Y&R Transcript Thursday 7/9/15


Episode # 10706 ~ Phyllis receives a shocking message; Stitch opens up to Ashley; Marisa tells Noah about Marco.

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Chelsea: You did it, Abby. You closed the deal with Mr. Rittinsky.

Abby: We did it. Hooray for us.

Chelsea: Us? Oh, no. Oh, no. False modesty does not suit you, Abby. You deserve at least 90% of the credit.

Abby: Well, if you insist.

Chelsea: I do. I insist.

Abby: It's my first signed contract since Gabe made me COO.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Abby: Thank you.

Chelsea: I think this requires a toast.

Abby: To us and to Gabe.

Chelsea: And to the big Rittinsky.

Abby: [Laughs] Yes. Newman-Abbott is in good hands.

Kyle: Hey, this looks fun. Hey, why don't you raise a glass to Victor while you're at it? Toast him from getting jack out of the way so we could all rise up through the ranks.

Abby: Kyle, I would never --

Kyle: Hmm, no, Abby, it's okay. You don't need to explain. It is very obvious which side of the family's more important to you.

Nick: Vick and I clashing over business -- it won't be the first time, I can tell you that.

Adam: Yeah, I almost don't mind having you around if you're gonna be her target instead of me.

Victoria: [Gasps] [Sighs] Don't sneak up on me like that.

Billy: Well, you're lucky it's me who caught you and not somebody else.

Victoria: I was just --

Billy: Spying. Yeah, that's clear. What's not clear is why you didn't wait for me.

Noah: So, uh, at the beginning of each shift, we just try to put the glasses away, check the bar, and --

Summer: Hey. Who's this?

Noah: Uh, Marisa, this is summer, my sister. And, uh, summer, this is Marisa sierras. It's our newest employee.

Marisa: Nice to meet you, summer.

Summer: You, too.

Noah: Hey, uh, Marisa, would you mind grabbing some more cocktail napkins from the back?

Marisa: Yeah.

Noah: Thank you.

Marisa: Not a problem.

Noah: Thanks. Hey. What's going on?

Summer: [Sighs] Nothing. Just wanted to be with a family member who is not obsessed with this whole Newman-Abbott drama.

Noah: Yeah, I'm -- I'm staying out of that, thanks. Unfortunately, grandpa has a way of, uh, pulling us back in.

Summer: Yeah.

Noah: Is that why you're upset? Grandpa got arrested for jack's shooting?

Summer: Part of it. Today is my first wedding anniversary.

Noah: Right.

Summer: Yeah.

Noah: I'm sorry.

Summer: You know, it was a year ago I was standing next to Austin, vowing to spend the rest of my life with him, and today I'M...picking up the pieces and he's gone and... I-I married a guy that I didn't know completely, and I will never make the same mistake again.

Phyllis: If you can hear me, you've got to find a way to show me so we can communicate.

Jack: [Thinking] I hear you, Red.

Ashley: Hi.

Stitch: Hey. There you are. I was starting to think you were blowing this off.

Ashley: No, I told you I'd come in for a follow-up MRI. Even though I know it's just gonna confirm what I already know, and that's that my fatigue and dizziness is due to stress and not the aneurysm. [Sighs] How can I not be stressed out given what's going on with jack? You know, if there's only one silver lining to this whole thing, it's that he doesn't know what's happening to our company. 'Cause if he did, it would break his heart. Let's go.

Phyllis: Jack? Did you just... baby, can you hear me? Jack, do it again. If you can hear me, squeeze my hand again.

Noah: Summer, you cannot keep blaming yourself because Austin was dishonest. If someone is determined to keep the truth from you, that is on them. And as hard as it is, you got to stop dwelling on the past, okay? There's no way you could have known on your wedding day how things were gonna turn out. I never thought that I'd be burying my fiancée or that we'd be trying to track down the person who killed them both.

Summer: I still can't believe that they haven't found the guy.

Noah: You know, Kevin has some insane theory that jack's shooting was connected.

Summer: Connected with Austin and Courtney? That's crazy. You know, sometimes I worry about Kevin.

Noah: What if there's something to it, though?

Summer: What? A connection? Okay, grandpa just got arrested for shooting jack. And who knows what happened there. But grandpa would never kill the people that we love, so what connection could there possibly be?

Phyllis: He heard what I said, and he answered me.

The patient was conscious?

Phyllis: His eyes weren't open, but he squeezed my hand.

