Y&R Transcript Thursday 8/13/15


Episode # 10731 ~ Jack & Ashley join forces to protect Jabot; Summer makes a shocking discovery; Hilary wants answers from Neil.

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[Mid-tempo music plays]

[Music intensifies]

Summer: Aah! [Gasps, breathing heavily]

Kyle: Hey. Hey, it's okay. It's okay. You're just having a dream. Okay.

Summer: No, it's -- this is real.

Harding: There.

Marco: Where are your manners, detective? You're in the presence of an Abbott. We're classy people. Okay, I can't protect myself with a stack of twenties. Where's the gun?

Harding: That is every dollar you ever paid me. Done. We're even. Get out of town, and don't come back.

Marco: "We're even." That's adorable. I can't leave. My wife needs me.

Harding: You are not Jack Abbott! Phyllis knows that. You're not conning her again.

Marco: I don't need to con her. I have a very special connection with her. I'll take care of red. You get rid of the guy that's wearing my face.

Ashley: Jackie, this is a horrible place to meet. Isn't it where it happened?

Jack: Where Victor shot me? No, not exactly here.

Ashley: Well, close enough. You want to bring back that memory?

Jack: This isn't the first time I've been in the park. Phyllis and I met with Victor here yesterday.

Ashley: That sounds ominous.

Jack: Yeah, no bullets this time.

Ashley: How reassuring.

Jack: I was emphatic that you and Billy and I had nothing to do with this possibly mythical paragon project.

Ashley: And I imagine that Victor took you at your word.

Jack: Oh, Victor is convinced there is a vast Abbott conspiracy against him. I'm telling you, this man's ego is every bit as big as all the people who would gladly see him brought down.

[Cork pops]

Chelsea: Easy with the cork popping. Connor just went down.

Adam: You turning down champagne?

Chelsea: Um, no. It's Paris. I think I could get arrested for turning down champagne. What's the occasion?

Adam: "What's the occasion?" How soon they forget. It's our anniversary.

Chelsea: It's not our anniversary.

Adam: Sure it is. Sure it is. It's been, uh... been exactly 21 hours 17 minutes since we took that photo.

Chelsea: I see, I see. We're gonna be in some serious trouble if we open champagne every single minute.

Adam: Let me ask you a question -- have you ever in your life seen a better-looking family than that, ever?

Chelsea: Objectively speaking, no. No, I have not.

Adam: How about this? Have you ever seen a happier family in your life? No, you have not. No, you have not.

Chelsea: I love this.

Adam: Me too.

Chelsea: I really do. And I want to enjoy every second. I want to feel free and forget the real world. Problem is, I don't think the real world has forgotten about us.

Adam: Really? Well, I disagree. I think this is the real world. This is as real as it gets. And since you've agreed to give me an entire week, if my calculations are correct, I have exactly six days and... 43 minutes left to prove it to you. Starting now.

Chelsea: Right now. Let's go.

Nikki: Well, this is reassuring. I'm not even living at the house, and already I'm part of the furniture.

Victor: I'm so sorry, sweetheart. But I'm waiting for... information about an urgent matter.

Nikki: It's all right. I'm not complaining. Just observing. Actually, I think we are the picture of marital bliss.

Victor: When I'm finished with the meeting... I will escort you to Devon's wedding.

Nikki: Don't bother. I'm not going.

Victor: Why are you not going?

Nikki: Oh, I toyed with it a bit, for Katherine's sake, but... then when I thought about what everything Neil has gone through with Devon and Hilary, I figured Katherine would forgive me just this one time. When his ex-wife and his son pledge their eternal love to each other, he is gonna need a friend close by.

Hilary: The setting is perfect. Don't you think?

Devon: I did not notice.

Hilary: Oh, do not flirt with me, Devon Hamilton. 'Cause my heart is very spoken for.

Devon: He's a lucky man.

Hilary: I'm the lucky one. Gosh, after all of the things that I've done, being this happy should not be allowed.

Devon: No one deserves this more than you. I just hope that I don't disappoint you.

Hilary: Why would you disappoint me?

