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Episode # 10724 ~ Things get ugly between Victor & Phyllis, while Noah & Marisa take their relationship to the next level.

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Jack: Hey. You hungry? I could have Mrs. Martinez whip up something.

Phyllis: I'm not hungry.

Jack: Probably exhausted. Maybe you want to go up and lie down --

Phyllis: I don't want to eat. I don't want to sleep. I want to find Victor.

Jack: Honey, we need to think this through.

Phyllis: I am not going to let Victor get away with what he did to me.

Jack: Sweetheart, I know you're --

Phyllis: What? You know what, jack?

Jack: You're devastated. You're angry. You have every right to be. You've been violated.

Phyllis: For months.

Jack: If I could make Annicelli pay, I would.

Phyllis: Yeah, well, you can't. But we can make Victor pay. And that's exactly what I intend to do. You got to be kidding me. He's alive?

Jack: Wait. He doesn't look anything like me. That's not Marco Annicelli.

Phyllis: Who is this?

Jack: That's the captain of the ship I was stowed away on.

Phyllis: Victor's behind this.

Jack: No, wait, I-I got onto that ship myself. Victor could not know what he looks like. He would never have given the police that description.

Phyllis: Well, somebody did, somebody who thinks Marco's alive.

Jack: I think I have an idea who.

[Cell phone rings]

Marisa: Hello? Who's there? I know you're there. Say something. What do you want? Damn it, Marco. Is that you?

Victor: Noah.

Noah: Sorry to interrupt.

Nikki: Hi.

Noah: Um, look, I'll -- I'll make it short. Uh, grandpa, with all due respect, got to leave Marisa alone, okay? If I want to be with her, I want to be with her.

Nikki: What have you done now, Victor?

Victor: What I have to do.

Sage: So far, I really like being engaged to you.

Nick: I know. I am a super-awesome fiancé.

Sage: [Laughs] It's been one day.

Nick: Yeah, but I can keep this up for like 20, 30 years.

Sage: Really?

Nick: Mm-hmm.

Sage: Ooh.

Nick: But I'm late. I got to go pick up faith.

Sage: Um... I think we should off on telling faith for a while.

Nick: Look, I know she gave you a hard time in the beginning, but I think she's warming up to you.

Sage: That's true.

Nick: Ever since we told her we're having a baby.

Sage: Well, now we're asking her to accept me as a stepmother. I think that's a lot for her to deal with.

Nick: It's a lot for you or for her?

Sage: What? What does that mean?

Nick: Are you having second thoughts about marrying me?

Sage: No, I-I want to marry you. More than anything.

Nick: But?

Sage: But you broke up with me a couple months ago because of faith. How do I know you're not gonna do it again?

Sharon: What's the matter? Double chocolate cake's your favorite.

Faith: I'm saving it for daddy. I want to cheer him up.

Sharon: Why does daddy need cheering up? Sweetheart, obviously something's bothering you. You know, I'd like to help if I can.

Faith: Um, I think daddy and Sage are gonna break up.

Sharon: Why do you think that?

Faith: I heard Sage talking about this test she took.

Sharon: Is it something to do with her baby?

Faith: She thinks her baby might not be Daddy's.

Dylan: Somebody didn't like the chocolate cake. Are you done?

Faith: No, no! I'm saving it for daddy.

Dylan: Oh, well, why don't you just ask Rachel for an extra piece you can take home to your dad?

Faith: Can I?

Sharon: In a sec. I just want to ask you about what you were saying before, that, um, about Sage not knowing who's the father of her baby?

Faith: I heard her on the phone talking.

Sharon: About the father of her baby?

Faith: Yeah.

Dylan: Well, I think, uh, you should get that extra piece of cake before we run out.

Faith: Is it okay?

Sharon: Sure. Why did you send her away like that?

Dylan: Because I don't think you should be trying to get information out of your daughter about nick's personal life.

Nick: This didn't clue you in that I'm not gonna break things off with you?

Sage: But you've always said that faith is your priority. How do you know she's gonna be happy to be part of our family?

Nick: Because it's gonna be her family, too. She's gonna be happy. We all are.

Sage: What did I do to deserve you, after I lied to you about Gabe and --

Nick: Nope. No. I don't want to talk about Gabe right now.

Sage: [Chuckles] I should have told you that he could be the father, though.

