Y&R Transcript Friday 7/24/15


Episode # 10717 ~ Neil comes between Nikki & Victor; Sage's world crumbles; Paul & Christine follow a lead on the shooting.

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Ashley: It's true. You're awake. I came back as soon as I got the call from the hospital, and I came here, and you were fast sleep.

Jack: I apologize for my rudeness.

Ashley: This one never left your side, only when it was absolutely necessary. And by that, I mean when she had to kick somebody's butt. [Laughs]

Phyllis: Your sister's right. She doesn't lie.

Jack: I know. I heard. I went in and out of, I don't know what you call it, awareness. But I didn't hear everything. I heard a lot.

Phyllis: I knew you were in there.

Ashley: She tried everything she could to get information out of you. You know, anything about what happened that night in the park.

[Door opens]

Ashley: What do you think? Are you strong enough to let us know what happened with Victor?

Paul: This is just the question I was going to ask. Welcome back, Jack. A lot of people were worried about you.

Phyllis: That's absolutely true, but I want to take it easy on Jack right now.

Jack: It's okay, red. I can tell Paul anything he needs to know.

Phyllis: Let's keep it short and sweet, okay?

Paul: Alone, Jack, if that's okay by you.

Phyllis: Jack.

Jack: Short and sweet. I promise. Promise.

Ashley: Okay, I guess we'll be right outside.

[Door opens]

Paul: All right. Good to see you awake.

[Door closes]

Paul: That was close, Jack. Too close.

Jack: So I've been told.

Paul: So, uh, why don't we get right to it? We know Victor shot you. That's not up for debate. The question is, should I put him away for attempted murder?

Adam: Jack's been awake since last night? Why didn't anyone tell me?

Ashley: Obviously somebody did. That's why you're standing here. Too bad the visitor's list has family only.

Phyllis: I already told Ashley that you've been lying about being an Abbott.

Adam: Did you? No favorite-nephew birthday card for me this year? You're off the hook for that. Did you mention to her that it was jack's idea that I pose as his son in the first place?

Ashley: You know what? My brother just came out of a coma. Can we please just celebrate that one little moment?

Adam: I wouldn't mind seeing him, actually.

Ashley: Well, like I said, you're not family. Besides, he's in there with Paul right now.

Adam: What are they talking about?

Phyllis: Are you hoping he's covering your ass? Is that what you're worried about? Good. Worry. Because if Victor's not going down for this, at least you will.

Neil: You didn't hear, did you? Jack is awake. He made it through.

Nikki: What?

Neil: Jack is back amongst the living, yes.

Nikki: Oh, my God! Oh, my God. Thank you. [Chuckles] And thank you for being the bearer of good news. Hmm. Now we have another situation.

Neil: Does change things, doesn't it? Now you can find out if Victor's been lying to you or not.

Nikki: Yeah.

Victoria: What happened to you taking some time off after the car accident?

Abby: Turns out I'm the type of person who likes to be productive, proactive.

Victoria: Oh. And maybe you also heard about Gabriel Bingham being a fraud. You know, I really hate the way that slimeball jerked you around. It's awful that you're gonna have to step down now.

Victor: Well, now, I wouldn't give your sister the pink slip just yet.

Nick: Were you ever gonna tell me?

Jack: Did Victor know you were armed?

Jack: It was no secret.

Paul: And you drew your gun first?

Jack: Only to lay down my arms. That's all. I was trying to say that I wanted nothing more to do with this madness, but Victor didn't know that. He saw me reach into my pocket. He shot me. Here I am. [Sighs]

Paul: You know, Mr. Bingham claims that you were unarmed.

Jack: I don't know what Gabriel claims he saw. I didn't even know he was there. Look...[Sighs] Paul, it was -- it was a bad night. Stuff happened that I wish I could go back and undo.

Paul: All right, Jack. Can you tell me exactly what you said to Victor in the park?

Jack: Can you maybe help me keep a promise to my wife?

Paul: Short and sweet?

Jack: [Sighs] I just had a nap, and somehow I'm still worn out.

