Y&R Transcript Thursday 7/16/15


Episode # 10711 ~ Nikki demands the truth from Victor about Jack's shooting. Summer questions Noah about his relationship with Marisa.

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Adam: Even though you won't be seeing me around here much anymore, it doesn't mean I'm not thinking about you, okay? I'll always love you. Every second of every day.

Connor: Mama!

Adam: And your mama. Yeah. So, this is goodbye, okay? For now. I guess this is goodbye for us, too, right?

Billy: And Gabe's not even here. Of course.

Victoria: His oh-so-urgent meeting. But by all means, keep everyone waiting. The ego on that guy.

Billy: Add this to the fact that he was a complete mess at jack's bedside because, somehow, everything is about Gabe. How does this guy move to town and make himself the center of Genoa city?

Abby: And can you distribute the latest operation figures from the second quarter p&l report?

Kyle: I'll forward the e-mail right away, ms. Newman. Glad to be your personal assistant.

Abby: Thank you. You know what? It leaves me to concentrate on my meeting with the warehouse workers' rep today. I need to be on top of my game -- stats, figures, jargon. [Sighs]

Billy: Your meeting? Abby, I've been working on that deal for weeks.

Abby: And I appreciate that. But I think it's a meeting that the COO should take.

Billy: [Chuckles]

Abby: Is there a reason why you two keep acting like I can't do my job? "Hey, if Abby fails and Gabe ends up looking like a jerk for promoting her..." well, news flash. Gabe looks like a jerk no matter what, so just let me do my job and stay out of my way.

Nick: Are you okay?

Sage: Yes. I need to tell you something right now.

Nick: Look, I really need to get to the office, but do you want to ride with me in the car? We can talk --

Sage: No, I need to tell you right here.

Nick: What's going on?

Sage: Can you please just sit down so I can tell you?

Nick: Yeah. Sure. What's going on?

Sage: You and me and this baby -- I never thought I could have that. I never thought I could have real love or a child inside of me. When I think about it, everything in the world just goes away. Nothing exists but that. When I think about our future together, when I think about your kids and our little boy or girl... [Voice breaking] Um... I don't know if it's really possible. [Sniffles] [Crying] I don't really know if it's just something that's not gonna happen, like a future that -- that will never come.

Nick: Look, of course it -- it's gonna come true. All right? Nothing is gonna get in the way of us having it all.

Ashley: I've just been summoned to an urgent meeting at Newman-Abbott. Would it be horrible of me if I accidentally broke my phone and pretend that I never got the text?

Phyllis: No. Jack would want you to go to protect the family's interests. You should. While you're there, remind them that I'm a department head at that company.

Ashley: Do you want to go to this meeting instead of me?

Phyllis: No, no, but I expect to be invited to the next one. Look, I'm gonna track down Nikki. Wish me luck.

Ashley: Okay. Good luck. Hey, there.

Stitch: Oh, God!

Ashley: Oh, my --

Stitch: Okay. Sorry. [Laughs]

Summer: [Chuckles] Okay. I'm not six years old anymore. You can't bribe me with cookies.

Noah: But it made you smile.

Summer: Yes, because everyone smiles at sugar.

Noah: Well, I didn't give this to just anyone. I gave it to my sister who looked absolutely miserable until I, uh, slid this little baked good in front of her.

Summer: Okay. I am only partly miserable at this point. I mean, my first wedding anniversary to Austin came and went, and I survived, partly because of you, so thank you.

Noah: Oh, you don't have to give me any credit. I'm sure that, uh, Kyle was your rock. He got you through these tough times. Are you two...not...? I'm sorry. I think I'm a little behind on this.

Summer: No. Kyle and I -- we're not not together. I don't -- I don't know. I know that we're not the first couple to be stuck in between the Newmans and the Abbotts. It just makes everything a little bit complicated.

Noah: Well, I know that I may not be Kyle's biggest fan, but I am glad that you have somebody that you can lean on.

