Y&R Transcript Wednesday 7/8/15


Episode # 10705 ~ Chelsea questions Adam's motives; Nick & Victoria team up to help the Newmans; Sharon shares important information with Paul & Christine.

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Sharon: Hi, sweet girl! Oh, Mommy missed you so much.

Nick: I know it's short notice.

Sharon: No, that's okay. We're thrilled to get whatever extra time we can. Look at you. Do you have a meeting? You -- you look so official.

Nick: Yeah. I feel official.

Faith: Mommy, can I go swing on the swings?

Sharon: Yeah. Why don't you go play? I'll be over soon. So, um... why are you dressed that way? Does Victor have a meeting with the judge?

Nick: No, no court today.

Sharon: I'm really sorry, Nick. The idea of Victor shooting Jack...

Nick: It's not that simple.

Sharon: Well, it never is with Victor.

Nick: What happened in the park was self-defense. Now I have to do what I have to do to help my dad through it.

Sharon: Nick, no. You worked so hard to get yourself out of Victor's world. Don't walk right back in.

Victoria: Gabriel is sitting in your office right now, acting like somehow he earned it. You did Jack a favor, and Gabriel had you thrown in here in return. And you know what, dad? He demoted me. He gave Abby my title. She's now COO. -- Abby.

Victor: He's putting a Newman in that position. That's rather shrewd. He wants to give the perception of balance.

Victoria: Yes, dad, I get that, except that the Newman is Abby. And you know that I love her very much, but I doubt that she can even spell COO.

Victor: Sweetheart, give her a chance, okay?

Victoria: The only reason that Gabriel gave her any power is because he's hoping that she'll tank the company. And you know what? She just might.

Victor: Listen, don't you make the mistake that Bingham is making. He's underestimating her. That may be his undoing.

Adam: No, Newman-Abbott is not in turmoil. It's becoming something greater than the sum of its two parts. It's the genesis of something special here. Yes. Yes, quite frankly, I am the right man to lead us into the future. You watch and see. Goodbye. Hey! No one buzzed me that you were coming by. Did my assistant offer you coffee or water or is she fired? What's...

Chelsea: You look very comfortable. It's as if you've always been behind that desk.

Adam: Well, it's just a desk, you know? But, uh... it does feel pretty good.

Chelsea: Well, you know, not everybody is as "way to go, Gabe" as you are. Some people think you threw Victor under the bus to get that position.

Adam: Right. Except, at that point, Victor had already named me interim CEO, so I guess I was just following my conscience when I went to the police, right?

Chelsea: I'll be sure to let all the naysayers know that.

Adam: Well, I think if they think that me becoming CEO is worse than Victor trying to murder my father, they need to rethink their priorities.

Chelsea: I'm just saying, it looks like revenge to some people, and that's not good for business.

Adam: Abby, come on in. Good to see you. Looks like you've decided to accept the position.

Abby: I have. And I know that you think you hired a tube of lip gloss as your COO., But you're gonna get more than you bargained for, because I'm in charge of operations around here, and I am going to operate the hell out of this place.

Avery: Christine, hi. Thank you. Thank you for meeting with me.

Christine: This is more than just a professional courtesy. I wanted you to know that I'm really sorry about what happened to you.

Avery: Thank you. I appreciate that.

Christine: At the same time, I thought it was unprofessional of you to call the chief of police and express your frustration.

Avery: But I am frustrated with the investigation.

Christine: I know, but to Paul, it seemed like you were going off the rails, threatening to handle things yourself.

Avery: Okay, I didn't -- I may have said that, but I'm not...going off the rails. I'm not gonna do anything dangerous.

Dylan: Paul, I know we've been over it a million times.

Paul: Nothing has changed, Dylan.

Dylan: Maybe somebody missed something.

Paul: You know, I certainly hope you're right, but as of right now...

Joe: Chief Williams.

Paul: ...There is no evidence to make an arrest.

Dylan: You here to turn yourself in?

Joe: Just a courtesy call to let you know I'm filing suit against Paul and the GCPD.

Nick: Don't worry. I'm not getting sucked back into the Newman world.

Sharon: Okay. You're wearing a suit, and you already look miserable.

Nick: [Chuckles]

Sharon: Noah told me that you warned him to stay away from Victor. Why can't you take your own advice?

Nick: Yeah. Noah pretty much called me a jerk for assuming the worst about people in my life, especially you.

