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Episode # 10730 ~ Victor shares a dangerous secret; Billy questions Victoria's loyalty; the killer's identity is revealed.

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[Door opens]

Victoria: Hail the conquering hero! Hello.

Victor: Hello, sweet love. So?

Victoria: So?

Victor: The conference went well?

Victoria: Well, that would be an understatement. Abby and I knocked it out of the park.

Victor: Oh!

Victoria: You would have been so proud of us, dad. It was like we worked together for years. And you wouldn't even know --

Victor: Why did you not listen to me? I knew the two of you would work well together, except you need to follow instructions.

Victoria: What is that supposed to mean?

Victor: I told you to stay out of town. You put yourself and your sister in danger. Did she come home with you?

Victoria: Yes, dad. What were we supposed to do, hide out? I mean, we're Newmans. We face things head on.

Victor: Please sit down. Under normal circumstances, I agree with you. But these are not normal circumstances.

Victoria: Well, why should I be worried? I mean, why --

Victor: Because you are a member of the Newman family.

Victoria: There's a direct threat to our family?

Victor: From many angles.

Mariah: Think again. I am not a girl scout. I don't do camping.

Kevin: But if there's a chance to find out what Harding is up to...

Mariah: Right. Like he didn't already just spot you and call you out on shadowing him.

Kevin: It's not gonna happen again. This time, we're gonna be stealthier.

Mariah: Hiding in the bushes a few feet away from him? We might as well send up a flare and bang pots and pans.

Kevin: Oh, come on. Give me a little credit for ingenuity.

Mariah: Not with my life on the line. Look. You may be willing to go out into the woods, following an armed cop who doesn't like us very much. But leave me out of it.

Harding: Genoa city police! Anyone here? Freeze!

Marco: Are you going to shoot me, detective?

Harding: Don't tempt me.

Marco: Damn it, Harding, is that any way to greet your partner?

Victoria: A coup? Are you sure?

Victor: That's what my sources tell me.

Victoria: Did you find out who's behind it?

Victor: Mnh-mnh.

Victoria: But you have a theory.

Victor: It has to be one of the Abbotts. Who else would be interested in destroying my family and my company?

Victoria: And what have you done about it?

Victor: I checked every move that Jack Abbott has made for the last couple of years. And then I confronted him with it.

Victoria: And?

Victor: He denies any knowledge of any of it. So does Ashley. And I don't think Traci and Abby would resort to such tactics.

Victoria: I see. So, that leaves only one Abbott. You think Billy is behind this plan?

Billy: So, you wanted to talk?

Jack: I do. Have a seat.

Billy: Uh-oh. What'd I do now?

Jack: Hey, you're back.

Phyllis: Did you think I wouldn't be?

Jack: Well, you know, the way you left, I...

Phyllis: You know me. I act first and think later.

Jack: So, what conclusions have you come to?

Phyllis: That I'm married to the most wonderful man in the world, and I am a very, very lucky woman.

Billy: Do you want me to leave? Please, ask me to leave.

Jack: No. Wait.

Billy: You know, I'm as adventurous as the next guy, but even I have my limits.

Jack: Um... I need answers first.

Billy: Okay. What about?

Jack: The paragon project.

Billy: The para-what project?

Jack: Doesn't ring a bell?

Billy: Not unless it's the new sci-fi movie opening this weekend, no.

Jack: It is a plot to bring down the moustache, and it has his paranoia in overdrive.

Billy: Well, I have no idea what you're talking about, but if it's a plot to overthrow Victor, sign me up. Let's take the guy down.

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Kevin: [Groans] I never should've listened to you. Paul's gonna take my head off. Paul, hi. Thank you for meeting us so late.

Paul: Oh, don't worry about it. It's just good to get out of the house. You know, luckily, Chris is still working on a case, or I never would've escaped. So, Mariah, would you mind giving Kevin and me a little privacy?

Kevin: There's no need for that.

Mariah: I already know everything.

Paul: I'm almost afraid to ask what that means.

Kevin: It's about this camping trip that Harding is going on.

Paul: Harding has taken time off?

Kevin: You didn't approve that?

Mariah: He said that he put in vacation time in with you months ago.

