Y&R Transcript Friday 6/19/15


Episode # 10692 ~ Victor protects his loved ones; Jack plans his return.

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Summer: Hi, Grandpa. Happy Father's Day.

Victor: Thank you.

Phyllis: Let's go somewhere else.

Marco: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'm not afraid of Victor. Besides, he's not gonna pull anything here.

Phyllis: Do you seriously think Victor is trying to kill you?

Marco: I think he's capable of anything.

Phyllis: If he wanted you dead, then why wouldn't he just have let you die in that building collapse?

Marco: If that situation happened today, believe me, there would be a different outcome.

Phyllis: So, because of this perceived threat, you're gonna start this war up again between the two of you?

Marco: I am going to take a defensive stance, because sooner or later, he's gonna launch an attack.

Phyllis: Even if he knew exactly what you were up to, there is no way he would retaliate with cold-blooded murder.

Marco: You underestimate how much this company means to him.

Phyllis: If he killed you, he would lose everything.

Marco: Not if he got away with it.

Nick: Thank you. Happy Father's Day, Dad.

Victor: Uh, huh?

Nick: Yeah, I was just trying to wish you a happy Father's Day.

Victor: That's very kind of you. Thank you, son. All right.

Summer: Happy Father's Day.

Victor: Thank you, sweetheart.

Summer: Love you.

Abby: Ooh, wait for me!

Summer: Hi.

Abby: Happy Father's Day.

Victor: Thank you so much. It's so kind of you. Thank you. All right.

Nick: Well, why don't we just sit down? I know Vick's gonna be here any minute.

Noah: Sure.

Abby: Okay. Victoria told me what's going on with you two.

Victor: Ah. Wish she hadn't.

Abby: Dad, this feud with uncle Jack is nothing new, and nothing I can't handle.

Victor: You're my daughter.

Abby: And mom's. I love both my families.

Victor: And that is why I wish you would stay out of it.

Abby: Oh, do you really expect me to do that?

Victor: The feud is between that man over there and me, okay?

Jack: Aah!

Marisa: You woke up.

Jack: You came back.

Marisa: I told you I would.

Jack: I thought maybe...

Marisa: [Sighs] That I would leave you here to die? Is that how it is with the women in your life, Jack Abbott? They abandon you?

Jack: Did you find a doctor? Did you find anyone?

Marisa: No. But I found these. And this.

Paul: Chris, hi.

Christine: Hey, I thought you had to be at the office early this morning.

Paul: No, I actually, um... I had, uh, breakfast with Dylan. He wanted to take me out for Father's Day.

Christine: Oh, that's nice.

Paul: Yeah.

Christine: You didn't think you could tell me?

Paul: Well... I guess I should have. I just, uh -- I know how difficult a day like today would be.

Christine: You don't have to hide your relationship with Dylan from me.

Paul: Okay. And...you don't have to hide your emotions from me, either.

Christine: I won't deny I thought of our child today.

Paul: Yeah, me too.

Christine: Yeah. I feel like I've been doing so good, but today...it just made me think of all the Father's Days you and our daughter won't have a chance to celebrate together.

Paul: Is there anything I can do to make this day easier for you?

Christine: I'm just gonna get through it. And I will. You watch.

Paul: We'll get through it together, okay?

Christine: Okay.

[Knock on door]

Nikki: I'm sorry to interrupt. I was told Christine was here.

Paul: What can we do for you?

Nikki: I'm sure that Paul mentioned to you that I spoke with him yesterday.

Christine: Yeah, he said you wanted to try and make things right with him.

Nikki: Well, I'd like to be able to do the same thing with you...if you'll give me the chance.

Adam: You all right?

Chelsea: I'm fine.

Adam: You're crying?

Chelsea: [Sighs] What do you want, Gabe?

Adam: W-well, I just -- I hate seeing you like this, you know, especially knowing that -- knowing that I'm the cause of it.

Chelsea: You?

Adam: Yeah. I mean, I know you're upset that I didn't tell you Jack was my father.

Chelsea: You're right. I am very upset about that. But that's not why I'm crying. Connor made this. At preschool. His teacher wrote the words, but he did it. For Billy. And, so, once again, I am reminded...on Father's Day that Connor doesn't have a dad. And it's all my fault.

Billy: All right, a show of hands -- who had the best Father's Day ever? Raise your hand! Oh, there it is! What about you, Katie Kate? See, it's unanimous. We knocked it out of the park.