Devon: Well, we haven't exactly taken the most righteous path to get here. And that can weigh on someone.

Hilary: Yeah, but it's all over now. And I believe in us. As long as you believe in us, too, we'll be fine.

Devon: I do. More than anything.

Hilary: Who says wishes can't come true?

Kevin: What is that? A gossip site?

Mariah: Yeah, Devon and Hilary are getting married. I wonder what he's gonna get her as a wedding present? An island? Maybe Wyoming?

Kevin: Maybe just a lifetime of trust, affection... passion.

Mariah: Oh, please. Don't tell me you started believing in true love and happily ever after.

Kevin: Do you?

Summer: [Sighs] Hey.

Kevin: Hi.

Summer: Can I?

Mariah: Germs. Ew. You're welcome.

Summer: I'm sorry. I just didn't sleep at all last night.

Kyle: Yeah, this one had nightmares. Poor thing woke up completely freaked out.

Mariah: Oh, I hate that dream, where you wake up and they're out of pop-star pink at the nail salon. Poor snowflake.

Kyle: Actually, Mariah, she had a dream about the cabin... and Austin's death.

Summer: Well, I didn't have a dream. It was a memory. I remember more of the night Austin died.

Harding: I am a damn cop. I am damn officer of the law. I am not a hit man. I'm not a hired gun. I'm certainly got gonna get rid of Jack Abbott.

Marco: Easy, easy. You law-and-order types are so emotional. You would never do well in my line of work.

Harding: Take the money. Leave me alone.

Marco: Your hands are already dirty, detective. What's a little more mud?

Harding: What happened with Austin Travers was an accident. Yeah, but the other one, the cutie, Sloane -- she wasn't an accident.

Harding: You don't get to talk about her. You didn't know her. She was a good person. She was a good cop.

Marco: Yeah, I know. And things happen. We just need them to happen again -- for Jack Abbott.

Harding: This is not some drug cartel where you can just erase a bunch of dealers and no one's gonna ask any questions. This is Genoa freakin' city! Now you take the money and go far away!

Marco: Okay. I'm gonna say this one more time -- I'm not going anywhere. You will handle our problem, or you're the one that's going to be erased.

Jack: I still say this could all be a trumped up scenario, retroactive justification for all the things Victor's done to me and my family.

Ashley: God knows he's capable of doing something that horrendous, but he's concerned about his family. And if he's concerned, there's a reason.

Jack: He's also a hell of an actor.

Ashley: Not that good. So, who's behind this plot to overthrow him?

Jack: Well, if it's not the Abbotts, I don't know -- some outsider.

Ashley: Can't be an outsider. It has to be somebody that knows him well enough to know his weaknesses so they can exploit them, somebody who's as clever and ruthless as Victor.

Jack: Sounds like you have someone in mind.

Ashley: What about Gabe Bingham?

Adam: Get ready for surprise deux.

Chelsea: Oh, my God.

Adam: Yeah?

Chelsea: This looks like the house you bought when we were originally moving here. Wait, no. It looks different.

Adam: Well, that is a different house. Actually, that one's a couple blocks away. It was the closest thing I could find to our dream home, but it's for sale.

Chelsea: No, that -- you can't -- you can't do this, Adam. That's not fair.

Adam: Listen, France was always the plan, babe.

Chelsea: Yeah, the plan, until you changed it.

Adam: Okay. Well, let me fix my mistakes, all right? Let me give you the house you deserve, the family, the husband that you deserve.

Chelsea: [Breathes deeply] I agreed to one week here with you -- one week. That's all. It's too late for anything else.

Adam: No, a week isn't enough. A week isn't enough for me. A lifetime isn't enough for me. I'm not giving you up without a fight. We are in love with each other. That's not going anywhere anytime soon. And we could have everything, Chelsea. You just got to forgive me.

Devon: Are you tired of me already?

Hilary: No, I... my final wedding-dress fitting is coming up very soon.

Devon: Mm. Let's go, then.

Hilary: Okay. You think that I'm gonna let you come and watch me try on my wedding dress and ruin all of this good luck? No.

Devon: We can't let that happen.