Coma patients sometimes move involuntarily, even blink their eyes, but that's not the same as cognition.

Phyllis: You don't need to tell me what coma patients do, dr. Singh. I know what a reflex is. My husband was responding. He was trying to communicate. I asked him to squeeze my hand, and he did. Okay, jack, let's show the doctor, okay, honey?

Mr. Abbott, if you can hear me, squeeze my hand.

Phyllis: Come on, baby. You can do this. Please.

Kyle: How could you betray my dad like that?

Abby: Betray him? Kyle, what did I do that was so heinous?

Kyle: Gabe has taken advantage of a tragedy, okay? He's helped himself to Victor's chair, and now that you've taken the bait, you're basically benefiting from jack's being down.

Chelsea: Okay, Kyle, you are looking at this in the worst possible light.

Kyle: Am I? And what other light is there?

Chelsea: We are all on the same team here. We all want the company to succeed, including Gabe. He is jack's son, after all.

Kyle: Right. I'm really not surprised that you're backing him up. After all, you are sleeping with the guy.

Chelsea: Excuse me?

Kyle: You know, it's actually really nice for you how this has all worked out, isn't it? You screwed over Billy, and yet you still ended up with an Abbott. It's like magic, except, of course, he doesn't deserve the name.

Abby: Shut up, Kyle. You're way out of line.

Kyle: Me? I'm out of line? Are you -- you're the one printing out business cards with a job title that, let's be honest, neither of our fathers would ever have given you. Now, how is that serving anyone else's best interests except your own, Abby?

Chelsea: Would you really prefer Victoria be in the position, Kyle?

Abby: At least I'm a member of both families.

Kyle: Oh, god. Rationalize it however you want. But you're making a mistake.

Abby: I'm stepping up while uncle jack is gone. How is that a mistake?

Kyle: Because he's not gone! He's still alive! He's still breathing! You know, when he wakes up, you're gonna regret ever having sided with that lying bastard Gabe.

Nick: I didn't come back to work at my family's company so I could be a buffer for you and Vick.

Adam: Hmm. Sort of limits your options, though, doesn't it, because Abby doesn't need a mentor and we're not hiring any bouncers at the moment.

Nick: Well, I'll do Neil's old job, and you can keep sitting in that chair until dad beats the charges and takes it back.

Adam: You keep assuming there's a place here for you. It's adorable.

Nick: Abby hired me, and you were okay with it. So stop trying to bait me. Look, I came back to make this company work, and you would be wise to work with me, not against me.

Billy: Look, neither of us wants that colossal jerk running the company, but I thought we were gonna bring him down as a team.

Victoria: I was gonna share whatever information I learned with you.

Billy: Great, so what have you learned?

Victoria: Well, it turns out he's a colossal jerk.

Billy: [Chuckles]

Victoria: But I have an idea. I have a good way to soften him up so that he'll let his guard down, and nick's on board.

Billy: Nick?

Victoria: Yeah. Nick's back. He just strolled in a little while ago and announced it.

Billy: Hmm. That's new. He hasn't wanted anything to do with the company in years.

Victoria: Yeah, yeah, yeah. That was then.

Billy: Yeah, and this is war. So what's the plan?

Victoria: Nick and I think that the quickest way to make Gabe lose focus is to prove how dysfunctional we all are.

Billy: Well, that's not bad.

Ashley: Okay, so you got me here to take the MRI. You don't have to actually stay here while I take it.

Stitch: I'm gonna stay until I'm sure you're all right.

Ashley: Okay. Suit yourself.

Stitch: Besides, it'll, uh, it'll give me a chance to talk to the chief of staff about my future.

Ashley: What do you mean?

Stitch: I heard back from the state medical licensing board. They ruled in my favor.

Ashley: That's wonderful!

Stitch: I know. I know. I'm pretty pumped.

Ashley: Yay!

Stitch: Yeah, I'm hoping that, you know, now that my name is cleared, they'll reinstate me in the residency program.

Ashley: What about the lab?

Stitch: Well, you know, since my work on hex is done and given the situation at the company these days --

Ashley: Wait, you don't mean -- you don't mean me and Abby? Please.

Stitch: I mean the situation between the two families.

Ashley: Okay.

Stitch: It's a tense place to work these days.

Ashley: Yeah, I know.

Stitch: You know? Besides, you -- you got to know all I've ever wanted is to be a doctor.

