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Episode # 10704 ~ Lily confesses everything to Cane; Nikki suffers a setback; Kyle & Summer turn up the heat.

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Sage: Oh, no.

Nick: Yeah, that about sums it up.

Sage: Meeting didn't go so well, huh?

Nick: Vick is pretty upset. She and Abby are behind my dad 100%.

Sage: Well, they're his daughters. That makes sense.

Nick: Well, I'm his son. Shouldn't I be, too?

Sage: I'm gonna get you some coffee.

Nick: [Sighs] Michael is gonna be arguing self-defense. Dad claims jack pulled a gun first.

Sage: Why don't you believe that?

Nick: Well, apparently Gabe saw the whole thing and says jack was unarmed. So, I don't know what to think.

Sage: I think you should talk to your father.

Nick: I did. I looked him straight in the eye and told him I wanted to know the truth.

Sage: Did he stick to his story?

Nick: He seemed really sincere that it was self-defense all the way. So, either my dad is lying or Gabe is. What do you think?

Sage: I -- [Chuckles] I barely know your father.

Nick: Yeah, but you know Gabe better than anyone. Do you think he could go this far and lie about something this big?

Sage: Uh, I think people are hard to read sometimes.

Nick: Sage, you were married to him. I want to know what you think. Do you think Gabe would lie to have my father charged with murder just so he could run Newman-Abbott?

Sage: I think he's certainly capable of that.

Adam: I want you to know that I made good on my promise to, uh, take over the company. Victor himself actually sort of handed me the keys. Can you believe that? I feel like people are having a hard time adjusting to me at the top... especially the Abbotts, which -- sort of thought it would be more palatable to them considering they think I'm one of them. We've managed to keep it a secret that I'm Victor's son, but now everybody thinks I'm yours. It's a -- it's sort of a long, drawn-out, difficult story, but, uh...when you get better, when you pull through, and you will, you're gonna need to back me up, okay?

Kyle: The hell he is.

Phyllis: Hey, I came as soon as I got your message. What is so urgent?

Summer: Nothing is wrong, mom.

Phyllis: But you said it was urgent.

Summer: Yes, because I knew that you wouldn't tear yourself away from jack unless you thought something really important was going on with me, which something is.

Phyllis: Okay, but you just said --

Summer: It's you, mom. You're important, and you need a break.

Phyllis: Oh, honey, look, I know you mean well --

Summer: Mom, please, please. Look, you need rest. You need -- you need to eat. And more importantly, mom, you -- you really need to talk to someone who knows exactly what you're going through.

Neil: Nikki, talk to me.

Nikki: [Coughs]

Neil: Nikki, say something.

Nikki: [Coughs]

Neil: No, no, no. Don't try to get up. Let me put a pillow behind your head. Here. Lay back down. Lay back down. It's okay. It's all right. I'm right here.

Nikki: Where are we?

Neil: You don't remember? You nearly drank yourself to death.

Avery: I gave Paul a name. I pointed him in the right direction.

Dylan: But you couldn't be positive that it was Joe, and they just need more evidence. They need one more piece of the puzzle, and they're gonna bring him in. I'm sure of it.

Avery: Okay, well, I'm sure that he covered my mouth. [Voice breaking] I'm sure he pulled me down to the ground and he raped me and I tried to fight him off and I couldn't get him off me. [Crying] [Sniffles]

Sharon: Dylan.

Dylan: Hey, Sharon. Avery was just upset about --

Sharon: You don't have to explain. I know exactly what Avery's doing here. I've been where you are.

Avery: Okay, if you think that I'm taking advantage of Dylan --

Sharon: No. No, Avery, that's not what I meant. I meant to say, um, I was sexually assaulted.

Dylan: What?

Sharon: It was the worst time of my life, when I was raped.

Cane: Okay. How could a face this beautiful look so serious?

Lily: [Chuckles] I just, um -- I have a lot on my mind right now.

Cane: Really? I have a way I can take that off your mind. Is that better?

Lily: Much. [Chuckles]

Cane: Now I want you to think about white sand, warm water, and ice-cold piņa coladas.

Lily: What are you talking about?

Cane: All right. Maybe...this can help you with your visualization. It is, uh, seven fun-filled days and six romantic nights in Tahiti, and we leave tomorrow.