Sharon: Well, I'm not Victor, not by a long shot.

Nick: I said the same thing. But Noah warned me about cutting people out of my life.

Sharon: Hmm. So what's the suit for? Press conference? Visit to a judge? Public act of loyalty?

Nick: No. Going back to work at Newman-Abbott to stake my claim for the family.

Sharon: Oh, no. That's worse than I thought. Nick, you left that company for a reason.

Nick: And I'm going back for a good reason.

Sharon: So you can be the Newman Victor always wanted you to be.

Nick: No. I'm going back to squash bingo, make sure he doesn't force my family out of our own company.

Victoria: You're right. Abby's not some half-dressed celebutante anymore. But chief operating officer of a multinational?

Our multinational?

Victor: I understand your concerns, but she's loyal. That's key.

Victoria: Loyal? To who? She worked at Jabot before the merger, not at Newman. She made the choice to work with her uncle and her mother, not you, not me.

Victor: Sweetheart, she is family. She's our blood.

Victoria: I know she has a promotion from her brand-new cousin Gabriel. What if she decides to overlook the fact that he's a conniving snake who sold you out? He's the reason you're sitting here right now.

Victor: I won't be sitting here for long. Christine and Paul will have to realize that I acted in self-defense.

Victoria: Dad, but listen, until you're cleared, and until Jack is well, Gabriel is running the company. How do we deal with that?

Victor: Sweetheart... he's arrogant, he's self-involved, he's pompous. You know what you do with someone like that? Nothing.

Victoria: Nothing?

Victor: No. You give him enough rope to hang himself.

Adam: Abby Newman. A force to be reckoned with. Jack would be proud.

Abby: I am here for my uncle Jack and my father, and I will fight like hell if you make any decisions that hurt the company that they built.

Adam: Okay. If you and I ever get to a point where we don't see eye-to-eye, we'll work through it. That's sort of what happens around here, okay? Have you seen Jack today?

Abby: No change.

Adam: Well, there will be. All right? Until then, we bust our humps, all of us. Chelsea here is gonna help you with the transition into your new job, okay?

Abby: The fashion designer babysitting the COO? Yeah, no, I don't think so.

Chelsea: Okay, Gabe isn't making me your babysitter, Abby. We could both use the exposure and the experience, but instead, you like to waste your time holding a grudge against me because of Billy.

Abby: Among a long list of other things.

Chelsea: We've all done things that look pretty horrible to outsiders, Abby. How is Austin -- I mean, stitch, anyway?

Abby: Okay. I am not about to throw down on my first day as COO.

Chelsea: Neither am I. Billy and I have made peace, so why don't you suck it up and get to work?

Abby: You know what? Hitting you isn't worth my time.

Adam: That's the spirit.

Avery: Okay, but you understand why I'm at the end of my rope, don't you? I mean, there hasn't been a warrant for Joe's arrest.

Christine: I saw the lab report. There wasn't a match with any of the samples. There's just not enough evidence to bring him in.

Avery: But I gave a name. I told Paul it was Joe. That should be enough.

Christine: Okay. But in your statement, you said that you couldn't see his face so that you couldn't be certain it was him.

Avery: Right. I know that I said that then, but I know now it was definitely Joe in the alleyway.

Christine: Okay, but you would be contradicting your statement. If you had to cross-examine a witness like yourself, there would be nothing left of the testimony. Joe's defense team's gonna do that exact same thing.

Avery: Okay, what about a lineup? That would add some credibility.

Christine: A lineup? So you could I.D. Your ex-husband? Avery, you're not thinking clearly.

Avery: You know, my whole life I have dedicated to the law. I have worked so hard to uphold it. I revere the law. But when I need the law to help me, I'm all alone here, and Joe's gonna walk free.

Christine: I know exactly how you feel.

Avery: No, please, do not presume to tell me how I feel. You have no idea.

Christine: Avery, I was raped, too, by someone I know. It was horrible and traumatic, but, yes, I do know how you feel.

Avery: Christine, I'm so sorry. I didn't know. Did -- did you press charges?

Christine: Yes.

Avery: And was he convicted?

Christine: Yes.

Avery: Okay. Well, I'm just asking for the same chance. Please do not let the man who did this to me go free.

Joe: I reported an assault and false imprisonment by Dylan McAvoy. Or should I say your son? And yet you, the chief here, do nothing but look the other way. Nepotism at its finest.

