Y&R Transcript Friday 6/26/15


Episode # 10697 ~ Jack gets ready to reclaim his life; Marco sets up a trap; Nikki & Sharon butt heads.

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Sharon: Hi!

Paul: Hi.

Sharon: So glad you could make it. Thank you.

Paul: Thanks. Whoa!

Sharon: Welcome. Come on in.

Paul: Something smells good.

Dylan: Sharon has been cooking for hours.

Sharon: Yes. Osso buco. I hope you like it.

Mariah: I have never tried it.

Noah: Oh, it is the best. Mom only makes it on special occasions, and it's been a really long time.

Sharon: Well, there hasn't been a lot to celebrate lately, but...all that's changed.

Mariah: Okay. Now you've got my attention.

Dylan: Well, uh, can't tell you yet. We're waiting for our other guests.

Paul: Oh, okay. That doesn't mean we have to wait for the others to eat, though. We can just grab a plate, sit down, and chow out.

Sharon: I'm afraid you're gonna have to be patient, Paul.

Paul:, Oh, darn!

Sharon: In the meantime, can I make you a drink?

Paul: Oh, that sounds good, Sharon, thanks.

Sharon: Okay, Noah, Mariah, you want a drink?

Noah: Sure.

Mariah: No, I'm good.

Sharon: Okay.

Mariah: So, it looks like I got through to you.

Dylan: What do you mean?

Mariah: About focusing on Sharon, not letting Joe and Avery and that whole mess get to you.

Dylan: Right now, I am way too happy to give that a second thought.

Joe: [Breathing heavily]

Avery: Jealous? Not even close, Joe. I can't stomach the sight of you.

Joe: You know what they say about strong emotion.

Avery: I know you think you're pushing my buttons right now, but trust me -- you are just demeaning yourself even further.

Joe: You know, for once in your own sanctimonious life, why don't you stop playing the victim? Stop painting me as the bad guy.

Avery: You are a small man, Joe -- a small man with a monstrous ego.

Joe: Hey!

Avery: Let go of me! Let go!

Joe: Damn you. I gave you everything. This is how you repay me?!

Avery: Let go of me!

Joe: Get back here!

Avery: Let go! [Slaps]

Almost done. Are you still doing okay? Okay, I need to see your hand. I'm going to scrape under your nail for any skin tissue from your assailant. I'm trying to be as gentle as I can. That doesn't hurt too bad, does it? Ms. Clark, I know you've been through this process before with clients -- gathering forensic evidence from their assault -- but I just wanted to say I'm sorry this happened to you. And you should know that everything we're doing here will go a long way in helping the police to catch this man. And they will catch him.

[Door opens]

Jack: I thought you'd never come back. How did it go? Did you get into Jabot?

Marisa: Through the alley door, just like you told me to. Good thing they didn't change the security codes.

Jack: Did anybody see you?

Marisa: No. Building was deserted, just like you said. Two people stayed late, though -- Marco and Gabriel Bingham.

Jack: Wait, you ran into them?

Marisa: They were in the office. I hid in the lab. Nobody saw me.

Jack: Did you hear anything they said? I mean, did you get any indication what Marco's plan is?

Marisa: I couldn't catch every word, but from what I could tell, something is happening tonight in -- what's that park? Chandler --

Jack: Chancellor.

Marisa: Chancellor.

Sí, that's it.

Jack: Wait, something is happening tonight?

Marisa: Someone is not coming out of there alive.

Nikki: Must you follow so closely?! My god, have you never heard of personal space? Oh, Victor, I'm glad you're here.

Victor: Finally come to your senses and decided to come home?

Nikki: No, that's not what I meant. Can you please explain my extra appendage here?

Victor: He's here to keep you safe.

Nikki: Safe from what? What are you protecting us from?

Marco: The guarantee on this vest says it'll stop a bullet traveling 1,023 miles an hour. I guess if it comes at 1,024, I'm not gonna be around to get my money back.