Lily: Cane, we can't --

Cane: Of course we can. It's gonna be like our third honeymoon. Devon's gonna cover for you. I've taken care of the sitter. There's no reason we can't go. Hey. What's the matter?

Lily: I don't think you're gonna want to go on a vacation with me when I tell you.

Cane: Sweetheart, there's nothing you can't tell me. What's the matter? What's wrong? Hey, hey, hey, hey. What's the matter?

Lily: [Voice breaking] I've been unfaithful. I'm so sorry.

Cane: Unfaithful? Um...

Lily: Yes.

Cane: I don't understand what you mean. What -- what -- what do you mean you were -- you were unfaithful?

Lily: It happened a couple of days ago. Look, let's go to my office. You know, it's private there, and then we can talk.

Cane: I don't want to go to your office. I want to talk about this here. I want to talk about this right now.

Lily: Here?

Cane: Yeah, I want to talk about this here.

Lily: I just -- I was still upset about you kissing Lauren in the park, and then I saw that video footage of her going into your room late at night, and I was furious. And -- look, I don't want to talk about this here. Can we please just go to my office?

Cane: I don't want to go to your office. I want to know what is going on.

Lily: My first reaction was just to get drunk, and then -- and then I-I wanted to get back at you.

Cane: Who?

Lily: It doesn't matter.

Cane: It matters. I want to know who. Who? Who?

Lily: It was Joe Clark.

Cane: Okay. I-I can't hold this against you. I can't.

Lily: You're not angry?

Cane: Oh, I'm angry. I just -- I'm the one who started this when I kissed Lauren.

Lily: So, you'll forgive me?

Cane: We messed up. We -- we turned to other people. I think we really need to go and see someone, get some help.

Lily: I will do that. I will do whatever it takes, 'cause I love you.

Cane: All right. All right. I love you. Come here. Okay. All right. If you can forgive me for kissing Lauren, I can forgive you for kissing Joe. We're gonna get through this, okay? Hey. We'll get through this. Don't --

Lily: [Voice breaking] It was more than just a kiss.

Cane: Wait. You slept with him?

Dylan: Sharon, I had no idea.

Sharon: Well, it's never come up. I was planning to tell you at some point. I wasn't keeping it from you. It's an important part of my past, but, you know, when's the right time for a conversation like that?

Avery: Sharon, I'm sorry. I...

Sharon: You understand. I know you do. And I'm really sorry this happened to you, Avery.

Dylan: Wh-when did this happen?

Sharon: Before I married Nick. It was a guy I was dating. And like so many other victims, I was too ashamed to come forward and tell anyone about it, despite the fact that it was no fault of my own.

Dylan: [Sighs] I'm sorry. That must have been really tough on you.

Sharon: Well, I made matters worse by withdrawing from all the people I was close to. I refused to see any of my friends, and I went into a deep depression.

Avery: How did you...

Sharon: Deal with it? I eventually got help at a local clinic. And I was able to report the crime to Christine, though it was too late to press any charges. Avery, I'm really proud of you for coming forward right away like this, and I hope you get the justice you deserve.

Dylan: So, where is this guy?

Sharon: Dead. Avery, I think you should talk to someone about this. I know you and I have had our differences, but after I received counseling of my own, I occasionally counseled other rape victims, and if you ever want to talk about this, Avery, I would listen.

Nick: Maybe Gabe's not the most honest person I've ever seen, but him lying about something like this seems like a real stretch.

Sage: So, you think your father just shot jack in cold blood?

Nick: The police never found a weapon at the scene.

Sage: Well, maybe someone moved it, took it.

Nick: Someone like Gabe? Why would he do something like that?

Sage: He's had a grudge against Victor for a really long time. Maybe he saw this as an opportunity to take revenge.

Nick: An opportunity to get my dad out of the way so he could run the company.

Sage: I don't think you should underestimate Gabriel. Oh, what did he say when you spoke to him?

Nick: He just accused me of being like my dad.

Sage: That's ridiculous.

Nick: Well, I did make some Newman-like threats, warning him to stay away from my family, but honestly, I've done everything I could to be nothing like my dad.

