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Episode # 10707 ~ Devon & Hilary reach out to Lily; Cane & Lauren confront Michael; Dylan seeks justice for Avery.

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Devon: Hey. I heard there was quite a scene here last night.

Lily: Yeah, sure. Go ahead and call me a tramp and a hypocrite for cheating on my husband. And you can tell me all about karma.

Hilary: Actually, we just wanted to make sure you were all right.

Devon: Yeah, I thought that you could use your brother.

Lauren: Oh. Hey. I got a missed call from you last night. Is everything all right?

Cane: No. I was gonna do something that I'd probably regret.

Lauren: What were you gonna do?

Cane: Lily slept with Joe.

Lauren: Oh, my God.

Cane: Yeah, it was probably a reaction to what you and I did. I don't know.

Lauren: We didn't... it was a kiss. It was one kiss.

Cane: That's all it took.

Lauren: I am -- I'm so sorry.

[Footsteps approaching]

Michael: Hello, Lauren, Cane.

Cane: It was your plan that put all this in motion. It was you who made my wife think I was having an affair with her. Now you've ruined your marriage and you've destroyed mine.

Your lawyer's on the way, Mr. Newman.

Victor: Good. Then let's make this quick. Did you get what I asked for?

And you can't get caught with it or we both go down.

Victor: I'm perfectly aware, all right?


Victor: Good.

[Cell phone ringing]

Nikki: Oh, no. It's Victor. Obviously he found a way to get his phone back. I don't want to talk to him.

[Ringing continues]

Neil: It's your choice.

Nikki: Will you do it?

Neil: Hello, Victor.

Victor: Neil? Why are you picking up Nikki's phone? I heard she's in the hospital.

Neil: Not anymore. She's out and doing just fine.

Victor: Well, I would like to hear that from her, so kindly put her on the phone.

Neil: I'm sorry, but Nikki doesn't want to talk to you.

Victor: What do you mean she doesn't want to talk to me? Are you filling her head with garbage or what?

Neil: I'm not doing anything. Nikki thinks just fine for herself.

Victor: Neil, I determine that, so kindly ask her to come down to the station.

Neil: Not gonna happen.

Victor: Then you come.

Dylan: [Sighs] Come on.

Sharon: Oh, hey.

Dylan: Hey.

Sharon: Um, I was just gonna order dinner. Are you hungry?

Dylan: Uh, no, thanks. I'm fine.

Sharon: Any word from Avery?

Dylan: No. No word. And actually, I thought I'd hear from Paul by now, too. So...

Sharon: No news is good news.

Dylan: Uh, in this case, no news is making me crazy.

Sharon: I'm sure Avery can handle the situation.

Dylan: I'm sure she can, but it just really upsets me that she has to be in the same room as that guy.


David: Let the record show Avery bailey Clark is being deposed in the lawsuit brought by Joseph Clark against Dylan McAvoy. Now, you're aware that Mr. McAvoy kidnapped and assaulted my client?

Avery: I'm aware that's what's been alleged.

David: And at that time, did Dylan McAvoy threaten to kill Joe Clark?

Avery: Not to my knowledge.

David: Not to your knowledge?

Avery: That's correct. I don't recall Dylan saying that then.

David: So, he may have said it. You just don't remember.

Avery: Well, there were a lot of things said in that room. It was a very heated discussion, and I don't recall that specific statement.

David: During that heated discussion, did Mr. McAvoy have my client tied to a chair?

Avery: Dylan had just learned that Joe raped me.

Joe: That's --

David: Okay, that -- that is not relevant to these proceedings.

Avery: It provides context.

Joe: Avery --

Avery: Or do you just not want your client seen as a rapist?

Joe: Can you just tell him that he threatened me?

Avery: If Dylan had wanted to kill you, you'd be dead.

Hilary: Lily, I take no satisfaction in this.

Lily: I find that really hard to believe.

Devon: Nobody's here to judge you.

Lily: You have every right to.

Devon: Actually, we have no right to judge anyone. I heard that Cane got kind of angry.

Lily: Yeah. It was really bad.

Hilary: You know, maybe I should just go. I'll just --

Lily: No, it's fine. You can stay. I've never hesitated calling you out on your mistakes in public. I just -- I saw security footage of Lauren going into Cane's hotel room late at night.

Devon: Well, they work together. That could have been business they were doing, right?

