Y&R Transcript Friday 7/3/15


Episode # 10702 ~ Adam feels the walls closing in; Lily wants a truce with Devon & Hilary; fireworks erupt between Ashley & Stitch.

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Phyllis: Baby, I'm here with you. I'm here. You're in the hospital. You were shot. Do you know who did this? Can you tell me who shot you? It was Victor? Victor shot you? Baby, can you tell me? Can you talk to me?

Jack: [Wheezing]

Phyllis: What is it? What's wrong?

Jack: [Gasping]

Phyllis: Okay, okay, okay. I'm getting you help. I'm getting you help.


Phyllis: I'm gonna go get someone.

Jack: [Wheezing]

Phyllis: I need some help in here! Nurse!

Victor: Esc˙chame, Marco.

Tu no dices nada a nadie. You got that? You don't say a word, okay?

Jack: [Wheezing]

Adam: It's you, right? You're the one who called me? You said you could be my greatest ally or my worst enemy? That was you, right?

Marisa: That's right. And here I am. Adam.

Adam: My name is Gabriel Bingham. Now, who the hell are you and where's Marco?

Marisa: Marco found a new home... at the bottom of the lake.

Adam: What are you talking about?

Marisa: Car accident. Ended up in the water. I understand that's how you died. Lucky for you, my Marco didn't have a guardian angel, as you did. Now half your troubles are behind you.

Adam: And the other half?

Marisa: Standing right in front of you.

Adam: Mm.

Abby: Mom, you here?

Ashley: Yes. In here, honey.

Abby: Hey. We got the first flight back from new York. How's uncle Jack?

Ashley: Well, he made it through surgery. But he's in a coma.

Abby: Oh, God. Okay. Um, well, I would -- I told aunt Traci I would let her know if I had any news.

Ashley: Okay. Please do.

Stitch: Hey. How you holding up, Ashley?

Ashley: I don't know. I-I'm -- I'm okay.

Abby: What can we do? Can we go back to the hospital with you?

Ashley: Honey, there's something you need to know about the person they think may have shot your uncle Jack.

Stitch: Have the police arrested someone?

Ashley: No, but they have a suspect.

Abby: Who is it?

Ashley: It's your father.

Hilary: Wow.

Devon: [Sighs] Yeah. I don't think this is on the list of traditional ways to celebrate independence, but it should be.

Hilary: Oh, you know, maybe we can make it our own tradition.

Devon: Yeah?

Hilary: Mm-hmm.

Devon: So, I'll meet you back here next year?

Hilary: I'll be here.

Devon: [Chuckles] Well, now it's time for some traditional Fourth of July activities.

Hilary: [Sighs] What do you mean?

Devon: I mean that we need to get showered and dressed, 'cause we probably only have about 10 minutes to get ready.

Hilary: For what?

Devon: For fireworks at chancellor park.

Hilary: Mm.

Devon: I had the chef pack a picnic basket with champagne and caviar, imported cheeses and meats. Best of everything.

Hilary: Mm. And when you say best, you mean...most expensive, huh? [Chuckles]

Devon: What's the point of having money if you can't spend it on the one that you love?

Hilary: Aww. That's so sweet. But you know, I-I would have been happy with, uh, hot dogs and sodas. [Laughs]

Devon: Well, all that I need is you.

Hilary: What about your family? You need them, too. Why don't you call them?

Devon: Well, I'm sure that Cane and lily have already made plans for Charlie and Mattie with everybody.

Hilary: Yeah, but, you know, the twins -- they love their uncle Devon. Come on. It wouldn't hurt.

Devon: I'd rather be with you.

Cane: Guys, slow down, slow down, slow down, slow down!

Lily: Whoa! Hi. How was the parade?

Charlie: There was a fire engine!

Mattie: Let me tell her.

Cane: Oh!

Chelsea: Back off!

Cane: Whoa. How about we both tell her later? But what we want to do right now is convince Mommy to sneak out of work so we can go to the park and get a great spot to see the fireworks.

