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Episode # 10714 ~ Phyllis tries to get through to Jack, while Avery says goodbye to Genoa City.

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Billy: How could you have done this? Why would you agree to these terms?

Abby: Give me some credit, will you? I sat across from guy burke. I looked him in the eye. He wasn't budging on this. It's the best we could do.

Billy: Mm. And you know this from your vast business experience?

Abby: I know this because I'm an expert at reading people, just like I can read that you don't think this is a bad deal at all. You're just trying to scare me.

Stitch: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that.

Ashley: That you can't get me out of your mind? Yeah, you shouldn't have said it, and you shouldn't have -- you shouldn't have thought about it. And now you're just gonna -- you're gonna forget it.

Victor: You hear what I said? Get out of the chair and then get out of the office.

Adam: Well, gee whiz. Why would I do that? Um, I mean, I feel like the police, as of now, may believe that you shot jack in self-defense, but you know it's only a matter of time before they realize that the gun that I supposedly hid was a gun that you actually planted, okay? And then you're gonna be back where you belong, in the cop shop, sharing a bunk with crazy eyes.

Victor: Do you mind leaving us alone for a while, Chelsea?

Chelsea: We were actually in the middle of a meeting, Victor.

Adam: Yeah. She's not going anywhere.

Victor: You don't give the orders around here. Have you seen the name plate on the door?

Adam: It's your name on the door, but look at this. It's, uh... it's my name on that contract designating me C.E.O., So it means this is my office and you will kindly see your way out.

Sage: Is this a private meditation, or can anyone join in?

Nick: Hey! Where have you been? I left you a few messages.

Sage: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to worry you. You all right? You seemed really far away just now.

Nick: Ah, I ran in to Avery at the hospital. I guess she's leaving Genoa city.

Sage: What? Why? Because of what her ex-husband did to her?

Nick: That's a long story and not a pretty one, but the bottom line is she feels like she needs a new start somewhere.

Sage: And you feel kicked in the gut? I get that. It's hard to say goodbye to someone that you planned to spend your life with.

Avery: Ah, our home away from home.

Dylan: At least for one more new year's eve.

Avery: No, not just for one more new year's eve -- not if we have anything to say about it.

Dylan: Is it selfish of me... to want to hold on to what I love?

Avery: Not at all. We were reminded at Christmas what this place means to us and what it means to so many people in town.

Dylan: Yeah, I wasn't just talking about this place.

Avery: If you're about to ask me what I think you're about to ask me...

Dylan: Avery... will you marry me?

Avery: Yes.

Dylan: I love you.

Avery: Maybe Joe coming back into my life was a good thing, and not because I want a relationship with him, but because it forced us to look at things honestly for the first time. [Voice breaking] And what I see... are two people really trying to fix something...

Dylan: That can't be fixed?

Avery: Do you think it can?

Dylan: What should we do? Avery, n-no. No.

[Knock on door]

Marisa: Who's there?

Noah: It's Noah. Hey. Uh... I hope this isn't a bad time. I know it's late. Sorry.

Marisa: Not at all. Come in.

Noah: I, um -- [Clears throat] Sorry. It's just you're...

Marisa: Oh. Does it make you uncomfortable? I'll change.

Noah: No. No, don't. I-I mean, it doesn't bother me, so you can just do whatever you want to.

Marisa: Turn around.

Noah: Sure thing.

Marisa: What's in the bag?

Noah: Um...it's for you. You said that you weren't feeling well earlier.

Marisa: Oh. I got better. I just needed rest. Who knew? You can turn around now.

Noah: Well, better not let it go to waste.

Marisa: This is medicine?

Noah: Universal cure, actually. Yeah, it's chicken soup. I wish I could say that it's a family recipe, but I just got it at the deli down the street.

Marisa: Oh, it smells amazing. [Sighs] You are so sweet to have done this for me. You should know... I'm not the woman you think I am.

Avery: I thought you were gone for the night.

