Y&R Transcript Thursday 7/23/15


Episode # 10716 ~ All bets are off between Jack & Victor, while Chelsea warns Adam that trouble is on the horizon.

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Victor: Dr. Rayburn didn't say anything about you being awake. I'm actually glad to see you, Jack.

Jack: Really? After you worked so hard to get rid of me?

Victor: You might think that --

Jack: I'm talking now. You're listening. The day you said you wanted to buy Jabot, I knew you were up to something. Never in my darkest nightmare did I imagine the lengths you would go to to get what you wanted -- dropping a look-alike in my place as you got rid of me and then helping a man, a vicious criminal, take over my company, manipulate my family, sleep with my wife!

Victor: Calm down, Jack.

Jack: Don't you tell me to calm down.

Victor: You might hurt yourself.

Jack: Don't you tell me to calm down. I'm calling the shots now, not you.

Phyllis: Hell of a day, huh?

Billy: Hey, what are you doing here?

Phyllis: Stitch kicked me out so Jack could rest, but...after what he told us, I just couldn't go home. I-I'm too wired.

Billy: Yeah, I know the feeling. So, can you believe it? Gabe's not jack's son after all. You know, I should have been smarter than this. I should have realized that he would tamper with the DNA test.

Phyllis: Look, uh, you said that we should keep this under wraps for now, but what are we gonna do? We're gonna have to bide our time at least until Jack wakes up.

Billy: No. No. We need to bounce that lying weasel out of this company as fast as we can.

Phyllis: How?

Billy: By proving that Gabriel Bingham is not an Abbott -- discredit his DNA test by running one of our own.

[Pounding on door]

Summer: [Chuckles]

Kevin: Oh, thank God you're here.

Summer: Why? What's wrong?

Mariah: Nothing. He has news.

Kevin: Big news. So, I discovered a connection between Noah's new favorite person and the murders.

Noah: Marisa, if there's more to the story between you and Marco, you need to tell me right now. Okay? I meant what I said. You can trust me. And I want to trust you, too, but you need to tell me the truth.

Marisa: Everything's here in this reading material you brought.

Noah: No, not everything's here. I told you there was evidence connecting Marco to the murders of Courtney and Austin. And you just told me that you're connected to him. And my friends and I -- we have questions. We need some answers.

Marisa: I had nothing to do with those murders. I wasn't even in town. [Sighs] But Marco was.

Stitch: Now, I need to go on rounds soon. Promise me you'll be a model patient till tomorrow morning.

Abby: Fine. But I will be a lot happier once I get back in our bed.

[Knock on door]

Adam: Hey. Too, uh, late for a visit?

Abby: Hey. I...didn't expect to see you here so late.

Adam: Yeah, well, I-I heard you were in an accident. I wanted to come by and see how you were doing.

Abby: Pretty good, considering. But I am anxious to get back to work. Um, although I might need a few days before I can jump back in. That's assuming I still have a job after that deal that I made with the warehouse workers.

Kevin: So, I dug up some information on Marisa sierras. And it turns out that, once upon a time, she had a boyfriend named Marco Annicelli. Remember him?

Summer: Yeah, no. The police thought for, what, about a half a second that he might have murdered Austin and Courtney.

Kyle: Yeah. Until the FBI ruled him out.

Mariah: Well, for all we know, Marisa could be the killer.

Kevin: Stop saying that.

Summer: Okay, who else knows about this? Have you talked to Noah?

Kyle: Yeah. We went to him first. He's with Marisa now. He insisted on giving her a chance to explain.

Mariah: And we all know how that's gonna go. He's not gonna want to admit that this woman has been playing him.

Summer: Noah just lost the person that he thought he was gonna spend the rest of his life with. Now, I know how that feels. It hurts like hell, and sometimes, the only thing you want to do is find a soft place to land.

Mariah: Even if that place is a sexy, sultry, murderous liar?

Kyle: Back off, Mariah.

Kevin: All right, look, we didn't come here to fight. I want to go to Paul with what I found out so that Marisa and Marco can at least be on his radar. I was hoping you two would back me up.

Kyle: What are you, crazy? No way!

Summer: No. You two need to take a big step back before you mess everything up.

Marisa: Marco never confessed anything to me, but he could have been the killer. He said he was in town months before I got here.

Noah: When was that?

Marisa: Not long before you and I met.