Nick: Well, he's not. I am. Now, look, I got to deal with Gabe at the office. Other than that, he's out of our lives. There's nothing but clear skies ahead.

[Thunder rumbles]

Sage: Oh, I guess nobody told you about the storm that's about to hit.

Phyllis: Damn Marco. Damn Victor.

Jack: I know how you feel.

Phyllis: [Sighs] You have no idea what I have been going through. That man did not just wear your clothes or sit behind your desk. He...took your place in our bed. Every time I think about him touching me --

Jack: It's over.

Phyllis: How can you say that? He may be alive. He may be out there pretending to be you. He could walk into this living room and I wouldn't know if it was you or him!

Jack: That's not going to happen. I'm not going to let it happen.

Phyllis: Really? You didn't stop it the last time!

Jack: Paul, the FBI, international authorities are all searching for Annicelli. They are going to catch him.

Phyllis: In the meantime?

Jack: In the meantime, we come up with a plan that he can't fool you again.

Phyllis: What kind of plan?

Jack: A password, something, a word we both know that, if I don't say it, you know it's not me.

Phyllis: Then what?

Jack: Then you get as far away from him as you possibly can. Come on. Let's think of a word.

Phyllis: How about "duplicitous jackass"?

Jack: How about something simpler? How -- how about this? Topkapi.

Phyllis: What? Are you talking about the royal palace in Istanbul?

Jack: Yeah. If you can't get me to say that word, you know it's not me. Excuse yourself and get far away.

Phyllis: Yeah, wouldn't it be a lot easier to just go to Paul and tell him the truth?

Jack: No, no, we can't do that.

Phyllis: Don't you want to see Victor punished for what he did?

Jack: Of course I do!

Phyllis: Then why don't you go straight to the ranch and put a bullet in him?

Jack: I want to go to that ranch right now and rip his heart out of his chest! I can't do that! Yet.

Phyllis: Honey... I know -- I know things happened when you were kidnapped, but you are not to blame for what happened to those people on that ship and -- and Kelly. That is all on Victor. He is responsible for those deaths and for what happened to me, and a judge and jury will see that.

Jack: I can't take that chance. I want to know that Victor is gonna pay for this, and that can't happen till I have some answers.

Phyllis: From whom?

Jack: From someone who knows Marco better than anyone else.

Noah: Come on, grandpa. You know what you did. You're not -- are you gonna deny it?

Nikki: Who is this person? You said her name was Marisa?

Victor: Uh, you saw her when she came to the police station while I was in jail. She came to visit me.

Nikki: Oh, that brunette. You said she was a reporter.

Victor: What she said, I guess. She has a rather shady past.

Noah: No, that's not true.

Victor: Oh, yeah?

Noah: It's not --

Victor: She prevailed upon your generosity, Noah. She conned you into getting her a job at Nicholas' night club, didn't she?

Noah: Grandpa, I think you're a little short on some of the facts here, okay?

Victor: Oh, yeah?

Noah: Yes. Look, Marisa came into town. She was scared and alone.

Nikki: Why was she scared?

Noah: An ex-boyfriend. She needed help hiding from him. I helped her. Grandpa found out that I befriended her, and she summoned her to the park, where he told her to stay away from me.

Victor: Oh, is that what she said? That I summoned her?

Noah: What are you saying? It was her idea?

Nikki: I don't understand any of this. Why would Noah's friend want to talk to you?

Sharon: You really think I would pump faith for information about nick?

Dylan: That's -- that's what it sounded like.

Sharon: Well, you misheard. Faith brought up that she thought nick and Sage were having problems.

Dylan: Well, they're still together. They must have figured it out.

Sharon: A paternity test did prove that nick is the father of the baby, but it sounds like things are still pretty shaky.

Dylan: You know what? It's their problem. Let them deal with it. It's none of our business.

Sharon: No, I mean, if it affects faith, it is.

Dylan: Is that really why you're interested?

Sharon: Why else would I be?

Nick: Hey, guys. Uh, where's faith?

Sharon: Oh, she's in the back getting you a piece of cake.

Nick: All right, well, we have some news. Um, you should hear it, too.

Victor: She is trouble, son.

Noah: You don't even know her, grandpa.

Victor: I know more than you think.

Nikki: I have to admit, your grandfather's ability to read people is extremely accurate.

Noah: That may be true, but it still doesn't give you the right to tell me who I can and cannot be with.

