Y&R Transcript Tuesday 6/23/15


Episode # 10694 ~ Sharon has news for Dylan; Michael & Lauren face the truth about their relationship; Lily makes a risky move.

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Sharon: This is nice. I haven't done this in a while.

Dylan: [Chuckles] Well, how am I doing?

Sharon: Great. I just don't know why we're here.

Dylan: Well, you know, there's -- there's a problem with speeding through friendship to moving in together without downshifting through dating. I mean, we missed the whole thing. We missed the courting, we missed the wooing.

Sharon: Okay. Woo away.

Dylan: White wine okay?

Sharon: Yeah. I mean, uh, no. I'm just gonna have a club soda today.

Dylan: Uh, club soda. Are -- are you not feeling well?

Sharon: Yeah, I'm fine. I just -- I haven't eaten anything, and I don't want to drink on an empty stomach. Besides, a girl should stay clear-headed while being wooed.

Nick: Hey, whoa, what do you think you're doing?

Sage: Whoa, I'm working.

Nick: You should not be lifting cartons. In fact, you shouldn't even be here right now working this late. You should be home resting.

Sage: Well, thank you, but I'm not tired, and this box weighs, you know, less than a pound.

Nick: All right. You can carry that.

Sage: [Chuckling] Thank you.

Nick: Fourth of July decorations?

Sage: Yeah, I wanted to see what you have in the back. Maybe we could put these on the tables.

Nick: Okay. Well, I still think you should be taking it easy.

Sage: Well, I appreciate that nick, but I'm not an invalid, and if you keep hovering like this, it's gonna be a long nine months.

Nick: Oh, I know. I got it. You can take care of yourself.

Sage: Thank you.

Nick: But you should know -- let's just get it out in the open now.

Sage: Uh-oh.

Nick: Over-protectiveness is a common Newman male trait.

Sage: Ooh.

Nick: Doctors have identified the chromosome. They could take it out, but I don't want them to, so you better get used to it.

Sage: Okay.

Abby: If you're gonna follow me, can you at least stay back a foot?

I get paid to watch your back. That's what I do.

Abby: It's a figure of speech. You're supposed to protect all of me, which you can do from further away.

Ashley: What's going on?

Abby: That's my mother. Don't tackle her.

Ashley: Why do you have a bodyguard? Has there been another threat from Austin's killer?

Stitch: It's not about that, Ashley. It's a whole new threat this time.

Ashley: What do you mean? A whole new threat from whom?

Stitch: Ask him.

Phyllis: An extra lock. Has Joe tried to bother you again?

Avery: I'm just being careful, and I don't want to talk about Joe.

Phyllis: Good, because I am here to talk about me.

Avery: Ah. And as my sister, it's my obligation to listen?

Phyllis: If not you, then who?

Avery: [Chuckles] Sit down. Lay it on me.

Phyllis: [Sighs] I don't understand what has gotten into Jack.

Avery: What's he done?

Phyllis: Every day, more than once a day, he drops some new bombshell I didn't know about. He's my husband, and I feel like I don't know him at all.

Avery: Well, when I was married to Joe, I thought I knew all there was to know about him. It turns out I didn't know the half of it.

Joe: Can I buy you a drink?

Lily: Uh, no, thank you.

Joe: Well, I hope that means that you're in a better frame of mind than you were the other night when we were putting back all those Moscow mules in hope of kicking us from our misery.

Lily: Well, my frame of mind is gonna depend on how this research goes.

Joe: Yeah? What you been researching?

Lily: If my marriage can be saved.

Lauren: Oh.

Cane: Hey.

Lauren: I'm sorry. I've been doing everything I can to stay out of your way.

Cane: It's okay.

Lauren: I even tried to get out of my lease here with Devon.

Cane: I know. I know you did. I, uh, I told him to turn you down, so...

Lauren: Why on earth would you do that?

Cane: I don't know. Because I didn't think that we should answer a million questions from Jill, you know, 'cause my wife's mad at me, you know, over something that shouldn't have happened.

Lauren: But it did happen. And I can understand a wife being upset at her husband for kissing another woman, even if it didn't mean anything.

Cane: Yeah. You know, you would, uh, you'd listen to a voice of reason, wouldn't you?

Lauren: Eventually. Yes. And Lily will, too, now that she's had a chance to cool off, and also once she realizes that she's not the only one making such a big deal out of this.

Cane: You don't think the flowers are too much?

Lauren: I think they're perfect. I do. It'll go a long way in convincing Lily she's the only woman for you.

