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Episode # 10708 ~ Chelsea's world is turned upside down when she learns the truth about Adam.

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Sharon: What do you mean, your gun is gone?

Dylan: It's not here. It's missing.

Sharon: Guns don't just go missing. You've got to find it.

Dylan: I understand that, but I'm the only one who knew where the key was.

Sharon: Did you give it to someone else -- an employee, maybe?

Dylan: No. I wouldn't -- no. I know who has my gun.

Avery: We need to finish this.

Joe: Finish what, Avery?

Avery: The whole thing. I hate that it's come to this -- the constant conflict, tension. It's got to end -- tonight.

Michael: Scotch -- make it a double.

Sage: I got it, dean.

Michael: [Sighs]

Sage: Well, Michael, you're becoming quite the regular. Sorry you're having a bad night.

Michael: Well, don't let my miserable life drag you down.

Sage: [Chuckles]

Michael: As I hear, you're having a baby. You should be thinking happy thoughts.

Sage: Happy thoughts? Well... I'm excited about becoming a mother.

Michael: And?

Sage: And my life is also kind of messed up right now.

Michael: Gabriel Bingham?

Sage: Gabriel Bingham.

Michael: Ohh. Well... it can't be easy, knowing that your ex-husband is the star witness against your baby's grandfather.

Sage: I'm just trying to stay out of it.

Michael: That might be a difficult proposition, given how close you and Gabriel were.

Sage: Michael, are you here to drink, or are you here to grill me?

Michael: A...little of both. Look, I've done my homework. You can't deny nobody knows Gabriel better than you.

Sage: Okay.

Michael: So, what is it he has against Victor?

Adam: Oh. You've really done it, Billy. You've managed to come up with something even worse than your last one. This is -- this is bad.

Billy: That's -- that's helpful. Think maybe you could be more specific?

Adam: They're just words, man.

Billy: I thought that's what a mission statement was made up of. Did you want an interpretative dance to go along with it?

Adam: No. I want something that says who we are, guys.

Billy: Well, um, I could tell you what we are. We're all freaking exhausted.

Nick: We've been at this for hours, and you've shot down every suggestion we've had for our new mission statement.

Victoria: You can't keep us locked in here forever.

Adam: You guys, let me tell you something. No one's going anywhere until we figure this out, okay? Surely somebody has an original thought.

Chelsea: We're doing our best, Gabe.

Adam: Really? Because it seems like some people aren't trying at all. It seems like some people might not want this company to be successful under my leadership.

Nick: You're not the only one who has a vested interest in making this work. Our fathers have spent their entire lives building this company. They put their heart and soul into them. And now you're asking us to just come up with some words that don't mean anything.

Chelsea: It's more than words. It's about putting an end to this feud between your families. It's about creating a new company for a new generation.

Adam: That's it, isn't it? That's our mission statement. Chelsea, you're a genius.

Marisa: Hola, mi amigo.

Jack: [Thinking] Marisa.

Marisa: I told you not to go to the park, but you wouldn't listen. [Sighs] You had to go fight the dragon. A man like you always believes good triumphs over evil, but it's not so.

Jack: Don't count me out.

Marisa: But you listen to me. I didn't help you get here to see you die in a hospital bed. [Sighs] You need to wake up, reclaim your life.

Phyllis: Excuse me. Who the hell are you? What are you doing here with my husband?

Adam: A new company for a new generation.

Nick: Sounds like an ad for a soft drink, not a slogan for a multinational corporation.

Victoria: You're just jealous 'cause you didn't come up with it.

Nick: Oh, you're right. That's it.

Billy: Come on, guys. It's not...that bad.

Nick: I guess, you know, it could work.

Adam: Listen, why don't you all just admit that it's really, really good and that you really, really like it?

Billy: Okay, yeah. It's, uh, pretty damn good.

Nick: Yep.

Victoria: [Sighs] Can we go now?