Sage: Just because you defend him doesn't mean you're like him. You are loyal and loving and... always support him.

Nick: I'm also old enough to know that you can't always trust what my dad says. He has disappointed me so many times.

Sage: But he still got to you.

Nick: Having him sit there and tell me he needed me to believe in him and to support him...

Sage: You want to support him. You want to be there for him.

Nick: Even if I know I wouldn't have been his first choice in a moment of crisis. If my brother Adam were still alive, dad would have gone to him first.

Sage: I thought that Adam and Victor were enemies.

Nick: Yeah, they were, especially at the end. But they didn't butt heads because they were so different. They did it because they were pretty much the same.

Adam: I was having a private moment with our father.

Kyle: No, you were badgering him.

Adam: Badgering him? He's, uh -- he's unconscious, Kyle.

Kyle: Yeah, he is. Which is, uh, why I just -- you know, I just don't get you. See, you've already maneuvered yourself into the top spot at Newman-Abbott. What more do you want? And why are you holding this phony vigil for dad?

Adam: Phony vigil? I care about him.

Kyle: [Chuckling] You care. All you care about is appearing to be a loving son -- the best son.

Adam: It's not a competition.

Kyle: No, you're right. It's not a competition, because you've already won, haven't you? So you can leave now.

Adam: Kyle, I can understand why you're upset. Really, I can. Jack -- our father was grooming you to take over one day, right? But that day was pretty far away, wasn't it? You're not ready to run anything right now. You know that.

Kyle: All right. But aunt Ashley's more than ready. Why does it have to be you?

Adam: I leapt at an opportunity.

Kyle: An opportunity that you lied, cheated, and blackmailed your way to.

Adam: I was thinking of Jack, okay? I was doing what's best for the family, for the company.

Kyle: [Scoffs] What's best? Seriously?

Adam: It's out of Victor's hands, isn't it?

Kyle: When Dad wakes up, it'll be out of your hands.

Doctor: You're aware MS exacerbates the effect of alcohol?

Nikki: Yes, I am aware that it can amplify the loss of balance.

Doctor: And your prescribed medication specifically advises you --

Nikki: Not to drink. I know, doctor.

Neil: So, let's get this straight. Nikki, with her blood pressure dropping -- that -- that's what caused her to stop breathing, right?

Nikki: No, no. What the doctor is saying is that I-I haven't done anything to make my MS any worse. Right?

Doctor: I don't think you're in any danger.

Nikki: Good. [Sighs] Then I can go home.

Doctor: Mnh-mnh. I'm gonna observe you overnight.

Nikki: I have to stay here till tomorrow?

Neil: Hey, now. Wait, now. I'm good with that. I-I really don't want to see you go back to the hotel. So, doctor, how are we gonna prevent this from happening again?

Doctor: Mrs. Newman needs to stay away from alcohol. Permanently.

Nikki: It's lucky you were there. You saved my life.

Neil: Well, honestly, you helped to save mine, you know? You helped to get me sober.

Nikki: And then I promptly fall off the wagon. What a great example I am.

Neil: Come on, now. You know, you slipped. You did. You slipped and had a bad day. But, Nikki, remember, one day at a time.

Nikki: Neil. Please. Don't mention this to anybody.

Neil: What about your family?

Nikki: I'm okay. They -- they can't help me.

Neil: Why don't you let them be here for you? Sometimes, the people who love you best can give you exactly what you need the most.

Summer: You know, when you were in a coma, I was exactly like you are with jack. I was afraid to leave you, even for one second.

Phyllis: I think he knows when I'm there. Speaking of which...

Summer: Mom, no. Please, please just stay. Look, mom, you need to take care of yourself, too.

Phyllis: Honey, look, I love all this concern, but it is still my job to worry. I'm still the mother here, okay? Are you sleeping any better?

Summer: [Sighs] No. Honestly, no. It's just -- it's this whole war between the two families, mom, and I almost had everyone agreeing to get along. I was so close. And then jack got shot, and it -- I-I should have listened to you. I should have just stayed out of it.

Phyllis: Yes.

Summer: [Sighs]

Phyllis: Let that be a lesson to you to always listen to me. But I am very proud of you for not doing that this time.

Summer: You are?