Hilary: My gosh. Listen to you. I'm just joking with you, and you are acting so serious. Devon... we can talk. You know, we can talk about anything.

Devon: It sounds so easy.

Hilary: Whatever it is you need to tell me, you can.

Devon: All I want... is for you to open this.

Hilary: No, I am getting a husband today, and that is all I need.

Devon: Well, I can take this back, then.

Hilary: Okay. Give me that. Devon...

Devon: Just a little something.

Hilary: This is not little. This is...incredible. You know, sometimes I forget how rich you are.

Devon: "We are." What's mine is yours.

Hilary: Yeah, but you don't get to wear this, though.

Devon: Oh. That's good to know.

Hilary: I wish I got you something. I just...

Devon: Kiss me in front of that minister and say, "I do." That's all I want.

Colin: Is it too soon to kiss the bride?

Nikki: I'm not going to the wedding.

Neil: But think about what you'll be missing. The deep, heartfelt emotion of a crazy-in-love bride and groom. Wow. What a sight to behold. Eternal wedded bliss.

Nikki: Neil, you are poisoning yourself... as if you were chugging a bottle of vodka. What are you doing here, anyway? Devon and Hilary, they're having a ball. They're wrapped up in their own happiness. You're the only one who's miserable. Do you want things to be that way?

Neil: No. That's not how I want it to be.

Jack: You really think Gabe Bingham is behind Victor's mad panic?

Ashley: I don't suppose he mentioned anything about a coup to you?

Jack: No.

Ashley: Oh.

Jack: And he knows how I feel about Victor. Don't you think he would have recruited me or something?

Ashley: That's true. As much as he hates Victor, maybe it doesn't really run that deep.

Jack: Then again, he does blame Victor for destroying his family.

Ashley: Yeah, so he came to town with a grudge against Victor. But you know what? What we're talking about, this planned, vindictive attack? That takes a lifetime of animosity, Jack. It really does. I mean, that's something intense and personal, you know? That's not Gabe. The more I think about it, I don't think he's our man. You know why? He has no finesse. He fell so hard and so fast from that lofty C.E.O. Position. That's not the work of a mastermind. You know what? We got to get to the office. Do you want to grab a coffee on the way?

Jack: Uh, no, you go ahead. I have something I have to take care of.

Ashley: Okay. See you later.

Chelsea: This is an ambush with real estate and champagne. It was supposed to be simple, Adam. This was supposed to be just one week, not a whole new beginning.

Adam: Listen, I know that forgiveness wasn't supposed to be on the table, okay? I get that. But what would you have us do? Go back to Genoa city, live separate lives? Doesn't that sound like hell? Chelsea, we can be together as long as we stay here, but that's the only way we can be together, okay? And in order to do that, I need you to get over the past. I know that sounds crazy. I know what I'm asking you to do is a lot. I do. But I want you to think for a second about the reward, okay? Think about what you get. You get your family back.

[Baby fussing]

Chelsea: I -- I have to get Connor.

Adam: Yeah, yeah. Of course.

[Cell phone rings]

Adam: It's really not a good time, Jack.

Jack: Too bad. I want to know how long.

Adam: You want to know how long what? How long I'm gonna be out of town? Well, it's sort of the question of the hour right now.

Jack: The paragon project -- how long have you been planning it?

Adam: Jack, listen. I'm with Chelsea right now, okay? I have no idea what project you're talking about. I'm not even on the Newman-Abbott payroll anymore.

Jack: This one is on you, junior, all of it. Victor hired that son of a bitch Marco as payback for an agenda

you set in motion. You not only got me shot in the park... you're the reason this whole thing happened to begin with.

Adam: I'm the reason? Okay. Now you listen to me. Victor Newman is the reason this all got started, okay? It's because he's a maniac. You and I both know that. So slow down and tell me what project you're talking about.

Jack: The paragon project -- an intricate plan to undermine Victor and his company. Don't play coy with me, Adam.

Adam: I'm not playing coy with you. This is the first I've heard of it, hand to God. Okay? And by the way, if someone does have ill intentions toward the company, is that news? Victor's got a lot of enemies.

