no.

Cheated with my wife.

Hilary: What happened to all this forgiveness you've been talking about, huh? Is this how you show it? By -- by flying 1,000 miles to ruin my honeymoon with some wild accusation?

Neil: I brought proof.

Hilary: [Scoffs]

Neil: Hilary, look at me.

Hilary: [Sighs]

Neil: This right here is your proof. Every image, every incriminating moment captured on video.

Hilary: You know, you should have saved yourself the trip. Because I'm not looking at your so-called proof. My guide will be back any minute now, so you should probably leave.

Neil: Oh. Really? Hmm, you hiked up here alone? Curiosity -- it's always been your weakness. You came up here because you wanted to see these sights, didn't you?

Hilary: Now that I have, I'm gonna...

Neil: Hey, wait a minute. You're not gonna leave while I'm looking for that expensive phone that you so rudely threw in these bushes, are you? Let me find that first.

Hilary: I don't know why because I'm not looking at it.

Neil: It really doesn't matter because you can try to forget about what's on the phone, but you won't. And you're gonna promise to yourself that you're gonna be strong as you hike back down to your new husband and your wedding bed. And you're gonna be lying in that bed. And you know what's gonna happen? Curiosity is gonna consume you, and then that curiosity is gonna start turning into doubt, and that doubt will bleed until it corrupts your love, your faith, and your life. And you're not gonna be able to take it. You know what? You're gonna come running to me, and you're gonna beg me to see what's on this camera. You are gonna want to see it yourself.

Hilary: This never happened. You -- [Scoffs] You faked this.

Neil: How?

Hilary: I don't know. You -- you staged it to make it look like something that it's not.

Neil: No.

Hilary: This is a lie!

Neil: You know that I didn't do that. This is proof. There is proof right here! You're just denying it right now, Hilary!

Hilary: You could have shown me this before the ceremony. But you waited.

Neil: Just like you waited until after you and I were married so you and Devon could carry on your little sordid relationship. Payback's a bitch. Ain't it, my love?

Victor: Do you honestly think that I would lure jack and Phyllis here to be shot?

Dylan: That's not so farfetched. You shot jack not that long ago.

Victor: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. That was self-defense. Jack admitted so himself, all right? I would not lure jack and Phyllis into a trap.

Dylan: I'd like to believe that. Give Nikki my love.

Kevin: Where's Harding?

Dylan: What? He's probably back at the station. Why?

Kevin: You wanted proof he was involved in Austin's murder?

Dylan: What do you got?

Kevin: Summer remembers seeing him at the cabin the night Austin was killed.

Dylan: She's sure about this?

Kevin: Yeah. It was all I could do to keep Noah from going after Harding and accusing him of Courtney's murder, too.

Dylan: [Sighs] Well, it's a good thing you stopped him.

Kevin: We can't get a warrant for this, can we?

Dylan: To arrest a decorated cop who was just shot in the line of duty? Look, I may be new at this, but I'm sure that we can't charge Harding of jaywalking until we can prove that summer actually remembered what she said she did.

Jack: Why?

Marco: Why, what?

Jack: Why any of it? Why take over my life?

Marco: Money. I like money.

Jack: Whose money, Marco?

Marisa: There must have been a lot of it. He's greedy.

Marco: Oh, you say that like it's a bad thing.

Jack: It was Victor's money, wasn't it? He found you under some rock wherever leeches thrive, and he brought you here. Come on. You're a tough guy, Marco. You're not afraid to tell me, are you?

Marisa: Marco's not scared of anyone. Oh, don't tell me you're afraid of a white-collar bully like Victor Newman.

Marco: Afraid of him? [Chuckles] Don't make me laugh. But I am unable to tell you what you want to hear.

Marisa: Uh-huh. Why is that?

Marco: That Victor Newman, he's a smart man. Once I had taken your place, he caught on to me, and he wanted a piece of the action. I figured 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing, right? So we made a deal. And everything went well. Everybody was ha-- well, no, there was a couple glitches in the bedroom. But then you know. That Phyllis can be a handful in the bedroom.