Paul: That is not what happened at all.

Joe: Then why isn't he in jail? Oh, I'll tell you why. Because you're unfit to lead this department. Just another dirty cop.

David: We'll be filing a civil suit against you, as well -- pain and suffering. That will be on top of the criminal charges once the chief is finally forced to arrest you.

Dylan: Your whole life is about punishing Avery for not wanting you. You know how pathetic that makes you? Attacking a woman in the dark?

Paul: Knock it off.

Joe: Just helping my case against both of you.

Dylan: You want to come at me? Do it. You will never hurt Avery again.

Nick: I'm not walking into anything.

Sharon: Except for your father's company. You know, Victoria wants to be there. It fills her up in a way that it never did you. Why don't you just let her be the savior?

Nick: Well, I really appreciate your concern, but it's none of your business.

Sharon: Yes, it is. Because of that little girl over there on the swing and because of our son, Noah, who works for you, and they want their father in one piece, not torn up and twisted over a job he never wanted. So don't sacrifice yourself at the Newman altar.

Nick: This is a short-term solution. I'm going back to my club once my father gets cleared.

Sharon: And what if he's not cleared?

Nick: He will be.

Sharon: Right. Because it was self-defense. Victor's life was in danger, meaning Jack is all of a sudden maniacal and a would-be murderer?

Nick: I believe my dad, and you know that doesn't come easy for me.

Sharon: Victor's done so many cruel and terrible things in his life.

Nick: This isn't one of those times. Look, Gabe got himself a promotion because he blackmailed my father, and I'm not gonna let him ruin this company or force my family out.

Sharon: Newmans have to stick together... no matter what.

Nick: This time, yeah. No matter what.

Christine: I know what it's like to not just want justice but need it. In my case, the rape, that's exactly why I became a lawyer -- because everybody deserves justice.

Avery: You do understand. It is exhausting feeling like I'm all alone in this, like that night in the alley will never stop, it'll never end.

Christine: Okay, listen. I'm gonna talk to Paul. We're gonna get the evidence. We are gonna build this case. And I promise you, Joe will never prey on another woman again.

Avery: This has to end. I need to be the one who wins it.

Victor: You play along with Bingham. Don't openly defy him.

Victoria: Dad, if I don't walk in there and kick him in the head, he'll know that I'm faking it.

Victor: Listen to me. As long as you don't butt heads with him too often, there's nothing he can do.

Victoria: So what should I do? Just sit back and watch him play lord and master of your company?

Victor: Mark my words -- this will go to his head. He will slip up. When that happens, you move in, you take over.

Victoria: It should be you sitting in that office.

Victor: I'll be out of here eventually.

Victoria: [Breathes deeply] We should be discussing how to fight these charges, not fight off Bingham.

Victor: I can take care of myself. You take care of the company. Okay?

Victoria: I'm up against him and Ashley and Billy and Abby. Daddy, I'm feeling a little outnumbered right now.

Victor: Abby is not our enemy. Abby is family. She's a child of mine. I have faith in my children.

Adam: So this is a relationship we need to solidify. It's Newman's primary shipping company. They got a little nervous after the merger, and now with one half of Newman-Abbott in a jail cell and the other one in a coma...

Nick: Well, that's a cold way to put it.

Adam: That's a nice suit. You going to a costume party later?

Nick: No, just reporting for duty at the company with my name on the building.

Adam: You do know that we don't pour drinks here, right?

Nick: Eh, why not give the Newman family some backup until my father gets back?

Abby: Hey, the more Newmans, the merrier.

Adam: Yeah, I really don't think this place is your speed, Nick.

Nick: Yet I'm the only person in the room who actually has some experience running a corporation this size.

Adam: Okay. Well, we're all set here. We're fine. From what I remember, though, you never had any interest in sullying your hands with the family business, so why don't you just go be your own man?

Nick: Well, I can do that and guide Newman-Abbott, and we're gonna do it the right way -- above board, no tricks, no games.

Adam: No games -- that is adorable. Tell you what -- we're all stocked full with executives here. Why don't you take your résumé, drop it off with my assistant, and we'll just get back to you.

Abby: I'm COO., Right?

Adam: Yes, Abby, you're COO.

Abby: And that means I can hire whoever I want. Can you start today?

Nick: I just did.

