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Episode # 10710 ~ Ashley & Phyllis join forces to take down Victor; Sage's new life with Nick is in jeopardy; Victoria clashes with Billy.

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Adam: I did it. I told Chelsea... the truth. She knows her husband's alive. She knows I'm Adam Newman. She knows everything. I've never seen her that scared and that heartbroken in all my life. She, um... [Sniffs] She got pretty upset. She -- she left, and, um... couldn't calm her down. I don't know where she went. I don't know where she's at, but, um... so far, no one's come after me, no cops, no, um... no Billy, Victor, no one. What do you think? I mean, you think, uh, maybe she's not gonna tell anyone. You know, maybe she just needs a little time alone, a little, uh, little time to think about why I did what I did, you know. You know, everything I did, every -- every lie, every story... the whole cover-up, I did it for her. I did it for her and Connor so we could be a family, you know? And now... the one person I risked everything for could be arranging for me to spend the rest of my life in prison.

Sage: Chelsea. Hi. Uh, can I get you a cup of coffee? What's wrong? Do you need to sit down? Are you --

Chelsea: Don't. Don't come near me.

Sage: What's wrong?

Chelsea: I know.

Sage: You know what?

Chelsea: I know the truth. About Adam.

Sage: Adam?

Chelsea: Yeah. He told me everything. How you helped him take over Gabriel Bingham's life, Gabriel Bingham's face, how you covered for him, how you made me believe that I was a --

Sage: Chelsea --

Chelsea: Stay back! I swear, I do not want to slap a pregnant woman in the face!

Phyllis: Now you know everything I know.

Ashley: And I'm just as confused as you are. So, according to jack, or at least his hand squeezes, Victor didn't intend to shoot him.

Phyllis: That's right.

Ashley: But jack was very firm in also communicating that Victor didn't shoot him in self-defense, right, so you must have misunderstood something.

Phyllis: No, jack was very clear with what he told me and what he wrote.

Ashley: Okay, but we need some kind of evidence. We need some kind of proof.

Phyllis: Yes, we do, and that's exactly where I need your help.

Ashley: You think jack's gonna say something to me he didn't say to you?

Phyllis: Look, I went to Victor yesterday with that "2" he wrote.

Ashley: All right, so was he impressed by that?

Phyllis: No, he dismissed it, of course, but I have got a feeling he knew what I meant.

Ashley: So you think he's gonna confide in me, don't you?

Phyllis: You two have history.

Ashley: He doesn't trust me anymore, Phyllis.

Phyllis: You know what? You still are the best chance we've got to uncover whatever Victor's hiding.

Nick: You're trying to railroad my father.

Phyllis: Nick, no. Ashley and I were --

Nick: I heard you. He's in jail. How much worse can it get?

Ashley: We're not trying to make it worse for him, Nick.

Nick: No, you won't. Because I won't let that happen.

Victoria: We're trying to throw Gabriel off his game by making him think that Nick and I can be divided and conquered.

Victor: Mm-hmm. So you're luring Bingham into a false sense of security.

Victoria: We've already got him believing that we're too dysfunctional to pose a threat.

Victor: You know, it makes me very happy to know that you and your brother are working together to have a firm grip on our company. That gives me hope.

Adam: I had it, you know. I had my life back. I had my wife, my son, the job, I had Victor dethroned, I had the company, I had everything. Guess I never really had it all anyway, did I? It was all a bunch of lies, right, some stories. Made-up stuff. [Sniffs] But now she knows, and I got to be honest with you. I don't know if I'M...if I'm more scared or if I'm more relieved.

[Door opens]

Billy: I knew I'd find you here.

Victoria: So, Billy's playing along with Nick and me.

Victor: What do you mean, Billy is playing along? You entrusted that punk with our plans?

Victoria: Dad, Billy wants to get rid of Gabriel and save the company as much as we do.

Victor: What about Abby?

Victoria: Abby's not involved.

Victor: Why is Abby not involved?

Victoria: [Sighs] Look, dad, Abby's enjoying her new promotion that Gabriel gave her. And we're afraid that if we let her know that we're getting rid of Gabriel that she'll take it as a dig at her and her job, so it's best if we keep her out of the loop for now.

Victor: How is Abby doing in her new position as COO.?

Victoria: Good. She closed a deal.

Victor: Why do you say it like that?

Victoria: Dad, she didn't accomplish it like a negotiator.

Victor: So?