Lily: [Sighs] I really want to, but I can't. We're so busy here 'cause of the holiday.

Cane: That's right. It is a holiday. It's called the Fourth of July. It happens once a year. So, that means we have one chance...

Charlie: Tell her!

Cane: Thank you. ...To get to the park and get some ice cream and see some fireworks.

Lily: Uh, I think they've had enough sugar, right?

Both: Please, Mommy?

Cane: Please, Mommy? Mommy, please?

Lily: All right. I'll get someone to cover for me.

All: Yay!

Mattie: Ice cream and fireworks!

Charlie: Double scoops!

Lily: Okay. Then you're putting them to bed tonight. Thank you. [Chuckles]

Cane: Hey. Thank you.

Lily: Well, nothing is more important to me than my family.

Jack: [Hoarsely] You...

Victor: You shut your mouth. The only one who knows I shot you is Bingham. I had to make him CEO of Newman-Abbott. Got that? To keep him from going to the police.

Jack: You didn't...

Victor: You don't say anything to anyone. Is that clear?

Jack: [Wheezing]

Phyllis: Stay the hell away from my husband!

Jack: [Wheezing] [Wheezing]

Phyllis: Okay. You are unbelievable. What were you trying to do? Just finish him off in the hospital?

Victor: Don't be silly, will you? I tried to make him more comfy, make him breathe easier.

Phyllis: He doesn't need your help. You shouldn't even be here.

Victor: Listen to me --

Phyllis: You need to go.

[Machines beeping]

Phyllis: What's happening? Doctor?

You need to step back.

Phyllis: No, no, no! He was just awake. I just -- I just heard him. Honey, can you hear me?

I need everyone out of here immediately.

Phyllis: [Sighs]

Abby: He does hate uncle Jack, but he wouldn't try to kill him.

Stitch: I mean, there has been some pretty bad blood between them, I mean --

Ashley: There has been.

Abby: No, it couldn't have been Dad.

Ashley: Nikki told the police that Victor went to meet Jack right when he was shot, honey.

Abby: And what about you? What do you think? Do you think Dad did this?

Ashley: I absolutely think he's capable of that. Yes, I do.

Abby: Well, you're wrong. And I'm gonna prove it.

Ashley: Abby... Abby.

Stitch: Abby. Okay, did -- did you have to do that?

[Door closes]

Ashley: She's an adult. She deserves to know the truth.

Stitch: It kind of felt like you were a little harsh with her.

Ashley: How do I tell Abby that her father may have shot my brother?

Stitch: It felt like you were trying to punish her.

Ashley: For what?

Stitch: For being with me.

Adam: What do you want?

Marisa: I'm here because of Jack.

Adam: Okay. Who is Jack to you?

Marisa: My friend.

Adam: He's your friend? Okay. How do you know him? How do you know Marco?

Marisa: Look, I don't have all the answers you're looking for. All I know is that Jack fought very hard to get home to the people he loves.

Adam: And you helped him with that?

Marisa: We helped each other...

Adam: Okay.

Marisa: ...Escape a very bad situation. Now I want to make sure he lives.

Adam: Good. Good. Me, too.

Marisa: You and Marco -- you were partners. The last thing you would want is for Jack to wake up and tell everyone the truth -- that you helped set up his shooting. Yes, Marco told me all about it. The fake blood, the bulletproof vest, you witnessing the shooting. The plan was to make it appear as if Victor killed Jack so Marco could disappear.

Adam: Did Marco tell you that he blackmailed me into going along with that little plan? Did he -- did he mention that? I mean, he must have, right? That's how you know who I really am?

Marisa: The good news is he can't tell anyone else, Gabe.

Adam: But you can, can't you?

Marisa: [Chuckles] Far more dangerous men than you have tried to scare me.

Adam: What do you want?

Marisa: Jack is convinced that Victor is behind his kidnapping. Which means he must be the one that made it possible for Marco to take Jack's place.

Chelsea: Gabe! We have to go soon!

Adam: Uh, yeah! I'll be ready!

