Y&R Transcript Tuesday 8/18/15


Episode # 10734 ~ Phyllis confronts Nikki; Ashley points the finger at Billy; Marisa takes matters into her own hands.

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Victoria: So, what was a crime lord from South America doing in your office late at night?

Nick: Was he targeting you?

Victor: I don't think so.

Victoria: But you don't know?

Victor: No. According to the cops... Jack was lured here by someone pretending to be me. When both Jack and Phyllis walked in here, they were both in danger.

Nick: From this Marco Annicelli person?

Victor: Yeah. There's a lot we don't know about Jack or the people he's associating with or the lengths he will go to.

Nick: Are you talking about this mysterious plot to bring down the Newmans?

Victor: You bet. I'm talking about the paragon project -- serious business.

Nick: Look, dad, it doesn't make sense. This isn't who Jack is. Guns, criminals, vicious schemes?

Victoria: Unless...

Victor: Unless what?

Victoria: ...We're looking at this the wrong way.

Paul: Okay. I am trying to figure out what connection you could have with Annicelli. Why would he want to draw you into an ambush?

Jack: As I've explained several times, I got a text to meet Victor in his office. When Phyllis and I got there, detective Harding would not let us in. He said the police had received a report that there was an armed man somewhere in the building.

Phyllis: No one got a good look at him, though.

Jack: They had no security footage. Apparently, all the cameras had been disarmed.

Phyllis: Then Harding asked us to leave.

Paul: And it's a good thing he did, too, because Annicelli was inside the office, waiting, locked and loaded.

Phyllis: Paul, you keep asking Jack why this man would want to end his life. We're telling you we don't know.

Paul: Jack, you are a decent, stable guy. You're a pillar in the community. I've know you for, what, over 30 years? And now, in a matter of a few weeks, you get shot by your business partner and a notorious drug lord tries to do you in. The question remains -- why? There's got to be a reason for all this happening.

Dylan: Could -- could Marco be connected to Victor somehow? Is that why this guy has it in for you?

Jack: You're asking me to think like a criminal, to put myself in Annicelli's place. That's no small thing, stepping in to another man's life.

Phyllis: Jack... we should just tell them the truth.

Noah: I cannot believe that Marco got away again.

Mariah: I bet Harding can't believe it, either, since he wound up with a bullet in the arm.

Marisa: One that was meant for Jack.

Mariah: You know, instead of being a dirty cop like we all thought, he's a hero. I totally misread him.

Noah: Look, we all bought in to the idea that Harding was involved in the murder somehow, especially after summer heard his ringtone and she remembered it being the same one she heard the night that Austin died.

Marisa: A ringtone millions of people have.

Mariah: Yeah, but it was distinctive enough for summer to remember, and Harding really was acting like he had something to hide.

Noah: Only...he didn't.

Mariah: I can't believe we got it so wrong.

Kevin: I heard about what happened. How's the arm? Man, I am so sorry.

Harding: Forget it.

Kevin: No. I-I feel like such an ass for being suspicious of you while you were out putting yourself in the line of fire, protecting innocent people's lives. I owe you an apology.

Harding: That's enough with the groveling, all right? Just make it up to me by staying out of my cases and sticking to what you do best -- geek patrol.

Kevin: I'm gonna make it up to you by finding out who's behind these murders.

Ashley: You mean to tell me that the same person that could be responsible for killing Austin and Courtney...

Billy: Was planning on taking out Jack. If Harding hadn't stopped Phyllis and Jack from entering that office --

Ashley: How can that kind of a person target Jack?

Billy: I don't know. You got me.

Ashley: There are so many things that I can't make any sense out of, like this paragon project that Victor's so obsessed with, you know -- the plot that's supposed to destroy him. Do you know he actually interrogated Jack and me, for all the good it did him? You know, for a while there, I think he was paranoid to the extent that he thought maybe you were behind it.

Billy: You know, if we could -- if we could just stop talking about this, that would be great.

Ashley: Oh, my God, Billy.

Billy: [Sighs]

Ashley: Did you set that plan in motion?