Devon: Hey, my man, can you help me out? I'm trying to track down my wife. We're on our honeymoon, and we had a climb scheduled. I think I talked to somebody named Peter on the phone.

Peter: I'm peter.

Devon: You're peter?

Peter: What's your last name?

Devon: How you doing? Hamilton. We talked about, uh, taking the off-beaten-path hike to the ridge overlooking the beach.

Peter: I remember. I assigned another guide to you and your wife.

Devon: Perfect. Can you tell me what trail they took so I can meet up with her?

Peter: My guy, he went home early, because you canceled.

Devon: Oh, we didn't cancel, though. I was sick, but Hilary still showed up for the hike.

Peter: You sure about that?

Devon: I'm positive.

Peter: Well, maybe she went up alone. We don't advise it, but people do it. That particular path can be treacherous.

Devon: Well, then, can we start climbing so I can catch up with my wife?

Peter: Not when we don't know for sure if she went up alone. We don't want to miss her, now, do we?

Devon: Am I just supposed to stay down here and wait and hope nothing happens while she's on some dangerous trail?

Peter: Let's not worry until we have to. She might have joined another group. I'll check the trail just to be sure.

Devon: Can I go with you?

Peter: It's better if you head back down where the cell service is better and try calling her.

Devon: If she's on some trail, though, I --

Peter: Look, for all we know, she may have just taken a short hike and then headed back to the hotel. She might be there waiting for you right now.

Devon: Okay, what if she's -- what if she won't answer? What if she didn't go back to the hotel? What if --

Peter: Stop worrying. Look, if I had a buck for every time this sort of thing happened, I wouldn't still be working for a living. I'll alert the other guides and the authorities that patrol the canyon. We'll find her. Don't worry.

Summer: Hey. I'm sorry.

Mariah: For what?

Summer: For blacking out that memory for so long. I mean, I saw the man that killed my husband. Why couldn't I just remember that?

Mariah: You were drugged. It was traumatic. I-I can't even blame you for that. And trust me, there's a long list of things that I blame you for. But the point is, the fog cleared. You remembered.

Summer: I just wish I could have remembered sooner, you know, before...

Noah: Before Courtney?

Summer: [Voice breaking] Noah, I'm sorry. I just feel so sick. If I could have just remembered a little bit sooner --

Noah: Stop. Mariah's right, okay? I do not blame you for Courtney's death. As a matter of fact, it's because of you that we finally know who's responsible.

Mariah: Kevin would say knowing and proving are two very different things.

Summer: I thought you believed me.

Mariah: I do. But I am not a judge or a jury. And if they don't believe your vision, Harding walks, no second chances.

Noah: No, that cannot happen. I already lost court. Marisa's missing. I know that Harding's behind it. I -- I can't just sit here and wait for Kevin! I'm going after Harding!

Mariah: You cannot go after him.

Summer: Look, just please stay calm. Just wait until Kevin gets back with Dylan, please!

Noah: I am sick of waiting. I'm sick of other people calling the shots. I'm going.

Mariah: Noah!

Summer: Wait.

Mariah: Come on! [Sighs]

Victor: Paul, while you are relaxing on your back porch on taxpayers' dollars, there was a shooting in my office. That's right. One of your detectives was shot. Detective Harding was just here with dr. Watson, otherwise known as your son, your little boy. The only reason I did not call my lawyer is because I have respect for you. I have respect for your office, all right? Otherwise I would have called the lawyer because they subjected me to a slanderous interrogation. Ludicrous, ham-fisted, and amateurish. Now, you know me. I have nothing against furthering the careers of your family members, but for you to put a badge on a barista, a guy who makes cappuccinos, that's the height of nepotism. That's right. And what do you think Nikki thinks about all this? You know how close she is to Dylan, how much she loves him. Well, don't you think that she's gonna be worried to death knowing that he is in the line of fire, being on the police force? Pull him off the damn force. Have your professionals go after Marco Annicelli and send your boy back to making cappuccinos!

Marco: Ah. Thank you for that little demonstration, jack. It proves you really are no better than I am. You take away that Harvard education and that country club membership, and we're the same guy. Somebody takes something from us, we strike back!