Dylan: Yeah, well, I forgot I had a big shipment coming in this morning, so I had to go get things ready for it.

Avery: You got a few minutes to talk?

Dylan: Sure, if you're talking about your interview. I saw it online. You didn't have to make a public confession.

Avery: Yeah, I had to do that. I had to do that, Dylan. I was very vocal in accusing Joe. I needed to redress that. And people should know what kind of lawyer I am -- the kind that takes the law into her own hands.

Dylan: Hold on. That was a one-time thing under exceptional circumstances.

Avery: I needed to get this out in the open. It was the fair thing to do.

Dylan: You're still worried about being fair after what happened?

Avery: I think it's a step in the right direction. And if I wasn't concerned with fairness and justice, I wouldn't be me, would I?

Dylan: But you could be disbarred.

Avery: [Sighs] The charges have been dropped. I mean, there may be an investigation or a hearing, but I'm putting my concentration on getting better. I don't care about my career.

Dylan: What are you talking about? I mean, you're so good at it and you're so passionate about it.

Avery: I was. But sometimes you have to say goodbye to what you love most.

Sage: I can't imagine what you're going through right now. I know how much she meant to you.

Nick: Look, it was never gonna work out for me and Avery. She was still in love with Dylan. And in the end, I think she did me a favor, stranding me at the altar, although it hurt like hell at the time.

Sage: Yeah. It's funny how the tables turned on her, huh -- how Dylan left her for Sharon?

Nick: Well, I don't think Avery found it very funny.

Sage: You know what I mean -- "funny" as in "ironic." It's sad -- sad how Dylan moved on and she didn't. Losing everything, wanting it back at all costs -- it can lead you to do something that you never thought possible.

Nick: Well, I'm just glad Avery came clean about holding Joe at gunpoint. I mean, if she hadn't told the truth, I don't know how she could ever live with herself.

Victor: Oh, yeah. Well, I suggest you read this more carefully, hmm? It talks about you being an interim C.E.O. And the interim has come to an end, so it's time for you to vacate the premises.

Adam: You might want to go back to the glasses -- read the fine, fine print there down at the bottom where it says I'll be serving in this capacity as long as jack is in a coma.

Chelsea: So, if Gabriel and I can go back to work...

Adam: 'Cause time is money.

Victor: Oh, of course. You're gonna make a lot of it, aren't you? I mean, you're gonna gain the respect and the admiration of people?

Adam: Well, that's not why I'm doing this, but now that you mention it...

Victor: You're really something, aren't you? Do you know who I see when I look at you? I see my son Adam.

Noah: Yeah, you're right. It's true. I, uh -- I don't know that much about you.

Marisa: You don't know me at all.

Noah: [Laughing] Sure. Okay. I mean, can't a guy just bring you some chicken soup?

Marisa: People don't do that for me. They don't take care of me when I'm sick. They don't take care of me when I'm well.

Noah: Not even your family?

Marisa: I have no family. It's just me. I look after myself. Your family is not -- it's not like that, is it?

Noah: Mnh-mnh. I mean, we all love each other. I don't exactly subscribe to my grandfather's motto, which is "he who has the most toys wins." I've just learned that there are more important things.

Marisa: Like chicken soup?

Noah: Don't knock it until you try it, okay?

Marisa: [Chuckles]

Noah: Look.

Marisa: Oh.

Noah: This is really good. You just got to let somebody take care of you now and then, all right? All right. Ready?

Marisa: Mm-hmm.

Noah: [Chuckles] You got -- you got some -- sorry. Ah. Sorry. Sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I can't -- I can't do this.

Billy: If you could have stepped outside yourself for one minute, you would have taken this job offer of his and you would have shoved it.

Stitch: Hey, enough! Lay off her! What the hell are you thinking?!

Ashley: She was just in a car accident. You should be grateful she's alive.

Billy: I am, and that's the whole point. She never would have been in that car to begin with. If you had listened to me, you never would have taken that meeting with the warehouse rep.