Cane: I hope so.

Lauren: Good luck.

Cane: Thank you. I have a feeling I'm going to need it.

Joe: Are you taking one of those "can my marriage be saved?" Quizzes?

Lily: Not exactly.

Cane: Hey.

Lily: Hi.

Cane: Can we -- can we talk?

Lily: Uh, sure.

Cane: I've told you I'm sorry. Even though that kiss with Lauren was a one-time thing and it meant nothing, I know how much it hurt you, sweetheart, and I am just so -- I am so sorry.

Lily: It doesn't mean it can be forgotten.

Cane: I know, but I'm hoping we can find a way to get past this. I mean, I'm hoping that you -- you can get past this, sweetheart, 'cause you're everything to me, and without you, I'm nothing. You're my world. And I know that a bunch of flowers don't make up for it, but I think about you every second of the day. And I was walking down the street, and I saw this flower shop, and I saw lilies, and... well, you know I can't resist them...especially 'cause I'm married to you -- the most perfect Lily of all, so I got you some lilies.

[Cell phone rings]

Cane: [Sighs] We were having a moment, right? That was a moment?

Lily: It's fine. You can answer the phone.

Cane: I don't want to answer the phone.

Lily: Answer the phone. Answer the phone.

Cane: [Sighs] Oh, it's this delivery thing. I have to go and deal with this. Can we please have this conversation later? 'Cause I want you to know, sweetheart, I'll do anything for you. Is that okay?

Lily: Sure.

Cane: Okay.

Lily: [Sighs] You liar.

Phyllis: I thought we weren't talking about Joe.

Avery: We're not.

Phyllis: Well, you just mentioned him, so obviously he's on your mind. I thought we were making this all about me.

Avery: And we are. We are. I do not want to talk about Joe or any Joe-related events.

Phyllis: All right. Obviously something has happened. What is it?

Avery: [Sighs] I just -- I think -- I feel like he's watching me.

Phyllis: Stalking you?

Avery: I don't know, Phyllis. Maybe I'm being paranoid. But he did show up here after the restraining order was in place.

Phyllis: Oh, come on. Then he needs to be locked up.

Avery: Yes, and he will if anything should happen again.

Phyllis: Avery.

Avery: I don't think he has the nerve to show up here again.

Phyllis: But you're getting this feeling.

Avery: And even if he does show up here, what can he do? Nothing. So I'm not worried. Tell me about you.

Phyllis: Listen, if he's spooking you out.

Avery: I need to talk about something else, okay? Tell me about Jack. What has he done that's made you all fired up?

Phyllis: It's not so much what he's done. It's more of just how he's behaving...and some of the secrets he's been keeping.

Avery: Secrets like...

Phyllis: Well, like the one about the woman from his past he was supporting.

Avery: What woman?

Phyllis: Manuela. And the secret son no one knew he had.

Avery: Wait. He has a son?

Phyllis: Uh-huh. Gabe.

Avery: Ga-- Gabriel Bingham?

Phyllis: Yes. And also the possibility that this merger with Victor was just this little trick so Jack can get the upper hand so he can ruin his lifelong rival for good.

Avery: Okay. Are we sure we're talking about Jack Abbott here, because this sounds a lot like Victor's style.

Phyllis: Exactly. But then I discovered Jack was carrying a gun.

Avery: Stop it. He's carrying a gun?

Phyllis: Yeah, but he said it wasn't loaded. It was just because the two of them were having some tension. He wanted to carry it so he could protect himself.

Avery: He's planning to kill Victor?

Phyllis: Oh, no, no, no. He thinks Victor is trying to hill him.

Avery: Okay, this is all ridiculous.

Phyllis: Exactly. Welcome to my life. This guy that I married -- he sure as hell is not acting like my Jack.

Ashley: You put a bodyguard on Abby?

Abby: Not just me. Dad put guards on everyone in the family right after he got out on bail.

Ashley: What's going on?

Victor: I don't owe you an explanation.

Ashley: No, you do, actually. She's my daughter. If she's in danger, I have a right --

Abby: I'm not.

Stitch: If you were, I could watch out for you, just like I've been doing.

Ashley: Will somebody please tell me what's going on?

Stitch: Why don't we let your parents hash this one out?

Abby: Are we really doing this right now, leaving so the grown-ups can talk?

Stitch: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Ashley: Why are you putting bodyguards on everybody in your family? If it's not to protect them from Austin's killer, then to protect them from whom? Oh, please. You're not implying that somehow the Abbotts are out to get the Newmans.