Noah: So, how did you know he was in town?

Marisa: A friend told me.

Noah: A friend told you?

Marisa: Yes. So, I came to find him. Once I did, we decided to leave together. But on our way out of town, we got into a terrible fight.

Noah: At the fountain up the street?

Marisa: No, no. That part wasn't true.

Noah: Right. Okay. So, why were you soaking wet?

Marisa: Marco was driving. We started arguing. He lost control of the car, crashed into the lake just up north.

Noah: Lake Delaney?

Marisa: I was able to get out and swim to shore, but Marco was, uh, trapped inside, unconscious. I waited, but he -- he never came to surface.

Noah: What are you telling me? You're telling me that Marco drowned? So, that's why you were so shaken up when you came to the club?

Marisa: Now you know why I made up the story.

Noah: You were in shock. Okay. Okay. I get that. Look, if Marco was the killer, we need to -- we need to call the police, okay? They can drag the lake for his body.

Marisa: No, no, no, no. You mustn't do that. You cannot tell anyone. Please.

Noah: Marco's dead. He's gone. He can't hurt you anymore.

Marisa: You don't understand. If word gets out that I caused Marco to die, his people will find me, and then I will be dead.

Adam: Why wouldn't you have a job? [Chuckles]

Abby: Well, Billy looked at the deal that I made and told me I gave away the store. I can't help but worry that you'd feel the same way.

Adam: Well, you know, the pay increase looked good, keeping it at 3.5%. As far as the benefits package is concerned...I feel like, you know, honestly, maybe you could have held the line a little firmer on that.

Abby: Do you think that the pension contribution was excessive? I mean, after the bump, it's frozen for three years.

Adam: Yeah.

Abby: And the dental plan -- was that too much?

Adam: No. An extra set of x-rays -- that's not gonna break anybody, right?

Abby: Yeah, but Billy said --

Adam: Billy. Don't worry about Billy. Billy's got an agenda, okay? He probably tried to make you feel like it was the worst deal in the history of deals.

Abby: [Sighs]

Adam: He's trying to make you look bad, okay? Which, in turn, makes me look bad. Trust me. You're doing fine. You're doing great, okay? Other than the fact that you're in the hospital, of course.

Abby: Thank you.

Adam: Yeah. I have faith in you, you know? And you'll learn from your mistakes. We all do, right? I believe in you. Otherwise, I wouldn't have promoted you.

Abby: Thank you.

Adam: You're welcome. Now, listen, get some sleep, okay, while you can. I'm gonna go visit Jack before I leave.

Stitch: Uh, before you do that, um, can I have a word, please?

Adam: Sure. Yeah. Get better.

Abby: Bye.

[Door opens]

Adam: What can I do for you?

Stitch: Jack -- he's been a little overwhelmed by visitors. Uh, he needs some rest. Uh, be better if you came back tomorrow.

Adam: I see. Is that a request or doctor's orders?

Stitch: [Chuckles] Doctor's order.

Adam: Okay. And you're sure you're not just doing Ashley's bidding for her?

Stitch: Whatever that's supposed to mean.

Adam: Well, I mean, I know you guys are close, right? You two are pretty tight, and she doesn't like me. That's -- that's not a secret. She doesn't want me around Jack 'cause she doesn't consider me a real Abbott.

Stitch: I'm looking out for my patient. End of story. You can see him, just not tonight.

[Cell phone rings]

Adam: Okay. Chelsea.

Chelsea: Come to my place right away. You're in serious trouble.

Jack: So, what was the plan? Have Kelly continue to torture me on that godforsaken island until I was killed off? And it was sick the way you used that poor woman's broken mind. And don't deny it. You set her up. And you had me kidnapped on my honeymoon so that I would be far, far away when Marco began his little masquerade. It wasn't until Kelly was dead for real that I actually escaped. God, when I think of everything I went through to get back home -- you put me through hell. You took me to hell and back, and you know what? You're gonna pay for that now.

Victor: I understand you're confused, Jack, considering you were in a coma. But I'm not gonna pay for what you went through.

Jack: Fat chance.

Victor: Maybe it was Kelly and Marco who cooked all this up. Has that occurred to you? Hmm? I had nothing to do with any of it.