Stitch: If you want to talk business, do it on your own turf. While you're here, this topic is off limits. You bring it up again, I'll have you thrown out.

Billy: I'm sorry, guys, okay? It's not -- Abby, it's not you that I'm mad at. It's Gabe. This is all his fault, and I'm -- I'm sorry. I hope you feel better soon.

Abby: Thank you.

Billy: [Sighs]

Ashley: Are you okay?

Abby: Yeah. I guess I'll just have to learn how to take criticism. I'm sure I'll get a lot of it with this job. Thank you for coming to my defense. It means a lot to know I can always depend on you. [Sighs]

Ashley: If you're feeling okay, I'm gonna go check on jack.

Abby: That was weird. I wonder what's up with her.

Chelsea: Why would you say that -- that you see Adam in Gabe?

Victor: Just remember that once upon a time, Adam sat behind that desk when he'd wrested control away from me.

Adam: Yeah? Well, then there's no comparison -- is there? -- Because I'm here on the up-and-up. You obviously thought I was qualified to be the boss, right? Why else would you make me CEO?

Victor: Interesting thing about Adam, th hee e long, you know. I found out that he was making deals behind my back, so I threw him out of here.

Adam: Victor, why are you telling me this?

Victor: I just want you to know that anyone who Victor Newman in business doesn't survive very long, because I destroy them -- even my own son.

Nick: So, you never did tell me where you disappeared to earlier.

Sage: I didn't?

Nick: No, or why you weren't answering your phone.

Sage: I think I had the ringer off.

Nick: Ah. The old "ringer off." Was it on accident or purpose?

Sage: You know what? Honestly, I just, uh -- I just needed a little time alone.

Nick: Yeah. Cool. How come?

Sage: I just needed some time to clear my head.

Nick: Is this because of what happened between you and Gabe?

Billy: Well, congratulations, Gabe. You put Abby in charge, and she screwed up royally. Wh-what a pleasant surprise.

Victor: You let your employees talk that way about my daughter?

Billy: Shouldn't you be off somewhere, making license plates?

Adam: He's out on bail.

Victor: Permanently out on bail now that we've found corroborating evidence I shot jack in self-defense.

Billy: Of course. What evidence?

Chelsea: Paul found a gun with jack's fingerprints on it hidden in my apartment.

Adam: Victor planted that gun to save himself.

Victor: Oh, really? From inside a jail cell? And how did jack's fingerprints get on that gun?

Billy: I-I got to go.

Chelsea: Go where?

Billy: To the hospital -- see what jack's reaction is to all this...news.

Chelsea: Billy, wait. [Sighs] I really hope you don't believe Victor's version of things. I truly believe Gabe was set up.

Billy: Well, you would. Chelsea, your boyfriend's no innocent. You do know that, right? And he can't be thrilled that Victor's out of jail.

Chelsea: Well, it's pretty clear that there is gonna be a battle for power between those two, so... like it or not, you're gonna have to choose sides.

Billy: [Chuckles softly]

Ashley: Hi. How's he doing?

Phyllis: About the same. Sometimes he squeezes my hand. Sometimes he doesn't. I-I don't know if it's just beca-- a physical thing or if I'm just not asking the right questions. It's incredibly frustrating.

Ashley: Well, don't give up. Knowing my brother, he's gonna find a way to reach you.

Avery: All done?

Dylan: Yeah. You know, good thing I remembered I had that delivery, or we'd be making lattes with French roast instead of espresso. Can you imagine?!

Avery: The horror.

Dylan: These are the big decisions that I have to make every day.

Avery: And you're not finding it satisfying.

Dylan: [Sighs] Well, uh... we fought hard to keep this place, and it was the right thing to do, but... I'm thinking I might need a change.

Avery: Me, too. And I'm starting by leaving Genoa city.

Dylan: What do you mean?

Avery: I mean I've decided to get the help that I need someplace else.

