Y&R Transcript Monday 7/20/15


Episode # 10713 ~ Victor's luck changes; Abby's climb up the corporate ladder hits an obstacle; Adam fights to win Chelsea back.

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Paul: All right.

Nikki: Victor. I'm so sorry. You were telling the truth.

Victor: You finally believe me?

Nikki: Well, yes, I do. I didn't at first. But Phyllis admitted that Jack was carrying a gun before the shooting.

Paul: We found a gun with Jack's fingerprints on it in Chelsea's apartment.

Victor: That's where he hid it.

Paul: Well, Victor, we're not sure that Mr. Bingham is the one who put it there.

Victor: Seems like he would do that. He's that kind of a coward. Is Michael Baldwin coming to arrange my release?

Paul: Um, if you don't mind, I'd like to ask you a few more questions about the, uh, weapon we recovered.

Victor: Will you stop interrogating me and start finding the real culprit?

Adam: You're right. Picking up Jack's gun the night of the shooting, bringing it here and hiding it, that's something that Adam would have done, yes.

Chelsea: I know. I know all too well.

Adam: I didn't do it. I didn't do -- it doesn't make any sense. Why would I -- why would I hide a gun here, Chelsea? You got to believe me.

Chelsea: How can I believe you when every word out of your mouth seems to be a lie?

Adam: It seems to be a lie, I know. Listen to me. I-I told you that I was Gabriel and I pretended to be him so that I could come back to you and Connor, okay?

Chelsea: Yeah, but what about before then? You were lying to me before then. With all of these lies, how do you expect me to believe that anything that comes out of your mouth is the truth?

Adam: Okay, that's fair. I understand how you feel. But you can trust me, okay? And I'm just -- I'm convinced that if you give me a shot, you give me a second chance, I can make you believe in me again.

Chelsea: I-I don't see how.

Adam: Two words. Happy anniversary.

Billy: Neil. Hey, um... you mind if I join you?

Neil: Billy. Last time I saw you here, you offended me.

Billy: Let's let bygones be bygones?

Neil: Have a seat.

Billy: Thank you.

Neil: [Clears throat] So, how's Jack?

Billy: He's the same.

Neil: I'm sorry to hear that. I thought things might have gotten better by now.

Billy: Unfortunately not. And it's pretty rough on the family. We've been trying to keep things together down at work while he's gone.

Neil: I'm sure Gabe isn't making it any easier.

Billy: Funny you should mention him.

Neil: Really? 'Cause I got the distinct impression that you came over here for that specifically.

Billy: Busted.

Neil: Yeah. What's on your mind?

Billy: There's a coup about to go down at Newman-Abbott, and I was wondering if you would help us kick that jackass Gabe Bingham to the curb.

Victoria: Henderson deal closed ahead of schedule.

Nick: What about the acquisition of the mining company in Wyoming?

Victoria: Should be complete by the end of the month. On the Jabot side, sales are already on the rise.

Nick: Up 5% from last year. Pains me saying this, but Gabe does seem to know his way around the corporate world.

Victoria: Beginner's luck.

[Cell phone rings]

Nick: Nick Newman. What? What site? No, no comment.

Avery: My name is Avery bailey Clark. I took the law into my own hands recently. I held a man at gunpoint with the intention of shooting him. I wanted to kill him. I did. So I can't pursue this case. I'll be taking an indefinite leave of absence from the innocence foundation and suspending my law practice.

Why did you want to hurt this man?

Avery: Hey. How's Jack?

Phyllis: Uh, he's still unconscious, but he may be improving. What's going on with you? Any news about the case?

Avery: Yes. They have a guy in custody.

Phyllis: Oh, thank God. You're gonna get justice. So, a guy. Not Joe?

Avery: No. Not Joe.

Phyllis: That's a relief, I guess.

Avery: It wasn't my ex-husband who attacked me. Fortunately, I didn't learn that until I tracked him down in his hotel room and fired a gun over his head.

Ashley: Yeah, trace. One squeeze for yes and two for no. Yeah, it is a good sign, definitely. Of course I'm gonna keep you updated every chance I get. I love you, too. Bye.