Sage: Your invitation was so unexpected. Very pleasant surprise.

Nikki: Ah, well, thank you for saying that, although I doubt a command performance with your future mother-in-law would ever be under the category of "pleasant." So, um... how are you feeling? How's your heartburn?

Sage: Hmm?

Nikki: You know. At the hospital that day, you told me about the heartburn.

Sage: Oh, gosh, yes. Um...it just turns out I was worried about nothing. But I-I really appreciated your advice about following my maternal instincts.

Nikki: Ah. Well, that's very important. That's why we mothers never stop feeling protective of our children.

Sage: You've raised a wonderful son, Nikki. I love Nick so much, and I am thrilled to be starting a family with him. However, I understand that not everybody might feel as happy about that as we are, and I just --

Nikki: Sage, I-I didn't invite you to brunch to talk about Nicholas or your engagement. Actually, I want to talk about you -- or, more to the point, something that I want to do for you.

Victoria: You have been focused on the Abbotts because you always believe that they have it in for you. Then, for a split second, you thought it was Gabriel, until you ruled that out. So, who does that leave? Maybe it is this criminal Marco Annicelli.

Nick: Maybe he realized he was about to get caught, so he pinned the whole thing on Jack.

Victoria: Yeah. They were involved in some sort of shady deal that went south.

Nick: And Annicelli came here to get revenge.

Victoria: That is very possible.

Victor: I think there's a much simpler theory.

Victoria: Which is?

Victor: You just don't like to accept the idea that the Abbotts may be involved... because of what it would mean for you and Billy boy Abbott.

Billy: You know, as much as I would love to see Victor taken down, I'm not the one he ought to be worried about.

Ashley: Why'd you react that way?

Billy: [Sighs] 'Cause I screwed up huge with Victoria.

Ashley: How?

Billy: She and I have been getting closer lately -- a lot closer -- and it's been great, you know? But then... Jack and Phyllis -- they planted this seed that maybe she was playing me.

Ashley: Oh, no. That's not cynical at all.

Billy: Yeah, I know, right? And, I mean, I told them point-blank that she's not kowtowing to her old man anymore, but then... it started eating away at me, and --

Ashley: You didn't.

Billy: Yeah, I did. I set her up. I left out this sensitive file, and when she realized that it -- I was -- [Sighs]

Ashley: It broke the trust you'd built.

Billy: I'm afraid that I've blown it for good this time.

Ashley: You listen to me. If the two of you are meant to be together -- and, personally, I still think you are -- don't let something like that stand in your way, okay? Because there is so much distrust in the air right now, and for good reason. I mean, take our brother, for example. As much as I love Jack, there's something he's not telling us. And I can feel it. It's something big.

Paul: Oh, by all means! We've been at this a little over an hour! Yeah! Why not tell me the truth?

Jack: Okay.

Phyllis: Look... Jack did business with Annicelli a while back, strictly by chance. The guy created a shell corporation. He exported tropical oil from the Amazon basin -- an ingredient that we used in one of our anti-aging creams. When Jack found out that his company had illegal ties, he broke the deal off clean. We have no idea why this man would come back to hurt us after all this time.

Dylan: Money. It's a powerful motivator. Why didn't you guys come forward when you made this connection?

Jack: Look, I only picked up on it once I saw Annicelli's name in the newspaper.

Paul: Oh, wait a minute. That was over a week ago. I saw you yesterday at Hilary and Devon's wedding. What -- you didn't know then that he was a criminal? Why didn't you say something?

Jack: I would have come forward immediately --

Phyllis: Victor would have used it against Jack, even though none of this is his fault, Paul.

Paul: Ah. I see. So you chose to say nothing, even though you knew how dangerous this man is. Because why -- you were too busy covering your own ass? I guess that's the price you pay, Jack, doing business with Victor Newman.

Billy: Jack's got a lot on his plate these days, so if he's acting squirrelly, then -- I don't know -- maybe he's entitled.

Ashley: Maybe.

Billy: You know, I can't help wishing that -- that dad were still here. I'm sure he would have some choice things to say about Victor in this whole doomsday scenario.