Adam: My god, I feel like you might be out of your -- your mind. You know, there are so many things that could go wrong with this --

Marco: Oh, don't start second-guessing me now, okay?

Adam: It's your plan. It's awful. It's not well-thought-out. It's reactionary.

Marco: I know what I'm doing.

Adam: Yeah, that's what Jack and I said the first time we tried to frame Victor for murder. You know what happened? It blew up in our faces.

Marco: That's because Abbott wasn't as smart as I am.

Adam: Jack was plenty smart.

Marco: Okay, maybe I meant he wasn't as devious as I am.

Adam: Well, I'll give you that, but you want to know who is? My father, Victor -- just as devious. Now, you better shore up your plan, tie up these loose ends. He's gonna see right through it.

Marco: You know what? I am getting sick and tired of hearing about the invincible Victor Newman, the man no one can bring down. I'm gonna put an end to that myth tonight.

Adam: Okay.

Marco: And if you're not a part of that, if you're no on my side, you will be another loose end I have to deal with.

Adam: Hold on a second. All right, just calm down. You don't want to do that, Marco. I'm the only ally you've got, okay? And that's exactly what I am. I'm an ally. Why do you think I'm so concerned? Why do you think I'm asking so many questions? It's because I want you to succeed, all right? I want your plan to work. I want you to bring Victor down.

Marco: That's not what I'm hearing.

Adam: Look, let's go over your plan real quick, okay? Your plan -- you're gonna get Victor to shoot you, right? Okay. You're gonna fake your own death? How do you know he's even gonna bring a gun?

Marco: I told you. I have laid the groundwork. He knows I am armed.

Adam: Okay, and I know my father. He's not a murderer. He's not gonna shoot you.

Marco: He will if his life is on the line.

Adam: "If." See, there we go. "If." You -- there's too many questions.

Marco: You're starting to annoy me now.

Adam: Okay, listen --

Marco: You are probably more trouble than you're worth.

Adam: Hold on a second.

[Gun clicks]

Marco: [Laughs]

Adam: You think this is funny?! Huh? What -- what is -- what -- so, you knew the gun wouldn't fire, right? That's part of your plan? You're gonna bring a fake gun to the park? You gonna wave a fake gun around my father, you hope he shoots you, and then -- and then what?

Marco: The bullet hits my vest. I hit the ground. Boom! Jack's dead. Everyone in town mourns him. Victor spends the rest of his life trying to cover his tracks. And I'm sitting on an island drinking rum and cola. What do you think?

Adam: I think your plan is so bad that we might actually be able to make it work.

Marco: It does work. Only if you do your part. And there's a reward. You get Chelsea, you get the company, you get revenge on a man who, given everything he's done to you, does not deserve to call himself your father. Now, what do you say? Are you with me on this? Okay. Good. Now, let's discuss phase two -- what happens once the smoke clears.

Jack: Who is Marco targeting and what -- what does Adam have to do with any of it?

Marisa: I'm not sure what Adam's part is, but Marco is meeting Victor Newman in the park.

Jack: To do what? To kill him?

Marisa: He didn't use those words exactly. All he said was Victor will never see what's coming.

Jack: Okay, that could mean any number of things. Summer told me that Marco set up Victor for some crime. Is maybe that what he's talking about?

Marisa: And if he wasn't? When it comes to getting what he wants, Marco is unstoppable.

Jack: What does he want, though? Does he want my company, want Jabot?

Marisa: It's not called Jabot anymore. Everything said "Newman-Abbott."

Jack: My father named that company.

Marisa: I'm sorry, Jack.

Jack: Damn them. Damn Marco and Victor.

Victor: All you need to know is that there have been credible threats and I will do everything to keep my family safe.

Nikki: How are you gonna do that if you wind up behind bars for embezzlement?

Victor: Those are trumped-up charges. I've been set up.