Summer: Thanks. What about you? Do you miss Courtney? Yeah. Me, too. Is that what you're looking for with this Marisa girl? Someone to lean on?

You have a visitor, Mr. Newman.

Victor: Send them in. Could you charge this for me? Thank you.

Marisa: I didn't know jails had Wi-Fi. Or is that just for you?

Victor: Who the hell are you?

Marisa: My name's Marisa. We met at the club, briefly. Turns out we have a mutual friend by the name of Marco.

Phyllis: Thank you very much for meeting me.

Nikki: Please tell me that you have some good news about jack.

Phyllis: I could, but I don't know if you'd believe me.

Nikki: I don't know what that means. Is he out of his coma?

Phyllis: No. That hasn't changed. But he can hear me. And he wants to come back. He squeezes my hand when I ask him questions.

Nikki: Really? What do the doctors say about that?

Phyllis: He doesn't do it for the doctors, only me.

Nikki: Well, Phyllis, you know, sometimes, when we want something really badly, we --

Phyllis: Can you not do that? Please don't do that. Don't pity me. You know jack and how stubborn he is. He managed to write something for me about Victor.

Nikki: Write something? What do you mean? A note?

Phyllis: Something like that.

Nikki: No, Phyllis. Please. I-I don't want to see it. Victor is not in my life anymore, at least not right now.

Phyllis: But jack is, and I swear to you, he let me know that Victor did not go to the park that night to shoot him.

Nikki: Victor went in my place to see jack, and he had a gun.

Phyllis: To shoot someone else. Jack wrote this. The number two.

Nikki: Two. Two what?

Phyllis: I don't know. I don't know. Ashley and I have been trying to get that information out of Victor, and he was less than... happy to share.

Nikki: So, I see now what you want. You want me to go to Victor and ask him why jack, in a coma, mind you, would have written the number two on a piece of paper. Phyllis, this is not healthy for you. It's not healthy for me, for that matter.

Phyllis: I know that I am on edge about this, but I know jack wrote that. I know that he did, and I-I just -- I want to know why. I mean, was Gabriel blackmailing Victor? Was the meeting a setup somehow? You know, to get Victor to do something criminal so he can bust him on it? I just think it is time we finally figure out what happened that night in the park.

Nikki: But why? Who is the other person that Victor would want to confront?

Phyllis: I don't know. I just know that he wrote the number two and he was clear that Victor did not intend to shoot him. If I understood any more than that, I would not be here right now talking to you. Nobody can get the truth out of Victor. Nobody but you. Will you please, please try for me?

Ashley: [Laughs] Whoa. That was a little unexpected, wasn't it?

Stitch: Congratulate me. I just met with the chief of staff, and now I am finally, officially reinstated back into the residency program here at memorial. Okay. Call me "doc."

Ashley: Ben, I'm so happy for you.

Stitch: No, no, no. No, really. I'm serious. Call me "Doc." It's been forever.

Ashley: Call you "Doctor"?

Stitch: Yeah.

Ashley: Dr. Rayburn.

Stitch: Whoo!

Ashley: Congratulations.

Stitch: Man, that sounds good! [Laughs]

Ashley: I really am very happy for you.

Stitch: [Sighs] Oh, my God.

Ashley: In a weird way, I'm kind of proud of you, too. And I'm sad, because I just lost my very best chemist ever.

Stitch: And working at Jabot was a great experience and you gave me a shot when no one else would come near me, so thank you. But now let's celebrate. You got time for a drink?

Ashley: Oh, I wish I did. I have to go to a meeting. You know what? Abby's gonna be there, though. I'm sure she's very excited to celebrate with you.

Stitch: Uh, she -- she doesn't know yet. You're -- you're the first to hear. Uh, it -- ever since Abby got this new job, she's been hard to track down. Either that or she's trying to avoid me. I don't know. [Chuckles]

Ashley: [Chuckles] No. You know what? I think it's just the first blush of, you know, power. It's gonna wear off. It will. And that girl -- she needs to learn how to ask for help, because there's plenty of people that would be happy to ease her workload, you know what I mean?