Paul: All right. That's fine. Get some rest. I have what I need right now. And I don't suppose I need to tell you that none of this needed to happen.

Jack: No, chief, I actually figured that out awhile ago.

Paul: Take care.

[Door opens]

Phyllis: Is he okay?

Paul: Yes, he is. Very lucid. It's a good thing you're here. It'll save my men the trouble of tracking you down.

Adam: Is there a problem?

Paul: Well, yeah, you might say that. Jack corroborated Victor's story that the shooting was in self-defense. You claimed otherwise. So we're going to have to have a little conversation down at headquarters, if you don't mind.

Adam: No, it's fine with me. I'm sure we can clear this up rather quickly.

Paul: I'm sure we can. Ladies.

Adam: Have a word with Jack.

Phyllis: No, no. Do not -- do not -- do not --

Jack: Hey, hey, hey. I need a word with my former son.

Abby: Is it too late to get champagne and confetti?

Victoria: The company missed you. And we missed you, too.

Abby: We have a lot to catch up on.

Victoria: Yes, such as the hauling and warehouse labor agreements. It might not be too late to do damage control.

Abby: Which we don't need to do because no damage was done.

Victor: I've caught up on my own, you know. Gabriel Bingham is not jack's son, and he's no longer C.E.O. As for the warehouse deal that you concluded...

Victoria: I tried to help.

Victor: Well, I wouldn't have been quite as generous as you were. But you made up for it by saving some money with the truckers, all right? And besides that, I like the idea of keeping my employees happy.

Victoria: Oh, wait a minute. You approve?

Victor: Yes, sweetheart, I do.

Abby: He does. Which means I will retain my title?

Victor: I'm very proud of what you've done.

Victoria: A month ago, I was COO.

Victor: Victoria, you're my right-hand. You have more power than anyone, all right? Besides, all of my children deserve a chance to flourish in the company that bears my name.

Sage: Nick, I swear that I wanted you to know.

Nick: Look, I told you I wanted to be a part of this baby's life, and not just when it gets here and when it's all cute and fun. You know, if you have any doctor's visits or tests or anything, honestly, I'm up for all of it.

Sage: I don't understand what you're talking about.

Nick: I took a message earlier about a doctor's appointment. Now, I don't need an engraved invitation, but, you know, I'd like to go along for the ride, maybe even give you a ride, because you know your baby daddy is quite the gentleman.

Sage: Never say baby daddy again.

Nick: Baby daddy is sorry.

Sage: [Laughs] You're right. I'm gonna tell you about every prenatal visit from now on.

Nick: Cool. Well, then, let's, uh, let's wrap up this inventory and then we'll cruise over there together. And honestly, if you want to kick me out of the exam room, I can hold your purse in the waiting room.

Sage: I don't want you in the waiting room. I want you in the room with me. Okay.

Nick: Okay.

Sage: So, let's do this. We got to do some inventory. We'll go to the ob/Gyn, okay? I'm gonna -- I'm gonna go get the stock list.

Nick: Baby daddy will do the inventory.

Sage: [Laughs] Love doing inventory. It's my favorite.

Phyllis: Jack, Gabe has admitted to things -- who he is and who he isn't.

Adam: Jack knows full well I'm not an Abbott, don't you?

Jack: And now everyone else knows. Ladies, I will explain and apologize. Right now, I need a moment alone with him. Please.

Ashley: Listen, you do one thing to mess with his recovery, and you're gonna regret it. Do you understand me?

Phyllis: Yes, he does understand. He knows better, doesn't he?

Adam: He does. He does. It's good to see that you're awake, Jack, finally. Back to your old self.

Jack: Oh, yeah, I am very much my old self.

Adam: Um, do you remember what happened the night of the shooting? Because according to Paul, it sounds like you told him you had a gun.

Jack: Yeah, that's exactly what I told him.

Adam: But you didn't have a gun, Jack. You went for your cell phone. What is this? You're -- you're letting Victor off with a free pass? You're selling me down the river?

Jack: Victor hired someone to take my place, to ruin my life, to destroy my company. You let him, you son of a bitch!