Ashley: I do know that. I'm really happy for you. We're gonna miss, you know... Abby's gonna miss having you around the lab. That's for sure. That's great.

Victoria: Oh, you're still here.

Nick: Deal with it.

Victoria: I assume you're trying to ingratiate yourself.

Nick: Well, I don't have to. Gabe and I go way back, remember?

Adam: Are we friends now again, nick? I'm having trouble keeping track of this.

Victoria: Badmouthing me the whole time, I'm sure.

Nick: Paranoid much?

Billy: Well, the timing is kind of convenient, deciding you're a Newman after all.

Nick: Don't you have a poker game to get to?

Adam: Okay, tell you what. You kiddies play nice in the sandbox. I'm gonna go see how jack's doing.

Billy: Speaking of newfound family loyalty.

Victoria: I filled Billy in on the plan for us to act like we can't stand each other. Very good job, by the way. I assume that Gabriel thinks that we're not gonna work together smoothly, so we keep that up. We pour on the infighting, and then he'll think that he can divide and conquer.

Billy: Only we make sure that it comes back to bite him. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Nick: It's gonna be a challenge, convincing everyone that we're on his side.

Victoria: Well, we have to get Abby to side with him on some issues and make him feel like he has an ally.

Nick: You think it's wise to bring her in on this?

Billy: Yeah, why wouldn't it be?

Nick: Well, from what I could tell, Abby seems really fired up she got this job. If we tell her what we're up to, she may think we're trying to undercut her authority.

Victoria: So then we don't tell her.

[Door opens]

Abby: What's this? Having a closed-door meeting without your new COO.?

Summer: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring you down. I know we're both still working through all of this.

Noah: You gonna be okay?

Summer: Yeah, someday, I hope.

Noah: Come here. I love you.

Summer: I love you.

Noah: It's gonna be okay.

Summer: Okay. Thanks.

Marisa: I, uh, couldn't help overhearing. Your sister's husband died?

Noah: Yeah, murdered by the same person who, uh, took Courtney's life.

Marisa: Here in Genoa city?

Noah: Doesn't seem right. I know.

Marisa: [Sighs] A serial killer?

Noah: Yeah. Except for that the killings weren't random. [Sighs] Summer's husband, he wanted to be a filmmaker and he was working on this project, and he found some secret that the killer didn't want exposed, and, uh, we think that Courtney found out what that was during her investigation... 'cause she wound up dead, too.

Marisa: When did all of this happen?

Noah: Austin was killed on valentine's day, and Courtney was killed on what was supposed to be our wedding day.

Marisa: Then the killer's -- the killer's still out there.

Noah: There's been various suspects, yeah. My mom, for one. The police arrested her, and then they decided to let her go once they agreed that she was being set up. And then there was this, um, this disgruntled employee from Jabot who died, and they found a bunch of evidence in his motel room.

Marisa: Evidence?

Noah: To make it look like he was the killer. But then they finally discovered that the real killer had planted it to set him up.

Marisa: And this, um, this secret your fiancée discovered, what was it?

Noah: No one knows. She died before she had a chance to tell anybody. But it's big enough that someone's willing to kill to keep it from getting out.

Phyllis: Unresponsive? No. I know what I felt. He heard me. Doctor, look, I'm not imagining these things, all right? Maybe later after a little bit of rest...

Continue to talk to him and encourage him.

Phyllis: I have no intention of stopping. Thank you.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

Phyllis: Damn it. I was so sure you were coming out of this. Thought you were fighting your way back to me.

Jack: [Thinking] You thought right.

Phyllis: There. You did it again. You squeezed my hand again. I need to get dr. Singh in here. I felt it. You did it again. All right. I need to be sure this time. Jack, um, if you can hear me, I'm gonna have to ask you a-a few questions, all right? Squeeze my hand once for yes and twice for no. Do you understand? [Gasps] That's a yes. Okay. Okay. Are you in pain? [Sighs] Two squeezes. No. That's very good. That's very good, sweetie. Did you hear the doctor when he was talking to you earlier? Yes? Then why -- why didn't you react? I'm sorry. That's not a yes or no question. Um... is it because you want me to only know?

Jack: [Thinking] You're the only one I can trust.

Phyllis: You don't trust anyone else. I get it. All right. You want me to know about the shooting, don't you? Nikki said that you called her to meet you in the park that night. Is that true? No? Did you take a gun with you?

Adam: What are you doing?

