Y&R Transcript Tuesday 6/30/15


Episode # 10699 ~ Nikki opens up to Neil; Sharon confesses to Dylan; Marco must deal with his past.

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Ashley: The doctor didn't say that Jack was never gonna come out of the coma. He just said that he hasn't woken up yet, okay?

Kyle: That's right. My dad's gonna be okay.

Billy: You know, you said you had nothing to do with this.

Adam: What the hell's going on here? I didn't.

Ashley: Please don't start this again.

Billy: But you still haven't explained what you were doing in the park.

Adam: Billy, I was taking a walk. Is there a law against taking a walk?

Billy: No. You just happened to run into Jack in the middle of the night right after he got shot?

Adam: That's exactly what happened, okay? And, quite frankly, you should be grateful that I did run into him.

Billy: I should be grateful?

Adam: That's right! He was gonna bleed out!

Billy: Do you expect any of us to believe this?

Ashley: Okay, stop!

Adam: It's what happened, Billy!

Ashley: There's a bigger question here. What the hell was Jack doing in the park at that hour?

Marco: What are you doing, marisita?

Marisa: What I should have done long ago.

Marco: You're going to shoot me for leaving you behind?

Marisa: I'm turning you in, Marco. Everyone will know you were behind this plot to replace Jack Abbott. And Jack getting shot -- that was your fault.

Marco: I didn't pull the trigger.

Marisa: But you made it happen. And you're not getting away this time, Marco. I am telling these people who you really are.

Phyllis: If you know something about what happened to my husband tonight, I need you to tell me.

Victor: Victoria knows no more than I do.

Phyllis: Victoria can speak for herself. This is attempted murder. If you cover it up, that's way beyond any daughter's duty. If you know that Victor shot Jack and you're keeping quiet about it, that means you've got blood on your hands. Jack's blood. Just like it's on Victor's hands. So I am asking you -- did your father shoot Jack?

Noah: Mom.

Sharon: Oh. Hi, Noah. I was just --

Noah: There's a bunch of cop cars out-- outside. Do you, uh, do you know what happened?

Sharon: No, I don't.

[Door opens]

Dylan: Hey, I was, uh, I was hoping that you'd be here since you weren't at home. Mmm. You okay?

Sharon: I'm perfect.

Dylan: Okay. So what are you doing here so late?

Sharon: Well, after you ran off with Paul, the kids left. I got a little restless. I just decided to come in here and set up for tomorrow.

Noah: Do you know what happened out there?

Dylan: Yeah, there was a shooting in the park.

Noah: A shooting?

Sharon: Was anyone hurt?

Dylan: Uh, Jack Abbott.

Sharon: No! Jack?

Dylan: Yeah, no, he's -- he's alive, but from what I heard, his injuries are pretty bad. Cops are looking for his shooter now.

Paul: So, do you have any idea of when he'll be able to answer some questions?

It's impossible to say. His condition is still critical.

Paul: I want you to give us a call the minute he wakes up. Because right now, Mr. Abbott is the only person who can tell us what happened to him. All right?

[Door opens]

Paul: Hi, Nikki.

Nikki: Hi, Paul.

Paul: You okay?

Nikki: Jack might die all because...

Paul: I promise you I will find out who's responsible.

Nikki: I know that you will.

Paul: Okay. Are you gonna be all right out here alone? I-I really should go and check with my people.

Nikki: I'm -- I'm okay, really. Thank you. I'm fine.

Paul: All right.

Nikki: [Sighs] [Sniffles] Something awful has happened.

Neil: What's wrong?

Nikki: Jack has been shot.

Neil: What?! Is he all right?

Nikki: Well, he's alive, but it's not good.

Neil: Who -- who shot him?

Nikki: I don't know what to do, Neil. I need to see you.

Dylan: The cops want to see our security footage. I'm gonna get my laptop. They just want to take a look at everything.

Noah: Yeah, that makes sense. Jack would have walked right by here on his way to the park, so if somebody was following him...

Dylan: Then maybe we got a video on the shooter.

Noah: Right.

Mariah: Hey, what's with all the five-oh outside?

Dylan: Uh, can you fill her in?

Noah: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Dylan: Are you, uh, you sure you're okay?

