Y&R Transcript Wednesday 7/29/15


Episode # 10720 ~ Phyllis second guesses her future with Jack; Billy loses his cool; Christine gives Paul an ultimatum.

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Billy: Most of the trouble is fallout over Gabe's resignation at this point. The business press...

Jack: Thanks.

Billy: ...Is having a field day with the details -- shootings, false sons, executive shuffle. There's no rush, but when are you coming back to the office?

Jack: Not yet.

Billy: Okay. All right. So, not this morning. Maybe this afternoon. 2:00-ish, let's say?

Jack: I'm not gonna nail down a day or a time. Just not yet.

Billy: You do realize that the longer you stay away, the more bloated and puffed up Victor becomes. Why don't you just come back down there and stick a pin in the guy?

Jack: Not a priority.

Billy: Why the hell not?

Phyllis: I'd like to know the answer to that, myself.

Adam: Hey. I came here to see chief Williams.

Harding: Well, that's how you flee jurisdiction, huh? Back by morning. Way to commit, Bingham.

Adam: All right. Look, I didn't come here to talk to you.

Harding: No, no. I know. You came here to talk to the big man himself, but chief's away on a medical situation, so you get lowly old me instead. But, uh, don't worry. I got a speech prepared and everything. [Clears throat] Gabriel Bingham, you're under arrest for obstructing an officer. Anything you say can and will -- and I mean, seriously, will be used against you in a court of law, and people will cheer. You have the right to an attorney, provided you can find one that doesn't want to kick you in the head.

Adam: No, no. No attorney. Just me. Can we get this over with?

Paul: Stitch, tell Chris I'm fine, please.

Stitch: Your vitals are better.

Paul: See? Better.

Christine: You had a heart attack.

Paul: Minor.

Christine: Minor. Okay, just because it was a minor heart attack, does it mean that it should be ignored?

Stitch: A heart attack is a heart attack. Could be blockage or stress.

Paul: Stress. I'm a cop. Stress happens.

Christine: Then you agree, for the sake of your health, you need to take a leave of absence.

Paul: Whoa, whoa, whoa. When did I say that?

Christine: Given that stress caused this, Paul, and I'm assuming you don't want it to happen again, right?

Paul: Well, yeah. Look, you see what she's doing? She's using her courtroom skills against me. That's not fair. I can't leave my job.

Christine: You can't or you won't?

Paul: Dylan, I'm glad you're here. I could use some backup. Chris wants me to take a leave of absence. I'm telling her I'm fine. There's nothing to worry about.

Cane: What's that?

Colin: Well, they call it the hair of the dog that bit you.

Cane: Oh. Okay. But actually, dad, I don't think it was a dog. It was more like a saber-toothed tiger.

Colin: [Chuckles] Whatever. Good to have you blow off a bit of steam, and as my missus is in Hong Kong, I was happy to be your wingman.

Cane: Oh, that's right. She has the new chancellor office. Good for her.

Colin: Good for everyone. Good to have you out and about. No wallowing in a corner for my boy.

Cane: Yeah, that's right, dad. I don't wallow. No wallow in me.

Colin: I couldn't help but notice last night, you mentioned the word custody quite a bit when you were in your cups.

Cane: Yeah, I did, and that's because lily doesn't deserve to have custody. Because after she broke our vows, she broke our family. And she doesn't get to play winner-take-all after that.


Cane: [Groans] Really?

Lily: I spoke with your wedding planner earlier, and she said that she's fine with me butting in.

Devon: You're not butting in at all. This is stuff that we need.

Hilary: And I love that idea about the lounge area. It's perfect.

Lily: Good. I'm glad. Well, I found some images of floral arrangements and tablescapes.

Devon: Good. We need all that.

Lily: I know you're both just humoring me.

Hilary: No. It's true, trust me. We need all the help that we can get. [Chuckles]

Lily: Look, I know that you're trying to keep my mind off of my marriage, but you don't have to. Because my focus is solely on you and your day. It's the beginning of your life together, and we're gonna make sure everything is perfect.

Victor: I love having both sisters back at Newman, and now our son, Nicholas.

Nikki: Well, he's there now, but don't expect it to last. It never does.

Victor: Don't say that. Miracles do happen sometimes.

Nikki: Well, you know, your children love you very much. They will always rally when there is a threat. But when that threat is gone...