Jack: Yeah, and the biggest always was and always will be Adam Newman.

Adam: You need to think, okay? If I was behind this whole thing, would I let it spin out of control this fast? Huh? Would I have taken off and gone to France, now of all times?

Jack: Okay. You're innocent. Get home now, and help me find the person who is behind this. Because if it isn't you and it isn't me, we can both still get caught in the crossfire.

Adam: Not from here I can't. Chelsea and I, we've got a real chance here. We got a chance to start over, and I'm not gonna sacrifice that for you... or for anybody.

Jack: You're on vacation, junior. Cut it short.

Adam: It's not a vacation. I don't plan on coming back.

Chelsea: Who was that?

Kevin: You're gonna have some traumatic dreams. That wasn't the first one, right?

Summer: This wasn't a dream where people shift and change or start off in one place and then end in another. This was memory. It's coming back one piece at a time, and I actually heard something this time.

Mariah: Like voices? Austin's? The killers?

Kyle: [Scoffs] Yeah, Mariah, and this whole time, she's just been letting things play out for fun. She's just telling you what she knows, okay?

Kevin: Okay. Let's just go slow. Did you hear voices?

Summer: No, I heard music.

Mariah: So your dream had a soundtrack. That's wonderful.

Summer: No, it wasn't a song. It was more like a -- a piece of music, like music notes.

Mariah: Like an ice-cream truck?

Summer: Okay. Can you just get out of my face for like two seconds?

Kyle: Summer, just wait, okay?

Summer: No, I just -- I really want to be alone right now, please.

Kevin: All right, just let her go. For now. Maybe if she has some time without anyone in her face, she can figure out what she knows.

Devon: Kissing the bride usually comes after the ceremony, and that's her call, not mine.

Colin: Yeah. Bride's prerogative. But it's a beautiful day to pledge fidelity and eternal love. You're one lucky man, Devon.

Hilary: I am a lucky woman.

Colin: Yes, you are. That's...one pretty necklace.

Hilary: Present from my groom.

Colin: [Chuckles] Yeah, Devon knows what it takes to make a woman happy, and he has the resources to provide for it. Now, me, I'd love to be able to buy something that spectacular for my wife.

Devon: You've given her plenty.

Hilary: Okay. I hate to cut this short, but I should go.

Colin: Oh. So soon?

Hilary: Yeah, I haven't written my vows yet.

Devon: Me neither.

Hilary: The next time we see each other, we're gonna be...

Devon: I'll be waiting with the minister.

Colin: Where he's gonna make an honest man out of you.

Hilary: Before I leave, can you help me with this?

Devon: Yeah. Are you sure you want to take it off?

Hilary: Uh, yeah. I don't want to snag it on the dress, so I'll just -- I'll put it on at the last second. I promise.

Devon: Okay.

Colin: [Clears throat] Um... guys, I'm blushing.

Hilary: Hmm. Me too. [Chuckles] I will see you soon.

Devon: I will see you soon.

Hilary: Bye.

Devon: Bye.

Colin: You know, I said it before, Devon, but you are one lucky guy. A beautiful bride like that, love, trust in her eyes. It was, like, shimmering, just like that necklace against her throat.

Devon: Yeah. Does it bother you, always having your hand out? You couldn't wait till after the ceremony to put the squeeze on me?

Colin: Well, uh, no. Look, you don't have to pay me. You can just walk up to her and say, "hey, I slept with another woman." Or I can do it. I mean, I'm cool either way.

Nikki: You have seen me at my lowest, which was not a pretty sight. But you gave me empathy. You gave me harsh words that I needed to hear. You stuck by me.

Neil: I sound like a pain.

Nikki: Well, you sound like exactly what you are, which is a good friend. So will you let me return the favor?

Neil: Which part are we talking about? The empathy or the harsh words?

Nikki: I don't know. Whatever will get you through the next few hours. I hear there's a new bowling alley in town.

Neil: [Chuckles] You bowling? I can see you in a pair of stinky rented shoes.

Nikki: I'll have you know I have my own pair of bowling shoes.

Neil: Yeah, I'll be okay on my own.