Sharon: Mm-hmm. Um, how's Avery? All you said when you called was that she'd been attacked.

Dylan: [Sighs] Yeah. She was, uh, she was raped.

Sharon: Oh, my God.

Dylan: She didn't see the attacker's face, but she is sure that it was Joe.

Sharon: So, have you been with her all this time at the hospital?

Dylan: I was, and Avery was released, and I went to... question Joe.

Sharon: To question him or to beat him up?

Dylan: I mean, you know, things got close to being crazy, but I pulled back.

Sharon: You know he has a restraining order against you.

Dylan: It doesn't matter. I had to hear his side of the story. I wanted answers.

Sharon: Okay, what did Joe say?

Dylan: He lied. He said he didn't do it. [Sighs] Anyway, it's in the cops' hands now. I got to get that security footage.

Noah: So, what are you doing? You come back for round two? Is that it?

Mariah: No, I'm not going at Sharon again.

Noah: You shouldn't have done it in the first place. It's your mom, and she's pregnant. She needs your support.

Mariah: I know.

Noah: Then why'd you do it? You sided with my grandmother. You made it sound like Dylan was just gonna run off and leave her for Avery.

Mariah: Would you lay off of me? I feel bad enough already. And I didn't say any of those things to hurt Sharon.

Noah: Oh, right. You were just testing her.

Mariah: Look, what if her bipolar disorder isn't in check? What happens with the baby?

Noah: Look, I worry about that kind of thing, too, but we cannot make mom better by making things harder on her, making her feel like she doesn't have anybody. She needs to know that we're on her side, no matter what.

[Door opens]

Kevin: Hey. I was just talking to the cops outside, and... what's wrong?

Mariah: Family stuff.

Noah: Did you hear about Jack Abbott?

Kevin: Yeah, he was shot right there in the park?

Mariah: I walk through there all the time.

Kevin: I know. And I don't like it, ever since Abby was...attacked there.

Mariah: What is it?

Noah: Oh, you don't know that look by now? He thinks the shooting has something to do with Austin and Courtney's murders.

Mariah: What? Jack Abbott? That's a stretch.

Kevin: Maybe not.

Adam: How in the hell am I supposed to know what Jack was doing at the park at that hour?

Billy: I don't know. Maybe he was meeting you.

Adam: Oh.

Ashley: Or maybe it was somebody else. I want to check Jack's agenda.

Summer: It was so late. You really think he scheduled a meeting at that hour?

Kyle: And maybe walked into an ambush?

Ashley: Jack has a lot of enemies, and his worst enemies live right here in Genoa city.

Summer: You're talking about my grandfather? It had to be someone else. You can't really think that my grandpa would do something as awful as to shoot Jack.

Adam: Look, summer's right. There's no point in speculating, okay? Let's just all calm down. Let's let the police do their job. Okay, they'll figure this out.

Summer: I need to find my mom.

Kyle: Phyllis will be back soon. She's gonna need you here.

Phyllis: Stop looking at him and talk to me. If you know something about what happened to Jack, I need you to tell me.

Victoria: The truth of the matter is, I have no idea who shot Jack. I wouldn't have even known he was in the hospital if Billy hadn't called me.

Phyllis: Isn't this something. After every time you came after me for lying and cheating and manipulating, I thought you had a right to your high ground. You're Victoria Newman. You have integrity. But I was wrong about that one. You are truly your father's daughter.

Victor: You've overstayed your welcome now, Phyllis. Kindly leave. Thank you for doing what you did.

Victoria: Why don't we just call it what it is, dad? I just lied to protect you.

Victor: [Sighs] I think it's time to leave.

Victoria: That's it? You're just gonna leave? You're gonna just take off without explaining this to me? What am I protecting you from, dad?

Victor: Sweetheart, it's complicated.

Victoria: Why don't you just tell the police what you told me? You shot Jack in self-defense. Gabriel Bingham is blackmailing you for control of the company.

Victor: Isn't that reason enough?

Victoria: Why don't you just go to Paul and tell him the truth? That way Gabriel will have no leverage over you.

Victor: This is the way it has to be.

Victoria: That's not enough for me, dad! I want to help you, and I want to be loyal to you. But in order to do that, I need to know what you know.