Victor: You're talking about Gabriel? Gabriel Bingham? He's out of the company. All right. I must say, thanks to him, Abby was promoted and, uh, Victoria decided to fight for her company and, uh, Nicholas came back, okay? Maybe he remembers what it means to be a Newman.

Nikki: What exactly does it mean to be a Newman? To be a business person? To be richer? To be successful? To be like you?

Victor: It means to be hard-working. It means to never give up. Newman's never lose, in the end. That's what it means.

Harding: Scale of 1 to 10 -- how bad did it suck when Jack Abbott woke up and basically called you a liar, said that he'd had a gun when Victor Newman shot him? Oh, come on. That's got to be a 10, right? So humiliating. And after you went to the trouble of hiding the gun in your girlfriend's condo. The idea was to stick it to Victor Newman, but you got stuck instead. I mean, that's got to sting.

Adam: You don't have a lot of friends, do you?

Harding: No.

Adam: No.

Harding: But I got to have more than you, right? I mean, who is on team Bingham these days?

Adam: Can we just get this over with, please?

Harding: All right. I like that. Ready and willing to pay your debt to society. Maybe I'll even mention it to the chief. Now the fun part -- we scan your fingerprints, see if we get any hits. I get excited every time. This is like Christmas for cops. Sometimes we get all sorts of fun surprises. Hop up. Here we go. You seem tense. You have to relax. This could take all day.

[Cell phone rings]

Harding: All right. Hold on. Hold on. Sit tight. Official police business. Yes. Go for Harding. Yes, sir. I am booking him right now. What? You got to be kidding me.

Jack: What? Are you trying to get rid of me? Put a briefcase in my hand and shove me out the door?

Phyllis: Well, you are the Abbott in Newman-Abbott.

Jack: I am also the husband in "husband and wife." I think I need to be here right now.

Phyllis: Are you not feeling well, sweetie? Is that why you don't want to go back to the office?

Jack: No. As a matter of fact, I'm feeling just fine.

Billy: Do I get a vote in all of this?

Jack: No, you really don't.

Billy: Great. Well, in that case, I'm going back to the office to keep an eye on things. But just so you know, Jack, we really need you.

Jack: Bye, Billy.

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Jack: You all right this morning?

Phyllis: I did not sleep very well last night. No.

Jack: That why you want me to go back to the office? So you can get some rest?

Phyllis: No. I am thrilled you're back home. Nothing's right when you're not with me.

Jack: I feel the same way. So, what do you want to do today? Have some lunch, go for a walk, go to a movie?

Phyllis: All of those things sound very "first date"... which, I suppose, is fitting. Honey, I-I-I'm feeling a little weird here, like suddenly we're strangers.

Lily: I think this wedding should be uniquely yours -- you know, for you and about you, the wedding that no one else could ever have.

Devon: Well, yeah. It's us, so no one else could have it.

Lily: No, I mean inspiration-wise.

Devon: Ah.

Lily: You know, like a song or a color, you know? A location, a place that's special for just you two.

Hilary: I love that idea, but do you really think that we have time to do all of this?

Lily: Yeah. Of course we do.

Devon: Are you two suddenly sharing a brain, 'cause I'm not sure.

Hilary: Okay, shh. I am sending your sister some inspiration ideas right now.

Devon: Okay.

[Cell phone chimes]

Lily: Okay. Got it. And I will send that to the planner, and then we'll run with it.

Devon: Is there anything I should be doing?

Lily: Yes. Just love your bride. You know, just remember that on that day, no one else matters but you two. We're just there to share in your joy and witness real love.

Devon: [Muffled talking]

Lily: [Muffled talking]

Dylan: It seems to me you had a heart attack, and that's a pretty good excuse to sit on the sofa and watch a little TV.

Paul: Look, this is my job. This is my life. Right? It's my call.

Dylan: You know, I-I thought the whole -- the whole marriage thing meant that you actually had to listen to your wife now and then. But you know what? That's right. It's your life. It's your call. Forget the doctor's orders. Forget your wife's peace of mind. It's all about you.

Paul: That's not what I said. Come on, Dylan.

Dylan: That's what I heard. Anybody? Anybody else?

Stitch: This is where I leave you. Nicely done, Mac.

James: No touching. You hear me?

Sir, I just need you to --

James: Just tell me what the room number is, and I can get there myself.

I need assistance in the south corridor.

Stitch: No security. I got this. It's okay. Really.