Nikki: So much depends on what Jack says. If Victor is innocent, Jack was threatening his life and I went to Paul and told him I thought Victor was guilty.

Neil: Nikki, you're not the judge or the jury or the chief of police, all right? You gave one view. You gave one perspective.

Nikki: Yeah, a perspective that assumed that my husband was guilty.

Neil: Hello, Victor.

Victor: Hello.

Nikki: Hi.

Victor: Hi. I just came to give you the good news that Jack Abbott is awake.

Nikki: Yeah, we heard.

Victor: So I'm sure that he will clear things with Paul now. Too bad that some people didn't see it the way it was from the beginning.

Nikki: Uh-huh. People like me.

Victor: Turns out that Gabriel Bingham is an absolute liar. He is not even Jack Abbott's son. He admitted so and stepped down from Newman-Abbott.

Nikki: What? He did?

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: Oh, my God. Oh, you must be so upset with me.

Neil: Nikki, Victor knows that you've had reasons not to trust him, especially since he first claimed that he didn't even pull the trigger.

Victor: Neil, I think you and I just had an altercation about you interfering in my relationship with my wife. So please stay out of this.

Adam: Marco. So you know?

Jack: What? You didn't think I would know someone was living my life? You were certainly aware, not that you did anything to help me.

Adam: I didn't know until the night you were shot. I found out hours before. You got to believe that.

Jack: And you took full advantage of that information, didn't you?

Adam: Jack, I was told that you were dead, okay? More than once.

Jack: How long did you mourn before you shook hands with the devil, two devils? Victor and Marco. Oh, boy, that had to be quite a pairing. High-fiving and back-slapping and double-dealing, only you're no slouch to that, are you? Blackmailing Victor while I'm still lying on the ground bleeding. This is classic Adam Newman.

Adam: It was a setup. It wasn't supposed to be you. I didn't know it was you!

Jack: Surprised?

Adam: Yes! Very surprised! Let's not forget for a second that this is Victor that did all this, okay? So why does he get to walk free? You're awake now! Why are you covering for him and his hired thug?

Jack: That sociopath Marco was in my life, in my home, in my business, with my wife. With my wife, Adam! How do I tell Phyllis? How do I tell her that night after night, she would... she can't know.

Adam: Jack, if no one says anything, Victor gets away with this. Someone's got to tell the police.

Jack: Who's gonna tell them? You? No. You're not telling anyone. You're gonna keep your mouth shut.

Adam: And let Victor walk free?

Jack: You tell anyone the truth, I tell the whole world you are Adam Newman.

Sage: Okay, do you want to figure out the mixers or the liquor first? The sooner we get out of here, the quicker we get to the doctor. Think we might even get an ultrasound on this visit.

Nick: Is there anyone else you want to tell about the appointment? Like... maybe Gabriel?

Sage: What are you saying? You read it?

Nick: Why didn't you just tell me?

Sage: Nick. I'm sorry. We've been talking so much about secrets and honesty, and every time I thought I had the words to tell you --

Nick: Just -- just -- just... you had a DNA test done, which means there was a question of paternity. You slept with Gabe, didn't you?

Sage: Once. And it was right after you said you we couldn't be together anymore.

Nick: I guess Gabe was always the backup plan, right? Things weren't working out with the new guy, so there's Gabe.

Sage: Absolutely not. Nick, I-I just -- I didn't want to feel anything for a while, and I just ended up feeling guilt and shame and regret.

Nick: You told me you were pregnant and that it was mine because there was absolutely no chance that it was your ex-husband's, right?

Sage: Gabe and I were never --

Nick: You said it happened.

Sage: It wasn't love. It wasn't like you and I.

Nick: This is love? You lie in my face? You tell me about -- about the baby and made me worry --

Sage: In my heart -- in my heart, you are the only person that can be this baby's father.

Nick: No, but you had the test anyway, right? So that means the point is not love. The point is you slept with Gabe.

Sage: This baby cannot be Gabe's, Nick. Will you just tell me what the paper says? Please tell me you're the baby's father.