Paul: Well, you know, he may have. I sign a million of those things. They all kind of blur together.

Kevin: I'm sure he was counting on that.

Paul: [Sighs] Kevin, if you are accusing Harding of trying to slip in an extra week --

Kevin: You have to admit, it's suspicious.

Paul: Everything is suspicious with you, and you sprinkle in a little bad blood between you and Harding, and suddenly there's a conspiracy.

Kevin: No, no. This is bigger than some squabble between Harding and me. Look at the timing of it.

Mariah: Exactly. There's a killer on the loose, and your lead detective wants to go fishing?

Marco: This is great... if I was having the guys over for the big game.

Harding: You asked for supplies. I did the best I could.

Marco: I wouldn't feed this to my dog.

Harding: You're welcome! What happened to you? Did you run into a door?

Marco: No, I ran into Phyllis Abbott.

Harding: You saw her? You're supposed to stay hidden! What, are you trying to get caught?

Marco: I needed some things at the house, and I would be lying to you if I said I wasn't thrilled to see my darling red. God, she's a feisty one, and I do like living on the edge.

Harding: Some day, it's gonna come back and bite you on the ass.

Marco: Yeah, I always manage to get out of trouble somehow. Money does talk.

Harding: Detective Harding, GCPD.

Marco: Whoa, what seems to be the problem, detective?

Harding: I stopped you for speeding. Do you know if -- Mr. Abbott?

Marco: That's right. I'm Jack Abbott.

Harding: Well, I just...I just left you at the station. I was taking a statement from your fiancée about the poisoning charges.

Marco: Right. How are you, detective?

Harding: I'm fine. Uh, how did you get here so fast?

Marco: Okay, I confess. I was speeding a bit.

Harding: Something's not right here. What's going on, Mr. Abbott?

Marco: How about I ask you a question, detective? What kind of salary do you make as a cop?

Harding: I beg your pardon?

Marco: Well, I assume you're living paycheck to paycheck, probably trying to get in 25 years so you can collect on a meager pension. That doesn't seem right. You have skills. You could be a real help to someone. In fact, I could make you a very wealthy man.

Harding: What are you getting at?

Marco: Let me tell you a story, detective Harding. A match made in heaven. Don't you think?

Victoria: You're wrong. There's no way that Billy would plot against us.

Victor: Really? He has before.

Victoria: Not in such a calculated way. And not now, when --

Victor: Now that you and he are getting closer together?

Victoria: I never said that. I did not say that.

Victor: You didn't have to say that.

Victoria: Is that what this is really about? This really doesn't have anything to do with Billy trying to take us down. You just want to say this to try to drive a wedge between us. Is that it?

Victor: So, then, that loser is coming back into your life.

Victoria: Yes! All right? Is that what you want to hear?

Victor: That is not what I want to hear!

Victoria: We're taking things slow, if that helps.

Victor: Sweetheart, taking thing slow with that loser ain't going to fix what's wrong with him.

Victoria: That's it. We're done --

Victor: No, that's not it. Listen and listen carefully. There's a threat against me, against our company, against our family. I want it fixed. I need all of your help. Are you with me or with that loser?

Billy: How do we do this?

Jack: Believe me. There's nothing I want more than to see Victor get his due. I know Phyllis would, too.

Phyllis: More than you can possibly imagine.

Jack: But we have nothing to do with this paragon project.

Phyllis: All we can gather is that it was some planned strike against Newman enterprises.

Jack: And now that the two companies are merged, if Newman is attacked, we get hurt, too.

Billy: Okay, well, that begs the question. If we all want to see Victor go down, why are we still in business with him?

Phyllis: You take this one.

Jack: We can't back out of a deal that is signed and delivered. We're just gonna have to find a way to live with it.

Billy: We're gonna have to find a way to live with it. That's your answer? There's no way out of this merger?

Jack: There isn't.

Billy: And you've looked into this?

Jack: I don't need to.

Billy: Why not?

Jack: Because I said so.

Billy: Oh, goody. I'm five again. What isn't he telling me?

Jack: Nothing.

Billy: Phyllis?

Phyllis: We're doing what we have to do to survive.