Cancel request.

James: You gonna throw me out yourself?

Stitch: Where did you serve?

James: Helmand province, Afghanistan.

Stitch: Marine? Army. We never made it that far south down to Helmand, but we heard stories. Rough. What's your name?

James: I don't like doctors. They shuffle you around. They leave you in a corner. Everyone wants to forget that you exist.

Stitch: Not this one. I got your back. Let's find your room.

James: James. That's my name.

Stitch: All right, James. Let's find your room.

Abby: I so appreciate your suggestions, but I think we need a perspective on this that's not quite so...1998.

Victoria: Excuse me?

Abby: Oh, I'm sure it worked back then. At least, I heard it did.

Victoria: Yeah. Why don't you go tell dad that we shouldn't do things the way that we did them in the olden times and see what he says?

Billy: Ah, the dulcet tones of sibling affection.

Abby: Please tell me uncle Jack is behind you. He and I need a private meeting.

Billy: No. No Jack. He's recuperating with his lady.

Abby: Phyllis couldn't come in with him?

Victoria: The man just came out of a coma. He can spend some time with his wife.

Abby: Oh, please. You are faking sympathy, but really, you want more time to knock me off of my game before he gets back.

Victoria: Why don't you put yourself in their position? Jack and Phyllis make each other better, braver, stronger, and they need each other to heal.

Abby: Thank you. I understand the concept of love.

Billy: There are different kinds of love, Abby. I mean, there's the kind that make you smile, make you feel good, and some that make you feel crazy, which is nice for a while, but...when you have that deep connection, I mean, nothing else matters. It's -- well, not even a miserable day at the office.

Jack: It is like a first date, getting reacquainted.

Phyllis: We know each other better than anyone else.

Jack: Yeah, but there's always something to learn, something new. Makes us lucky.

Phyllis: It also means we -- we can feel it when something's off.

[Doorbell rings]

Phyllis: I'll get it.

Jack: No, no, no. No, I'm -- my legs need this. [Groans] Gabe.

Adam: Hope this isn't a bad time.

Phyllis: Actually, Gabe, I'd say your timing has been consistently bad.

Jack: Red, um --

Phyllis: I'll be upstairs. Holler if you need me.

Jack: What are you doing? I don't need you bringing this to my doorstep when my wife is in this house.

Adam: Yeah, listen, I was just at the police station, okay? I was two seconds away from being fingerprinted. All of a sudden, the phone call comes in. Now I'm a free man.

Jack: I told you I had a friend.

Adam: I was ready to do the right thing, Jack.

Jack: Oh, well, then by all means, go back to the station.

Adam: Okay, or -- or maybe you would rather I just disappear altogether, right? That's what's best for everyone, according to you.

Jack: What?

Adam: I overheard your conversation with Chelsea. What did you tell her? How did you put it? You said it's better if I just were to take off or be jailed like I deserve?

Jack: You overheard? You were in my house, uninvited?

Adam: Yeah, I've done it before, Jack.

Jack: That's gonna stop. I don't know what you want from me, particularly after you stood by and benefited from that monster taking over my life.

Adam: Chelsea came to you, Jack, because she knew that you were the only friend that I had. You could have told her anything. You could have told her to trust me. You could have fixed my family. You could have put it back together just like that, but you didn't, did you? So now, guess what, I got nothing. Thanks to you, I got nothing. So that means I got nothing to lose.

Jack: You want to martyr yourself and drag everyone down with you? What are you doing here? You could have told the police everything. You'd be before a judge right now.

Adam: Yeah, no. I almost did. Believe me. I almost told them the whole story of how Sage found me in the river, of how Gabriel Bingham sacrificed his life saving me, about how I got a new face, I got a new name. You covered it up. Oh, yeah, by the way, that your brother shot me. Believe me, Jack. It would be a relief to stop running from all this.

Jack: You've already gotten your relief. You told Chelsea and she didn't turn you in.

Adam: Well, she can't forgive me now, either.

Jack: So try again. And stop pretending like you're ready to blow this whole thing open. You're not. As long as you're out of a cell, you have a shot with Chelsea and Connor. What?

Adam: Not anymore. I-I panicked and I took Connor and I tried to run away with him.

Jack: Oh...

Adam: I didn't go through with it, Jack, but the look on her face --

Jack: You want forgiveness and understanding, and you do something stupid and unforgivable.