Ashley: You know what today is, right? Yeah. It's the ninth anniversary of when dad died.

Billy: Yeah. I wish I had listened to him more when he was alive.

Ashley: Our father had a true gift. You know, when you needed that advice, he'd ask you a few questions and you'd start talking, and pretty soon you'd answered your own question without even realizing it.

Billy: Yeah... because we knew the right thing to do all along.

Paul: Thanks for coming in.

Jack: Paul, I'm sorry. I know we should have --

Paul: It's all right, Jack. Get some rest.

Jack: Harding!

Phyllis: Hey! We heard you were shot. Are you okay? Obviously, you're not okay.

Harding: Well, no. The arm will be all right, so they tell me, but -- and, apparently, I'll be getting a heads up whenever it's gonna rain, so...

Jack: [Chuckles] I'm amazed you can joke about it.

Harding: Well, you know, it's all part of the job. I'm just glad I could protect you guys.

Jack: Well, thanks. Thanks. I mean that.

Kevin: Hope I'm not interrupting.

Paul: What is it, fisher?

Kevin: Just wanted you to know I, um -- I apologized to Harding. I realize I may have jumped to a conclusion or two, and, uh, anyway, I learned my lesson.

Paul: Good.

[Cell phone chimes]

Paul: Oh. Chris just found out I'm here, and she's not too happy about it. I'd better take off. All right. Have a good day today.

Dylan: Hey, thanks.

Paul: All right.

Kevin: Right. O'Malley told me you were joining the force. Welcome aboard.

Dylan: Well, I'm excited to be here.

Paul: So, anything you find, share with him.

Kevin: Sure thing.

Dylan: And I'll keep you posted on my end.

Paul: I am counting on it.

Dylan: All right.

Paul: Gentlemen.

Kevin: So, you do have any idea of the reason why Annicelli is going after Jack?

Dylan: Well, apparently, the guy had some side business in some ingredient Jabot uses. He set up a dummy corporation for the export, and, supposedly, when Jack found out the source wasn't on the up-and-up, he killed the deal.

Kevin: Which didn't sit well with Annicelli.

Dylan: And he lured Jack away from Devon and Hilary's wedding with a text claiming he was Victor.

Harding: Fisher.

Kevin: Yo.

Harding: One question. When I walked in, you had your nose buried in the computer. What were you looking at?

Kevin: The security footage from the coffeehouse the night of the Abbott shooting.

Harding: Mm-hmm. Another question -- why, after I've told you a million times --

Kevin: 'Cause there are still three unsolved homicides -- two people I knew and another guy who was too young to die. It's just not right, you know?

Dylan: I was about to go back and walk the crime scene at Newman-Abbott -- you know, where you got shot?

Harding: You're not a cop yet, McAvoy. This is my case.

Dylan: Understood. Just hoping to watch and learn from the best. Why don't we do it together?

Harding: [Sighs]

Victoria: You hate Billy. You hate Jack. You hate all things Abbott. We totally get that. But, dad, all of this hatred is closing your mind. Someone could be out to get you. You would never see it coming.

Nick: All right. Instead of speculating, I think we should focus on the facts and see --

Victor: I have my own people working on it, and the cops are doing the same.

Nick: Well, we have someone on the inside who's working on it, too -- someone who's personally invested in us.

Victoria: Who?

Nick: Dylan. I talked to him last night. I guess Paul offered him a job on the force.

Victoria: Oh. Wow. Where did that come from?

Nick: Well, it's a good fit for him, you know? He has a military background, and I know he's been looking for something with a little more purpose, and I know Paul would like to work with people he trusts.

Victoria: That's nice. I'll have to call and congratulate him.

Victor: You mean after all the time he spent trying to save that piddly business of his?

Nick: Because of your tactics, and here you are, trying to convince me to walk away from my business and stay on around here.

Victor: Where your talents will be put to much better use, son.

Victoria: Exactly like Dylan. I think it would be a very good move for him.

Nick: And for us. It would be good to have someone who's willing to follow up on the leads, someone who's family.

Victor: He's not a Newman.