Lily: Yeah, well, unfortunately, that wasn't my first thought. I was still really upset because he told me that he kissed Lauren, so when I saw the tape, I just assumed the worst.

Devon: That's understandable.

Lily: It was just so stupid. I should have just asked him what happened, but instead, I made an assumption. So, I go to the bar, and my plan was just to get drunk. But Joe saw me and...he followed me up to my room to see if I was okay.

Hilary: How thoughtful.

Devon: Wa-wait a second. The guy that's being accused of rape? He didn't hurt you, did he?

Lily: No. No, trust me. I feel sick when I think about what he did to Avery. But, no, he did not force anything. This is my fault. I immediately regretted it right after it happened. And I hated myself, and... now I don't think Cane is ever gonna forgive me.

Cane: It was your plan that made lily suspicious. It made her see things that weren't even there!

Michael: I'm sure if you explained to her about your midnight rendezvous --

Cane: It is too late! She's already been with somebody else, Michael.

Lauren: It's true.

Michael: Well, I didn't force lily to sleep with someone else. That was not my plan. I didn't think beyond the word "cancer." Look, I was preparing for the worst. I was trying to find a friend for my wife, for Lauren.

Cane: A friend?

Michael: Yeah, someone she could lean on, someone who had some experience with living with someone with cancer.

Cane: You didn't want me to be a friend to her! You told me that yourself!

Lauren: What did you say to him?

Michael: I was angry.

Cane: You were angry? He told me he wanted me to provide you with things that he couldn't.

Michael: Look, I was drunk. I had just seen the two of you kissing!

Lauren: What the hell is wrong with you?!

David: Please stay on point, ms. Clark. Answer the question.

Avery: Yes. I arrived at Joe's suite to find that Dylan had tied Joe up to a chair.

David: Did Mr. Clark appear to be injured? Do you not recall that, either?

Avery: His face was bruised. But I have no way of knowing how that happened, and I never saw Dylan lay a hand on him.

David: Then McAvoy untied him?

Avery: Yes, he did. So, you see, Dylan had no intentions of --

David: He untied Joe after you asked him to?

Avery: Yes, immediately.

David: So, he wouldn't have done it on his own.

Avery: I don't have any way of knowing that.

David: Isn't it true that Dylan McAvoy said he was going to "do what he had to?"

Avery: To get the truth that Joe raped me.

David: Certainly, that's what you wanted the man to believe.

Avery: Because it's what happened!

David: We're done. Thank you for your time. I have some calls to make.

Joe: I'm sorry for this inconvenience, Avery.

Avery: This inconvenience? Why are you doing this to Dylan?

Joe: You forced me into this lawsuit by accusing me of rape. I have to clear my name.

Avery: Your name? That's what you're worried about? Your name?!

Joe: No, I-I'm sorry for what happened to you and what you went through. No one deserves that. But I didn't do it, Avery. And I think if you were truly honest with yourself, you'd agree with me.

Avery: I know what happened that night. And you will not get away with this.

Joe: You spent your whole career freeing the names of those wrongly accused, and yet here you are. Help me clear my name, Avery.

Avery: I spent my career fighting for justice, and justice would be you convicted and locked up and out of my life forever!

Sharon: Well, I'm gonna order food anyway, and you got to eat.

Dylan: Uh, you know, I don't have much time before I have to be there.

Sharon: Hmm. Couldn't you just, um, like, postpone it or cancel it altogether?

Dylan: I'm gonna be okay. I've been in tougher situations. I'm just answering questions.

Sharon: Well, the last time you saw Joe, you beat him up and you tied him to a chair.

Dylan: Well, that's not gonna happen, because I have the entire police force within shouting distance to keep me in line.

Victor: I understand I owe you for saving my wife's life.

Neil: Victor, I'm just glad I was there to get her help.

Victor: Mm-hmm. Neil, you have always stood by me, always stood by my family and by my kids. I appreciate that. And I'm sorry I was harsh with you on the phone.

Neil: Don't try to manage me. I didn't come here because you ordered me to come here. I came here to deliver a message.

Victor: Then do so.

Neil: Respect your wife. Respect her wishes.

Victor: What are her wishes?

Neil: Freedom from you.

Victor: There are certain things you don't understand, Neil. I am not a cold-blooded killer.

Neil: Because jack didn't happen to die or because Nikki almost died because of you?