Neil: You know, Victor, I'm not attacking Nikki. Not like you attacked me. But I forgive you for that. I support Nikki.

Victor: My wife does not need your help, okay? She and I can resolve our differences.

Neil: Nikki's had a rough time. I'm supporting her, okay? I'm a good friend. I'm a good friend. I care about her health. I care about your wellbeing, Nikki.

Victor: So please stay out of our marriage, all right?

Nikki: Victor, just stop, okay?

Victor: I came here to make peace.

Nikki: Yes. And this has happened instead, which is what always happens between the two of us. Things get all wound up, out of control, and --

Victor: Can we talk about this privately?

Nikki: No, Victor, not right now. I really can't. I am very happy that -- goodbye.

Abby: Just how mad are you, exactly?

Victoria: What?

Abby: That I'm COO. Like, are you still gonna send me texts when you see something funny on the internet, or is it just gonna be work and resentment from now on? I just want to prepare myself.

Victoria: I love you, all right? And I will always send you stupid texts. But you're out of your depth as COO., Abby.

Abby: Victoria, I have been solid in marketing for a while now. I have relationships with all the key players at Newman-Abbott. I know how to smooth ruffled feathers. I'm getting experience as a negotiator. You and Nick had to start somewhere, too.

Victoria: We did not start at the very top. This position is too much, too soon. And what about Ben? How does he feel about you being overwhelmed all the time?

Abby: Look, Ben doesn't expect me to have his slippers ready for him when he's off his shift at the hospital. Victoria, you are Mrs. Power suit, yet you want me to take a demotion to be with my man? It's bad enough that my mom tries to pull that.

Victoria: Look, Ashley's not gonna go all retro on you. She doesn't care if you spend time with Ben or not. She wants your job. So if you want to hold on to your title, you're gonna have to deal with her sooner or later.

Ashley: Maybe Jack is suffering from some kind of lingering trauma, because why would he side with Victor?

Phyllis: Victor shot him in self-defense? No. Jack wasn't the target. He told me so.

Ashley: When he was squeezing your hand?

Phyllis: That happened.

Ashley: I'm not saying it didn't happen, okay? But maybe something got lost in translation.

Phyllis: Come on. Jack said that he would hear us, that he wanted to respond, and he did. I would ask questions and he'd squeeze my hand clearly. He said that he wasn't armed and Victor was. I would swear to it.

Ashley: Jack's not swearing to it, Phyllis, not now.

Phyllis: I don't know. I just know none of this is making any sense right now.

Ashley: I agree. So when Gabe gets out of there, we have to ask Jack what the hell is going on.

Adam: So that's it. That's how you're gonna play this? I tell the truth about what happens in the park. You tell everybody that I'm Adam Newman. Wow. Asking me to lie for you?

Jack: I don't have to tell anyone anything. You're a Harvard man. Think it through. Once everyone knows about Marco, it's only a matter of time before Gabriel Bingham gets sucked into the mess. You're an accessory. You knew about Marco. Hell, you tried to blackmail Victor at the scene of the crime. They will bring you into the station house, they will book you, they will interrogate you, and then they will fingerprint you. "Hey, boss, look at this. This guy's got Adam Newman's fingerprints."

Adam: That's if Victor implicates me.

Jack: Oh, trust me. If Victor gets pulled in, he will drag you down with him.

Adam: Yeah? He wasn't yet.

Jack: I just woke up.

Adam: Marisa. Marisa will tell the cops about him.

Jack: You talked to Marisa?

Adam: Hell, anybody could tell the cops about Marco. And what are you doing talking to Marisa, telling her about me, anyway?

Jack: I told Marisa about a hell of a lot of things, trying to get my life back. I survived because of Marisa, because no one else helped me, least of all you!

Adam: She could rat out Victor.

Jack: No. She has nothing on Victor. No concrete proof that he's involved. Only hearsay. Nothing that proves that he arranged my little trip to hell.

Adam: So Victor gets away with it.

Jack: Who got hurt by this? You?