Nikki: Oh, Jack, I am so sorry. I hate seeing you like this. You've been such a good friend. Always. When you wanted to meet me in the park, why didn't I just go? We -- we would have talked. We would have talked about you and Victor and peace. I mean, that's all you wanted... is peace. No one else even knows that Victor was in that park... that he was probably the last one you saw before... [Sniffles] I am praying for you, Jack. And you will recover. You have to. You need to. [Sniffles] Because I can't lose my friend. [Sniffles] And Victor can't be your... oh, God. My husband can't be your murderer.

Marco: Put down the gun so we can talk.

Marisa: No.

Marco: Go ahead, then. Shoot me.

Marisa: Don't come any closer.

Marco: Pull the trigger. This way I don't have to make a confession. You can tell the whole world yourself what I've been up to. Come on. Pull the trigger.

Marisa: I will.

Marco: You have to. It's the only way the truth will get out, because I am never going to turn myself in. You're still in love with me. I can see it in your eyes.

Marisa: That doesn't change what you did to Jack, impersonating him, stealing his life. He doesn't deserve what you put him through.

Marco: I didn't put him through a thing. I merely went along with another man's plan, another man that, I must admit, I admire. Even if I don't trust him. Because, like me, he will do whatever he has to do to get what he wants.

Victor: There are just some things I can't tell you, my sweetheart.

Victoria: If you don't trust me --

Victor: Sweetheart, I trust you, I love you, I adore you. But this is about... this is about everyone's safety, okay? It's about protecting my family.

[Knock on door]

[Door closes] What the hell do you want?

Adam: I was just at the hospital. Jack has had surgery. He's, uh, he's in a coma. They don't know if he's gonna wake up.

Victoria: [Sighs] This is awful. I have to go to Billy.

Adam: You probably think this is good news, right?

Victor: No. This is not good news. I never wanted Jack Abbott to meet a tragic death.

Adam: But you're happy he's not awake, not well enough to tell the cops that you shot him, right? There's a problem. There is someone who is well enough. Your wife.

Victor: What do you mean, my wife?

Adam: She's at the hospital right now, Victor. She's about ready to sell you down the river.

Phyllis: Shouldn't he be up by now? I mean, have we seen the doctor? Have they said anything about the surgery? What? What, summer? Can someone please tell me what's going on?

Ashley: He survived the surgery.

Billy: But there was a lot of bleeding, and, um...

Ashley: He's in a coma, honey.

Phyllis: Oh, no. I-I don't understand that. They said he was gonna come out of it, right?

Ashley: They don't know anything yet.

Phyllis: [Sighs] No, no, you know, I can't -- I can't do this again. I...

Summer: Mom.

Kyle: Summer, wait.

Summer: She needs me.

Ashley: You know what? She needs to be with Jack right now, honey, okay? Just let her be.

Phyllis: What were you doing in there just now? How dare you shed tears over my husband when you know it was your husband who put him in that bed.

Nikki: I am so, so sorry.

Phyllis: You're not denying it. You know Victor did this.

Nikki: No, I meant that I am truly sorry --

Phyllis: Victor got Victoria to cover for him, and that's exactly what you're trying to do right now. But you know, Nikki. Why did Victor do this?

Nikki: Phyllis.

Neil: I got here as fast as I could.

Phyllis: Neil.

Neil: What?

Phyllis: Nikki and I were just talking. Could you please just give us a minute?

Nikki: No, Neil, can you please stay? Stay with me.

Neil: I'll stay. I'll stay. Uh, Phyllis, I'm so sorry about what happened to Jack. I just found out.

Phyllis: Yeah. There's a lot of that going around. Nikki here is sorry, too. But you know what I am, Neil? I'm sick to death of people being sorry when all I really need is just some truth, because it's all about protecting Victor. Isn't that your M.O., Nikki? Protecting people, covering for guilty people like you did with Neil here?

Neil: Wait a minute. Wait. There's no need to go for that.

Phyllis: I just want to know what's going on with you guys, 'cause I-I don't know. Jack has been very good to you, and I don't know how you can stand here while he's fighting for his life in there and just accept what Victor did. Do you not have anything to say at all?!