Jack: There. There's your answer. You don't need anymore.

Billy: Yeah, no. [Sighs] What are you not telling me? Does Victor have something on you?

Victoria: You know what? Forget it, dad. I'm not going to let you do this to me.

Victor: What is wrong with you being loyal to your family?

Victoria: You know, it would be fine if you left it at that. But you can't force me to choose between the Newmans and Billy again. You can't do it. I choose you both, okay? [Sighs]

Victor: Sweetheart, you can't choose us both. I mean, that's possible in an ideal world, not in the world we live in. Do I need to remind you that they are trying to sabotage us?

Victoria: I told you, Billy would never do that to me. He would never hurt somebody that I love so much. He would never do that.

Victor: Not even if that someone is me? Do I need to remind you that he accused me of embezzlement of funds?

Victoria: He didn't have as much to lose then, dad. All right, look. This time, his hands are clean.

Victor: Really?

Victoria: I have no doubt.

Victor: You show me that he's innocent, and I go along with it.

Victoria: How am I supposed to do that? I mean, I'm not a detective.

Victor: You're around him all the time.

Victoria: Do you want me to spy on him? Is that what you want?

Victor: Hello?!

Victoria: Just the fact that you would ask me that. I'm trying to rebuild my life with him. How am I supposed to do that if I'm going behind his back? I mean, things may not even work out with me and Billy, but he's still gonna be a part of my life, and I will not risk that. I won't.

Victor: Sweetheart, the fact that you're sinking into that hole made by Billy boy Abbott worries me a great deal.

Victoria: Dad, you are bouncing off the walls, trying to protect and defend your family, and I'm just trying to do what you're doing. I'm trying to protect my family.

Jack: No, we are cooperating with Victor because it's the smart thing to do.

Billy: Since when is shaking hands with the devil ever been the smart thing to do?

Jack: When it means stopping a hostile faction from decimating both of our families.

Billy: Wait. Wait. How are we supposed to stop something if we have no idea who or what it is?

Phyllis: Well, that's a really good question.

Billy: Victor could be behind this.

Jack: Look. One way or the other, we'll get to the bottom of this.

Billy: Well, we'd better because the timing couldn't be worse.

Phyllis: How so?

Billy: Well, things with Victoria -- we've been making some strides. So...

Phyllis: Strides?

Jack: Toward a reconciliation?

Billy: I hope so. She's been more open to it lately.

Jack: That's great.

Phyllis: "Lately" as in when exactly?

Billy: What are you implying, Phyllis? That she's been playing me to get dirt on this -- this paragon thing? I just heard about it myself ten minutes ago.

Phyllis: Well, she didn't know about that.

Billy: All right, this is ludicrous.

Jack: Wait a second. You know I want to think the best of Victoria, but you have to admit, sometimes she plays off the book.

Phyllis: Yeah, well, it's no wonder, considering her parentage.

Billy: This is crap. Victoria's her own person.

Jack: She has spied on Jabot before.

Phyllis: She has proved that her loyalty is to her father. He is willing to, I don't know, get in people's heads. People do whatever he wants. You cannot trust Victoria.

Billy: No, what I can't do is continue to listen to this.

Jack: Billy, wait a minute.

Phyllis: Billy.

Billy: I'm out of here.

Jack: Billy?

[Door opens]

Jack: Leave it to Victor to divide us even when he's not here.

Phyllis: We're not helping very much by withholding the truth. Why don't we just tell Billy the whole story?

Jack: If we tell him, he is gonna sic the cops on Victor in a hot second, and Victor sics the cops on me.

Phyllis: I know. I just hate feeling so powerless. I need to fight back.

Jack: I do, too. You know what? I'm gonna confront Victor face-to-face.

Phyllis: Not without me you're not.

Harding: Make yourself comfortable.

Marco: Oh, I'm very relaxed.

Harding: Yeah. Even though you're holed up at the scene of two crimes?

Marco: So, arrest me.

Harding: Every chance you take, the likelihood of someone nailing you goes up exponentially. It already happened. We had to take care of it.

Marco: Oh, you're talking about pretty boy with the camera.

Harding: Austin Travers.