Victoria: So, she did her Abby thing. She went all complimentary and innocent and playing to the male ego.

Victor: What's wrong with that?

Victoria: Dad, how can you say that?

Victor: Sweetheart, her success reflects on Gabriel Bingham. And the more successful he thinks he is, the more cocky he will become.

Victoria: And then he'll think that he has another true ally other than Chelsea.

Victor: Yeah. Do not ever forget our plan.

Victoria: Getting rid of Gabriel.

Victor: That's right. And once we get rid of that son of a bitch and I'm out of here, the Newmans will be back on top where they belong.

Phyllis: Just settle down, okay, Nick? Nobody's trying to railroad Victor. We have just gotten some new information about the shooting.

Nick: Information that can clear him?

Phyllis: Possibly. Most likely, no. Either way, we're gonna have to pursue it. Nick, look, don't you want to know what happened between your father and jack?

Nick: I believe my dad.

Ashley: Look, Nick, we wouldn't expect anything less from you.

Phyllis: But you are too smart to trust this blindly. I know deep down you have some lingering questions, right?

Ashley: Please just hear Phyllis out. You might be surprised by what she has to say. I'll check back with you, okay?

Nick: All right. What have you learned?

Chelsea: Why did you do it, Sage? Why did you help my husband become somebody else?

Sage: What did Adam tell you?

Chelsea: I'm asking you. Was it the money?

Sage: The inheritance was a very small part of it.

Chelsea: Small part. You expect me to believe that?

Sage: No. I don't. But it's the truth. I mean, I walked away from it, now, didn't I? When I first saw Adam, he was nearly dead. He was burned, terrible pain. And I felt awful for him. But I was also furious and devastated that Gabe had risked his life saving him.

Chelsea: So then why did you help him?

Sage: I did it for Constance. I knew that she would never survive the shock of her grandson being dead. I loved her, Chelsea. And the thought of losing her after I just lost Gabriel... [Sighs] I made the decision right then that Gabriel Bingham would live on.

Chelsea: [Clears throat] Wow. You, um... you and Adam have very similar stories about being just motivated by love.

Sage: You don't think he was?

Chelsea: Love and -- and getting revenge on Victor and getting control of his company.

Sage: You think going after Victor is why Adam came back here?

Chelsea: Absolutely.

Sage: [Sighs] Chelsea. He came for you and Connor. From the moment that he became conscious and he could speak, he only spoke of the two of you.

Chelsea: Well, maybe that's what he claimed, but --

Sage: Do you have any idea how much pain he went through? Skin grafts, the operations, the rehab. The only thing that kept him going was the thought of coming back for you. He needed to be here for you and Connor. And no risk was too much if he could have one more minute with you.

Billy: You know, you've been spending a lot of time talking to my brother, and I wondered why. But I don't anymore.

Adam: Listen to me.

Billy: No, I understand. It's easy for you to sit here and spill your guts when he's just lying there with no choice but to keep all of your secrets. And maybe you've convinced yourself that he's going to forgive you when he wakes up.

Adam: No. No, that's not what I'm expecting at all.

Billy: Good. Good, because that's not gonna happen. Not after everything that you've done.

Adam: You want to kill me, don't you?

Billy: Yeah. There was a time when I wanted nothing more than that. But I moved past it.

Adam: You have?

Nick: So jack was able to respond to you?

Phyllis: Briefly, but he couldn't speak.

Nick: He was aware, and he wrote this to you? I mean, that's a hopeful sign.

Phyllis: Yeah, it was. But then he slipped back into unconsciousness. Look, Nick, I have to figure this out for him. I have to figure out why he wrote that. Does that mean anything to you?

Nick: No, it really doesn't.

Phyllis: Just -- could you just try and think for me? What have you heard about -- about the shooting? I mean, did the number 2 come up at all?

Nick: Like in conversations with my father?

Phyllis: Yes. We know that Victor was there. We know that he shot jack. And we're just trying to figure out why. If Victor said anything about this...

Nick: Well, if he had, I would have told you.

Phyllis: Would you? Would you?

Nick: You know, was jack able to get anything else across to you of significance? Anything? Look, you don't have to trust me in order to let me help you.

Phyllis: He let me know that he didn't think he was the intended target, that Victor showed up at the park to shoot someone else.

Nick: What? That... no, that doesn't make sense.

Phyllis: I know, and I have been driving myself crazy trying to figure out who that other mystery person could be.

Nick: Did you figure it out?