Victor: Are they?

Victor: You shouldn't dwell on this, you know? I have the situation under control.

Ashley: Well, I know you very well. For you to hire bodyguards for everybody in your family, you must be shaken up.

Victor: Let's just say I'm contemplating my future.

Ashley: Okay. In what way? Is there something going on with your health?

Victor: No, my health is excellent. But something could happen to any of us -- anytime.

Ashley: I had a very similar conversation with Jack not -- not too long ago.

Victor: I'm aware. And he told you, uh, what to do in case of his death?

Ashley: Yes.

Victor: And he told you about a safety-deposit box, did he not?

Ashley: How do know about that?

Victor: Are you forgetting that he and I are partners?

Ashley: No, this is a personal matter. It's not business. Since when do you keep tabs on Jack's estate?

Victor: You're asking the wrong questions. The question should be, why would he entrust you, his sister, with running his affairs after his demise? Why would he not name his loving wife as executrix of his estate?

Avery: I don't know what's more disturbing -- the fact that Jack has an old lover or that Gabriel Bingham is his son.

Phyllis: It's not so much the seismic news bulletins that keep popping up. It's just him.

Avery: His behavior?

Phyllis: Yeah, it's the small things. It's the odd word here and there. It's the way he -- he looks at me sometimes or the things that he seems to forget. They've had the same pool guy at the house for 20 years -- teddy, he stopped by in may.

Avery: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: Jack had no idea who he was.

Avery: Well, you know, you were kind of like this when you came out of your coma. You were forgetful. You were a little spacey. Of course, you were out of commission for a year.

Phyllis: Until Victor woke me up.

Avery: Right.

Phyllis: Listen, honey, I got to go. Thank you.

Avery: Already?

Phyllis: This has been good.

Avery: Oh.

Phyllis: Okay?

Avery: Yeah.

Phyllis: I'll see you later. Lock up.

[Door closes]

Michael: I thought I'd hear from you on father's day, Fenmore [Chuckles] But you must have been busy. I understand. I know you're aware of what's going on between your mom and me, and, uh, I was just -- I was, um... are you avoiding me? Uhh. Uh, listen, just remember that I-I love you very much, son. Bye.


Lily: Lauren and Cane lied to us. They said the kiss was a one-time thing, but... look at this.

Michael: I don't know what I'm supposed to be seeing.

Lily: I think the time stamp should make it pretty clear. This was not a one-time thing. It's an affair. I thought you should know. So, I don't know what you want to do with the information, but I know what I'm gonna do.

[Footsteps depart]

Lauren: I saw you through the window, but I didn't want to interrupt you and hurricane Lily. I'm not exactly her favorite person these days. Michael, I want you to know --

Michael: That you were having an affair with Cane?

Lauren: What did you just say?

Michael: Why else would you be going to his hotel room at midnight?

Lauren: Well, t-- and what do you care if you're so eager to divorce me?

Sharon: This is nice.

Dylan: It is nice.

Sharon: Going here as a couple.

Dylan: We are a couple, even if we're slowing things down.

Sharon: What do you mean?

Dylan: Dating. You know, fill in the gaps, getting to know each other a little better.

Sharon: Um, I'm gonna get some lemon for this.

Dylan: See, you like lemon in your club soda. There's so much more I have to learn about you. Let me get it for you.

Sharon: No, no. I'm already halfway up. I'll be right back. How you feeling, Sage?

Sage: Oh, fine. Thanks.

Sharon: Well, she is positively glowing.

Nick: Yeah, she is, isn't she? Hey, I want to thank you for helping faith put together my father's day gift. I mean, how did faith know I needed a paperweight with her picture on it?

Sharon: She just knows you so well. She said next year she'll help the new baby make another one for you.

Nick: Yeah. New baby. I mean, I still can't believe I'm doing this all over again.

Sharon: Well, you're a great father to our kids, nick. You're gonna be a great father to the new baby, too.

Nick: It's still kind of a shock -- how supportive you're being.

Sharon: Is it rare for me to be nice?

Nick: Well, in the past, you haven't exactly been thrilled when I was with another woman or, let alone, having a baby with her.

Sharon: Well, I was jealous back then. I had this unhealthy belief that only I could be the mother of your children. I wouldn't have accepted you having a family with someone else.

Nick: And that's changed?

Sharon: I'm starting my own family now.

Nick: Uh... are you pregnant?

Abby: [Sighs] [Chuckles] You know, we should put this on video, give those dancing penguins a run for their money.