Nikki: Oh, well, I have heard that before.

Victor: Would you think this through for a minute? Do I really need more money? This is Jack Abbott's doing.

Nikki: Okay, fine. Work it out with him, then. I-I don't have time. I have plans with my son.

Victor: Well -- with who? With Nicholas?

Nikki: No, my other son.

Victor: Dylan. You know that he is living with Sharon now.

Nikki: Yes, and I do have my doubts about that, but I'm keeping out of it.

Victor: And you're not worried that she may turn his life into hell?

Nikki: Dylan's a grown man. He can take care of himself. I don't interfere in my children's lives.

Victor: Oh, I see. That's what you think of me? That I'm interfering in my family's life?

Nikki: Victor, I just need time, okay?

Victor: Well, there may not be much left.

Nikki: What do you mean? Why do you say that?

Victor: Let me just say that things sometimes happen quickly, okay? We don't always have much time.

Nikki: What are you talking about? What --

Victor: Don't worry.

Nikki: Is this threat that you're talking about more than I think it is?

Victor: Don't worry. Just know that I will protect all of you at all costs.

We have photos, samples, and my notes. I know you made a statement to the police, but I can include anything you say in my report. You're not obligated to say anything, of course, but if it could aid the investigation... okay. Best of luck to you, miss Clark.

Avery: It was Joe.

What was that?

Avery: Joe. It was Joe who raped me.

Have you told the police it was Joe? I can put that in my notes, but there's a plainclothes policeman outside of the door. Do you want to tell him what you just told me? Okay. I can leave Joe's name out of the notes, if that's what you want.

Avery: [Voice breaking] No, please include it.

Okay, I'll note that you know the man who assaulted you. Joe. Do you know his last name?

Avery: Clark. My ex-husband. [Sniffles]

I'll make sure to note that in my report. But, Miss Clark -- Avery... are you not going to report this to the police? Do you have someone you can tell?

Paul: All right, love you. Hey, sorry about that. Um, that was Chris. Her case is taking longer than she, uh, anticipated, so she wanted me to extend her apologies.

Dylan: Oh, that's too bad.

Sharon: Is she okay?

Paul: Yeah, she has -- she has good days and bad days. But who knows? Maybe whatever the good news is that we're celebrating tonight will cheer her up.

Noah: So, you gonna let us in on it?

Mariah: I am dying to know. Just a hint, please. Is it bigger than a bread box?

Dylan: [Laughs] No -- no hints. And we're still waiting for Nikki.

Noah: You know what? Guys, grandma is kind of late, isn't she?

Paul: You know what? Maybe she decided not to come.

Sharon: Well, we all know I'm not her favorite person.

Mariah: Okay, what if she's not coming? Oh, come on. Would you just spill it already? I am dying over here. I can't wait another second.

Dylan: Go ahead.

Sharon: Okay.

Mariah: You guys are getting married! Aren't you?! Dylan popped the question!

Noah: You -- you guys are getting married?

Mariah: I-I knew it. I knew it. Does that count as bigger than a bread box? I said that you guys would be walking down the aisle any second.

Noah: Hey, mom, isn't that kind of quick? You guys just moved in together --

Dylan: H-hold on, hold on. Nobody's -- nobody's getting married.

Mariah: What? You're not?

Sharon: No, we -- we haven't even discussed it. [Chuckles]

Noah: Hey, you. Thanks for getting me all worked up.

Mariah: Well, why did you guys invite us all here, then?

Paul: Yeah, I was wondering the same thing.

Sharon: Dylan and I are having a baby.

Mariah: [Chuckles] Okay. Well, now you're just teasing. That's not fair.

Dylan: No, it's true. We're having a baby.

Paul: Oh, wow. That's terrific. Well, that's -- that's, uh, amazing. Congratulations, you two.

Dylan: Thanks, Paul. It means a lot. Thank you.

