Y&R Transcript Tuesday 6/16/15


Episode # 10689 ~ Lily talks to Lauren & Michael; Phyllis has questions for Marco; Devon & Hilary disagree about the future.

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Michael: The fact that you thought you had to leave town, that you had just to disappear.

Avery: [Sighs] It was a moment of panic.

Michael: Yeah, panic's a response, fight or flight. The question is, a response to what? Hearing about your car by the lake, the blood in your apartment, obviously we were all concerned.

Avery: Well, that was never my intention. I just needed to clear my head. I needed a few days.

Michael: I'm not buying it. Phyllis was beside herself. I was worried. You really -- you really planned just to leave without telling any of us, and not just for a few days.

Avery: You afraid that I'm gonna drop my caseload on you?

Michael: If you felt leaving was your only option, just tell me why.

Devon: Explain this to me, 'cause I'm not really sure why you want to break the lease here. We designed the boutique to your needs and specifications, and I know your business is doing well 'cause I see stuff flying off the racks all the time.

Lauren: Well, you're not wrong. I just don't feel like this location is right for the boutique.

Lily: Oh, it is not a good fit at all.

Lauren: And there you have it.

Devon: I see what's going on here.

Lily: You just had to beat me to the punch, didn't you? I wanted to have the pleasure of throwing your cheating ass out of here.

Phyllis: Why would someone text you about m and some man?

Marco: I don't know. A mistake? A modern-day wrong number. Who sent it?

Phyllis: Says unknown.

Marco: Well, both dead. Terrible message for someone.

Kyle: Dad, I need to...talk.

Phyllis: Kyle. What's going on, honey? What's -- what's the problem? You all right?

Kyle: Yeah, I just -- I need to talk to my dad.

Phyllis: Okay, well, I know how to listen, too. What is it?

Kyle: I-I just had a thing with summer.

Marco: And he needs some advice from his old man. Sweetheart, do you mind?

Phyllis: I get it. You two talk. We'll catch up later.

Marco: [Sighs] So, what -- what happened? You two have an argument?

Kyle: Yes, um... but there's more. Uh... the conversation that we had, I don't think we should have gone there at all.

Marco: But it's something you can fix, right?

Victor: What's wrong, sweetheart? What do you need to tell me?

Summer: I heard some things from Kyle, and I got kind of worried.

Victoria: Worried about what, summer?

Summer: I mean, this merger has never made any sense. I mean, in theory, it makes sense, yes. You know, finally combining into one business instead of constantly beating each other up for the rest of your lives, but... just because Newman-Abbott exists now doesn't mean that the families suddenly trust each

Victor: Well, I understand your concern, but, you know, Jack wants to make this work, so we have been told.

Victoria: Unless what Kyle told you is not really true.

Summer: Look, Kyle lived with you before his mom died, right?

Victor: Yeah. He was a nice kid. So what's your concern?

Summer: I just don't want Kyle stuck in the middle.

Victoria: In what, summer?

Summer: The Newmans and Abbotts hurt I mean, it always happens.

Victor: Sweetheart, it's not going to come from our side, okay? Not this time. I promise you.

Summer: Okay. I love you, grandpa.

Victor: Okay, sweetheart.

Victoria: Well, she wanted to tell you more but felt like she couldn't.

Victor: [Sighs] Yeah. But at least now we know that the Abbotts are planning a move against us.

Victoria: Clearly. The question is, what do we do next?

Devon: We're not gonna do this again in the middle of my hotel, so if you guys need to say something to each other, can you use my office?

Lauren: Oh, that won't be necessary. I'm leaving. Obviously this partnership is over, and if there are any legalities, please --

Lily: You're gonna have your husband the lawyer deal with it? How nice of you to have him deal with the fallout of you chasing my husband.

Lauren: I never chased your husband.

Lily: So what? Cane chased you, then?!

Devon: Can you please keep your voices down?

Lily: You're so great at seduction, aren't you? First -- it's so genius. You get Cane to work for you.

Lauren: Excuse me!

He came to me! It was his idea, and it was strictly business!

Lily: Please. You were not talking business every time I saw you two together.