Marco: He thought catching two Jack Abbotts on film was gonna get his career rolling. Travers' death may have been unintentional, an accident, but the next victim wasn't.

Victor: This had better be important.

Jack: Meet me in chancellor park and decide for yourself.

Victor: Will you be coming with a gun this time?

Jack: You'll have to show up to find out. I'll be there in 15 minutes.

Victor: Then I'll be there in 20.

Jack: There. It's all set.

Phyllis: We need to figure out how we're going to approach this.

Jack: I wish you would reconsider and let me go alone.

Phyllis: Why? Because I can't keep up with the big boys?

Jack: No, no. You can take on the very best of them.

Phyllis: Then stop trying to stop me.

Jack: I don't want to see you hurt again.

Phyllis: The only one who's gonna get hurt is Victor, not me.

Jack: The whole point is to avoid any more bloodshed for either party.

Phyllis: All right, fine. I will keep my claws in. But you're taking me with you. We are in this together. That was the commitment when you told me everything about Marco. You did tell me everything about him, didn't you?

Jack: Yes. You know everything. As a matter of fact, you may know more than you even realize.

Phyllis: What do you mean?

Jack: Take yourself back to when Marco was impersonating me.

Phyllis: Are you kidding me right now?

Jack: No, it's possible he slipped. He said something, a phrase, a word that would lead you to think he might be part of this planned attack.

Phyllis: Why would you think he'd be involved in something like that?

Jack: I don't think we can take the chance of not thinking that. Did you ever hear him say the word "paragon"?

Phyllis: No!

Jack: Anything else? Take your time. Let it roll around in your mind.

Phyllis: No, I cannot think of anything. I'm sorry.

Jack: He isn't perfect. He had to slip somewhere.

Phyllis: He didn't, okay? Could we please just drop this?

Jack: Hey, hey. I'm only doing this because I think it's important. The more insight we have into Marco, the better chance we have of finding him and putting him away.

Phyllis: Okay, nobody wants that more than me, but he would just talk about everyday things, honey -- about his sports cars and his golf.

Jack: Oh, come on. You were together for months, and all he talked about was what club to use on the 4th hole?

Phyllis: Yes!

Jack: There had to be something else. Come on.

Phyllis: Why are you pushing this?

Jack: Because I want the truth.

Phyllis: What truth?

Jack: I told you.

Phyllis: No! No. You want to know what really went on between Marco and I, okay? I will tell you. We barely even had two words together because all he cared about was getting me to bed, all right? There. You happy? I said it.

Jack: I'm sorry. I-I shouldn't have taken us there. I...

Phyllis: Never mind. Let's just go find Victor.

Marco: The world should be thanking us for what we did to Austin Travers -- putting an end to the budding career of another hack director headed for Hollywood.

Harding: Are you auditioning for a comedy club?

Marco: Maybe I should. Ever hear the one about the bride who couldn't make her own wedding? She got cold feet -- in the morgue.

Harding: This isn't funny!

Marco: Hey, it isn't my fault she went to the police station on her wedding day. Who does that?

Harding: Somebody who wants to catch a killer. Courtney wanted justice for Austin's death.

Marco: She would've been better off if she'd minded her own business. Instead, she went to snoop around the computer. Luckily, you were there to steer her in the right direction.

Courtney: Wait a second. This doesn't make any sense. Harding, you got to see this!

Harding: See what?

Courtney: Over here.

Harding: [Sighs]

Courtney: I found footage from the security cameras in chancellor park.

Harding: What about it?

Courtney: It shows who knocked out Abby Newman. Look who it is.

Harding: What? Is that...?

Courtney: Her uncle, Jack Abbott.

Harding: What the hell?

Courtney: Why would he do that to his own niece?

Harding: Beats me.

Courtney: Do you think... oh, my God! Do you think that he killed Austin?

Harding: All right, relax now. You're getting ahead of yourself.

Courtney: Not according to the evidence. The attacker was the one who sent Abby that text, remember, warning her if she didn't shut up, she'd be next. Who else would want to do that besides the murderer? It has to be Jack!

Harding: Keep your voice down, all right? Abbott has a lot of friends around the department and everywhere else. If he is the perp, we don't want him knowing that we're onto him. We got to take care of this ourselves.