Paul: It's, uh, it's my first grandchild. That's really something. Wow.

Mariah: That's something, all right.

Noah: Wait till grandma hears the news.

Nikki: This is just not like you talking this way. What are you trying to tell me?

[Cell phone rings]

Nikki: Oh, it's Jack.

Victor: Wait, wait, let me --

Nikki: Hey, Jack.

Marco: Evening, Nikki. I-I know it's a bit late. Look, I'm sitting here thinking about all this trouble with the company.

Nikki: You mean the embezzlement charges with Victor?

Victor: Let me have that. Let me talk --

Nikki: What does that have to do with me?

Marco: You have always been the reasonable one in this relationship. I guess I'm hoping I could come to you to get some help in resolving these difficulties between Victor and me.

Nikki: And what exactly would that entail?

Marco: Come to chancellor park in two hours. We can talk there.

Nikki: Why chancellor park?

Marco: Well, you know, it's pretty empty at that hour, and it'll give us the privacy we need to talk.

Nikki: Okay, I'll see you there.

Victor: No, it is not okay. You will not meet that man at chancellor park. I don't want you near him.

Nikki: Victor, I can persuade Jack that you had no part --

Victor: I said he has changed. I don't want you to go there. I don't want you near him.

Nikki: You're talking like he's dangerous or something. That's ridiculous.

Victor: I'm telling you for the last time. You do not deal with that Jack Abbott. Do you understand that?

Nikki: Okay. You don't want my help with Jack? That's fine. You take care of it on your own.

Victor: Good.

Nikki: I'm gonna be with Dylan, anyway. You go to the park.

Adam: You know as well as I do that Victor's keeping close tabs on Nikki. There's no way he's gonna let her meet you at the park.

Marco: Yes, but he will be there with vengeance and fury on behalf of his family, just raring to shoot somebody.

Jack: I have these vague memories of articles Kelly showed me about the Jabot-Newman merger. I thought they were as fake as Phyllis' obituaries. How the hell could this happen?

Marisa: Obviously Marco struck a deal with Victor.

Jack: Well, how did he get my brother and my sisters to agree to it?

Marisa: You'd be surprised by how persuasive Marco can be.

Jack: I feel like I got hit in the head and woke up in oz. Newmans and Abbotts working to-- who's running the company?

Marisa: Why does it matter?

Jack: Because my father founded and built that company! That's why! I can't do this. I can't stay holed up like this. I don't care how dangerous Marco is. I'm going to that park tonight.

Sharon: I'm sorry we didn't wait to tell you the news, but, you know, when you didn't show up, we just -- we weren't sure if maybe you weren't coming.

Noah: So, what do you think, grandma?

Dylan: Yeah, you haven't -- you haven't said a word.

Mariah: She looks like she's in shock.

Nikki: Uh, well, uh, yes, I guess I am. Um... I-I was just trying to get used to the two of you living together, and... a-are you happy about this? Is this baby what you want?

Dylan: Are you kidding? I've already gone out and bought him some Chicago cubs stuff. [Chuckles]

Paul: What if the him is a her?

Dylan: Well, then she'll be the first female in the major leagues. All is good.

Paul: Oh, yeah.

Nikki: Well... yes, it is. It is. Congratulations, son.

Dylan: Thank you.

Nikki: And you, too, Sharon. It's very exciting.

Sharon: Thank you, Nikki.

Mariah: That's it? That's such a disappointment. I expected at least some fireworks.

Noah: Okay, don't listen to her, grandma. I think it's great that you're behind this.

Sharon: The question is, are

you behind this? I saw the look on your face when we broke the news.

Noah: I-I mean, would I love another brother or sister? Yeah, sure. But what does this mean for you? I mean, have you spoken to your therapist about this?

Sharon: If you're asking whether she thinks I can handle this, yes, she does.

Noah: What about your meds? Are you able to keep on taking them through the pregnancy?