[Knock on door]

Kyle: I cannot believe how selfish everyone is being today. Including me. What's wrong?

Summer: Nothing. I'm fine.

Kyle: Summer, I can see you're upset. One year ago today.

Summer: It's my wedding day.

Kyle: If you'd rather be alone...

Summer: No, no, I'm...glad that you're here. This photo brings back a lot of memories.

Kyle: The Abbotts and the Newmans came together for you that day.

Summer: [Sighs] Yeah, but now they're fighting again. Your dad's in the hospital. My grandpa's in jail. Just the whole thing is a mess.

Kyle: Yeah, that's -- that's why I was upset when I walked in here. I'm sorry. I just -- I gave Abby a ton of grief.

Summer: How come?

Kyle: For being disloyal. Bingham gave her this huge promotion, totally undeserved, and now she is team Gabe all the way.

Summer: Sounds like you think that was part of his plan.

Kyle: It's absolutely part of his plan. I told Abby that she was being more Newman than Abbott, like that's the worst insult you could ever give anybody.

Summer: Yeah, but, Kyle, we -- we've talked about this. Our last names don't matter.

Kyle: I know. That's not who we are. I have to keep reminding myself what you said. You know, when we were pretending to be McGillicuddy and smith.

Summer: Yeah, but it was all just make-believe in the end. I've lied to myself before. I saw only what I wanted to see in Austin, and... maybe I'm just doing the same thing with you. I don't know.

Kyle: Wait, summer, I'm not cheating on you or --

Summer: No, I'm not really that a woman is gonna come in between us. I'm worried that our family will, no matter how hard we try to fight it.

Billy: We were just discussing Gabe, about the only topic we can all agree on.

Abby: Where is he? I have news for him.

Victoria: I don't know. Look for a big rock. Maybe he slithered under it.

Chelsea: I know you're not happy about your big demotion, Victoria, but you should be proud of your sister. Abby got the transport company to sign a new deal and reduce their rates.

Abby: Since the merger, we have a lot more product to ship, so I told the rep that we'd like a significant discount since we're doing more business together. I saved Newman-Abbott 3% across the board.

Victoria: Wow. A whole 3%. Are you serious? That's all?

Nick: Abby, um, oil's at record lows, and diesel's pretty cheap. If you'd known what you were doing, you probably could have got that up to at least 5%.

Victoria: If not more.

Billy: Yeah, abs, you really ought to do your homework before you negotiate a deal like that.

Victoria: Maybe she didn't have to. How did you persuade him? Did you use your womanly charms? A smile? A wink?

Abby: You know what? For your information, Victoria, I used my brains to close the deal, and I don't appreciate the insinuation.

Chelsea: Abby handled the meeting like a pro. She took advantage of an opportunity.

Victoria: Just like Gabe. Well, maybe he did hire the right person for COO. After all. Someone who would stoop as low as he would.

Noah: [Sighs]

Marisa: So, there have been no other leads?

Noah: Just a bunch of dead ends. I mean, there was some hope a few weeks ago. There was this envelope that, uh, the killer had sent a friend of ours.

Marisa: Did you take it to the police?

Noah: Yeah, yeah, we got a DNA match. And it turned out to be this drug kingpin from south America. But then the FBI, they ran their own test, and suddenly that saliva matched that disgruntled employee that I told you about. So another false lead. But I'll tell you what. The whole thing's a little fishy.

Marisa: And you really thought the DNA belonged to a crime lord?

Noah: At first, yeah. It's this guy that's been on the FBI's most-wanted list for years. Very few people have ever seen him in person.

Marisa: What's his name?

Noah: Marco Annicelli. What's that look? What -- do you know him?

Marisa: Yes.

Phyllis: I was talking to jack, hoping he could hear me. I thought if I asked him some questions, it might make him react. But it never does.

Adam: You mind, uh, you mind very much if I had a few minutes alone with him?

Phyllis: I-I don't know if that's a real good idea.

Adam: Hmm.

Phyllis: But if that's what jack wants...

Adam: Of course it is. Yeah, Phyllis. I understand that, uh, that you're protective of him. You should be. It's good. But, uh, there are other people who care about him, too, all right? I'm one of them.

Phyllis: Yeah. That's fine. I'll be right outside.

Adam: Okay. Thank you.

[Door closes]

Adam: I wonder if she's right. I wonder if you can hear us. [Sighs] I wonder if you remember what happened that night, especially after you were shot.

Jack: [Thinking] You better believe I do.