Lauren: You're absolutely right. He was a very good friend to me during a difficult time in my life, and that is all.

Lily: You know, I used to feel so guilty thinking the worst when I would see you two drinking together at the bar.

Devon: Lily, let's not do this again.

Lily: Why are you telling me? She's the one who trashed her marriage with Michael when he needed her most.

Cane: You have to keep this down. I can hear you all the way down the hall.

Lily: I don't care, Cane! You did this! Both of you! I forgave you when you lied to me about Devon and Hilary for us and for the kids. And then you turn around and you act just like them and cheat on me in front of my face?!

Cane: Wait, wait, stop it. I love you, okay, and I know I made a mistake. I know you're angry at me. But it was nothing!

Lily: Okay, fine, I'll just go kiss some random guy, then, since it was nothing!

Cane: Lily, it wasn't like --

Lily: She wanted you, and she clearly got you!

Cane: It wasn't like that.

Lily: To hell it wasn't.

Cane: It was Michael! Michael set all of this up!

Michael: All right, you have a restraining order. Joe can't come anywhere around you. I can remind him and send him on his way, or we can call the police. Either way, we can --

Avery: No, I'll take care of this.

Michael: You don't have to -- you're not listening.

Avery: Joe.

Joe: Hey. Should you be so close? Hard to claim you're scared of me if you're in my personal space.

Avery: Get out.

Joe: I just came for a coffee.

Avery: You have a restraining order against the owner of this place, yet here you are.

Joe: And you have a restraining order against me, and yet here you are. What? You can't get enough? Look, if you want to take me out back and see how close we can get, then --

Avery: Oh, my god. You're disgusting. At least you're honest about what an abusive pig you are. It must have been excruciating to pretend you're not complete scum!

Joe: Why are you even here? Dylan traded you in. You think he's gonna call you back?

Michael: All right, all right! This conversation has gone on long enough. Joe, on your way.

Joe: I guess even Dylan figured it out. You'd cheat on me, so you'd probably cheat on him, too.

Avery: [Sighs]

Victoria: Summer knows something, but she's too loyal to Kyle to tell us.

Victor: And Kyle probably knows more than he's letting on.

Victoria: You know, they're both still young enough to think that they can be loyal to each other and to their family. They don't know that that's completely impossible.

Victor: I think she gave us a warning.

Victoria: But she didn't give us the details.

Victor: Uh-huh. Well, as you said, she's in love, you know. Maybe you take someone who has been caught between these two families to lend her sympathetic ear?

Victoria: I do know what it's like to be in love with the enemy, that's for sure.

Victor: So you will talk to her?

Victoria: [Sighs] I'll talk to Billy.

Victor: You'd do that?

Victoria: Yes, dad, I'll do that. I'll be careful. But it's worth a shot. Besides, Billy's not always careful. He might give away the whole plan without even realizing it.

Victor: You are your father's daughter, aren't you?

Kyle: I was just such a jerk when I set up that dinner for summer, acting like a hotshot, like an idiot, and she gave me a second chance to focus on her.

Marco: And it worked. I've seen you two together.

Kyle: Right. Dad, she saw us, the Abbotts, when aunt ash was in the hospital.

Marco: Yeah, we were all there for Ashley.

Kyle: No, when we were talking about your plan. Summer could tell something was up.

Marco: And you denied knowing anything, as we discussed?

Kyle: Yes, I did, but she put it together, dad, and I didn't give her any details, but she knows enough.

Marco: Enough of what?

Kyle: That there's something going on, dad. And I think she might warn Victor.

Marco: What the hell did you do? After all my planning, all my work, you blew it?! Over a girl?!

Victoria: I just want the truth. I want to know that everyone that's involved in this merger is acting in good faith, including you.

Victor: Me?

Victoria: Yes, you. Don't be coy. This whole merger and this whole friendship with Jack is like some elaborate game of chicken.

Victor: I have always been up front about what I want and what's best for Newman enterprises, and this merger's it.

Victoria: Other than the fact that you've loathed Jack for years?

Victor: But now we are friends, you know.