Dylan: Yeah, it makes sense. Too many distractions here. I get it. You need to get away. You need to go someplace calm and peaceful. But, uh, when you come back, I --

Avery: No. That's what I'm trying to tell you. I'm not coming back. I'm leaving for good.

Dylan: Is it me? Is that -- is that why you're leaving? I know that we're not together anymore, but --

Avery: No, we're not, and... we never will be. You're with Sharon now, and you're -- you have a baby on the way. And you're happy. [Voice breaking] I see it every time I look at you.

Dylan: Avery, I'm sorry.

Avery: No. Please don't apologize for that. Look, you came in to my life... and you showed me that goodness is possible, that people can be kind and honorable. I realize that I deserve to be loved. And somewhere along the line, I'd forgotten that. I need to get it back. And once I do, the whole world will open up for me.

Dylan: Well, I hope you find what you're looking for.

Avery: I hope when you think of our time to remember the good things.

Dylan: There were a lot of them.

Avery: What is doesn't erase what was. Come on. How bad can it be? It's not like this deal is gonna break the company.

Abby: No, but there could be some serious ramifications. Look, I have to get to the office. That's all the paperwork.

Stitch: [Laughing] Hey, you're not going anywhere.

Abby: I have to.

Stitch: You have to rest. I'm serious, Abby. You can't fool around with your health.

Abby: Look, I will -- I will zip in and zip out, will come right back here.

Stitch: You're staying put. You know what -- I'll go get what you need from the office.

Abby: Really? You would do that for me?

Stitch: I'm off duty, so it's no big deal. Now just tell me where to look.

Abby: The inbox it should all be in there.

Stitch: You got it.

Abby: Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I do not know what I would do without you.

Stitch: See you soon.

Noah: I'm so sorry. I didn't come here for that.

Marisa: I know.. . I'm fine.

Noah: No, it's not fine. It's not...fine, okay? I, um -- look, Marisa, you are so beautiful, and I really enjoy spending time with you and, um, talking... with you and stuff.

Marisa: Thank you...I think.

Noah: Yeah. I'm gonna go.

Marisa: Noah, wait.

Adam: So, what did you do, exactly? You have somebody jack's hospital room, wrap his hand around that gun and hide it in Chelsea's apartment? Is that what you did?

Victor: Hell of an idea. A little clumsy, though.

Adam: Yeah, very clumsy. Wouldn't put it past you, though.

[Cell phone rings]

Victor: Yeah. Yep. I have to call you back.

Adam: Where we going? We're just getting to know each other. You leaving so soon?

Victor: Don't get too comfortable.

Chelsea: What happened?

Adam: Exactly what you would expect. Victor maintained hi his nose grew about 2 inches.

Chelsea: As long as he's out of jail, he'll do anything to kick you out of here. That's it, right?

Adam: Yeah. That's -- that's good, you know? I enjoy a challenge.

Billy: Well, good, 'cause I want to get a few things straight with you. I'll be choosing the only side that's worth a damn in all of this, and that's the Abbotts'. And by that, I don't mean any Abbott-come-lately.

Victor: Did you find out where she is? Ooh. Go

Sage: Why would you say that about me and Gabe -- about what happened between us?

Nick: Well, you left here after we were talking about him. It was pretty clear that you were upset about the comments I had about the guy.

Sage: Oh, you know what? I don't really even give him much thought.

Nick: Look, I know you were married in name only, but it's obvious you cared about him. It must not be easy for you to see us at each other's throats.

Sage: Well, as long as you two are working together, I'm just gonna have to deal with it.

Nick: That's not necessarily true.

Sage: [Chuckles] You gonna make peace with him for my sake?

Nick: I will do anything for you in this world, but I can't do the impossible. But I could... I could quit.

Sage: Are you serious?

Nick: If you ask me to.

Sage: Wow. You don't know how much that means to me that you would do that for me. But... how could I keep such an extraordinary man from achieving his full potential?

Nick: [Chuckles] "Extraordinary"?