Adam: Jack, when I showed up, I, um... I saw Victor there. He was standing over you. You -- you were laying on the ground. He had a gun in his hand. You were unconscious.

Jack: [Thinking] Shot, but not unconscious. I heard, Adam. I heard you make a deal with Victor.

Adam: Jack, I didn't know what to do, okay? Victor left, and I thought you were dead, and, um... I didn't know what to do. And as soon as I realized your heart was still beating, that you were still alive, I called the police. I called 911. That's what I did.

Jack: [Thinking] That's not the whole story, Adam. I know the rest. I know Marco showed up. You two were planning to fake his death and send Victor to prison for it. It makes me wonder what else you were up to. Were you in on the plot to bring Marco here, to replace me so the company could be all yours? And then what? You turn on Victor and grab the whole empire for yourself? You can spin whatever story you like? I know damn well you're not innocent in all of this. I know who you are. Victor's son, not mine. Is this how you repay me for keeping your secret? By nearly getting me killed?

Adam: Just get better, okay? You get better and we're gonna figure this whole thing out together, all right? I promise.

Noah: You know this guy, this criminal? You know Marco?

Marisa: No, I-I meant that I know the name. That's all.

Noah: Why would you know the name of a south American drug lord?

Marisa: The boyfriend I mentioned to you, he traveled in the same circles as Marco Annicelli.

Noah: Your boyfriend? Your boyfriend worked for a drug cartel? How closely did he work with this guy? Huh?

Marisa: Not all that close.

Noah: Close enough that he could find out where he is? Marisa, look, I felt like the -- the cops, there was -- there was more to this than the cops were willing to admit. You got to do me a favor. You got to call your boyfriend. You got to call him up. Come on! This is important! Call him!

Marisa: I can't.

Noah: What?! What do you mean, you can't? Why not?!

Marisa: My boyfriend, he's gone.

Stitch: That wasn't so bad, now was it?

Ashley: No, it wasn't. I'm not worried about me right now, though, anyway. I'm worried about jack right now.

Phyllis: You're not the only one.

Ashley: Hey, wait a minute. Who let Gabe in there?

Phyllis: I did. And I think it's what jack would really want.

Ashley: If jack knew what Gabe was doing to our company, he wouldn't want anything to do with him. I don't care what that DNA test says.

Adam: Excuse me.

Ashley: You mean you left Abby in control of the company alone already?

Phyllis: Abby?

Ashley: Well, yeah. She's our new chief operating officer. Didn't he tell you? Apparently Gabe thinks she's more qualified for the position than me or Victoria.

Phyllis: She has zero experience in operations. Why would you do something like that?

Adam: Phyllis, I'm not gonna defend my actions to you, okay? Or to anyone. I've got faith in your daughter, even if her own mother doesn't.

Ashley: Having faith in my daughter had nothing to do with your decision, and you know it. I don't give a damn if you're an Abbott or not. You're a smug, manipulative weasel.

Adam: Okay.

Ashley: And look at you. You think you're such a big shot 'cause you won a corporate war? You have no idea what you've stepped into, Gabe. Because this battle has just begun.

Stitch: All right, ash, it's not worth it. Let's --

Adam: No, I-I agree. It's not worth it. Um, but here's some advice for you since we're all handing out free advice. Uh, don't fight battles you can't -- she ignores the boss, she wonders why she doesn't get the promotion.

Phyllis: Gabe.

Adam: Unbelievable.

Phyllis: Okay.

Adam: What?

Phyllis: How was the chat with my husband you just had?

Adam: You know what, Phyllis? Just like you, I think I told him what I thought he needed to hear.

Billy: Come on, Vick. Don't be so hard on Abby. We all know she's in way over her head.

Abby: You, too, Billy?

Billy: Well, Abby, you are. I mean, the most responsibility you had at Jabot was naming shades of lipstick.

Chelsea: Wow, that is so insulting, Billy.

Victoria: What he's saying is the truth.

Billy: All I'm saying is that when Victoria was your age, she was a division head, and your business training has involved what? Dancing around naked to amuse the internet?

Abby: What is wrong with you two? First Kyle is a total jerk to me, and now you two? And you questioning my business ethics? You, little miss lies-a-lot? Well, we all know why -- because you're jealous. I stepped into your job, and I didn't screw it up. In fact, I succeeded, and you can't handle it.

Victoria: Jealous? Of you? [Scoffs] What a joke.

