Y&R Transcript Monday 6/22/15


Episode # 10693 ~ Jack hits a snag on his way home; Ashley opens up to Phyllis; Summer learns of Kyle's deception.

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Summer: So this is what you couldn't tell me -- how you all were setting up my grandpa? Kyle, you live with him. He treated you like a son, and you just sat there and watched them haul him off like he was some criminal?

Kyle: Summer, please, you --

Phyllis: Look... we need to stay calm, and we need to just discuss this rationally.

Summer: How can I be rational? I just watched my grandfather be arrested.

Phyllis: There is a reasonable explanation for all of this, isn't there?

Marco: Summer, he wasn't set up. And Kyle is not responsible for his situation. You know me. You know Victor. I wouldn't do this, and above all, Victor wouldn't allow this to happen.

Summer: You two called a truce, and you made such a big deal out of it. I mean, between the company name and the dinner and the shaking of the hands and the smiling at one another, you didn't mean any of it, did you? How long were you setting this up for? You just had to stab him in the back, didn't you? You just had to send him to jail?

Marco: I give you my word, I did not want this to happen. I didn't. Look, when I said no more drama, I meant no more drama. I want peace in my life. I want a chance to live out my days with the woman I love. Fighting with Victor, arguing with you, defending myself -- who wants that?

Summer: You, because you want him gone completely. You want everything to yourself.

Marco: That is your grandfather's game, sweetheart, not mine.

Summer: Yeah, it may be, but you know what? At least he owns up to it. He doesn't pretend to be someone that he's not.

Jack: Your Marco has taken over my life -- my son, my family, my wife! How does he snow an entire town?!

Marisa: I thought you were Marco -- me! I even kissed you because of it. The captain tried to kill you. People want you dead because of your face. They only see what's in front of them.

Jack: But you know the truth now.

Marisa: Because you told me.

Jack: No, you knew something wasn't right.

Marisa: Marco is in that magical town of yours.

Jack: Genoa city.

Marisa: And if he wants them to think that he is you, then they will believe.

Jack: That is ridiculous. He's not me! And somebody would've noticed. Not everybody but the people closest to me -- my son, my wife -- Phyllis. That son of a bitch! No!

Billy: It happened. Victor is in the pokey.

Ashley: Really? You know, I didn't gather that from the dozens of calls and texts I got asking what this meant for the future of Newman-Abbott.

Billy: Well, it means that snidely can't tear us down, and you can feel free to spread the good news.

Ashley: I think I asked you to text Kyle and tell him not to do anything until I had a chance to speak with Jack.

Billy: Well, you may not know how free will works, but I don't actually have to do what you say, especially if it's a mistake.

Ashley: A mistake. You're gonna question my judgment. You let our nephew oversee a money transfer that implicates... Victor Newman.

Billy: No, that was Jack's call.

Ashley: What happened to your free will, Billy? You could've said no, couldn't you.

Billy: Well, clearly, I thought it was a decent idea. It worked. I was right.

Ashley: It didn't have to happen today. It could have waited until I spoke with Jack, and you know it.

Billy: Ash, the window of opportunity was closing. I confirmed the transfer. It's done. There's nothing else to talk about.

Ashley: Do you know what this really is?

Billy: What? Tell me.

Ashley: You didn't want to wait because you knew it was your chance at payback. Finally, after all this time, you could get even with Victor, and you know it.

Billy: You may not believe this, but this wasn't a vendetta. It was self-preservation.

Ashley: Right.

Billy: It was eat or be eaten. Victor is always one step ahead of us, and you know it. And this time, he wasn't. We scored a point. Victor is finally out of the picture.

Ashley: Oh, my god. You really believe he's just gonna lie back and take this? Really?

Paul: There you go. So... it didn't take long to trace the missing funds back to you, Victor, which, on one hand, is really great. You know, I save on manpower, and I have a case that's instantly solved. But on the other hand... I've known you a long time. It's just not like you to leave a trail like that. So either you got sloppy, or... you didn't care. Didn't think anyone would notice. So why don't you help me out here? Why don't you, um... explain it to me? Tell me what you know.

Ashley: An arrest does not mean that Victor spends the rest of his life in jail, Billy. It means an arraignment and then bail and then poof -- he's out. It means an investigation, a trial, a forensics accountant, who's going to track down the funds and everyone that was involved. That's what it means.

