Y&R Transcript Friday 8/7/15


Episode # 10727 ~ Nick shares an unexpected moment with Sharon, while Stitch finds comfort with Ashley.

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Ashley: The look on your face -- I think I'm glad that's not my chart.

Stitch: [Sighs] Ashley, hey. How did it go with the neurologist?

Ashley: Really good. Recovery's right on track. You okay?

Stitch: Uh, it's this patient I'm treating.

Ashley: Oh, say no more. I'm sure it's confidential, right?

Stitch: Actually, if you have a second, it'd probably help to talk about it with you.

Victor: Well, good morning.

Abby: Why, yes, it is.

Victor: What's this?

Abby: Those are the latest figures from our central warehouse. Despite all the flak I took for negotiating a pay increase, worker morale and productivity are way up.

Victor: Well, well, well, well, congratulations. I had no doubt you would succeed. Are you ready for your next assignment?

Abby: So ready. Lay it on me.

Victor: I'm sending you to the surfactants conference in Milwaukee. You'll represent Newman-Abbott very ably, I'm sure, and talk in front of hundreds of people. How's that?

Abby: [Chuckles] Well, I feel as COO, I should feel bad that I don't know what a surfactant is, but for some reason, I don't.

Victor: The chemical building blocks of our soap industry, my darling. You just acquaint yourself with it, and I'm sure that you will grasp it in no time at all.

Abby: I'm sure I will, too. So, when is this conference?

Victor: Today.

Abby: [Laughs] All right. Well, great.

Victor: Now, our senior vice president of engineering was supposed to do the presentation, but he can't be there because a family problem, so Connie has all of his talking points, and I want you to familiarize yourself with them, okay?

Abby: Great. So, when do I leave?

Victor: As soon as Victoria arrives.

Abby: Victoria. [Chuckles]

Victor: Yes. I want the two of you to go there, but why is she not here yet? That's unusual for her to be late. Wonder what's keeping her.

Victoria: Do you want a refill?

Billy: Uh, no. No, I'm good.

Victoria: It was nice waking up together this morning.

Billy: Yeah, it was really nice. So, um, should we tell the kids?

Victoria: Tell the kids? What are we gonna tell them? There's nothing to tell.

Billy: Well, I wouldn't exactly call last night nothing. I mean...

Victoria: [Laughs] No, that's not what I meant, Billy.

Billy: I know.

Victoria: It's just that we said, you know, that we were gonna take our time and... oh, speaking of time, I'm gonna be late for work. I've got to go.

Billy: Work can wait.

Victoria: Not when you're competing with your little sister. I am a Newman, remember?

Billy: Now that you mention it, I do have vague recollection.

Victoria: [Chuckles]

Billy: Mm.

Victoria: Mm.

Christine: [Gasps] What?!

Paul: Oh, come on. I was just trying to find the baseball scores.

Christine: Oh, nice try. We agreed no newspapers, no stress, no police business. You are on a leave of absence.

Paul: Okay.

Christine: Which is why I brought you some herbal tea -- no caffeine.

Paul: Thanks.

[Both chuckle]

Christine: So, are you ready for your first couples' yoga class?

Paul: Um, yeah. Yeah, I can't think of a better way to relax than to, uh, contort my body like a pretzel.

Christine: Hmm. Oh, come on. Don't you want to be around to take Dylan and your future grandchild to a cubs game?

Paul: Oh, wow. You're already pulling out the heavy guns, huh?

Christine: I don't want to lose you.

Paul: Chris, you're not gonna lose me. I'm not going anywhere.

[Cell phone chimes]

Paul: But you might be.

Christine: Whoever it is, is just gonna have to wait, because...

Paul: Work?

Christine: Uh, yeah. I promise I will be back as soon as I can.

Paul: Well, you know what? I'm just going to be sitting here enjoying my herbal tea.

Christine: Oh, that is such a good boy.

Paul: Stress-free.

Christine: [Laughs]

Paul: Look at me.

Christine: Thank you. I love it.

Paul: Look at me relaxed.

Christine: Yep. Uh-huh.

Paul: Oh!

Kevin: Hey, chief.

Paul: Hey. Perfect timing. Sit down. Okay, fill me in. I want to know exactly what's going on.

Dylan: Sage, you okay?

Sage: Oh, yeah. Hey, Dylan. I'm fine. I was just jogging. I'm fine. The baby's fine. [Voice breaking] Everything's fine.