Nick: Well, he's my brother and Victoria's, and I think we should tell the police everything we know.

Victor: You stay out of it. You let the cops handle it.

Victoria: Uh, since when is that your M.O.?

Nick: Dad, you need to drop this resentment and tell them everything you know, especially if it will help them catch some murdering drug lord.

Victor: Or get you killed.

Sage: I still can't get over it -- you want to throw me a baby shower.

Nikki: I can tell this is coming as a great surprise, but, uh, I'm afraid I wasn't very welcoming when I first met you. I was struggling with an addiction and not in the best frame of mind to be accepting change, but I'd like to make up for that now. I really want to get to know the mother of my next grandchild, and I want you to get to know me -- the real me.

Sage: Thank you, Nikki. That means so much to me -- more than I can say.

Nikki: Well, you're very welcome. I will go ahead, then, with the plans for the shower.

Sage: But don't go, you know, crazy or anything -- just maybe something small in your backyard.

Nikki: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. It will be here at the club. This is a Newman party.

Sage: [Gasps]

Nikki: So, I will get back to you with the details.

Sage: Okay. That sounds good. Thank you for brunch. I-I should be getting back to work.

Nikki: Of course. You're very welcome. We'll do it again soon.

Sage: Lovely.

Phyllis: Well, ignorance is bliss... even willful ignorance.

Nick: If things are as dangerous as you say they are, we would be fools not to get the police involved.

Victor: Son, I have security people all over the place. I have experts, I.T. People, looking at the computer system, all right? I don't need an untrained rookie to interfere in this!

Nick: A cop was shot right here in this office. It could have very easily been Jack or Phyllis or one of us, dad, if we walked in at the wrong moment. I am not gonna sit back and wait.

Victor: That's exactly what you're going to do.

Victoria: Okay. Please don't fight.

Nick: We do not need dad's permission to get our brother involved.

Victoria: Dad is right. We need to stay out of this. You have a baby on the way, and this man is a killer. And besides that, we don't have all of the facts, dad included, which is why he still has someone on the payroll trying to figure out if this threat is legitimate. Now I have a call to make, so just think about what I said, all right?

Victor: Okay, sweetheart. Your sister is right.

Nick: And you expect me just to fall in line and do what you want instead of what I think is best.

Victor: For everyone's safety, that's exactly what I want you to do!

Harding: Mr. Newman, that crime-scene tape was left up for a reason.

Victor: I took it down for a reason.

Dylan: Well, we need to check the office again -- see if there's anything we missed.

Mariah: There had to be someone on the inside helping out Marco. It's the only thing that makes sense, especially since his face is everywhere and he can't hide anymore, thanks to you.

Kevin: Hey. I'm just coming from the station.

Mariah: Did you see Harding?

Kevin: I did. Still picking a little crow out of my teeth.

Noah: I mean, what do you expect? You basically accused a police detective of being an accessory to murder.

Mariah: We all thought Harding was involved somehow.

Marisa: We were all wrong.

Kevin: Yeah, I guess so.

Marisa: Did you learn anything new?

Noah: Like why a guy like Annicelli would be going after Jack?

Kevin: Well, Jack and Phyllis came in for questioning. Long story short, a company of Marco's tried to do business with Jabot under false pretenses. Jack pulled the plug, which pissed off Marco, so Marco then pretended to be Victor, sent Jack a text telling him he wanted to take a meeting.

Mariah: And apparently several pints of blood from Jack and Phyllis.

Kevin: Wait. But Jack and Phyllis were together at the wedding when Jack got that text. And they both showed up together at Victor's office, but Jack was alone when you and Marisa saw him at the park?

Noah: Yeah. Yeah.

Mariah: Well, maybe he had to make a stop and then, you know, asked Phyllis to meet up with him later.

Noah: I mean, it's possible. There are lots of explanations.

Jack: [Sighs]

John: Doppelganger.

Jack: Dad.

John: Hell of a thing, Jackie, huh?

Jack: I don't have to tell you they're real.

John: Painfully real, I would think.