Stitch: Ashley, you okay?

Ashley: Yeah, I was just talking to my sister. I was telling her what you said about Jack squeezing Phyllis' hand and how it's a good sign for recovery. It gives us hope.

Stitch: Just doing my job.

Ashley: You're really good at your job. You know that?

Stitch: [Chuckles]

Ashley: Clearly you belong here.

Stitch: Guess we're both lucky to have found our passion.

Ashley: Yeah.

Stitch: Hey, uh, weren't you at the athletic club earlier?

Guy: Yeah.

Stitch: What happened?

Guy: [Scoffs] A car accident. The hot blonde COO from Newman-Abbott got so frisky, I lost control of my car.

Stitch: Wait. Abby was with you?

Ashley: Oh, my God. Is she all right? Where is Abby?! Is she all right?!

Guy: Abby? I don't know. I think so.

Ashley: You think so?

Guy: Look, she was screaming at me in the ambulance, so she must not be hurt too bad.

Ashley: You could have killed her!

Guy: Yeah, well, I didn't. You know what? I got a monster headache. I'm going home.

Stitch: Yeah, that's a good idea. Let's go down and check. Come on.

Ashley: [Gasps] Abby.

Abby: Mom.

Ashley: Are you okay? Let me look at you.

Abby: I am fine. [Chuckling] I am better than fine. I closed the warehouse deal.

Ashley: [Gasps]

Stitch: Hey, hey, hey. Abby. Abby!

Paul: Victor, if you're suggesting I arrest Gabriel Bingham, it's a little premature.

Victor: Paul, that punk gave false evidence to you after blackmailing me into handing over control of the company.

Nikki: At the very least, Paul, you have to drop the charges against him.

Paul: You know what? You two are getting way ahead of yourselves.

Victor: No, we're not.

Nikki: Look, we know for a fact that Jack went to that park armed intending on shooting him.

Paul: So you took your weapon and you had to shoot Jack in self-defense.

Victor: You got it. Exactly.

Paul: Well, then Michael can prove that in court.

Victor: You can't be serious.

Paul: Chris is taking it to trial.

Nikki: You have proof that Jack intended on shooting him.

Paul: No, no, we don't. All we have is a gun with Jack's fingerprints on it and a lot of issues that make its discovery very questionable, like the convenient timing of the anonymous tip that sent us to Chelsea's apartment. That's all we have.

Victor: If you are serious about wasting taxpayers' money on a trial that you know you're gonna lose, then go ahead. Where's Michael Baldwin to get me the hell out of here?

Michael: The judge agrees with you, Victor. In the light of new evidence, my client has been granted bail.

Nikki: Oh, thank God.

Paul: [Sighs] All right. Let me know when it's posted.

Michael: This won't take long.

Nikki: Thank you, Michael.

Victor: Thank you.

Nikki: I'm sorry. Thank you.

Chelsea: You're right. Today is our anniversary. I didn't realize.

Adam: One of them, anyway.

[Both chuckle]

Chelsea: It was -- it was a special day.

Adam: Yeah.

Chelsea: Being on your mom's farm and being where you grew up, saying our vows to one another.

Adam: Our vows. "This isn't a fairytale. No illusions. No delusions. It's real life. Which makes it fan-damn-tastic."

Chelsea: You always had a way with your words.

Adam: Yeah. Sometimes.

Chelsea: But we can't go back, Adam.

Adam: We can, you know. We can find our way. That farm is still there.

Chelsea: I mean to that time, to that place. We can't get back there, not after everything that's happened. I... said goodbye to you. I... I mourned you. I almost married somebody else. [Sighs] I thought that I had lost you forever, so... [Voice breaking] I learned to move on without you.

Adam: Yeah, yeah, you tried to, but you never found anyone that you loved as much as you love me, and you never will.

Chelsea: [Sniffles]

Adam: And you can finally admit that.

Chelsea: Okay, I admit it. I will never love anyone as much as I love you. [Sniffles]

[Cell phone ringing]

Adam: Let it go to voicemail.

