Y&R Transcript Wednesday 8/5/15


Episode # 10725 ~ Hilary cracks under pressure, while Neil's behavior troubles Nikki.

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[Thunder crashes]

Mariah: This is very creepy.

Kevin: The blackout is still, well, black and out. But, hey, no more rain.

Mariah: But, hey, there's a guy following us, and, hey, he looks like the drug lord, possible three-time murderer Marco Annicelli.

Kevin: He's probably just one of the plain clothes that Harding put on us. Okay? [Gasps] Geez! Really?

Summer: What did you want me to do? Yell, "Kevin, Mariah, don't be scared! It's just me"?

Mariah: What are you doing walking alone in the park in the middle of a blackout?

Summer: I don't know. There's a guy right behind me.

Kevin: He's probably just a cop... even though he doesn't look familiar.

Summer: Yeah, that's 'cause he's not a cop.

Jack: Your concern for my safety is quite touching. Too bad it didn't apply when I was chained to a bed with a deranged woman standing over me.

Victor: May that poor, deranged woman rest in peace. Marco Annicelli is the real danger right now.

Jack: Why would he come to Genoa city now that I'm back? He would risk being identified.

Victor: Think about it for a moment, all right? He enjoyed playing you immensely. Did a hell of a job doing it. He pulled it off.

Phyllis: Jack? Honey? Is that you? Oh, you're home.

Marco: Yeah, yeah. I just walk in, and what's all this?

Phyllis: Yeah, I will clean all of that up in the morning. I just hate that photo.

Marco: What's wrong with it?

Phyllis: I just... I don't like my smile. I think it's kind of strange, don't you think?

Marco: No. Your smile is always wonderful.

Phyllis: Then I'm gonna go ahead and get another frame, if you like it. I was just upstairs, looking at some photos from our trip. Um... I have been wracking my brain, trying to remember the name of that palace. What was it called?

Marco: Um... sorry, sweetheart. I don't remember it, either.

[Thunder crashes]

Phyllis: I'm just gonna have to look it up when the power goes back on.

Marco: Well, how about I get some candles. You look so good in candlelight. I can think of any number of ways to pass our time until the power's --

Phyllis: No.

Marco: What, the honeymoon's over?

Phyllis: You stay the hell away from me, Marco.

Noah: What are you thinking about?

Marisa: [Sighs] There are some things people just can't have, no matter how much they want them.

Noah: Like what?

Marisa: Food.

Noah: [Chuckles]

Marisa: You know, this is the first time you've come to my room without food. How dare you?

Noah: You know what? You're right. What is the matter with me? Um, hold on. Let me check my pants. Maybe I have a ham sandwich in there.

Marisa: Really?

Noah: No, not really. I was kidding. But we could order some room service.

Marisa: No power, no room service. What are we going to do?

Noah: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Um, we're gonna have to starve in here, 'cause I'm never leaving this room again.

Marisa: [Laughing]

Cane: And you got lily home to the kids? [Sighs] Thank you, Devon. No, no, I'm happy to help. I really am. You know, you need someone to hold down the fort. The staff, I'll help them out. It's fine. Uh, I haven't seen Hilary. She might be in her room. All right, I'll check on her for you, all right? Bye-bye.

Nikki: Cane, is there anything I could do to help?

Cane: Yeah, I'm just trying to keep everybody calm, okay? So just help me just spread the calm.

[Alarm buzzing]

Nikki: What's that?

Cane: It's the elevator alarm. We could have some guests trapped in there.

Nikki: Oh, my God.

Hilary: Come on, come on.

[Breathes deeply] This cannot be happening. I cannot be stuck in an elevator with --

Neil: With me? You know, you could've probably handled 30 seconds in this box going up a few floors with me, but we might be stuck together indefinitely. Looks like the universe is playing a cruel joke on you.

Jack: You enjoy reminding me -- don't you? -- That Marco was a father to my son, went to my place of work, came home to my wife...

Victor: Time to put your hurt feelings aside and think about the real issue.