Marisa: Your widow? She doesn't know your true identity, does she? If I tell the police what I know --

Adam: Listen to me. You don't have to go to the police, okay? Don't tell anybody what you know. Just let me handle it.

Marisa: And why should I trust you?

Adam: You don't have to trust me. You're the one with all the leverage right now, aren't you? Hmm? I got to trust you. And right now, I'm trusting that you will leave this apartment before she comes downstairs. Can you do that for me, pretty please?

Marisa: I'll leave. But you'll be hearing from me soon.

Adam: Good. Can't wait. And I will help you, but you have to let me do it my way.

Marisa: I will. For now.

Adam: Okay. Wonderful.

Chelsea: I'm gonna get some snacks together for us for the park. Hey, you okay?

Adam: Uh, yeah. Uh, [Clears throat] I'm fine. I just, um -- you know what happened? I just -- I found out I got to go back to the office. I got to take care of something.

Chelsea: Now?

Adam: Yeah.

Chelsea: It's the Fourth of July.

Adam: I know, I know. Um, it's last minute thing, but, uh, I'll just meet you and Connor at the park. Is that okay?

Chelsea: Yeah, okay. Yeah.

Adam: Yeah? Um... I love you. I love you.

[Door opens, closes]

Phyllis: You want Jack dead. I don't understand how you can just stand there and deny it.

Victor: You're understandably upset, Phyllis. I did not shoot Jack Abbott.

Phyllis: Everybody knows you were at the park that night. He went to speak to Nikki, and you showed up instead and you shot him. You shot an unarmed man.

Victor: I am telling you I did not shoot Jack Abbott.

Victoria: Stop it, Phyllis. Stop.

Phyllis: You're gonna stand by him to the end, Victoria?

Victor: You leave her out of it.

Phyllis: You might want to rethink your blind loyalty.

Victor: Leave her out of it.

Phyllis: I asked Jack who shot him, and he pointed right at your father. Isn't that true, Victor?

Victoria: Jack's awake?

Phyllis: Your dad's going down for this. And if you don't open your eyes, he's gonna drag you right down with him.

Lily: Okay. We are all set. Who's ready to go see fireworks?

Both: Yeah!

Lily: [Chuckles] Okay.

Noah: Hey, um, lily, I'm so glad I caught you.

Lily: Oh, I'm on my way out, actually.

Noah: I know. It's just gonna take a second. I just need a quick favor, okay? The -- the girl at the front desk -- she said that you guys don't have any rooms available.

Lily: Yeah, we've been booked for months.

Noah: I know, I know, but I know that you keep a couple rooms for special guests, and this person -- she's a really special guest.

Lily: Noah, I really can't. I'm sorry.

Noah: Look, she's new in town. It's actually her first time in the U.S., On the Fourth of July, so what kind of host would I be if I didn't get her a place to stay? Come on.

Lily: [Sighs]

Noah: Lady liberty, give me your tired, your poor...

Lily: [Laughs] Wow. Okay. You should work for the tourism board.

Noah: What do you say? Help me out, please.

Lily: I will text the desk manager and see if there's a room.

Noah: Thank you, lily. You're a great American. You're a patriot. I mean it, lily.

Lily: I'll text from the car. [Chuckles]

Devon: Mattie! Charlie! Hey, guys! Come here. How you doing? Oh. What's up?

Charlie: Are you going to see the fireworks?

Devon: We are going to see the fireworks. Hilary and I are just headed to the park right now, actually.

Mattie: Will you sit with us?

Devon: Oh, you know what?

Charlie: Please?

Lily: I think it's a great idea. U-unless you and Hilary have other plans.

Hilary: Uh, no.

Devon: Yeah?

Hilary: No, we'd love to.

Lily: Okay, well, blanket for six, then. [Chuckles]

Devon: All right. Well, I have a limo waiting outside, so we can all go together.

Mattie: Yay!

Charlie: Yay, limo!

Devon: Let's do it. [Chuckles]

Cane: You know, I never thought that you would forgive them for cheating on your dad. God bless America.