Phyllis: Yeah. I just -- I...really want Victor to just rot for the rest of his natural-born days, and I am absolutely furious at Nikki and Victoria trying to cover up for him. But you aren't me. And despite everything you've been through, you're not giving up on these people.

Summer: Just like you're not giving up on jack.

Phyllis: [Chuckles] Yes. When you're right, you're right.

Summer: That was pretty sneaky the way you just turned things around so you could take care of me. I saw what you did there.

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah. I am feeling refreshed and revived, for the most part. So, you are officially off-duty, okay? It's your turn to rest. I want you to relax. Why don't you take a shower, okay?

Summer: Okay, I will do that if and only if --

Phyllis: If what?

Summer: If you eat something.

Phyllis: Eat something? Here's an apple, okay? I'm eating.

Summer: Okay, that's a snack. So, I'm gonna go take a shower, and then I'll go make you soup.

Phyllis: Honey... thank you. And I appreciate it very much. But I-I need to get back to jack, okay? And I love you.

Summer: Okay. I love you.

Phyllis: All right.

Summer: Bye.

Avery: Yeah, thanks for your offer, but the hospital has recommended somebody that I can talk to.

Sharon: Have you made an appointment?

Avery: Yep. I will.

Dylan: I'm gonna go check on some orders.

Sharon: Why haven't you made the appointment yet?

Avery: Sharon, [Sighs] I hate thinking about it. The last thing I want to do is talk about it. What I want is for the police to do their job and bring Joe in.

Sharon: Well, they will. And I felt the same way. You know, it's strange. You and I were both attacked by men we care about. When matt attacked me, he was angry with Nick for pursuing me when we were still dating. It's just like Joe. He was angry with Dylan.

Avery: Yeah, well, that's something I should tell the police -- that Joe had a motive. [Sniffles]

Sharon: He did. Though it was misguided. I mean, you and Dylan are just friends now. And he's really great in situations like this, if you need someone to lean on.

Avery: Yes, he is. You've been understanding about my leaning on Dylan. I've really needed him. I'm sorry.

Sharon: No. Don't be. Don't be ridiculous. It's fine, you know? Dylan is not like the men who attacked us. He's a real stand-up guy. I couldn't imagine a better father for my child.

Avery: Your child?

Sharon: You didn't know?

Avery: No.

Sharon: Oh, well, we just found out. And -- and I thought Dylan had told you. Um...we're having a baby.

Dylan: You all right?

Avery: I hear congratulations are in order. A baby. [Voice breaking] That's wonderful. I need to go. [Sniffles]

Dylan: You told her?

Sharon: I thought she knew. I thought you would have told her. I didn't mean to hurt her.

Dylan: [Sighs]

Sharon: I really didn't. You know, I worry about her.

Dylan: Yeah, I worry about her, too. This is a really tough situation.

Sharon: Well, she's not focused on healing and getting better. She kept saying she wants the police to arrest Joe, but... you're right. It's a very tough situation. It's horrible, really. But I think that Avery might be making things worse for herself.

Cane: You were having an affair with Joe?

Lily: No. It was not an affair. It happened one time. Once. And it -- it was just the night that I was so upset about you and Lauren, and I thought since you cheated on me, you know, which I know that's not accurate, but I-I wasn't thinking. I was just reacting, and it was impulsive and stupid. And I will spend the rest of my life making up for it, but please, we can fix this. We will go to counseling like you said. Just, please, Cane, I am begging you to forgive me. Please. Just forgive me.

[Glasses clattering]

Sage: Were you and your dad always at odds?

Nick: Uh, after I got back from boarding school, we were actually pretty close. Dad always supported my marriage to Sharon.

Sage: When did things change?

Nick: After I got into the coffeehouse business. Dad had been grooming me to take over Newman enterprises, so...

Sage: Ah, okay. He saw this as a big step down.

Nick: Yeah. We've been butting heads ever since, most of it due to my father's obsessive need to keep the family close.

Sage: Well, I understand that. Having a child of my own, I get that impulse.

[Cell phone rings]

Nick: Hey, Neil. What's up?

Kyle: You know, when my dad wakes up and finds out how quickly you pushed us aside to jump in his chair, you'll be lucky if all he does is fire you.