Phyllis: I think I know who that bullet was meant for. I just need some proof to back up my theory.

Ashley: Hello. How are you doing? Do you need anything?

Victor: I have everything I need. Thank you for asking.

Ashley: Yes, well, my concern is genuine.

Victor: After the last time we saw each other, I didn't think that you would come by to see me.

Ashley: Well, I was upset about my brother for obvious reasons.

Victor: Has that changed?

Ashley: No, it hasn't, actually. He suffered a setback.

Victor: Sorry to hear that.

Ashley: You know, I actually think that you mean that.

Victor: I thought you had washed your hands of me, Ashley.

Ashley: Yeah. You thought wrong.

Billy: You know, I hated you for pursuing Chelsea. I-I hated that she even let you into her life, but I've come to accept that you two are together now. Hell, I'm even managing to deal with the fact that I have to report to you at work because I want the company that bears my family name to succeed.

Adam: That's good.

Billy: But, see, what I can't get past is how you used my brother's shooting to your own advantage. Yeah, you spun out one story to get your hands on the company and then another one to get Victor locked up.

Adam: So you're here as Victor's advocate? Is that what's going on?

Billy: Please. Don't care what happens to that son of a bitch. He can rot in jail for all I care. What pisses me off is how you -- you're acting like you care about jack, all torn up.

Adam: I-I do care about him. This is serious, Billy. We could lose him.

Billy: Don't talk to me about losing jack. You barely even know him. He's been your father for what? A few months for all you've known? He's been my brother my whole life. I'm not gonna lose him like I lost Delia.

Adam: I understand suffering, Billy. I do. I-I know all about suffering.

Billy: What could you possibly know?

Adam: Billy, I'm sorry about your daughter. I'm truly sorry about what happened to your daughter.

Chelsea: Is this the approach you'll use if I go public? Because between you and me, I don't think it's gonna fly.

Sage: So you haven't told anybody yet?

Chelsea: I've needed some time to wrap my head around this. I need some -- some answers first. But I see all I'm getting from you is you defending Adam. [Sighs] All I see is you trying to put a pretty, little spin on your unholy alliance. I mean, you got to protect yourself here now, too, right?

Sage: I'm not going to lie that every day I've been scared the truth will come out. Of keeping our story as it builds and builds with more pressure.

Chelsea: Why? No one has suspected anything at all.

Sage: Because Adam wouldn't stop until he got you back, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Because he was -- he was just jealous I was with Billy and he --

Sage: Don't you understand? Why don't you see this, Chelsea? In the midst of all of these lies, the one thing that has remained constant, the one truth is that Adam loves you. For the longest time, I didn't understand why he was so driven to get you back because I never had a love like that. I never shared a connection with anyone like you share with Adam. But now I do.

Chelsea: Because of Nick.

Sage: Yes. Because of Nick. He changed my life. Chelsea, now I'm carrying this baby, a baby that I was told I could never have. I have a family now, and I know that you know how much that means.

Chelsea: I do, but there's --

Sage: But -- but please, Chelsea, if you tell people the truth, if you tell them that I helped Adam fake his death and create this new identity, [Voice breaking] I'm gonna lose everything. I know I don't have the right to ask you this, Chelsea, but please don't do that to me.

Chelsea: People have gotten hurt, Sage.

Sage: Who? Billy? This isn't gonna help Billy. This is not going to bring his daughter back. I'm sorry for my part in his deception. I will regret this for the rest of my life. But please do not make Nick and my baby pay for my mistakes. Please.

Chelsea: I'm -- I'm really sorry.

Sage: So -- so wh-- wh-- you -- you understand?

Chelsea: No. No. Sage, what I meant was, I'm sorry I can't make you any promises.

Phyllis: I spent the whole night wondering who could be the other person that Victor was after, and then it dawned on me. Gabriel.

Nick: No, that's not possible.

Phyllis: Why not? He was the only person in the park that night. He lied about when he showed up. He lied about what he saw Victor do. What if jack got himself in the middle of that conflict and took the bullet that was intended for his son?

Nick: And this number 2?

Phyllis: Who knows? All I know is that snake Gabriel has been in the middle of this thing from the very beginning.

Nick: All right, you're right about Gabe being a lying snake, but there is no way in hell my dad showed up at that park intending to take him out. If your theory were true, why wouldn't Gabe just say that dad was gunning for him?

Phyllis: Because he was blackmailing Victor to take control of the company.