Lily: [Chuckles]

Marisa: I, uh -- I got the message you left at the underground.

Noah: Yeah, we're gonna have to get you a new phone, but that'll be next, okay?

Marisa: Next?

Noah: Well, we should probably find you a place to stay. I mean, you can't keep on sleeping in the back room of a bar.

Marisa: [Chuckles] I, uh -- I saw a motel near the highway. Flashing light said they had a vacancy, so...

Noah: Well, actually, they have a vacancy here, too, and it's -- it's a lot nicer than the motel by the highway. I promise.

Marisa: Nicer and, uh, a lot more than I can afford to pay with my tips.

Noah: You hold on to your tips for a new phone, okay? I got it covered.

Marisa: Got it covered? Oh, no, Noah. I can't. A job is one thing, but I --

Noah: It's too late. It's done. It's done.

Marisa: I can't accept --

Noah: Marisa, listen. You obviously need some help. I can help, okay? Please, just let me do that.

Marisa: [Sighs] I'm used to taking care of myself.

Noah: The hotel has security, okay, in case your boyfriend comes back.

Marisa: Ex-boyfriend.

Noah: You'll be safer here.

Marisa: [Sighs]

Noah: Please.

Marisa: All right.

Noah: Thank you.

Marisa: I will stay, but I want you to know I will pay you back.

Noah: You don't have to.

Marisa: I always repay my debts.

Victoria: You should have seen the look on your face when Phyllis accused you of shooting Jack.

Victor: Well... Phyllis is full of fear right now, so I don't blame her for lashing out at me.

Victoria: What about Mom? She thinks you shot Jack, too.

Victor: [Sighs] Your mother isn't thinking clearly.

Victoria: Well, Nick is. And he warned me to stay away from you. And when Phyllis asked Jack who shot him, he pointed at you, Dad.

Victor: Oh, he did, didn't he? Your brother has stabbed me in the back more than once, okay? I'm not surprised by that, but don't you worry about it.

Victoria: Dad, please. Everybody is against you right now.

Victor: Public opinion does not convict a man, sweetheart.

Victoria: It might be enough for Paul to want to have you arrested.

Victor: There's no evidence -- no DNA evidence, no ballistics evidence, nothing.

Victoria: You're forgetting something. You told me. You told me you did it.

Victor: Well, I told you because I trusted you.

Phyllis: Doctor, how long do you think that he'll sleep for?

Doctor: Mrs. Abbott...

Phyllis: I know that he's completely exhausted, but how long do you think he'll sleep?

Doctor: Your husband slipped back into a coma.

Phyllis: No, he was awake. He was -- he was awake. You were awake, baby. I want you to show them right now. Just open your eyes. Show them you were awake. [Crying] I need you to do something, Doctor, please!

Doctor: All we can do now is wait.

Phyllis: They're wrong. I'm gonna do something.

[Telephone rings]

Paul: Chief Williams.

Phyllis: Paul, it's Phyllis. You have to arrest Victor.

Paul: Well, we don't have any proof that Victor shot Jack.

Phyllis: There is. Jack ID'd Victor as the shooter.

Paul: Jack's awake?

Phyllis: He was. When I asked him who shot him, he pointed right at Victor.

Paul: Oh, well... Phyllis, Jack could have been confused.

Phyllis: No, no. He wasn't confused. He is very clear that Victor did this.

Paul: Okay, look, I'm sorry. There's just not enough to make an arrest.

Phyllis: His own wife said that he was at the park.

Paul: But no one saw Victor shoot Jack.

Adam: That's not true.

Paul: I'm gonna have to call you back. You know someone that witnessed the shooting?

Adam: Yeah. Me.

Stitch: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to accuse you of trying to punish Abby.

Ashley: You know what? Let me be really clear with you. I'm not ever trying to punish Abby. I'm trying to protect her. Because this Newman/Abbott feud could destroy everybody in our family, and I don't want to see her get hurt anymore.

Stitch: And you think I could hurt her?