Nikki: Yes, we all know what happens when you don't. Buildings burn. Companies fall. Families disintegrate.

Mariah: And the claws come out.

Dylan: Uh, was that really necessary?

Nikki: All right, I take it back. I'm sorry. This is the new and improved supportive me.

Sharon: Well, if it alleviates your concerns, I have been advised to continue taking my meds. And my doctor and I will talk about that more in depth in my next session.

Paul: Well, that's good. You're being proactive.

Sharon: Yes. I'm going to take very good care of myself. This baby is very important to me.

Noah: Yeah, I can see that. Just can't help but wonder.

Dylan: Wonder what?

Noah: By the timing of it.

Mariah: It was a little quick.

Noah: That and... dad and Sage are also having a baby.

Sharon: No, this has nothing to do with him. I mean, my -- my pregnancy was a complete surprise.

Dylan: Yeah, and once we found out, we jumped on board 100%.

Nikki: You really are committed to this, aren't you?

Dylan: Completely.

[Cell phone rings]

Paul: Oh. Excuse me. Oh, it's the precinct. I have to take it. Chief Williams. What? When? Where was this? Is Avery at memorial? Okay, I'll head over there now. Keep me posted. All right, excuse me.

Nikki: What's happened?

Dylan: Wait, wait. Is -- is Avery okay? What happened?

Paul: Listen, it's police business.

Dylan: Was it Joe? Did he try something again?

Paul: Dylan, I need to go now.

Dylan: Well, I need to come with you.

Paul: I don't think that's a good idea.

Dylan: I can't just sit here and wait around --

Paul: Dylan, it's not a good idea. Sorry, Sharon. Thank you. And congratulations.

Dylan: I'm sorry. I-I -- you guys go ahead and have dinner without me. I'll be back as soon as I can, okay?

[Door closes]

Mariah: So much for being on board 100%.

Marisa: Don't go to the park. It's too dangerous.

Jack: I have to find out what Marco's up to. He stole my life!

Marisa: And you may lose it altogether if you get involved in this. This is between Marco and Victor. Let them fight it out!

Jack: Ordinarily I would go along with that. Marco has already gotten away with too much already. Besides, I owe Victor. I need to warn him.

Marisa: You owe him? He's the reason you were kidnapped, replaced by an impostor. He wanted to steal your company out from under you.

Jack: Victor has his fingerprints all over this. No doubt about it. But not long ago, he saved my life. Believe me. Once I return the favor, all bets are off.

Marisa: At least call the police. Ask for their help.

Jack: You know what? Marco has probably paid off half the people in this town.

Marisa: You're right. Marco probably has a whole force on his payroll.

Jack: Except the chief of police. Paul -- Paul I can trust. You know what? I'm alone on this one.

Marisa: No. You're wrong. You're not alone.

Jack: We made a hell of a team, didn't we? Survived a ship blowing up, for god's sake.

Marisa: I just wish I could protect you now.

Jack: You know what? I'm not the only one at risk. Victor has surrounded the people he loves with guards. That's how dangerous he thinks it is. Now I have to step in and stop this before someone gets hurt, or worse.

[Door closes]

[Cell phone rings]

Marco: Vic, you are so predictable.

Victor: What the hell are you doing, dragging my wife into this?

Marco: She was my wife once, remember?

Victor: She was Jack Abbott's wife.

Marco: Same difference.

Victor: Listen carefully. You do not drag Nikki into this.

Marco: I'm just trying to keep the peace between us.

Victor: You're not trying any such thing. Keep my family out of this. I'm warning you.

Marco: Or what? You'll give me a harsh scolding? You're a big talker, tough guy. You don't have the guts to do what's necessary. I, on the other hand, have no problem doing the dirty work.

Victor: You really don't know me, do you? You smug son of a bitch. Be careful. I'm warning you.

Marco: Then why don't you show up at the park tonight instead of your wife? We'll end it right now.