Victoria: Well, how could we go wrong with carousel, swings, ice cream, all that?

Billy: And you got pictures of the best Father's Day ever, right?

Victoria: Yes, I've got tons. I'll forward them to you. Or I will just post the worst ones on FacePlace.

Billy: Your mom thinks she's funny. You know what I told Dee Dee, right?

Victoria: "Only one funny person per family. And that's me, kiddo."

Billy: She said that was the only funny I ever said. [Chuckles]

Victoria: Billy...

Billy: No, no. Happy thoughts. That's what she would want. We've had a lot of those today, haven't we? Felt like old times.

Victoria: Yeah, it did. I'd like to keep that going.

Billy: Me too.

Victoria: Okay, good. So then let's stop playing games. You said you'd tell me when Jack was planning to make a move against my dad. So I'll ask you again. What is Jack planning?

Nikki: I know there's nothing I can say to ease your pain, but I would like the opportunity to at least be heard.

Paul: You know, Chris, if you'd rather not --

Christine: No, I-I-it's all right. I'll hear what Nikki has to say.

Paul: You sure?

Christine: Yeah.

Paul: [Sighs]

Kyle: Paul?

Paul: Kyle.

Kyle: I need to talk to you.

Paul: Uh, can this wait?

Kyle: No. It can't.

Jack: We need to call for help.

Marisa: Ah! Take these first.

Jack: What are these?

Marisa: They'll kill the pain.

Jack: How do I know you're not trying to kill me?

Marisa: Ay, Dios mio. Take the pills and we'll find out.

Jack: Where'd you find that?

Marisa: All you need to know is the battery's about to die.

Jack: Here, give it to me.

Marisa: We need to make this call count. It may be the only one we're able to make.

Jack: We need to call my family.

Phyllis: If you're sincerely worried that Victor's trying to kill you, maybe you should reconsider the coup you're planning against him.

Marco: I'm not worried about Victor. He's a blowhard. He's full of bluster, nothing more.

Phyllis: Well, I wouldn't exactly say that. Need I remind you it's usually an innocent bystander that dies when the two of you wage war against each other?

Marco: No one's gonna get hurt this time.

Phyllis: How can you be so sure?

Marco: Because I have planned things down to the smallest detail.

Phyllis: Which you refuse to give me one of those.

Marco: Listen, you're gonna have to trust me. You can't know anything about this. We have to maintain your plausie deniability.

Phyllis: Is that supposed to make me feel better?

Marco: Where's Kyle, anyway? He should be here by now.

Phyllis: Maybe he had a problem with the business you asked him to handle.

Marco: No, I got a text. Everything went very smoothly for him.

Phyllis: Then I'm sure he will be here. He wouldn't miss Father's Day with you.

Marco: I just hope finding out that Gabe's his brother doesn't spoil the whole celebration.

Phyllis: Well...I have an idea that might help smooth things over.

Nick: So, I talked to faith this morning. We're gonna get together later and celebrate.

Victor: Wondered where she was. She should be with you now.

Nick: Dad, this is her and Sharon's time. We can do our thing later.

Noah: I'm just glad to see you and mom getting along, dad.

Nick: You know, honestly, I was very worried about how she was gonna take the news of me and Sage having a baby, but she's been very cool.

Abby: How are Sage and the baby doing?

Nick: There was some tense times after the surgery, but the doctor gave them both the all clear.

Abby: Hm.

Summer: Is she gonna be coming down to join us for breakfast?

Nick: Well, uh, no. She's -- she's resting. And Sage is actually living with me now out at the ranch.

Abby: Wow. That was fast.

Nick: It might seem like Sage and I are rushing things, but this is what we both want.

Noah: You know what? As long as you guys are both happy.

Summer: Yeah, absolutely.

Abby: How's faith dealing with it?

Nick: You know, I think, um, she's still getting used to the idea that she's gonna be a big sister. But once the baby gets here, I know she's gonna be very excited.

Abby: [Chuckles] Well, I have news. Dad already knows, but the rest of you don't. You are never gonna guess who Gabriel Bingham's real father is.

Nick: Well, isn't it Harrison Bingham?

Abby: It's uncle Jack.

Nick: What?

Summer: What?

Abby: I know, right?

Nick: You knew about this?

Victor: I found out earlier.

