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Episode # 10696 ~ Adam makes a deal; Marisa makes a discovery; Cane woos Lily.

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Jack: Hello? Anyone here? I'm ho-- I'm home.

Cane: I want to thank you for agreeing to this date night. You know, we've been fighting so much and laying so much blame. It was like the trust between us was gone.

Lily: I know.

Cane: I love you. I missed you, and I miss the kids. And I want to thank you for forgiving me for kissing Lauren. You know, we got into this habit of talking about her -- her personal problems, and... I want you to know that, moving forward, we'll keep that relationship strictly professional. Are you okay?

Lily: What?

Cane: It's like all night long you've been preoccupied. Is something bothering you, sweetheart? Are you okay?

[Cell phone rings]

Joe: Avery.

Avery: I need to see you. I'm at my place. Is now a good time?

Joe: Come on. What, do you think I'm stupid? I mean, the minute I show up, you're gonna have me arrested for breaking the restraining order.

Avery: Okay, neutral ground, then. Chancellor Park. 20 minutes.

Joe: No, the same thing will happen.

Avery: No, it won't.

Joe: And I'm just supposed to take your word for it?

Avery: I'm sick of this war between us, Joe. I want it to stop before it goes too far.

Joe: Are you serious?

Avery: Very serious.

Adam: You know, I'll never forget the time Phyllis tried to make dinner for you, me, and Chelsea at your family cabin. She almost burned the whole thing down. Remember that?

Marco: [Chuckles]

Adam: She is not a cook. The drapes went up, the kitchen's up. Thank God for fire extinguishers, right?

Marco: Oh, you bet.

Adam: What a night.

Marco: Unforgettable.

Adam: Unforgettable for sure. Unforgettable. Oh, uh, what -- what the hell was the name of that, uh -- that dish she was trying to make us, anyway? What did she call that thing? It was A...

Marco: Uh...

Adam: It was A...

Marco: You know, I can't remember.

Adam: Can't remember. Well, of course you can't. 'Cause it never happened. Who the hell are you?

Marco: Look, that building falling on my head has affected my memory.

Adam: I know all about pretending to be somebody that you're not.

Marco: I don't know where you're going with this.

Adam: Where were we when I told you who I really was? Where were we, exactly? Skye -- what's our connection to Skye? Stephanie -- does that ring a bell?

Marco: A lot of questions, Gabe.

Adam: Well, Jack should know the answer to those questions. Since you obviously don't, why don't you tell me who the hell you are and what you've done with Jack.

Marco: Jack Abbott's dead.

[Footsteps approach]

Phyllis: Jack. What are you doing home? What? What's wrong?

Jack: Nothing, red. Nothing. Everything's fine. I just want to look at you.

Lily: Everything is fine.

Cane: Really? You just seem like you've been distracted all evening.

Lily: No. I am -- I'm right here with you.

Cane: You know, if you're worried about the kids, you don't have to be. They're with Cindy and they're having a blast. And they're at the age now where they understand that mom and dad need time together.

Lily: [Chuckles] Yeah.

Joe: Hi. Well, sorry to interrupt.

Cane: How you doing, buddy? Good to see you.

Joe: Good to see you two enjoying one another. Gives hope to us sinners.

Cane: We're happy about it, too.

Lily: Yes, very happy.

Joe: Ah, I see. Have a good evening.

Cane: You, too. You, too. You know, I think I just figured out why you are so uncomfortable.

Lily: What?

Cane: You can't stop thinking about that video footage of Lauren coming to my hotel room at night. Sweetheart, I did not sleep with her. I would never cheat on you. I would never disrespect our marriage like that.

Marco: The first time I saw Jack Abbott on that website, it sent a chill through my whole body. It was like standing still in front of a mirror and seeing your image move. Intense. I swore then I would do everything I could to capitalize on our likeness.

Adam: You killed him?

Marco: No! I did not kill him. Him dying was no part of the plan. He just had to be out of commission so I could swoop in, make my play, and get out. It was an unfortunate accident. It couldn't be helped.

Adam: Couldn't be helped. Now he's gone. He's gone, and this whole time, you've been -- you've been pretending to be him? My God, you've gotten away with it, haven't you? For months, you've gotten away with it. Ever since the --

Marco: Ever since the nightclub collapse. Yeah, that was my first test -- to see how people would react to me.