Me. My wife. My family. My business. You're not in this fight, Adam. You don't have a vote. Besides, I did some things back there that could land me in a cell, and I am not about to spend another night away from my wife.

Adam: No, that's great. That's -- that's really great. So -- so Victor -- he finally did it, didn't he? He beat you once and for all. He wins.

Jack: Beat me? When did I say that?

Adam: You just said you weren't gonna do anything.

Jack: Victor Newman is going down. He just won't see it coming.

Neil: You want some water?

Nikki: What? You mean as opposed to vodka?

Neil: [Chuckles]

Nikki: I don't need either, but thank you.

Neil: Well, well. Look at you working the program. You see, this, my friends, is exactly how it's done.

Nikki: Please, no flattery. Or yeah, I guess you could. I might kind of like it.

Neil: Happy to oblige. Sit down for a minute. And might I add for a woman who came face to face with one of her biggest triggers -- that would be Victor -- you're doing great.

Nikki: Yeah, Victor did call me out on doubting him.

Neil: Victor was being a bully.

Nikki: No. He was telling the truth. I did misjudge him. I thought the worst of my husband, and he was innocent all along.

Neil: Victor lied about firing that gun. And you want to feel guilty about not believing in him. How about Victor not believing in you enough to tell you the truth, to be honest with you? The way I'm seeing it, Nikki, Victor's never gonna change. But you can. And you have.

Victor: I understand Jack is awake?

Ashley: He is. It's wonderful.

Victor: Yeah.

Ashley: He spoke to Paul.

Victor: Oh. And?

Ashley: Jack said both of you were armed.

Victor: Well, as we were.

Ashley: Jack didn't have to back you up that way, considering he's the one that was shot.

Victor: Well, he was honorable enough to tell the truth.

Ashley: And how exactly are we supposed to handle this new version of the truth? You and Jack pulling guns on each other in the park at night and both of your names are on our company.

Victor: Yeah. [Chuckles] Well, I'll be exonerated, and then I go back to work.

Ashley: With Jack, the man you put in a coma.

Victor: Well, the company's called Newman-Abbott, you know.

Ashley: Uh-huh. Yeah. So, just bear with me one second. Um, you and Jack were in the park apparently engaged in a duel of sorts, correct? And now you're heading back to the company, both of you, as partners. How does that scenario work? Just one more time, please.

Victor: [Chuckles] That is for Jack and me to work out, you know? You just remember that. So nice to see you.

Adam: It's safe to say that taking down Victor's at the top of my bucket list, but that doesn't mean I won't rat him out.

Jack: Not if you want to remain Gabriel Bingham.

Adam: I've already been summoned to the cop shop because apparently I'm a liar for saying that you weren't carrying a gun.

Jack: So take your lumps and say you lied.

Adam: I'm not gonna go down for obstruction, Jack. I got a chance to be with Chelsea and Connor. While -- while you were sleeping, I told Chelsea the truth. She knows everything. But I can't get her back from inside a jail cell.

Jack: I will pull strings before you ever get to booking.

Adam: How you gonna do that, Jack? What? You got a judge in your pocket?

Jack: Yeah, one I am not afraid of using.

Adam: Because that won't draw attention at all, will it?

Jack: You just walked me into a bloodbath. You all but put the gun in Victor's hands.

Adam: To shoot Marco!

Jack: How did that work out for you, Adam? You want a life with Chelsea? You keep your mouth shut and you follow my orders.

Nick: Does the test really matter if you know in your heart that this baby is mine?

Sage: I never expected to be pregnant. This baby is a miracle. My miracle. And I didn't want Gabe to be any part of it. But I realized I needed to know, so I had the test done.

Nick: Were you ever even gonna say, you know, "Nick, that whole thing about me never sleeping with Gabe, well, that's not entirely accurate"?

Sage: I've done things in my life I'm not proud of, Nick. But I'd like to think I would have done the right thing once I got the results.

Nick: Once you got the results. Not before. There are no guarantees. You know what I went through with summer.

Sage: I know that you hid her test results because you wanted her to be yours. I want this baby to be yours, Nick. But Gabe has been asking me about the pregnancy and about dates.