Noah: Uh, hey, dad, you think it's possible that Sage knew about this all along?

Nick: No. I mean, no way. If Sage knew Gabe's true identity, she would have said something to me.

Adam: It's not your fault, Chelsea, that Adam isn't here. It's not. It's not your fault that Billy walked out on you.

Chelsea: I never should have let Connor get so close to Billy and get so attached. [Sniffles]

Adam: You're a good person. You're an excellent mom. You were trying to fill a void in your son's life. I understand that.

Chelsea: Yeah, but I let Connor call Billy "daddy." I shouldn't have done that. [Sighs] Billy's not his dad. Adam is. And I should have focused on keeping his memory alive and not trying to replace him.

Adam: You got to quit beating yourself up over this, okay? Really.

Chelsea: I just need to make sure Connor knows, even though his daddy is in heaven, he still loves him.

Adam: I think he's probably too young to understand that.

Chelsea: Time is just going by so fast, you know? I feel like, before long, Connor's gonna start asking questions about his dad. He's gonna want to know. I'm just so scared about that. I-I dread it. [Sighs]

Adam: It's probably a ways away, though, you know?

Chelsea: Well, what am I gonna say when it does happen? I'm gonna say, "sorry, Connor, your -- your daddy [Sighs] Hit a little girl with a car and she died and he lied about it"?

Adam: You can tell him, um... you can tell him how much, uh, his dad loved him. You know, you tell him, uh... [Sighs] You tell him that he wanted to be here to watch him grow up and raise him, and he would have been an amazing father. He wanted to be the kind of dad that he never had. You tell him that. Tell him that he would have been terrific. And then he just...made a mistake. It was an accident. He made one stupid mistake that took everything away from him. Everything that he loved. And you tell him that if he could go back in time, he could fix everything, and he could just...make everything better, he would. You tell him that.

Chelsea: What's going on with you? Why are you so emotional over someone you never even met?

Billy: Look, if Jack is planning on doing something to Victor, then we'll all know soon enough.

Victoria: That's it? That's all you've got to tell me?

Billy: It's all I can tell you, Vick.

Victoria: Okay. I should get going, then.

Billy: Where are you going, back to the office?

Victoria: No. I'm taking the kids home. Hannah's gonna watch them. I'm meeting dad and the rest of the family at the club for brunch.

Billy: What, you -- you're meeting Victor?

Victoria: It's Father's Day, Billy.

Billy: No, I know. I just thought maybe you'd be meeting him later around dinner. Not celebrating so early, that's all.

Victoria: I'm already late. Say goodbye to daddy. Let's go.

Johnny: Bye.

Billy: Vict-- Victoria, wait.

Victoria: What is it, Billy? I told you I'm late.

Billy: I just want you to stay a little longer. I mean, it's like you said. It's Father's Day, and Johnny hasn't even finished eating yet.

Victoria: Is that really the reason you want me to stay?

Billy: No. There is something else.

Victoria: I think I know what it is.

Billy: You do?

Victoria: You told me that Gabriel Bingham is Jack's son. You haven't said two words about it.

Billy: And I'm probably not gonna say anything else about it, either. I mean, Bingham and I may share DNA, but it doesn't change how I feel about the guy.

Victoria: You can say that all you want, but it does change things. Trust me, I know.

Billy: Adam.

Victoria: Yes. Dad brought him to Genoa City. Nothing was ever the same for the Newmans, especially not me and nick. If you want to talk about how you're feeling, go ahead.

Billy: I spoke with Jack last night. And he confirmed it. Gabe is his son. I know that Jack is this playboy, and so it shouldn't come as a shock. But I was, Vick. I was shocked. I mean [Scoffs] Of all the jackasses in the world -- I just don't understand why Jack would keep that to himself. I mean, it's not like Bingham's the first illegitimate child to be introduced to our family. Hell, he's not even Jack's first.

Victoria: You know you're not upset that Jack didn't tell you he had a son. You're upset that he didn't tell you who it was.

Billy: Jack knew that Gabe trashed my relationship with Chelsea. And he didn't say one word about my new nephew. He just let that jerk blindside me with the truth. [Sighs] It's just not like him to do that.

Victoria: He put his own needs first.

Billy: Yeah, he did. He's been doing a lot more of that lately.

Victoria: Well, maybe you should think about that before you let him drag you down this destructive road that he's on.