Victoria: Nobody is pulling for you to fail, Abby.

Kyle: Regardless of who is in power, the last thing anyone needs is for Newman-Abbott to tank. My dad doesn't deserve that.

Victoria: Oh, none of us do.

Abby: Well, then how about some support for the contributions I've made to this company?

Billy: Look, Abby. The warehouse workers' rep plays hardball. It's an ego thing with him.

Abby: I'm okay with hardball. And it's an ego thing for me, too. Gabe trusts me to handle this meeting, and wouldn't it be amazing if my family trusted me, as well?

Victoria: If dad were here, then things would be --

Abby: At some point, you're going to have to realize that I am COO., And I am going to have to follow my own instincts. Which means I will take this meeting and make sure that the warehouse workers do not become a headache for this company.

Billy: Great. You have at it. And I guess that means that'll leave the rest of us here to deal with the headache known as Gabriel Bingham without you.

Abby: [Sighs]

Sage: The life that I pictured for us is...

Nick: Hey. Is this about me and Newman-Abbott? Because that is not forever, all right? This -- us -- that's a lifetime.

Sage: Yeah. It's -- when you say that... look, Nick, I --

Nick: I'm so sorry, but I have got to go deal with Gabe. But I'll be back. Will you do me a favor and will you just go home and rest?

Sage: When you get back home, you're gonna know that I'm right.

Nick: Sage, [Chuckles] Are you this worried about my meeting with Gabe? He -- he's nothing. All right? I'm not afraid of this jerk. I know you think because you have this history with him that -- that he could get in the way of this future that you want, but let me tell you something. He's nothing, all right? We're solid. Nothing's gonna get in the way of that. Now, if you won't go home, will you at least do me this favor -- just go back into the office and -- and take it easy?

Sage: Yeah.

Nick: Okay?

Sage: Okay.

Nick: I promise you. Someday, Gabe is gonna dig himself a hole that he can't get out of. And when that happens, we don't have anything to worry about. I'll be back before you know it. It's okay. I'll be back.

Sage: [Crying]

Adam: You know, they're probably already there, waiting for me. Waiting for Gabe. And I'm gonna tell everybody who I am, and all hell's gonna break loose. Billy will be out for blood, of course.

Chelsea: Billy's life fell apart when Delia died, and then, just when he was getting the pieces back together, we hurt him.

Adam: Billy never deserved you, Chelsea. I'm not gonna apologize for taking you away from him.

Chelsea: [Sighs]

Adam: But he does deserve justice for what happened to Delia. So... I'm not gonna tell anyone he shot me. I'm not gonna fight him. If I go down -- when I go down, I'm gonna go down alone. I'm not taking anybody with me.

Chelsea: You're gonna tell them all together? I mean, Ashley, Billy, Nick -- I mean, they'll -- they'll tear you apart.

Adam: Yeah. Maybe they will at first but, you know, then somebody will call the police. And then it will be pretty standard from there, you know? They'll be an arrest. Charges. No chance at bail. I probably won't see the outside of a jail cell after tonight. But it's the right thing to do, you know? So... here you go.

Chelsea: Hi, baby.

Adam: Um... look at you. One last look at you guys -- my family, you know? It's been everything I ever imagined -- being with you, both of you. So, that's it, you know? It's time for me to do the right thing.

Chelsea: Well, yeah. What else is there? [Crying]

Noah: Marisa has gone through some tough times, and, um --

Summer: You're pulling a dad. You're taking in the strays, and you know, it doesn't hurt that Marisa's gorgeous.

Noah: [Chuckles] I mean, if you're into that kind of thing.

Summer: [Chuckles] Oh, you are pitiful.

Noah: Look, you just said it. It's genetic, okay? And... I didn't have a choice, all right? She was soaking wet and she didn't have anywhere to go.

Summer: Yeah, but now her clothes are dry and now she has a job.