Nikki: No, darling, it doesn't, but, you know, it hasn't been that long since you lost Courtney.

Noah: I understand that, okay? But after everything that I've been through, don't you think that I deserve a friend? Okay. Fact is, I don't need approval from anybody.

Victor: Noah, Noah. I love you, okay? Hate to upset the boy. But I guess he's determined to stand by that girl.

Nikki: Always fighting for the people that he cares about. Reminds me of another Newman man I know.

Victor: Oh, yeah? Well, I admire his loyalty.

Nikki: But?

Victor: That girl has a shady past. She's involved with some dangerous people. Among others, that drug lord that the authorities are looking for.

Nikki: You're kidding. That, um, Marco Anni-- Annicelli?

Victor: Yeah. And I don't want her to be around our family.

Phyllis: Let's find Victor.

Jack: No, no. Victor?

Phyllis: Yes. That's who you came to see, isn't it? He's the only one in Genoa city who knows about Marco. Marisa. She has a suite here, too.

Jack: She was on the ship with me. She could have given the police a description of the captain and said it was Marco.

Phyllis: Why would she do that?

Jack: I'm gonna find that out.

Phyllis: Okay. Let's go.

Jack: No, no, no. Better I go alone.

Phyllis: No, no, no, no. I have been kept in the dark about this way too long.

Jack: I will tell you everything, but I have a better chance of her opening up to me if you're not with me.

Phyllis: I will be waiting at the bar.

Victor: Hello, Phyllis. You're back so soon from your second honeymoon.

Nikki: I hope Istanbul wasn't disappointing. That can happen sometimes on a return trip.

Phyllis: Oh, no, no, no. Wasn't disappointing at all. Just the opposite. Jack opened my eyes to so many things while we were there. Yeah. He helped me see them in a whole, new light.

Marisa: [Gasps] It's so good to see you, jack. It is you...isn't it?

Jack: It's me. It's jack.

Marisa: How do I know?

Jack: By looking in my eyes. It's jack Abbott. I started a fire in the ship with a 9-volt battery and some steel wool. Who else would know that?

Marisa: It's you. But your eyes, they look different. Angry, jack.

Jack: I can't believe you're still here. How do you afford a place like this?

Marisa: I, uh -- so much has happened since after you got shot.

Jack: Yeah, so I've heard.

Marisa: I made some new friends. They helped me get on my feet.

Jack: Anyone I know?

Marisa: Noah Newman. He's nothing like his grand--

Jack: He's a good kid. So, you were on your way somewhere. Where were you going?

Marisa: Uh, it doesn't matter. It's so good to see you, jack. But what are you doing here? I thought you and your bride were on your honeymoon.

Jack: We had some unfinished business to deal with.

Marisa: I-I can explain that.

Jack: What? How you're protecting your lover still? Or how Victor Newman is paying you now?

Victor: Phyllis, please join us.

Phyllis: No. No, no, no, no, no. I would never dream of interrupting such a romantic evening with the two of you.

Nikki: Oh, come on. It's just dinner.

Phyllis: I know how important these moments are in a marriage. Happiness -- it's fleeting. You know, tragedy can happen in an instant.

Nikki: And I'm sure you were relieved that jack came out of that coma. We were all so worried about him.

Phyllis: I appreciate your concern, Nikki.

Nikki: And what a recovery that was. He had barely been released from the hospital. You two were off on the plane to Istanbul.

Phyllis: Yeah, it was a miracle, is what that was. And I actually -- I am not the only person who's benefited from jack's restored health. He was able to back up your story about what happened in the park the night you shot him.

Victor: Isn't that nice how he was able to clear up this terrible misunderstanding?

Nikki: Well, now we can finally have some peace between the Newmans and the Abbotts.

Victor: I don't see any reason why not.

Phyllis: Well, just like that?

Victor: Yes, just like that. Do you honestly think that jack wants to relive the events of the past few months? Neither do I.

Phyllis: No, neither of us want to relive what led up to that -- what did you just call it? -- Terrible misunderstanding in the park. Yeah, no. No.

[Cell phone rings]

Victor: Oh. Excuse me. I've got to take that. I'm sorry.

Phyllis: I got to go.

Nikki: No, Phyllis, please don't. Stay. Stay a few minutes. I know you've had a rough couple of months.

Phyllis: You have no idea.