Adam: Now it all makes -- I can't believe I didn't realize it sooner. Who the hell are you?

Marco: My name is Marco Annicelli. That sound familiar to you?

Adam: Not at all. Should it?

Marco: In some parts of the world, but...it's probably better you don't know who I am.

Adam: I should have figured this out sooner. I could have -- I could have helped him. I could have, uh -- I could have saved him.

Marco: I suppose anything's possible.

Adam: You know, Jack was like a father to me. We were -- we were close, and yet you were able to -- to fool me, no problem. You fooled his entire family. You couldn't have done that alone. Who helped you?

Marco: Jack Abbott is a celebrity in the business world. Researching him was easy. I saw hundreds of articles about him, dozens of videos of him at media appearances and product launches. Watched his behavior, his mannerisms, his speech patterns. But you know what the real trick was? Telling everyone who knew Jack Abbott exactly what they wanted to hear. But you already know that, don't you? I gave you a chance to best your father and I kept your secret and I gained your loyalty. I told Victor Newman I was so happy about our friendship and eager to share my empire with him, something he always wanted. I told Kyle I was grooming him to take over the company one day.

Adam: And Phyllis? What did you tell Phyllis?

Marco: Phyllis was easiest of all. I merely put her first in my life. I gave her all the love and attention every woman craves.

Phyllis: I thought you had a late meeting outside the office.

Jack: Red.

Phyllis: It's so strange.

Jack: Strange that your husband's happy to see you?

Phyllis: I've been worried. I... but suddenly, it just -- it feels like everything's gonna be okay. You feel very familiar. You know, I was starting to feel like there was this distance, as if you were gone, but now --

Jack: Now... I'm back.

Joe: Uh, you, uh -- you stalking me now?

Avery: Don't flatter yourself.

Joe: So, the, uh -- the whole phone call was just an act, no intentions of making peace.

Avery: I wanted to look you in the eye when I told you what a disgusting human being you are. What were you thinking sleeping with lily? She's married to your friend. It's like you are out to destroy every happy relationship in Genoa city.

Joe: Happy? Please. Those two have been at each other's throats. I just left them at the club, and they were ready to kill each other.

Avery: So, what? You swoop in and take advantage? You sleep with Cane's wife? Some friend you are.

Joe: H-how do you even know about this?

Avery: Because lily just came to me. She was upset. She wished she'd stayed away from you. It's like you have no morals, you have no conscience.

Joe: First of all, lily and I were consenting adults. And secondly, when it comes to adultery, Avery, you are in no position to judge.

Avery: Why did you do it, Joe? In fact, why are you still in town? What do you want?

Joe: Why do you even care? And more importantly, why is this so upsetting to you?

Avery: Because you are a sick bastard and I want you to stop.

Joe: Stop what? Sleeping with lily? Or stop sleeping with anybody but you? You know, Avery, if anyone was listening to this conversation, they would think that you were just jealous.

Avery: [Scoffs]

Lily: I never should have gone over the security footage. Instead of overreacting and checking up on you, I should have just trusted you. And instead, by looking for something, all I did was make things worse.

Cane: I shouldn't have given you reason to doubt me.

Lily: Still, I have no right to judge you. And I don't want you to think that, going forward, all I'm gonna do is assume the worst. I know how much you love me and our family.

Cane: I am grateful for you. I'm grateful that you listened to me, you heard me, and I am so lucky to have you as my wife. You know that, right?

Lily: I'm the lucky one.

Cane: You know, it is quiet. And there's all these spare rooms upstairs.

Lily: [Chuckles]

Cane: Hmm?

Lily: What about the kids?

Cane: Please, the kids are fine with the sitter, and she's more than happy to stay late. What do you say? We have the perfect end to a perfect evening. Yeah?

Lily: Lead the way.

Jack: Red, I have to tell you something, something that's gonna sound very strange at first. I know it isn't --

[Door opens]

Summer: Mom? Are you here? Well, I didn't realize you'd be here.

Jack: That's all right, summer. I'm very happy to see you. You have no idea.