Paul: Hayes, I need you to continue to watch the door while I question her. And I need you to stay here. I mean it.

Dylan: [Sighs]

[Door opens]

Dylan: What? Excuse me. I'm just -- I'm just trying to get some information on av-- is that...

I'm sorry. I have to get this to the lab.

Paul: Are you up to telling me what happened? I don't want to push you, so whenever you're ready.

Avery: I'm ready.

Paul: Okay.

Avery: Um... I met Joe in the park. I called him. I-I asked him to meet me there.

Paul: W-why would you --

Avery: I know. I just -- I just was so furious with him for ruining another relationship.

Paul: Another relationship?

Avery: [Sighs] He slept with someone, a married woman.

Paul: Oh. Who?

Avery: I'd rather not break a confidence.

Paul: Okay, Avery, I understand that, but, uh, if you want my help solving this, you're gonna have to tell me everything.

Avery: It was lily Ashby. She told me about it, and she wanted advice [Sniffles] About him. That's why she came to my place when you were there. And I told her to stay away from Joe.

Paul: And that's when you confronted him?

Avery: Yes. In the park. And then I headed home, but I-I felt like someone was following me. And I got to the alleyway behind my apartment, and I was getting my keys out. He -- he jumped me from behind. And I-I tried to fight him. I tried to scream, but he put his hand [Voice breaking] Over my mouth and... and he pinned me down to the ground.

Paul: It's okay.

Avery: I didn't see his face. But his cologne -- I-I could smell his cologne. It made me so sick.

Paul: All right, so, um... you didn't see his face?

Avery: No. He was wearing a mask. [Sniffles] A ski mask.

Paul: Does that mean that you couldn't identify him or pick him out in a lineup?

Avery: Not for sure. But... I know who it was. It was Joe.

Paul: Even though you didn't see his face?

Avery: It was his build, Paul, and the cologne. It's the same cologne that Joe wears. It was him. It was Joe.

Paul: Okay. I want you just to try and relax now. We're gonna take care of everything.

Avery: [Sniffles]

Paul: My men are -- are searching the area now, and, uh, I'm leaving here to go join them.

Avery: He -- he took my purse and my -- my keys, my phone. He could be in my apartment right now.

Paul: Okay, I will handle that personally. I'll have an officer on your door until I'm able to get a locksmith over there, okay?

Avery: Okay. Thank you.

Paul: I can send Dylan in if you'd like.

Avery: What?

Paul: Dylan was with me when the call came in, and he's here. Of course, if -- if you don't want him, then that's okay, too. I'll explain --

Avery: I'll see -- I'll see him.

Paul: Are you sure? Okay. Listen, I promise you we are not gonna let you down. Joe will not get away with this. Okay.

Avery: [Sighs shakily]

Dylan: No, not yet.

[Door opens]

Dylan: Hey, Sharon, Paul's coming out of the room. I'll call you back.

Paul: Okay, you can go in and see her, but be easy on her. She is --

Dylan: I know. I know what happened.

Paul: All right.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

Avery: [Sobs]

Dylan: Oh, god.

Avery: [Sobbing]

Nikki: So, what happened with Avery? Did Dylan tell you?

Mariah: Yeah, what's the big emergency?

Sharon: Well, he -- he just said that Avery was attacked.

Noah: She was attacked? Like beat up, mugged? What does that --

Sharon: He really didn't go into detail. He said he's still waiting to see her and he's really worried, which is, you know, perfectly understandable.

Mariah: Yeah, for a guy who's still in love with her.

Noah: Mariah, leave it alone!

Sharon: He is not still in love with her!

Mariah: He keeps saying that he's all about Sharon now. But whenever he has the chance to prove it, he fails big time!

Noah: Will you excuse us for a minute?

Mariah: Bossy. What's your damage?

Sharon: So, you probably think Dylan is still in love with Avery, too, don't you?

Nikki: I would have no idea.