Nikki: We are both very lucky women, you know that? Both of our husbands made it out of a collapsed building alive, and they survived wanting to kill each other. Now we have this chance to start a fresh life.

Phyllis: With all due respect, Nikki, either you're drunk, delusional, or both.

Victor: You find Marco Annicelli. If it becomes known that he's a dead ringer for jack Abbott, all hell will break loose. You got it?

Sharon: Before faith comes back, you should be aware that she knows what's going on between you two.

Nick: How can she know that? I mean, I just proposed.

Sharon: You just -- you're engaged?!

Sage: Ye-- uh, nick gave me this last night.

Nick: Um, what did you -- what were you talking about?

Dylan: Uh, probably just a misunderstanding. Congratulations on the engagement. That is great.

Sage: Thank you.

Nick: Thanks, man.

Sharon: Could I talk to you just so we know how we're gonna handle this?

Nick: Uh, sure. Yeah.

Dylan: How about a decaf latte on the house?

Sage: Yeah, that's great.

Dylan: Okay.

Sage: Okay.

Nick: You okay? Are you worried about anything?

Sharon: Yeah. Just I'm worried about you. I know how impulsive and passionate you can be. Are you sure about this? Getting engaged?

Nick: Sharon.

Sharon: I'm just worried about you. You know, faith overheard Sage talking about a paternity test on the phone.

Nick: Yeah, that test proved that the baby is mine.

Sharon: Yeah, but we both know that those tests can be manipulated.

Nick: Sage would never do anything that cruel or hurtful.

Sharon: So you're saying she would never be as devious and manipulative as me?

Sharon: It would be nice if you held Sage to the same standards you hold me to.

Nick: Sage has never done anything like you did.

Sharon: She lied to you about sleeping with Gabe and that he was possibly the father of her child.

Nick: Can you just be happy for me?

Sharon: I am happy for you. Your happiness means a lot to me. Because if you get hurt, then faith gets hurt. That's why I'm worried about you rushing into this engagement.

Nick: Sage and I are committed to each other.

Sharon: Yeah, well, Sage lied about being committed to a marriage before.

Nick: Sage and Gabe never had a real marriage, and Sage is the one who ended it, and that cost her a huge share of the Bingham fortune.

Sharon: Oh, well, not a huge sacrifice, considering where she's landed.

Nick: Look, Sage broke it off because she couldn't handle the lie, which is more than I could say...

Sharon: Wow. Just -- [Sighs] Wow. Nick, have you forgotten that you failed to get an accurate paternity test for 20 years? So ease off on the judgment. We've all lied, including Sage. So let's not pretend otherwise.

Dylan: Hey. Did you get that cake?

Faith: Big piece.

Dylan: Big piece?

Faith: Extra big, extra chocolaty.

Dylan: Good. That's good. What's wrong?

Sage: Oh.

Faith: Is that an engagement ring?

Sage: Yes. It's, um...

Faith: You and daddy aren't breaking up?

Sage: Well, faith, if I --

Faith: Mommy, come here, quick!

Sharon: What is it, sweetie?

Sage: Nick, I was -- she asked me --

Faith: Daddy's engaged!

Nikki: I understand why you're upset. You're upset with Victor, with good reason. Your husband was in a coma for weeks because of him. I understand.

Phyllis: Your husband's actions were beyond contemptible.

Nikki: Phyllis, I am truly sorry for everything you have been through.

Phyllis: Nikki, you have no idea what I've been through.

Nikki: Well, maybe not. But even jack said that Victor shot him in self-defense.

Phyllis: That was the very least of it.

Nikki: Well, I don't know what you mean.

Phyllis: I want you tell me -- tell me -- how can you defend that man that you're married to?

Nikki: Maybe it was in the same way that you defended your husband when he merged his father's legacy with somebody that he hated. And then you stood by and watched him buy sports cars and blow off business meetings and carry on like a teenager in heat. And then when he decided he wanted both companies, he framed my husband for embezzlement, and you stood by and watched every minute.

Phyllis: Jack may not have been acting like himself, but he never, ever tried to kill someone.

Nikki: He brought a gun to the park.

Phyllis: That wasn't jack! Not the jack I know, anyway.

Nikki: So you're not really upset with Victor or anything he has done. You're upset because jack has not been himself.

Phyllis: He is now.

Nikki: Well, Victor has found his footing, as well. And he would like to make up for what he's done. He truly wants our families to get back together. So, Phyllis, can you please forgive him, not blame him for the troubles you're having in your life, and look forward to what you have ahead with jack?