Victoria: [Chuckles]

Victor: I've always believed keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.

Marco: What the hell were you thinking? Or did you even use your brain?! This is bigger than you! Bigger than your little romance! This is huge, and you blew it!

Kyle: Oh, dad, look, I-I didn't give her any deta--

Marco: You warn summer, and she warns Victor! Our advantage is gone! Thanks!

Kyle: Dad, I'm sorry.

Marco: Just...give me a second.

Kyle: Look, dad, I know I screwed up, okay, but that's why I'm here, all right? I'll try and fix this.

Marco: You did the right thing. You... you came to me. You should always feel you can trust me. And if I overreact, if I blow up, that was a mistake. Look, this -- this merger, this plan, is like a battle. Nothing turns out like you plan. And anything worth winning comes at a price.

Kyle: Dad, maybe the price is too high. Victor calling you a friend?

Marco: He calls me his friend 'cause he saved my life. That's how this whole thing started. And I was grateful, except he took that to mean that I couldn't survive without him. Because he saved my life, he owns me. He controls me. He's wrong about that. I didn't get this far to -- to live under someone's thumb. No, this is a fight. It's a fight for my life, for my family, for you!

Kyle: And now it's at risk because of me.

Marco: No, you know what? We just raised the stakes. That's all. I can deal with this. In fact, I can find a way to turn this to my advantage.

Kyle: Dad, I'm sorry. This is all because of how I feel about summer. I just didn't want to lose her. And I think I did anyway.

Phyllis: There she is. You okay? Kyle's worried about you.

Summer: Yeah, worried about me or worried that I'll talk to grandpa?

Phyllis: Talk to Victor? About what?

Summer: I'm a Newman, and I love Jack, but, you know, I'm so sick of the Newmans versus the Abbotts and the Abbotts versus the Newmans and -- and the business and the plans and the agendas.

Phyllis: Well, it's not really about business. It's about family and grudges and a whole heck of a lot more. And that is gonna be going on and on with or without us.

Summer: I don't want any of it. You know, I just want a normal life. I mean, I haven't even really dated and I'm already a widow. But Kyle and I, we have this really great connection. It feels like it's been there for...for forever. And it's always been really complicated, and now it feels like we finally have our chance. At least I thought we did.

Phyllis: Summer, you do.

Summer: I don't know if we do. And I'm starting to think that there's always gonna be something in the way.

Michael: This is my phone. This is my finger getting ready to call the police, which would mean that you would be hauled in for defying the restraining order.

Joe: I didn't know she was here.

Michael: Yeah, well, ignorance is not a defense. Plus you know this establishment is owned by a man against whom you have a restraining order, so basically you're just begging to be arrested.

Joe: A guy can't get a coffee?

Michael: I can. You can't. You have goaded and harassed and taunted Avery with impunity, but no more. I used to be the D.A. They take me seriously down at the police department. You, not so much. So how badly do you want that cup of coffee?

Joe: Relax, Michael. This kind of stress can't be good for your health. Isn't a shame when love gets messy? You tell each other your deepest, darkest secrets, and then it falls apart, and yet you know each other in ways that no one else ever will.

Cane: Maybe the treatment has done a number on Michael's logic, okay, but he wants you to be happy. He wants you to have support and attention in every way.

Devon: In every way?

Cane: Yes.

Devon: As in... he admitted that?

Cane: Not in so many words. I mean, that is his intention. He's been manipulating this since the very beginning.

Lily: It was your idea to work with Lauren.

Cane: Yes, yes, it was my idea, but Michael backed it and he encouraged her to believe and agreed to everything. I mean, I wanted to sit down and talk to him about the table, but every time I did, he got up and he found some excuse to walk I mean, you must have noticed this. I mean, I wanted to tell you.>>Lauren: Why didn't you?

Cane: [Sighs] Of course, I thought that he would come to you and sit down and talk to you about this, 'cause there are some things that a husband and wife should just work out on their own.

Lauren: Oh, my god. I feel so stupid.

Lily: Yeah, I can see why.

Devon: Lily.

Lily: By the way, this doesn't mean that you didn't husband. It just means your husband's disgusting, too.