Victor: What do you mean because of me?

Neil: Victor, you claim that you love your wife. You claim that you care about her. But the way I'm seeing it, man, those are words. Actions speak louder than words.

Victor: Are you judging me now?

Neil: No, I'm not. But the court sure will, because I'm guessing that you'll manage to beat these charges 'cause you -- you do a lot of that, right? But I'm gonna protect your wife. I'm gonna protect Nikki.

Victor: No one comes between me and my wife.

Neil: I'm gonna make sure that you don't...

Victor: I can't believe I'm hearing this.

Neil: ...You don't drag her down into your sick, slimy world anymore, Victor. That's all I got to say. I'm leaving.

Victor: Hey!

Neil: Yeah? What do you want?

Victor: What do I want? To tell you that Nikki will never leave me.

Neil: Never say never. She's leaning on me now, and I'm gonna remind her what a cheat, what a thief, what a liar you are and always have been, Victor.

Lauren: How could you do this to Cane and lily? They are married. How could you not even consider the consequences?

Cane: It's because he thought my marriage was on shaky ground. He wanted to capitalize on it. Is that correct?

Michael: I'm sorry. Isn't your marriage on shaky ground?

Lauren: Oh, stop making this like Cane imagined it and you didn't want him to just be my friend.

Michael: That's all I did want.

Lauren: That's what you told yourself, but you were so wrapped up in your radiation and your hormone therapy and how it would affect our physical life --

Michael: It did affect our physical life.

Lauren: We are so much more than that. And I have told you that over and over. In fact, I have tried to reassure you in a thousand different ways.

Cane: Oh, but he just wanted to go ahead with his solution, which insulted me and demeaned you.

Michael: I was trying to help my wife.

Cane: No, no, no. You were trying to end your marriage.

Michael: For Lauren's sake.

Lauren: [Sighs]

Cane: For Lauren's sake? No, I think it was for your sake. 'Cause you didn't care about Lauren. You didn't care about me, lily, or my kids. What sort of man are you, Michael? What sort of man would do this? I want to you think about that.

Lily: One bad decision and I not only hurt Cane but...I hurt my children.

Hilary: This didn't happen in a vacuum. Okay? This wasn't a random act. Cane made a mistake and you were hurt. You're still hurt. I'm sorry. I-I shouldn't have been butting in. I just --

Lily: No, it's -- it's fine. I'm just -- I'm surprised that you would make an excuse for what I did when I've been so judgmental towards you.

Hilary: Lily, you were right about all the things that I did, just not why I did them.

Lily: I don't think things will ever be right between Cane and me.

Devon: Well, you can't think like that. You really can't. I mean, a few weeks ago, who would have thought the three of us would be standing here, being nice to each other? You know? Don't give up hope, lily. I haven't given up hope that our family could be mended one day.

Ma'am? Would you like something from the bar?

Nikki: Oh. No. Thank you. I'll just stick with the tea. Thanks.

Dylan: How was it?

Avery: The deposition? It was pretty much what I expected.

Dylan: [Sighs] Is there anything I should look out for?

Avery: Just be careful. David Sherman is a shark. And I would love to get him in a courtroom and just rip him to pieces. I would tear him limb by limb.

Dylan: You okay?

Avery: Yeah. You'll be fine. Don't worry. Just, um, give "yes" or "no" answers when you can and stay calm and don't --

Dylan: I wasn't talking about the deposition. I was talking about you. Are you okay?

Avery: We were in the police station. [Voice breaking] He was standing right there talking to me. And there are police officers everywhere. They have handcuffs. They have guns. And no one is doing anything. How does that happen? How come they didn't put him in a cell? How come they didn't arrest him?

Dylan: The police will turn up something. They will build a case against Joe.

Avery: No, see, they won't. They won't, Dylan.

Dylan: [Sighs]

Avery: They were right there looking at him and doing nothing. He's gonna get away with this. I can't let that happen.

Dylan: You're right. We won't, and I'm gonna help you. We're gonna find a way to make Joe pay. We're gonna go after him, we're gonna go after his business, we're gonna ruin his name. He is not gonna get away with this.

Avery: Thank you. You're a good man, Dylan.

Dylan: [Sighs] I got to get to the police station. Are you gonna be okay here alone?

Avery: Yeah, yeah. I'm gonna be fine. We'll talk later.

Dylan: Okay.