Phyllis: Nikki, jack and I are fine, in spite of Victor. And if you insist on defending your husband, that is your choice. But I happen to think it makes you incredibly foolish.

Nikki: Is that right?

Victor: So, what in the world did I do wrong now?

Nikki: Well... apparently Phyllis is not ready or willing to forgive and forget you, and she says that I would be a fool to trust you.

Victor: Well...

Nikki: Is she right?

Marisa: I'm not protecting Marco, and I'm not working for Victor.

Jack: Then explain this.

Marisa: Noah and his friends found out that Marco and I were together. They went running to the cops. I realized that if they didn't know what Marco looked like, you hadn't told them the truth. I didn't know what to do. So I gave them a false description.

Jack: So Marco is alive.

Marisa: He should be. His car crashed into that lake, but his body wasn't there.

Jack: And the police are looking for him.

Marisa: The police and Victor. Victor searched the lake before the police did.

Jack: If Victor found the body and got rid of it, I have no proof that he kidnapped me and replaced me.

Marisa: I don't think that's the case.

Jack: You don't know Victor Newman.

Marisa: What he did to you proves he's capable of anything. But when he came to me for information, he looked genuinely worried that Marco was still out there.

Jack: Oh, I am sure the idea of two jack Abbotts walking around has him more than a little bit nervous.

Marisa: Oh, I'm scared, too, jack. If Marco returns, it would be so easy for him to pretend to be you.

Jack: Which means everyone I know is in danger.

[Thunder rumbles]

Dylan: We should get going if we're gonna get home before the storm hits.

Sharon: Hmm.

Dylan: We can drop that off at nick's on our way if you want.

Sharon: Hmm. She has one just like it at her father's house. Seems like she's got two of everything now. We're such a modern family.

Dylan: Uh, you and nick splitting up hasn't been easy on faith, but she's adjusting.

Sharon: Yeah. She has gotten used to the fact that we're not going to be the family she hoped we'd be.

Dylan: Have you?

Sharon: You really think I want nick back?

Dylan: I think part of you misses the life that you had together.

Sharon: That was the past.

Dylan: I know, but it was supposed to be your life, you and nick raising faith, the three of you finally being a family.

Sharon: That was a dream.

Dylan: One that you let go of?

Sharon: I'm planning a life with you now, Dylan. And our child.

Dylan: I know. I just saw how it affected you when nick said he was marrying Sage. So if you're having any doubts or if you change your mind about our relationship, now's the time to tell me.

Faith: Are you sure it's here?

Sage: I'm very sure. Last time you were here, you left it, and I put it behind the bar for safe keeping. Ah.

Faith: Swagglepuss!

Nick: Swagglepuss.

Sage: Yay! [Chuckles]

Faith: Can we go home now, daddy?

Nick: You know, why don't we wait till the storm dies down a little bit?

Faith: Can I have a Shirley temple, please?

Nick: You got any money?

Faith: No, but I know the owner.

Nick: Okay, well, have a seat. I'll see if I can find swaggle some, uh, catnip or a tiara.

Sage: [Laughs]

Nick: Hey, thank you so much for remembering that swag two was here.

Sage: That's okay. I'm happy to save a trip to the coffeehouse.

Nick: Yeah. About that, uh... I'm sorry that faith talked to Sharon about our personal life.

Sage: That's okay. I don't think she meant any harm by it.

Nick: Still... I should talk to her. One Shirley temple.

Faith: Thanks. Where's the tiara?

Nick: You heard that?

Faith: I hear everything.

Sage: [Chuckles]

Nick: Right. So, about that...

Faith: Uh-oh.

Nick: I know you didn't mean to eavesdrop on Sage's phone call, you know. But if that happens again and you have some questions, you should just go ahead and ask them, that way nobody gets hurt or there aren't any misunderstandings, 'cause I know you don't want that, right?

Faith: No.

Nick: You think there's something you might want to say to Sage?

Faith: Sorry, Sage.

Sage: That's okay, honey. I know you're just worried about your dad. And I just want you to know that I would never do anything to hurt you or the baby.

Faith: So you'll never take your baby away from us?

Sage: No matter what, he or she will always be your little brother or sister.

Victor: No more interruptions tonight, all right? Just you and me.

Nikki: I like the sound of that.