Noah: And a place to stay at the club.

Summer: Oh, on her bartender's salary and tips? Okay.

Noah: It's not forever.

Summer: All right. So, when she's slicing lemons and restocking shelves, what else have you learned about her?

Noah: I know that she wasn't raised like you and me. Beyond that...

Summer: Well, do you want to know more about her?

Noah: [Sighs] No. It's none of my business. As long as she does a good job, that's all that matters.

Victor: I don't know anyone by the name of Marco.

Marisa: Oh, you are good. Not even a flicker in your eyes. I know all about your friend Marco Annicelli, and I know what you did to your other friend, jack Abbott.

Victor: You said your name was Marisa?

Marisa: Marco told you about me. Maybe he told you I died -- accident at sea -- but I'm still here.

Victor: If you survived, then where the hell are the others?

Marisa: You mean jack, but you don't say his name. You ask questions, but you offer nothing in return. Bad manners. I'll come back some other time.

Victor: Listen to me. Don't play games with me, okay?

Marisa: I'm late for work.

[Door closes]

Ashley: I don't know why you're all freaking out. My dad isn't.

Victoria: Dad has other priorities right now, like staying out of prison because Gabriel had him arrested.

Nick: And once again, Bingham is the topic of conversation. This doesn't get old at all.

Ashley: I'm sure he wouldn't want it any other way.

Kyle: Look, we're talking about who Victor would want in charge. What about who my father would want? It's sure as hell not the brand-new son who sold him out.

Ashley: You're exactly right. Jack would have wanted somebody who's loyal to the Abbotts and specifically to him, and that would be me.

Abby: What, am I not Abbott enough?

Ashley: Abby, we need a leader who has some experience.

Abby: Give me time.

Ashley: We don't have time. Can I speak with you alone for a second? Excuse us.

Abby: What? Are you going to take me to the corner to scold me? Because that hasn't worked since I was three years old, and maybe not even then.

Ashley: Abby, I think you're gonna make an excellent top executive when you're ready. This company is in so much turmoil. We need an executive who has leadership skills and experience.

Abby: And when will that be? When you decide to leave the throne?

Ashley: You know what? That's rude.

Abby: I know, mom. I know that you want what's best for this company, but I am ready. I really am.

Ashley: Okay. Let's just table this for now, all right? And I think you should call Ben. He has some news he wants to share with you.

Abby: What news? Did you see him at the hospital? Did he talk to the chief?

Ashley: Just call him. I think he wants to tell you himself. Okay?

Adam: Good. You're all here.

Nick: Yeah. Summoned like good little soldiers.

Billy: What is this all about?

Adam: The future.

Victor: I'm happy to see you.

Nikki: Are you ready to be honest with me?

Victor: [Sighs] If I've ever not been honest with you, it was always for your safety.

Nikki: Who was that woman I just saw leaving?

Victor: Oh, some reporter. Not important. You didn't come to ask me about her, did you? How are you? How are your symptoms?

Nikki: Victor, this meeting is not about me.

Victor: Everything is about you.

Nikki: Phyllis showed me a piece of paper that she said she had shown you where jack had written the number two.

Victor: Jack Abbott is in a damn coma.

Nikki: Well, she swears he wrote it. What does it mean?

Victor: I haven't seen you for a while. And you come in here asking me about a number two on a damn piece of paper?

Nikki: Okay.

Victor: Phyllis and Ashley weren't successful in getting answers from me, so they sent you. Isn't that right? They asked you because they know I love you.

Sage: [Thinking] By now, you know everything. You know that I protected Adam and his secret. I can't ask for forgiveness. I know I don't deserve it. Just know I love you. No matter where I am, I will keep loving you.

Marisa: I'm here for my shift, boss lady. You look pale. Are you okay?

Sage: I'm fine. Um...I'm gonna head out and, uh, just take over till Noah gets in.

Ashley: For somebody who insisted that we get here in a hurry, you don't seem prepared for this meeting.