Jack: Which is that Marco Annicelli is out there somewhere. Do you honestly think he would slip back into town, back into my life?

Victor: He has done it before.

Jack: Yeah, Marisa is here now. Gabriel knows about him. And so does Phyllis.

Victor: You brought Phyllis into the inner circle? Are you out of your mind? That is selfish and stupid.

Jack: My wife had every right to know who she's been dealing with these last few months and who inflicted him on all of us.

Victor: Phyllis did not need to know.

Jack: Of course she did. Especially if you're right and Marco is headed back here.

Victor: Think about it for a moment. If she's clued in to it all, if Marco gets wind of the fact that Phyllis knows about his history and could blow his cover, she becomes a target.

Marco: What is this "Marco" business? Are we role-playing? What should I call you? "Kitten"? "Tiger"?

Phyllis: Stay away from me.

Marco: Making love is an important part of a marriage, and we are very good at it.

Phyllis: Is that how you get your kicks? Huh? Inflicting yourself on unsuspecting women? The idea of being anywhere near you makes me physically ill.

Marco: Oh, no, we connected. Don't you think? On a very deep, deep level.

Phyllis: Oh, really? You may have looked like jack Abbott, but you were a cheap, pathetic copy of a good, brilliant, loving man, and I had many, many moments where I questioned my loving husband's behavior and thought he had gone back on drugs.

Marco: You also had many, many moments where you didn't give a thought to old jack.

Phyllis: You should be rotting in jail. Do you hear me?

Marco: Oh, but I'd be so lonely. And I so enjoy my time with you. And frankly, you enjoyed your time with me.

Phyllis: You're a drug dealer.

Marco: [Chuckles] Is that what they told you? I'm a drug dealer? Oh, my operation is so much bigger than that.

Phyllis: You are wanted by the feds. You drove your own life off a cliff, and you thought you could do the same thing to jack's with your stupid clothes and your cars and your deals with Victor. Do you have any idea what that made you? That made you a punk who did Victor's bidding.

Marco: God, you are so hot.

Phyllis: Don't you dare. You have no idea who you're messing with.

Marco: You are so angry. This is your guilt talking. You're upset because you enjoyed it so much.

Phyllis: [Grunts] [Grunts]

Marco: [Groaning]

Hilary: Busy? Why -- why won't someone answer at the elevator company?

Neil: You know, you'd think you'd be used to this by now, right? You and Jill were stuck together that one time, and then it was last year that you and Devon were -- you were --

Hilary: Devon and I were never... never mind.

Neil: So, then, you weren't really stuck together. Meaning it wasn't an accident. Wow. All this time. All this time, I should've put it together that you stopped the elevator yourself. Right? I should've known. Even a blind man could see that. And as I recall, that was the day that jack threw us a little celebration for our wedding.

Hilary: We don't have to talk about this. We don't have to talk about anything. We can just stay calm and ride this out.

Neil: When you got off the elevator, I knew that something wasn't quite right. I thought that it was Devon who was giving you a hard time. Wow. You -- you were -- you were really convincing. You were so convincing.

Hilary: Neil, why do you want to do this now? I thought we were getting past all this.

Neil: Yeah, we -- we have. Just a little idle chitchat. It's what former married people do together, don't they? Pass the time? [Clears throat]

Hilary: I guess.

Neil: Who you gonna call now?

Hilary: No signal, of course.

Neil: You're not scared of a little darkness, are you? Not a brave woman like you.

[Telephone rings]

Neil: Ah, hey, no. You stay right over there. Hello.

Cane: Neil?

Neil: Yeah. Hey, Cane. I was headed up to the roof, and evidently, I got stuck between floors. What's going on?

Cane: There's a power outage. It's citywide. I don't know how long it's gonna take before they fix it. Are you okay? Is there anyone in there with you?

Neil: Yeah, I'm fine. Hilary's in here with me.

Cane: Hilary?

Neil: Yeah. Don't you worry about it. You just take care of everyone else. We're gonna stay calm and ride this out.

Nikki: How does he sound?