Adam: Unforgivable? You want to talk about unforgivable? How about the fact that you threw me under the bus to side with Victor? What the hell was that? You're pissed off at me because I didn't do anything about Marco? What the hell have you done about him since you woke up?

Jack: I have done everything I could to make my wife safe, to protect my freedom. Right now, the only thing -- the only thing that is important is that Phyllis is safe and she doesn't know what really happened to her.

Adam: Yeah, but you do, don't you? You know exactly what happened. In the hospital, you told me that you were gonna take Victor down once and for all. What the hell was that? A tease, huh?

Jack: After what he did to my wife, what do you think?

Lily: So, I spoke with your wedding planner, and the list of possible venues is pretty limited 'cause of the short notice, but the good news is you're filthy rich. So if there's some place that you really want...

Devon: Well, I was hoping for the park 'cause of Katherine, but...

Hilary: That's where Neil and I got married.

Nikki: Neil, my friend, come on. This is not something you should be doing. Come on with me. Let's go.

Devon: I mean, this wedding is about new beginnings, so park's off the list.

Lily: Well, I don't want to state the obvious, but I do know one beautiful place we could get.

Devon: That's true. If we have it here at the club, we can control security.

Hilary: And it does feel like home.

Devon: Yeah. Is it boring, though?

Hilary: Home is not boring, especially not with you.

Lily: Um, so, guest list. Do you want big and social or small and intimate?

Hilary: Uh, the latter, please.

Lily: Okay, so, friends and family. So then I have to ask...

Devon: I can't ask Neil to stand there and smile for us. I think it's too much, too soon.

Lily: Well, maybe it's something you guys can talk about.

Cane: You're giving them wedding advice? Is she gonna leave the part about fidelity out of the vows? Is that what you're gonna do?

Billy: Am I crazy or a few months ago, was it a major lovefest between you two with you telling Abby that you wanted her to be Katie's godmother because she's so mature?

Abby: Well, that was before she felt threatened and intimidated. Gosh, life was so much more fun when you were the supportive big sister and I was just a walking failure.

Billy: Oh, speaking of walking failures.

Adam: [Chuckles]

Victoria: Are you here to clean out your desk? We would have boxed everything up for you.

Billy: Yeah, and sent it to the jailhouse.

Adam: All charges were dropped, Billy.

Billy: [Chuckles] Of course. So, who did you blackmail this time?

Adam: No one. Justice prevailed.

Victoria: Like hell it did.

Adam: I was just trying to protect Jack.

Billy: You know, you have no business outside of a jail cell, and you sure as hell don't have any business in this office. So, why don't you shut your mouth and get out?

Victor: Gabriel isn't going anywhere.

Dylan: It seems like if there was ever a time to back off work --

Christine: It's not gonna be forever, just until you recover.

Paul: Oh, I see. So, you two have your medical degrees? Ah, I didn't think so. So, okay. You want me to rest? I'll do that now. So, if you'll excuse me... you're kind of aggravating my condition.

Christine: Okay.

Dylan: [Sighs] Not the best patient I've ever seen.

Christine: Thank you for backing me up in there. Paul needed to hear that from someone other than me, even though he refuses to listen.

Dylan: I definitely get where he's coming from, but...I also know that you love him and that you want him around for a while.

Christine: Yes, I do.

Dylan: Look, uh, I know finding out I was Paul and Nikki's son didn't go over well with you. But I have to say that I'm grateful that I'm family with both of you, and it means a lot to me.

Christine: Okay, you're giving me so much more credit than I deserve. Because I did resent the connection you and Nikki had with Paul. Because I wasn't a part of it. I-I was so focused on having a family, and then I realized there was something real standing right in front of me.

Dylan: [Chuckles] Lucky you.

Christine: Lucky me. [Chuckles] Look, I need some coffee if I'm gonna try and talk down your father. Do you want some?

Dylan: Uh, no. No, thanks. I'm good.

Christine: Okay. I'll be back.

Stitch: Hey. Is Paul resting?

Dylan: Yeah. Man, that guy is stubborn. Glad I didn't get that gene. Dodged a bullet there, right?

Stitch: [Laughs] Oh, yeah. You're not stubborn at all. Well...

Dylan: So, uh, tell me the truth. How bad is it for Paul?

Stitch: Not as bad as it could have been. You know, he'll get treated. Just gonna have to look after himself.

Dylan: Well, Chris will make him.