Jack: If I was just like you, Marco, you'd be a dead man! Look after our guest, please.

Marisa: All right. Wait. Are you going to the police?

Jack: I'm gonna end this.

Marco: Okay, now it's just the two of us. Marisita, undo me. Untie this! Come on! [Sighs]'

Victor: I'd offer you a drink, but then you don't drink, do you?

Jack: I guess you and Marco had quite a few drinks while you were helping him pretend to be me.

Victor: He didn't need any help from me. He came to this town of his own accord, you know. In fact, I might have been one of his victims.

Jack: [Laughs] That gives new meaning to the word chutzpah.

Victor: Think about it. If I had walked in on this ambush here, I might have been the one with a bullet in my body.

Jack: There would have been no ambush if not for your complicity.

Victor: Let's just agree to disagree, jack.

Jack: Or you could prove once and for all that this unholy alliance you have with Marco is actually over.

Victor: Well, now, if I were to oblige you... where's Marco?

Jack: I know exactly where Marco is. I have him right where I want him. And you're going to help me see to it he pays the ultimate price.

Marco: Once jack is through with me, why would he have any reason to keep you around? You're not only expendable. You're a witness.

Marisa: Jack's not like that.

Marco: Oh, isn't he? Do you think I could have convinced all of those people, including Mrs. Abbott, that I was jack Abbott if we weren't a whole lot alike? Come on. These people, they keep their lawns manicured. They clean their streets. But behind their neighborly smiles, they are willing to steal and cheat and lie to each other and, yes, kill each other for what they want.

Marisa: Not jack.

Marco: They don't call it the green-eyed monster for nothing. You saw how jack reacted to my sharing his wife's bed. He hasn't called the police yet, Marisita. He's got something dark planned, very dark, very ugly, and he's gonna pin it on you.

Marisa: Jack would never do that to me.

Marco: Well, then maybe Victor would. How does Victor feel about your hopping in bed with his grandson? Victor Newman doesn't like loose ends, sweetie. And that's what he sees you as. That's all you are to him. That's all both of us are to him.

Kevin: Hey. Stop calling. I filled Dylan on the basics on the way over.

Mariah: Okay, that's great, but --

Dylan: Okay, hold on. I just need to hear from Summer first. Did you really see Harding at the cabin that night?

Summer: Yes.

Dylan: Okay, think about this. It wasn't just power of suggestion and you made yourself believe it?

Mariah: Okay, we really, really don't have time for this.

Dylan: No, but we got to take the time because I can't go to Paul and accuse his lead detective of murder unless summer's statement holds up.

Mariah: You don't understand!

Summer: Well, I promise I saw Harding there. I am willing to take a polygraph if necessary.

Kevin: There's a thought. Can we ask Paul about a -- wait. Where's Noah?

Mariah: That's what I have been trying to tell you. Noah didn't want to wait for the process to play out, so he went to find Harding on his own.

Dylan: [Sighs]

Harding: [Sighs] What do you want, Newman? Okay, I don't have time for spoiled rich kids coming in here like they own the place. If you have something to say, tell it to the sergeant at the desk.

Noah: It's over, Harding. It's over. I know what you did. And soon everybody else is gonna know, too.

Harding: Okay, I don't know what you're talking about, but get out of my way.

Noah: You're the killer. You killed Austin, and you killed Courtney.

Yes, I'll hold.

Devon: There's been no messages from my wife at all?

Not at this point, no. The staff thinks that --

Devon: What about hotel security?

Uh, thanks. Keep me informed? Security has done a thorough search. She's not on the property. Perhaps she's still on the hiking path.

Devon: [Sighs] No, the owner of the company has my cell number, so he would have called me if they spotted her. Um, I think we're gonna have to call the police 'cause --

[Knock on door]

Mr. Hamilton?

Devon: Yes?

I have some news about your wife.

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Jack: Pick up the phone. Make the call! I want Marco gone!

Sharon: You better tell me what's happening right now!

Mariah: I have no clue.

Summer: We know who the killer is.

Harding: Okay, I don't have to listen to any of this.

Noah: You killed my fiancée, you son of a bitch!

Harding: Get your hands off me.

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