Chelsea: It's okay. No, it's okay. Get it. Just get it. [Sniffles]

Adam: Chelsea.

Chelsea: Get it.

Adam: Yeah.

Paul: Mr. Bingham, chief Williams.

Adam: What can I do for you, chief Williams?

Paul: We got the forensics back on the gun that was found at Chelsea's apartment. The fingerprints are a match with Jack Abbott.

Adam: Fingerprints match Jack's? You know what? This is such a crock. And, quite frankly, I don't have time for it.

Paul: You make time. And if you're not here in 20 minutes, I will send an officer to escort you.

Phyllis: You shot Joe?

Avery: No, I...shot in the general area.

Phyllis: And you went on TV and you admitted this?

Avery: I had to.

Phyllis: Okay. Wow. How do we undo it?

Avery: We don't. I'm stepping down from the innocence foundation, and I'm taking some time away from the firm.

Phyllis: Time away? That's very unlike you. But it makes sense. What you went through was so horrific. And I support you. Whatever you need, I am here for you.

Avery: I appreciate that. But, Phyllis, I'm not gonna be here.

Phyllis: What are you talking about?

Avery: I'm leaving Genoa city.

Ashley: How is she?

Abby: Alive.

Ashley: How are you feeling?

Abby: Like I crashed into something going 100 miles per hour.

Stitch: You're lucky all you got was that bump on your head.

Abby: [Chuckles] Tell that to the rest of my body.

Ashley: So, what happened?

Abby: I had a drink -- or, like, five -- and the warehouse guy I was negotiating with offered to drive me home.

Ashley: Was he drinking?

Abby: Mom, do you seriously think I'd get in the car with someone that was drinking?

Ashley: You said you had five drinks. Were you too intoxicated to even know?

Abby: I wasn't, and I didn't.

Ashley: So tell me this. Is this how you think a COO. Runs a major corporation? By getting drunk with a business associate to close a deal? And then you got frisky?

Abby: Frisky? Mom, what are you talking about? No, I-I know what I'm doing.

Ashley: Really? I'm gonna go talk to the rest of the family before they hear about this on GC buzz. Thank you for taking care of her.

Stitch: Sure.

Abby: [Groans]

Stitch: Okay. So, just us now. What really happened?

Abby: I told you. I had some drinks, and guy offered to drive me home. He crashed the car.

Stitch: He said he wasn't drunk. Was he texting, playing with the radio?

Abby: No, not that I remember. What are you getting at?

Stitch: Guy claimed the accident happened because you were getting "frisky." That true?

Billy: Me, Vicki, ash, even Nick, we all want Gabe gone as C.E.O. And it's gonna happen. We would love to have you on our team.

Neil: Mm-hmm. Well, I think I'm gonna sit this one out.

Billy: Come on, Neil. With your talent and your experience...

Neil: There you go. Trying to butter my bread, hmm? See, what you want is my knowledge, my -- my knowledge of the finances of the company and where it might be vulnerable.

Billy: Absolutely. Nobody knows that stuff better than you do. You worked for both Victor and Jack for years.

Neil: Yeah, and then I got rewarded by Gabe with a silly, little demotion.

Billy: Exactly. So how about some revenge?

Neil: Revenge. I would like to see that opportunist get his just desserts.

Billy: Good. Good. Then join us and let's take this guy down.

Neil: As appealing as this sounds, I think I'm gonna steer clear.

Billy: [Sighs] Listen, Neil, is there anything that I can say to make you change your mind?

Neil: When the dust settles, call me. Then I might be interested in taking my old job back. For the right price.

Nikki: I'm so sorry I doubted you. I should have known you never would have shot Jack in cold blood.

Victor: I'm glad you realize that.

Nikki: Can you ever forgive me?

Victor: We've both made mistakes, you know. So let's move forward.

Nikki: I'm all for that.

Michael: Good news. Bail has now been posted.

Nikki: Wow! Wonderful.

Paul: Victor, here are your personal belongings. Michael has already turned over your passport, and you know the rest of the drill. Don't leave the state, and show up for your court appearances.

Michael: That won't be a problem.