Cane: He's calm. But the longer he's in there with Hilary...

Nikki: We've got to get them out of there.

Hilary: A blackout? How long are we gonna be in here?

Neil: No way of telling. Could be all night long.

Marisa: I'm happy.

Noah: Good. I'm glad.

Marisa: I'm not used to it.

Noah: You should be happy. You should be used to it. You should be happy every day.

Marisa: But what if I don't deserve this kind of happiness? What if it goes away?

Noah: Like you got the happiness that was meant for somebody else? I shouldn't be happy. Courtney's gone. I couldn't save her. I couldn't... I couldn't protect her. So I was supposed to be alone. That was supposed to be my punishment for failing. And then you wandered into the underground, soaking wet...

Marisa: And lied to you about why.

Noah: Yeah, you did. But you had your reasons.

Marisa: Yeah, but you didn't know that. And you still took care of me.

Noah: You didn't make it easy on me. You fought me every step of the way.

Marisa: That is not true.

Noah: Yeah, it's true.

Marisa: No. I let you think that I was fighting, but... in my heart, I was relieved. It felt so good to just stand still. No running. It felt so good to be with you. I'm still thinking about food. I am starving.

Noah: Okay. All right. Uh, we can crack open the mini bar, or, um... I can run down to the kitchen, see what I can scrounge up. Yeah?

Marisa: Yes.

Noah: Sandwich or something?

Marisa: Sandwiches and cake. Or fruit. Or fruit sandwiches.

Noah: Okay. Something edible, then. Got it. I'm on it. Don't move.

Marisa: I will not.

Summer: Hey, don't stare at him.

Kevin: What? It makes him nervous, or it's against bodyguard etiquette?

Mariah: Are you sure Victor sent this guy?

Summer: Yes. Noah texted that grandpa's been a little bit tense about the whole Marco-Marisa connection, so we're all getting babysitters again.

Kevin: Victor was worried about Noah because of Marisa, so you got a bodyguard. I'm missing the connection.

Summer: What do you want me to do? Send him back? Say, "thanks, grandpa, but I don't really want a bodyguard following me around when there's a killer on the loose"? Yeah, uh, no.

Mariah: No, you can keep him. Kind of like a new pair of shoes or something. But why did Victor hand you this guy now?

Summer: I don't understand what the issue is.

Mariah: We'll go slow. Kevin?

Kevin: Marco's sketch hit the news, but no one said anything to the press about a possible connection between him and Austin and Courtney's murders.

Mariah: And Tobias. Only the cops and us know about the connection.

Summer: Okay. And this is a problem because...?

Mariah: Because it looks like Victor has his own information. How did he get it? Why did he get it? And what is he gonna do with said information? You and your grandpa need to have a chat.

Victor: You honestly think Marco Annicelli will stay away? Why? Because you want him to?

Jack: Because there's no reason for him to come back to a town where he'd be identified.

Victor: I bet you anything that he would feel much safer here, as you, rather than out in the world, where everyone is looking for him.

Jack: Oh, believe me, I know that. I almost died more than once because I look like that lunatic.

Victor: Well, then you think about Marco Annicelli's chances to survive. What are they? Much better if he stays here and replaces you, permanently. And I will not have that happen.

Jack: Oh, your concern for me is touching. This is all about looking out for your own skin.

Victor: Listen to me. He has hurt people that I care about, all right? Now, he thinks he has the upper hand. I will not let him think that.

[Cell phone rings]

Jack: It's Phyllis. Phyllis?

Phyllis: He's here. He's here. He said he was you, and I bashed him over the head.

Jack: Marco? Is he dead?

Phyllis: No. He's still breathing.

Jack: Get out of there now.

Phyllis: No. I am staying right here. If he wakes up, I'm gonna bash him over the head again. Just come home now.

Jack: I'm on my way. You knew, didn't you. This whole conversation, you knew he was on his way to my home. Why didn't you just come out and say it?

Victor: Do you think he clears his movements with me? I had no idea what the hell the man is up to. I simply predicted. Now we need to do everything in our power --

Jack: No, we don't need to do anything. This is my family. I will deal with it. You hear me? You deal with your own family. Find Nikki.