Billy: What, like -- like we didn't know that? Ash, we knew that from the beginning, and we have been taking precautions, so just relax and let this play out.

Ashley: How could you be okay with it? Relaxing and let it play out? Are you kidding me?

Billy: Victor would've done this to us the first chance he got.

Ashley: Exactly! And that's why we're Abbotts and he's Victor Newman. Our father would've been so disgusted by us, Billy!

Billy: Ashley... Ashley, look at me. I hear what you're saying. I do. And I know that this is not a perfect scenario.

Ashley: Far, far from it. But this is the move that we had to make.

Ashley: No, we didn't! Jack did this. Jack took this too far, and he's left us out of the loop too damn long. I want an explanation.

Billy: Ash, come on. It worked. We won. This benefits all of us. Just try and be grateful.

Ashley: To Jack? I'm supposed to be grateful to Jack? There's too many secrets, Billy. Like, what about Gabe? What the hell is that about?

Billy: I don't know. Okay? He's Jack's son, and he hates Victor, and...

Billy: I can't stand the guy, but at least we know that he's never gonna side with Victor.

Ashley: We don't. We don't know anything. That's what I'm trying to tell you. That's what makes us vulnerable.

Billy: I covered our tracks. Okay? We're fine.

Ashley: You better hope to god that you were thorough, because if we end up in jail and Victor's out there, he's gonna be able to do whatever he wants to our family and whatever's left of Jabot.

Paul: All right, here it is.

Victoria: When are you releasing my father? He's done nothing. Please tell me you're listening to everything he has to say right now.

Paul: Well, I would, but the thing is, he's not saying anything. He's not even denying the charges.

Victoria: That's ridiculous. Of course he denies it.

Paul: Well, no. Actually, he's only said two words since I brought him in -- "my attorney."

Victoria: Well, then listen to me. My father is innocent, okay? You know it.

Paul: Well, that may be the case, but I still have enough evidence to make an arrest.

Victoria: Well, that's convenient. I want to see him.

Paul: Okay. That's a good idea. Maybe you can talk some sense into him. Just make it short.

Victoria: Dad, why didn't you tell Paul that you're not guilty? You were set up. Everybody knows that it was Jack. Why are you just sitting there, saying nothing?

Victor: I will handle things, all right?

Victoria: You're not even trying to fight these charges. I don't want to hear that it's because of the bad press or because of the company or because of the merger. I will go to Paul right now, and I will tell him everything that I know.

Victor: Victoria. You will say nothing to Paul. Nothing. Got that?

Marco: Summer, I swear to you, I did not do anything to Victor. We did not do anything to Victor.

Summer: He was just arrested.

Marco: The police may have their issue with him. It has nothing to do with the Abbotts. This is what Victor does. He plans, he connives, he steps over the line -- legally and ethically. I wish he had changed. I thought he had.

Summer: You pretended that things had changed.

Marco: Kyle had his questions about this merger from the very beginning. He wasn't alone. Other people questioned whether this was real. It turns out Kyle was right -- not because I wasn't sincere. Because Victor wasn't. And I wasn't stupid about this. I didn't expect Victor to transform overnight to an innocent. But I thought we had a truce, especially after he saved my life. I mean, he wanted Jabot. He could've let me die in the underground and just made a play for the company afterwards.

Summer: Yeah, but he didn't because he's a bigger man than that. He doesn't want to fight with you anymore, Jack.

Marco: I wanted to think that, too, but you know what? It occurred to me that maybe getting the company that way was too easy. He needed more of a challenge, so he did this, and he got caught. Victor did this to himself.

Kyle: Look, summer, you have to --

Marco: Summer knows what I'm talking about. Summer knows Victor very well, whether she wants to face it or not. Summer, I know this is difficult, but it's the truth.

Summer: I can't listen to this anymore.

Kyle: Summer, just wait --

Marco: Kyle, Kyle, stick around. I need you to help me with the fallout.

Kyle: But, dad, she's upset.

Marco: I think it's time for her mother to talk to her. Do you think you could help her see things a little more clearly?

Phyllis: Sure, I'll give that a shot.

Marco: I knew I could count on you.

Jack: He's fooled all of them -- my brother, my sisters, my son, my wife. If that lowlife piece of garbage --

Marisa: You judge him. You don't know him!

Jack: He is masquerading as me, with my family. You bet I judge him. He's putting them in danger. There are people out there that want to kill this maniac. He's surrounding himself with the people I love!