Ashley: Absolutely. I do. I think you could absolutely hurt her.

Stitch: I-I know this is incredibly awkward, me being with your daughter.

Ashley: I know. I don't want it to be. I really don't. I just -- I just want her to be happy.

Stitch: I want the same for you. I do, and -- and if you end this Abbott/Newman war, you both could be -- Ashley.

Marisa: I think I could survive here. [Chuckles]

Noah: Good.

Marisa: But Noah, it's so expensive.

Noah: Don't worry about it. Seriously, they give me a good rate here.

Marisa: It's true what they say about the people of Genoa city.

Noah: They're funny?

Marisa: [Chuckles]

Noah: Handsome? Oh, yeah, disgustingly rich.

Marisa: All those things, yes.

Noah: How did you hear about Genoa city?

Marisa: You travel, you hear things. I wish there was some way I could repay your kindness.

Noah: I mean, I do need my car washed.

Marisa: Where is it? I --

Noah: [Chuckles] Marisa, I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding. Look, besides, look at these hands. These hands are not made for manual labor, okay?

Marisa: You'd be surprised by what these hands have done to survive.

Noah: Yeah, bet I would. I should get going. Happy Fourth of July. Uh, you know what, actually? I'm -- I'm just going to the park. Do you want to come?

Marisa: What's there?

Noah: It's, like, fireworks and families, barbecues, the usual stuff. You really don't know GC. Until you have a Fourth of July in the park.

Marisa: [Chuckles] I'd like to know Genoa City. Someone told me it's a place you never forget.

Phyllis: [Crying] For a few minutes, you were back with me. And I wasted those precious moments trying to get you to I.D. Victor. I'm so sorry. I'm gonna make him pay for what he's done to you. [Sniffles] I'm going to.

Jack: [Thinking] We'll both make him pay, red, for all these months he's kept us apart. You knew something was wrong. You could tell at the house it was me, that I was back. You were right. We connected. It's still there, red -- the connection. Feel it. Feel the message I'm sending you.

Victor: I told you I shot Jack. I also told you it was in self-defense.

Victoria: [Sighs] I know. And I believe you, Dad, but the police might not.

Victor: Sweetheart, I confided in you because I can trust you.

Victoria: Because you can.

Victor: Okay.

Victoria: But what about Gabriel? How do you know he's not gonna tell Paul?

Victor: I gave him everything he wanted.

Adam: Well, not quite everything, actually. A CEO needs a CEO's office, right? So, once I'm settled in here, you and I will be all squared away.

Victor: You're standing behind doors and listening to my conversations?

Adam: That any way to talk to the man in charge?

Victor: Watch it, punk.

Adam: Victoria, can you give me a moment alone with your, uh, father? We need to discuss the ground rules going forward.

Victoria: Why don't you go to hell?

Adam: Well...

Victoria: The only reason you have your fancy new position is because you're blackmailing my father.

Adam: Victor, you told her that?

Victoria: Dad knows that I wouldn't use what I know against him.

Adam: Okay. Still pitting people against each other, huh? That's your MO, just like you always have done with your children?

Victoria: Except that you're not his son.

Victor: Thank God for that.

Adam: I can't think of anything worse than being your child.

[Door opens]

Abby: Dad. Is Mom right?

Victor: Hi, sweetheart. I'm glad you're home.

Abby: Did you shoot Jack? I came back as soon as I heard what happened to Uncle Jack.

Victor: Well, do you think that I would kill uncle Jack in cold blood?

Abby: Look, I don't want to believe that you would, but --

Victor: Then don't believe that, okay?

[Knock on door]

Victor: What the hell do you want?

Paul: I have a warrant for your arrest.

Victoria: You have no grounds to arrest him. There's no ballistics match to his gun, there's no DNA evidence, no --

Paul: We have an eyewitness that saw your father pull the trigger. Mr. Bingham gave us a sworn statement of all the events the night of the shooting in the park.

Victor: Oh, for heaven's sake, can't you see what he's doing? I appointed him head of the company when Jack was gone. But he wants more. He wants complete control, doesn't he? But he needs me out of the way to get it.