Phyllis: He could wake up. He could wake up. Okay. Oh, God. Okay. That's his blood. Marco was here. He was out cold. I don't know how he could've gotten away. Where are you going?

Jack: I'm gonna check the house. You go outside, you get in your car, and lock it.

Phyllis: His blood leads out the door. That pig is not still in this house. If he is, I'm gonna make sure you don't get away again, Marco! You hear me?!

Jack: Listen to me. You have handled things very well so far. I will handle Marco from now on.

Phyllis: He said he was you.

Jack: But you knew he wasn't.

Phyllis: The second he opened his mouth, with that slimy little smile of his. Of course he did not know the password, but that did not stop him. He just -- he grinned at me as if -- I don't know -- that he was happy that I knew the truth, just to add to my humiliation.

Jack: That he dared to come near you...

Phyllis: Well, he came close enough that I clocked him, hard.

Jack: Of all the places he could've gone, he came straight here to you.

Phyllis: He loved your life, jack. And he's not done trying to get it back.

Victor: Let me know as soon as you hear something. Yep.

Summer: Hey, Grandpa.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Summer: Hi.

Victor: My goodness. What are you doing here during a blackout? You should be home. Or have someone take you to the ranch where you're safe.

Summer: No, I am safe. You can ask him yourself. You know, the security detail that you put on me all of a sudden.

Victor: Well, sweetheart, don't be upset about that, all right? I feel better if someone is watching over you when I cannot.

Noah: Hey.

Victor: Noah.

Noah: What are you doing on the blackout?

Victor: I was asking her the same question.

Summer: Yeah, well, then I reminded grandpa that, thanks to him, I have my own personal bodyguard.

Victor: Because?

Summer: Because of the crime boss on the loose.

Victor: Uh-huh.

Summer: Question is, why do you think he wants to come after me?

Harding: Well, ma'am, that's not a police emergency. You need to call an exterminator. Thank you. GCPD. Uh, well, same to you. Tell the mayor that this is what happens when he doesn't want to pay EMTs overtime. Two crews on a night like this.

Kevin: Harding, hey, do you have a sec?

Harding: Yeah. Yeah, no, let's sit down and have a cup of coffee and talk about our feelings. No, the chief is out of commission. There's a citywide power outage.

Mariah: It sounds like he does not have a sec.

Kevin: It's about Victor Newman and Marco Annicelli.

Harding: This had better be good.

Kevin: Victor has a guard on summer.

Harding: Lucky her.

Kevin: And Mariah and I think he's got somebody trailing us, too.

Harding: Victor Newman's having you followed?

Mariah: Looks that way.

Harding: And this is after he met with Annicelli's former gun moll.

Kevin: I don't know that she would appreciate the whole "gun moll" thing.

Mariah: Since it's not the 1940s and she has a name -- Marisa.

Kevin: Point is, Victor seems to know that there's a connection between Marco and the murders.

Mariah: Which isn't public knowledge.

Kevin: So the question is, how does Victor have this information? None of us gave it to him.

Harding: So you think it's someone here? A cop?

Cane: Don't worry, all right? We'll get Neil and Hilary out as soon as we can.

Nikki: Well, being stuck on an elevator's bad enough, much less with the person who broke your heart.

Cane: I know, but it sounds like he has control of the situation. They're probably just ignoring each other and just counting the seconds, okay?

Nikki: Yeah, okay. Listen, um... I-I'd like to talk to Neil for a minute, if you don't mind. Kind of spread the calm around, as you say.

Cane: Sure.

Hilary: How long is this gonna take? Minutes? Hours? Because it can't take all night.

[Telephone rings]

Neil: Uh. Easy there. Yeah, Cane.

Nikki: No, it's Nikki.

Neil: Nikki. Nikki, how you holding up?

Nikki: Well, I'm not the one who's stuck in an elevator with my ex, which would definitely qualify as a trigger.