Cane: Lily. Hey.

Devon: Hey, hey

Lily: What?!

Devon: Where are you going? This is when you go talk to your husband and work things out.

Lily: I wouldn't expect a man who cheated with wife to understand.

Hilary: [Sighs] Do you still want to talk about romantic wedding plans?

Marco: Summer is special, and you two have already worked through so many issues. You and summer are still together.

Kyle: How about you and me?

Marco: I can't tell you how happy I am to have my son in my life. And you came to the right guy. No one knows any better than yours truly the crazy things we do to keep that woman looking at us just that way.

Kyle: It wasn't crazy. It was stupid and dangerous with all we have at stake.

Marco: I'll figure out someway to use it to my advantage. The nice thing is, in business, you can do that. You can always have a next move. Just have to regroup. In love, it's different. It's all impulse. Immediate action. Thinking is out. Feeling is everything. God, I-I made some bonehead moves in my life, too.

Kyle: I just don't think rationally when I'm around summer.

Marco: I know what you mean. The thunderbolt.

Kyle: [Chuckles]

Marco: How she gets under your skin, into your head, how she makes you think that anything is possible. You've suddenly discovered what makes life worth living.

Kyle: In your case, she must have felt the same way. She came out of a coma for you. I'm sorry. I-I thought you were talking about Phyllis.

Marco: Uh, d-definitely. Yeah, no. Red -- red is a firecracker. No doubt about it.

Phyllis: So what exactly did Kyle tell you?

Summer: Well, I told him that I needed to know what he, Billy, and Jack were talking about at the hospital, you know, if they were planning on making some move to hurt the Newmans or -- or the business. I wasn't asking him to betray anyone. I just -- I just needed to know if they had some secret plan. And Kyle really wanted to tell me. He did.

Phyllis: Because he adores you.

Summer: Yeah, but not enough to actually tell me.

Phyllis: Well, you can't think of it in those terms.

Summer: Why not?

Phyllis: Because it's not fair to Kyle. And it's not all black and white.

Summer: Kyle said it's for my own good that I don't know. He doesn't want me stuck in the middle. But that's where we are anyways no matter what just because of the last names that we have or because of the secrets that people make us keep.

Phyllis: So, Kyle didn't give you any specifics at all?

Summer: No. You know, I never really thought that this merger was legit anyways. I kept thinking that it was just some long con that grandpa and Jack were pulling on each other 'cause of the games that they play. But now that they claim that they're friends, it's so much more dangerous, and it's gonna get worse, mom. I can feel it. I just felt like I had to go tell grandpa.

Phyllis: Okay. What did you tell Victor? Everything you just told me right now?

Summer: No, not even that much. It felt wrong, you know, 'cause Kyle... just everything I do and everything I decide, I wind up hurting someone, and I hate it.

Phyllis: Come here. You're my girl.

Devon: Hell yes I want to plan our wedding. I've had enough of pretending we're not in love. I don't want to do that again.

Hilary: Well, we can still be in love without a wedding.

Devon: Well, sure, we can, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Hilary: Okay, then, um, why don't we get out of town? You know, we can get a justice of the peace and...

Devon: I'm pretty sure we can afford to have the wedding of your dreams.

Hilary: It's not about the money. It's...

Devon: No, it's not about the money. It's about giving you what you deserve to have.

Hilary: What I deserve. That is a frightening thought.

Devon: You deserve to have the life and the kind of wedding that you want to have.

Hilary: One with you. That's all I need.

Devon: Our wedding should still be beautiful.

Hilary: And it will be if you're there. Devon, I don't have any family, okay? And do you really want to force lily to be there knowing how she feels about me and her own marriage right now?

Devon: Is this about lily?

Hilary: And Neil. I just feel like out of respect, we should keep it low key.

Devon: I respect my father, and I love my sister, but you are my life. You are my family now. And this, us, it deserves to be celebrated. Us getting married -- I want to celebrate that.

Hilary: Are you sure this is about our love or do you have something to prove?

Michael: You're gonna have to help me out here. After all, you are you, Avery bailey Clark, the woman who has hung out with death-row inmates. You don't spook easily. But Joe?