Jack: God, you lie as easily as you breathe, don't you? Of course you had something to do with it. It was all about you. It always is, always has been, always will be. What does Victor need? What does Victor want? Tell me something. When you shot me in the park that night, what was the plan then? To just put me out of the picture?

Victor: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Just slow down for a moment. The night you were shot in the park, I didn't think it was you. I thought it was Marco. Because Marco had behaved rather erratically before. He had actually pointed a gun at me in my office. So, when I confronted him in the park, I thought it was Marco and he was reaching for what I thought was his gun. So I shot him in self-defense. How's that?

Jack: How is that?

Victor: Yes.

Jack: Why did you do it? Why did you bring him to town? Why did you do any of this?

Victor: Now we get to the point. Calm down. Don't hurt yourself, okay? About a year ago, I was apprised of a plot against me and my company called paragon project. Does that ring a bell?

Jack: How did you know about that? Who told you?

Victor: I have my sources, Jack. You know that. Point is, I had to do everything in my power to defend myself, my family, and my company. Had I known it was you in that park, I would never have pulled that trigger.

Jack: But you did pull the trigger.

Victor: Oh, yeah. You keep saying I did all these horrific things. What about the blood on your hands? You think about that. Then decide how much of this sordid story you want the world to know.

Victor: Sounds to me like you might have been responsible for Kelly's demise.

Jack: I never said that. I went to sleep. When I woke up, she was dead.

Victor: Whoa. Just like that? Wow. Alive one minute, then you wake up, she's dead. And then you found yourself on a cargo ship with Marisa. She told me some interesting stories tonight.

Jack: I didn't know Marisa was still in town.

Victor: Oh, yeah. She told me some details about how you were responsible for setting an explosion.

Jack: I was escaping. I was fighting for my survival.

Victor: And in the process, you killed about 12 men and the captain, didn't you? I don't think you're interested in those sordid details to become known to the world, are you? Think about it. What if they extradite you, haul your ass back to that island, and you face a jury trial? And you give them this stupid alibi of Kelly one moment being alive, you fall asleep, you wake up, and she's dead. You think anyone's gonna believe that nonsense? And then all the people who died on the cargo ship because of you? Extradition, maybe death penalty. Lot of things to think about. You get my drift?

Noah: I don't want to hear another word about you dying, okay? It's not gonna happen. I want to take care of you. I just -- my friends might have already decided to go to the police.

Marisa: No! No, no, no. They cannot do that. You must stop them, Noah, please.

Noah: I know. Okay. Look, I'm gonna do what I can, okay? But you got to promise me you're not just gonna run off. Just give me a chance to make this right.

Marisa: I won't run. I promise.

Noah: Thank you. I'll be in touch.

Kevin: How could I possibly make things worse by being up-front about what I learned?

Kyle: Oh, I'm sure you'd find a way, Kevin.

Summer: Well, okay. We haven't heard back from Noah, yet, so let's see what he finds out from Marisa before we go running to the police.

Kyle: What difference does that make?

Mariah: She's been lying about who she really is from the start. We can't trust her.

Summer: How do you know that? Because she kept her relationship with Marco quiet? If my ex was on the top-ten "most wanted" list, I don't think I'd go around broadcasting it, either.

Kevin: I cannot believe you're acting this way. Don't you want to find out who killed your husband?

Summer: Are you really gonna ask me that?

Kevin: I'm sorry, all right? I'm sorry. I don't mean to offend you, but your attitude makes no sense.

Summer: Why? Because I'm sick of jumping to conclusions and realizing again and again that we're wrong? Okay, so, what if Marisa is innocent and all she had was a crappy boyfriend? That doesn't make her a criminal. You guys need to make sure that there's something here to pursue before you go and ruin a woman's life.

Phyllis: Gabe's DNA is all over this office, along with every other person who's trampled through here. We need a clean sample.

Billy: Don't worry. I can handle that.

Phyllis: How?

Billy: There's a meeting in the morning. Gabe's gonna be there. There's gonna be bagels, coffee...

Phyllis: Coffee cups.

Billy: Presuming that he drinks out of one, I can have it down to the lab by lunchtime. And they've already got jack's genetic profile, so...

Phyllis: Perfect. That was easy.

Billy: Yeah. And now we can expose Gabe Bingham for the fraud that he actually is.

Adam: What's the problem? What's going on?

Chelsea: I overheard Phyllis and Billy. They don't believe you're jack's son. They want to try to somehow get another DNA sample from you so they can run a new test.