Sharon: Well, I mean, you wish that he were. You wish that he would be with anyone other than me. It's okay. You don't have to deny it. Dylan's not here anymore, and I know that you were being supportive for the sake of the baby, and I appreciate that, but deep down, this is kind of killing you.

Nikki: You know what, Sharon? I came here with nothing but the best of intentions, to give you a fresh start, a new beginning. But I see that you are still the same opportunist you always were.

Sharon: Opportunist?

Nikki: You have been with Dylan, what, a month, maybe two at the most. You probably don't even know his middle name, and you're carrying his child.

Sharon: Do you even know his middle name?

Nikki: What is it about my sons that you just have to have them? First it was Nicholas, and now you've trapped Dylan.

Sharon: Dylan wants to be with me. This is not a trap.

Nikki: You managed to get knocked up, though, anyway, didn't you? How'd you manage that, Sharon? Did you "forget" to take your birth control pill? Or maybe you put a little hole in the condom.

Noah: Grandma, that's enough! What is the matter with both of you? Leave her alone!

Victor: Excuse me.

Marisa: I beg your pardon. You're Victor Newman.

Victor: Do I know you?

Marisa: Oh, no, we've never met, but there's something you need to know. It's crucial! [Sighs]

Marco: Deserted, just like I told you.

Adam: Okay. What about these security cameras? Should we take care of those?

Marco: Already taken care of. No one will know what really happened here except for you and me.

Adam: Okay, yeah, uh, I guess we should get into position.

Marco: I'm on the other side of the park. You hide right back there. Text me when Victor gets here.

Adam: You sure that gun's not gonna go off?

Marco: And if it does, what are you gonna do? Turn me in?

Adam: No. I just -- you know, I'd prefer no one lost their life tonight, if it's all the same to you, okay? I've already lost Jack. I've had enough death for one evening.

Marco: Maybe you're trying to preserve Victor. Maybe you've gotten a soft spot in your heart for the old tyrant?

Adam: Or maybe I just want him alive so he knows who it is exactly that brought him to his knees.

Marco: Next time we meet, I'll be the late Jack Abbott.

Adam: And Victor will be on his way to prison.

Marco: See you on the other side?

Paul: [Sighing] Oh, boy.

Joe: What are you doing here?

Paul: What am I doing here? What are you doing here?

Joe: I came to see Avery. Where is she?

Paul: Well, just in case you don't know what a restraining order is, you're supposed to stay away from her, Joe!

Joe: Yeah, it's a little too late for that.

Paul: What do you mean, it's too late?

Joe: I just saw her in the park. Her request. Look, we got into an argument. I didn't like the way we left it, and she's not answering her phone.

Paul: You've been calling her?

Joe: Yeah, I didn't expect her to answer, so I came here. Why? What's going on? Why -- why is the chief of police in her apartment? Is she okay?

Paul: No, Joe, she's not okay. Avery's been raped.

Dylan: You in pain?

Avery: I don't want to talk about it.

Dylan: Okay. What can I do for you? How can I help you?

Avery: [Sighs]

Dylan: I know it's too late for me to be asking you that. I know I should have prevented this.

Avery: How? There's no way you could have known this was gonna happen.

Dylan: If I told you not to call me when you were in trouble, maybe I could have done something --

Avery: Stop it, there's nothing you could have done.

Dylan: Avery --

Avery: Please don't do this. Please don't make this about yourself, okay? It's not your fault.

Dylan: Whose fault is it? Who did this to you? Was it Joe?

Joe: Oh, my god. Avery. Is she in the bedroom?

Paul: No, she's not in the bedroom.

Joe: Is she in the hospital with Phyllis?

Paul: You don't need to know where she is.

Joe: At least let me call her!

Paul: You're not calling her. That's not happening.

Joe: Why do you think I came here? I'm worried about her.

Paul: I don't know, Joe. Why did you come here? Maybe to get rid of something?