Avery: Joe?

Michael: Well, yeah, I can see that forgive me for making a leap here, but I know about Joe's story from the better daystition, about how he was treated as a kid, the beatings. Sometimes that behavior is learned. The cycle repeats.

Avery: I don't know what you mean.

Michael: I think you do. He's hurt you before, hasn't he? You're my friend. You are my client.

Avery: It was a long time ago, and it was only once. [Sniffles]

Michael: Okay.

Avery: And like you said, it was -- it was al up, so...

Michael: Yeah, well, he's not a

Avery: No, he's not.

Michael: Look, no matter how he was treated as a child, Joe is responsible for actions.

Avery: I know. I thought he'd changed. ??

Avery: No, he hasn't. He still has all that anger inside but I guess since I cheated on him during our marriage and pushed him off we're even.

Michael: Don't. Don't. Not even as a joke. What did I say?

He is responsible. Not his father and sure as hell not you. You didn't make him like he is. You didn't earn this kind of abuse.

Avery: I know.

Michael: Do you? Do you? Because I know how this stuff goes. I know how it seeps into one's life. I saw it up close at home. So if there's part of you that believes that you deserved that kind of treatment --

Avery: I don't.

Michael: Good. Okay. So, the way you reacted to his being here, getting all up in his face --

Avery: Yeah, well, I wasn't gonna give him the satisfaction of me being afraid of him.

Michael: No, no, but you don't have to prove it by hanging around him, and you simply can't just leave town. We have to sit down. We have to think about how we're gonna deal with him. A restraining order is not gonna solve it. Lily.

Avery: [Gasps]

Avery: Lily, what is wrong with you?

Michael: It appears she's upset with me.

Avery: And you don't seem the least bit surprised about it?

Michael: Probably because I deserve it. Would you like to take another shot?

Lily: Do you really want to make that offer? 'Cause I will take you up on it.

Avery: I don't understand any of this.

Michael: Could you give us a minute?

Avery: Yeah, sure. Restraining orders for everyone.

Lily: You know, I had heard about your past. Everyone has. But no one cares because you have become this upstanding husband and father and lawyer. But I guess your mind still works in dirty ways, doesn't it? Because first I catch you with a prostitute.

Michael: Yeah, thank you for your discretion in that matter.

Lily: And now you're pimping your wife out to my husband.

Michael: What did Cane say?

Lily: That you basically did everything except book him and Lauren a room.

Michael: Funny. I don't exactly remember it that way.

Lily: Oh, so what? Cane's now behind this?

Michael: I had been drinking.

Lily: You know, I have learned not to take that as an excuse for bad behavior.

Michael: Okay, how about this? Searing pain, radiation treatment, months of hormone therapy, giving myself shots every day! Does that cut me any slack?!

Lily: How dare you act like I haven't had cancer! That disease almost killed me! So I don't want to hear about how hard your treatment is or how hard your relationship is or how hard anything is for you! Is that what this is about? You feel like having prostate cancer makes you less of a man? Well, why don't you stand up and be a man and take your wife in your arms and tell her you love her and that you want to spend your life together?

Michael: It is not that simple.

Lily: Well, then don't be a coward and drag my family into this, my husband, Mattie and Charlie's father!

Michael: No, your husband's a fine man. Cane is decent. I didn't mean to interfere in your lives. I just wanted Lauren to have someone to confide in.

Lily: Did it ever occur to you that you were messing with someone else's family or were you just thinking about yourself?

Michael: No, all I was thinking about was Lauren! I'm sorry for the misunderstanding! But everything that's... I didn't force them to kiss, lily. They did that all on their own.

Lauren: I knew he was pushing me away, but I thought it was out of fear. He didn't want to be too attached to me in case...

Cane: He loves you. He does. I mean, what he did was out of love. I mean, it was stupid, but it was loving. He just wants you to be happy.

Lauren: Without him? How is that even possible?

Cane: Because he knows that he's the center of your universe.