[Door opens, closes]

[Footsteps approach]

Sharon: What have you done?

Avery: I'm not in the mood for games. What is it that you think that I've done?

Sharon: You sent Dylan to a legal deposition without any coaching. And he's being sued. You know Joe's lawyer. He can be very vicious.

Avery: Yes, that's why you hired him in your custody battle with nick.

Sharon: You don't seem concerned about Dylan.

Avery: Okay. It's a nuisance lawsuit. It's not real. They're trying to scare Dylan and Paul. It'll never go further than the deposition stage.

Sharon: You're sure of that?

Avery: Yes, it's an area I know about. It's an area of my life that I can control, unlike everything else.

Sharon: I know what you're going through, Avery, and I understand.

Avery: Why do you care, Sharon? Why are you pretending to be concerned?

Sharon: I am concerned. You're not acting like yourself.

Avery: But what does it matter to you? How does it benefit you? You have Dylan. You won.

Sharon: Dylan needs you in his life. You two were together for a very long time. He just needs to know that you're okay.

Avery: Yeah, I'm okay. I'm fine. And I don't buy this selfless act of compassion.

Sharon: Stop dragging Dylan into your mess.

Avery: Well, finally, a real answer.

Sharon: I mean it. He's already being sued. Now you've got him hating Joe as much as you do? He thinks the police are going to arrest Joe and take him to trial, but what if that doesn't happen? What then? Does Dylan go off the rails? Does he go to jail or worse?

Avery: Sharon, the police are not gonna arrest Joe. That's not gonna happen. But don't worry. Dylan won't be the one who gets hurt.

David: Now, you've never denied that you tied my client up and tried to beat a confession out of him.

Dylan: That's right.

David: You...had your reasons.

Dylan: Yes, I did.

David: Mr. Clark's ex-wife wound you up. She turned you into some guy obsessed with revenge.

Dylan: Is that a question?

David: Did you ever think Avery just claimed it was Joe who raped her? That she only told you this so you would attack Joe, beat a confession out of him?

Dylan: Why are you putting this on Avery? Joe is the one who's been obsessed. He wanted Avery back, even if he had to hurt her. He's the one who moved to town to be close to Avery, never mind the fact that she divorced him and the two haven't spoken to each other in years.

David: My question was --

Dylan: And this is not the first time that he's forced himself on Avery. She had to push the guy off a balcony to get him to back off.

David: Mr. McAvoy...

Dylan: And then he played on her guilt to get her to come play nurse. He lied about his recovery to keep her close, and then he tried to blackmail her into having sex by threatening to go to the cops! Mr. Sherman, have you asked Avery about how Joe beat her up during their marriage?

Joe: You know what? Shut up!

David: Okay, okay.

Dylan: Or what? It's a lot easier with a frightened woman, isn't it?

Nick: Oh, my God. Did he do that to you?

Neil: No, it's not that bad

Nick: I am so sorry. I shouldn't have sent you over there.

Neil: I'm fine. And it was worth it.

Nick: What'd you do? Goad him into it?

Neil: Nikki, do you understand that the man is paying off guards, getting special privileges, and in no time, he's gonna be back on the streets, doing business as usual, trying to keep you in a little box, even after putting you in -- in the hospital. Thanks.

Nick: So what did you say to him?

Neil: Told him what I thought. Told him the truth.

Nick: And now that he's... assaulted you, how bad will things get for him?

Neil: Don't you worry about that. What matters most is that Victor is not gonna hurt you or anyone else for a long time.

Paul: What the hell are you thinking, Victor? You're not a thug. You're facing attempted-murder charges, and you punch Neil?

Victor: Spare me the lecture, okay?

Paul: Okay. You and I have been friends a long time. I know what you're capable of. I know the kind of man you are. At least, I thought I did.

Michael: As did I.

Paul: All right. I'll let you take it from here.

Victor: There you are.

Michael: Assaulting Neil makes my job more difficult, Victor.

Victor: I'm well aware of that.

Michael: It's gonna be tough enough trying to prove that you shot jack in self-defense.

Victor: Listen. Just tell me what I should do, who I should confess to to get the hell out of here, okay? Nikki was in the hospital.

Michael: Confessing that you intentionally went after Neil, proving yourself to be a loose cannon, it's impossible to unring that bell with the jury. You will be convicted of trying to murder jack and lose any chance of ever seeing your wife again. Are you listening to me? Now, the law demands the presumption of innocence. I wish you would stop making it so damn easy for the state to find otherwise.