Paul: Mr. Bingham's account matches our forensic evidence.

Victor: It doesn't match what he told you earlier, does it? And what does that tell you?

Paul: Perhaps his conscience got the better of him.

Adam: I couldn't protect you anymore, Victor.

Paul: Victor Newman, you are under arrest for the attempted murder of Jack Abbott. That won't be necessary.

Stitch: I wish you'd let me take you to the hospital.

Ashley: I'm okay.

Stitch: You should be checked out by Dr. Shelby.

Ashley: Please. I know if I need medical attention or not, okay?

Stitch: [Chuckles] Okay, you're always the smartest person in the room, Ashley, but you're not a doctor.

Ashley: Would you please just find Abby and go back to new York and stay out of this situation that neither one of you understands, please?! I am really sorry. I'm really sorry. You don't deserve that.

Stitch: It's okay.

Ashley: You know, it's like I said, this -- this feud is just destroying us. I mean, it's destroying all of us. My brother's in a hospital right now. He's fighting for his life.

Stitch: Hey, look. And that's what you should be focusing on.

Ashley: Exactly. But instead, I'm trying to protect my family's business from Victor, and... and you're just trying to be nice, and I'm just lashing out at you.

Stitch: I have thick skin. I can take it. [Chuckles]

Ashley: You do make Abby happy. I should be grateful to you, and I'm sorry. I'm just acting like a mean... jealous, vindictive bitch, and I'm sorry.

Stitch: No, Ash, hey.

Ashley: This feud is just doing something to me. I don't even know who the hell I am anymore. I don't even know what I'm becoming. I'm becoming this horrible person that I don't -- I don't even recognize anymore. And I want you to know that I'm not that person. Do you know that about me? I'm not --

Stitch: Hey, hey, hey.

Ashley: I'm not that person. I'm sorry.

Stitch: Come here.

Hilary: Uh, you think the fireworks are gonna start soon?

Devon: Yeah, we should get cleaned up.

Lily: Oh. I'll help you.

Cane: Hey, thank you for sharing your picnic with us. It means a lot.

Devon: It's my pleasure. I'm actually surprised that lily asked us to join you.

Lily: Oh, are you complaining now? [Chuckles]

Devon: No, not at all. I just haven't been able to get you to return a text in a week, and now you're inviting Hilary and me to spend Fourth of July with you, so I'm wondering what made you want to forgive me all of a sudden.

Lily: Well, Mattie and Charlie miss you.

Devon: I miss them a lot, too.

Cane: They keep asking why they haven't seen you and if, uh, Hilary and Neil are still together, so...

Hilary: Did you tell them what a cheap tramp I was for cheating on their grandfather?

Lily: I would never do that. And they have plenty of time to learn that grownups are not perfect.

Devon: So, does this mean you're willing to forgive and forget?

Lily: I don't think I can forget how you guys hurt Dad, but we all make mistakes. You know, we don't mean to hurt the ones that we love. And I just hope that we can all get past this.

Devon: I have no idea what brought this on, but I really appreciate it. I do. Thank you.

Cane: This is a Fourth of July miracle. [Chuckles]

Chelsea: Where should we sit, huh? Ooh, this looks good.

Noah: How about here? This look okay?

Chelsea: You want to sit right here?

Noah: Chelsea, Connor, hey.

Chelsea: Hey.

Noah: Oh, were you guys -- no, you guys, please, take it.

Chelsea: That's okay. If you guys want it --

Noah: No. No, no.

Chelsea: Hi. We haven't met. I'm Chelsea.

Marisa: Hi. Hi.

Noah: I'm sorry. Uh, Marisa, this is Chelsea Newman, uh, also known as Chelsea Lawson.

Marisa: The Chelsea Lawson?

Chelsea: Oh, uh, if you're referring to the designer, yeah.

Noah: Oh, yeah. Chelsea's fancy.

Marisa: [Chuckles] I love your designs. So chic.