Marisa: You love her.

Jack: More than anything in the world. And she knows that looking in my eyes.

Marisa: Then you know how to look at a woman. And so does Marco.

Jack: He doesn't know her. I do.

Marisa: And I don't know you. But for a few moments, a few kisses, I believed in you because I wanted Marco back... alive, with me.

Jack: She knows everything about me.

Marisa: Does she love you? Would the thought of losing you hurt her?

Jack: Of course, it would, yes.

Marisa: So then she's not thinking about you being lost. The love of her life is right there with her.

Jack: If that thug has taken over my life --

Marisa: He's not some thug. He's clever and intelligent and passionate. And if he wants your wife to believe in him, he'll make her believe. And you're right -- he's a son of a bitch!

Victor: I need you to get me out of bail.

Victoria: Of course. But you have to at least fight, Dad, starting right now, this second, not after you get out on bail.

Victor: Don't you worry about a thing, okay?

Victoria: How can you be so calm? Is this part of the plan, so that you can retaliate against Jack later?

Victor: There will be no retaliation. Right now, the issue at hand is my arraignment and bail.

Victoria: Dad, why? You could get the charges tossed right now. You knew that Jack was up to something, you saw it coming, you could tell Paul, you can have him release you, and you can look into it.

Victor: That is not my priority right now.

Victoria: The Abbotts drained our accounts. They're trying to set you up. They're trying to keep you out of the loop and discredit you. They want to take control of Newman-Abbott. That's what they want.

Victor: Listen to me carefully. I don't give a damn about the Abbotts. Right now, I'm concerned about the safety of the lives of the people I love.

Victoria: Dad, what are you talking about?

Kyle: You know, dad, the way you lied to summer and Phyllis just now, I almost believed you. And I know the truth.

Marco: I had to do that for their sake. For them to know the truth now would be risky. I couldn't do that to them.

Kyle: I just didn't think that it would feel like this.

Marco: This is what justice feels like, son. Victor is not a victim. He's not an innocent. After everything he's done?

Kyle: I don't understand. Has he done something to you recently that we don't know about?

Ashley: You better not be gloating.

Marco: Gloating? No, of course not.

Billy: Ashley thinks I jumped the gun.

Ashley: Yeah. I told Billy that Kyle shouldn't do anything until I had a chance to talk with you.

Marco: Well, thank god you didn't wait. We needed things in action, and now we need to all pull together and protect our father's legacy from Victor.

Ashley: Could you explain that to me? When did Victor become so dangerous that you had to go to these lengths to neutralize him?

Marco: I was wrong about Victor. You want me to say it again? I was wrong.

Billy: A guy saves your life, and you think that maybe he's not an ass anymore. I mean, the same thing happened to me with Gabe when he hauled me out of that penthouse fire, and I thought, "well, maybe this guy's not such a complete donkey after all." 'Course, then he had sex with my fiancée, and here we are. Plus, now he's my nephew.

Ashley: Yeah. Some more information that you withheld from us.

Marco: Could we just fight one battle at a time? Right now, we all have to stick together. Stay with the plan.

Ashley: And what plan is that?

Marco: The forensic accountants will do their job first.

Ashley: Right, leaving a trail that will lead right back to him, right?

Kyle: No. I followed the directions. It can't come back to me, right?

Billy: Ash, you're freaking the kid out. Look, I did my job, you did yours.

Marco: I promise you, everything will lead back to Victor.

Ashley: Yeah, my daughter's father, who has done nothing, and yet he's been arrested.

Billy: Kind of like how he had Victoria thrown in jail on our wedding day. Yeah. Yeah, I'm really torn up about this.

Ashley: You know what, Billy, is this a vendetta, or are we protecting our father's legacy? Because I'm just not sure anymore.

Billy: I say we make it about both.

Kyle: It had to be done.

Ashley: No, there had to be a better way.

Marco: It's a moot point. It's happening now. Look, we all have to trust each other.

Ashley: You want us to trust you, even though you've withheld information every step of the way. Well, I'm not gonna blindly follow you any more.

Kyle: Wait. Are you saying you don't have our backs anymore?

Ashley: There's more to this, isn't there, Jack? There's more than you're saying.

Jack: An imposter's with my wife, in my bed. I got to get out of here.

Marisa: Stop, stop. Ma-- maybe he isn't with her. Maybe he knew he had to keep her away to pull off the charade.

Jack: Did he say something? Did he talk about Phyllis on the phone?