Mariah: It says, "line up the opposite corners with the bolt." What does that even mean?

Sharon: Um, not sure.

Faith: Hi, mommy.

Sharon: Hi, sweetie. How did it go at daddy's?

Faith: Fine. We played games last night and had pancakes this morning. And now I'm back.

Sharon: Oh, well, that makes me very, very happy. Thank you for letting her stay over an extra night.

Nick: You're welcome.

Faith: What you doing?

Sharon: Well, Mariah is helping me put together this crib for the baby. I wanted to have it all assembled before Dylan got back from his run.

Mariah: Which would be a breeze if the directions weren't written in Swahili.

Sharon: [Chuckles]

Faith: Oh, this is easy. You just put part "a" in part "b," part "c" into part "D." And then you'll be finished.

Sharon: Mm.

Mariah: That's it? Yeah?

Faith: Sure. After you do all the bolts and stuff.

Nick: I recommend you, you know, line up all the pieces first.

Sharon: Well, we didn't ask you.

Nick: Well, not yet, you haven't.

Sharon: [Laughs]

Mariah: Look, I suggest we try it faith's way first. How about that?

Sharon: Okay.

Faith: So...that.

Mariah: Okay. Now we lift it. I think...

Sharon: Yay!

Mariah: That should be good.

Sharon: I think we did it.

Mariah: Yeah.

Sharon: Oh.

Faith: Uh...

Sharon: Whoa.

Mariah: Oh!

Nick: Yeah.

Stitch: It's an old combat wound that never healed properly. He should have seen a doctor months ago, but he also has post-traumatic stress -- can't handle strangers touching him.

Ashley: Oh.

Stitch: So, the idea of going in and getting treated --

Ashley: Is pretty much out of the question?

Stitch: Pretty much.

Ashley: I bet it was a reminder, too, for you. Of all the soldiers that came back with scars. Some you can see, and some you can't.

Stitch: Yeah, I saw a lot of pain as a medic. But I missed the worst of it because I was, you know, on leave to meet my new baby. Dylan stayed behind and saw all our buddies get ambushed. You never really get over something like that. It changes you.

Ashley: And so does the feeling that maybe you should have been there. Instead of back home, you know, safe and sound. But then again, that gave you the opportunity to find out who you really are and what your true calling is.

Stitch: I was thinking the same thing.

Ashley: Really?

Stitch: Yeah, after all the mistakes and wrong turns, I'm -- I've come full circle. I'm right where I belong.

Victor: Any questions?

Abby: No, you were right. This material is very complete. Although, I do want to remind the audience that soap is one of the many reasons our company exists.

Victor: One of the many reasons. Plus, branching and banking and ship building and real estate and...

Abby: Well, your history is very incredible. And to think that it all started with you selling things out of your car. And that was the humble beginning of the empire known as Newman-Abbott today.

Victor: You gonna talk about that?

Abby: I am. You know, I happen to be very proud of my dad and everything he's accomplished.

Victor: And I'm very proud of you, okay?

Abby: Thank you. You didn't think I had it in me, did you?

Victor: I knew you had it in you. You just needed a chance to prove yourself.

Abby: Well, it helps when the most important man in my life, the man that I admire most, believes in me, too.

Victoria: Hi. Hi, I'm sorry I'm late.

Victor: There you are.

Victoria: Hello.

Abby: Hi. Finally. Now dad can fill you in.

Victoria: Fill me in on what?

Victor: You two are gonna go to a conference in Milwaukee and give a speech for Newman.

Victoria: Really?

Victor: Yeah.

Victoria: That's great. But I thought that Ed Robertson was handling that.

Abby: Last-minute emergency.

Victor: Here are the credentials for both of you. And Abby is familiarizing herself with the background.

Abby: There's some great stuff in here.

Victoria: Is this because I was late?

Victor: No. Nothing to do with that.

Victoria: Dad, I know this product line backward and forward, and I have a working knowledge of surfactant chemistry.

Victor: My dear Victoria, the people at the conference will be more than happy to see two beautiful ladies representing Newman-Abbott. And you will give some very good speeches, I am certain. I want you to be at that conference by noon today.

Billy: You're not fooling anyone, Victor. I know what you're doing, and I know why.

Paul: Back up a second. You're telling me that Noah's new girlfriend is mixed up with Marco Annicelli.