Nikki: Mm-hmm. And I'll be okay up there in my room with a loaded mini bar. Not.

Neil: I'm sober.

Nikki: You are white-knuckling your way through visions of revenge.

Neil: Visions aren't actions.

Nikki: Until they are.

Neil: Do I want Hilary and Devon to pay for what they did? To make them feel what I felt? To experience the pain, the loss, the humiliation, hell, that I still feel every damn day that they rub their joy in my face?

Nikki: You should see the look on your face, Neil... how much you are enjoying those words.

Neil: That's because I do. I do enjoy every vision, every word, every thought. But that's where it all ends. Doesn't mean that I'm gonna do anything about it.

Hilary: [Sighs]

Nikki: Well, hello, Hilary.

Hilary: Uh... hi. Gosh. How do you tell someone that you are gonna love them forever and make it sound real and honest and not the same thing that people have been saying for centuries?

Nikki: Well, that's quite a tall order, isn't it?

Hilary: Have you ever written your own vows?

Nikki: [Chuckles] A few times. Let's just say it's not foreign territory for me.

Hilary: Uh, well, maybe you could help me with this.

Nikki: Well... you have to speak from your heart. And it can't just be somebody that you love. Has to be somebody that you like, that you truly believe in. And they make you believe in yourself when you're with them. When it's like that, the words are easy. They'll just...fall out of your mouth.

Hilary: You really are good at this.

Nikki: Hilary... be careful today.

Hilary: You're not talking about Neil, are you? Because... I think he's really getting better about Devon and me.

Nikki: Neil is far from fine. And... if he's anything less than fine... that could create some problems.

Adam: That was the -- the realtor. It was the realtor. They said we could stop by and see the house first thing tomorrow morning.

Chelsea: I didn't say yes.

Adam: Right. Well, you didn't say no.

Chelsea: This is crazy.

Adam: Yeah? Well, you know, there's good crazy, there's bad crazy. I feel like this -- you know, this might be brilliant crazy.

Chelsea: It's just -- it's all so fast.

Adam: Really? 'Cause I got to tell you, to me, it seems like it's taken a lifetime -- you know? -- For us to finally get exactly what it is that we want. Chelsea... we're making the impossible happen, which is wonderful, but this could be our last chance. Okay? And I really -- I feel like if we don't take it... we're gonna have a lesser life, a life filled with -- with "what ifs." And I don't want that. I don't want that for you.

Chelsea: We don't have a choice. We have to... take that chance.

Adam: So does that mean --

Chelsea: I forgive you.

Adam: Yeah?

Chelsea: Yeah.

Victor: Why the hell haven't you found Annicelli yet? He's close by. He was at Jack Abbott's house. Find him now.

Jack: Always have to be the smartest guy in the room, don't you, Victor? Seems like this last little project got the better of you. Marco's always one step ahead.

Victor: You think you can do better?

Jack: Marco tried to jump into my life, act like me, think like me, be like me. It's my turn now.

Ashley: Oh, please tell me this conversation is something other than who's done what to whom.

Victor: Excuse me, Ashley, but Jack and I weren't finished with our conversation yet. Don't mind Jack.

Ashley: Oh, really? Yet another private conversation. What a healthy way to run a company.

Jack: I called Gabriel.

Ashley: And?

Jack: He claims he doesn't know anything about the project.

Ashley: Do you believe him?

Jack: I asked him to come back into town. He's in Paris now. He said he doesn't care if he ever sees Genoa city again. That's not a man who is waiting for Victor's downfall. Look, if there's nobody behind this big conspiracy, maybe it doesn't exist at all except in Victor's fevered imagination.

Adam: More champagne?

Chelsea: Yes, please.

Adam: Yeah? Oh, and food. We should definitely get some food. We'll get croque monsieur for Connor, right? In case he wakes up. It's his party, too.

Chelsea: A family. A real...family in France.

Adam: Sounds good, doesn't it? I'll go get us some food.

Adam: This is happening.

Chelsea: Yeah, it is.

Adam: Don't go anywhere.

[Cell phone rings]

Chelsea: Hello?