Marisa: There wasn't enough time. I just know he's occupying your life.

Jack: That's why I have to get back there. They're going to figure it out sooner or later, and once he's discovered, he's dangerous.

Marisa: I can promise you that.

Jack: Get into town. Get the money that he wired you.

Marisa: Marco knows me. I know Marco. That's the way it is with love. So I would know him anywhere.

Phyllis: Summer, you do not walk out --

Summer: You're supposed to know Jack better than anybody else. How could he do that? How could you not know?

Phyllis: Okay. Can we just slow down and stop blaming me for everything right now? We don't know what happened.

Summer: I do know what happened.

Phyllis: No, you don't. You don't know if Victor was set up. You don't know if Jack was behind this.

Summer: Kyle made it very clear that something was going on. They were trying to frame Victor and send him to jail.

Phyllis: Victor has gotten himself out of worse situations than this.

Summer: So that's an excuse for Jack to torture him?

Phyllis: No, that isn't what I'm saying. I'm saying that trauma can change a person. Look at me -- I'm not the same person who fell down the stairs and ended up in a coma. Jack almost died. Victor saved him, and he exploited that fact. It would've gotten worse. No matter if you don't want to see this or not, Victor is capable of anything.

Summer: Okay. Well, it still doesn't make any sense to me.

Phyllis: Summer, I am trying here, okay?

Summer: You're trying to smooth things over for Jack. He loves you. And he loves me, and if he said he didn't do this to Victor --

Summer: You keep saying that Victor is capable of doing all these things, but you're forgetting that Jack has done things, too. I've heard the stories. I don't know -- I don't know how you're believing these lies.

Phyllis: You stop it. Not another word. That is my husband, and he has loved you like a daughter. He went into this merger in faith to end this war for good.

Summer: Yeah, ending it by destroying someone that I love, and you know that it's true. You just don't want to admit that Jack has been lying to your face for months.

Victor: All I can tell you is that you have got to let me handle things.

Victoria: Handle what? What are you talking about? How could we be in danger?

Victor: Sweetheart, the details are irrelevant. I want you to call my security team. Make sure that they assign one guard to each member of my family.

Victoria: Dad, now you're beginning to make me nervous right now.

Victor: Once bail has been arranged, I will take care of the rest.

Victoria: Physical danger? So you really think that somebody would try to harm our family?

Victoria: But Jack would never do something like that.

Victor: This has nothing to do with Jack Abbott.

Victoria: Then who are you talking about?

Marco: Why are you doing this? We are on the same team.

Ashley: Don't try that with me. You've been a team of one for months.

Marco: I am focused on the future, eliminating threats so that we can go on and live our lives. It's as simple as that.

Ashley: I'm taking this. This isn't over.

Billy: I will try and get through to her.

Marco: Give it your best shot. Thanks. Thank you for sticking around.

Kyle: I should get back to summer.

Marco: Wait, wait. We need to talk. I want to make sure there are no loose ends that need to be tied up.

Phyllis: I have no illusions about Jack. This is not our first time around. I have lied to him, he's lied to me. That was then, not now.

Summer: So you do think that grandpa is guilty of embezzlement. Why would he do anything like that?

Phyllis: It wouldn't be the first time. Victor loves games. Taking money from one place, bringing it to another -- that's what he does. That's nothing for him.

Summer: Okay. Well, I'm not asking if he could do it. I'm asking you if you actually think that he did it -- the man that helped take you out of a coma, the man that saved Jack's life. You really think that he would do this?

Phyllis: We are not certain about what happened.

Summer: You know, if Victor didn't do it, then he was framed.

Phyllis: Summer...

Summer: No, Kyle wanted to tell me something so much. He was so close. And if I would've known, I would've tried to stop him. Why would he do that to grandpa? He's just doing anything that Jack tells him to do, no matter how dirty it is.

Phyllis: You have no details, no confirmation. You're convicting Kyle already?

Summer: Oh, no, I'm blaming Jack, too, 'cause he made Kyle do this. Do you still want to stick up for your husband now?

Phyllis: Summer, go home. I will talk to Jack. I will find out what's really going on.

Summer: No, I don't think you want to know really what's going on. Kyle told me that our love is stronger than their stupid war, and I really hope that that's the truth for you and Jack.

Phyllis: I smell alcohol on your breath.

Marco: Yeah, yeah, I had one little drink. Celebrating. The meeting I just had, it's about Jabot.