Nick: Well, of course he did, because every time -- he knew -- he knew there was a chance he was the father. I was the only one who didn't know.

Sage: I don't regret this baby, Nick. I don't wish it didn't happen. In my heart of hearts, this baby's yours. But no matter what, I'm gonna love this little boy or little girl, okay? In my dreams, we love this baby together. Will you please tell me what the results say?

Nick: See for yourself.

Abby: My mom's angling for my job?

Victoria: Well, the clue was her saying the other day, "I want to be in charge."

Abby: She meant CEO.

Victoria: I'm sure she'd settle for your title.

Abby: You know what, Victoria? I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but this is sort of a pot/kettle issue that you really should avoid.

Victoria: I am being your sister here. Your mother works for you, and that's not what she wants.

Abby: She's a pro. She'll deal with it.

Victoria: She's not exactly thrilled with you and Ben being together, either.

Abby: Once again, pot/kettle.

Victoria: Okay. Maybe I am seething with jealousy that overnight you stole my ex and my title, almost as if you planned it.

[Door opens]

Victoria: Oh, hey, Ashley. You missed seeing Dad. He's just settling in.

Ashley: No, I didn't miss him. We chatted about how absurd it is that both he and Jack are heading back to work. You know what? I think we should have a metal detector installed at the front desk just to make sure they don't come in armed.

Abby: Perfect. Then Victoria would have to stop trying to stab me in the back.

Victoria: Oh, that's not dramatic at all.

Ashley: Would you please stop? We have a common threat here. We're not gonna be able to win this fight unless we work together.

Paul: Nice to see Jack awake, huh? Even if he isn't your father.

Christine: That was quite a deception the two of you pulled off.

Paul: Right. Makes me wonder what else you might be lying about. You said that Jack was not armed. But both Victor and Jack say he was. And as you are our only eyewitness, your statement carries a lot of weight. So what is it, Mr. Bingham? I'm gonna ask you one more time. Was Jack carrying a weapon and did Victor shoot him in self-defense?

Adam: If Jack says that he was carrying a gun, I can't argue that fact, can I?

Christine: You gave a false statement to the police.

Paul: Incriminating Victor.

Adam: I didn't see Jack with a gun, okay? That doesn't mean he didn't have one. I did see Victor's gun in his hand. That's what I saw.

Paul: Okay. What else did you see?

Adam: I didn't see the shooting.

Christine: So now you didn't see the shooting at all?

Adam: I heard the shot. I came around the corner, and I saw Victor standing there with a gun in his hand. Jack was on the ground bleeding out. I find it hard to believe that he would bring a weapon to confront Victor.

Paul: [Sighs] Okay. So... you didn't see -- you find it hard to believe. But the fact remains we have a gun with jack's fingerprints on it. We found it at Chelsea's apartment. So did Victor plant the gun to frame you or not?

Adam: Mistakes were made.

Paul: You're making a mistake right now if you don't answer my questions.

Christine: Evidence tampering, obstruction, false statements. How many charges are you hoping to rack up?

Adam: My goal was to protect Jack until he could wake up, okay? He's awake now, so it's in his hands, right?

Christine: [Scoffs]

Phyllis: Not to sound demanding, but I have done way too much crying at bedsides for too long. The underground, the car accident, and now this.

Jack: God, I missed you.

Phyllis: I just want to look at those beautiful blue eyes of yours, talk about our second honeymoon.

Jack: Second honeymoon?

Phyllis: [Sighs] But I have to ask stupid questions like, what the hell? What did you lie that Gabe was your son?

Jack: L-look, I'm sorry. I am, for everything. Things got said, things happened that should never have happened. Gabe was one of those things.

Phyllis: But why?

Jack: The whole idea was to keep Victor off balance. And I suppose I was offering you and the family plausible deniability. If you didn't know anything, you couldn't say anything.

Phyllis: I don't understand how lying about Gabe, how does that stick it to Victor?

Jack: He saw the two of us working together. He didn't know what to do. At the time, it made sense.