Courtney: What do you mean, "take care of this"?

Harding: We have to track down the guy and arrest him.

Courtney: Okay, but my wedding's going on --

Harding: Well, it's gonna have to wait.

Courtney: It can't! Everyone's already there! I can't do that to them! I can't do that to Noah!

Harding: Would you rather Abbott escaped? How would Noah feel if he found out that the man who killed his brother-in-law got away because you wanted to make sure you walked down the aisle on time?

Courtney: This isn't happening.

Harding: It is. And we took an oath to protect and serve. Do you want me to tell the chief that you were derelict in your duties?

Courtney: No! No. I'm in. Can I just go change first?

Harding: No. No time. Come on. Let's get this guy.

Marco: Good work getting her up to the cabin. Made the job a whole lot easier. Get rid of these. That was one pretty loose end. But the police only know half the story, right, Harding?

Paul: Oh, thank you. You know, I can actually see your point about Harding using poor judgment. He should be putting in extra hours trying to catch Annicelli.

Mariah: Exactly. Now we're getting somewhere.

Paul: [Sighs] About this "we" business --

Kevin: Here it comes.

Paul: Kevin, what were you thinking enlisting the help of your girlfriend in this?

Kevin: She's not my girlfriend.

Mariah: He's not my boy--

Kevin: We're roommates.

Mariah: We're friends.

Kevin: Close friends.

Mariah: But we're roommates.

Paul: Okay!

Kevin: Like I said.

Paul: Whatever you are, it doesn't make any difference to me. Stop sticking your nose into trouble!

Mariah: That's why we called you!

Kevin: But if you're not gonna follow it up --

Paul: I need proof before I can pursue something so damning.

Kevin: Fine. We'll get it for you.

Paul: Sit down, fisher! Before I fire you for real this time.

Mariah: What is wrong with you?! Your detective feeds you bogus vacation stories, bails on the force, and you're threatening Kevin?

Kevin: Mariah, you're gonna get me fired.

Mariah: Look. I know that you need to go through the appropriate channels if you think that a cop is dirty. But that could take months, and this is happening now! If you don't go outside the lines and try to figure out what Harding is up to, you could cost other people their lives.

Kevin: I will pack up my desk in the morning.

Paul: Don't. I'm gonna need you to make sure the department runs smoothly while I investigate Harding.

Harding: You don't talk about Courtney that way. She's not a loose end. She was a person, a cop.

Marco: You're so sentimental. I know you had a soft spot in your heart for her.

Harding: The point is, this didn't have to happen to her.

Marco: The point is, she had to die, just like the other one. What's his name? The four-eyes guy with the big mouth.

Harding: Tobias gray.

Marco: Yeah, Tobias gray. We almost got away with that, pinning those two murders on him.

Kevin: Finally, you have the DNA proof to reopen the case. I knew you'd come through, Harding!

Harding: Yeah, I hate to burst your bubble, "fish," but the test results straight from Quantico show that the DNA on the envelope of drugs used to dose you and your pals comes from one Tobias gray.

Paul: There. Satisfied?

Kevin: That's not right.

Paul: Well, what is it going to take to convince you?

Kevin: It's just so convenient!

Paul: Or it's excellent police work.

Kevin: [Scoffs]

Paul: Oh, come on, Kevin. If this truly is another setup, our killer would have had to have the forethought to frame two potential suspects in advance, Sharon Newman and Tobias gray.

Kevin: Unless the DNA is wrong this time.

Paul: Okay, so you're really gonna make the case that an international drug lord game to Genoa city and committed two random killings versus a guy who was already here? We've got DNA evidence. We've got circumstantial evidence and motive.

Kevin: What if the DNA results were fixed?

Harding: I've done a lot of things for you that I regret.

Marco: Aw, you're breaking my heart.

Harding: What heart? You could care less that gray followed Courtney and Austin to the grave.

Marco: Once the police realized he was innocent, he had to be eliminated. I'm amazed the police ever got anything right.

Harding: The point is, nobody else dies, not if I can help it.

Marco: You can't help it! You are paid a boatload of money to do what I tell you to do, and there is no backing out.