Phyllis: You can't have "one little drink." You're in recovery. You always will be.

Marco: Don't be a killjoy. There are great things on the horizon -- for me and my company. This is not a time to be worried.

Phyllis: I am worried you think this path you're on isn't dangerous. Have you forgotten the hell you went through to kick your addiction?

Marco: I absolutely have not. Neither have I forgotten that you were right there with me.

Phyllis: Yeah, and I don't want to go back to that place.

Marco: Do you really think I would do that to us?

Phyllis: I thought this Newman-Abbott deal was an equal partnership.

Marco: It is.

Phyllis: Then why are you stepping back and letting Victor run things? Considering your history, I'd think you'd be watching his every move.

Jack: You would think that, wouldn't you?

Phyllis: So...why aren't you? Come on. Aren't you afraid the rat's gonna just take over while the cat is out there speeding around in his new Ferrari?

Marco: I trust Victor. You can't really be saying you prefer the old, boring Jack, whose only focus was a cosmetics company, can you? Come here.

Phyllis: I'm just trying to get used to this new you.

Marco: Oh, this is still me, whether I'm behind a desk or with you on top of it.

Marco: [Speaking Spanish]

Phyllis: Honey, are you all right?

Marco: Just had a strange dream.

Phyllis: More like a nightmare, from the sound of it.

Marco: "Sound of it"?

Phyllis: Yeah, you called out just before you woke up.

Marco: What did I say?

Phyllis: I have no idea. It was in Spanish.

Marco: Spanish?

Phyllis: That's what it sounded like. Since when are you fluent in Spanish? [Gasps]

Marco: What the heck do you think you're doing?

Phyllis: How could you possibly have a son that you never told me about? You have always been able to deal with your family. They haven't changed. The one thing that is different here is you.

Jack: How much did he send?

Marisa: It wasn't there.

Jack: Oh, come on. There was nothing there?

Marisa: What? You think I kept it for myself? Would I have bothered coming back for you if I did?

Jack: Okay. I'm -- I'm sorry. I'm worried about my family. I -- wait, wait. You told him where you were so he could wire you the money.

Marisa: Yes. But I told you, it wasn't there.

Jack: We got to get out of here now.

Marisa: Go where? How?

Jack: You told me you know Marco, he knows you. He knows you lied about me being dead. Come on.

Victoria: That's it? We need protection from someone, but you won't tell me who?

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: I'm sorry, but that's not good enough, dad. What about you? Are you safe in here? Should I be worried about you?

Paul: Okay. I brought your attorney, just like you requested.

Victor: Mm.

Paul: So, Victoria, your visit's over. I hope it was productive. So, I take it it didn't go too well.

Summer: How's grandpa?

Victoria: I don't even know how to answer that question.

Summer: Well, I need to be interviewed or interrogated, whatever. I just need to talk about these charges about my grandpa.

Victoria: No, summer, you're not involved in this.

Summer: Yes, I am -- as much as you, if not more.

Victoria: Just calm down, come with me, and --

Paul: You know, summer is an adult. I'd like to hear what she has to say.

Summer: Victor was set up. The Abbotts arranged this entire thing. Kyle goes out of town, and as soon as he comes back, my grandpa was arrested. Find out where he was and what he was doing, and I'm sure you're gonna find that account where the money was stashed.

Jack: Who the hell are you?!

Man: Tie her hands.

Jack: Oh, you're giving me orders now? Do you know who you're dealing with?! You get out of here while you still have a chance!

Marisa: It's Marco, idiota!

Man: Marco gave me orders.

Jack: I gave you orders? Oh, no. Amigo, someone is playing you. Get the hell out of here before I lose my temper!

Man: You're a candy-ass rich guy with the same face. Now tie her up.

Jack: Go ahead -- shoot me. Save one bullet for yourself.

Marisa: You followed me here, didn't you? They told you to trail me back here? Are you stupid? They all want Marco dead, and once you hand him over, you'll be dead, too.

Jack: You better hope both of us are killed, 'cause when I get my hands on you --

Marisa: Stop! No more.

Jack: You keep your mouth shut if you want to stay alive.

Marisa: Please... please, leave me out of it. We're all dead if you do this. At least give me a head start. You're such a -- you're such a strong man. I'll do anything.

Man: Ohh!

Marisa: Get away from him!