Ashley: Hey, Chelsea, it's Ashley.

Chelsea: Hey. Um, if this is about the fashion line, I'm actually in Paris. Uh, and I have some news. It's gonna sound crazy, but --

Ashley: I know. Jack told me. You and Gabe are planning on setting up house there.

Chelsea: Uh, well, yeah. But -- wait. How did Jack know?

Ashley: He phoned Gabe. Jack asked him to return, and Gabe refused.

Chelsea: Gabe refused. When was this call?

Ashley: Just a little while ago. Why? He didn't mention it to you?

Chelsea: No, he didn't.

Colin: Let me have a champagne, thanks. Put it on the groom's tab, along with this soda water here. The tip -- that will be mine.

Neil: Look at you. The human ATM machine, dropping all that cash.

Colin: Devon's the ATM machine. The twenties keep coming as long as I keep my mouth shut.

Neil: Really? You already got paid for that video with Devon and that cheap trick. I dare you -- I dare you to hit him up for more cash.

Colin: My, aren't we the protective one? What is this? A new role?

Neil: No. It's nothing to do with protecting Devon. Don't you get it, man? You push them too hard and it's gonna mess everything up.

Colin: Messing everything up. Now, I thought that was the point.

Neil: We already talked about this. It's my job. You did your job, you got paid. Now it's time to get out of this whole thing.

Colin: And miss the happy ending?

Neil: Not gonna miss it. No one will.

Nikki: Excuse me, won't you?

Hilary: Uh, yeah, of course. Uh, thank you for all of your advice.

Nikki: Mm-hmm. Colin.

Colin: Nikki.

Nikki: What were you and Neil just talking about?

Colin: Oh, you know, um... sport, women, guy stuff.

Nikki: Neil has enough going on without any needling from you.

Colin: It's good to see that we're both looking out for our mutual friend.

Nikki: Well, since when are you two friends?

Colin: Well, actually, you're friends. Me? I'm family through lily and Cane and their marriage.

Nikki: Well, today, Neil is going to need... a lot of support and love.

Colin: We are so on the same page. Anything for family, no matter how awkward they make it.

Ashley: Well, hello. How are your private conversations that were apparently unfit for my ears?

Victor: Well, Jack and I discussed the fact that... Gabriel Bingham is not behind the orchestrated attack.

Jack: He doesn't even want to come back from Paris. If he had something in the works, he would want a front-row seat to the show.

Ashley: Gabe flew out of the country, I'm assuming to throw himself at Chelsea's feet. But nothing says she can't throw him right back.

Adam: Room service should be here shortly. I might have ordered about half of the things on the menu, which actually is probably fine. We'll have plenty of time to get to them, right? The rest of our lives.

Chelsea: You don't have any regrets about never going back to Genoa city?

Adam: No, not a one. Everything I love is here now.

Chelsea: What about work? My fashion line?

Adam: Your fashion line should've been here to begin with. This is the fashion capital of the world, sweetheart. You know, you can jet back and forth from here to Milan, Connor will be trilingual. It'll be great.

Chelsea: What about friends?

Adam: Friends, yes. Yes, it'd be nice to have some friends for a change, won't it?

Chelsea: You have friends.

Adam: I don't have any friends. Sage? Sage isn't my friend just 'cause she covered my tracks. She's with nick now.

Chelsea: What about Jack? He knows who you are. He's always had your back.

Adam: Well, Jack can, you know, finally start pretending like I don't exist. Be good for him. What are you -- are you having second thoughts about this? Because if you are, I'll do whatever it takes to put those to rest, really.

Chelsea: You'd give me the world, wouldn't you?

Adam: Of course I would.

Chelsea: But you refuse to give me the truth.

Chelsea: You want to tell me again about how that was the realtor on the phone? Hmm? Because Ashley called, and she said that Jack called "Gabe," asked him to go back to Genoa city, and you refused.

Adam: Yeah. You got me. I did refuse, okay? 'Cause this is my home. This is where I live now. You and Connor are here.

Chelsea: But I hadn't agreed to that yet, Adam. So you turned down Jack before even talking to me, assuming I would just fall in line.