Adam: You guys, I'm not just talking about coming up with a mission statement, okay? We're a team! We came here as rivals, adversaries. We each had our own agenda. This unites us in a common purpose, okay? It's our mission defined -- not just for us, either -- for our children and generations beyond them. All right? Okay. Now we can all go, all right? See you bright and early tomorrow morning. Good job, team.

Billy: Can't wait. Seriously.

Nick: Good meeting.

Adam: Yeah. [Sighs]

Adam: Like pulling teeth, but you did it.

Chelsea: You did it!

Adam: No, we did it together.

Chelsea: We did it together!

Adam: Come here. Mm.

Chelsea: Mm. You know, a couple words on a legal pad are not gonna win those three over. You do know that, right?

Adam: Yeah, no. I'm aware of that, absolutely.

Sage: Well, I don't really know what you want me to say, Michael. It's no secret that Gabe blames Victor for his father's death.

Michael: So, when he saw Victor allegedly shoot Jack in the park, he finally saw his chance for revenge?

Sage: I guess.

Michael: Well, it's strange he'd carry such a powerful grudge around with him for so many years.

Sage: Not really. Gabe was very close to his father.

Michael: [Chuckles] But he knows Jack is really his daddy now. You'd think that would allow him to drop some of his anger toward Victor, but his hatred only seems to have increased. Why do you think that is?

Sage: I think you need to talk to Gabe.

Michael: I did. He wasn't particularly forthcoming, so I did a little background checking on my own.

Sage: Oh, did you, now?

Michael: Yes, I did. Mm. Privileged upbringing, private school -- standard stuff. But there's a big blank in the middle of it all -- right around the time he showed up in Genoa city, actually.

Sage: A blank, huh?

Michael: Gabriel Bingham fell off the grid for a whole year -- no photos in the society pages, no mention of his philanthropic activities, nothing in social media. You were with him during that time. Why the disappearing act?

Sage: Well, he didn't disappear, and it wasn't an act. His grandmother was very ill, and so Gabriel spent the last year of her life taking care of her. Do you have any other questions for me?

Michael: Yeah. How did a loving, dedicated grandson turn in to a ruthless manipulator?

Phyllis: Who are you? Did Victor hire you to finish the job he started?

Marisa: No.

Phyllis: Okay. So, if you're not gonna talk to me, you can go ahead and explain everything to the police, 'cause chief Williams is in charge of this case personally.

Marisa: I didn't come here to hurt your husband. You have to believe me.

Noah: Marisa. There you are.

Phyllis: Noah, do you know this woman?

Noah: Uh, yeah, I do. She works at the underground. I just got a message that she cut her hand on some broken glass. I came to make sure you're okay.

Marisa: I'm fine.

Phyllis: Okay. You know what? If you -- if you came here for treatment, then what are you doing in jack's room? Did you even cut your hand?

Marisa: Aaah!

Joe: Yeah, it's been a hell of a day, hasn't it? Can I get you a drink?

Avery: No. Uh, yes. Something -- anything.

Joe: I'm actually glad you stopped by, Avery. I mean, there's no reason that you and I can't sit down and sort this out. No need to have the cops and the attorneys involved. I mean, that is why you stopped by, right?

Avery: Yes. Yes, I want to end this. Yes.

Joe: Well, I'm glad we're on the same page. Then we can fix this mess. So, on that note, I'll drop the suit against Dylan and Paul if you publicly rescind the claim that I raped you, and we move on -- no harm, no foul. Get you another drink? You know, I think it's a decent proposition, considering what took place. I mean, yeah, maybe I overreacted, you know, but, honestly... you hurt me, Avery.

Paul: All right. Well, impound the car. We can do a better search here. We'll hold off on the apartment until, uh, daylight tomorrow. All right. And make sure you get a clean arrest. I want this guy. Bring him in now. Interesting development.

Dylan: What's that?

Paul: Two of my guys in a black and white stopped an assault in progress. Here's the interesting part. The guy was wearing a ski mask.

Dylan: Like the one Avery described?