Nikki: Yes, I do. You're right. You deserve to know what happened to your husband.

Phyllis: Nikki, tell me. Tell me what you know.

Nikki: I know that --

Victoria: Mom. Hi.

Nikki: Hi, darling.

Phyllis: Nikki, you were about to say something.

Nikki: I know that the police will do everything within their power to make sure that whoever is responsible pays for this.

Phyllis: Okay, you can't do this.

Neil: Hey, Phyllis, just step off, all right?

Phyllis: However you feel about me, I know you care about Jack. Tell the truth, at least for his sake.

Nikki: I am telling you the truth.

Phyllis: I should have known better to think you'd be honest with me. Paul, what's going on? What have you found out?

Paul: Oh, Phyllis, I can actually use your help. We're investigating, but what I could really use is a list of Jack's contacts.

Phyllis: His contacts?

Paul: My detectives and I would like to question everyone Jack has had dealings with recently. Everyone. Starting with Victor. Do you have any idea where your husband is?

Adam: Victor, your wife made a very touching bedside confession to Jack.

Victor: What confession?

Adam: It's more like an accusation, actually. She said, uh, she knows Jack met you at the park, and now she's wondering who to tell.

Victor: She wouldn't say anything about that. She wouldn't betray me. And she wasn't at the park, so any kind of confession she makes is supposition.

Adam: Okay. Well, let's hope you're right.

Victor: [Laughs] You think you're very smart. Are you trying to blackmail me?

Adam: Are you going back on our arrangement?

Victor: The truth negates any arrangement we had. I shot him in self-defense. He was reaching for a gun.

Adam: Reaching for a gun? There was no gun.

Victor: You bet. He was reaching for a gun in his pocket.

Adam: I don't know what to tell you. Maybe his hands were cold. There was no gun, Victor.

Victor: Did you destroy the evidence or what?

Adam: I didn't have to go to all the trouble. Listen, here's the truth. You shot an unarmed man, okay, and you're gonna have to live with that while I run your company. That's what's happening right now.

Victor: [Laughs] Gabriel, you know, not too long ago, some crazy dame walked in here, and now you're walking into my office and threatening me?

Adam: I don't make threats.

Victor: No, just leave now, okay?

Adam: Nice desk.

Kevin: Jack was a target of Austin's exposé.

Noah: But if he wanted to squash the exposé, that would make him the killer, not the victim.

Kevin: Unless there was a conspiracy and his cohort got the upper hand.

Mariah: Amazing. Some new crime for Kevin to obsess over. While you guys theorize, I'm gonna go get some coffee. [Sighs]

Sharon: You need something, Mariah?

Mariah: No, I'm just thinking about Jack Abbott. I mean, you used to be married to the guy. You must be pretty upset.

Sharon: Yeah. Jack was a really good friend to me always. And he just really cared about me. Even when my behavior disappointed him, he cared, sometimes when no one else did.

Mariah: Kind of like you did with me. I bet a lot of my behavior has disappointed you.

Sharon: Not at all.

Mariah: Really? What about at dinner? I mean, I interrogated you about the pregnancy, and I just had no right to do that.

Sharon: You already apologized.

Mariah: I know, but it was so wrong, and I caught myself testing you.

Sharon: That's what kids do. They test their moms. Your sister certainly did.

Mariah: Perfect Cassie? Really?

Sharon: Well, she knew what you're learning now. That no matter what you do, Mariah, you're always gonna be my baby and you're always gonna be forgiven.

Mariah: Even if I hurt you?

Sharon: I was hurt at first. But knowing that you were worried, that meant something to me. It meant that you cared, and that's what families do. They care.

Dylan: Yeah, that's the program right there. What exactly are you looking for?

Anyone acting strange leading up to the shooting. Maybe we'll I.D. A known criminal.

Dylan: Isn't that a needle in a haystack?

Kevin: Kind of, since we don't know exactly when the shooting occurred.

Noah: There were no witnesses?

Sharon: There is a witness. Me.

Sharon: I didn't actually see anything, but I heard something. A loud pop.

Mariah: You heard the gunshot?

Sharon: I thought it was a car backfiring, but it did have this sort of echo.

Kevin: What time was that?