Nick: If -- if -- if that were the case, why does my dad keep insisting that he was acting in self-defense? I mean, why doesn't he just say that Gabe was the threat?

Phyllis: Because maybe Victor and Gabe have cooked this whole thing up to throw everybody off track.

Nick: There is no way my dad and Gabe are in on this conspiracy together. They hate each other. Look, you're just trying -- you're reaching. You're trying to make this thing fit.

Phyllis: No, maybe I am, but I just know that this whole thing with Victor and Gabe and jack, it is just so much more twisted than I ever thought before. And if the other person isn't Gabe, then who could it be?

Nick: Maybe you started out with the wrong assumption.

Phyllis: What the hell does that mean?

Nick: I'm just saying maybe you misinterpreted what jack was trying to tell you.

Phyllis: No, I didn't. I was there holding his hand. He heard me. Letting me know that he was there. [Voice breaking] I love him so much. And I'm really scared he's not gonna make it. And I can't -- I won't -- I won't let him down. And I didn't misinterpret anything!

Nick: Look, I know -- I know how painful this is for you, but I believe my dad's story.

Phyllis: And I believe you are gonna regret putting your trust into Victor Newman.

Victor: I heard our daughter has been promoted.

Ashley: Yeah, she's doing quite well in her new position, actually.

Victor: Glad to hear that. How's she doing personally?

Ashley: It's weighing very heavily on her, what's happening with you and jack, of course. I think she's throwing herself in her work so she doesn't have to confront her mixed emotions.

Victor: How are you doing?

Ashley: Well, it's a nightmare, actually, for all of us that care about you and jack. To think that my brother might die and that you might go to prison for it is pretty horrible.

Victor: Do you believe my claim that it was self-defense?

Ashley: I have a very difficult time imagining any scenario where you are so threatened by jack that you actually have to defend yourself and shoot him.

Victor: And knowing that he was unarmed, how can you justify my shooting him?

Ashley: I can't picture you going to the park and trying to execute my brother. I'm struggling. I'm struggling to understand this.

Victor: So you want to get some answers from me. Is that it?

Ashley: You're damn right I do.

Victor: [Chuckles] Okay. Ask away.

Billy: I'm not looking for your sympathy, and I don't want excuses for your behavior, either.

Adam: I understand all of that. The truth is, I owe you much more than that. I owe everybody much more than that. I do. I'll leave you alone with your brother here. Jack, do me a favor and get better, okay? All right, you're a good man. You got a lot to live for. [Sniffs] [Sighs]

[Door closes]

Billy: Come by for a nice, quiet visit, and look at what happens. [Sighs] Jack, I know that you've chosen to embrace Gabe as your son. But I really hope that when you wake up, you see him for who he really is. That guy doesn't care about anybody but himself.

Adam: Yeah, I need you to gather everyone at the office for an emergency meeting. I've got an announcement that can't wait.

Ashley: For a short while, jack was able to communicate with Phyllis by squeezing her hand whenever she asked him questions.

Victor: Oh, yeah? What did jack convey?

Ashley: That you didn't go to the park that night to shoot him, that it was somebody else.

Victor: Oh. Who else?

Ashley: Phyllis wasn't able to get that information. That's why I'm here. Please just tell me what happened. Please tell me the whole story. I'm -- I'm struggling to understand this. I mean, was there somebody else there? Were you aiming at somebody else and jack got in the way? What was it?

Victor: In other words, you're suggesting that I went to the park intending to kill someone else whilst at the same time managing to land jack Abbott in the hospital.

Ashley: I don't know. That's why I'm here.

Victor: You're accusing me of a myriad of crimes. Is that it?

Ashley: No, that's not what I'm doing at all.

Victor: It was self-defense. That's all.

Ashley: That is not all! There is something else because it does not make sense.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: Phyllis was adamant that jack understood exactly what he was communicating.

Victor: Phyllis, of all people, who came here yesterday with a little piece of paper, numeral 2 on it, thinking that that was the key to understanding the whole crime scene.

Ashley: Maybe it is.

Victor: If that was so, don't you think the cops would have brought it up, they've asked me about it? They didn't because it's absurd. She's losing her mind. And you're in danger of being dragged down to the hole with her. Be careful.