Adam: Yeah, yeah. Or he could just kick you to the curb when he finds out that you almost exposed his plan to pin embezzlement charges on Victor.

Kyle: Yeah, nice try, but we never should have gone there, and he knows this. It's not like dad to hatch a plan like that.

Jack: [Thinking] You're right, son. It wasn't like me. It wasn't me.

Kyle: Gabe, the only business you care about is your own.

Adam: You don't even know me, all right? You're just making a bunch of assumptions.

Kyle: Yeah, based on what...

Jack: Don't you see you're giving Victor just what he wants? Infighting makes us weak.

Adam: You don't like the way I do business? There's the door. Just get out.

Jack: How can I convince you to --

Phyllis: Hey, hey! What is wrong with you two, arguing like this in front of jack?

Kyle: I'm sorry. I'm done here.

Adam: Sorry about that. Things got out of hand. It wasn't, uh -- it wasn't intentional.

Phyllis: Yeah, I think you knew exactly what you were doing, arguing like that.

Adam: The hell does that mean?

Phyllis: Well, if the gunshot doesn't kill him, the stroke or the heart attack you bring on certainly will.

Adam: What a horrible thing to say.

Phyllis: Gabe, admit it. It would be best for you if jack didn't make it.

Phyllis: With jack out of the way, you'd remain C.E.O. Or at least until the other Abbotts kick you out.

Adam: Phyllis, you need to know something. I want him to recover more than anything, okay?

Phyllis: Because he's your father?

Adam: Yeah, 'cause he's my father. And for other reasons.

Phyllis: Your jack's son, but you act more like Victor. What's your deal with him, anyway?

Adam: My deal? What do you mean?

Phyllis: Yeah, how did you talk him into appointing you as CEO over his own family?

Adam: No one talks him into anything, right? You know that.

Phyllis: Well, I'm also getting to know you a little better, how you're pushing everyone and anyone aside to stay on top.

Adam: Look, here's the thing -- I just got an earful from little Kyle, okay? I don't need to hear it from you.

Phyllis: Yeah, well, jack doesn't need to hear how his loved ones are turning on each other, either. So I hope he did not hear the two of you just now. Because he'd be very, very disappointed in all of you.

Jack: You tell 'em, Red.

Summer: Hey. Um, I was kind of hoping it was my mom coming back.

Kyle: Okay. I can leave.

Summer: No, you cannot. Get in here. Hey. Oh! Uh, my mom -- my mom.

Kyle: Is still at the hospital. I just saw her there.

Summer: How's your dad doing?

Kyle: The same. How's your grandfather?

Summer: Still locked up.

Kyle: Yeah.

Summer: God, I hate this.

Kyle: Yeah, we are stuck in the middle of this mess.

Summer: Yeah, well, at least we're there together. Aren't we?

Kyle: Yeah. Together.

Summer: [Sighs]

Kyle: Hey, summer, we just have to try not to lose hope here. It's gonna be okay.

Summer: Yeah, maybe if we can build a Newman/Abbott bridge, then someday, they all can.

Kyle: [Chuckles] Well, I wouldn't go that far, but, uh...look, family is family, and there's just... no escaping it.

Nick: Mom? You scared me.

Nikki: Oh, I'm sorry, baby.

Nick: Thanks for calling me.

Neil: Yeah.

Nikki: It was completely unnecessary. I'm fine. I don't know what Neil said to you.

Nick: Well, he told me you had a-an M.S. Episode and you collapsed.

Neil: I'll be outside.

Nick: Thanks, man. What brought this on? I know stress is a factor.

Nikki: Yeah. It certainly can be. I've got to learn to get a better grip on handling stress.

Nick: Well, there's a lot to handle. I mean, dad's in jail for attempted murder. Neil said you almost died.

Nikki: Honey, don't -- don't dwell on that, okay? I promise you I am going to take much better care of myself. And I'm gonna ask the same of you.

Nick: Yeah, I'll -- I'll try.

Nikki: Honey, listen to me. I want you to take Sage and faith and just go somewhere else.

Nick: Like on a vacation? You -- you want to come with us?

Nikki: No, baby. I want you to go somewhere with your family where you can have a happy life. I want you to get away from all of this family drama and particularly your father.

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