Kyle: Has your conscience kicked in, Gabe? Are you finally ready to admit you have no business in Victor's chair while our father is in a coma?

Abby: Would it kill everyone to focus on keeping this company strong until jack is well and things are resolved? I am ready to do my job, which means I have a meeting to get to. So, let's get this thing going.

Adam: It, um -- I didn't ask you all to come here on business. Actually, that -- that's not true at all, is it? Everything is about business when it comes to the Newmans and the Abbotts, isn't it? But this is also personal. It affects all of you, all of us.

Billy: Is this about you hovering over jack in the hospital? Because if it is, then, yes, you're the most devoted son he never knew he had.

Nick: What are we doing? 'Cause if this isn't about work, then I don't need to be here.

Adam: Um... [Clears throat] It's about who I am. Um, Gabriel Bingham is gone as of now.

Chelsea: Stop. Not another word.

Adam: What are you doing? Chelsea, I don't want you here for this.

Chelsea: Isn't that obvious? You want me to stay at home and design clothes and keep my mouth shut.

Adam: Okay, we agreed this has to happen, right?

Chelsea: Yes, we agreed... that I would take on a bigger role at the company. Yet I went with Abby to discuss the big rigs, and she got all the credit.

Abby: No credit at all. Ask anyone, and they'll tell you it's the worst deal ever made.

Chelsea: And now you want to get everybody involved in our business. Way to go, Gabe.

Nick: Gabe Bingham is gone?

Victoria: Are you resigning?

Adam: This has to happen, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Does it, Gabe? Because I think the things we say in private moments should remain private.

Abby: Wait. Seriously? Did you come in here because you two had sex and then fought about her job title?

Kyle: How did you get that from what she just said?

Abby: I know what "private" means, even if you don't.

Ashley: Did I really leave the hospital for this?

Victoria: This is really unprofessional.

Adam: Uh, okay, um... the meeting's ov-- there's no meeting. Um...there's no meeting. We'll reschedule the meeting. Or not.

Nick: What is going on here? Were you about to just step down?

Adam: No. Um... it was about restructuring, but it involves Chelsea, and I need to, uh -- I need to hear her out. So -- so, you all -- you all can go.

Ashley: Could you please just pull it together so you don't pull us and this company down with you?

Billy: So, this was very productive. Thanks.

Victoria: I think you two really deserve each other.

Ashley: Do you want to come to the hospital with me? I think Ben might still be there.

Abby: I can't. I have a meeting to get to. You were focused on work my whole life, so why are you so surprised that I am now, too?

Adam: Thank you for...

Abby: Bye.

Adam: ...Coming.

[Door closes]

Adam: What was that? Why did you stop me from telling them who I am?

Noah: Hey.

Marisa: Hi.

Noah: What's that?

Marisa: Uh, receipts for the craft beers Nick ordered this month.

Noah: Oh, he didn't mention that to me.

Marisa: Well, he's been distracted.

Noah: Yeah, hey. Uh, look, I know that you're new, but you got to run the purchases through --

Marisa: So, what? That means I know nothing? Or worse, I lie?

Noah: No, I didn't -- I didn't say that.

Marisa: If you believe me or not, it's up to you.

Nikki: The last time I was here, Victor, you swore to me that there was nothing premeditated about you shooting jack, that it was just to protect our family.

Victor: Everything I do is to protect my family. That's the truth.

Nikki: But that doesn't make any sense, Victor. Are you saying that if you hadn't shot jack in that park, he would have gone off on a rampage and attacked me, attacked the children? No, he wouldn't have. And you know that, too.

Victor: Let me just say that there's more to that man than you're aware of, all right?

Nikki: All right. Well, will you please tell me what it is?

Victor: I shot that man in self-defense.

Nikki: So, that's all I'm gonna get out of you, huh? Name, rank, and serial number.

Victor: You got it.

Nikki: There was no gun found at the scene. So, how could you have shot jack in self-defense if he wasn't even armed?