Kevin: Who she can place here in town at the time of the murders.

Paul: Okay, so this, uh, Marisa sierras?

Kevin: Sierras.

Paul: She claims she was in the car with Marco Annicelli when he drove it into the lake?

Kevin: According to her, he was threatening to kill her when he lost control of the car. Marisa survived, somehow made it into town.

Paul: She makes it into town and somehow Noah comes to her rescue when he couldn't save Courtney. And this girl happens to get under his skin? I'm sure she wasn't at all disappointed that he happened to be a Newman.

Kevin: You're good at this. Should have been a cop.

Paul: Right. What about the body?

Kevin: There was no body.

Paul: What, just because it says that in the newspaper?

Kevin: I rented some diving gear. I found the car. There was no body in it, which means Annicelli's out there planning his next move.

Paul: Hold on a second. You rented scuba gear? Kevin, won't you ever learn?

Kevin: I've learned a lot.

Paul: Well, then [Sighs] Can't you phrase it in a way that doesn't make me upset?

Kevin: Everything is going through proper channels now. Our divers confirmed -- there was no soggy corpse.

Paul: Ah. Thank you.

Kevin: You're welcome. And Harding knows everything that I know. In fact, he's the one who told me to keep an eye on Marisa, which is how I saw her having a meeting with Victor in the park.

Paul: Whoa. Victor? How is he involved in this?

Kevin: He claims that he was just warning her to stay away from Noah, but I think it runs deeper. Who knows? He could lead us right to Marco.

Paul: Okay, so in other words, Victor knows more than he's saying. Again.

Sage: Sorry about that. Uh...

Dylan: It's okay.

Sage: Just a little stressed out. This pregnancy takes a toll on you, you know?

Dylan: Mm-hmm.

Sage: How does Sharon manage?

Dylan: Uh, believe it or not, I've seen Sharon burst into tears a few times just like you did.

Sage: No, you haven't.

Dylan: Yes.

Sage: That's good to know. Thanks. But she's a pro at this compared to me, you know? I was told I could never have a kid. [Chuckles] So unprepared.

Dylan: I never thought I could be a father, either. I've come close. But it's just never worked out.

Sage: Guess we've both been given a chance, huh?

Sharon: Does this remind you of something?

Nick: You mean Noah's crib?

Faith: Did you put that together, too?

Sharon: Actually, your grandma Nikki had a crib waiting here for us when we brought your brother home from the hospital.

Faith: He was a preemie, right?

Nick: Yep.

Mariah: I didn't know that.

Sharon: Yeah. I remember holding him right here in this room, just being so thankful that our prayers had been answered and he survived.

Nick: He was so tiny.

Sharon: I'll never forget it as long as I live.

Mariah: Oh, um, geez, I almost forgot. I have to go meet Kevin, but I hate to leave you guys hanging.

Nick: Oh, no worries. I got this.

Mariah: Okay, cool. Um, all right. Bye, squirt.

Faith: Don't call me "squirt."

Mariah: Oh, okay...squirt.

Faith: [Grunts]

Sharon: All right. You got that, sweetie?

Nick: Hey, be careful. You know, that's -- that's a little heavy.

Sharon: Whoa. Hey. Whoops.

Sharon: I can take it from here.

Nick: Yeah, sure, especially now that it's almost done.

Sharon: Well, there's some optimism.

Nick: You know, if you have other things to do, I can wrap this up.

Sharon: Without me?

Faith: I don't think so.

Nick: Uh, you know what? I don't think they included enough washers, so why don't you run upstairs to my toolbox -- it's in the closet -- and see if there's some in there?

Faith: Okay.

Sharon: We need to talk about this.

Nick: Talk about what?

Sharon: You know. What just happened.

Nick: Nothing just happened.

Sharon: Well, faith thinks...

Nick: Look, faith knows what's up. All right, she is excited for your baby with Dylan and the baby that I'm gonna have with Sage, especially now that we're engaged. It's all good.

Sharon: True. Yeah, I know. I just don't want faith getting the wrong idea.

Nick: You know what? You're right. You should be doing this with Dylan.

Sage: After putting my life on hold for so long, I finally have everything I ever wanted. I have the man I love. I have a child I thought I never could have.

Dylan: But you can't help thinking the other shoe's gonna drop.

Sage: It's so stupid.

Dylan: No.

Sage: It's so stupid. Why am I doing that?