Paul: All right, Joe, it's time for you to get out of here. You can file whatever charges you want. And if you've got any questions, you can take it up with the department's counsel. And, Sherman, you know better than that, to come in here and stir up trouble.

David: Client is always right.

Joe: I'll see you both in court.

Paul: [Sighs] And what the hell is wrong with you? Clark comes in here to press our buttons, and you let him?

Dylan: We can't let that guy get away with this.

Christine: My God. That smug jerk was just talking lawsuits in the hallway.

Paul: Fine. Let him sue.

Christine: Just forget about him for now. We need extra bodies on Avery's case. I know that you can and will find evidence that will nail that creep.

Paul: Okay. But right now, we don't have anything.

Christine: We have Avery's testimony.

Paul: Okay. So now this is turning into a "he said, she said" thing?

Dylan: So what? He's a liar, she's not. Avery's word is good enough for me.

Paul: Dylan... Dylan, you stay away from him.

Christine: The charges will happen, because Avery's word is good enough for me, too.

Adam: Tell you what, Nick -- why don't you go find some pencils to sharpen or something? Chelsea, Abby, and I have a meeting on the books. It's too late to spring any last-minute additions to Mr. Rittinsky. Wouldn't look professional, right?

Nick: That is a good idea on those pencils. I like them nice and sharp. I'm gonna need to see all the recent profit and losses, contracts, acquisitions -- you know, just to make sure everything's cool. Abby, go seal that deal.

Abby: I plan to.

Chelsea: We plan to.

Sharon: Should this one go in the small pile or the green pile? Maybe we need a small, green pile. Do you want to talk about what's wrong?

Faith: Grandpa.

Sharon: What about grandpa?

Faith: The kids say he shot Kyle's dad.

Sharon: Why can't kids talk about coloring books and freeze tag?

Faith: Did he do it?

Sharon: Well, even though this is scary stuff, it's really important that you and I can talk about anything, so... grandpa has admitted that he shot Jack.

Faith: With a real gun?

Sharon: Yes. But he says that he was only protecting himself because he was afraid Jack was going to hurt him first. The hard part is, not everybody believes grandpa's story.

Faith: What does daddy say?

Sharon: He believes that your grandfather is telling the truth, that he only did what he had to do to protect himself and stay safe so that he could stay with the people he loves, like you.

Faith: You want to stay with me, too.

Sharon: Yes, of course I do.

Sharon: So if someone tried to hurt you...

Sharon: I wouldn't let them. Because I need to stay safe so I can be with you.

Faith: Grandpa loves horses and dogs and me. He wouldn't hurt someone for no reason. Can we go see him?

Sharon: Who?

Faith: Grandpa. Can we? Can we, please?

Sharon: I don't know if that's a good idea, sweetie.

Faith: Weren't you scared and lonely when you went to jail?

Sharon: Yes, but --

Faith: I need to see grandpa. I don't want him to be all alone.

Sorry, Mr. Newman. Time to take you back to your cell.

Victor: All right. Has there been word on Jack Abbott?

He's not dead, if that's what you're asking.

Victor: No, I'm not asking that. I'm just concerned about his well-being, you know. I care about my friends. It's important in life, if you've lived as long as I have, you realize that if you help people, they help you in return. Get the drift? Good. Executives and the loads of bad

Adam: You smile, we shake hands, we say, "everything is wonderful over at Newman-Abbott, Mr. Rittinsky. Nothing has changed."

Abby: Except for all of the executives and the loads of bad press.

Chelsea: Of course, Abby is listing all of the things we won't be saying at the meeting.

Abby: It was a joke. And quite frankly, the CEO being at this meeting, it looks like you have nothing better to do.

Adam: Am I being invited to leave?

Chelsea: You can go. We've got this.

Adam: You sure?

Abby: Goodbye.

Adam: Okay. I will see you back at the office.

Abby: All right, now, since I am senior executive, I will be taking the lead. Got it? Mm. Oh, my gosh. This tea is sweetened. Can I get an unsweetened tea, please? And lemon slices, washed?

Chelsea: Stop talking.

Abby: You have to have the slices washed, or else you get dirt and bugs in there.

Chelsea: Stop talking.

Well, you'll have to wash those lemons yourself. I'm here about a $5 million contract. How about you?

Victoria: Oh.

Nick: "Oh"?

Victoria: You're... you're here. And you're wearing a suit.

Nick: Again with the suit.