Stitch: It's good he has her. I just saw a patient, a vet. No one was with him, freaked out when the nurse touched him. Ah...

Dylan: Takes you back just like that, doesn't it?

Stitch: And I remind myself that I'm not there. I'm here, doing what I'm meant to do.

Dylan: And you have Abby.

Stitch: [Chuckles] Yeah. Yeah, you know, check us out. Living real lives and everything.

Dylan: Yeah. I'm saving the world one latte at a time, buddy.

Stitch: [Chuckles] Being happy isn't the worst thing, man. Who's got it better than us, huh?

Victoria: Dad, he tried to frame you.

Victor: But he failed. Thank God he's better at business than he is at obstructing the law.

Abby: Okay, just to be clear, Gabe is not uncle jack's son, but he's staying in the family business? I-I'm not arguing, just asking.

Victor: Jack seems to be all right with it. I think so should the rest of you.

Billy: Why? This is ridiculous. You're just pouring gasoline on the fire to torch Newman-Abbott.

Victor: If you're beginning to feel the heat of the inferno, my dear boy, why don't you resign?

Victoria: All right. Well, you've made your announcement. It's not exactly the decision I would have made, but Billy and I have something on the books, so we're gonna go now.

Victor: You do that, sweetheart.

Abby: Well, I am not going to throw a tantrum. Gabe and I work well together.

Victor: Well, I'm glad to hear that.

Abby: So, what is first on the agenda?

Victor: There's a meeting about future acquisitions I would like you to be a part of, all right? The research is on your desk.

Abby: Great. I will get on that right away.

Adam: Go nail it.

Abby: I will.

Adam: Wow. Well, that is an interesting turn of events, isn't it? You go from planting a gun at Chelsea's apartment in order to incriminate me to rehiring me at Newman-Abbott. What the hell's going on here?

Victor: Well, you know, you're free, so you may as well work here, right?

Adam: And maybe you just want to keep me close so you can keep an eye on me.

Victor: You seem determined to make me regret my generosity.

Neil: You are afraid that I'm gonna make a scene at the club just because my son is planning his wedding to my wife.

Nikki: Ex-wife.

Neil: For about the last two minutes. Excuse me for not catching up fast enough.

Nikki: Okay, okay. And you can call me out on that. God knows I've called you out on enough things, especially when you remind me that Victor is the trigger for my drinking.

Neil: Only, Nikki, because it's true.

Nikki: Okay. Here's something else that's true. You're not doing yourself any favors by eavesdropping on Hilary and Devon's happiness.

Neil: Yeah. They're happy at my expense.

Nikki: You're right. You got a raw deal. And you know what you can do about it? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Neil: You're gonna try to school me when you've had enough sense to move out of the ranch but you're still hanging out with Victor all day long?

Nikki: Which you call me out on every chance you get. Let me tell you something. Don't do this to yourself.

Neil: You know what it's like? It's like I'm playing this movie all day long in my head. And all I see is them laughing, smiling, making their plans. And it makes me want revenge.

Nikki: Neil...

Neil: You listen to me. I don't want to drink. I want to crush their dreams and leave them in darkness. Oh, no. I'm not gonna drink. See, this -- these thoughts are my drink of choice, and Nikki, I can't get enough.

Colin: Hey, look. There's a chair over there with your name on it.

Cane: I don't want to sit on the chair over there. What I want to do is consult with the event wedding-planning specialist over here. Did she, uh, prepare your vows for you? Did she say, "hey, I promise to be faithful until I have some excuse to cheat"?

Lily: Stop it. You have no right to ruin this for Devon and Hilary.

Cane: Well, when Devon begged me to keep his dirty, little secret, it gave you the choice that you could just, like, punish me and push me away. And let's not forget what Hilary did when she tried to drug me and get me in bed with her and take photos so that you would think that I was sleeping with her so you would break up with me. But no, no. You were right. I do not have a reason to hold a grudge. 'Cause what they're doing right now is they're bonding over being adulterers.

Devon: Back off and leave her alone, please.

Cane: You see? It's three adulterers right there.

Cane: You're a team now? Is that what's happening here? It's not enough that you got to marry your father's wife? You've now decided to get his daughter to help you plan the wedding?

Lily: Wait. You're attacking Devon for keeping his secrets? Stop using me as an excuse to attack everyone in my life.