Dylan: It's not. But you got to try to stay positive. You have to imagine a happy outcome and just forget about everything else.

Sage: Okay.

Dylan: [Chuckles]

Sage: [Laughs]

Mariah: Well, isn't this nice? You guys are enjoying the sunshine while other people are working.

Dylan: What are you talking about?

Mariah: Sharon and nick are putting the crib together, and, trust me, they could use some help.

Stitch: I used to feel a lot of survivor's guilt, especially when Dylan came home from Afghanistan and I saw the demons he was still wrestling with.

Ashley: I bet you had demons, too.

Stitch: Big ones. But I've found that to get through that stuff, you always need someone to give you some help. Like you did when you gave me a job when I was down.

Ashley: Stop. [Laughs] You deserved that paycheck. Now you're back doing what you should be, and I hope you know I'm just really happy for you.

Dr. Rayburn, the patient's fever is spiking again.

Stitch: All right, I'll be right there.

Ashley: Um, I'll get out of your hair.

Stitch: Thanks for listening.

Ashley: Oh, yeah. Anytime.

Stitch: See you soon. Take care.

Ashley: Okay.

Billy: You're not sending Abby and Victoria out of town for business reasons. You're doing it to keep them safe until the police catch this Annicelli guy. And for once, I actually agree with your tactics.

Victoria: Is he right?

Victor: My darling, I'm very glad that you're out of harm's way. But this is an important conference. I'm glad both of you represent our company. I have provided a limousine and some added security.

Abby: Thank you for that. Getting clocked over the head once was enough for me. So, I am gonna run by the hospital and tell Ben that I'm going out of town, and then I will be right back here.

Victor: Okay, sweetheart.

Abby: Sound good?

Victoria: Do you think this team thing is really necessary, dad?

Victor: Are you questioning my decision, darling?

Billy: It just proves how vital you are to the company.

Victor: Excuse me for a moment. Darling, perhaps it's time for you to start working on your speech.

Billy: Hey, um, I'll take care of the kids while you're gone, but listen -- go, be great.

Victoria: I'll try my best.

Billy: Here's the, uh, research on the biofuels market you wanted.

Victor: Listen, Billy boy. I know what you're doing, and I don't like it one bit.

Stitch: You need to rest now.

James: I screwed up.

Stitch: What's that?

James: I screwed up bad, Doc. [Sighs]

Stitch: It's not your fault, James. You had enough needles and hospitals over there. I can't blame you for wanting to steer clear.

James: I mean I should have done more. For them. For my men. I lost too many of them. And I got to come home. [Sighs]

Stitch: Hey, you listen to me, marine. It's not your fault that you lived. But it could be your fault if you don't make the most of it. Not just for you, for them. You hear me?

James: [Sighs]

Abby: Hey! There you are. I wanted -- mwah! -- To say goodbye before my big trip.

Stitch: Uh, trip?

Abby: Dad is sending Victoria and I to this important conference, and we are giving this big presentation together. Don't worry. He's hired extra security, so we will be safe.

Stitch: Sorry, worry?

Abby: Marco Annicelli -- they thought he might be dead, but it turns out he isn't. There's a big manhunt. It's been all over the news. [Laughs]

Stitch: Uh, sorry, I'm just -- I'm pretty distracted at the moment.

Abby: No kidding. Is everything okay?

Stitch: I'm worried about this patient I'm treating. Guy's a vet. Served just south of where I did.

Abby: I'm sure you're doing everything you can. But, um, in the meantime, do you want to wish me luck?

Stitch: Good luck, and have a safe trip.

Abby: Thank you. I will call you tonight. Um, or you could call me. I would love that.

Billy: What? What's the problem?

Victor: Don't ever walk through that door again unannounced.

Billy: Victor, I work here. I was bring a report that you asked for.

Victor: I said don't waltz in here again unannounced. You got it?

Billy: Yeah. Fine.

Victor: You're getting too close to Victoria again.

Billy: Maybe. Not that you get a vote.

Victor: You bet. I don't like it. And you will regret it.

Billy: Is that a threat?

Victor: Do you think I'm gonna allow my daughter to be dragged down into that dysfunctional world of yours?

Billy: [Scoffs] That's funny. You know, I would choose my dysfunction over yours any day. I don't control people in the name of protecting them.

Victor: Get out, Billy boy. Out!

Billy: Gladly -- when you get out of Victoria's life.