Victor: Do you think this is easy? I'm here, obviously, because of wrong accusations. Do you understand that? I don't want to be here. Now you do whatever you can to get me the hell out of here.

Michael: I'm trying.

Victor: Try harder. You understand? Nikki was in the hospital. She needs me. I can lose everything. I cannot lose her.

Dylan: Instead of wasting time deposing me, Mr. Sherman, you should be working on Joe's defense.

David: You can't let that guy get to you.

Joe: Yeah, I'll keep that in mind. Think you were clever in there, turning things around on me?

Dylan: I just told the truth.

Joe: You know, I'm sick of your savior routine, McAvoy, and blaming me for things I didn't do.

Dylan: So sue me. Oh, that's right. You already are. Such a noble way to handle things, Joe. Wouldn't expect anything less from you.

Nikki: Paul. I want to see my husband.

Paul: I'm not allowing Victor to have any more visitors.

Nikki: Why? Because of what happened with Neil?

Paul: What do you know about that?

Nikki: Well, I was partly to blame for that.

Paul: Nikki, when are you gonna stop taking responsibility for Victor's actions?

Nikki: I have already done that. I realize I have to distance myself from him. I know he is a toxic person in my life.

Paul: Then why do you want to see him?

Nikki: Because he is my husband, and he deserves to know why I'm staying away. Please, Paul, let me see him.

Devon: Hey, dad. How are you?

Neil: Fine.

Devon: What happened to you?

Neil: Went to see Victor.

Hilary: Isn't he locked up? I'm just wondering how he managed to hit you.

Neil: Well, you see, he was upset, he wanted to see Nikki, and I didn't think that was a good idea, so I told him that. And speaking of disagreements, I saw you two earlier with lily. That looked rather civil.

Hilary: Yeah. We're making progress.

Devon: We're all able to look at things from a different perspective.

Neil: Good for you.

Devon: She's, uh, really going through hell right now, and she's gonna need her family more than ever, so I'm hoping that you can put aside your feelings about Hilary and me to be there for your daughter.

Hilary: Devon.

Devon: Excuse me. Hey, Cane, I need a second with you.

Lauren: You know what? I'll go check on the store.

Devon: Listen, we've been talking to lily, and she's devastated. She's absolutely devastated. She feels horrible about her mistake.

Cane: You want to talk to me about mistakes, huh? It was a mistake for me to look the other way while you and Hilary had an affair behind your father's back, 'cause not saying anything to my wife opened the door for her to have an affair and cheat on me. And if I had known -- if I had known it would have led to that, I would have told you to go to hell.

Lily: Please don't blame Devon.

Cane: You know what? You're right. I've been blaming everybody else when the person I should be blaming is you... 'cause you've just broken my heart.

Avery: You are a small man, Joe -- a small man with a monstrous ego.

Joe: Hey!

Avery: Ow! Let go of me!

Dylan: Hey.

Sharon: Hi.

Dylan: What are you doing here?

Sharon: Um, well, I wanted to see how things went.

Dylan: Well, it was, uh, it was fine, you know. I just had to make sure I didn't give too much information.

Sharon: I talked to Avery.

Dylan: Where? Here? I did, too.

Sharon: How did she seem to you?

Dylan: She's rattled, but I'm gonna do everything I can to help her.

Sharon: That's what troubles me, Dylan.

Dylan: What do you mean? You said you wanted me to keep an eye on her.

Sharon: I was wrong. I want you to stay far away from Avery.

Dylan: O...kay. I don't understand. Where is this coming from?

Sharon: I talked to her. She seems very upset. She's unbalanced. I know that look, Dylan. I know the signs, and it means trouble.

Dylan: Well, it's all the more reason to look out for her.

Sharon: No, I don't mean trouble for her. Trouble for you and me and our baby.

Lauren: Hi. Can you talk?

Michael: Sure.

Lauren: Let's go out here. Uh, listen, what happened earlier [Sighs] Cane was very angry, and he needed a place to put that anger, and not all of that falls on you, Michael.

Michael: I was gonna call you a little --

Lauren: Hey, can you just... I need to get this out, okay?

Michael: Okay.

Lauren: I just came from seeing Cane and lily, and he is so angry at her, and it's heartbreaking. And I felt complicit.