Phyllis: I went to see your sister. I don't want you to worry, baby. We're gonna unlock this mystery, whatever you've been trying to tell us, no matter how baffling it is. What does this number mean that you wrote? Two guns? Two people? Two sides of the story? How does this number tell me who the other person was that Victor meant to shoot? This morning I was very sure that it was Gabe, but right now, all I can see are the holes in that premise. Honey... be a whole lot easier if you would just come back and try to tell me what you're saying to me. I... is this just scribble? Am I reading too much into this? Come on, jack. Please. I could really use your help.

Victoria: Thank you. Hi. Earth to Billy. [Chuckles] Remember me?

Billy: I'm sorry, Vick. I-I was, uh... I was just at the hospital.

Victoria: Is everything okay with jack?

Billy: Uh, yeah, yeah. He's the same, anyway. Gabe was there.

Victoria: Oh, Gabriel was at the hospital?

Billy: Yeah, he was. And -- and we had the oddest encounter, too. He wasn't his usual smug self. In fact, the opposite. He was compassionate about Delia and -- and he was genuine.

Victoria: Huh. That is odd.

Billy: Yeah. But here's the thing. He -- he -- he seemed worried. He seemed burdened, like, um, I don't know, like he was guilty and he wanted to come clean or something. [Sighs]

Adam: I'm not -- I'm not here to, uh, tell you what to do. I'm not here to ask you what you're gonna do, okay? The fact of the matter is, I'm -- I'M...taking it out of your hands completely.

Chelsea: What do you mean?

Adam: I've called a meeting at the office. I'm gonna...I'm gonna tell everyone the truth. I'm just gonna deal with the consequences of my actions, okay?

Chelsea: Are you being serious?

Adam: Yeah, I am. It's the only thing I can do, right? I put you in this position. All the pressure's just gonna keep mounting and mounting. It's...not fair.

Chelsea: [Sighs] But -- but last night you said you wanted me to keep this --

Adam: Last night, I never should have put you in that position. Chelsea, this is my secret, okay? It's my secret. It's my problem.

Chelsea: But now it's my secret, so now it's my problem, too.

Adam: Yeah.

Chelsea: W-why did you -- what made you change your mind?

Adam: I was visiting jack at the hospital, and I saw Billy. And he kept talking about, uh, Delia. And I saw the look on his face and the pain in his eyes, and it just all the remorse I ever felt about that poor, little girl just kept bubbling to the surface, and I realized right then I had to tell the truth.

Chelsea: But...[Sighs] I mean, you know, Billy shot you, so if that comes out, that won't be good --

Adam: It's not gonna come out. No one has to know that. That's another thing I realized. Chelsea, that's a part of the story no one has to know. Me telling the truth is about owning up to what I did. Only what I did.

Chelsea: Um, well, I-I mean, I'm glad. I'M...I'm grateful, but why didn't you tell Billy all this when you saw him?

Adam: I sort of figured he would turn me in right then. And there was a, um, question I wanted to ask you first.

Phyllis: You came back to me before. Do it again. And not because I want you to tell me how or why you were shot, but because I want you. I want you to come back and hold my hand, make me smile, and just talk to me the way you used to. I miss you so much. Please just give me a sign.

[Door opens]

Phyllis: Hi.

Ashley: Is he communicating at all today?

Phyllis: Not yet. Tell me. Did you get any information out of Victor?

Ashley: I got nothing. Victor stuck to his claim about self-defense.

Phyllis: But you're gonna keep trying?

Ashley: Phyllis, he's not gonna confide in me.

Phyllis: You know what? He will if you keep playing on your history together. Victor trusts you.

Ashley: Not enough to tell me the truth.

Victoria: He seemed guilty? Gabriel? I don't see him copping to anything.

Billy: That's because, in his mind, he's already won.

Victoria: So why would he admit to using blackmail to make himself C.E.O. Of Newman-Abbott and give a false statement about the shooting? Whatever regretful moment Gabe had with you still doesn't change the fact that he's a sociopath who had no problem lying about my father attempting murder. And don't say it, Billy. My father will prove his innocence.

Billy: You know, Vick, you have this huge Victor-sized blind spot. I mean, you won't even consider the possibility that maybe he's lying about what happened at the park that night.

Victoria: And you won't consider the fact that maybe he's telling the truth.

Billy: That might be because he rarely does?

Victoria: You are so determined to think the worst of him always.

Billy: Somebody needs to keep the facts handy so that we can combat your selective memory about all things mustache.

[Cell phones chime]

Victoria: Gabe's calling a meeting.

Billy: Yeah, it sounds like -- I just got it, too.