Neil: I don't have a flask in my pocket, and there's not an open bar anywhere near me.

Nikki: Will you please stop with the comedy routine? When I heard you were stuck in an elevator with Hilary, I got so worried because of all of your talk about revenge.

Neil: Nikki, listen to me. There's no need to worry, all right? Everything's under control.

Nikki: How's she doing?

Neil: It's all good. Thanks for checking on me. You stay safe.

Hilary: Wait. There's a hatch. I -- I could probably fit in there.

Neil: Yeah, I already saw that hatch. What are you gonna do? You gonna crawl up to the next floor? You gonna open those doors up? I mean, really. Are you suddenly a stunt woman? Or, no, wait. Maybe you're a superhero, and I just didn't know about it.

Hilary: Okay.

Neil: Then again, there's a lot I don't know about you when all is said and done, right?

Hilary: Can you just give me a boost?

Neil: [Laughs] You're serious, aren't you. Okay. I'll, uh... okay, I'm gonna crouch, and I'm gonna boost, and then you crawl up there, okay? Come on.

[Clears throat]

Hilary: Now what?

Neil: Being in the darkness puts me at a real advantage now, doesn't it?

Phyllis: No Marco?

Jack: No. Blood drops stop at the driveway. Obviously, he stole a car to get here. All of our vehicles are accounted for.

Phyllis: Maybe Marisa gave him a car?

Jack: No, she insists she has not seen him.

Phyllis: So now what? He's out there? Bleeding profusely, I hope. What do we do? We just wait here until he comes back?

Jack: Listen to me. He is never taking you from me again. I promise you that.

Phyllis: He is not like us, jack. You and I may have done some not-so-great things, but this guy? He's in a whole nother category. We need to tell the police he is not the random guy in the sketch.

Jack: We're not telling the police anything. If they find Marco before Victor and I do, everything's out in the open. Kelly's death, the explosion on the ship...

Phyllis: None of that is your fault.

Jack: I can't prove that. And I still don't know what happened with Kelly.

Phyllis: Oh, my God. I just -- I just want this over. Please.

Jack: You leave Marco to Victor and me.

Phyllis: And what is Victor gonna do, jack? He is the one who put this slime ball into our lives. The one person we're supposed to trust in this nightmare is the one who created it.

Victor: Why wouldn't I be concerned about all of you at a time like this? I will assign someone to each and every one of you. Is that clear? They'll shadow you.

Noah: Even though summer has nothing to do with Marco?

Victor: Do you know who Marco really is? A guy like that in our town is capable of all kinds of things. So you better tolerate someone following you at all times, okay? I'm gonna find your grandmother.

[Cell phone rings]

Victor: Everything okay?

Jack: Marco managed to get away before I got here.

Victor: He did what?

Jack: He's bleeding, a head wound. He can't get far.

Victor: [Breathes deeply]

Summer: Noah, you know, grandpa is smooth, but something's not right.

Noah: Oh, yeah. There is definitely more to this Marco thing, but don't expect grandpa to tell us anything.

Summer: No. Hey, what is all this?

Noah: Food. For Marisa.

Summer: Oh.

Noah: What? Things happen.

Summer: Yeah? Things happen. I get it.

Noah: Come on.

Summer: I mean it. I get it. Things with Kyle... I'm not one to judge right now. I've known Kyle for years.

Noah: I know Marisa.

Summer: Yeah, and you know that her ex probably killed my husband and probably killed your fiancée. So out of all the women in the world that you could be with, are you sure she's the right one?

[Knock on door]

Marisa: Cake? I hope there's cake.

Victor: No cake.

Marisa: What do you want?

Victor: That watch there belongs to my grandson.

Marisa: Maybe I stole it. I'm that kind of woman.

Victor: Yeah. I'm sure you could be that kind of woman. You didn't steal it. My grandson was downstairs getting you some food. You said that you and he were friends?

Marisa: We are.

Victor: You also said that he's grieving the loss of his fiancée.

Marisa: Why are you here? What do you want?

Victor: Well, to find out what else you're lying about.