Victor: No problem at all. But you mark my word -- I'm gonna prove my innocence. And then you and I will have a talk.

Nikki: Thank you.

Victor: We can go to dinner now. Would you like that?

Nikki: I think that's a fine idea.

Victor: They just cleared a holding cell for you.

Adam: [Chuckles] That's good. That's good. I won't be needing it, though. You'll be back here in no time as soon as I testify against you.

Nikki: You really are a very vindictive man, aren't you?

Chelsea: Gabe isn't the one who planted a gun in my apartment, the apartment where your grandson lives.

Victor: If you're worried about my grandson, you would keep the likes of him away from him, okay?

Chelsea: Gabe would never hurt me and Connor.

Victor: Really? You don't know what he's capable of, do you?

Chelsea: I actually do, Victor.

Victor: Why did you get drawn in by someone like him again?

Adam: Someone like me? I could ask your wife the same question.

Nikki: I beg your pardon?

Adam: I said, I could ask you the same question.

Nikki: How dare you?

Paul: Mr. Bingham, I'm ready for you now.

Adam: Excuse us.

[Cell phone chimes]

Victor: Ooh.

Nikki: What is it?

Victor: Oh. Abby was in an accident.

Nikki: What? Oh, my God!

Victor: Yeah. Do you mind if I go see her now? Can we postpone this?

Nikki: Oh, of course. Of course.

Victor: Thank you, sweetheart.

Nikki: Come on.

Adam: Jack didn't have a gun, okay? I'm not lying. I'm not mistaken. He was unarmed.

Paul: Well, then how do you explain the gun we found in Chelsea's apartment with Jack's prints on it?

Adam: Do you want me to do your job for you?

Paul: [Sighs] Just answer the question.

Adam: I don't know, okay? I have no idea.

Paul: So you never saw the gun before? You never touched it?

Adam: No.

Paul: Okay. Then fine. Help me prove it.

Adam: Help you prove it how?

Paul: Well, there was a partial print on the gun in question that is not Jack's. So let me run your prints, and we can prove that it's not you.

Phyllis: You're leaving? As in going on vacation?

Avery: As in I'm leaving town for good. Or at least for now.

Phyllis: You're just packing up? You're leaving? What? You taking a page out of my book? You're gonna walk away, just turn your back?

Avery: Phyllis.

Phyllis: [Sighs] Look, okay. I did a lousy thing to you. You were just a kid, all right? I should have never left you like that. That was not good.

Avery: That is not why I'm doing this, Phyllis.

Phyllis: We just started being civil to one another. Or at least stopped hating one another.

Avery: Okay, for the record, I was always civil with you, and I never hated you.

Phyllis: Oh, really? That was just me this whole time?

Avery: Yeah, it was, all this time. Look, I just -- I need to do this. I need some time.

Phyllis: If you leave, isn't that letting the monster win?

Avery: No. No, I will be back here to testify. I will make sure he goes away for a very long time. I need to do this for me.

Phyllis: When?

Avery: By this time tomorrow, I'll be gone.

Phyllis: No.

Avery: Yeah.

Phyllis: No, that's too soon.

Avery: Well, I need you to say goodbye to summer for me, okay? I can't face her.

Phyllis: Okay, if I say no, will you stay?

Avery: I can't.

Phyllis: Okay. I'm gonna tell her that you're gonna be back, all right? Don't you make a liar out of me.

Avery: I need to go. I need to tie up some loose ends.

Michael: Like me?

Abby: What exactly are you asking me?

Stitch: I know closing this deal was important to you.

Abby: Yes, it was, but I wouldn't get frisky with guy to make it happen. Do you honestly think I would do that to you?

Stitch: No.

Abby: Good. 'Cause I wouldn't.

Stitch: I shouldn't have doubted you.

[Door opens]

Victoria: Abby. Are you okay?

Nick: Heard you were in an accident?

Abby: Did I make it on the GC Buzz? What picture did they run?

Victoria: She's fine.

Nick: Yeah.

Abby: Well, you want some other good news?

Nick: Sure.

Abby: You are looking at the person who negotiated a new contract with the warehouse workers.