Jack: [Groans] We call my home. We call a cell. It could go to voicemail. We don't know.

Marisa: You must know someplace where the call won't go to voicemail.

Jack: Jabot. Jabot, yes. Ask for Ashley or Billy or Ky-- ask for any of the Abbotts. Tell them it's urgent.

Marisa: You want me to make the call?

Jack: They all think I am dead. If I call, they'll hear my voice, they'll think it's a hoax, they'll hang up. We don't know how much juice is on that thing.

Marisa: Why would anyone believe me?

Jack: Just get them on the line. Tell them you found their brother, that he's alive, a-and let me handle the rest.

Marisa: [Sighs] I don't know. Why would anyone believe me?

Jack: Calling Jabot.

You calling Jabot is our only option. Give me the phone. I'll dial the number. Give me the phone!

Nick: Well, I talked to mom last night. She sounded great. I think this time away has done her some good.

Victor: Yeah, she looks well.

Nick: She said you weren't happy with her 'cause she's staying at the club now.

Victor: Did you expect me to be happy about that?

Nick: Well, no. But I hope you don't mind, I asked her to join us today.

Victor: Regardless of where your mother stays, I obviously love her.

Nick: I know. I'm gonna go see if I can convince her to come down.

Abby: So, have either of you talked to Kevin? Has he heard anything around the station about the search for the killer?

Noah: Mnh-mnh. He hasn't said anything to me.

Summer: No, me neither.

Abby: I hate this, just sitting around waiting for them to catch the person who murdered Austin and Courtney?

Noah: You know, for all we know, they've given up.

Abby: Well, Kevin hasn't.

Victor: You know, maybe we shouldn't either, you guys.

Abby: But I don't know what we can do.

Summer: I don't know. But we can't just sit here and do nothing.

Victor: Listen to me. All of you. Okay? We're dealing with a dangerous maniac. He has killed three people. So you all stay out of it. Let the police handle it.

Abby: But, dad --

Victor: No. I don't want to hear it. You all mean far too much to me. If anything happens to any of you, I don't know what I will do.

Christine: There was something you wanted to say to me?

Nikki: Yes. I just want -- I-I want to get it right. As right as I can. I know there's nothing I can say to change anything. I can't bring your baby back, or even the possibility of you ever having another child. And that devastates me, Christine. And I want you to know, I take full responsibility for my actions. I tried to trick Neil into my car, to force him to go to an AA meeting. I shouldn't have done either of those things. And I shouldn't have lied about what happened afterwards. But that's what alcoholics do. They lie, and they make excuses. And it -- it doesn't do any good. I mean, if I hadn't lied to Neil about where we were going, none of this would have happened. And I am so, so sorry. I know that you can't forgive me. I just want you to know that I truly and deeply regret everything I've done to hurt you. If I could somehow go back and -- and alter things, I would. But at this point, all I can do is offer you my deepest, deepest apology, and hope that someday you can forgive me.

Christine: I've been so consumed by anger and grief ever since the accident. And, you know, obviously there will always be a part of me that will be sad for what we lost. But I am tired of being angry. And I can't live like this anymore. I can't wake up every day feeling hate and rage.

Nikki: Look, Christine --

Christine: Just let me say this. This isn't easy, okay? I will accept your apology, and I will forgive you, because I have to if I'm gonna have any chance at a happy future.

Chelsea: It doesn't make sense. Are you jealous of Adam?

Adam: I, uh -- I mean, who wouldn't be, right? He, uh -- he had everything. He had you. He had a son that meant the world to him. Guy lived the kind of life that we dream about.

Chelsea: And then he ruined it all with a lie.

Adam: Yeah. He was... he didn't want to lose his family.

Chelsea: How would you know what Adam was thinking?

Adam: I don't know what he's thinking. I-I know that it just makes sense, you know? The guy's desperate. He's scared, horrified. I'm imagining if he had to do it over, he would have told you the truth, just the simple truth, from the beginning.

Chelsea: And what about you?

Adam: What about me?

Chelsea: You lied to me about your true identity. Would you do it again if you thought it could get you what you wanted?

Nick: Mom! There you are.

Nikki: Hi, sweetheart.

Nick: I was looking for you.

Nikki: Mm.

Nick: You know what? Dad was right. You look great.

Nikki: Oh. You spoke to your father, huh?

Nick: Yeah, he's here. We're all here. We're celebrating Father's Day. And I was hoping you would join us.