Lauren: And that's a bad thing? I mean, I rely on him to be there for me as much as I am there for him. And we have fought our way back from some pretty terrible places. And I was ready to do it again. I mean, that nonsense with the prostitute and his remarks and the divorce papers, I... I was ready to forgive him.

Cane: He didn't sleep with the prostitute.

Lauren: Cane, come on. He was arrested.

Cane: He was arrested, yes, but he didn't sleep with her. He just talked to her.

Lauren: So, why did he want me to believe that he did?

Cane: 'Cause he wanted to push you away. He wanted to give you permission to be with another man so you can be happy.

Lauren: Oh, my god. I can't believe it's been going on that long.

Cane: You know, love and fear is a very dangerous combination.

Lauren: So our kiss -- he wanted that to happen. You know he's using that -- that kiss as proof that our marriage is broken. He is still pushing me away. One meaningless kiss.

Victor: Based on my new understanding with Jack, I thought of simply confronting him and asking him what he was scheming.

Victoria: Would that work?

Victor: I don't think so.

Victoria: So then we go about getting the information some other way. Someone that Jack trusts and confides in.

Victor: Hmm.

Victoria: Phyllis. She owes you big time, and she knows it.

Victor: I think it's too late for that now. If we want leverage with Jack, we cannot get it through Phyllis.

Victoria: Who, then?

[Computer keys clacking]

[Footsteps approach]

Phyllis: Are you lying to me?

Devon: I don't have to prove anything to anyone. I just love you. And nothing's gonna change that, not a piece of paper, not some words in front of a judge. Nothing.

Hilary: Well, all this talk about wedding, it just -- it's making me feel like --

Devon: Well, I don't want to be ashamed of loving you. And I'm not gonna run and hide like it's wrong for us to be together. Do you think it's wrong for us to be together?

Hilary: No, of course not. How could I think that? Especially when you look at me the way that you're looking at me. I just -- I don't think it's right to shove it in Neil's face.

Devon: This isn't about Neil, though. We lied to him already to protect his feelings, and that was a disaster.

Hilary: We didn't mean to hurt him.

Devon: But we did hurt him. And now he knows, and he's dealing with it.

Hilary: And he's hating us.

Devon: Well, if that's the way he feels, there's nothing we can do about it. He doesn't owe us his forgiveness, just like we don't owe him a life of being miserable. But this isn't about Neil. This wedding is about you and me. It's about us loving each other and telling the world that I choose you forever and always and that I'm damn proud that you choose me back.

Hilary: Have I told you today that I love you?

Devon: You can always tell me again.

Hilary: Well, I love you, Devon Hamilton, and I can't wait to tell the world.

Cane: Lily is fired up because she thinks I cheated on her, and she's also furious with Michael.

Joe: And I assume Lauren, as well. Which explains the mood she was in the other day.

Cane: She's talked to you about this? Well, the thing with lily is when she's angry, it's hard to talk her down, even if she's wrong, so...

Joe: Which she isn't this time.

Cane: I already told you that Michael set this up.

Joe: And he forced you to kiss his wife?

Cane: It wasn't like that.

Joe: Come on, Cane. Let's just cut it, huh? No one kisses a woman like that against her free will. If there's an attraction there, just own it.

Cane: Okay, all right. We are friends, and we work together, and that is it.

Joe: You work with the valet. When was the last time you kissed him?

Cane: All right. I'm not having this conversation with you. I have to check on the twins. Excuse me.

Joe: Good luck with that. Well, you look more stunning than usual.

Lily: [Sighs] You never stop, do you?

Joe: Just thought you'd want to hear it from a disinterested party. You're very sexy and stunning, and your husband did a very stupid thing.

Joe: You tell each other your deepest, darkest secrets, and then it falls apart, and yet you know each other in ways that no one else ever will.

Marco: You're gonna have to be a little more specific. What exactly are you accusing me of lying about?

Phyllis: Summer's worked up. She's worried that you have pulled Kyle into something big, something that's putting him in the middle. Is that why he was so upset earlier?

Marco: The two of them had an argument. Summer told you her side. Kyle told me his.

Phyllis: About your plan?