Victoria: Oh. You closed the deal?

Abby: Yes. So maybe now you guys can show me a little respect.

Victor: My goodness.

Abby: Dad.

Victor: I didn't realize there was a party going on here.

Abby: What are you doing here?

Victor: Well, my sweetheart, what a question. My daughter's in an accident, and obviously I'm gonna find out how she's doing.

Abby: Well, hi. I thought you were in jail.

Stitch: You know, I'm gonna give you guys all some alone time.

Abby: Okay, I'll see you later?

Stitch: Sure.

Victor: So...

Nick: Out on bail, Dad?

Victor: Yeah, Michael Baldwin convinced the judge that I should be released until the trial.

Victoria: And he's gonna make sure that you're cleared of all charges.

Victor: That's right. Okay? And I'm looking forward to prove to the jury that I'm innocent.

Abby: And we will all be there for you.

Victor: Good.

Victoria: And we'll convince them that you would never shoot Jack.

Victor: And once I'm free, we will go after Gabriel Bingham and get our company back.

Paul: Well, is there some reason you don't want to be fingerprinted?

Adam: Am I a suspect, Paul?

Paul: No.

Adam: Okay.

Paul: But if you've never seen the gun as you claim, what's the problem?

Adam: The problem is Victor, all right? I know him well enough to know I wouldn't put anything past him, including getting my fingerprints somehow and putting them on a gun that I've never seen before.

Chelsea: You know what, Paul? We came here as a courtesy, but I think we should speak to an attorney before this goes any further.

Paul: I think that might be a good idea.

Chelsea: Let's go.

Adam: Oh, and by the way, you know, you and the rest of the keystone cops should be able to figure out that a gun showing up with Jack's fingerprints on it at Chelsea's apartment is a setup, okay? Excuse me. It's a setup that's got Victor Newman's name written all over it.

Chelsea: Come on.

Paul: Thank you.

Adam: You're welcome.

Nick: Hey, I'm all for tossing Bingham out of Newman-Abbott, but we got to take things one step at a time. We have to let Abby recover.

Victor: You bet. Be on your feet in no time, okay?

Nick: Not if we don't let her get well.

Victoria: Okay, well, you guys go ahead. I'll stay with Abby.

Victor: If you need anything, you call me, all right?

Abby: Thank you, dad.

Victor: Okay, sweetheart.

Nick: Catch you later.

Abby: [Sighs]

Victor: Feels good to know that my children are working together.

Michael: I guess I should have been more specific when I told you not to do anything rash. I thought that was obvious it included no televised confessions.

Avery: The truth needed to be told.

Michael: Why did you have to tell it so loudly? You could have had a quiet, you know, less public confession.

Avery: Michael, I know what I was doing.

Michael: You -- it's no use crying over spilled confessions.

Phyllis: You know, I'm gonna check up on Jack, see if there's an update, let you two talk.

Avery: Okay.

Phyllis: You stay in touch or I'm gonna hunt you down.

Avery: I will. Phone calls, e-mails, texts. You will be so sick of hearing from me.

Phyllis: Then maybe you should stay.

Avery: I can't.

Phyllis: I know. I know. Hurry back, okay?

Avery: [Sighs]

Michael: Guess you won't be coming into the office any time soon, huh?

Avery: I'm sorry if I let you down.

Michael: No. Never. We'll just leave your office exactly the way it is, and we'll work out the details later. The most important thing is -- is you. You've been through an awful lot. Go. Take... all the time you need. Heal. But make sure you come back.

Nick: Hey. Are you okay?

Phyllis: What the hell are you doing here?

Nikki: He kept telling me that Jack had a gun that night. I didn't believe him.

Neil: And now one's turned up with Jack's fingerprints all over it.

Nikki: Yeah, at Chelsea's, where Gabe practically lives, who was the eyewitness to the fact that Jack didn't have a gun. What?

Neil: You were so sure that Victor was guilty.

Nikki: I know. I keep thinking about that. It's almost like I want him to let me down so that I can blame him for my drinking, and it's easier than blaming myself, you know?

Neil: Maybe.