Adam: Really? Okay. Um, new test -- that's not the best news in the world, but it's not the end of the world, right?

Chelsea: You -- you're joking right? I mean, this is a disaster.

Adam: Well, it's not a disaster. We both know DNA tests can be challenged, results can be altered.

Chelsea: You can't fight them forever, Adam. They want you out of the company. They want you out of their lives. If you push them, they will push back.

Adam: Yeah, well, let them, you know?

Chelsea: What if they hire a detective to go looking through your past, hmm? Or what if they -- they convince someone from the police department to take your sample and put it in the police database?

Adam: Yeah.

Chelsea: They will realize you are Adam Newman.

Adam: Theoretically, I guess that's possible.

Chelsea: What are you talking about?! The walls are caving in, and I'm not just talking about Billy and Phyllis. Victor is out on bail, and you know better than I do he will not stop until he regains control of that company.

Adam: I see. I see. This is -- this is you trying to convince me to resign again, right?

Chelsea: What is your alternative? It is too dangerous.

Adam: So, Victor wins just like that.

Chelsea: Would you rather risk the truth coming out? Would you rather risk going to jail, missing out on this opportunity to be a part of your son's life again? I warned you earlier, Adam. You have got to avoid making the same choices, the same decisions you used to make, obsessing over Victor, obsessing over that stupid company. It will cost you everything. It will cost you Connor, the one person you love more than anything in the world. Are you really willing to sacrifice that? You weren't willing to listen to me before, so are you hearing me now, Adam? How far are you willing to push this all just because you want to beat Victor?

Stitch: Can I get you anything else?

Abby: No, the juice hit the spot. Um, hey, can I give you a little advice? I heard you and Gabe talking through the door and that crack he made about you doing my mom's bidding.

Stitch: Ignore that.

Abby: Ben, you're a really good doctor and you've waited a long time to get back on staff. If my mom is using your relationship to put you in an uncomfortable position or --

Stitch: Your mother and I don't have a relationship.

Abby: Well, you're friends, right? That's what I meant. [Chuckles] What did you think I meant?

Stitch: Nothing. Uh, like you said, we're friends. Um...yeah. Uh, and your mother isn't interfering with my job, so no worries.

Abby: Well, good. Good.

Stitch: Yeah. You know, it's been a long shift, and I got to get back to it.

Abby: Okay.

Kyle: So, what happened when you confronted Marisa about her drug-dealer ex-boyfriend?

Mariah: Probably denied even knowing the guy.

Noah: Just the opposite, actually. She came clean about everything.

Summer: Which means what, exactly?

Noah: Marisa said that Marco was in town a few months before she joined him. He didn't say anything about killing anybody, which doesn't mean a whole hell of a lot.

Kevin: In other words, she didn't trust him.

Mariah: Why would Marco come here? I mean, what's so special about Genoa city?

Noah: I don't know. If I had to guess, maybe he thought it was a good place to lie low, a place his enemies wouldn't come looking for him.

Kyle: Right, so, while Austin was running around, getting footage for his expose, he --

Noah: He somehow stumbled upon Marco, got himself killed, and when Courtney figured it out, he killed her, too. And he made it three with Tobias gray when he tried to frame him for the murders. Just my theory.

Summer: He sounds like the type of guy that wouldn't even think twice about murdering someone if they got in his way.

Kevin: And he's probably connected enough to have people working for him at the FBI.

Mariah: Which could explain why the DNA suddenly didn't match.

Kevin: Could very well be.

Kyle: Well, it could explain all the planted evidence with Sharon and Tobias. I mean, a guys like that -- he knows how to make things happen.

Noah: We don't know all the details -- the how, the when, the why -- but it does add up.

Kevin: Yeah. Noah, we owe you big time. I didn't think going to Marisa was a good idea, but this could be just the break we needed -- a witness who can put Marco Annicelli in town when the murders occurred.

Noah: Wait. Wh-who are you calling?

Kevin: Paul Williams.

Noah: No, no, no. Kevin, you -- you can't call the police. Okay, you guys, please, you -- you can't tell anybody about this.

Billy: Oh, don't worry. We're taking off, so you can spare us the lecture about being in your office.

Adam: As of tomorrow, it, uh -- it won't be my office.

Phyllis: Excuse me?