Sharon: Uh, it was right when I talked to you, Dylan. What time was that? I left, and I had been here about 20 minutes.

Dylan: Right there. There's the call.

Kevin: Okay, so maybe we go a half-hour after that?

Dylan: Right -- right there. Did you see that?

Sure did.

Noah: Two people stopped right in front of the coffee shop.

Mariah: Yeah, and they both looked around at the same time.

Kevin: Check the timestamp.

Sharon: [Sighs]

Dylan: Hey. You okay? You cold? What's wrong?

Sharon: I'm just spooked. I mean, I heard Jack being shot. And I just wish I had more information.

Kevin: Oh, this is good, Sharon. This helps narrow the time frame for the police to investigate.

Mariah: Do you want some tea?

Dylan: Hey, you know, it's, uh, it's a short walk from here to the park. Can you back up the footage to around 15 minutes before those people reacted?

Kevin: Not bad.

Damn. The program's frozen.

Kevin: May I?

Sure, Kevin.

Kevin: Okay, there's nothing wrong with this program that I can't fix.

[Computer keys clacking]

Kevin: And we're back in business.

Noah: There's Jack.

Kevin: That's nine minutes before the gunshot.

Dylan: I guess he was in a hurry. Can you roll it forward? Maybe we'll see somebody following him.

[Computer keys clacking]

Marco: All right, let's get out of here.

Marisa: I have to call the hospital first, see if Jack is okay.

Marco: Why? If he's dead, he's dead. If he's alive, you think he cares about you?

Marisa: It'll take a --

Marco: The only time Jack Abbott cares about people like you is when he can get something from them. You can get him home, back to his people, people that, frankly, I would be happy to say goodbye to.

Marisa: You didn't love being a rich gentleman?

Marco: You know, I thought I would. I thought I would love the good life, the clean life. Truth is, these people are scum. They hide behind their estates and their companies and their charities, all the while pretending to be honorable.

Marisa: I'm tired of running.

Marco: Wait, you're thinking of staying here?

Marisa: What are you offering me?

Marco: I am offering you a flight to paradise! Listen to me. These people will stab you in the back for money and power.

Marisa: It's no different than you, Marco.

Marco: No, no, no, no, no, no. If I stab you, I will look you in the eye while I do it. I don't pretend to be a good man. And I never pretended with you.

Marisa: Pretended what?

Marco: Pretended I loved you. Listen to me. We are different. We are not like these people.

Marisa: Can I believe you?

Marco: Can you believe them? You think Jack Abbott and his family and his wife will do anything but turn on you and have you locked up? It's your choice, marisita. You want to stay here where you don't fit in, or do you want to fly away with me where you belong?

Phyllis: I'll get those names to you, Paul. And I think you're on the right track to start with Victor. It's the only name that matters. I'm gonna spend some time with my husband.

Ashley: Paul! Do you have any news?

Paul: Uh, there's nothing new right now. Um, I will keep you informed and let you know if we have any progress.

Billy: Well, unless you're here to confess, Victor, you're not welcome.

Victor: Hello, Billy boy. I'm here out of concern for your brother's welfare.

Billy: Oh, my -- who are you kidding?

Ashley: This is not the time, Victor, please.

Billy: You're just hoping Jack's not gonna make it. Or perhaps you're here to finish the job.

Summer: Don't say that.

Victor: Sweetheart, don't worry, okay? I'm used to the Abbotts blaming me for all the evils in the world.

Summer: It's true. They tried to pin the embezzlement on my grandfather. Tell Paul what you told me, that this whole thing was just a setup for them to get my grandfather out of the company.

Ashley: This wasn't a setup. It wasn't a setup at all. It was actually a computer glitch.

Adam: Yeah. Uh, it was a computer glitch. Exactly right. We just found out about it, so...

Ashley: And we're so sorry, Victor, for dragging you into this. We're doing everything we can to right this wrong and to straighten everything out. It was just a terrible mistake.

Victoria: A terrible mistake? That's it? Really?

Ashley: Yes. That's it. Really. We've hired a private IT. Specialist who's investigating, and he will send the report to the police. [Sighs] We're so sorry. This is obviously not the time to discuss it, but suffice it to say, Paul, that you can drop the charges against Victor.