Jack: I keep thinking this thing's gonna end, dad. It just goes on and on. There is no letup. This murdering bastard took over my life, stepped into my life, and they all accepted it -- my family, my friends... my wife. I go back. I try to explain it, try to understand it. I go all the way back to the building collapse.

John: Well, if I recall, you were never yourself after that, or so the people that love you told themselves.

Jack: It's eating me alive, dad. This Marco, this -- this bastard -- he's nothing like me. I don't care how much we look alike! What about character? What about integrity? How could they accept him as me? How could Phyllis?

John: How do you think?

Jack: They were all conned, I know, but --

John: The simplest answer is usually the right one.

Jack: There is nothing simple about this, dad -- nothing!

John: Jackie...

Jack: How did we get here? How did this happen?

John: Wrong question.

Jack: What does this say about me?

John: Closer.

Jack: What the hell am I gonna do now?

John: [Chuckles] Bingo.

Harding: Well, Mr. Newman, since you've already been in our crime scene this morning, is there anything else that you can add to what we already know?

Victor: I'm afraid not. No.

Dylan: Nick, what about you? Anything you can think of that might help?

Harding: Easy, McAvoy. You're here to observe.

Nick: Nope. I don't have anything to add.

Victor: All right. Let's leave the detectives to their work. Gentlemen.

Dylan: I'm sorry if I overstepped. I only know how things get done in the military. You mind walking me through this? How exactly did the shooting go down?

Kevin: Harding at the cabin, Annicelli and Jack alone in the park.

Noah: Except for that Harding is off the table because he's our hero, remember?

Mariah: Jack alone in the park? When do you mean -- last night or the night of the shooting?

Kevin: The coffeehouse surveillance footage. Jack was...

Mariah: He was headed to the park. I know. We -- we all saw.

Kevin: Yeah. Jack steps into frame, walks through, and then walks off. A couple of minutes later, he does it again, coming from the same direction. I always thought that was weird. Paul says it could have been a glitch in the recording, but I broke the whole thing down digitally this morning. There's no glitch.

Noah: Okay. So, what does that mean?

Mariah: He's Houdini? He broke the space-time continuum?

Kevin: I feel like the answer is right here in front of me but I'm just missing, like, the one piece that makes it all make sense.

Sage: Hey, everybody! How's the prep going?

Noah: Good. Yeah. We're in good shape.

Sage: Great.

Mariah: Are you okay?

Kevin: I-I feel like the answer is right there and I'm just too dense to figure it all out.

Mariah: Kevin, you're a lot of things, some of them very annoying, but dense you are not.

Kevin: I'm gonna figure this out. I am.

Noah: [Sighs]

Marisa: I'm gonna run out for some supplies.

Noah: Yeah. I'll go with you.

Marisa: No. Thank you. I, uh -- it won't take long. I'll do it. See you.

Noah: Yeah. See you.

Sage: Hey, handsome.

Nick: Hey.

Sage: You will never guess where I've just been.

Nick: The gym.

Sage: [Chuckles] The athletic club. Your mother invited me to brunch, and she wants to throw me a baby shower.

Nick: A baby shower?

Sage: Isn't that crazy? Turns out that Nikki doesn't dislike me after all. I mean, I walked in there terrified and left thinking that maybe someday we might be friends. I mean, stranger things have happened. What's wrong?

Nick: Oh, I just got into it with my dad -- again. Got me thinking, uh, you know, who I am, who I want to be, the kind of father, the kind of man, and I also left wondering how the hell I ever thought I could work with him again. It is the same old thing. I'm constantly under his thumb, following his orders, and I just -- I hate every minute of it.

Sage: Father or no, if that's how he makes you feel, you do not have to put up with it.

Ashley: Sometimes I wonder what dad would think about Jack and Victor becoming partners. I mean, can you believe that?

Billy: Yeah. I don't really know about that one, but, um... ash, I do know that everything he does, Jack does for this family.

Ashley: God knows I want to believe that. Okay. Meeting adjourned.

Billy: Hmm? Oh. Thanks.

Ashley: Easy does it.

Billy: Hey. Well, I don't see you bolting for the door, so I'll take that as a good sign. Listen, I am -- I'm so sorry.