Paul: Possibly. We're still gathering evidence. We will process him and compare everything we have on Avery's case and see if we get a match.

Dylan: So, it wasn't -- it wasn't Joe?

Paul: Well, we're not sure yet. But this is why I was preaching patience to Avery. I just had a feeling that another suspect would surface.

Dylan: Well, yeah. That's -- Paul, that's why we're here. I think Avery took my gun.

Joe: Avery, you don't have to do this.

Avery: Shut up. You are not talking your way out of this.

Joe: Listen, I'd --

Avery: Shut up! Get in the chair. Sit down.

Joe: You're not gonna kill me.

Avery: I know how to use this. Sit down!

Joe: Okay. You're not gonna -- you're not gonna get away with this.

Avery: You think I care about that? I want this to end. You are not gonna get away with this. You are not gonna get away with this!

Sage: Look, if you have any more questions about what makes my ex tick, you should ask Chelsea.

Michael: Is she the reason you got divorced?

Sage: Well, that would be none of your business.

Michael: Come on. Spill. Did she break up your marriage, or was it something else?

Sage: Oh, marriages end, counselor -- you know that -- for all sorts of reasons... and all sorts of regrets.

Michael: I walked right in to that one.

Sage: You did.

Michael: Well... [Sighs] I'm sorry I tried to pry information out of you.

Sage: No, you're not.

Michael: No, I'm not.

Sage: [Chuckles]

Michael: But I do admire your loyalty to Gabriel, even though I think you're incredibly, incredibly misguided.

Chelsea: You know they're all watching and waiting for you to make a mistake so that they can jump in and regain control of the company.

Adam: Yeah. Yeah. It's actually pretty adorable that they think they can beat me.

Chelsea: Why are you so sure they can't?

Adam: Well, they're nothing if not predictable, right? I mean, let's take Nick, for instance. He's got an Achilles' heel that he didn't inherit from his father. It's called a conscience. And eventually, that'll be the golden boy's undoing. Victoria's like her dad, you know -- blindly devoted to her family. That'll be her undoing. And Billy -- you know, for all of our differences, I actually admire the guy. He's flawed, for sure, but he's not afraid to admit it, you know? He's fiercely loyal to his brother.

Chelsea: And what's his weakness?

Adam: Victoria. He's never quite got over his feelings for her, right? So, he's stuck. He's torn between his loyalty to his family, his love for her, which makes him vulnerable. So, no worries -- just a toast to a successful future. What is wrong?

Chelsea: How do you know so much about everybody?

Adam: Just, you know, did my homework. That's all. Rule number one -- know your enemy, right?

Chelsea: It's more than that. It's -- it's like you've known these people forever -- Nick, Billy, Victoria, even me. So, what's your secret?

Noah: You okay? Do you want me to have the doctor recheck it for you?

Marisa: It's okay.

Noah: Sure?

Marisa: I'm fine.

Phyllis: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cause you any more pain.

Marisa: You were worried about your husband. There's no -- no need to apologize. Jack is lucky to have someone like you on his side.

Phyllis: How did you know his name was Jack?

Marisa: You said it when you found me in his room.

Noah: Why don't we get you out of here?

Marisa: Of course. I hope your husband's okay.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Phyllis: That was awfully weird. Is it just me, or does that woman seem to know you? Jack? Was that a "yes"?

Avery: You came to town to win me back. You didn't care who you hurt. You went after Dylan's business, and when that didn't work, you pretended to be my friend. You used a charity to get me to work with you, and the minute my guard was down, you made a move on me, and I had to defend myself.

Joe: You pushed me off the balcony.

Avery: I defended myself! You used that fall to break up Dylan and me. I went to Chicago with you -- all those weeks in rehab, you pretending you couldn't walk. And I lost Dylan because of you -- the only man I've ever truly loved.

Joe: You're right. I did those things. And I'm not proud of it. But I did them. Avery, that wasn't me in the alley. I didn't rape you.