Nikki: "Maybe." Yeah, "maybe," he says with -- with so much conviction. I want to know what you're thinking, Neil.

Neil: Uh, I don't believe that you were too hard on Victor. [Clears throat] You know, there's a reason the charges against him haven't been dropped. Jack's fingerprints all over the gun, they don't prove that Victor fired in self-defense. As a matter of fact, they don't prove that Jack held the gun at all. Nikki, it's not that difficult to put someone's fingerprints on an object. And remember, recently Sharon -- she had a very similar thing happen to her.

Victor: These damn fingerprints are not intended to bring down Jack Abbott. These fingerprints are about saving my company.

Nikki: Okay, then.

Nikki: Oh, my God.

Neil: "Oh, my" -- what -- what -- what's wrong?

Nikki: Oh, I can't believe it. Victor has played me for a fool. He's been planning on shooting Jack for months.

Nick: I'm sorry that things got so bad you felt like you needed to do something like this.

Avery: I dreaded telling you the most. You're such a good person.

Nick: I'm no saint.

Avery: But your moral compass always points north.

Nick: No one's does.

Avery: Well, mine completely broke. I lost my way. I-I let go of all the principles I value the most, principles I fought for my entire life. How did I let that happen?

Nick: We all make mistakes.

Avery: Like the one I made here on the day we were supposed to get married? I hurt you.

Nick: I forgave you for that, Avery.

Avery: Well, maybe you shouldn't have.

Nick: So, what's next? Where do you go from here?

Chelsea: What if Paul gets a warrant and forces you to give your fingerprints? Adam Newman's prints are in the police database.

Adam: I know. Just calm down.

Chelsea: You want me to calm down? They will arrest you on the spot, Adam. You will spend the rest of your life in jail.

Adam: You're really worried about me, aren't you?

Chelsea: What? No.

Adam: Yeah, you are. It's obvious. You care what happens to me.

Chelsea: I care about Connor and Billy and the baby that Sage is carrying. Their lives will be wrecked if you come back from the dead.

Adam: And that's the only reason you're concerned, right? Has nothing to do with me.

Chelsea: Yes. That and the fact that I will be an accessory for covering up your identity.

Adam: No, I would just tell everyone you didn't know, okay? I'd never let that happen.

Chelsea: Why should I believe you?

Adam: Because you know me, Chelsea! Come -- you know I would do everything I could to protect you!

Chelsea: Protect me?

Adam: Yes!

Chelsea: The way you protected me from the truth about Delia, the fact that you lied to me, pretended you were dead for over a year? No, I don't know you, Adam, and I don't think I want to.

Adam: Don't say that to me.

Chelsea: It's the truth.

Adam: It's the truth? No. No, the truth is that you love me. You admitted it before, and you can't deny it now.

Victor: I came to see how Jack is.

Phyllis: You mean to see if he's dead. He's not. If you think I'm gonna let you in there...

Victor: I'm not here to harm him, all right?

Phyllis: How did you even get out of jail? They didn't drop the charges against you, did they?

Victor: I will have my day in court, Phyllis. And I will be vindicated. Maybe even before then.

Nikki: Victor said he was going to leave the fingerprints in a confessional for some private detective to pick up, someone who supposedly hacked the computer system at Newman enterprises.

Neil: Mm-hmm. Which turned out to be Jack.

Nikki: Exactly.

Neil: So, Victor had Jack's prints this whole time. It's not that difficult to believe that Victor could have put those prints all over that gun they found at Chelsea's.

Nikki: Yeah, well, if that's true, he's been plotting this crime for months, trying to set up Gabe. I have to tell Paul.

Victoria: Mom. You can't do that.

Nikki: Victoria.

Victoria: You can't go to the police.

Nikki: Victoria, what are you talking about? I know you love your father, but he has been planning to kill Jack for months.

Victoria: No, no, he hasn't been. What -- why are you even saying that?

Nikki: Sweetheart, you can't ignore the facts now. Jack -- Victor has Jack's fingerprints.

Victoria: Phyllis admitted that Jack's been carrying around a gun. It could possibly be the one that they found in Chelsea's house.