Stitch: [Chuckles] Well, I guess that's nick's guard over there.

Abby: [Sighs]

Sage: W-why would nick need a guard?

Abby: Our father seems to think that his family and their loved ones are in danger.

Sage: What?

Stitch: Sage, it's nothing major.

Abby: No, you're totally safe, not that means you're not nick's loved one. It's just you're not exactly family.

Sage: Has someone threatened nick?

Sharon: Pregnant? Why would you think that?

Nick: Well... you're not drinking and you just said something about starting your own family.

Sharon: Not drinking alcohol doesn't always mean you're pregnant, and I was referring to adding Dylan to my life.

Nick: Okay. Well, let me know if you need a refill.

Sharon: Will do.

Dylan: What -- you -- you forgot your lemon.

Sharon: Oh. [Chuckles] You know, that's something else you should know about me. Sometimes I'm a complete scatterbrain.

Dylan: Yeah, well, I'm enjoying the process. Mm.

[Cell phone rings]

Dylan: [Sighs] Hello.

Avery: Dylan, I heard rattling at my window. I think someone's trying to get in.

Dylan: Call the police.

Avery: Can you just come by?!

Sharon: You should go.

Dylan: Now?

Sharon: She's scared. I know how that feels.

Dylan: Okay, Avery, look, I'll be right there. That's very nice of you.

Sharon: I couldn't really enjoy myself knowing that Avery's terrified and alone.

Dylan: I just can't keep doing this. [Smooches] Can you get home okay?

Sharon: Yeah. Of course.

Dylan: Okay.

Cane: Crisis has been averted. Now, where were we?

Lily: Um, I think you were... denying anything real going on with Lauren.

Cane: No, no. I wasn't doing that. I was -- I'm declaring my love to my wife.

Lily: How can you say you love me when you've been lying to me?

Cane: I haven't been lying to you.

Lily: You haven't been lying to me?

Cane: No.

Lily: What about Lauren's midnight visit to your room? No woman goes to a man's room at that hour unless it's for a booty call.

Cane: What are you talking about? I don't understand what you're talking about here.

[Computer key clacks]

Lily: I have hotel-surveillance footage, so you can't deny it.

Cane: Are you checking up on me?

Lily: Are you kidding me right now? Is that really your response? Who's the injured party here?

Cane: I don't know. But that's a pretty good question, isn't it?

Michael: I think it's a reasonable reaction. You keep denying that you need...anything that I can't, uh, supply. Well, there's now evidence that you do.

Lauren: Evidence supplied by an irrational wife who jumped to the wrong conclusion.

Michael: What other explanation is there for you being in that man's room at midnight?!

Lauren: Michael, I am so tired of pleading my case to you! I thought you knew me better. Clearly, I don't know you anymore. You are not the man I married.

Michael: Well, I'm glad you're finally able to admit that.

Lauren: No, no, I am not talking about your ability to satisfy me. I am talking about your blind spot -- your idiotic perception. [Sighs] You refuse -- refuse -- to believe that it does not matter what you can or cannot do in the bedroom. It does not matter to me.

Michael: Evidently it does.

Lauren: The man I married would be talking about all the wonderful things in our lives, the amazing life that we built and the decades that we still have to spend together. The man that I married would do everything to keep his family together and not run from this one problem.

Michael: Is that what I'm doing?

Lauren: I don't know what you're doing.

Michael: We don't belong together anymore. What are you thinking?

Lauren: I'm tired of this. You refuse... to listen to me. I can't do this anymore. I'm done. Hand me the divorce papers. I'm ready to sign.

Lauren: Hand me the pen. I hope you're happy now. No! No. I haven't lied to you at all, and I'm not gonna start now. I don't hope you're happy. I hope you hear our song on the radio and that it haunts you for weeks. I hope...that when you dream of me, it's so vivid... that you wake up aching with need...that I'm not there. But most of all... I hope you are in as much pain as I am.

Ashley: Jack had good reasons for wanting me to be the executor of his estate, rather than his wife.

Victor: Could it be that he doesn't trust his wife with personal information?

Phyllis: Oh, that's a nice try, Victor.

Victor: What do you think I'm trying to do?

Phyllis: The ush -- stirring up trouble. Trying to get Ashley here to, uh, question Jack's motives.

Victor: She's a wise woman. I'm sure she has already done that.

Phyllis: Do you really think that you're gonna get Jack's sister and his wife to believe that Jack's the bad guy when, really, you're the guilty one?