Avery: You grabbed me in the park. You grabbed me in my house. You hit me when we were married.

Joe: Once.

Avery: Once?! Nobody asked you how many times! You hit a woman once, you're an abuser. You rape a woman once, you're a rapist!

Joe: I'm not a rap--

Avery: You terrorized me! You ruined my life! I hate it! I hate you! You are not leaving this room until you confess to what you did.

Paul: So, you didn't actually see Avery take the gun?

Dylan: No, but she had an opportunity, and my gun box is empty.

Sharon: And she had motive.

Paul: Motive? With Joe? You know, this really doesn't sound like Avery.

Dylan: Yeah, but she's been saying a few things, and she hasn't been herself lately.

Paul: [Sighs] All right. I will send a unit out to her house and see what we can find out. But I want you to know I appreciate you coming here and talking to me first, before you go off half-cocked. You did the right thing.

Dylan: Okay, look -- if she has my gun, she's not at her place.

Sharon: Dylan, Paul just got through saying leave this to the police.

Dylan: No. He thanked me for doing the right thing, but by the time he jumps through the hoops he has to, it could be too late.

Nick: There you go -- on the house.

Billy: Thanks.

Sage: From what I hear, you guys deserve it.

Billy: Well, we've been locked in an office all night with your good pal Gabe, so I'd say we deserve 10 free rounds.

Victoria: I was ready to approve any horrible slogan that Chelsea threw out there.

Billy: Uh, we did.

Victoria: Yes, we did, and Gabriel thought she was brilliant.

Billy: I think I threw up a little bit when he turned that notebook around. "A new company for a new generation"? What is that?

Sage: Well, that sounds kind of like a soft-drink ad.

Nick: You know, that's exactly what I said.

Victoria: Just remember, Gabriel needs to believe that we love our new mission statement as much as we love working with him.

Nick: It's weird. It's like the harder we fight to protect the company, the more Gabe fights to hold on to it.

Billy: Yeah, I didn't think that anybody could have it in for Victor more than I do, but, honestly, I think Bingham's got me beat.

Nick: Why does Gabe hate dad so much? I just don't get it.

Billy: I don't understand why Chelsea can't see through this sleazebag.

Victoria: Because love is blind.

Billy: Well, you'd think after Adam, she'd want to go for a decent guy, but, nope -- just more of the same.

Adam: You make it sound like I've got superpowers or something. All I did is a little homework on everyone.

Chelsea: Including me?

Adam: Well, yeah. Well, yours, you know, was a combination of research and hands-on knowledge.

Chelsea: Oh, really?

Adam: Extensive hands-on knowledge.

Chelsea: Mm.

[Cell phone rings]

Adam: Being the boss...

Chelsea: Yeah.

Adam: ...Is so inconvenient. Excuse me. Yeah? What's up?

Sage: Not that you deserve it, but I'm calling to give you a heads up.

Adam: About what?

Sage: Michael Baldwin was here, asking a lot of questions.

[Knock on door]

Adam: What kind of que--

Michael: Oh, if that's Sage, tell her it's too late to get your stories straight. Hey.

Chelsea: Hi. What is he talking about?

Adam: I got to go. You, uh, got some questions for me?

Michael: Yes, I do.

Adam: Okay. That's great. I would appreciate it, though, if you'd leave Sage out of it. You know, she's pregnant right now. She doesn't know anything about the, uh -- the shooting.

Michael: Oh. Actually, Sage and I were talking about something else.

Adam: What would that be?

Michael: The last year of your life. I've heard her version. Now I'd like to hear yours.

Phyllis: Jack? Which is it? Do you know that woman -- Marisa?

Jack: [Thinking] I can't...tell you...yet. There's too much I still don't know... about Marco... and Victor... even Adam.

Phyllis: Honey, you can trust me. Do you know Marisa? Okay. Let's try this. Does she know you? Baby... I don't want you to be afraid. I'm not gonna let anything happen to you, okay?

Jack: I'm not concerned about me. I'm worried for you, red.