Phyllis: Honey, Jack was just about to tell me something very important. Can you and I talk --

Summer: You can save the warm and fuzzy act. I know that you set up my grandfather to be arrested, and please don't bother denying it. Because I know that that's what happened. I shouldn't even be here talking to you right now. My grandfather warned me that this wasn't safe.

Phyllis: What does that mean?

Summer: All I'm saying is that grandpa's been acting very secretive and weird, saying that he'd have the Abbott's taken care of. Meanwhile, all the Newmans have bodyguards. Mine's right outside right now.

Phyllis: Bodyguards?

Jack: Wait. Victor told you that I was going to hurt you?

Summer: Victor said it's not about you, but if you're heartless enough to have an innocent man arrested, then who knows what you're capable of.

Phyllis: As much as you love your grandfather, Victor Newman is far from being an innocent man.

Summer: He's innocent of this. He's worried about his family. I have never seen grandpa act like this before. You know, I could say the same thing about you. I don't even know who you are anymore. Not only did you do something terrible to someone that you were supposedly in business with, but you had your son do your dirty work for you. This made me lose all respect for Kyle. And you.

Jack: I'm not that man, summer.

Adam: Don't ever compare yourself to me. We're nothing alike.

Marco: Aren't we?

Adam: And don't think I'm gonna keep quiet about this, either. I'm gonna go to the police. I'm gonna tell them everything I know. I'm gonna go to your family. I'm gonna tell them that you've been fooling them. And because you don't want to tell me, obviously, I'm gonna find out what happened to my friend Jack Abbott.

Marco: You're not a foolish man. You calculate, you analyze, you don't make rash moves. If I thought for a moment you --

Adam: Hey. What? What was that?

Marco: I don't know. Just -- just a feeling I had. I --

Adam: Feeling you had? Maybe that feeling is that you're done.

Marco: If you go to the police and tell them about me, I will tell the world that you are Adam Newman, starting with Chelsea and then Victor.

Adam: You seriously expect me to go on just letting you pretend to be Jack Abbott?

Marco: No. No, I don't want you to pretend I'm Jack Abbott any longer. That's not what I want.

Adam: What do you want?

Marco: Simple. I want you to help me fake my death and frame Victor for it.

Adam: You are out of your damn mind, aren't you?

Marco: What is your objection?

Adam: I'm not gonna help you trick your family into thinking that you're dead.

Marco: Jack Abbott is dead.

Adam: What did you do to him?

Marco: I told you. I --

Adam: What did you do? You got him locked up somewhere, huh, feeding you information? Is that how you know so much about him and his family?

Marco: He is gone. It's done. It is regrettable, yes. But I deal in the facts, the here and the now. You've got to get your head out of the past, Mr. Bingham. You got to give up this... needless sentimentality. It's not helping you. It's hurting you. We're here now. All you have to do is ask yourself, "what do I want?"

Phyllis: What do you mean you're not that man?

Summer: Are you claiming that you didn't use Kyle to frame my grandfather?

Phyllis: There's more to this, Jack. What's going on?

[Cell phone vibrates]

Jack: We'll finish this later.

Phyllis: You're leaving now?

Jack: There's more I have to find out.

Phyllis: What things do you have to find out? Please, Jack, you need to tell me what's going on here.

Jack: That feeling you had when I held you in my arms just now? Hold on to that.

Cane: A little after-dinner bubbly.

Lily: Wow. You thought of everything.

Cane: Well, we're celebrating. [Chuckles]

Joe: Hey. You -- you don't need --

Lily: How do you know what I need?

Cane: It's okay. Come here. We'll do a toast later, okay? You are so beautiful. You know, after all these years, you take my breath away still. [Unzips zipper]

Lily: Cane, wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait. I-I -- I can't do this. I'm sorry.

Avery: Jealous? Not even close, Joe. I can't stomach the sight of you.

Joe: Oh, well, you know what they say about strong emotion.

Avery: I know you think you're pushing my buttons right now, but trust me, you are just demeaning yourself even further.

Joe: You know, I'm -- I'm surprised lily went to you, treating you as her mother confessor. But what doesn't surprise me is how self-righteous you are, running around like the town crier, telling everybody I'm scum. Well, news flash, Avery. You're the one that cheated on us.