Adam: I've decided to step down as C.E.O. I just, uh, came to get some of my stuff.

Billy: Why now?

Adam: You serious? I thought you'd be throwing me a party, Billy.

Phyllis: Why now?

Adam: Victor's back. Victor is back, and despite my legal right to -- to keep this position, he doesn't want me to have it. That coupled with the fact that you all have been chomping at the bit to get me out of here -- I just figured I'd save everyone the trouble. There's no point in fighting a losing battle.

Billy: How very reasonable of you.

Phyllis: And totally out of character.

Adam: Lucky for you, Chelsea helped me realize that stepping down right now is what's for the best, so...

Billy: [Chuckles] Sure she did.

Phyllis: Gabe, what is your real story? Because you're acting like you're running from something.

Chelsea: Is it so hard to believe he would want out considering all the tension between him and Victor?

Phyllis: Actually, it is, because he swore not too long ago that he took this job to protect his father's interests.

Billy: Yeah, unless, of course, you know, jack's not your real father. What? No -- no comment? Well, that's a smart move considering that Phyllis and I already know for a fact that he isn't.

Chelsea: Why would you say something like that?

Phyllis: Because it's the truth.

Billy: Yeah, you see, Jack and Phyllis have worked out a system of communication. And he's made it very clear that you're not his son.

Adam: Hold on a second. Jack's communicating with you? Phyllis, that -- that's fantastic. That means it's only a matter of time before he wakes up, right? This is good news.

Phyllis: Yeah. And I imagine you hate the idea of that. And until he wakes up, I'm sure you'll claim that we've misinterpreted what jack's been trying to tell us.

Adam: No, actually. On the contrary, there's no point in denying the truth. Jack's not my father.

Jack: Figures you'd twist what happened to meet your needs, painting me as a villain, pressuring me to keep quiet.

Victor: You're a smart man, Jack. I just told you what the alternative might be.

Jack: You're a pretty smart man, too. You know there's another alternative. You waged war. Let's finish this war. We will go after each other till one man is standing. It would almost be worth it.

Victor: That really what you want to do?

Jack: I said "almost."

Victor: Good. Then we have an understanding. And you know what to do to keep from being extradited to the Caribbean.

Jack: I will stick to your pathetic version of what happened in the park that night. I will tell no one about Marco, but you keep in mind we are not the only people that know that Marco Annicelli exists.

Victor: Existed. Past tense.

Jack: What does that mean?

Victor: Marisa tells me that he is at the bottom of the lake.

Jack: And there's proof?

Victor: Well, let me just put it this way. It certainly is in her interest to make sure that Marco is as far away from her as possible.

Jack: You're right. She wouldn't lie about something like that.

Victor: Mm-hmm. All right. You get some rest, okay?

Jack: Not so fast.

Victor: What?

Jack: There is one other person who knows that Marco was impersonating me.

Victor: Who?

Jack: Gabe Bingham.

Victor: If he knew, why didn't he tell me?

[Door opens]

Stitch: You should leave now. Jack's guard will be back soon.

Victor: All right, doc. Jack and I have said about all we need to say. You have a quick recovery, all right?

Mariah: Why can't we go to the cops?

Kevin: I thought you wanted justice for Austin and Courtney?

Noah: It's already happened.

Summer: Wh-what does that mean, exactly?

Noah: Marco and Marisa were in a car wreck. Marco's at the bottom of lake Delaney.

Kyle: He's dead?

Noah: Yes. So, there's not gonna be a trial or jail time.

Kevin: There's an open police investigation. And Paul's gonna keep at this if we don't go to him. We need to close the case so that we can move on.

Mariah: Besides, how do we know that Marisa is telling the truth? Because she says so? You've known her for, what, like five minutes?

Kevin: Let the police search for the body, confirm that he's dead. Otherwise, we're always gonna be looking over our shoulder.

Noah: I believe her, okay?

Mariah: Oh, God. Noah...

Noah: Look, we all want this to be over with, especially me. Okay? And under different circumstances, I would say, "yes, absolutely. Let's go see Paul." But not at Marisa's expense. Look, she's a good person who got mixed up with the wrong guy. And now she's terrified for her life. If Marco's cronies find out that he's dead, they are going to track her down and they will kill her.

Mariah: Says who? Marisa?