Billy: For that crime.

Paul: I would still like to question you, if you don't mind, starting with, where were you tonight?

Neil: The good news is they got nothing but coffee here. And the bad news is, I think you want a drink. It's why you called me, isn't it?

Nikki: [Sighs] My nerves are pretty frayed.

Neil: Yeah. I get that. You're very close to Jack. He's a good friend to me, too.

Nikki: It's more than that. It's not just that Jack was shot. Victor was the one who shot him.

Nikki: And when I was gonna go meet Jack, Victor absolutely demanded that I let him handle it.

Neil: Handle it? What did he mean by that?

Nikki: I don't know. But he's the one that met Jack in the park, and when he came home from that, then we heard the news about Jack being shot.

Neil: Hey. This is unbelievable, but we don't know if Victor is responsible --

Nikki: I know how those two can be. I know how angry and vindictive they can be to each other. And I know that Victor would have stopped at nothing regarding sharing control of Jabot or taking it over entirely.

Neil: Yeah.

Nikki: And the way he pushed me to sign those merger papers.

Neil: Oh, no, I know. I know. I remember. [Sighs]

Nikki: So what am I gonna do?

Neil: You are gonna tell Paul exactly what you know.

Nikki: [Sighs] What? That my husband is a would-be murderer? [Sniffles] I mean, what would that do to my relationship with my children if I turned their father in?

Neil: Okay, okay, Nikki, Nikki, what's it gonna do to

you? What it's gonna do to you if you keep hiding this? Right? You're gonna end up in rehab faster than you can say "give me a fifth of vodka."

Nikki: But he's my husband.

Neil: Nikki, if he shot Jack, then there's gonna be a whole --

Nikki: Look, I know. I know that it's the right thing to do. But God help me... how do I betray the love of my life? [Sobbing] How do I do that? [Sniffles]

Phyllis: Here we go again. For the record, being comatose is a piece of cake. Sitting, waiting, hoping you'll wake up fine, that's...hell. I want you to get this straight. I didn't make my way all the way here to just lose you. Come back to me, Jack, right now. You hear me?

Paul: I have confirmed the time of the shooting, so I'll ask you again, Victor. Where were you tonight?

Victor: Well, I was having dinner with my beautiful daughter, and then we adjourned to my office to do some work.

Victoria: That's true. I was with my dad pretty much all evening. In fact, dad and I were together when Billy called and said that Jack had been shot, so there's no way that he could be responsible, Paul.

Nikki: You see now why I can't say anything? I'd be implicating my daughter in a lie.

Neil: Nikki, I am very concerned about how this is gonna affect you in the long run. It's absolutely the wrong thing.

Nikki: Neil, thanks for coming when I needed you, but... I'm clear now on what I have to do.

Mariah: Family. I've been thinking a lot about it lately.

Sharon: You have?

Mariah: Yeah. I mean, this baby is not just gonna be yours and Dylan's. It's gonna be mine, too, a little brother or sister.

Sharon: Just like Noah and faith.

Mariah: Yeah, that's different. I mean, don't get me wrong. I love Noah and faith. Of course. But it's almost like I inherited them. They were real people when I met them, and this kid is gonna be the first person in the family, the first person in my life, really, who doesn't look at me with any preconceived notions. I'm just gonna be their big sister.

Sharon: A clean slate.

Mariah: Exactly. So, basically this baby is just as important to me as it is to you. Don't forget that. [Chuckles]

Sharon: Ohh!

Mariah: Oh, God, another -- yes, another hug. That's good.

Sharon: [Chuckles]

Noah: No, no, no. You need to go forward, not back.

Kevin: That's what I'm doing.

Dylan: Then why is Jack walking by again? Rewind it.

[Computer keys clacking]

Kevin: Okay, here's where we first see Jack, right?

Dylan: Yeah.

Kevin: And then we go forward.

Noah: What?

Dylan: So less than four minutes later, Jack's walking by again. That doesn't make any sense.

Marisa: Where will we live?

Marco: Anywhere we like. We can afford it now.

Marisa: You do look a lot like Jack. But I picked up on the differences when I kissed him.

Marco: You kissed that guy?