Harding: Backing out of what? What? What do you have planned now?

[Cell phone ringing]

Marco: That's your phone. You gonna answer it?

Harding: Gofer Harding.

Paul: So, where the hell are you?

[Knock on door]

Victoria: Come in.

Billy: Hey. You're working late.

Victoria: Yeah. Well, you know, I'm just trying to review some quarterly reports for dad.

Billy: Can you take a break?

Victoria: No! Absolutely not. I guess for you, I can make an exception.

Billy: How generous. Mmm. So, why do I get special treatment?

Victoria: Because you're special. [Chuckles] I know we said we would take things slow, but it's kind of hard to do that.

Billy: Yeah. Tell me about it.

Victoria: But I do want to do this the right way.

Billy: I want that, too. You have no idea how much.

Victoria: No, I think I do.

Billy: Yeah. Well, listen. I'm gonna let you get back to it, then. Do you mind if I leave this with you? Jack asked for it, and I can't find him anywhere, and he's gonna kill me if he doesn't have it by start of business --

Victoria: Oh, well, we can't have that now, can we?

Billy: No, that would definitely damper on the romance.

Victoria: Yeah, just a little. Sure.

Billy: Thanks.

Victoria: Look. I'll just give it to him when I see him, all right? [Sighs] So, crisis averted.

Billy: Right.

Victoria: Right.

Billy: Thank you.

Victoria: Sure.

Billy: I'll see you tomorrow, then.

Victoria: Yeah, I look forward to it.

Phyllis: He wasn't kidding, was he, when he said he'd be late.

Jack: This is classic Victor. His colossal ego needs a big entrance. Don't let it get to you. The more you do, the more he controls the situation.

Phyllis: Well, I got news for him. I'm not giving up control to anyone ever again.

Victor: Well, hello. What a nice evening for a stroll, my goodness.

Jack: I hope you've come unarmed this time.

Victor: Hope the same goes for you.

Phyllis: Okay. What is this? Come on. "High noon"? While the two of you are sizing each other up, there is a psychopath out there who seems to like murdering as a sport. Now, if we don't focus and catch him, we could be his next target.

Harding: Well, maybe you forgot, but I did put in for vacation a little while back.

Paul: Well, you should have rescheduled.

Harding: I'm sorry, chief. I just really needed a break.

Paul: At a time like this?

Harding: Hey, exhaustion waits for no man.

Paul: Harding, I don't care how tired you are. You are supposed to be running the department while I'm on sick leave.

Harding: Which is why I got halfway to the campground and decided to ditch my brother and turn back.

Paul: Oh. So, you're on your way back?

Harding: About two hours out.

Paul: I hope your brother's not too disappointed.

Harding: He understands I have responsibilities.

Jack: Phyllis is right. We need to put aside any difference between the two of us and focus on the man who's a danger to all of us.

Victor: Agreed.

Jack: Have your people seen any sign of this guy since he left my house?

Victor: None so far. None so far.

Phyllis: Victor, you have managed to find that man in a Peruvian prison and just unleash him on all of us, all that suffering, just based on a suspicion.

Jack: A wrong suspicion at that.

Victor: We know that now.

Phyllis: Well, isn't that great? Now we know that, after all the damage has been done. Do I at least get an apology for putting that criminal in my bed?

Billy: See anything interesting?

Victoria: Hey. I thought you went home.

Billy: No, obviously.

Victoria: What are you talking about?

Billy: Just couldn't resist, could you?

Victoria: Couldn't resist what?

Billy: You just had to look in that folder to see if there was anything you could pass along to your dad.

Victoria: Do you think I'm spying on you?

Billy: No, I really thought that you were trying to put our relationship back together, but you've just been playing me this whole time, haven't you?

Victoria: Of course not!

Billy: You got me to sleep with you to see if I was behind the maneuver to trash Newman enterprises, which I was not.

Victoria: Don't you think I know that?

Billy: Then why are you holding that file?

Victoria: I spilled coffee on it, Billy! God! How could you think I would use you like that?

Billy: Because I know that your father would ask you to, and it's so hard for you to say no to him.