Avery: And is it any wonder given the way you treated me?

Joe: Oh, this is unbelievable. I gave you everything!

Avery: Gave me everything. What? You gave me fancy cars, a big house? That made up for what you did to me? We both know the truth, Joe. After we got married, things changed. You changed.

Joe: Yeah, they changed all right. I found out exactly who you really were.

Avery: This is what you do. You -- you -- you turn it on me. You blame me instead of taking responsibility for your own disgusting behavior.

Joe: Here we go again. Saint Avery up on her box, pointing out all of my faults. You know, for once in your own sanctimonious life, why don't you stop playing the victim? Stop painting me as the bad guy and ruining my life.

Avery: You are a small man, Joe -- a small man with a monstrous ego.

Joe: Hey!

Avery: Ow! Let go of me! Let go!

Avery: [Whimpers]

Joe: Stop being so dramatic. You're acting like I'm some sort of --

Avery: Abuser? You had no right to grab me like that.

Joe: You're the one that violated the restraining order, on false pretenses, might I add. You had no intention of talking this through, ending the tension. You just wanted to throw my indiscretion with lily in my face, hold it up as proof that I enjoy wrecking people's lives. Well, the truth is, Avery, all I ever wanted was to be with you.

Avery: Yes, and you tried to do it by lying to me, manipulating me.

Joe: Yeah. I lied... in hopes of being close to you so that you could see what we had once upon at time.

Avery: [Scoffs]

Joe: Even after you pushed me off the balcony, almost paralyzing me.

Avery: I pushed you because you came on to me again. You wouldn't stop. I told you no. You wouldn't listen.

Joe: And yet you followed me to Chicago for rehab.

Avery: Oh, my God.

Joe: And then invited me back into your home.

Avery: I thought I was doing the right thing.

Joe: You know, Avery, I think if you were honest with yourself, you'd see a part of you where even you knew I was faking.

Avery: Oh, my God. This is what you do. You -- you're twisting this around so that it sounds like I'm the conniving one. You are such a skilled liar, Joe, you actually believe what you're saying is true.

Joe: My only crime is loving you.

Avery: Don't you say that. Don't you dare say that, Joe! It's not love! This isn't love!

Summer: Okay, so, what's the deal with Jack now? He's Mr. Sincere all of a sudden?

Phyllis: I know. I know. I felt it, too.

Summer: What, is this some act that he's putting on 'cause he could tell how mad I am?

Phyllis: Look, I don't even know what to think. Jack was just about to tell me some huge thing right as you walked in.

Summer: Right, and then he got a text and he ran out. It seems pretty convenient, if you ask me. Mom, after everything that Jack's been doing and he's been hiding from us, it seems kind of hard to believe that he's on the up and up.

Phyllis: I can't blame you for feeling that way.

Summer: Really? Wh-why? You've always been so quick to defend Jack.

Phyllis: Honey, just -- believe it or not, I... there have been many times that I've had to question Jack's behavior, even to the point where I've had to just...wonder if our whole marriage has been a lie.

Summer: Mom, seriously?

Phyllis: Yes, but just now, right before you came in, it was like all of those bad feelings just melted away. That wonderful warmth of his was back.

Summer: Why? What -- what did he say?

Phyllis: It -- it's not so much what he said. It was just how I felt when he held me.

Summer: Yeah, well, no offense, mom. The sex can be pretty great even if your husband's lying through his teeth.

Phyllis: It wasn't sexual, honey. It was more a connection. The kind you have when -- when you know someone deep in your bones, in your heart.

Summer: And you got all of that just from hugging Jack?

Phyllis: Yeah, but there was something in his eyes, the way that he looked at me, and it wasn't at me. It -- it was -- he saw me. He knew me in a way that he hasn't in a long time. And I know this sounds completely confusing to you right now, but...it is the closest I have felt to Jack in months.

Marisa: You went to see your family?

Jack: Phyllis. And, for a little while, summer.

Marisa: I thought we agreed to keep out of sight until we figured out what Marco is up to.

Jack: I couldn't help it. I went home. No one was there. I went upstairs, I cleaned up, I put on one of my suits, I came down, and...there she was. Just seeing Phyllis has revitalized me.