Victoria: You know, you've already apologized.

Billy: Yeah, I know that I did. It's just that I wish that I had listened to what I know and what I feel instead of somebody else's paranoia.

Victoria: Yeah. I wish you had, too.

Billy: Look... I did what I did to prove Phyllis and Jack wrong, okay? I never should have put you to the test, but --

Victoria: Yeah. You said so. Now if you'll excuse me...

Billy: Victoria, please. Would you -- can you just wait? Can you listen to me? 'Cause I-I need to say this. Look, I've realized something recently -- that whenever we're together, nothing else matters, okay? I don't care about business. I don't care about global marketing domination. I don't -- if you asked me to resign from Newman-Abbott tomorrow, I would clear out my desk and be gone, 'cause all I really want -- I want to be a good dad. I want to raise our kids, and I want to help them navigate this freakin' crazy world. But -- but more than that, I want to do it with you. I want to hold you in my arms again, 'cause that is all that matters to me.

Jack: Dad, I don't know what I'm gonna do.

John: That's because you're stuck in the past.

Jack: Okay. I accept that. I'm stuck in the past. What I can't accept is my wife sleeping with that ma-- that man with my face, who's still out there somewhere.

John: Jackie, you were held hostage by a delusional woman, and you did what you had to do.

Jack: People died, dad. That was my doing, too.

John: You had to survive. You did it to survive. And do not let Victor hold that over you.

Jack: Victor.

John: Listen, Marco is a criminal, an opportunist. He let Victor control him for about five minutes, and then he turned the tables. What does that say to you, Jack? I'm gonna tell you what it says to me. You're focusing your anger on the wrong person. And this unholy alliance that you've forged with Victor is a huge mistake.

Jack: Victor claims it was a plot against him --

John: I don't give a damn what Victor's excuses are. He used his fear to arrange for my son to be taken off and held prisoner. He allowed a violent criminal to run loose in Genoa city on our businesses, our families. Forget about what happened 1,000 miles away. Innocent people right here lost their lives because of Victor Newman. And what about your wife? We both know what happened to your wife because of him! Do I still need to tell you what has to be done?

Jack: No. No. No more.

John: [Sighs]

Jack: Thank you, dad.

Victor: Jack. Fancy meeting you here again.

Jack: Gee. Now, why do I think this is no accident at all?

Victoria: Yeah, those are easy things to say when it's just the two of us. But you know there's a battle raging and it affects all of the people that we love. There's a reason you felt you couldn't trust me.

Billy: Victoria, it isn't you that I don't trust. It's Victor and what he does to you, how he plays on your loyalty. He has proven time and time again that he will do whatever it takes to get what he wants.

Victoria: What about Jack? Do you trust Jack completely? Do you really think that he was in the dark... about these threats when he agreed to the merger? Look me in the eyes and tell me that you really believe that your brother is telling you everything. I didn't think so.

Nikki: I heard about what almost happened to you and Jack. I'm so sorry.

Phyllis: Oh, you're sorry? If someone hadn't tipped off the police, we would have been gunned down last night, Nikki.

Nikki: Okay. If you want to blame somebody, you can blame Jack. If it weren't for his aggression, Victor wouldn't have to be defending his family again.

Phyllis: Okay. I think you've been brainwashed. I really do. Jack did not launch an all-out preemptive strike against Victor. It was someone else.

Ashley: Who was it, Phyllis? Tell Nikki and me so we can all know.

Nikki: Yeah.

[Rustling in distance]

Marisa: [Gasps]

Marco: That's a good way to get your head blown off.

Marisa: Like that poor cop?

Marco: He'll live.

Marisa: Jack wouldn't have been so lucky if he was the one that walked through that door.

Marco: Jack has been plenty lucky for a long time. I like that role. He's been playing it too long. I'm good at it. I deserve it. I deserve that life. And I'm going to have it.

Victor: Is there a problem, Jack?

Jack: Well, you've got a problem. Your little plan to get rid of me laid an egg. You and Marco must be crushed.