Victor: Do you? Oops.

Nikki: Oh, great.

Victor: What do we have now?

Nikki: There goes our romantic evening.

Victor: Well, I'll be damned. Why don't I talk to the maitre d' and then we get some candles and we have dinner by candlelight. How does that sound?

Nikki: Go ahead. Don't take too long.

Jack: Have you seen Phyllis?

Victor: She disappeared. Apparently seeing me upset her. She seems to think she can't trust me.

Jack: She'd be right.

Victor: You and I had an agreement.

Jack: If I weren't sticking to it, you'd be in jail.

Victor: And if you aren't sticking to your side of the agreement, you'll be facing a death squad on a Caribbean island.

Jack: Don't worry. I'm keeping your dirty, little secret. I may change my mind, though, if you don't start being honest with me.

Victor: What are you talking about?

Jack: You told me Marco was dead. You failed to mention that when the police searched the lake he supposedly drowned in, the body was missing.

Victor: What are you suggesting?

Jack: That you got to him first. Now, you tell me, where is he?

[Knock on door]

[Thunder rumbles]

Marisa: Who is it?

Noah: It's Noah. Just came from a little conversation with my grandfather.

Marisa: What'd he say?

Noah: Just tried to spin me around in circles, which is par for the course when he's confronted with the truth.

Marisa: I wish you hadn't told him about our meeting in the park.

Noah: I wanted to make it perfectly clear he's not gonna be threatening you.

Marisa: The last thing I want is to come between you and your family.

Noah: Believe me, you're not. I'm not gonna let my grandfather control my life. Look, after what I've been through this year, I really... I didn't think that it was possible that I could... that I could have feelings for someone else. I didn't want to admit to myself, but... the moment that I laid eyes on you, everything changed.

Marisa: I knew there was a reason I came here. It was you.

Phyllis: [Sighs]

[Glass shatters]

[Thunder rumbles]

Dylan: We should head out.

Sharon: Wait, before we go, I want to say something.

Dylan: Okay.

Sharon: [Sighs] I'm not secretly hoping that nick and I get back together. I want a life with you. With you and our baby.

Dylan: So, you okay with nick starting a family with Sage?

Sharon: I think the only thing I was ever really worried about was faith, you know. And now that nick and Sage are engaged and everything's settled with the paternity, I wish them every happiness in the world.

Dylan: What about us? What do you wish for us?

Sharon: A fresh start and to create something that neither one of us has ever had before. A love that can weather any storm.

[Thunder rumbles]

Nick: What?

Sage: [Laughs] Nothing. I was -- I was just imagining you covering our baby with a blanket one day, protecting our little angel.

Nick: I promise to keep jabberwocky safe always. I promise.

Sage: Thank you.

Nick: Are you thanking me for doing what husbands and dads are supposed to do?

Sage: For loving me.

Nick: Yeah, that is a burden, actually.

Sage: [Laughs] You're supposed to say loving me is so easy.

Nick: It is. It's super-easy.

Sage: [Laughs] Oh, that was really convincing.

Nick: How about this?

Marisa: You seem a million miles away.

Noah: I'm right here. I just, uh...

Marisa: I don't expect you to forget her.

Noah: And I won't. But I think that, uh, Courtney's the last person who would want me to stay in the past.

Marisa: I don't want to rush you.

Noah: You're not. I plan on taking this slowly. Very... very... slowly.

[Thunder rumbles]

Victor: What makes you think I know where Marco Annicelli is?

Jack: Don't you insult me. And don't underestimate me. I'd say with everything you've just put me through, my survival skills speak for themselves.

Victor: Assuming Marco Annicelli left the bottom of that lake and got out, he's probably somewhere here in Genoa city, don't you think? If I were you, I'd look over my shoulder, because he would like nothing more than to step back into your shoes, jack.

Phyllis: Jack? Honey? Is that you? Oh. You're home.

Marco: Yeah, yeah, I just walked in. What's all this?

Phyllis: I will clean all of that up in the morning. I just hate that photo.

Marco: What's wrong with it?

Phyllis: I-I just think my smile was really strange in that. Don't you think?

Marco: Your smile is always fantastic. You know that.

Phyllis: Well, then I will have to get another frame. [Chuckles] Um, I was upstairs just looking at our beautiful photos. I was wracking my brain to remember the name of that palace we went to. You remember the name?

Marco: No, I don't remember it, either.

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