Victoria: I'm sorry, okay? I didn't mean to --

Billy: No, no, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have snapped like that.

Victoria: I thought we were gonna put aside our issues when it comes to my father and your brother.

Billy: So that we could focus on our common enemy. And it looks like the enemy is about to make another big move.

Adam: I'd like to see Connor one last time before I go. I'm not gonna confuse him, okay? I just want to talk to him a little bit. I just want to hold -- I want to hold him one more time before I go, if you'll let me do that.

Chelsea: Yeah, yeah, of course.

Adam: You know, also, um... I'd really appreciate it if you'd let Connor be a part of my life. Maybe when he's older, you can explain this whole sordid story to him, but, um, until then, maybe you can bring him by from time to time, you know, to visit.

Chelsea: You mean visit you in -- in prison.

Adam: I know -- I know it's prison, but I think it's important that our son knows who his father is.

Chelsea: Yeah, um, I mean, I-I can't really commit to that right now.

Adam: I understand. You just think about it? Will you think about it?

Chelsea: Yeah, of course.

Adam: You know, I spent so much time, uh, keeping the truth from you so that I could stay in your life. And now that you know the truth, there's this...an exhale, you know. It's a sense of relief, actually.

Chelsea: Yeah, I always, um, felt like Gabriel was -- was holding something back from me.

Adam: Yeah. And now there's total honesty between us, right? Chelsea, I love you. And I am so sorry for every single thing I put you through. Since the night of Delia's accident, I am... sorry. But now it's, uh, it's time that I do right by you and by our son, my family.

Nick: Hey.

Sage: Hey, Nick. Um, hi.

Nick: You're upset. What -- what's wrong?

Sage: No, no. No, I'm not upset. Uh, just kind of nervous.

Nick: About what?

Sage: Uh... you've made me so happy, Nick. I just... I'm just nervous about the future.

Nick: The baby?

Sage: [Voice breaking] Everything's gonna change.

Nick: Okay, okay, listen to me. Listen to me. Listen to me. There is no bigger shake-up in this world than having a baby. And I remember how anxious I was the first time. But, Sage, you're gonna be -- you're just gonna be great. We're gonna be great together.

Sage: I want to believe that, too. I love you, Nick.

Nick: We doing this now?

Sage: [Laughs] Yeah.

Nick: I love you. I absolutely love you. And I will tell you that as many times as you want or need to hear it.

Sage: Again? Say it again.

Nick: I love you. You tell me what this insecurity's all about?

Sage: Hormones.

Nick: No. No, it's more than that. What's going on?

Ashley: Victor's walls are firmly up where I'm concerned. He'll talk to me for a little bit, and then he just shuts down.

Phyllis: He's clearly keeping a big piece of information from you. There's got to be a way we can get it out of him.

Ashley: You and I both know there's only one person he'll tell the truth to.

Phyllis: Nikki.

You called for me, Mr. Newman?

Victor: There's something else I need you to do.

Victoria: Wonder what this big emergency meeting could be about.

Billy: You never know with Gabe, but whatever it is, I can't imagine we're going to like it.

Nick: There. So, do you want to tell me what's really going on?

[Cell phone rings]

Nick: I'm sorry.

Sage: Is it faith?

Nick: No. It's work. Sorry. Hey, it's Nick. Um, well, I'm busy right now. Okay. I'm on my way. [Sighs] Gabe's calling some emergency meeting.

Sage: Why would he do that?

Nick: I have no idea, but his assistant said everyone's going, so I got to be there.

Sage: Nick. Before you go, there's something you need to know.

Adam: You're gonna have a wonderful life, aren't you? Hmm? Yeah? It's gonna be filled with love, right? Happiness. 'Cause let's be honest. That's what it's all about, isn't it? Love and happiness, right? That's what I want for you. And that's what your mom wants for you, too. You know that?

Connor: Mama.

Adam: Yeah. Because you are the most important thing to her. And you're lucky to have her, too, you know. She's a wonderful mom. And I know that because I had a pretty wonderful mom. Unfortunately, you never got a chance to meet her, but she was great. My dad, on the other hand, was...

Connor: [Babbles]

Adam: My dad wasn't around for a lot of my childhood. I never wanted that for you. It's gonna be okay, all right? It's gonna be all right because even though I'm not gonna be around here much... I'll always be thinking about you. I'll be thinking about you and your mom, okay? I'll always love you. You know that? I'll never stop loving you.

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