Sage: Yeah, extraordinary.

Nick: [Exhales sharply] I don't know if you're gonna find many people who will agree with you on that.

Sage: Well, what I do know... is that I've never met someone with such a capacity to love and forgive.

Nick: Well, I've carried a grudge or two in my day. That's what I love about being in this relationship with you. It's so open and honest. You have no secrets, no lies. There's nothing to forgive.

Chelsea: I'm not sure how much more of this I can take. When Victor said he saw Adam in you, I nearly lost it.

Adam: Chelsea, he has no idea who I am, okay? Not that he ever did.

Chelsea: The more time you spend around him, the more you risk exposure.

Adam: The man can't see past his own mustache.

Chelsea: Well, maybe he can. Look, I know you don't want to hear this, but I think you should consider just stepping aside and giving him his stupid chair back.

Adam: No.

Chelsea: Will you just listen to me for one second?

Adam: And give him free reign? No, I'm not gonna do that to jack, Chelsea, okay? As long as he's in the hospital, I'm running the ship.

Chelsea: Okay. So, you're doing this for jack? This is all about jack? This has nothing to do with showing Victor that you're every bit the man he is?

Adam: How could it be? He doesn't even know who I am.

Chelsea: Then why even challenge him? You'll never even get the satisfaction of proving your point because he doesn't know who you are. You are never gonna be able to get what you want from Victor, Adam. You never have, and you never will.

Marisa: I wanted to thank you for everything you've done for me, like getting me a job, finding me a place.

Noah: Don't forget introducing you to the magic of chicken soup.

Marisa: You've been a good friend.

Noah: "Been"? In the past?

Marisa: I hope not.

Noah: Me, too. Better not let that soup get cold, okay? [Clears throat] I'll see you at work.

Marisa: Of course. Good night.

Noah: Good night, Marisa.

[Knock on door]

Marisa: You want some soup to go? How did you find me?

Victor: That's not important. What is important, however, is that last time you and I spoke, you threatened me. It's not a good idea... to ever threaten me.

Billy: Okay. So, Victor's out on bail. He's claiming the police found the gun that proves jack was armed. And you guys don't seem at all surprised about this.

Ashley: 'Cause I'm the one that phoned in the anonymous tip.

Phyllis: After I sent her looking for the gun.

Billy: Why would you do that?

Phyllis: Because I misinterpreted what jack was saying. I thought it had to do with two guns.

Billy: But, Phyllis, there are two guns. There was the gun that Victor shot jack with and another one that has jack's fingerprints all over it.

Phyllis: Still, jack has just as much said that -- you know what? -- He didn't mean to write that as the number 2. That's not what he meant.

Ashley: I have to take a break, okay? I've got to get some fresh air.

Phyllis: [Sighs]

Billy: Phyllis, now more than ever, we need some definitive answers before Victor and Gabe completely ruin what is left of my dad's company.

Phyllis: Don't tell me. Tell him.

Billy: You're right. [Sighs] Hey, big brother. Well, the snakes are trying to divide us, with Victor on one side and...your son on the other, and --

Phyllis: That's a "no." One squeeze is a "yes."

Billy: What -- what's a "no"? I didn't ask him a question.

Phyllis: Just keep talking. We'll figure it out together.

Billy: Okay. Um...look, you know that I would never team up with Victor, but I trust Gabe even less, so it's gonna be Abbott versus Abbott. "No"? "No" again. What, are you -- are you saying I should I team up with Gabe? I'm sorry, jack. I don't understand.

Phyllis: It's not easy, all right? Just listen carefully. Why don't you let me try, okay?

Billy: Yeah.

Phyllis: Honey... it seems like every time we say, "Gabe," you get agitated. What could it be about your son that --

Billy: There it is again. Why does he keep saying no?

Phyllis: Your son Gabe. Jack, are you trying to say that Gabriel Bingham isn't your son?

Avery: I'll be leaving. I have a long trip ahead of me.