Cane: And I'm absolutely baffled by the fact that you are now so sympathetic to their illicit affair, now you've decided to break your own wedding vows.

Lily: Do you want to do this here, really? 'Cause I can tell you the long list of things that I've had to forgive you for.

Cane: Maybe you didn't forgive me. Maybe that's what you've been waiting for. This is payback so you could cheat on someone. I mean, who better to do it with than my friend Joe?

Lily: Is this fun for you -- attacking the mother of your children? Because the man that I married would be disgusted with himself.

Paul: So, the call came to you directly?

Harding: Someone who was dialed into everything that's going on. The call came from judge Redding's office. "Release Bingham. No charges. No argument."

Paul: Hmm. So, somebody's jerking the judge's chain. Did he give you any indication?

Harding: Whoever it is, it's someone pretty high up the food chain.

Paul: Well, okay. Well, you know some of the people that work in judge Redding's office. Why don't you see if you can get a look at the call log?

Harding: All right.

Paul: And -- um, that walk-off single was really something, wasn't it?

Dylan: Yeah. That's funny. Visit's over. Doctor's orders.

Paul: Oh, come on. We were just talking about the sox game.

Dylan: No, no. You were just working. It's time for you to take a break. Seriously. Harding, come on.

Paul: Keep me posted.

Harding: Well, it's a good thing we're such buddies now or I'd have you arrested.

Dylan: Oh, yeah? For what?

Harding: For being generally annoying.

Dylan: What were you thinking getting him worked up over a case?

Harding: What? The chief asked for an update.

Dylan: The chief had a heart attack 12 hours ago. He's supposed to forget he's a cop right now.

Harding: A heart attack? Why -- he -- he told me it was nothing major.

Dylan: Yeah, because Paul has it in his head that he's gonna muscle through, ignore it, and it's gonna go away. We all know it's not gonna go away. You ignore a problem, it's gonna get worse.

Stitch: Studying for exams?

Abby: Hey. [Chuckles] Yeah. I-I know, right? I feel like I'm getting my M.B.A. At Newman-Abbott. But it's great. It's fun and exciting and lots of drama, which you know I love. And my dad has completely backed me as COO., Which is driving Victoria crazy, but... I don't know. I just -- I have a meeting later today.

Stitch: I bet you're gonna blow them away.

Abby: Did you just get off a shift?

Stitch: Yeah.

Abby: Is everything okay?

Stitch: Had to handle a patient, you know, a vet. He was pretty messed up. You could look into his eyes and see everything that happened to him. You know, it -- it took me back. I could feel it. As I was leaving the hospital, all I could think about was when I was stateside and Dylan and the guys got ambushed.

Abby: You had no way of knowing what would happen to your unit.

Stitch: Doesn't matter. They were my brothers. They still are, even if all we had in common was being in the same unit. That was everything.

Abby: Well, yeah. I mean, I guess that's how it is, kind of, with me and Gabe. I mean, after everything he's done to my family -- my father, my uncle -- he had faith in me. And we're in this together.

Stitch: Um... [Chuckles] I-I got to get back to the hospital.

Abby: I should probably get back to this research. Um...this was a really nice... surprise. [Sighs]

Jack: Gabe took off.

Phyllis: Oh, I know. I heard the door. Before you explain why he came, please don't. It'll just be another partial explanation that leaves me with more questions.

Jack: The last thing I want is for you to feel shut out.

Phyllis: You're home. That's what I want to focus on.

Jack: That's right. I'm home. Wherever you are is home, anywhere you are. That's home for me. I was trapped inside my brain for a really long time. All that time, I wanted to get back to you, touch your cheek, watch you throw your head back and laugh. We can't seem to do that now, not here, anyway. So, what do you say? Will you come away with me?

Phyllis: You want to take a trip?

Jack: No. Not a trip. I want to take our honeymoon.

Victor: I don't want you to forget that you are only here because Jack Abbott pulled some strings for you.

Adam: Yeah, well, for some reason, he's looking out for you, too. Otherwise, he would have told the police that he was unarmed.

Victor: What about you? You admitted that you were hiding a gun in Chelsea's apartment.

Adam: I said some things that were useful in the moment.

Victor: Oh, yeah? Per jack's order? Why would you put out your neck for Jack Abbott?

Adam: Hardly putting out my neck. I'm a free man, aren't I?

Victor: But he's not your father. Why would you risk anything for Jack Abbott? Does he have something on you?