Jack: Let's be clear -- I don't want you more than 3 feet away from me until they find Marco.

Phyllis: That goes for you, too, jack. Look, Marco may have tried to mess with my head, but I think he wants to just erase you completely. This world is only big enough for one jack Abbott, and he wants to be it. So what's our next move?

Jack: I don't know. I don't know. This guy has the nerve to come here, knowing how many people in this town know who he is? That's irrational. I can't tell what he'd do next. Oh, lord.

Phyllis: Great. The power's back on, thank God. Well, we need to think like a wacko.

Jack: Well, you had a chance to observe him more than I did.

Phyllis: Well, I observed you acting completely out of character. Marco was trying to be you, and he wasn't really pulling it off very well.

Jack: He pulled it off well enough.

Phyllis: I gave him the benefit of the doubt because I love you. I know the fake jack Abbott. I don't know the real Marco. But Marisa does.

Jack: I told you, she's adamant that she does not know where he is.

Phyllis: He hadn't popped up yet when you talked to her. Now he has. So I say you go back and talk to Marisa again.

Jack: I can't imagine I could get any more information out of her now.

Phyllis: Oh, you can... if you go back as Marco.

Victor: Does my grandson know that your lover killed his fiancée?

Marisa: I don't want to talk about Marco. I don't want to think about him, ever.

Victor: Ah. Is that what you told him when he contacted you?

Marisa: If I spoke to Marco, you would've heard the cursing across town. He wanted me dead. I feel the same about him.

Victor: You might have a chance to tell him yourself, you know. He returned to town. In fact, he just went to jack Abbott's house.

Marisa: Is jack all right?

Victor: Why do you give a damn whether jack is all right? He can take care of himself. But when it comes to you, you better let me know if and when he contacts you, okay?

Marisa: Of course. I said I will. I want nothing more to do with him. He's all yours.

Victor: Let me tell you something. I know you lie often and easily. When Marco Annicelli contacts you, you tell me about it. 'Cause if you don't... if you leave this in your own hands, your life may be in danger. You got that?

Noah: Marisa isn't Marco. She didn't send him to Genoa city. If Marco hurt the people that we love, that's on him, not her.

Summer: Okay. Well, she was with him at some point. I mean, she even loved him.

Noah: What is this? Guilt by association? I was with Adriana, so I'm a thief? Maybe you're a kidnapper.

Summer: I'm just saying, don't turn into dad. Don't think that you can fix Marisa with some TLC. Because saving someone, it's not about them. It's not some brave, selfless act. It's about you being the hero, which I get. I'm not judging. I've done it, and it feels really good to be the healthy one, the normal one, the one fixing all the problems, but that's -- that's not love, Noah. That's an ego boost.

Noah: I'm not in love.

Summer: Yeah, not yet, hopefully.

Noah: Would that really be so terrible?

Summer: If you want to be with Marisa, just get to know her. Lots of days, lots of dates. Not just sex and picnics in bed. If you want this to be real, you have to know everything -- know everything about her and accept her for all of it.

Harding: I've been giving it some thought.

Kevin: You must be exhausted.

Harding: Ha. Whoever is the leak must be the person who was guarding Victor when he was locked up.

Mariah: That makes sense.

Harding: Try not to sound too surprised. Find out who was the guard. I'll plug the leak.

Kevin: I'll do that after the blackout.

Harding: You're welcome.

Kevin: I love how that guy just gives me orders.

Mariah: Yeah, it's crazy. It's almost like you work here.

Kevin: We're just trying to help with the case. I don't care about plugging the leak. I want to know what they told Victor and why and how deep is Victor in with Marco.

Harding: Ah! Okay. There you go. Fish, there's a computer with your name all over it.

Kevin: Okay.

Neil: You know, the funny thing about darkness is, you get used to it. One less distraction. Not seeing what's right in front of your face can kind of be comforting, in a way.

Hilary: Please, do we have to do this now?

Neil: No, we don't. It's all in the past now. New beginning. One thing to feel grateful for is that you now know what a bad marriage can look like, and hopefully you and my son can have a good one... something based on honesty and trust, something that will last.