Michael: What happened with lily is not your fault. That --

Lauren: No. But I share the guilt, don't I? You're the one that put everything in motion, but I kissed him. I can barely even look at them and -- and the fallout of what we have done. So, uh, I came to tell you I'm -- I'm gonna leave for a little while.

Michael: Where are you going?

Lauren: I'm gonna go visit fen in Arizona.

Michael: Before you go, there's something I need you to know.

Victor: I heard you had another episode. How are you?

Nikki: I almost died.

Victor: [Sighs] What brought it on?

Nikki: You did, Victor. When you admitted that you had shot jack, I was out of my mind. I was horrified. And I just started drinking just to make it all go away, but it -- it didn't. So I kept on and kept on and -- and I had an M.S. Episode, and only because of Neil did I end up in the hospital instead of the morgue.

Victor: I guess I should have been more profusely thanking Neil.

Nikki: Yeah, maybe you shouldn't have hit him.

Victor: That's a totally different story.

Nikki: I don't want to hear about it. I don't want to hear your excuses. If you have ever loved me, Victor...

Victor: You know I love you.

Nikki: Well, then... you have to let me go.

Victor: What do you mean, "you have to let me go"? I won't let you. You need to know what happened.

Nikki: I know what happened. You shot jack. You told me you shot jack. I don't need to hear the reason.

Victor: Wait a minute. You know damn well I would never shoot jack Abbott in cold blood. I would never shoot anyone in cold blood. You know that. I did this to protect you and to protect my family.

Nikki: I can't believe that we need that kind of protection from jack.

Victor: You don't understand what kind of a man jack Abbott has become. He presented a violent threat to me and my family.

Nikki: That is absolutely ridiculous! Jack would never hurt me, he would never hurt my children!

Victor: Listen to me. The reason I didn't allow you to see him that night is because I was afraid for your life. I thought he would do damage to you, he would hurt you. I would never shoot anyone in cold blood. Look where I am. I can survive all this. I can survive anyone coming at me or after me. I don't care. But you cannot leave me. You cannot leave me. You must not leave me. I can't survive this without you.

Michael: You were right this whole time. I was so afraid that I wouldn't be the man that I used to be that I tried to push you away. It just ended up hurting you and a lot of innocent people in the process. [Chuckles] Turns out after all that... I'm not the man I used to be. Far from it. It wasn't even the cancer that did it. It was me. It's me. You know, I've always had a sneaking suspicion that I would be nothing without you. And it turns out to be the one thing I was right about. I don't know if you'll ever be able to forgive me. I'll understand if you don't. I don't know if I'll ever be able to forgive myself for what I've done.

Lily: The kids were wondering why you didn't come home last night. [Sighs] Look, Cane, I know I hurt you. And I wish I could take back what I did, but I can't. But what I can -- what -- what

we can do is try to find a way to get past this. We could go to counseling. We can work on our marriage, because I believe there is still so much good here. And after everything that we have managed to survive, I believe that we can get through this.

Cane: I'm not interested.

Lily: What's next, then? What? You're -- you're gonna move out? You're not gonna see the kids every day? What?

Cane: No, I'm not gonna move out. You are.

[Cell phone rings]

Paul: Chief Williams. Where was this? Well, if you think it's a match, get an expedited warrant. Yeah. I want you to search everything -- his car, his residence -- and bring a technician. Turn everything over. And you know what? Bring him in now.

Sharon: Avery will do something, and then you'll go to her rescue, and you're gonna be the one who pays the price, so please tell me you're not gonna let that happen.

Dylan: It won't happen.

Sharon: You're being sued for tying Joe to a chair and beating him up.

Dylan: Right. I know. But I was just in the room with the guy, and I kept my cool. And I told Avery that I would help her, everything above board. I'm not going after the guy. No punches. And I'm not even gonna bump into him... because I wouldn't do that to our family.

Sharon: Thank you for that. I know your heart is in the right place, but I also know what can happen with you in certain situations.

Dylan: You're right about that. So, if it'll put your mind at ease, just in case I get into a situation, you can take my lockbox with my gun.

Sharon: Dylan!

Dylan: No, I'm serious.

Sharon: I don't know if I want that in the house.

Dylan: No, you can take it --

Sharon: What is it?

Dylan: My gun. It's gone.

Avery: We need to finish this.

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