Noah: Look, Mariah, I am not gonna put her life on the line 'cause you don't like her. Okay? I need you to drop this, all of you, please. Look, let's just accept the killer is gone. We're safe. This whole mystery is over. We can move on with the rest of our lives. Let Marisa do the same.

Stitch: You seem fine.

Jack: I am fine.

Stitch: I wasn't so sure when I walked in. Things looked pretty tense between you and Victor. I was afraid you would have a setback.

Jack: Doc, I got one last favor to ask you.

Adam: I, uh, falsified the DNA tests, and then I lied to all of you about being an Abbott. Um, also, Jack was in on it.

Billy: [Chuckles] What?

Phyllis: Come on.

Adam: Yeah. No, it's true. He knew how much I hated Victor for what he did to Harrison Bingham, and he wanted to help me out. He just thought we'd make a better team if, uh -- if everyone thought we were father and son. So, he knew.

Billy: Wa-wait a minute. Okay, so, you expect us to believe that Jack lied to the entire family so that the two of you would be better at scheming?

Adam: Yeah.

Phyllis: No. When Billy and I asked Jack if you were really his son, he practically broke my hand saying no.

Adam: You're forgetting the fact that jack's the one that broke the news in the first place, right? He thought you all would bond together and try to defeat Victor, but clearly, he underestimated his family since you all turned your backs on me the moment he couldn't speak for himself.

Billy: Actually, your timeline's a little off. We turned on you long before that.

Adam: Mm.

Chelsea: Well, I'm sure you've all been sitting by jack's bedside, telling him how selfish Gabriel's been, trying to oust him from the company. If jack's been reacting strongly, it's probably because he's frustrated at how you've been treating Gabe.

Phyllis: Chelsea, please, stay out of this.

Chelsea: No, I will not.

Adam: I'm not gonna argue anymore. I'm done with that. I'm gonna step down as C.E.O. And I'll wait for Jack to wake up, and he'll vindicate me. Chelsea.

Billy: [Chuckles] Unreal. The guy admits that he lied about being an Abbott, leaves the company of his own volition.

Phyllis: And still, I smell a rat.

Billy: What is up with that?

[Cell phone rings]

Phyllis: It's the hospital.

Billy: Take it.

Phyllis: Hello. This is Phyllis Abbott.

Stitch: Hi. It's stitch. I'm with Jack, in his room.

Phyllis: Is he okay? What's happened?

Stitch: Something good. Looks like your husband might be waking up.

Phyllis: [Crying] Oh, my God! Hang on. They think jack's waking up.

Billy: Oh, thank God.

Phyllis: I'm here with Billy. We're right over -- coming right over, okay?

Billy: Yeah.

Phyllis: Okay.

Summer: Hey, don't worry about me, okay? I'm not gonna go to the police. Hopefully no one else will, either.

Kyle: I just need to process this for a minute.

Summer: Kyle, did you not just hear Noah? He lost the person that he loves because of this Marco guy, probably, and this other woman walks into his life and he doesn't want to lose her, too. How can you say no to that?

Mariah: You're taking it on faith that Marisa's telling the truth.

Summer: Yeah, I guess I am.

Noah: She didn't have to talk to me, but she did because I needed answers. It's not fair to put her life at risk.

Summer: No. I'm not gonna punish her for opening up to us. I mean, there's been too much pain and loss already, you guys. Noah's right. We need to let this go.

Kyle: Yeah. No police.

Noah: Kevin?

Kevin: Okay. You win. I won't go to Paul.

Noah: And what about you? Are you really gonna put an innocent woman's life in danger?

Kevin: I'll talk to her.

Noah: Thank you, you guys. This is the right thing. I'll let Marisa know.

Summer: Yeah, let her know -- from us -- that there's nothing to worry about.

Noah: Will do.

Summer: Okay.

[Door closes]

Phyllis: Ben said it -- that you were ready to wake up. I want you to open up those gorgeous, beautiful eyes and say "hello" to me. Abby's here. And Billy's here.

Billy: Hey, Jack. Kyle's on his way and summer. And Ashley will be here, too, as soon as she gets my message.

Phyllis: We've been waiting for this for a real long time, okay?

Jack: You shouldn't have to wait any longer.

Phyllis: You're back. [Crying] I love you. I love you.

Jack: I love you, too, Red.

Chelsea: I know that was painful, but it was the smart move. You've neutralized Phyllis and Billy, who were not about to let up on you. Although they're gonna have a lot of questions for Jack when he wakes up.