Phyllis: I need you to help me. Were you in the park that night? Did Victor try to lure you there? No? Then if it wasn't Victor, who was it?

Noah: You should probably be more careful.

Marisa: [Chuckles] I will win the next battle with a bar glass.

Noah: No, that's not what I'm talking about. It's just, um, from what you told me about your boyfriend, it's probably best --

Marisa: Ex-boyfriend. How many times do I have to tell you?

Noah: Whatever. Look, the guy's connected to Marco Annicelli, and I think that you should probably just try not to --

Marisa: I thought we agreed that you forget that name.

Noah: No. No, I don't think so. A drug lord who's connected to my fiancée's murder? No, not gonna happen.

Marisa: No good will come of thinking of him, Noah. Go home and try to put him out of your mind.

Noah: Why don't you tell me something first?

Marisa: What?

Noah: What were you really doing in jack's hospital room?

Nick: The guy I knew back in boarding school was nothing like this guy in Genoa city. It's like he's a completely different guy.

Billy: Well, I don't know what he was like then, but he's a world-class jerk now.

Victoria: You didn't like the guy from the moment you met him.

Billy: No, I didn't. Can you blame me? He was hot for the girl that I was living with.

Victoria: I didn't think they got close until after he started working at Jabot.

Billy: No, no. That's why he got Jack to hire him.

Nick: So he could pursue Chelsea?

Billy: Bingham wasn't going to let anything get in the way of his hooking up with Chelsea. That includes your friend Sage.

Sage: Still got the tread marks to prove it.

Nick: Sage.

Sage: I thought you guys might want another round. Done?

Billy: Hey, I'm --

Nick: Hey.

Sage: Hmm?

Nick: Hey. Billy didn't mean that.

Sage: I know. It's okay.

Nick: Listen, why don't you go home? You must be exhausted.

Sage: I'm not exhausted, Nick. Please just let me do my job.

Adam: I don't know what Sage told you, but, uh, that's how I spent the last year of my life -- you know, taking care of my grandmother before she passed away.

Michael: That's exactly what Sage said... in almost the same words...

Adam: Really?

Michael: ...As if you two had rehearsed it.

Adam: Well, we didn't. So, uh, I guess the logical conclusion would be that we're telling the truth, right? I mean, I'm not a lawyer, but that's how these things --

Michael: Uh, yeah. Well, you know, perhaps.

Chelsea: I still don't understand what this has to do with jack's shooting or Victor's defense.

Michael: Oh. Well, um... Gabriel is what we call an eyewitness who has changed his story considerably, which calls in to question his credibility, and I'm just trying to find out whether that's been an issue before.

Adam: I think if you do your digging around, your little poking around, you'll find that I've...been quite a party animal when I was a kid, bent a few rules when I was younger, but, uh, no one ever questioned my morals, Michael -- not until right now. That's why I couldn't go through with protecting Victor. My conscience got the best of me.

Michael: Hmm. And you gaining control of Victor's company -- just a bit of good fortune, or, um, is it possible you're holding something over my client?

Adam: Am I blackmailing him, or am I selling him down the river? Which one is it? You can't have it both ways.

Michael: I wonder. [Chuckles]

[Cell phone chimes]

Michael: Oh.

Adam: Is that your client? Wouldn't want to keep you.

Michael: [Chuckles] Excuse me. No. It's the chief of police. He was checking out your story, too. Maybe he has news for me.

Adam: Be sure to get back to me on that.

Michael: I will -- in court, where your life will be on trial just as much as Victor's. Have a good night.

[Door slams]

Adam: Where were we? Uh, we were toasting, right? To a successful future.

Chelsea: I was hoping we could toast to the truth.

Joe: Avery, you're not thinking this through.

Avery: No, I'm not, and I don't care. I spent my whole life thinking things through, and what did it get me? Raped in a dirty alleyway! So, I am done thinking things through! You tell me it was you. You tell me.

Joe: It wasn't me.