Billy: Really, Abby, get over yourself.

Chelsea: Oh, my gosh. Let's all just take a deep breath here and focus on what's really important -- keeping the company strong while jack's in the hospital.

Billy: I'm just saying what everyone else is thinking. Abby, sorry, but you're a lightweight. You don't belong in the boardroom.

Nick: Okay, lay off Abby.

Abby: Thank you. Someone has my back besides Chelsea. And as for you two, I'll have the last laugh.

Victoria: Storming out just proves my point. She's not cut out for a senior position.

Billy: I'm with you on that.

Nick: All right, that's enough. It's gone far enough.

Kyle: Here.

Summer: Thanks.

Kyle: Are you sure you're okay? Or are you just down on relationships in general today?

Summer: Maybe. I-I don't know.

Kyle: Summer, you do know that not everyone who's together goes through this, right?

Summer: It seems like it. Just name one couple that you know that is both happy and faithful.

Kyle: No, 'cause I don't care about other couples, okay? I only care about us -- you and me, all right? And what we have is -- is stronger than our families, okay? They won't come between us. I promise.

Summer: Yeah, you say that now, Kyle.

Kyle: All right, I mean, if -- if you feel like this is hopeless and that we can't get past these obstacles and that I can't be true to you, I guess we should, um, just break up now.

Summer: N-no, no, no, no. That's not -- that's not what I want.

Kyle: It's not?

Summer: No!

Kyle: Good. Because I sure as hell don't want that, either.

Summer: Okay.

Kyle: [Laughs] Look, do you think that, I don't know, maybe you can try to trust that we can beat the odds with this?

Summer: [Sighs] I hope so.

Kyle: But?

Summer: But I don't know. I can't help but wonder if you were forced to choose between me or your family, who would you choose?

Billy: So, what? We're not entitled to our opinions now?

Nick: I just think we need to give Abby a chance to prove herself.

Victoria: How much of a chance? Long enough for her to run the company into the ground with her ineptitude?

Nick: I know what you're trying to do. You're gonna wait to see Abby fail so you can swoop in and get your old job back.

Billy: What gives you the right to weigh in? You don't even work here.

Nick: Abby hired me. Gabe signed off on it. I have as much right to be here as you do.

Adam: What the hell's going on?

Chelsea: Isn't it obvious? Everyone's at each other's throats. You should have seen the way they treated Abby just now after she closed the deal with Rittinsky and got a rate reduction.

Adam: Really? How much?

Chelsea: 3%.

Adam: 3%? That's outstanding. Considering the volume of shipping they do for us, it's gonna save us a lot of money. Good job, Abby. Where is Abby?

Chelsea: Well, these three were so rude and disrespectful that she left.

Billy: That's not true. I just said that she needs to stick to what she knows, which is makeup and perfume.

Nick: And leave the hard stuff like operations to us men.

Adam: Okay, you guys, you're all acting like children. And for the record, none of you are getting away with this.

Stitch: Hey, there.

Abby: Hi. Um, I-I need to see you. I'm at the underground.

Stitch: Yeah, so am I.

Abby: Hey! [Laughs] How did you know I was gonna be here? You couldn't have.

Ashley: No, actually, we just came from memorial. Ben wanted to make sure I got a follow-up MRI.

Abby: Oh, my gosh. Are -- are you okay? What's going on?

Ashley: I'm fine. He's just being a good friend. I wish we'd heard something about his residency, though, while we were there.

Abby: Residency?

Ashley: I thought you told her.

Abby: Told me what?

Stitch: I got the okay from the state medical licensing board to practice again.

Abby: Oh, my gosh! Ben!

Stitch: I know.

Abby: That's amazing. You're gonna be a doctor again.

Stitch: Yeah.

Abby: That's huge.

Stitch: Yeah, I'm pretty excited about it.

Abby: [Laughs]

Stitch: I was gonna try to get hired back at the hospital and then tell you, you know, surprise you with the news.

Ashley: I'm sorry. I stepped all over your plans.

Stitch: Don't worry about it.

Abby: Well, I have a surprise, too. It's actually why I called you here. Um, Gabe trusted me with a very important meeting today, and I got the contract signed.

Stitch: Yeah, that's -- that's great news, Abby.

Abby: Yeah, I'm pretty proud of myself. So I guess we both have something to celebrate.

Ashley: I'm...proud of you, too. I just... I don't want to rain on your parade. Just watch your back, okay? I'm afraid Gabe might be setting you up for something.