Dylan: You're not gonna tell me where?

Avery: Doesn't matter. [Crying] This may be the last time I see you.

Dylan: No. I thought that when I went off to Afghanistan. You know, I carried your picture around. It kept me alive.

Avery: Well... you thought you were coming home to be a father to your new baby. I guess things work out the way that they're supposed to.

Dylan: Just be good to yourself.

Avery: I will. [Exhales sharply] Goodbye, Dylan.

Dylan: [Sighs] [Sighs]

Ashley: Ohh.

Stitch: Should you be doing this -- sitting alone at night in the park?

Ashley: Yeah, probably not. I just needed a break. Had to get out of the hospital for a minute.

Stitch: How's jack?

Ashley: Oh, you know... the same. You know, about what you --

Stitch: About what I s-said --

Ashley: Yeah.

Stitch: Yeah. You first.

Ashley: Abby needs you. And she depends on you. She even said so herself.

Stitch: No, I know. And, uh... look, I know you were right when you said that we need to forget about what I blurted out earlier.

Ashley: Oh, okay. Yeah. Well, good. I'm glad you agree.

Stitch: I-I do. It's better for everyone.

Ashley: I got to get back to the hospital.

Stitch: Yeah, and I got to get something, uh, from the office for Abby.

Ashley: Okay. Bye.

Stitch: [Chuckles softly] Yeah. So long.

Nick: What are you doing here? You got the night off.

Noah: Just restless, I guess.

Nick: Any particular reason why?

Noah: Been thinking about Courtney.

Nick: [Sighing] Yeah. Well, it's only natural those memories come up.

Noah: See, that's just the thing, though. I-I feel like I might be forgetting her, you know? The feel of her skin, her hair. You know, the girl smelled like roses everywhere she went. That smell is, um, fading from the apartment.

Nick: Well, there's gonna be -- there's gonna be things that never fade away, son... like the way she made you feel or how much you loved her.

Noah: I did love her, you know? I did. I-I really did. I-I-I didn't think that I, um... would be able to feel that way about another woman again.

Nick: What, do you?

Noah: How could I do that to Courtney? How could I be so disloyal?

Nick: No, Noah. That's not being disloyal at all. That's called "healing."

[Cell phone rings]

Sage: Hello? Oh, yes. Hi, doctor. The results from the paternity test are in?

Adam: I'm long past trying to get something from Victor, okay?

Chelsea: Yeah. I've heard that before.

Adam: Well, I mean it this time. I've learned my lesson -- really.

Chelsea: You're not acting like somebody that's learned their lesson. No matter what you say, it is obvious that you are still trying to gain your father's approval. Just don't forget what that cost us last time.

Adam: I know...that, okay? Look, nothing means more to me than you and Connor, okay? I'm not gonna let anyone or anything come between me and my family ever again.

Chelsea: If you really mean that... you will step away from this job... because if you don't, it will consume you again, and I refuse to stick around and wait for that to happen.

Billy: This doesn't make any sense. Gabe has to be your son.

Phyllis: The DNA test proved it. "No"? They didn't prove it?

Billy: Wait. Are you saying that the results are wrong?

Phyllis: "Yes." Oh, my god. Maybe Gabriel manipulated the DNA results.

Billy: But why did you go along with it? Why did you allow us to believe this lie, then? I don't --

Phyllis: Okay, hold up. Hold up. He cannot answer that question in his condition, all right? But you know what? Gabriel can. I say we find him and tell him what we know. "No"? Why not?

Billy: Wait, wait, wait. Phyllis, jack's right. This information is huge. We can't just go sharing it with people. We have to figure out what the consequences are first. We need to -- we need to keep this between us, at least for now.

Jack: [Thinking] Finally, little brother, you got it.

Marisa: I wasn't threatening you. I was sharing information.

Victor: Mm-hmm. What information do you think you have?

Marisa: It wasn't Marco you shot in the park that night. It was jack Abbott -- the real jack Abbott.

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