Ashley: Especially when you haven't even tried to proclaim your innocence.

Phyllis: See, I'm not even talking about the embezzlement. I'm talking about what you did to him.

Victor: What did I do to him?

Phyllis: He's not the same man that you pulled out of the rubble.

Victor: Hmm.

Phyllis: Am I the only one who's had that thought?

Ashley: No.

Phyllis: Yeah. I think somehow you drugged him when you were in that hospital together, and that wouldn't be the first time that you got a doctor to administer an unauthorized drug to get the changes you wanted.

Victor: You mean when I talked a doctor into administering a drug to you that got you out of your coma?

Phyllis: Yeah, is that what happened? Did you cause the change in Jack? What did you do?

Victor: Now, if I wanted to do something nefarious to Jack Abbott, do you think I would frame myself for embezzlement?

Stitch: I wonder how long Crockett and Tubbs are gonna be tailing us?

Abby: Not much longer, if I have anything to do with it. [Whispering indistinctly]

Stitch: [Chuckles]

Abby: Where do you think you're going?

With you.

Abby: To the ladies' room? Yeah. I didn't think so.

Sharon: All right. Have a good night, nick.

Nick: You too. But before you go, I'd like you to answer the question you dodged earlier. Are you pregnant?

Sharon: The timing would be all wrong for that. Dylan and I are just getting to know each other.

Nick: And living together.

Sharon: Yes, but he's just come off of a serious relationship, and I honestly don't know if he really wants to have children after his experience with Chelsea. And I come with a ready-made family.

Sage: I had a lot of those same concerns before I told nick we were having a baby. Talked myself into all these problems that didn't exist.

Sharon: Until...

Sage: Until, uh, I spoke to nick and I realized how off base I was.

Sharon: Are you suggesting I talk to Dylan about this?

Nick: I really think you should. I mean, Dylan and I aren't as close as brothers could or should be. But knowing Dylan the way I do, I know he'd like to be a dad.

Dylan: The place is clean.

Avery: You sure? Yes, of course you're sure. This is my own fault. I-I-I forgot to use the new lock after Phyllis left, and I-I just thought --

Dylan: Yeah, there's no sign of anyone getting in here.

Avery: Okay. That's a relief. Um, I-I-I need some wine for my nerves. Do you want a glass?

Dylan: You know what? I-I have to go.

Avery: Thank you for -- for doing this, for coming by.

Dylan: Yeah, just make sure you lock all your locks this time, okay?

Avery: I will.

Dylan: [Sighs]

Avery: What? What is it?

Dylan: You were supposed to call the police if you -- you saw or heard anything.

Avery: I know.

Dylan: So, why -- why'd you call me?

Avery: I was scared. I-I-I wasn't thinking very clearly, and the cops can take a long time to get here, and there's reports and...

Dylan: And?

Avery: I knew you'd come. I knew you would take care of me and make me feel safe.

Dylan: I can't -- I can't come every time.

Avery: Okay. Yeah. I'm -- I'm sorry. I'm sorry I called you.

Dylan: It's just that --

Avery: No, it's fine. I got it. I got it. I'm -- I'm -- I'm sorry when I believed you that you wanted to be my friend.

Dylan: I do.

Avery: No, this is an inconvenience for you -- the whole "violent ex-husband terrorizing me" thing. So I understand. Go. Go home. Go home to Sharon. Just go!

Dylan: Avery... come on. You're stronger than this. I got to go. If you need a friend, you call your sister, okay? And if you get scared... just call the police.

[Door closes]

Stitch: What, did you -- did you inhale that cheeseburger?

Abby: I was starving, and who doesn't love a burger from burger beat?

Stitch: I can think of someone. [Chuckles]

Abby: Victoria. Yeah, she doesn't like the burgers, but is a sucker for those fries.

Stitch: Abby, I-I didn't mean to --

Abby: No. I-I brought her up.

Stitch: Yeah, you did. Why did you?

Abby: I-I don't know. I guess I was just thinking about something she told me once.

Stitch: About me?

Abby: That when your personal lives straightened out, that you realized there wasn't that much between you. Was she right?

Stitch: Yeah, you know, I think so.

Abby: But then -- then what does that mean for us? I mean, our whole relationship has been moving from -- from one crisis to the next. I mean, what happens when there's no more crises?

Stitch: I'll tell you what. I am really looking forward to finding out.

Abby: Well, it looks like it might be a while before we're in a no-crisis zone.