Kyle: There are no loose ends, at least not because of me. I followed the plan, Dad. The money is in the account, and it obviously led them back to Victor. Now, when the police are done with the investigation, they have to release the funds back to us. And, dad, we are gonna put that money back where it belongs.

Marco: This is why I knew I could count on you, son. You did a great job.

[Cell phone beeps]

Marco: I know this is difficult, but it had to be done.

Billy: Jack, would you tell her that all is right with the world and that we can enjoy this Victory?

Ashley: Oh, I'm sorry, Billy. You know, you can say it a thousand times, but I'm not gonna stop being concerned, and I'm not gonna stop asking questions.

Billy: Okay, fine. Don't enjoy it, but at least stop doubting it. Look, your turn to try and talk her down.

Ashley: Excuse me? You really think I could be manipulated that easily? You keep talking that way to me --

Marco: No, no, no, no, no! We can't keep being at each other's throats. Look, I want to talk to you both about all of this and more... but I have something I have to deal with.

Ashley: Oh, no, you don't.

Marco: You know what you can do. I have faith in you.

Ashley: What?!

Billy: Jack...

Ashley: Yeah, he has faith in you because you've been parroting everything he says lately. And now he's leaving yet again. No alarms going off yet, huh? Our brother's acting completely out of character.

Billy: Maybe he's just sick of Victor always coming out on top. And you know what? So am I. I mean, aren't -- aren't you guys ready to see Victor actually lose a round for once?

Kyle: Ashley's right. Dad is different -- and not just the way he's reacting to Victor but the way he's reacting to everything. It's -- it's... it's weird.

Phyllis: Have you seen Jack? I need him to explain things to summer himself, and then I need to talk to him.

Kyle: How is she?

Kyle Abbott?

Kyle: Yes.

You're wanted down at the station for questioning.

Victoria: I told you not to get into this. Just let dad handle it.

Summer: Okay. So you think he's guilty. You think that grandpa embezzled money.

Victoria: No, of course I don't think that.

Summer: Then we should be in there defending him instead of letting the police believe all these lies.

Victoria: But we don't have enough information. What we do know is that dad wants us to stay out of it. He wants to handle it on his own.

Summer: Meanwhile, Jack wins.

Victoria: Jack isn't the issue -- not right now. At least, not according to dad.

Summer: What does that even mean? Did someone else set grandpa up? I don't understand.

Victoria: I don't know. I was hoping that maybe you could help with that. Have you heard anything from the Abbotts? Anything at all?

Victor: I'll speak with you shortly. Thank you.

Victoria: He arranged bail that quickly.

Summer: Hi. Hi.

Victor: He is paid to be efficient.

Summer: Grandpa, are you okay?

Victor: Yes, my sweetheart, I'm okay. Don't you worry about me. Okay?

Summer: Are you done here? Can you go home now?

Victor: Yes, I can. Now, a security detail will be watching over you. Have you arranged for it?

Summer: Wait. Security? Why? I don't --

Victoria: I called them. They're coming. They asked us to wait here until they arrive.

Summer: Wait. What Kyle and Jack was awful, but it wasn't dangerous.

Victor: I want you to stay here and wait for your bodyguard. Is that clear? And after that, you be careful. Whatever you do, you be careful. I'll take care of the Abbotts.

Phyllis: The police want Kyle for questioning? I mean, according to Jack, he's done nothing wrong. What the hell is going on here?

Billy: The questioning is just that -- questions. Of course they're gonna look at us. They want to go over the details, that's all.

Ashley: And what details are that, exactly?

Billy: Here's a thought. I'm gonna go down to the jail and make sure that Kyle has a ride home when this is all over, which I'm sure will be...quick. All right? So, everything's gonna be fine. All righty?

Ashley: Yeah, get Kyle out of there, please. He's not guilty of any of this.

Phyllis: Why don't you talk to me and tell me what's going on?

Ashley: You don't want to know, Phyllis. Believe me, you don't want to know. I wish I didn't.

Phyllis: Well, that's not terrifying at all.

Ashley: It's bad.

Phyllis: This was all a plan. You're all in on it, aren't you.

Ashley: Look, I wasn't at first. I know, and then I caved, and that means I'm sharing the guilt.

Phyllis: Okay. What about the others?

Ashley: Oh, please. Billy's happy to see Victor twist. Kyle just wants to please his father.

Phyllis: So, Jack arranged all this? He was behind it even though he denied it? Jack lied to me -- to my face.