Paul: Are you gonna rat me out to Chris or stitch or -- or both? You know, I do have a job to do.

Dylan: It's not a job. It's who you are.

Paul: [Sighs]

Dylan: And not much anybody can do about it. Like you said, it's your life. You're gonna live it on your own terms, and...[Sighs] All we can do is watch.

Paul: You know, a lecture would have been a lot easier to take. It's not what Chris thinks. The stress from this job is not gonna kill me. I'm here. I'm fine. I will be here for you and for Chris and -- and for heather and for anyone else who wants me around.

Dylan: Well, I lost one father. [Sighs] And I don't want to do that again anytime soon. Now, you have a grandchild on the way. Okay? I don't want you to be a bunch of stories and photos. I want my son or daughter to get to know you.

Nikki: The thing is, these ugly thoughts you have have nothing to do with Hilary or Devon and everything to do with you. And they are poisoning you.

Neil: Okay, okay. It doesn't mean that I can shut them out, does it? Listen, it seemed like yesterday that I was falling in love with Hilary. I offered her a home and a family and a future. And what are they doing right now? They're gonna stand under the stars and pledge their love for each other. It hurts. In fact, it stings. It's a slap in my face.

Colin: Ethan, my boy, I think you've made your point.

Cane: It's a family trait of theirs -- cheating. That's what they like to do.

Lily: Cane, you need to stop it. You don't get to ruin this for Devon and Hilary just because you've become bitter and nasty.

Cane: Oh, this is great. You know, a few months back, you hated her so much that you pushed her into the pool, and now you're best friends with her out of nowhere.

Lily: Well, you know what? Hilary's apologized enough. And so have I, and I've learned that if people can't get over themselves, it's not my fault. And it's not Hilary's, either.

Billy: How does having Gabe at the company help anybody but Gabe? I mean, what is in it for Victor?

Victoria: Well, there must be something, because dad didn't keep him on for his own amusement.

Billy: Yeah, exactly. So -- so, what is it? Is it a deal? Is it blackmail? There's got to be something going on. Because Bingham should be in jail and out of a job, not the other way around.

Victoria: And your passion on the subject has nothing to do with Chelsea?

Billy: Vick, no. It doesn't. It's a lot bigger than that.

Victoria: Okay. We know you loathe Gabe. We all do. Everyone except for Abby, that is.

Billy: It's not the same. It's like this -- this acid that burns in my gut. This intense hatred that makes me want to tackle the guy and beat the hell out of him every time I see him. And then there's that smirk. It's as if he knows that no matter what he does, he's gonna get away with it. I mean, when is this guy gonna pay?

Adam: You want answers, right? You're looking for answers because knowledge is power. You drilled that into your offspring, didn't you?

Victor: We're not talking about my children. We're talking about you.

Adam: That's right. We are talking about me, not one of your Newman clones.

Victor: If you have a problem with my kids, tough.

Adam: Yeah, it's tough. It's too bad. 'Cause you adore your children, right? You -- you'd do anything for them -- for Nick, Abby, Victoria.

Victor: You're avoiding my question. Why did you change your story about what happened in the park that night?

Adam: How's it feel to be back, anyway, sitting in your chair, behind your desk? Feels good to be king Victor?

Victor: You're avoiding my question. You have everything. You have a job. Stop sniveling. Be grateful.

Adam: I don't have a damn thing that I want, Victor.

Phyllis: We had a honeymoon.

Jack: I'm talking about a second honeymoon. You're the one that brought it up the other day.

Phyllis: Well, yes, I did. But that doesn't mean we have to take off right now.

Jack: Now's when we need it. What do you say? A fresh start. Do it right. I need you. I need to know that we're okay. I spent a lot of time worrying I was gonna lose you. I heard a bit of what you said in the hospital room. I know you don't want to lose me. Come on. Istanbul is waiting -- the same room, two cups of tea.

Phyllis: [Chuckles]

Jack: Maybe we could even arrange to get rained in again.

Phyllis: [Chuckles] You really think we could get that lucky?

Jack: Look at us. After everything we've been through, we're still together. That's as lucky as you can get.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Marisa: I can speak for myself.

Harding: I'm glad to hear it, 'cause I got a lot of questions for you.

Michael: So, maybe you could forgive lily this one-time indiscretion.

Joe: Yeah, I've got a lot to learn about you.

Lily: [Chuckles] Yeah.

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