Stitch: [Chuckles] It seems like it, right?

Abby: Yeah. [Chuckles]

Stitch: There you go, Crockett. Yeah. [Chuckles]

Cane: You actually pulled the hotel footage?

Lily: Why do you sound insulted?

Cane: Because I am insulted.

Lily: What, because I caught you in the act?

Cane: No, no, you didn't catch me doing anything.

Lily: I have it on tape.

Cane: No, no, what you have on tape is Lauren coming to my hotel-room door -- that's it. But you didn't see what she came inside the room, did you?

Lily: Yeah, I can only imagine.

Cane: You can only imagine. Okay. And why is it the first thing your imagination goes to is infidelity?

Lily: You kissed her. Is it so illogical of me to think that you had sex?

Cane: Why is it so important for you to be actually right about your suspicion, as opposed to listening to what I'm trying to say to you?

Lily: Because all you're doing is telling me lies. I am not gonna stand here and listen to another one!

Cane: I'm not lying to you! [Sighs]


[Door slams]


[Knock on door]

Joe: Hey. I saw what happened downstairs. Wanted to make sure you're okay.

Lily: No, I am not okay. I am so furious at my lying, cheating husband I could scream!

Joe: Hey, hey, you -- you don't need that.

Lily: How do you know what I need?

Dylan: [Sighs]

Sharon: How's Avery?

Dylan: Uh, she's, uh, pretty freaked out. There's no evidence, though, of a break-in or somebody trying to break in.

Sharon: Well, she wouldn't make something like that up.

Dylan: No, no, I know she wouldn't. This whole thing with Joe is really getting to her. I shouldn't keep running over there.

Sharon: No, it's okay.

Dylan: What about our date?

Sharon: It's fine. It didn't ruin it. Actually, it's better, maybe, that we're at home.

Dylan: [Exhales sharply] Uh, what -- what's all this?

Sharon: We're having a baby.

Lauren: Michael, you're gonna be a father.

Lauren: [Sighs]

Cane: [Sighs]

Here's some tea.

Lauren: Hey. [Sighs] I should warn you -- Lily misconstrued something that she saw.

Cane: The hotel-surveillance footage. Yeah, I already know.

Lauren: So you explained things to her, right?

Cane: Tried to, but she wouldn't listen to me. And just when I thought that she was going to forgive me for something that happened, she goes off on me for something that didn't. You know, I -- I think our trust is gone, and I just don't think I can fix it.

Lauren: No. No, no, no. You have got to try.

Cane: She won't listen to me.

Lauren: No, you go to her, and you tell her you won't stop loving her. Please, do it before it's too late.

Lily: Joe? Joe?

Avery: Yes, this is an emergency. Someone is in my apartment. [Sniffles]

Sharon: I just took a pregnancy test. It -- it was a huge surprise to me, too. And, of course, we've never even talked about the possibility of --

Dylan: Sharon --

Sharon: You're absolutely right. There's so much more that we need to get to know about each other, and we've been moving so fast. So I know what you're gonna say. You're not ready for this. And how could I expect you to be? So if this is too much --

Dylan: This is the greatest news.

Nick: Are you almost done? Uh, you look tired. We should --

Sage: Who looks tired?

Nick: No. Not you. You look great.

Sage: Thank you.

Nick: I'm the one who's tired. Let's go home.

Sage: All right. Let's go home. What should I prepare for our guest? Stitch and Abby told me who he was.

Nick: Yeah, I don't like having a tail, but dad seems to think the family needs protection right now.

Sage: Why? Should I be worried?

Nick: He didn't give any details. But like I told you earlier --

Sage: Newman men can be overprotective.

Nick: We are. But just know this. You're gonna be safe. I will not let anyone hurt you or my baby.

Victor: So no explanation for the so-called embezzlement? Has it occurred to you that I didn't embezzle a damn thing? But then you already know that, don't you? Since you and your family... helped Jack set me up.

Ashley: And so it begins.

Phyllis: I get it now.

Victor: You do?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Victor: Huh.

Phyllis: You've gone about this methodically -- the same way you masterminded my recovery for months. Jack warned me, but I refused to believe him. You have wanted to get him out of the picture from the beginning.

Victor: Hmm.

Phyllis: And I think you're planning on trying to kill him.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Lily: Do I have your word then -- you won't say anything to anyone?

Adam: I think you're right. He has changed.

Phyllis: Why would you say that? You didn't know the old Jack.

Billy: We think Bingham needs a DNA test.

Marco: I absolutely agree.

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