Victoria: But that's exactly what I did. I said no. I told him that I wouldn't play along because I didn't want to jeopardize what we were building. I actually thought we were building something!

Billy: I'm sorry, Victoria. I guess I just misjudged the situation.

Victoria: It's not the situation that you misjudged. It's me!

Billy: Look. It's not like you and I haven't done a little snooping for our families before.

Victoria: That was separate from business. I knew that it was real and that it was safe, and I knew you would never do anything to hurt me. I thought you knew the same thing about me.

Billy: I did. I do, okay? It's just that Jack and Phyllis, they put these ideas in my head about you, and I just had to make sure that they were wrong.

Victoria: Well, you should've known they were wrong! I knew that about you! My dad tried to tell me that you were keeping secrets from me, and I shot him down.

Billy: And I shot Jack and Phyllis down, too, okay? But...

Victoria: What, you just had to put me to the test?

Billy: I'm an idiot, okay? Look. I am a moron. That's nothing new. Can't we just put this behind us and start over again?

Victoria: We already started again.

Billy: Come on, vic.

Victoria: I gave you a second chance, no questions asked. I'm not gonna make that mistake again.

Billy: [Sighs] Such a jackass.

Paul: You know, I have to admit, he did sound a little uneasy.

Mariah: What did we tell you? Harding is up to something.

Kevin: So, what are we gonna do about it?

Paul: There's that "we" again.

Kevin: It's all yours, chief.

Mariah: What Kevin said.

Paul: You'd better mean that, because if either one of you does so much as lift a finger to follow up on this --

Kevin: No fingers. I swear.

Paul: You better make sure that he sticks to what he says. I'll see you later.

Mariah: [Sighs] Gosh. I am so glad that that is over. Now, we can finally let the professionals do their job.

Kevin: Uh-huh. Sure.

Mariah: Kevin?

Kevin: Yeah?

Mariah: You're using your fingers.

Kevin: So?

Mariah: So, you promised you wouldn't do that.

Kevin: Yeah, but I had my other fingers crossed when I said that.

Mariah: I don't know why I'm asking this, and I probably shouldn't be, but what are you using them for?

Kevin: To look up Harding's credit-card charges.

Mariah: I thought that you already found a receipt for all of the camping gear.

Kevin: Yeah, but it doesn't explain this. Who buys 22 frozen dinners for a camping trip?

Marco: Chicken-fried steak? Why would anyone do that to a good cut of meat?

Harding: You don't like it, you do your own shopping next time. I'm done hearing about it.

Marco: You're done when I tell you you're done.

Harding: Fine. You want to tell me what your big plan on getting out of here is?

Marco: There is no plan.

Harding: What does that mean?

Marco: I'm not going anywhere. I'm sticking around. I'm taking back jack's life... and jack's wife.

Victor: Do I regret what Marco has done to you? Yes, I do.

Phyllis: That is your apology for bringing him into our lives?

Victor: I had my reasons.

Jack: Yes, we know your reasons. You just agreed that I had no part in this coup against you.

Victor: There are other Abbotts.

Jack: Wait a minute. Not me, not Billy, not Ashley.

Phyllis: He's obviously not convinced of that.

Jack: I'm warning you, Victor. You let this go. This started as a plot against you and now has turned into something that encompasses me, my family, my company. You put us all in the line of fire.

Harding: There's no way this is gonna work. You're not gonna be able to take back jack's life with the police hot on your trail.

Marco: There is one big flaw in their search. They're looking for the wrong man, aren't they?

Austin: What are you doing here? You're deleting my files!

Marco: You might want to wash your hands, detective. You've got a lot of blood on them.

Harding: I wish to God I never took that money from you.

Marco: Oh, and I only asked you to get rid of young Spielberg's documentary. Murder was never part of the bargain.

Harding: The first one was an accident! And then it spun out of control. The second one was to cover up the first.

Marco: Whatever. Things happen. But now I own you. And now you're going to help me make my dream for Jack and Phyllis come true.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Jack: The paragon project -- how long have you been planning it?

Colin: You can just walk up to her and say, "I slept with another woman," or I can do it. I mean, I'm cool either way.

Marco: You will handle our problem, or you're the one that's going to be erased. <

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