Victoria: Which you're wearing because...?

Nick: Because the new COO just hired me. She's a savvy one, that Abby Carlton-Newman.

Victoria: Abby hired you? Oh, my God. She may as well have declared war against Gabe, but good for her. He's not gonna go for it, though. Except he was in the room when she did it, and he just had to suck it up and take it and be on his way.

Victoria: Oh.

Nick: Again with the "oh." Um, is this a problem? Because I came back here for you, to help you out, but if it's gonna be an issue, I can take this suit and --

Victoria: Mm! Mnh-mnh! No, never. You're here. We're here. And the Abbotts just lost any hope they had of forcing us out of our company.

Victor: I appreciate all your help.

I'm all about giving back, sir.

Victor: This visit is very special to me. I didn't want to scare her with all the handcuffs and jump suit and all that. Thank you.

[Door opens]

Victor: Well... I thought Nicholas had arranged for me to see faith.

Sharon: It was faith's idea. Frankly, I think this is... a bit much for a little girl.

Victor: I know. I'll make it as comfortable for her as possible, okay?

Sharon: I know you will. That's why I agreed to do this. I know you care about your grandchildren, and faith loves you. She believes in you. When this is done -- I mean not just today, but when this whole case is in the past, I need her to know that she was right to visit, and I need to know that I was right to allow it.

Victor: You were right to allow it. [Breathes deeply] I will never forget this, and I will never forget that you, um... made it possible, okay? I promise you.

Christine: I just spoke with Avery, and she made me listen, and she is going to make a jury listen, too. She is a credible, compelling witness.

Paul: Well, she's an attorney. She should know how to do that.

Christine: Because she went to law school, she shouldn't have emotions? Paul, she deserves her day in court. She is in a lot of pain.

Paul: You know, Chris, I -- I realize this brings up a lot of painful memories for you. But there is a significant difference between what you went through and what Avery is going through. Derek Stuart was charged and convicted because there was an inordinate amount of physical evidence against him.

Christine: And what if there hadn't been? I wouldn't have deserved justice?

Paul: No, it's not about what you deserve. It's not about what Avery deserves. I know you want to win this. I do. But you're not gonna get a conviction with no evidence. And if you do, it's not justice.

Christine: Why are you fighting me so hard on this?

Paul: Avery isn't you, Chris. And more importantly, I don't believe Joe Clark did this.

Dylan: You okay?

Avery: Yes. I'm sorry.

Dylan: Sorry.

Avery: No, it's just -- it's fine. Coffee maybe isn't the best thing for my nerves right now.

Dylan: I know things will get better.

Avery: Yes, they will. I -- I just spoke to Christine, and I think she's on my side now. I think there could be a warrant for Joe's arrest very soon.

Dylan: Okay. I -- I don't know if that's gonna happen. I just saw Paul, and he's convinced that the evidence is still too weak.

Avery: Well, he's wrong.

Dylan: I know. He's just urging us to be patient. Something may turn up that points to Joe.

Avery: Something already did turn up -- me. I named him. He should be in custody now.

Dylan: And he will be. There's more. Joe filed a civil suit against me and Paul and the GCPD for not arresting me.

Avery: He's suing you?

Dylan: He's not wrong. Paul did cut me some slack because he's my dad. You know? Now I got Paul into trouble --

Avery: No, no! This is not how it's supposed to work, Dylan!

Chelsea: Mr. Rittinsky, sit, please.

Abby: I am so sorry. Abby Newman. This is my colleague, Chelsea Newman.

Hi. Are, uh, you two interns or something? You know, building up your résumés?

Abby: Actually, I am COO of Newman-Abbott.

Chelsea: Intern, though. That's pretty nice. [Laughs] I don't know about you, but I certainly like looking like I'm still in college.

You know this kind of meeting usually goes through my accountant managers and your business department.

Abby: Yes, we are quite aware, but given the current circumstances at Newman-Abbott...

Chelsea: Surely, you've heard about the recent turmoil.

Yeah, that's why we're glad-handing so I don't worry about your company going down the toilet or my company being paid for services rendered, but, well, when they send a couple of junior execs, I have to --

Chelsea: No, as Abby said, she is COO.

Abby: You know what? Enough talking. We don't need to impress you. This is a clear case of supply and demand. We need point-to-point distribution, and you need accounts as massive as ours. So we either make a deal today, or you move on to other accounts, and we find another trucking company. Fine. Whatever. But right now, what I want to talk about is a ride in your 18-wheel big rig.