Abby: Oh, my god. [Chuckles] Is it not remotely possible that anyone in this family thinks that I can succeed? Can't anyone just be happy for me?

Noah: I know that your boyfriend is gone. He left you up the street and he drove off.

Marisa: And I want nothing more to do with him, and now you know why.

Noah: Right.

Marisa: He's a dangerous man, and I'm well rid of him.

Noah: I understand that you're glad that he's gone. He was involved with some very dangerous people. But if your boyfriend knows where to find Marco, I need to talk to him. Look, Marisa, if you're really that scared, you don't have to call him, okay? Just tell me his name. Just give me his name. I will find him myself. Come on.

Phyllis: Did you have a nice visit with Gabe? Do you trust him? No. I didn't think so. I haven't been to the office since the shooting. But according to Ashley, Gabe's really causing quite an uproar at Newman-Abbott. Sounding like he's pushing others out, wanting the company for himself. You agree? I know that you would stop this if you could. Why don't I make a point of it to stop by the office at least once a day, keep an eye on Gabe and report back to you? No? Really? Why? You think it's too dangerous? Okay. Do you think Gabe is lying about what he saw? Victor didn't shoot you in self-defense, did he? No. I knew it. Damn him.

Ashley: Abby, I do want to celebrate with you. I'm your biggest fan, honey.

Abby: [Scoffs]

Ashley: I am. But look at what's happening. Your uncle jack's in the hospital. Your father's in jail. Gabe is in control and on top, and that's where he intends to stay.

Abby: Well, at least he thinks I'm capable of doing more than rubber-stamping ad copy.

Ashley: So do I. Look what's happening with him. Gabe is sweeping all of us out the door. He wants to be the last Abbott standing.

Abby: So what you're trying to say is that Gabe gave me this big job with a lot of responsibility because he expects me to fail?

Stitch: Okay, look, that's not what your mom is saying, Abby. I know she's very proud of you.

Ashley: I am. And I promise you I will not let my feelings for Gabe influence how I feel about your performance. Is that fair?

Stitch: Better?

Abby: Some.

Ashley: "Some." Come here. I love you.

Abby: I love you.

Ashley: I'm proud of you.

Abby: Thank you.

Ashley: Enjoy the rest of your day. Got to go.

Stitch: You, too, ash.

Abby: Well, you were quick to jump to her defense.

Stitch: Okay, I was trying to make peace. And for the record, I am thrilled about your big promotion, okay?

Kyle: Who would I choose?

Summer: Yeah. Me or your family?

Kyle: Summer, do you really not get what you mean to me? How happy you make me? I love you. You hear that?

Summer: I love you, too, Kyle.

Kyle: That should tell you everything you need to know, okay?

Marisa: I don't want to talk about my boyfriend.

Noah: I just need his name.

Marisa: No.

Noah: Come on.

Marisa: Noah, believe me. There is nothing he can tell you about those deaths.

Noah: How do you know that, huh? How?

Marisa: Besides, the FBI couldn't make a connection to Marco. You said the DNA belonged to someone else.

Noah: Could have been a cover-up.

Marisa: I know you want justice for Courtney. But you have to let the police solve the crime. If this terrible criminal is involved, then it's all the more reason you shouldn't be.

Adam: This really what you guys want, huh? Jack coming back to his company in shambles?

Victoria: You gonna keep us prisoner?

Adam: No one's leaving here until we figure out how to work together.

Billy: Well, gee, would you let us out if we all held hands and sang campfire songs?

Chelsea: Let's just hear him out.

Adam: Thank you, Chelsea. I appreciate it. The first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna draft up a new corporate mission statement, okay? We're gonna do that together. I want jack, I want Victor, and I want the rest of the world to know that this company will be successful as long as we present a united front.

Phyllis: I need to be certain about what you're telling me. Are you saying Victor deliberately drew his gun and tried to kill you? I need to tell the police. I'm gonna call Paul. No? Why? Why? Why would you say no? You have got to wake up, jack. You've got to wake up. You're the only one who can handle this. Please.

Jack: [Thinking] I'm trying, Red. But if I can't, you'll have to do it for me.

Phyllis: [Sobs] Oh, god.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Sharon: I want you to stay far away from Avery.

Avery: If Dylan had wanted to kill you, you'd be dead.

Neil: I'm gonna remind her what a cheat, what a thief, what a liar you are!

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