Marco: My plan? No. We talked about love, about making the women in our lives happy, about what it takes to keep --

Phyllis: Stop. This is not about romance. And do not placate me. Summer went to Victor because she was so worried!

Marco: Summer went to Victor? What did she tell him?

Phyllis: That's what you care about, isn't it? That my daughter spilled information to the enemy.

Marco: If summer is upset, I want to put her mind at ease. I love her, too. Remember that.

Phyllis: She told Victor nothing, as far as I know. No details. But that's because she doesn't know any, and she wouldn't betray Kyle that way. She's trying to protect the person she cares about!

Marco: You say that like I'm not trying to protect you and the people I care --

Phyllis: Yes, I don't want protection! I want the truth from you! This merger, this bromance with Victor -- has any of this ever been sincere? And I don't want you dancing around it anymore. You show me the respect of treating me as an equal. I am your wife. You are supposed to treat me with respect, and I'm supposed to know you better than anyone, so when Ashley and Billy and Kyle know something that I don't know --

Marco: O-okay. But I want you to answer a question first. If we could end this war once and for all by getting Jabot and Newman for us, for you, for me, and the rest of the Abbotts, all of it, with you by my side, would that not be a worthy goal? You and me and everything we ever dreamed of --

Phyllis: Who are you?!

Tened lily and me, in case you're wondering.

Michael: Hmm. Lily was here earlier. Llll but shoved Cane and me together. Chuckles] I was encouraging a friendship.

Lauren: You lie to me. Don't you dare. Not after everything that you've done. Don't you put a lie on top of!!

Michael: Remember I'm the one who saw you kiss Cane. That wasn't friendship. That was lust. I'm familiar with the look. But tititled to feel how you feel since you and I are over.

Lauren: You can't just say that you're sorry? You can't say that you were wrong? [Voice breaking] You can't say that you love me and that you le, cruel thing out of fear?

Michael: No. I can't say any of that.

Lauren: You keep these in your pocket?

Michael: Close to my heart.

Lauren: So, this is what you [Sniffles] You want your freedom? You want to get rid of thelele wife who loves you more than anything? [Sniffles] Fine. Fine.

[Door opens]



Avery: Dylan. I think someone's in my apartment.

Summer: I went to Victor.

Kyle: Okay.

Summer: That's it? Okay?

Kyle: Well, I thought this could happen. What did you say?

Summer: rried.

Kyle: That's all?

Summer: I couldn't tell him for real. It felt wrong. But not telling feels wrong.

Kyle: You should never have been in this position, summer. I'm sorry. This is my fault.

Summer: No, no, I'm sorry. Kyle, I don't care about the business. I don't care about stocks or mergers or any of it. But I do care about you.

Kyle: Hey. [Sighs] You know, I just -- I keep trying to figure all of this out, but I just -- I don't know how to fix it.

Summer: No. Why us? We have to fix this, okay? We didn't make this mess.

Kyle: I know. Victor and my dad have always been at it, but this time, it -- it feels different. My dad is different. I went to him, and I told him that you might go to Victor. But it's -- it's okay. He's not mad at you at all. But me, he snapped, like I've never seen him do before. This is all changing him, and... I don't know who he's gonna be when it's all over.

Phyllis: You said that you were a new man.

Marco: Believe me. I am.

Phyllis: You were trapped with Victor under that rubble, and you said that that changed you. No feud, no more drama, over forever. That's what you promised.

Marco: Forever is a very long time.

Phyllis: Stop it! I'm being serious here. I married you on that island because this time, you and I are just gonna be forever. But that's not gonna work if you're keeping things from me.

Marco: Are we back to business now?

Phyllis: Business? I want to know about the text and the dead people!

Marco: I-I told you --

Phyllis: The wrong number was a lie, wasn't it?

Marco: Yes, it was.

Phyllis: Okay. So who's m?

Marco: A woman that I loved.

Victor: [Sighs]

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Adam: Harrison Bingham is the man who raised me. My father is Jack Abbott.

Marco: Those kids are dead for a reason. No one was to find out that there are two Jack Abbotts.

Marisa: Jack, don't you die on me! Don't you dare!

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