Victor: Think about it. Gabriel Bingham took that gun to make it look as if I shot jack Abbott unprovoked. Now he has my company. He has my title and everything else.

Nikki: So...jack is just crazy and Gabe is a conniving lunatic?

Victor: If you want to find out that I'm innocent, you figure out a way to find out where Gabriel Bingham is hiding the other gun.

Stitch: Hey.

Abby: [Chuckles] Hi.

Stitch: Hey, you got my message.

Abby: I did.

Stitch: Guess what. The doctor's in.

Abby: Oh, my gosh! Congratulations. I am so excited for you. So is my mom.

Stitch: You mad at me?

Abby: I'm not mad. It's just a little awkward that my mom got to hear the news first. And of course, that's not the first time that that's happened.

Stitch: Abby, we --

Abby: I'm sorry. I'm just a little irked. Both of my families are treating me like I'm a traitor for finally stepping up, including my mom. And Gabe is the only person who thinks that I'm capable of acting like a responsible adult. Gabe. He's a freak. That's who I have on my side -- the freak.

Stitch: Hey, and me. You got me on your side, okay? And our -- our schedules are gonna be crazy-busy soon. So we need to make the most of our free time. So...champagne?

Abby: Yes, please. But later. I have a meeting with the warehouse workers' rep in, like, two minutes. But we will toast later, and I will even spring for the second bottle.

Stitch: Yeah, that's not gonna work at all.

Nick: You know, I think we made the right call not telling Abby about our plan to let Gabe blow things up at the office. She would not have been on board with that.

Victoria: Well, she knows he's a pig, but he is a pig who's given her respect and power.

Billy: I don't know. I think it's -- I think it's fine. It'll give him a false sense of security. And this way, we keep undermining Gabe, and when he completely screws up, we step in.

Victoria: Exactly. Hello?

Nick: Uh, I'll be right back.

Billy: Okay...

Nick: Hey, is, uh, Sage in the back?

Noah: I don't think so. Everything okay?

Nick: I just got to make sure she gets some rest. I never would have left her, but Gabe called some big meeting, and...then promptly canceled it. I guess he was gonna make some announcement and then didn't. I don't know. Uh, when I find Sage, though, I'm gonna take off, all right?

Noah: All right.

Marisa: I'm so sorry. Can you cover for me, please? I'm not feeling well. Thank you.

Noah: Not feeling well? What -- Marisa.

Adam: I was gonna do it, Chelsea. I was gonna tell them everything. But then you came.

Chelsea: I dreamed of it -- having you back, finding a way to be a family again. But it was all just a dream.

Adam: It's not a dream, Chelsea. It's not a dream anymore. I came back for you. That's why I'm here.

Chelsea: No. Every moment we shared together, every single moment was a lie.

Adam: Not a lie. The feelings, the love, the chemistry -- that's not a lie. That's the truth. And it's the way things are between us, okay? It's inevitable.

Chelsea: No, what is inevitable is your constant lying. You had so many opportunities. You could have told me who you really were, and you never did.

Adam: That's right. And that's why I was gonna tell everyone here today, all right? I was gonna kill that lie... just like I told you, but then you came here and you covered for me. What does that tell you?

Chelsea: I did that for them. Not for you. The second you admit who you really are, you destroy so much for so many people -- for Connor, for Billy, for -- for Nick, for Sage. It would change everything.

Adam: Okay, I don't understand. We agreed that this was what we were gonna do, and now you're saying it would be a mistake.

Chelsea: Because of them. Because they don't deserve any more pain.

Adam: Because of them? That's why you're doing this? For them?

Chelsea: Yeah.

Adam: Okay. You sure you're not doing it for you? Maybe you finally thought of yourself for once, right? And you realized that you really do want me in your life, don't you?

Stitch: The champagne is for you. I have a shift at the hospital later.

Abby: Already?

Stitch: Uh-huh.

Abby: Wow. Look at you. Look at me. We're this super-busy power couple.