Chelsea: Oh, well, thank you. I'm flattered. You're the kind of woman I think of when I'm trying to come up with something new and fresh, so I appreciate it.

Marisa: Well, today, I can't afford them, but hopefully, one day, I-I will treat myself.

Chelsea: Oh. Or someone else will treat you.

Marisa: [Chuckles] It's always a possibility. But Noah's already done so much for me already, so...

Noah: Yeah, uh, anyways, uh, Marisa is new in town, and I just set her up with a job at the underground.

Chelsea: Well, that was nice of you.

Noah: Oh, it's no big deal.

Marisa: No, it was to me. I'm very, very lucky to have found him.

Chelsea: Well, it sounds like a fortuitous meeting for the both of you.

Adam: Chelsea, hey. There you are.

Chelsea: Gabe.

Adam: What's up, buddy? I think I found the perfect...

Chelsea: Hey, um, have you met Noah's friend? This is Marisa.

Marisa: It's nice to meet you, Gabe.

Adam: It's good to meet you, uh, Marisa, did you say your name was?

Marisa: Yes.

Adam: Great.

Marisa: Already, everyone is making me feel so much at home. You're all so friendly.

Adam: Yeah.

Noah: Uh, looks like the show's about to start. Maybe we should find a place to sit.

Marisa: It was nice meeting you.

Adam: Oh, you, too.

Marisa: You, too, Gabe.

Noah: Bye, guys.

Chelsea: Bye. What do you think?

Adam: I'm sorry. Uh, about what?

Chelsea: Noah moving on so quickly after Courtney's death.

Adam: You know, she seems nice. You think she'll hurt him?

Chelsea: Well, not on purpose, but...these things happen. I turned to Billy after Adam died. Look how that turned out. Then again, I'm here with you now, so I guess things happen for a reason. Gabe?

Adam: Sorry. I'm sorry. Uh...

Chelsea: [Chuckles] You seem a little distracted. Did something happen at the office?

Adam: No. No, no, no. Everything, uh -- everything's fine at the office. Everything's under control. Should be fine.

Paul: You sure you want to do this?

Victor: Yep.

Victor, as your attorney, I strongly advise against this.

Victor: I know what I'm doing, okay?


Paul: All right. Let's begin, then.

Victor: Before I speak into your...little microphone there, I want your assurance that you will not involve Victoria in any of this. She had nothing to do with it.

Paul: If you admit to the truth about shooting Jack, I promise you I will not prosecute Victoria for providing a false alibi for you.

Victor: All right. I shot Jack Abbott.

Abby: I have to admit, after talking to Mom, I had my doubts about Dad's innocence. But seeing that disgusting look of triumph on Gabe's face when Paul said Dad was under arrest --

Victoria: I don't know how Paul believes one word that Gabe says. First, he claims that he saw Jack after he was shot and now he says that Dad shot him.

Abby: Well, it's obvious he's trying to frame Dad so he can take over the company. It's an old-fashioned back stabbing.

Victoria: Okay, Abby. It's fine.

Abby: No, I'm just so furious

Victoria: No, just calm down. I know. I know you're mad, but I'm glad that you're on Dad's side. I know it's really hard for you being caught between two families.

Abby: Uncle Jack's fighting for his life, and my mom thinks that Dad's responsible.

Victoria: Abby, that's not true. There is no way that Dad would shoot Jack in cold blood.

Paul: You admit you shot Jack Abbott?

Victor: I do.

Paul: Why?

Victor: Self-defense.

Paul: Okay. Perhaps you should start from the beginning.

Victor: Jack Abbott had been threatening my family. So, um... I hired some bodyguards to protect my family after he had come to my office and held a gun on me. I wanted them to be safe and wanted to send them out of the country because Jack Abbott, as far as I'm concerned, was a real danger.

Paul: That really doesn't sound like Jack Abbott.

Victor: The man I shot is not the Jack Abbott you and I know.

Paul: All right. What do you attribute to, uh, his personality change?