Avery: You say it! You tell me that you put that mask on and you raped me in the alley. You say it, or I will pull this trigger!

Joe: [Voice breaking] It was me.

Avery: [Gasps]

Joe: It was me.

[Knock on door]

Dylan: Avery! If you're there, let me in!

[Knock on door]

Dylan: Avery!

[Knock on door]

Dylan: Oh, thank God I found you.

Avery: Go over by him. Stand by him. Get over by him!

Dylan: Okay! Just be calm.

Avery: I'm not calm! I don't have time for calm! He just admitted that he raped me!

Joe: It's true.

Dylan: No, it's not.

Phyllis: Okay. Let's try this again. If Victor didn't try to lure you into the park, then he didn't intend to shoot you, right? Okay. Then he's telling the truth. It was self-defense. No? I-I don't understand. If he didn't try to lure you and it wasn't self-defense, then... he came to the park to shoot someone else. Yes? Who? Who was it? Who did Victor want to kill?

Jack: [Thinking] Marco. It was Marco.

Marisa: What, you think I cut myself to have an excuse to get in to Jack Abbott's hospital room?

Noah: No, but I don't think you just wandered in there like you said.

Marisa: Why would I go see that man?

Noah: I don't know. What I do know is that you're running from an abusive boyfriend who's tied to a drug lord who might be responsible for the murders of my fiancée and my sister's husband.

Marisa: Look, I... I heard you talking to summer about what your friend Kevin thinks -- that jack's shooting is tied to the other murders.

Noah: So, what did you think you're gonna learn from Jack, huh? The man's in a coma.

Marisa: I was hoping that he'd woken up, that he'd know something about my ex-boyfriend. It doesn't matter. He's obviously still very sick. Please don't be mad at me.

Noah: I'm not mad at you. Just do me a favor, okay? Take your own advice and just leave the investigating to the cops.

Marisa: I promise. I'm gonna take a nice, long, hot shower, crawl in to bed, and sleep till noon.

Noah: That's a good idea. [Clears throat]

Marisa: Buenas noches.

Noah: Mm-hmm.

Adam: Can we please just, uh, not let Michael ruin our evening? Okay? It's not worth it.

Chelsea: Well, he was right about one thing. You certainly do seem to have it in for the Newmans, and I'm not talking about just Victor -- Nick, Victoria, even Abby.

Adam: I made Abby COO of the company, right?

Chelsea: Oh, please, Gabe. Everybody could see through that ploy.

Adam: I'm just trying to look out for Jack.

Chelsea: That's another thing I don't understand.

Adam: What's that?

Chelsea: Your loyalty to Jack.

Adam: Uh, he's my father, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Yeah, but you just found that out. Yet you defend him as if he's your best friend. It's as if you -- you owe him something.

Adam: Look... Jack deserves to have someone speak up for him right now, okay? Especially after what Victor did to him. I just want to make sure his voice is heard. That's all.

Chelsea: You're a good friend.

Adam: Thank you.

Chelsea: And a good son. But there is still so much more I don't know about you.

Adam: Well, here's the cool thing about that. I feel like you know all the important parts.

Chelsea: Do I?

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, except maybe one very important part.

Chelsea: What's that?

Adam: How badly I want to make love to you right now.

Chelsea: Mm?

Adam: Mm-hmm. But I can remedy that.

Chelsea: [Laughs]

Adam: What do you think?

Dylan: Avery, he's telling you what you want to hear, okay? You have a gun on him. He's telling you this because he's afraid. Just please put the gun down.

Avery: Stop telling me what to do.

Dylan: It's not gonna help anything.

Avery: What's gonna help, Dylan?

Dylan: Time.

Avery: I don't have time.

Dylan: Just a little bit of time. Just -- just 10 seconds. I've been where you are right now.

Avery: No, you haven't.