Nikki: Oh, I don't think that's a good idea.

Nick: Come on. Dad really wants you to come.

Nikki: Yeah, so he can browbeat me about moving back home.

Nick: No. No, that's not gonna happen. Honestly, dad seems a little down.

Nikki: Oh, yeah? You know what's bothering him?

Nick: My guess is he misses you, and it would do him good if you joined us. Come on. Please? It would be good for all of us. Pretty please?

Nikki: Oh, come on, now. It's not fair giving me that cute smile.

Nick: It's my go-to. And it's working, isn't it?

Nikki: Well, it always does, and you know it. But I-I'm not sure about this.

Nick: Hey, don't worry. If things go south, I'll just smiling at everyone. Come on.

Nikki: Nicholas.

Nick: Come on. Hey, everyone! Look who I found.

Nikki: Hi.

Summer: Hi, grandma.

Nikki: Oh, sweetheart.

Noah: Grandma, we missed you.

Nikki: Oh, I missed you, too.

Paul: So, you want to talk about it?

Christine: I told Nikki it's time to move on.

Paul: Yeah, I know. For all of us.

Christine: Yeah, well... I don't think she and I will be friends.

Paul: [Sighs] I'm not sure she and I will be friends, at least not the way we were.

Christine: Yeah. Oh, one tragic mistake.

Paul: I'm so sorry.

Christine: You know, l-- no looking back, right? Um, I, uh -- I saw you and Kyle talking outside. Was that about the murder case?

Paul: Uh, no. No. Actually, it's -- it's something entirely different.

Marco: So, what was Victor so upset about?

Summer: Oh, he's just worried 'cause Noah, Abby, and I don't want to stop looking for whoever killed Austin and Courtney, and he thinks we should just leave it to the police.

Marco: For once, I actually agree with him.

Summer: You know, I didn't come over here to talk about Victor or the murder investigation.

Phyllis: Why, baby? What's on your mind?

Summer: Gabriel Bingham? I just found out that he's your son?

Marco: Yeah, that's something, isn't it?

Summer: Yeah. Wait, does -- does Kyle even know about this?

Marco: I was going to tell him when he got here.

Summer: Yeah, well, he's gonna be pretty upset when he finds out that you've been hiding this from him, and I don't blame him.

Phyllis: We were hoping you could help with that. If anyone knows how it feels to be mislead by her family, it's you.

Summer: Wait, so you -- you guys want me to break the news to Kyle?

Phyllis: We're thinking he will receive it better from you.

Summer: Okay, I mean, f-- yeah, fine. I'll do it. Look, but you have to step in as soon as I do, the way that you did with me when we found out that you weren't my dad.

Marco: Was there something specific I said that helped you?

Summer: I don't know. You just reminded me that no matter what happened, your feelings for me wouldn't change. And I think that that's what Kyle needs to hear.

Marco: Of course. Yeah.

Summer: Okay. All right, well, he's here, so wish me luck.

Phyllis: Good luck.

Summer: Kyle, hi.

Kyle: I'm sorry, I need to talk to my dad.

Summer: No, no. Um, look, some-- something has happened. And he -- you need to know about it.

Kyle: What is it?

Chelsea: It's a simple question. If you had to do things over -- you know what? Actually, let's pretend you do. Let's pretend you just got to Genoa City, and this is the first time you're seeing me.

Adam: Chelsea...

Chelsea: No, no, really. Pretend. Would you tell me who you really are? I want to know. This is your chance. What would you do?

Adam: I wish I hadn't lied to you.

Chelsea: Why did you?

Adam: 'Cause I -- I thought it was best, you know?

Chelsea: Best for who?

Adam: For you. For me. Everybody. I th-- [Sighs]

Chelsea: And what now?

Adam: Lying to you about my identity and about being Jack's son, it just complicated things, and... and it's hurt you. I understand. That's the last thing I wanted to do, was hurt you. And if I had to do it over, I would tell you the truth from the beginning.

Chelsea: I wish you had.

[Connor fusses]

Chelsea: Oh, Connor's awake.

[Doorbell rings]

Adam: Why are you here? You here to see Chelsea?

Billy: No. I'm actually here to see Connor.

Adam: Yeah? Well, she's upstairs getting him, so...

Billy: Okay. I'll wait.

Adam: Fine. Anything you want to say to me?