Victor: You remember the collapse at the underground when I saved his life? I think it changed him. He and I had agreed to merge our companies, Newman and Jabot. Then he suddenly decided he wanted it all. Obviously, I resisted. And then he accused me of embezzlement. When that didn't work, he threatened my family.

Paul: So, you went to the park to confront him?

Victor: Nikki had been invited by him to go to the park to talk to him. I didn't want that to happen. I didn't want her to get hurt. I didn't trust Jack Abbott. So, I went instead. We had an argument. It escalated. He reached for his gun. I got to mine more quickly and shot him. All right? Then I heard the sirens and I took off. Is that clear?

Paul: Yeah, very clear. But there's one problem with your story, Victor.

Victor: What's that?

Paul: Jack was not in possession of a firearm at the time you shot him.

Abby: What is taking so long?

[Door opens]

Victoria: What are you doing? Why are you wearing handcuffs?

Victor: Because I told them the truth. I told them I shot Jack Abbott. I don't want you two to worry, okay? Everything will be all right.

Victoria: Why, Dad? What -- what are you doing?

Victor: Everything will be all right.

Abby: Paul, you can't do this.

Paul: It's out of my hands. It's up to the DA now.

I'll work on arranging bail.

Victor: Good.

Victor, I'll have you out in no time.

Victor: Thank you. Do that.

Paul: Shall we escort Mr. Newman to central booking, please?

Victor: [Smooches] [Smooches] Don't you worry.

Abby: This can't be happening.

Victoria: It's okay. Everything's gonna be okay. I promise you. Dad knows what he's doing.

Stitch: Feeling better?

Ashley: I think you need to find Abby and, uh, be together the rest of the day. You know, it's a holiday.

Stitch: Hey. She needs this time with her dad right now, and I'm not gonna abandon you.

Ashley: I'm okay.

Stitch: Okay, then don't think of me staying for medical reasons. I'm here because you need somebody to remind you there's more good in the world than bad. [Chuckles]

Ashley: Who told you you were that guy?

Stitch: [Chuckles] It's a battle I've waged more times than not, and, uh... I don't know. I like to think that good always comes out on top.

[Fireworks exploding]

Ashley: Fireworks from the park.

Stitch: Let's take a look. See? This is -- this is perfect. There's still something beautiful out there. Wow. Even on the darkest night, you look hard enough, you can see it.

Cane: Whoa!

Devon: I paid extra for that one, guys.

Hilary: Oh, yeah. You know he's just teasing, right?

Devon: [Chuckles]

Lily: I love seeing the kids so happy.

Cane: I know it wasn't easy for you, forgiving Devon and Hilary. I'm proud of you, you know, baby.

Lily: I hope you always will be.

Chelsea: [Chuckles] Wow! Look at that, huh? You're so brave, Connor. You're not scared of the fireworks at all. I'm not so sure about Gabe, though.

Adam: What? What are you talking about? That's not true. Why would you say that?

Chelsea: You just -- you look nervous.

Adam: I do? No, no. I'm not nervous. What would I have to be nervous about?

[Knocks on door]

Paul: Hey, there. How's he doing?

Phyllis: He was awake, but he just lost consciousness a while ago.

Paul: I'm sorry.

Phyllis: [Sighs] He's gonna be all right. He's gonna be all right. I just know it.

Paul: I hope you're right.

Phyllis: [Sighs] Okay. So, what brings you here? You got any news for me?

Paul: [Sighs] Victor confessed. He's been arrested.

Phyllis: Oh, my God. Did you hear that, baby? Victor confessed to everything.

Paul: Victor claims that he shot Jack in self-defense, that Jack was reaching for his gun.

[Machines beeping]

Phyllis: What's happening? Baby? You -- what's going on?

Paul: I'll get some help.

Phyllis: You need to get some help. Baby? You just heard what Paul said, didn't you? Are you trying to tell us you think Victor's lying? Baby, you wake up. You wake up and you tell us.

[Beeping continues]

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

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Neil: I ain't waiting around for a life preserver to save my ass. I quit.

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