Joe: Get rid of something? Get rid of what? Why would I need to get rid of... no, no, you -- are you accusing me of raping Avery?

Paul: No. No, no, I'm not accusing you of anything. But Avery is.

Joe: Avery said that I...

Paul: Look, Joe, it's late. I know this is coming as a terrible shock to you. Why don't you go home and get some rest, because I'm gonna be asking you a lot of questions very early tomorrow morning. Don't even think about leaving town.

Nikki: I am not saying this to be cruel.

Noah: Aren't you? What happened to the new, supportive you?

Nikki: Honey, there's supportive and then there's turning a blind eye. I've spent the last couple of decades pretending that everything was fine when it wasn't, and I cannot do that anymore. I call it as I see it. And what I see is Sharon using that baby to hang on to Dylan. You yourself even questioned her motives.

Sharon: He was just trying to protect me.

Nikki: And I don't blame him for being concerned. You're about to have a child with a man who isn't free of his past! Isn't that right, Mariah?

Mariah: I don't see him here. Do you?

Noah: Okay, all right. Mom, don't let them get to you, okay?

Sharon: Listen, Dylan and I are having this baby together. We would love for you to be part of his or her life, but not at my expense. If you can't be around me without criticizing me, well, then I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

Nikki: Oh, no! Thank you.

Sharon: [Scoffs] And that goes for you, too.

Mariah: You want me to leave?

[Door closes]

Sharon: About criticizing me? You took Nikki's side, and you deliberately tried to set me off.

Mariah: Yeah, I did.

Hello, Victor.

Sharon: Why would you do that? Why would you deliberately try to hurt me?

Mariah: To keep you from getting hurt way worse. Look, Nikki said it perfectly. People pretend things are all right all the time, and it never does anyone any good. I just think that you need to see Dylan for who he really is.

Sharon: Well, I think I have a pretty realistic picture. You know, he's trying to move on with his life. Circumstances just draw him back now and then.

Mariah: Yeah, a lot more now than then.

Noah: You always have to say something, don't you? Look, I get it, okay? Tough love. But that's not what mom needs right now. Not now. What she needs is for us to tell her what we're concerned about without attacking her.

Mariah: Look, I just don't want her to become a doormat again, not Dylan's or anyone else's.

Sharon: I'm not. That's not gonna happen. I have my priorities straight this time. And being a mother takes precedence over everything and everyone. And this little angel is going to need her brother and her sisters to give her love and guidance. So, can I count on you guys?

Noah: Always.

Mariah: I am not sure you want me giving that little one guidance, but yes, of course, I will always be here.

Sharon: You're an amazing sister to faith, and I know you're gonna be the same to this one.

Noah: Easy on the tough love.

Mariah: All right. I apologize if I was a little too tough.

Sharon: Okay, I forgive you. [Laughs]

Mariah: Oh, god, another hug.

Sharon: Everything is gonna work out fine, you'll see!

[Pounding on door]

Joe: Yeah! I'm coming!

[Pounding on door]

Joe: All right, all right!

Paul: Chief Williams. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down a second. Who -- who said this? Where'd she get information? Did she say why she'd only talk to me? Okay, put her through.

Marisa: Hello? Chief Williams. Paul Williams.

Paul: Yes. Who is this?

Marisa: I have an emergency to report at chancellor park. Send all your officers there as soon as possible. There's going to be a shooting.

Paul: A shooting? Where did you get your information? Who is this? Hello?

Victor: You made a big mistake going after my family.

You're the one who made the mistake. We're gonna straighten this out right now.

Adam: What the hell have you done?

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Adam: I clean up your mess here, no one has to know you were involved.

Victor: And you get what?

Adam: Newman-Abbott. You give it to me, the whole thing.

Avery: [Voice breaking] I want to see him feel the shame that I am feeling right now! I want him dead!

Dylan: Just admit what you did, you sick son of a bitch!

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