Victor: Get out now.

Ashley: Okay, everybody can hear you. Stop yelling.

Victor: Just get out.

Billy: You know, the more you claim to love someone, the more that you force them to bend to your will.

Victor: I said get out!

Billy: She doesn't need you.

Victor: She certainly does not need you.

Ashley: Oh, boy.

Sharon: Look, what happened here -- or didn't happen -- is just a sign that people can have a history together and not feel trapped by it and not be doomed to repeat it.

Nick: That's a good way to look at it. We're getting a fresh start, creating new families without leaving our other family behind.

Sharon: Is that what we are to you now? Your other family?

Nick: Hey, you're with Dylan, so I'm your other family, too.

Sharon: I guess so.

Nick: All right, uh... I'm out of here. Good luck putting this beast together.

Sharon: Oh, okay. You're gonna take off. Way to bail, Newman.

Nick: Ah, don't worry. Faith's got it under control.

Sharon: [Laughs]

[Door opens]

Dylan: It's funny who you meet when you're out jogging.

Sage: Hi, Sharon.

Sharon: Sage.

Nick: Hey, you.

Sage: Hey.

Dylan: Yeah, first, I, uh, ran into Sage, and then Mariah passed by and said you guys might need help putting...a crib together. Wonder where she got that idea.

Sharon: Well, I wanted it to be a surprise, but all we did was make a mess.

Faith: Here's the washers daddy needed. Is everybody gonna help?

Nick: You know, I think, uh -- I think Sage and I are gonna take off, let you three finish this project.

Faith: What?

Dylan: Well, maybe if we worked on it together, we could get it done faster. What do you think?

Nick: You, uh, cool with that?

Dylan: Well, you know, I made, uh, Connor's crib by hand, so a kit like this should be a no-brainer. Stick around, butterfingers. I'm gonna show you how it's done.

Sharon: [Laughs]

Nick: "Butterfingers"?


Sharon: You gonna let him talk to you like that, nick?

Nick: It's on.

Sharon: [Laughs]

Sage: I bet that we can get our half together before they even get started. What do you say, faith? You want to referee?

Faith: Yeah!

Nick: Count her down, kiddo.

Faith: Here.

Nick: All right.

Dylan: Wait.

Nick: Yep. Sorry.


Faith: Ready, set, go!

Nick: Hand me the wrench.

Dylan: Okay. Hold that.

Sharon: All right, come on, come on, come on.

Nick: I know. Butterfingers.

Paul: You know, I hate being sidelined when there's a killer out there.

Kevin: Yeah, I know the feeling. Harding's giving me busywork. It's like he's deliberately trying to keep me from the investigation.

Paul: Really? Well, at least he has you following Marisa sierras. That's more than I would have done.

Kevin: Why? Because I don't have a badge? With all due respect, Paul, that's stupid. I could be helping so much more.

Paul: Graduate from the academy, and we'll talk.

Kevin: The academy wouldn't accept me with --

Paul: Why do you keep insisting on making Harding the bad guy? Why don't you just do what he asks and help him find Annicelli?

Mariah: What's going on? Has a body floated up? I thought we looked --

Paul: Oh, I see.

Kevin: Mm.

Paul: So, it's not enough that you have to play cop. You drag her into it.

Mariah: I was not dragged. I'm not one to be dragged. I want your guys to find this slime so you can make him pay for what he's put us through.

Paul: Okay, why don't you start out by helping Harding? At least he knows what he's doing.

Kevin: Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of.

Paul: Okay, so what's that supposed to mean?

Kevin: It means I think your number-one detective is up to something. And if I were you, I wouldn't trust him so much.

Harding: I'm innocent! I swear!

Christine: I didn't mean to accuse you. It's just that Paul is desperate to get back in the game, and I don't want anyone feeding him information.

Harding: I swear we're following your orders to the "T." It is a bit uncomfortable, I got to tell you, hitting "ignore" every time the chief calls in for an update.

Christine: It's all for his own good. He is so committed to this job, it put him in the hospital. He needs this time away. So, I am counting on you to run things and leave him out of it.

Harding: I promise I will run things exactly the way Paul did.

Victoria: I want to rehearse my presentation before the conference begins.

Abby: Uh, your presentation? Don't you mean our presentation?

Victoria: No, dad asked me to put my thoughts together.

Abby: Dad expects us to work together, which doesn't mean that you get to wow the crowd while I just stand there and look pretty.