Billy: Like what? Welcome to the family? No. Fat chance.

Adam: Okay. Well, if it's any consolation, my feelings for you haven't changed at all, either.

Billy: Goody. Then this conversation's over.

Adam: Look, if you came by to see Connor because it's Father's Day, there's no point.

Billy: 'Cause you think you can fill the role for him? Pretend that he made that for you?

Adam: How do you know he didn't?

Billy: 'Cause I'm the only father he's ever known.

Adam: Billy, you're no longer in his life.

Billy: No, I'm no longer in Chelsea's life. Connor will always be like a son to me.

Adam: Connor's Adam's son.

Billy: And he didn't make that for Adam. Or for you.

Chelsea: What's going on?

Billy: Oh, Gabe was just showing me this picture that Connor made for me.

Chelsea: Oh, yeah. Yeah, he made it for you in preschool.

Billy: Aww.

Chelsea: [Laughs]

Billy: Hey, buddy. That is so good. I'm gonna frame it, and I'm gonna put it on the wall in my office. "Best daddy, hands down."

Chelsea: It's true.

Victoria: Oh, mom, it's so good to have you back.

Nikki: Oh, it's good to be back.

Victoria: You know, if there's anything that I can do, you just let me know.

Nikki: Well, honey, you're already doing it. All of you, just -- just by being here supporting me.

Victoria: Are you sure that you wouldn't have a little bit more support at home with dad?

Victor: Well, your mother feels it's best that she stay here for the time being. As much as I would like her to be at the ranch, I respect her wishes.

Nikki: Well, it's a very difficult transition, coming from a controlled environment into the real world. This is the best way for me to continue what I learned at rehab.

Nick: If it's what you need.

Victoria: Right. We're behind you 100%, mom.

Noah: Always, grandma. And if there's anything that you need, you just let us know.

Abby: That goes for me, too.

Nikki: Oh, you are all so sweet. Here I was worried that you were gonna get on me about living here.

Victoria: No, of course not. We all know that it's temporary.

Kyle: You're serious. My dad is Gabriel Bingham's father.

Summer: Yeah. Gabriel is your half-brother.

Kyle: [Scoffs] How am I only just finding out about this now?

Summer: If you want to go talk about it somewhere, we can do that.

Kyle: I can't believe my dad. After everything that I've done for him.

Summer: Wait, what do -- what do you mean after everything you've done for him?

Marco: We need to talk.

Summer: Look, I-I'm gonna go sit with my family. So, if you need me, I'll be over there.

Marco: I'm glad you came back safely, and I'm sorry you came back to this news about Gabe.

Kyle: But get over it quick, right, and tell you everything that happened in the Caribbean?

Marco: Kyle --

Kyle: Oh, come on, dad. We both know that's what's on your mind right now.

Marco: Okay, I am anxious to hear how things went, but --

Kyle: It went just as planned. I made sure the funds were transferred into Victor's account, and then when I came back, I told Paul that our newest partner had embezzled funds from us.

Marco: Great job, son.

Kyle: Next time, you can get Bingham to do your dirty work for you.

Marco: No, listen to me. Gabe is not my son. I don't even know the man. I share a bond with you, a connection that I will never have with anyone else. That makes you not only the right man for the job, but the only man for the job.

Kyle: That's a great speech, dad.

Marco: K-Kyle -- Kyle, I know you're upset, and I am sorry. But right now you're the only person I can trust, and I need you to trust me.

[Cell phone rings]

Marco: Oh. It -- it's -- it's Jabot. I have to take this.

Kyle: By all means.

Marco: Jack Abbott. Hello? Is anybody there?

Marisa: Marco, is that you?

Marisa: Marco, are you there?

Marco: Uh, I have to take this.

Kyle: [Scoffs] Happy Father's Day.

Marco: Marisa, eres tú?

Marisa: Sí. Estoy aquí.

Marco: I was told you were on a ship that exploded, that no one survived.

Marisa: It's not the first time I've cheated death.

Marco: And probably not the last. Oh, marisita...

Marisa: Marco, I don't have much time. This battery's about to die.

Marco: I need you to tell me something, my sweet. Is Jack Abbott with you?

Marisa: No. He was with me on the ship, but he -- he didn't make it.

Marco: You're sure? He's dead?

Marisa: I was calling his family to let them know. But I see now that wouldn't be in your best interest.