Phyllis: Some people thought you went back on the pharmaceuticals these last few months.

Jack: No. But just because I was sober doesn't mean I was right.

Phyllis: What about before? I mean, was I crazy about the hand squeezing? I was so sure that we were talking. But I'm starting to feel like I got some things wrong. And what was the deal with that damn number 2 you wrote?

Christine: Paul, he has interfered with an investigation. You're okay with that?

Paul: Well...[Sighs] Let me just say that Bingham, I think, is the appetizer to this feast, not the main course. There's more to this.

Christine: It doesn't mean we can't charge Gabriel, too.

Paul: I suspect that Victor is holding something over Bingham's head.

Christine: Well, Jack backed up Victor. Does Victor have something on him, too?

Paul: Well, I think it's plain to see that the relationship that Jack and Victor have has clearly deteriorated to the fact where each one of them feels compelled to carry a weapon. I mean, a shot was fired. So it seems to me that now that Jack is awake that there's more fallout to come.

Victoria: Gabe is not much of a threat anymore. He's got no job, no relationship to the Abbotts, no credibility.

Abby: That was the fastest crash and burn in history.

Ashley: I'm not talking about Gabe. I'm talking about Jack and Victor. Doesn't it bother either one of you they met in the park and they had guns? I mean, what is this? The wild west?

Abby: Well, maybe now that uncle Jack is awake, things will go back to normal.

Ashley: And how is that gonna happen, exactly?

Victoria: To be honest, things weren't really normal before the shooting.

Ashley: It's not over, not by a long shot, okay, because Jack and Victor have formed some kind of an alliance. They're backing up each other's stupid stories. This whole thing could still blow up, and it's gonna knock us out in the process.

Nikki: Victor and I are connected. We're intertwined. [Sighs] Sometimes I keep my distance. Sometimes he does, too. But we are always involved in some way.

Neil: But you did leave the ranch and you checked into the club for a reason. You even said that.

Nikki: Yeah. My sobriety. But Victor doesn't control my drinking. Only I can do that.

Neil: You're absolutely right. I mean, only you -- only you know what's gonna push you over the edge off the wagon.

Nikki: You know, I always thought that Victor was my trigger, but maybe I'm using it as some handy excuse. You know, the world already hates him. God knows what people are saying. Maybe that makes it easier for me to make him a scapegoat, you know. I mean, gives the world one more reason to think he's a monster.

Neil: Oh, Nikki. You know what you're doing here, right? You're making it all your fault that people think that Victor is a tyrant. Victor -- he's no one's victim.

Nikki: Neil, I am sober. I have been for weeks. I'm not white-knuckling. I am calm. I am rational. And I know you are worried that I'm gonna fall under Victor's spell again.

Jack: Of course I heard your voice. It was like music. It's what brought me back. But the squeezing, I-I... I-I don't know what I was answering, what I was thinking from time to time. I don't know.

Phyllis: I was so sure. What about the 2?

Jack: I don't know. I wish I did. I really do. Here's what I do know. I was desperate to get back to you, to look in your eyes, to hold you close. There was a time there I didn't think I was gonna make it... I might never see you again. And that somehow was worse than dying. I came back because you're my life. Being with you is being alive.

Phyllis: You came back to me.

Sage: [Sniffles] [Sobs]

Nick: You.

Adam: I'm not in the mood right now.

Nick: You stay away from Sage and the baby.

Adam: You really want to do this? You want to have this conversation? 'Cause it could spin out of control so fast, you'll regret every second of it, Nick.

Nick: You're just dying to tell me, aren't you? How you slept with Sage? I already know. Here's something you don't know. Sage had a DNA test run. And the baby's mine, so you can stay the hell away.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Chelsea: The thing with Sage was just some recreational fun? Other guys play golf! You have sex with your ex-wife?!

Adam: Shh!

Sage: I'm not gonna make this any harder for you. I'm gonna get my things out of the office, and I'm gonna get out of your life.

Marisa: You've been to the lake, haven't you?

Kevin: And you will never guess what we found.

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