Marisa: So much for the element of surprise. So, your wife and stepdaughter know the truth.

Jack: No, no, no, no. I didn't tell them. Not that I didn't really want to.

Marisa: What stopped you?

Jack: They seemed upset with me, even scared.

Marisa: With Marco, you mean, pretending to be you. What trouble has he caused?

Jack: As best I can make out, Marco framed Victor, had him arrested. For what, I don't know. But everyone's pissed at me and doesn't trust me. Which could explain why Victor might have paid my ransom, if, indeed, that's what happened.

Marisa: So, we will keep our eyes open and see what we can learn.

Jack: Your text said you saw Marco. You saw him with your own eyes?

Marisa: Downstairs with a younger guy.

Jack: Any idea who that was?

Marisa: When I checked in, I asked the clerk very casually who Mr. Abbott was sitting with. He said it was a man called Bingham.

Jack: Gabriel. Anything else?

Marisa: I couldn't hear what they were talking about. It just seemed -- it was intense, like they had a secret.

Jack: Oh, believe me -- they do.

Marco: We are in this together.

Adam: Oh, no, we are not in anything together.

Marco: If you turn me in to the authorities, are you ready to lose Chelsea and your son? Because that's exactly what's going to happen. Does it really mean that much to you to have me brought to justice that you're willing to devastate your family? To give all that pain to Chelsea and Connor again? You only have one choice -- to help me with this end game.

Adam: This end game? Since when is this your end game? You used to be framing Victor for embezzlement. Now -- now it's murder?

Marco: Plans change.

Adam: Well, you haven't thought this through, obviously.

Marco: You're going to help me, and that is that.

Adam: Don't be so sure of that.

Marco: You're not going to betray me. I am your secret genie who is going to grant you three wishes. First wish -- revenge. You despise Victor Newman. I am handing you an opportunity to get rid of him for good. Second wish -- legacy. The whole world thinks you are Jack Abbott's eldest son and heir. Once I'm out of the picture, once I'm dead and Victor is serving time, you will run the company.

Adam: It was supposed to be you running the company.

Marco: Mm, consider it a gift. Third wish, and this is the most important -- love. You can hold on to Chelsea. You can have the family you always longed for and were denied. Everything you ever wanted, Adam, is within your reach. All you have to do is grab it. You've come this far. Are you really gonna give it all up because you -- you want to play by the rules now? You think if your positions were reversed, Victor would hesitate like this? You have everything to gain, nothing to lose. What's it gonna be?

Adam: Okay. Yeah. Yeah, I'll help you.

Lily: I'm really sorry.

Cane: You don't have to be sorry. You don't. We don't have to rush things. We can take our time. It's okay.

Lily: I know.

Cane: You know, I want you to be honest with me about how you feel. You know, I don't want you to pretend things are okay if they're not, 'cause I want this to work out.

Lily: I do, too.

Cane: Okay.

Lily: I would love nothing more than for us to get back to where we were.

Cane: You know I didn't cheat on you, right? You know that? You know I would do nothing that would threaten our marriage. You do understand that, don't you? You know, our love got us through your cancer, and I know we can get through this. Come here. It's okay. Come here.

Jack: I'm the only one Adam trusted enough to confide in. By now, I can only assume Marco also knows.

Marisa: I'm beginning to wonder if anyone in this town is who they claim to be.

Jack: Assuming Gabriel Bingham's identity is the last secret Adam wants to get out right now.

Marisa: Well, if Marco knows, he will find a way to exploit it. Blackmail is nothing to him, a way to pass the time.

Jack: I need to find out what Marco and Adam were talking about, what this scheme of theirs is against Victor, who benefits, who winds up as collateral damage. I have to find out before I can reclaim my life.

Marisa: How does this end, Jack?

Jack: You mean what's gonna happen to Marco?

Marisa: That's not what I meant.

Jack: No, I know you still love him. You don't have to deny that. Just know nothing is more important to me right now than getting my life back and making sure the people I care about don't get hurt.

Marisa: Marco put you through hell. He's lived in your home, he's spent your money, he's -- he's been with your wife in every way. You don't want vengeance for that?