Neil: Vicki, Vicki, your mom's trying to do the right thing here.

Victoria: Right thing is not having my father thrown in prison. You don't know anything. You don't have any proof. All you have is a theory.

Nikki: I have to tell Paul what I know.

Victoria: Mom. Please don't.

Avery: I don't know where I'm going. I guess I'll figure it out when I get in the car.

Nick: Well, wherever it is, you're gonna come back, right, eventually?

Avery: I can't make that promise.

Nick: Yes, you can. Just look me in my eyes and tell me, "Nick, someday I promise you I will come back."

Avery: I can't -- I can't do that. I don't know. I don't know if I'm coming back.

Nick: How are you gonna live without seeing this face?

Avery: [Chuckles] I don't know. Oh, God, I'm gonna miss so many people here. I know I came to town to defend Sharon and reconnect with Phyllis, but... Genoa city became my home.

Nick: Then why are you leaving?

Avery: It's time. Look, you and Dylan have both moved on with your lives. You're having babies... with women who aren't me.

Nick: Avery --

Avery: It's okay. It's -- I'm happy for both of you. I really am. You're such a good dad. And Dylan will be, too.

Nick: Well, when you're ready to come back... we'll be here.

Avery: Nick... [Sobs]

Billy: Abby, what the heck happened?

Abby: Oh, you know. Car versus tree. Tree won.

Billy: Hmm. Looks like you took a few shots yourself.

Abby: Ah, it's nothing.

Billy: Hmm. Real tough guy, huh? Excuse me. Tough girl.

Abby: Well, you'll really think so once you see what I pulled off.

Billy: Oh, yeah? What you got?

Abby: Something you all thought I couldn't do. One warehouse deal signed, sealed, and delivered.

Billy: Abby, you weren't supposed to make an actual deal with the warehouse workers.

Abby: Well, you'll be glad I did once you see the agreement I had them agree to. Here. Look at this.

Billy: Abby, please tell me this is a joke.

Abby: No, it's -- it's the real deal. Although you might want to have it typed up at some point.

Billy: I can't believe you did this. Abby, this -- this contract is gonna kill us.

Stitch: Ashley, you're still here?

Ashley: Hi. I am so sorry. I didn't mean to imply that Abby was doing something with that warehouse rep. I mean, that was wrong of me. I was just upset.

Stitch: It's okay.

Ashley: It's not okay. She cares about you a lot. She would never do anything to sabotage her relationship with you. Clearly the two of you have a very good thing. I'm happy for you.

Stitch: The only problem is I can't get her mother out of my mind.

Paul: Look, I know this can't be easy for you, Nikki.

Nikki: I wanted to believe Victor, but when I remembered finding those fingerprints, I had to tell you.

Paul: Even though you know what it might cost?

Nikki: Yeah.

Paul: All right. Um, I'm gonna have to talk to Chris and find out how she wants to handle this.

Nikki: Okay.

Paul: I'll be in touch. You take care.

Nikki: All right. Thank you.

Victoria: You told him?

Nikki: Sweetheart, I had to.

Victoria: No, you didn't have to. You chose to. You chose to stab dad in the back.

Neil: You did the right thing.

Nikki: I hope so.

Adam: We can make this work. You know we can be happy together, right?

Chelsea: You blew our chance at that. I love you, Adam, more than I have ever loved anybody in my whole life. But that doesn't mean we can be together.

Adam: Why you doing this to yourself? It's obvious you want to be with me as much as I want to be with you. Why do you insist on punishing yourself like this?

Chelsea: Because it hurts too much to love you, Adam! I can't live the rest of my life just waiting for the other shoe to drop, waiting for your secret to come out!

Adam: Nobody will find out! It won't come out if we're careful!

Chelsea: Yes, it will! It will come out, and it will come crumbling down on me and on Connor! It's a matter of time be--

Victor: Get out of the chair.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Phyllis: Are you trying to say that Gabriel Bingham isn't your son?

Victor: You know who I see when I look at you? I see my son Adam.

Avery: That's what I'm trying to tell you. I'm not coming back.

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