Hilary: It will.

Neil: You know, I'm not trying to be sarcastic with you. Your whole relationship with Devon was built on lies and deceit, and it's easy to see how you two might not be able to trust each other.

Hilary: We have apologized to you over and over again, for months now. Nobody wanted to hurt you, Neil.

Neil: Ah. Yeah. It's a little late for that, though. Hilary, you're gonna be joining our family soon. You're gonna be marrying my son, Devon, and that, technically, is gonna make you my daughter-in-law, which is very awkward, but that's the reality now, isn't it? I have this real feeling that you two can make it work, as long as you're honest with each other, and I'm assuming that you two are honest with each other. Suspicious minds and lies will kill you. They are a killer, and they will rip love apart.

Hilary: Thank God.

Neil: Yeah, thank God and the power company. Finally. Hey. Hi, guys.

Cane: You okay?

Hilary: I am just glad that we are out of there.

Nikki: God, I was so worried about you.

Neil: Well, no reason to be, Nikki.

Nikki: Oh, yes, there was.

Neil: Yeah? Of what?

Nikki: You know what I'm talking about.

Neil: There's nothing to worry about. Revenge is the furthest thing from my mind.

Hilary: [Sighs] Thank you for getting us out of there. I know you don't even work here anymore.

Cane: Yeah, well, I do today. Anyway, I have to go and touch base with maintenance and staff. You okay?

Hilary: Yeah, I'm gonna go call Devon.

Cane: All right, let me walk with you, make sure you're all right. Come on.

Neil: There's no reason to worry, Nikki.

Nikki: So you were perfectly calm being trapped in an elevator with your ex-wife, who's about to marry your son?

Neil: I was the perfect gentleman and future father-in-law.

Nikki: You know, the calmer you are, the more nervous I get. What'd you two talk about in there?

Neil: We talked about trust and truth and suspicious minds that ruin true love.

Harding: So, these are all the officers that were on duty when Newman was a guest of the PD.

Kevin: Yep.

Harding: All right. Find out which one was slipping him information.

Kevin: Yes, sir, officer. Honey?

Mariah: How fast can you do this?

Kevin: Not fast enough. Meanwhile, Annicelli could be out there, doing whatever, and Harding won't let me anywhere near the real investigation.

Mariah: And since you have such a deep respect for him, you're gonna back off the case?

Kevin: Or I could ram this through and find out where the hell Marco could be.

Marisa: Finally. I was worried.

Noah: Sorry. I had a bit of a run-in. Looks like things were eventful here, too.

Marisa: What do you mean?

Noah: Lights are back on. I even got to take the elevator. I don't want to lose this.

Marisa: Or you could not put it on. And you could take this off.

Noah: Mm. Wait, wait, wait. Why don't we eat first?

Marisa: After.

Noah: Um... how about we talk?

Marisa: About what?

Noah: About you.

Jack: I'm not gonna play Marco to Marisa. She knows him.

Phyllis: Which means she'd be more likely to say something to him than she would to you. He waltzed right in here, completely confident he could get away with it.

Jack: I'm not gonna just trick her. I'm not gonna do it.

Phyllis: Why not?

Jack: For one reason, she saved my life.

Phyllis: Is that it? Or was there something else? Is there some other reason why you're so quick to defend her?

Your granddaughter left, sir. I need to catch up to her.

Victor: Thank you for the info. Uh... assign someone else to my granddaughter, all right?

Do you have something bigger in mind for me?

Victor: Marco Annicelli has returned to town. You look for him. That's your priority.

Marco: [Chuckles] [Groans] It's me. Things didn't go exactly as I had planned. I'm gonna need your help again.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Billy: I'm gonna do whatever it takes to break Bingham. Whatever it takes.

Victoria: Stop! Just stop it.

Phyllis: I wouldn't want your wife to hear the things I'm about to say to you.

Marisa: Marco, I didn't expect you to --

Jack: You didn't think I would abandon you, did you?

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