Victoria: And I didn't even tell dad about mom being in the hospital because of the M.S. Episode. Can you imagine him being locked up and not able to get to her? I'm sure that he would try to dig his way out with a plastic spoon.

Nick: Or put a guard in a headlock.

Victoria: Yeah, there is that. But she's doing better, right?

Nick: Yeah, I went and saw her. She, uh...doesn't seem to be experiencing any symptoms.

Victoria: Good. Then we can concentrate on protecting this company from Gabriel Bingham.

Nick: How long do you think until he starts calling himself Jack Jr. Or changes his name to Gabe Abbott? I tell you, if he keeps smirking like that, I'm gonna --

Victoria: I know. But dad says we have to play nice. We have to give him a false sense of security.

Nick: Gabe's a weasel. He's not just gonna buy that we're suddenly buds.

Victoria: I know, but per dad's orders, we can't let Gabriel know that we're openly defying him.

Nick: So, what are we supposed to do? Just smile and ask him if he wants a bagel? He's not gonna buy that.

Victoria: Might not be necessary. Maybe we can distract him with some fighting.

Nick: Who? You and me?

Victoria: Yeah. You know, we clash. We jockey for position.

Nick: So Gabe thinks he can divide and conquer, focuses his attention on driving a wedge between us. I like it. I like it a lot. In fact, I'm glad I thought of it.

Victoria: Are you serious? I thought of it.

Nick: That rather sizeable chip on your shoulder's not gonna do Newman-Abbott any good, vic.

Victoria: Oh, really? And you coming out of retirement, how's that supposed to help?

Nick: I'm a Newman, too.

Victoria: Good. So then just use that name to slide right into a position that you don't deserve. You know what? You're officially no better than Gabriel.

Victor: Can I tell you how happy I was when they told me that you were coming to visit?

Faith: [Giggles]

Victor: You know, next time, we'll have a picnic, and then we go horseback riding. What do you think?

Faith: Really fun. When can we do it?

Victor: We'll do it soon. When I'm out of here. No matter what anyone tells you, your grandpa did nothing wrong. Okay?

Faith: I knew it.

Victor: [Chuckles] My sweet love. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So, just remember -- you're a Newman. And we Newmans, we stick together. No one comes between us. Okay? Yeah.

Joe: Yeah. Now I'm the topic of discussion? Three months ago, I was standing over there, presenting Avery with an award for being a beacon of hope. And she was saying how proud she was to know me. Now I supposedly raped her? Whether the charges are filed or not, I'm tried and convicted in the public eye. And I never touched her.

David: Once we start suing everyone, that's what people will talk about, okay? The GCPD not doing their job. And Williams protecting his son.

Joe: Yeah, so what? I'm the lawsuit-happy jerk, going around, trying to deflect attention? My life will never be the same.

David: So go back to Chicago to wait out the lawsuits. Nothing here for you, anyway. By the sounds of it, there never was.

Joe: Oh, there sure as hell is something for me now. Genoa city's where I get my revenge.

Christine: If this is a matter of "he said, she said," Avery can be very convincing on the stand.

Paul: Right. I've got no doubt about that. But we cannot limit this investigation to just Joe Clark. We've got to look in other directions. You know that.

Christine: I know. It's this crime. I just -- I never want to see it go unpunished.

Joe: It won't. I promise you that. We'll find this guy.

Christine: I was telling Avery she wasn't thinking clearly. I'm afraid I'm guilty of it myself. I just...

Paul: It's all right, it's all right.

Christine: I don't know. Most -- most rapes are committed by acquaintances, right? Okay, Joe was an acquaintance. He was in contact with her. He was at her house.

Paul: Okay. They met in the park that night. Why would he leave her there only to race back to her apartment and rape her in the alley?

Christine: Those are just logistics.

Paul: Chris, you know as well as I do rape is a crime of power. If Joe did this to Avery, he would want her to know it was him. Why would he hide? Why would he conceal himself?

Christine: Unless...

Paul: Unless what?

Christine: Unless he was trying to push her over the edge.

Dylan: What does that mean, "it's not supposed to work this way"?

Avery: It means my life has been about using the law to protect the innocent. The law is supposed to protect, not be used as a weapon. It's not supposed to work that way. He's gonna get away with this, isn't he? My life is over, and he's gonna go free.