Jack: I will give you fair notice before I make any move. I promise you that. But I'm not about to jump in until I know more. I need to know what Marco has put in motion. I have to somehow control the outcome. To do that, I need your help. I need to know I can trust you. Can I?

Marisa: What choice do you have?

Jack: If nothing else, I appreciate your candor.

Marisa: To answer your question, yes, you can trust me. So, what is our first step?

Jack: I need you to go to Jabot, my family's company. It's not far from here, just a few blocks away. It's a big building. You won't miss it.

Marisa: What will I do there?

Jack: I will get you in the door. I need you to get to r&D. I'll make a map. I'm also gonna give you a master password. How good are you with computers?

Marisa: I can hold my own.

Jack: Okay, good. Once you log in with this password, I need you to get to e-mails. I also need you to go to the Jabot chemistry lab. That's where Ashley's office is. You go in and you take as pictures of her desk, everything on it.

Marisa: What exactly am I looking for?

Jack: Anything that gives me a clue as to Marco's plan. Did he frame Victor alone or is he working with my family? Okay. Here's the lab. The front door is here -- all the way to the left, down the long hall.

Adam: All right. So, what have you cooked up now? How do you propose to fake your own death, huh?

Marco: I thought you were the expert on that. Don't worry. I have a plan.

Adam: And your plan involves, what, chemicals here in the lab?

Marco: No. It involves this.

Adam: A bulletproof vest, squibs, and it looks like some -- some fake blood.

Marco: I'm going to goad Victor into shooting me.

Adam: Okay, there's one major flaw in your plan.

Marco: Namely?

Adam: Well, Victor Newman may be a lot of things, but a cold-blooded killer isn't one of them.

Marco: Oh, he'll pull the trigger.

Adam: And how can you be so sure?

Marco: Victor has made it abundantly clear he will not hesitate to kill to protect his family.

Adam: Present company excluded, of course.

Marco: Yeah, I thought you'd appreciate the irony in that. The very thing he claims to care most about will be his undoing.

Adam: What's your plan?

Marco: I've already laid the groundwork, threatening those closest to him, demonstrating I have no problem pulling a gun on him. All that matters now is giving our friend a last little push over the edge.

Adam: Okay. All right. When?

Marco: I've arranged a meeting with him in chancellor park later.

Adam: Later as in later tonight?

Marco: Yeah, that's what this meeting is about. I have a meeting with Victor. You're helping me.

Adam: This -- this whole thing is happening way too soon.

Marco: That is the beauty of this. Victor will never see this coming.

Jack: So, turn around. Let me see.

Phyllis: Before the wedding? Isn't that bad luck?

Jack: Oh. [Scoffs] We have had our share of bad luck. We have beaten the odds. I can't imagine whoever is looking out for us would allow us to find happiness again only to lose it.

Phyllis: You really think we made it this time?

Jack: I know we have.

Phyllis: [Sighs]

Jack: Come on.

Phyllis: [Chuckles] Well?

Jack: Wow. Wow.

Phyllis: You're not so bad yourself, mister.

Jack: Well, I've got a white-sand beach.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Jack: Private beach.

Phyllis: [Gasps]

Jack: Minister's already there ready to do the honors. What do you say?

Phyllis: Let's go get married.

Jack: Okay.

Phyllis: Okay.

Cane: Hey. Before we go, there's just something I want to ask you about you and Joe.

Lily: What?

Cane: Well, when he came up to you at the bar, you know, you tensed up. Is he bothering you? Is he flirting with you or anything like that?

Lily: No. No. We just had a couple drinks at the bar, and I just was venting to him about you and Lauren.

Cane: Okay. Well, so, he's like a shoulder or something for you? Is that it?

Lily: Yeah, I just -- I wish, though, that I hadn't opened up to him. You know, he's your friend, and what's happening with us is none of his business, so I'm sorry.

Cane: It's okay. It's all right. Don't -- you know, when we all get drunk or, you know, we drink, we say things we shouldn't. I mean, I-I talked to him about Lauren, so I-I'm just as guilty. Okay. We need to stop confiding in other people. And we just need to talk to each other, okay?

Lily: Okay.

[Keys jangling]

Avery: Hello? Someone there?

[Keys jangling]

[Muffled screaming]

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