Marisa: [Sighs] How did you do this, Marco?

Marco: It wasn't that difficult.

Marisa: You made the switch on Jack's wedding night.

Marco: [Chuckles]

Marisa: And his wife couldn't tell you were a fake?

Marco: That's how good I am.

Marisa: You loved working her and the others, didn't you? Hurting and deceiving people you believed love them? [Sighs] You said we were going to an airport in Cincinnati. That's the other way. Where are we going, Marco?

Marco: I thought it would be smart if we go north.

Marisa: I'm not stupid. I'm a liability you can't afford. You're taking me somewhere to kill me.

Marisa: You don't have to do this, Marco. I love you. You said it. I won't tell anyone what you've done.

Marco: Not even Jack Abbott, about whose health you've been so concerned?

Marisa: What good will killing me do? The truth won't die with me. Jack could survive, too. He knows the truth.

Marco: Then Jack can't survive, either.

Marisa: [Gasps]

Ashley: I'm gonna go to the office. Call me as soon as you hear anything, okay?

Billy: Yeah, of course, I will. [Sighs]

Victoria: How are you doing?

Billy: I don't know. About how you'd expect. My brother might die, and I'm sure that your father's involved, so...

Victoria: You don't know that, Billy.

Billy: Look, it's gonna be a long night, and I could use some coffee.

Victoria: Do you want some company?

Billy: Sure.

Summer: Hey, I'm sorry for telling Paul what you told me. I just couldn't stand there and let you all attack my grandfather. That's all.

Kyle: I get that you were just trying to stop us fighting each other. It's okay.

Summer: You understand?

Kyle: Yeah.

Summer: You know, anyways, it wound up just being a computer error.

Kyle: And now Victor is free and clear and my dad is in a coma still.

Summer: I know a lot of people say they understand what you're going through, but I... I really do get it, Kyle.

Kyle: Of course you do. I'm sorry I wasn't there when you were going through this with your mom.

Summer: It's okay. You know, luckily she came back to us.

Kyle: I'm just scared that this time my dad isn't gonna be so lucky. If I lose him...

Summer: No. Don't -- don't even let yourself think that, okay? It's not gonna happen. I promise.

Kyle: You know, the truth is, sometimes I feel like I've already lost him, months ago. He just -- he hasn't been the same basically since the building collapse. And I just keep praying that when he wakes up this time, he'll be the dad that he used to be.

Summer: I know.

Dylan: So, Jack walks by. We don't see him come back. Yet a few minutes later...

Kevin: There he is again.

Dylan: Mm-hmm.

Noah: So maybe he took a walk around the block?

Kevin: Uh, I mean, it's possible, but he would have had to have been walking really fast to make it back to the coffee house in three and a half minutes.

Dylan: Hmm.

Noah: Okay, so he walked across the street and then he crossed back. I don't know. Maybe the cop is right. The equipment's messed up.

Dylan: Or there's some other explanation altogether.

Phyllis: When you asked me to marry you, I opened my eyes, didn't I? Just enough to hear you. I don't care what modern medicine says. I know deep in my heart that's what kept me alive. That's what gave me the will and the strength to wake up and come back to you and fulfill that promise. We just got started. Haven't even made our first wedding anniversary yet. Come back to me, Jack. Come back to me. Keep our promise.

[Door opens]

I have your husband's personal property.

Phyllis: Oh, thank you. I notice that his wedding ring isn't there. I mean, they must have taken it off for the surgery.


Phyllis: Thank you. It isn't here. Where's your wedding ring?

Victor: I have nothing else to say, so I'm gonna leave, okay? Um, unless you want me to take you home or back to the hotel.

Nikki: No, thank you. I can take care of myself.

Paul: Gabriel, could I have a word with you for a --

Nikki: Paul, just a minute. Um, there's something you need to know. Jack called me earlier tonight and wanted me to meet him in the park.

Paul: So you were with him?

Nikki: No, I wasn't. But Victor was.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Noah: Are you okay? Are you -- oh, my God. Come -- oh, oh!

Billy: I set up Victor for embezzlement.

Victoria: [Sighs]

Jack: You've been lying about who you are.

Phyllis: What are you talking about?

Jack: He's Adam Newman.

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