Dylan: It's okay. It's gonna be okay.

Avery: I'm sorry. You've been so good to me. Thank you.

Dylan: Of course. Whatever you need.

Avery: I'm sure Sharon isn't happy about that.

Dylan: Actually, you'd be surprised. She wants me to keep an eye on you. She's worried about you.

Avery: Oh, my God. Sharon's worried about me? Am I that far gone?

Dylan: Come on, Avery.

Avery: No, everybody's so worried about me. Everybody's so concerned. I'm fine. You want to worry about somebody, you worry about Joe.

Chelsea: Abby knows you didn't drive a big rig up to the valet here. I mean, you run a huge national company. Of course you're not a driver yourself.

Well, I used to be a driver. I built my business one rig at a time.

Chelsea: You don't say. Oh, that's so interesting, 'cause I like to think I'm actually doing the same -- with dresses, not rigs. I started designing clothing out of my living room, and now here I am.

Abby: There's something to be said about a self-made businessperson like you or my father. They know their business inside and out.

Chelsea: Yep, and we want to get to know your business better, as well.

Abby: Which is why I want to ride on that rig.

Hot damn. You two get it. I'll call Legal, and we'll get started on that contract.

Chelsea: Speaking of the contract, correct me if I'm wrong, but the new Newman-Abbott contract is much larger than the previous one, right?


Abby: That's correct, which is why I think it's time to discuss a reduction in fees.

A what?

Abby: We're doing more business with you than before, but at the same rate as before.

Chelsea: When a company buys lots of units of my product, I lower the price per piece. Using that logic, you could cut our billing costs.

Abby: And we're not talking about an inversely proportional discount. You're getting 20% more business. We just want a 5% rate cut.

5%? That's crazy talk.

Abby: That sounds like good business to me.

All right, 2%.

3% and we shake.

Abby: And I still get a ride on that big rig.

Hot damn.

Abby: Hot damn, indeed.

Adam: [Whistles] Big sister's not happy to have you on board, huh?

Nick: Well, Vic thinks Newman-Abbott's her domain, and she probably thought she'd be the last Newman standing after Adam died and I left the company.

Adam: She was intimidated by Adam.

Nick: Well, Adam did have his office in the men's room for a while. My sister's not intimidated by anyone. She doesn't like sharing power. I would've thought you would've figured that out by now.

Adam: You know what, Nick? Considering I'm CEO, it's really a non-issue for me.

Nick: Well, maybe for you, but for us lesser mortals, she could be a hurdle.

Adam: This is what you want? You obviously can't stand to be around me. Big sister's not the ally you had hoped for.

Nick: Oh, I don't mind mixing it up when it's worth it.

Adam: So you expect a fight from Victoria.

Nick: Oh, yeah. Every step of the way.

Sharon: Faith feels reassured already. Whatever you said to her, I'm sure she'll sleep very well tonight.

Victor: She reassured me, as well. It was wonderful to see her.

Sharon: Faith really loves you.

Victor: Thank you for making it possible.

Sharon: Well, I know what it feels like to need reassurance that you'll get your life back. To be locked in here, alone, closed off from the world, especially with Nikki having been in the hospital...

Victor: What? What do you mean Nikki's in the hospital? Why didn't anyone tell me?

Dylan: You're right. People should be worried about Joe, because if he did this, he's going away for a long time.

Avery: "If"? What do you mean "if"? You don't -- you don't believe me?

Dylan: No, I do. Of course I believe you. I'm just saying, if it can be proven that he did it... Avery, I don't have to tell you how hard that is. You know that. And with the evidence they have, there's no way to connect Joe. I got to make some phone calls to some suppliers. Are you gonna be okay?

Avery: Yeah.

Dylan: If any customers come in, just tell them I'll be right back.

Avery: You bought a gun. This just proves my point, Dylan.

Dylan: Hold on. There's nothing to be concerned about. Okay? First of all, it's legal. I know about firearms. I know how to protect myself. If those thugs come back again, they might have guns. This time, I'm gonna be ready.

Avery: And that's supposed to reassure me? Why would I not be concerned about this scenario? Dylan, I don't like this. I don't like this at all.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Noah: Marco Annicelli. Do you know him?

Abby: What's this? Having a closed-door meeting without your new COO?

Phyllis: Jack? Baby, can you hear me?

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