Victoria: But that's your thing.

Abby: Oh, get over yourself. Why don't you just admit it? You don't want to work with me.

Victoria: Okay. I admit it. I'm not really thrilled that you're tagging along. Happy?

Abby: Oh, yeah, delirious. And for the record, I'm not thrilled about sharing the spotlight with you, either. But we can either cooperate for the good of the company, or we can work against each other and make a fool out of ourselves, so what's it gonna be?

Victoria: I am not about to do anything to the detriment of Newman-Abbott.

Abby: Then we're on the same page. Now, before we launch in, I have a burning question for you.

Victoria: Oh, really? About surfactants?

Abby: [Scoffs] About you and Billy. Yeah, I saw the way that he was looking at you this morning. Like you had hit him over the head with a rock and he was mildly stunned. And you did stroll in a little late, so I'm putting two and two together.

Victoria: Why don't we just focus on what we're gonna say in front of hundreds of scientists and financial gurus downstairs?

Abby: Oh, my gosh. I am right. You are totally back together.

Victoria: We're gonna take things slow. All right? Slow as -- as we need to, until I'm sure.

Abby: But Billy loves you to pieces. And you love him.

Victoria: He has issues, Abby.

Abby: Who doesn't?

Victoria: Sometimes, he goes back to that dark place that he went to after Delia died. And Gabriel Bingham brings it out in him. Now that dad has hired him back at Newman, I'm worried.

Abby: About what?

Victoria: That Billy's need to hate is stronger than his love for me.

Faith: High five.

Sage: Yeah!

Nick: Oh, yeah.

Dylan: Good job.

Sharon: Aw, thanks, everyone, for helping out.

Faith: Can I go play on my computer?

Sharon: Sure. You know what? There's also a mobile that goes with the crib.

Sage: Oh, could I look?

Sharon: Yes, it's so cute. I'll show you.

Nick: You did a pretty good job, I guess.

Dylan: Yeah, yeah, you too. I retract my butterfingers comment.

Nick: That is sporting of you.

Dylan: I guess a little competition brought out the best in both of us.

Nick: Well, in faith's eyes, you know, we're all a family now.

Dylan: She's right.

Sage: [Laughs]

Sharon: I didn't know you were into running.

Sage: Uh, well... when Dylan found me in the park, I was doing a little more resting than running and a little more crying than resting.

Sharon: Hormones?

Sage: Hormones, anxiety, superstition.

Sharon: A little advice. These nine months are really precious. They're gonna go by before you even know it. So don't let your fears spoil it for you. Just cherish every moment.

Paul: So, you want to tell me why I can't trust a cop I've worked with for years?

Kevin: Yeah, it's a gut instinct I have.

Paul: That's it?

Mariah: Kevin has incredible instincts. If he says something is off about Harding...

Paul: I'm not gonna question the character of an officer just because of your gut feeling.

Kevin: Well, Paul, at the very least, he's after your job. The way he's handling this case, like he wants all the glory for himself when it's closed.

Paul: Oh, I see. So I'm supposed to, uh, be upset with a detective who's doing everything he possibly can to solve multiple murders? That is his job, Kevin. And, you know, it's the fact that I don't have any caffeine now I think is, uh...

Christine: Hey.

Paul: ...Really what's made me more relaxed.

Christine: I really hope you aren't discussing the manhunt.

Paul: And yoga.

Kevin: No. No, not at all.

Mariah: No, no. Uh, we were just watching Paul chug his team and, actually, talking about ways that he can lower his blood pressure.

Christine: Thank you for being such a good influence.

Mariah: You're welcome.

Christine: Ready for yoga?

Paul: Oh, yeah. Can't wait.

Christine: See you guys.

Kevin: Namaste.

Christine: [Chuckles] Come on.

Kevin: You heard the man. He wants proof. And we're gonna get it.

Abby: Billy has lost you too many times to make the same mistake again. You two are perfect for each other. In fact, I envy you.

Victoria: What about you and Ben?

Abby: [Sighs]

Victoria: Okay, look, if you don't feel comfortable talking about it, we can just table the personal conversation, and we can get back to work.

Abby: No, um...

Victoria: It's fine.

Abby: The Ben that I fell for was all about keeping me safe. And now that he's been reinstated at the hospital, he is all about keeping his patients safe.