Ashley: You're not the only one, and this isn't the first time, but this does feel different. I don't even recognize the man that my brother's become.

Phyllis: Neither do I.

Jack: Here's how it's gonna work. You are going to talk to Marco on your phone. You're going to tell him you did everything he told you to do, right? Then you're gonna run like hell and hope Marco doesn't catch you or I do.

Man: Go to hell!

Jack: Oh, he's loyal. Loyal and stupid. You know what loyal and stupid's gonna get you? It's gonna get you killed. God, I hate to think what's gonna happen to his family when Marco finds out he screwed this whole thing up.

Man: [Chuckles] What are you gonna do? Shoot me?

Jack: Me? Oh, no. Perish the thought. No, I'm just a rich-guy -- what did you say? -- Candy-ass? I'm not gonna shoot you. But she will.

Victor: Don't get up.

Marco: Oh, I wasn't going to. How was your trip to the police station?

Victor: Uneventful. Didn't mention you.

Marco: Smart move.

Victor: I just wanted to get out of there so I could speak with you.

Marco: What's to talk about? Just this -- you come anywhere near my family... and I will kill you.

Kyle: Summer? You're the reason they brought me in?

Summer: Kyle, my grandpa didn't do anything. I'm not gonna let you and your family destroy him.

Victoria: We're ready, summer. Come on. Let's go. Oh. Of course you came. Did you bring your camera? You want to take a picture with my dad and his handcuffs on? Guess what -- it's too late. He's been released.

Billy: Wow. That was fast. Not like our wedding night that you spent in jail.

Victoria: Please don't pretend like you did this for my sake.

Billy: I didn't do anything, so there's nothing to pretend.

Victoria: Complete denial. Not even a flicker of conscience.

Billy: Did you give this little speech to your dad? How's his conscience these days? Because Victor took the money, and he did a whole lot more, so if you want to go off on somebody, why don't you give him a call?

Victoria: Happy father's day, Billy.

Phyllis: At first, I thought it was my fault. You know, it was my brilliant idea to team up with Victor about Kelly. I-I-I forced Jack -- I pushed him. I said, "you know, Victor saved my life and yours, so I think it's time to trust him." But there were these moments that were not of my doing where Jack made no damn sense at all.

Ashley: I know. I saw it, too. I saw it, too, with my own eyes. You know what? He would just deny it and deny it, and he was very convincing. I mean, at times he was.

Phyllis: You mean like with Kelly? He said that never happened -- the night the two of them had sex at the building collapse.

Ashley: I know. That's what he told you.

Phyllis: I didn't push him. I wanted to believe him.

Ashley: Phyllis... I told you that night in the coffee house, remember?

Phyllis: Tell me exactly what you saw.

Ashley: Oh, boy. I saw Jack and Kelly coming out of nick's office, and their clothes were a mess. Now, Jack acted so blasé about it. I thought he'd fallen off the wagon.

Phyllis: But you just saw them, right? It was suspicious.

Ashley: Jack admitted it to me later in the hospital.

Phyllis: I wanted to believe he wouldn't do something like that to me. Every word. We got summer through Austin's death as a team. And then after Courtney's murder, we vowed together to not waste another second. So we ran off, and we got married. Like a perfectly happy couple. But the lies never stopped. Maybe the marriage and the love and the promises are just another list...full of lies.

Marco: Very noble, standing up for your family. Sounded very strong. I like the sound of it.

Victor: Don't try me... if you want to stay alive.

Marco: Oh, I do want to stay alive, very much. Life is good to me right now. Not so much for you, though, huh?

Victor: These trumped-up charges mean nothing to me. They'll be thrown out. However... my family means everything to me.

Marco: Let me be clear. The only people in danger are those who know the truth -- you and me. That's all. You worry about your own safety. Your family means nothing to me.

Victor: Listen, amigo... Marco, mi amigo... I got you out of a Peruvian prison, out of a hellhole. You watch your step. Last warning I'll give you.

[Cell phone rings]

Marco: Well?

Man: It's done. Just like you wanted.

Marco: Okay. One dead and buried. What about the girl?

Man: I know where to take her.

Marco: Okay. I'll be in touch. Nice job, my friend.

Jack: Very nice job. Now, you're gonna get us both off this island.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

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Michael: That you were having an affair with Cane?

Lauren: What did you just say?

Sharon: I'm starting my own family now.

Nick: Are you pregnant?

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