Marco: No, it would not be. Marisa, I'm sorry I left you behind. I had to. I-I had no choice.

Marisa: I understand, mi amor. You were just trying to protect me.

Marco: I was. I loved you. I-I-I still do.

Marisa: Same for me, Marco. You are the only one who's ever held my heart.

Marco: My sweet, come to Genoa City. I have a wonderful setup here. I can keep you safe.

Marisa: I want that. But I can't get there on my own. I'll need money.

Marco: I'll wire you money. Where are you? Okay. I will see that you get the money by the end of today. Hello? Hello? Is anyone there? Hello?

Phyllis: What was that about?

Paul: Okay. I will do just that. I appreciate your help.

Christine: So, what did they say? Is what Kyle said true?

Victoria: So, dad, we left your presents at the house.

Victor: Well, isn't that sweet. But having all of you here is the biggest gift that I could have been given. And now I have something for all of you.

Abby: Oh, you're not supposed to give us presents on Father's Day.

Victor: Well, I've been thinking about this for a while.

Summer: Well, since you got it, you might as well tell us what it is.

Victor: You know, I've just been thinking that we have not taken a vacation all together, have we, as a family? And I think it's about time. And that includes Johnny and Faith and little Katherine.

Abby: What?

Victor: By this time tomorrow, you'll be on a beach in Hawaii. I have rented a villa that is large enough to accommodate all of you. So, the jet is ready whenever you are prepared to go.

Abby: You want us to leave tonight?

Victor: Yeah.

Nick: You serious?

Victor: Before you ask, Sage is included.

Victoria: Well, I can't just take off. Not with everything that's going on at work.

Victor: Yes, you can, my sweet love. I'll take care of your responsibilities here, okay?

Nikki: Well, Victor, that is a lovely offer, very generous. But something tells me that there's more to this than just wanting to spoil your family, so why don't you just go ahead and tell us what this is really about?

Billy: Now, we get them in formation, and on my mark, we roll. Three, two, one! [Imitates airplane engine] Do you see that? The wings, they almost touch. We are an awesome duo. Now, when you do it, you're gonna want to tip their wings. That's right. As a salute to daddy on Father's Day.

Connor: [Squeals]

Billy: Yeah, exactly. Hey, I'll bet you thought I wasn't gonna make it on Father's Day, didn't you? I would never do that. You mean that much to me. Oh, there's mama. Come on. Want to throw it with me?

Chelsea: Um, maybe you should go.

Billy: Here we go. You ready?

Adam: Yeah, all right. Connor deserves a father who puts him first.

Billy: Yeah, just like that. Just like that.

[Door closes]

Jack: My family doesn't think I'm dead. They think I've been alive all this time! Oh, my god. That -- that was him! That was Marco! When I tried to call Kyle on his phone. [Breathing heavily] I got to get back to Genoa City.

Marisa: We can't go anywhere until the money arrives. Listen to me. You must be patient.

Jack: Patient? Your criminal-mastermind boyfriend is pretending to be me. Who knows what he's gonna do if they find out he's Marco Annicelli? I have to get back there to protect the people I love!

Phyllis: Real simple question. What was that call about?

Marco: Just what it looked like -- a business deal. I've an important foreign deal I'm working on.

Phyllis: Really? So important that you just dismissed your son who just got some really upsetting news?

Marco: I reassured Kyle that everything is fine.

Phyllis: Well, he doesn't look so reassured.

Marco: Then maybe you could help me, please. I have something I have to deal with.

Phyllis: What is so urgent that it can't wait?

Marco: Talk to Kyle. I'll join you both in a minute.

Victor: I care very deeply for all of you. I just haven't had enough opportunity to show you how much. And that was the only motivation for sending you on this vacation. This is a private celebration, Jack.

Marco: Oh, I just wanted to wish you all a happy Father's Day. And to say, Victor, I hope this Father's Day brings you everything you deserve.

Nikki: Oh, Paul, what are you doing here?

Paul: Unfortunately, I'm here on police business. Victor, you are under arrest for felony embezzlement.

Victoria: What?

Nikki: Are you kidding?

Noah: That can't be right.

Nick: No. No.

Paul: If you'll come with us, please.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Summer: Victor was set up. Kyle goes out of town, and as soon as he comes back, my grandpa was arrested.

Phyllis: So, Jack arranged all this? He was behind it even though he denied it?

Jack: We got to get out of here now. Come on.

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