Dylan: Okay. You're right. I haven't. But I have been at the end of my rope... no way out, taking things into my own hands, and who was always there to talk me down? You were. I mean, how many times did you get me to slow down, to take a deep breath, and just think? It was always you. Okay? I am here to do that for you right now. Just 10 seconds. Okay? Just put the gun down. 1... please. ...2... come on. ...3... just look at me.

Avery: [Crying]

Dylan: ...4... and 5. [Exhales sharply] [Exhales sharply]

Joe: Now that that's over...

Avery: [Gasps] [Cocks gun] I'm not done.

Paul: Avery, drop the gun now!

Dylan: Hey, hey!

Paul: Drop the gun! Drop the gun.

Dylan: Paul!

Paul: Drop it. you want to tell me who Victor was supposed to meet in the park, but... I feel like you're getting weak, and that's very dangerous, all right? I need you to rest now.

Jack: [Thinking] I can't. Marco's out there, and... you have to know. There has to be a way to tell you.

Phyllis: Baby, can you hear me? Jack... your fingers are moving. That's good. Tell you what. We're gonna try something. You're gonna be able to do this. I want you to write... the name of the person... who Victor wanted to shoot. Go ahead. Write it. "2"? "2" what? What does this mean, Jack?

[Knock on door]

Noah: Hey, Marisa. It's Noah. Um, I think I-I might have forgot --

Marisa: Your phone?

Noah: Uh...yeah.

Marisa: This... is what you came for?

Noah: Yeah.

Marisa: Good night.

Noah: Good night.

Paul: Drop it, Avery. Drop the gun.

Dylan: Paul. Paul. Avery... ...6... 7... 8... 9... 10.

Avery: He raped me, Paul.

Paul: I'm sorry, Avery. He didn't. We stopped an assault in progress tonight not six blocks from here -- tall guy with a ski mask. We found this in his car.

Avery: My phone?

Paul: He also had your purse. We're sending samples to the lab, but I think we've got our guy.

Avery: [Crying]

Nick: What's going on?

Sage: I really wish you'd stop asking me that.

Nick: Well, I would if you would tell me the truth. There's obviously something going on, and it has something to do with Gabe.

Sage: Why -- why do you think that?

Nick: Because you were upset when you heard us talking about Gabe earlier. Now, I know this faked marriage wasn't easy on you, but it's over, and you've moved on -- at least I thought you had. But you act like you still have some tie to this guy.

Sage: No. I -- there is absolutely nothing that is tying me and Gabe. I just... I'm just really looking forward to my future with you... and with our baby.

Nick: So am I.

Billy: You think that means he got her to forget about Bingham?

Victoria: I sure hope so.

Billy: Mm. I wish he'd wave some of that magic over here and make Gabe disappear from our minds and, hell, our lives.

Victoria: [Sighs] Yeah, well, it's gonna take a concerted effort to get the best of him. We do make a good team, though.

Billy: Yeah. We always have. But Gabe's feeling it. The guy thinks he's on top of the world.

Victoria: There's only one place to go from there.

Billy: I just hope we can bring him down before he ruins Chelsea's life.

Adam: That...is what I call a celebration.

Chelsea: [Laughs] Hear, hear! Mmm.

Adam: Mmm.

Chelsea: As much as I wish I could stay here all day, I probably should go get myself together.

Adam: Really?

Chelsea: Yeah. Oh. [Laughs]

Adam: Come here.

Chelsea: You...are...wicked.

Adam: You...have no idea.

Chelsea: I think I kind of do.

Adam: Yeah?

Chelsea: [Chuckles] Ohh.

[Door opens]

Adam: Hmm. Wicked and smart. Smart enough to fool you, old man. Let me ask you a question. How does it feel? How does it feel, knowing the son who was never good enough... the son that only wanted your approval more than anything... how's it feel... knowing that I'm running your company right now, huh? I won. To hell with it. I say a toast to me. A toast to Adam Newman.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Phyllis: I want the truth about what happened that night, and I'm going to get that out of you.

Dylan: You're not gonna arrest Avery, are you?

Paul: Absolutely.

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