Victoria: Yes, I know that. Ben has always had a passion for helping people. That's just who he is.

Abby: And I understand that. I would never want to change him, but I don't want to change who I am, either, especially now that I'm climbing up the corporate ladder.

Victoria: Well, that is an important dynamic -- how much time you have in comparison with the other person and how much energy you have for a relationship.

Abby: So, how do you do it?

Victoria: Do what?

Abby: Be a high-powered Newman and still find true love?

Victor: How can my sensitive, beautiful, intelligent daughter fall again and again for that reprobate Billy boy Abbott?

Ashley: I don't know. The heart wants what the heart wants, I guess, and please don't talk about my brother that way. Where is everybody? Where's the rest of the executive team?

Victor: Gabe and Chelsea are out of town, and Phyllis is with Jack, and Abby and Victoria are giving a speech at the conference in Milwaukee.

Ashley: So, why aren't I at that conference, as well?

Victor: Because I wanted to talk to you alone.

Ashley: Okay, about what?

Victor: About the paragon project. I don't think it is your brother Jack who wants to destroy me. I think it's you.

Billy: [Sighs]

[Cell phone ringing]

Victoria: Ah, it's Billy.

Abby: Answer it.

Victoria: No, we're -- we're rehearsing right now, so...

Abby: So, answer the man's call.

Victoria: [Sighs] You found your phone. I knew you could do it.

Billy: Yeah, it was, uh, under the couch cushions.

Victoria: Ah. Just where you left it, right?

Billy: Right. I know you're busy, but I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you.

Victoria: Yeah, me too.

Stitch: Page me if there's a change.

Oh, doctor. When the patient asked me to look through his pockets for his blood-pressure medication, I found this.

Stitch: Purple heart. Hell of an honor. He's a marine, you know?


Stitch: These guys saw a lot of action in a hostile environment. Did a lot of good for people over there. And back here, for that matter.

[Monitor beeps rapidly]

Stitch: Cardiac arrest. Get a crash team down here now.

Code 99 in Room 217.

Stitch: And his pulse is 20. Give him 5 cc IV Epi now.

Yes, Doctor.

[Beeping continues]

Stitch: Come on. Come on. Come on. Where's that crash team? He's dropping. He's dropping. We're losing him. Come on, James. Come on, Marine.

Nick: When should we start on our own nursery?

Sage: Uh, I haven't thought about , really.

Nick: Really?

Sage: Okay, yes, I've thought about it a lot.

Nick: [Laughs]

Sage: I lied. I don't know. I just feel like we'd be tempting fate if we think too far ahead.

Nick: All right, well, we could hire a decorator, and then when you're done having the baby, it'll be good to go.

Sage: [Groans] No! That's not fun.

Nick: There's the spirit.

Sage: [Laughs] There's that store a couple blocks away that has that cute, little baby furniture in it. We could check it out.

Nick: There you go. Well, let's go take a look.

Sage: Okay.

Nick: But listen. Whatever we get, it's already assembled. I'm not doing that again.

Sage: [Laughing] Okay, deal.

Sharon: You okay?

Dylan: Yeah.

Sharon: Does it bring back memories?

Dylan: I was just thinking about all the new memories that we're gonna make. Was just imagining our child lying in there. Looking up at me. That first look of wonder, the first smile.

Sharon: Nothing else in life even comes close.

Dylan: I don't think I've been this happy.

Kevin: [Sighs]

Harding: Yeah, okay. All right, I know. Yeah, I know the place. It's the same place we always meet.

Ashley: The paragon project? I've never heard of it. It sounds like some kind of a sci-fi movie.

Victor: It's a highly sophisticated scheme... to topple me and my company, to ruin me financially, and to obliterate everything I've built up for the last 35 years.

Ashley: I see.

Victor: So, all the bad blood that exists between your brother and me that culminated in that fateful meeting in the park, when we pointed guns at each other, I think, all goes back to that plot.

Ashley: Okay. Honestly, I...don't understand what you're saying, but maybe you need to talk to Jack about that, because I've got real work to do.

Victor: I've talked to Jack's wife about it. And she said that Jack knows nothing about that scheme. Which leaves the rest of the Abbotts. My money is on you.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Stitch: I can't talk to her the way I talk to you.

Nikki: I don't want you manipulating me into changing my mind. Is that understood?

Hilary: You haven't been yourself ever since the bachelor party. Can you just explain it to me, Devon?

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