Stitch: You know, I'm not crazy about you meeting with the warehouse rep on your own.

Abby: Why? You don't think I can handle a meeting in a public place?

Stitch: Hey, these guys -- they're not exactly known for their manners and their diplomacy.

Abby: Oh, they might hurt my delicate little ears with their coarse language. [Laughs] No. I am gonna close this deal, and then you and I are gonna celebrate, Doctor. But since my meeting is in this very room, um, do you think that maybe you want to go to the gym or something so it doesn't look like it's "Take your boyfriend to work" day?

Stitch: No. No. I am gonna be right here watching you work, okay, ready to step in if I have to.

Abby: [Chuckles]

Phyllis: How was the meeting?

Ashley: A complete waste of time. You know what I think is happening? I think the pressure is finally making Gabe crack.

Phyllis: Well, maybe he'll crack hard enough to tell us what happened in the park that night.

Nikki: Oh. Good. You're both here. I just came from Victor. He was not too pleased that you two sent me in for you.

Ashley: Well, I wasn't too pleased when he shot my brother.

Nikki: Okay, well, he ran me 'round and 'round and then said that I needed to find jack's gun.

Phyllis: Wait a minute. The police didn't find a gun because jack wasn't armed.

Nikki: Look, I'm just telling you what he said to me. That other gun is out there somewhere.

Ashley: Well, Gabe hid it someplace where he didn't think anybody would look.

Phyllis: A place he could plausibly deny knowing about.

Ashley: Yes, and someplace he could access it again, easily, if suddenly the gun had to reappear.

Nikki: Oh, my God. It's in Chelsea's penthouse.

Victor: Did you do what I asked?

They'll find it.

Victor: Good man. Thank you.

Billy: It was great watching Gabe melt down. The meeting was worth it just for that.

Victoria: Well, he's obviously confided a lot in Chelsea. She might need somebody to talk to.

Billy: Yeah. I agree. Oh, come on. You don't mean me.

Victoria: Chelsea doesn't have any real friends. She might need somebody to talk to. Someone should be there for her.

Billy: [Sighs]

Victoria: Take one for the team.

Billy: Oh...

Nick: Slide over.

Victoria: Hey. How's Sage?

Nick: No answer.

Victoria: I'm sure she's fine. She's probably just taking a pregnancy nap or something. She would let you know if anything was wrong.

Noah: [Chuckles] Beer invoices.

Marisa: Sage. I've been looking all over for you. You can't go.

Sage: What -- are you following me?

Marisa: Because you dropped this.

Sage: What are you doing with this? This is for Nick. This is none of your business, Marisa.

Marisa: I already knew it all, okay? Besides, Nick came back from the meeting. Gabriel said nothing at all about Adam Newman. You're safe.

Sage: How do you know -- who are you?

Marisa: It's better that you don't know. We all have our secrets, yes? Jack and Victor, too. Adam -- he's not the only one.

Chelsea: This isn't about romance, Adam. People have suffered because of the choices you've made. I won't add to that.

Adam: Everybody already knows that we're together. The whole world knows. Nothing has to change. We can stay together. I am sorry, Chelsea. I'm sorry for everything I put you through, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes -- whatever it takes to make it up to you.

Chelsea: Sage is having a baby with a great man that cares about her. As for Billy, he'll never get over what happened to Delia, but at least now he thinks you're dead and that you can't hurt anybody else.

Adam: I'm not gonna hurt anyone. I won't hurt anyone. And no one has to know that he shot me. I'll never say anything.

Chelsea: Yeah, but that could get out. And if it does, Billy would be in trouble, and Katie and Johnny -- they deserve their father.

Adam: What about my son? What about Connor? Does he deserve his father?

Chelsea: Your name is Gabriel Bingham. You don't have a son or a wife. And my husband is dead. That's how we play this.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Lily: Was it Cane? Did he hit you?

Cane: He deserved a hell of a lot more than that.

Phyllis: I need to know if I did the right thing by admitting to Nikki that you owned a gun.

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