Adam: Yeah. I'm sure they will. We can't worry about that now, though, you know? Look, I'm just glad that you were able to let me see the light. Nothing's more important to me than my family. I said I was gonna do right by you and Connor, and I meant it.

Chelsea: Yeah, uh, speaking of Connor, I should -- I should go.

Adam: Yeah? Oh, uh, want me to drive you?

Chelsea: No.

Adam: You sure?

Chelsea: I'll take a cab.

Victor: A double tequila, please.

Kevin: How much longer are you gonna give me grief about this?

Mariah: Until you explain why you folded like a lawn chair.

Kevin: Because Noah and summer had made up their minds. I didn't see any point in fighting them.

Mariah: So, we're gonna take the word of a total stranger?

Kevin: Of course not.

Mariah: You just said that --

Kevin: I just said we weren't gonna go to the police. Tomorrow morning, you and I are going for a swim in lake Delaney.

Noah: Everything's gonna be okay. I talked to my friends. They agreed not to go to the police. You're fine.

Marisa: [Sighs] Uh, I'm sorry. I, uh -- I don't know what came over me. I-I wanted to say thank you.

Noah: Yeah, I think you just did.

Marisa: After you left, I had so many doubts. I thought about leaving town and breaking my word to you, and then I-I stopped myself. I decided to trust you like you deserved. And you came through for me.

Noah: Kind of what I do.

Marisa: I-I shouldn't.

Noah: [Sighs] Right.

Marisa: It's --

Noah: Yeah, no. I understand. Yeah.

Marisa: It-it's not that I don't want to. It's just -- this is what I do. I meet a man who's good to me and we fall into bed and...I don't want to ruin things with you, Noah. You're too important to me.

Noah: I'll see you tomorrow.

Marisa: Tomorrow.

Noah: Um... I'm glad you kept your promise.

[Door closes]

Marisa: [Sighs]

Chelsea: I am sorry you had a bad dream, my sweetheart. Mommy knows what those are like. [Sighs] [Voice breaking] I feel like I'm living in one right now. [Sniffles] For so long, all I wanted was for your daddy to be alive. And now he's back in our life, and... [Crying]

Adam: I've seen that look before -- that smug look on your face. I know where it comes from. It was Billy and Phyllis. They're already spreading the word that I'm not Jack Abbott's son and that I've stepped down as CEO.

Victor: Well, I'll be damned.

Adam: You didn't know?

Jack: No.

Adam: Oh! Well, hell. There you go.

Victor: Yeah.

Adam: It's good news, right? You're feeling pretty chesty, confident, yeah? Won't be seeing much of me around anymore. Yeah. Yeah.

Victor: All right.

Adam: That gun, uh, that you planted at Chelsea's apartment -- the one with Jack's fingerprints on it? That'll be my undoing, you know? [Sighs] I'll be arrested for obstruction, thrown in the clinker, probably never see me again.

Victor: Oh, yeah?

Adam: So, it's a good day for you, except -- except apparently Jack is communicating with Phyllis, you see? Which means he's about ready to wake up. And when he does, he's gonna tell the truth about what happened the night of that shooting. You realize that?

Victor: Whoa. Yeah. You know, when Jack wakes up, I'm sure he will set the record straight.

Kyle: Dad?

Jack: Hey. Oh, it's good to see you, son.

Kyle: [Chuckles] Yeah.

Jack: You, too, kiddo.

Summer: Hi. Oh, my gosh. It's so good to hear your voice again.

Jack: It's good to be back among you all.

Abby: Even me?

Jack: Especially you.

[All chuckling]

Billy: Listen, Jack, um, there's a lot we need to talk about -- the shooting and Gabe --

Phyllis: Billy, I don't want to stress him out.

Stitch: Good idea.

Phyllis: Maybe we should keep this short?

Jack: It's all right. I know you all have questions. I...probably know what they are. I overheard a lot of what was said in this room. Victor was telling the truth. I had a gun with me that night in the park. He shot me in self-defense.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Victoria: Maybe I am seething with jealousy that, overnight, you stole my ex and my title, almost as if you planned it.

Nick: You had a DNA test done. You slept with Gabe, didn't you?

Jack: You want a life with Chelsea? You keep your mouth shut and you follow my orders.

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