Adam: No, I wasn't assuming anything. I was hopeful. I was very, very hopeful. There's a difference, you know.

Chelsea: No, but you didn't even tell me it was Jack on the phone. It's like your first instinct is always to lie.

Adam: I'm not l-- I was eliminating a potential obstacle, babe.

Chelsea: No, you wanted to make sure you got what you wanted, the way that you wanted it.

Adam: Slow down a second. We both want the same thing, right?

Chelsea: This was supposed to be different this time. No more secrets.

Adam: We're talking about a phone call, babe. A phone call -- a little phone call which in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't mean a damn thing. You're talking about the past here. I'm talking about the future.

Chelsea: The past is still here. As long as you continue to fall into all of your old habits, your really, really bad habits, the past is right here.

Kyle: You know, I'm an idiot for listening to you two again. You don't give a rat's if she's upset.

Kevin: I give a rat's. I give several rat's. But if summer is remembering something, you hovering over her is not gonna help.

Mariah: It's true. You do that, "oh, poor baby snowflake. Don't think all of those horrible, evil thoughts." But we need to find out what's locked inside that blond cage she calls a brain.

Kyle: You guys were passed out on drugs when Austin was killed. Summer doesn't know who the killer is, okay?

Kevin: It sounds like she does.

Mariah: "Sounds" being the operative word.

Kyle: Guys, this is not the movies, all right? Killers don't have their own theme songs.

Mariah: Summer heard something. Austin died. It all happened at the same time. So we need to figure out what that music means.

Summer: [Breathes deeply] Kyle, please, I said that I need some time.

Harding: Sorry. Not Kyle. Oh, all right. [Chuckles] Easy. Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. I just thought that maybe you -- you looked like maybe you were upset.

Summer: Yeah. I, uh -- I was, but I'm okay. It just...hits me sometimes, you know?

Harding: Yeah, I know. I get it. You've seen things now that only cops usually have to see. It sticks with you. But listen, you have my word, we're gonna get who did this. To Travers and to Sloane.

Summer: It just feels like it's been forever.

Harding: Yeah, I know. Solving a homicide just doesn't happen overnight. Doesn't all get wrapped up in a little bow. I know it sucks, but that's the way it is. Hey, listen, if you have any suspicions, any leads, I mean, any memories that you can't make sense of, don't tell your friends. Dump it all on me. All right? I mean, that's why I get the big bucks and the glory, you know?

Summer: Well, if I can think of anything, I'll be sure to come to you. Thank you for checking on me.

Harding: No problem.

[Ringtone plays]

[Ringtone plays]

[Ringtone stops]

Harding: Something wrong?

Victor: I don't need to tell you that Ashley is clever. Very clever. I hope you didn't tell her about Marco.

Jack: I didn't.

Victor: I wish you'd shown that kind of restraint with Phyllis.

Jack: That son of a bitch showed up at my house during the blackout. If Phyllis didn't know that was Marco, God knows what would've happened to her. If anything had happened, you'd pay for it.

[Cell phone ringing]

Jack: Is there any reason you're not answering that?

Victor: It's Victor Newman.

Marco: Really? I thought this was the pizza delivery guy. What took you so long to answer?

Victor: Can I help you?

Marco: Oh, is our little buddy there with you?

Victor: What's this about?

Marco: Short version -- you're gonna help me kill Jack Abbott, and we both get what we want. Oh, and I want breadsticks. I like breadsticks.

Victor: I'll get back to you later, thank you.

Jack: I take it that wasn't your private investigator.

Victor: Just a business proposition. I'll have to deal with it later.

Neil: Hilary. You look absolutely beautiful. So, there's not so much I can say today that won't come out wrong, so... I'm gonna give you my best wishes and keep moving.

Hilary: No. You are gonna stand right there, and you are gonna tell me exactly what you're planning.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Why is uncle Devon marrying Grandpa's wife?

Lily: I thought you decided it was best to not tell Hilary.

Devon: That was before Colin started blackmailing me.

Neil: I'm not gonna cause you and Devon any trouble.

Hilary: That's what you said, but I don't believe you.

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