Victor: Really? So, you think I'm working with Annicelli?

Jack: Oh, come on. How naive do you think I am?

Victor: Why in the world do you think I have a legion of security protecting me and my family if it weren't in fear of Marco Annicelli? The only person I'm working with is you. Look what happened. Another innocent man was shot, not because of me.

Jack: You deny it all you want. This is all on you. Both of our families are in danger, and I'm not gonna stand around and wait for another ugly incident. I am going to end this madness


Harding: Well, there's not really much to walk through. I came in, gun drawn. Shooter got a round off first.

Dylan: So, where was the shooter standing when you came in?

Harding: Right over there.


Harding: [Gasping] You sho-- you shot me.

Marco: I just saved your life. Everyone was getting suspicious. Now you're the town hero. Tell them you were ambushed trying to catch me. No one's gonna suspect we're working together.

Harding: It was dark. I didn't get a good look at him.

Dylan: And then somebody disabled the security cameras before Jack and Phyllis arrived. Marco likes to be a ghost. That fits his MO.

Harding: All I know is the guy put a bullet in me. Then he took off.

Dylan: I'm sorry. Just bear with me. You know, I'm a little new.

Harding: Do you have any more questions?

Dylan: Yeah, just one. When whoever shot you ran... why didn't you go after him?

Nick: I really want to work with Dylan on this investigation, but my dad's pretty insistent that I stay out of it.

Sage: Well, I think he wants to keep you safe.

Nick: Well, that's what he likes to say, and then there's the real reason.

Sage: What's that?

Nick: Dad doesn't respect my judgment, and that's on a good day. Then there's the Dylan thing. Dad says he's not a Newman and he'll never be family. I just think dad's threatened by the idea of me and Dylan getting any closer.

Dylan: I'm just trying to make sense of this, detective.

Harding: You ever been shot?

Dylan: I've been around it plenty. With a superficial arm wound, you could have gone after the suspect and fired your weapon. Why didn't you?

Harding: Because this isn't Afghanistan, soldier. It's not the wild west, either. This is an office building. You can't have a shootout with innocent people all around.

Dylan: But it was late at night.

Harding: Well, if you haven't noticed, these executives work crazy hours. I wasn't about to have some bean counter get his head blown off because he popped his head out to see what all the noise was. You got a lot to learn yet. You have to have a different mindset if you're serious about being a cop.

Mariah: Why are you so worried about Marisa? She just went to the store.

Noah: I don't know. I just...had this feeling, you know, when she kissed me, like it was the last time I was gonna see her... like Marisa sierras was gonna disappear from my life... as quickly as she showed up.

Marisa: You have so much money, Marco. You could go anywhere.

Marco: I like it here.

Marisa: You... living here? Part of the country-club set, getting soft? That's not what you want... because I know something you want more.

Marco: And what would that be?

Ashley: Right now, tell us what you know about this plot against Victor. Who's behind it?

Nikki: Isn't it obvious?

She is. She and Jack will do anything to destroy Victor, no matter who they hurt.

Phyllis: Oh, that is ridiculous. Why, because of some fictitional cyberthreat? Victor unleashed that monster on all of us, Nikki.

Ashley: What are you talking about, "monster"?

Nikki: What the hell are you talking about?

Phyllis: Ask your husband.

Victor: So, how exactly do you intend to contain this?

Jack: No, not contain it -- end it.

Victor: Oh.

Jack: I'm gonna do what I should have done a long time ago to make sure no one else gets killed.

Victor: Like all the innocents that got killed because you exploded that damn boat?

Jack: Oh, you've been hanging that over my head for a long time now.

Victor: You bet!

Jack: It's not gonna work anymore. I'm calling the police. I'm telling them all. I am ending this lie right now.

Victor: Please call them, all right? And you will be extradited, be rotting in that jail. If I wanted to be rid of you, I'd make that call myself.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Ashley: I'm a part of this company and this family. You know something, and you're gonna tell me.

Victoria: Who is behind the paragon project? Is it Ashley, Billy?

Jack: Hello? Jack Abbott.

Marisa: Come to your family's cabin.

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