Y&R Transcript Tuesday 6/9/15


Episode # 10684 ~ Phyllis & Summer make a discovery; Kyle unintentionally helps Marco; Jack battles for his life.

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Abby: Where is she? We were only gone a half an hour.

Stitch: They probably took her for more tests.

Abby: They didn't say anything about that. What -- what if something happened to her?

Stitch: Okay, take it easy. I'm sure everything's gonna be okay, all right? I'll -- I'll find out what's going on. Hey, uh, Dr. Shelby. Ashley's not in her room.

Abby: Yeah, where is she? Is she all right?

Barton: Your mother checked herself out of the hospital against my advice.

Abby: Why? Why would she do that?

Barton: You'll have to ask her.

Abby: I have to find her.

Barton: Well, I suggest once you do that, you get her back here as soon as possible.

Abby: Are you saying that...?

Barton: She needs to be in the hospital. That's all I can tell you.

Stitch: All right, go look for her, all right? Start at home. If she's not there, try the lab. I'll check the club and crimson lights.

Abby: Okay.

Stitch: Okay. What's wrong with Ashley?

Barton: I made it clear to you yesterday -- I won't speak to you about another patient.

Stitch: Yeah, you did.

Barton: Well, nothing's changed.

Stitch: The hell it hasn't. Ashley had a seizure, and then she left the hospital without telling anyone. Now, I'm not leaving here until you tell me why!

Summer: God, it feels like one, big, long, bad dream that I just can't wake up from.

Kyle: When I came back to Genoa city, I never thought so much of my time would be taken up by a murder investigation.

Summer: What did you think things would be like?

Kyle: I just thought they'd be, um... different. You know, less murder-Y.

Summer: Yeah, I mean, I thought that when they collected all that evidence against Tobias that it was finally over. You know, they finally found who killed Austin and Courtney, but no.

Kyle: Then you don't believe the story Paul gave to the press about finding evidence on Austin's long-lost tablet that cleared Tobias?

Summer: No, I mean, I would have known about this tablet if it ever existed. And Kevin thinks it's just a way for them to lure out the killer.

Kyle: The guy's still out there, and he could be anywhere.

Summer: Oh, my God. God, I hate this. Having to constantly look over our shoulders all the time, seeing if the killer is watching or waiting. [Sighs]

Sharon: Well, at least now, uh, you know it's not me.

Summer: I don't know that at all, actually.

Sharon: Paul and Christine cleared me of all the charges even before they were aware that Tobias and I were both set up.

Summer: Well, congratulations, Sharon. You finally found a crime that you're not guilty of.

Joe: Just charge to my room. Thanks.

Phyllis: Your room?

Joe: Phyllis. Nice to see you.

Phyllis: Did you move out of Avery's?

Joe: I don't know if you've heard about the good news.

Phyllis: Wow. That's impressive.

Joe: It's getting better.

Phyllis: So you moved out of Avery's apartment into here?

Joe: Well, she's been so great to me, I figured I didn't want to put her out anymore.

Phyllis: Very considerate of you. Congratulations.

[Cell phone chimes]

Phyllis: Ugh! That Joe Clark is such a liar.

Marco: Dishonest people. What are you gonna do?

[Cell phone chimes]

Jack: [Grunts] [Grunts]

Marisa: You're wasting your energy.

Jack: These are old and rusty, and they're gonna break.

Marisa: Have you forgotten how many men you've held captive like this? Never -- not once -- did anyone go free.

Jack: How could you ever love a man that was that cruel?

Marisa: You were never cruel to me.

[Door opens]

Captain: Ah. Good morning. I have news.

Jack: You've changed your mind about selling me to the highest bidder?

Captain: No, we have the highest bidder. And from the price he's willing to pay, he gets to choose if he sees you alive... or dead.

Abby: Mom, you're here.

Ashley: Yes, I am here.

Abby: You need to be in the hospital. I'm taking you back.

Ashley: No, no, no, I'm going to the hospital. I'm staying right here. I have so much work to do. Look, I'm working on a brand-new fragrance. I'm very close to perfecting it. I love that feeling. I mean, I just feel energized. I feel -- I feel alive. No better medicine in the world for me than that.

Abby: Said no doctor anywhere.

Ashley: Honey, I just had a small seizure. People have them every day.

Abby: Yeah, and people get treated for them.

Ashley: I went and had it checked out like you asked me to, and I'm fine.

Abby: Dr. Shelby said I need to get you back to the hospital.

Ashley: I have never had one of these things happen before, all right? It's a side effect from the migraine medication I was taking. That's how I know for sure what caused it.

Abby: What if that's not what you're suffering from? What if it isn't just migraines? What did the tests say?

Ashley: Nothing my body wasn't already telling me. "Stop taking the medication Dr. Shelby prescribed and eat better and rest more." You know, that kind of thing.

Abby: Ah, and yet here you are working. I'm sure you haven't eaten breakfast.

Ashley: I'm not gonna argue with you about this.

Abby: Mom, what is going on with you? It's not like you to ignore medical advice and shut people out.

Ashley: Abby, just stop, please. I've got too much work to do.

Abby: Mom, talk to me, damn it!

Ashley: I'm not going to the hospital. Now, you could either get back to work or you can go.

Barton: Thank you.

Stitch: Dr. Shelby, I respect your need to maintain doctor-patient confidentiality. I do.

Barton: Good. Then this conversation's over.

Stitch: Look, look, you -- you know me. I was a good doctor. And hopefully now that the truth came out about why I lied about my identity, you know that I wasn't running some scam. I am an honest and decent man.

Barton: And what you're asking me is illegal and unethical.

Stitch: Privacy laws were put in place to protect people. You know that not telling me what's wrong with Ashley could end up hurting her.

Barton: That's on her.

Stitch: Okay, you've seen how stubborn she can be. Normally that's something I would admire, but in this situation, it could end up killing her. I can get through to her. I can convince her to come back here for treatment, but I have to know what I'm dealing with. Look, how about this? Instead of breaking the rules, we just... we bend them a little.

Barton: [Scoffs] How?

Stitch: I tell you what I think Ashley's diagnosis is. You tell me if I'm wrong.

Sharon: It's on the house.

Summer: If this is a peace offering, then I don't --

Sharon: No, no, it's just, um, free coffee. Let me know if you need anything else.

Summer: Can you believe her?

Kyle: Just let it go.

Summer: Great. Just what I need.

Kyle: Breathe.

Joe: Hi, summer.

Summer: Joe.

Joe: Do you have a moment?

Kyle: Up to you.

Summer: [Sighs] Yeah, I'll be fine.

Kyle: Call me if you're not.

Summer: Look, if this is about me telling my aunt Avery that you could walk, then I --

Joe: Look, I know you were just looking out for your aunt. I just wish you'd come to me first. Then I could explain that I was keeping my progress from Avery in hopes to surprise her.

Summer: Surprise her?

Joe: Unfortunately, it was too late. When she found out I'd lied, she felt that I was holding it against her for my own reasons. And then when I tried to explain to her that that wasn't the case, she threw me out anyway.

Summer: Well, I just told her what I saw. That's all.

Joe: I know, I know. You weren't trying to cause trouble. I -- if you happen to see her, could you just explain to her that it's a misunderstanding?

Summer: I-I guess so. I was gonna check with her about something anyways.

Joe: Great. I really appreciate that.

Summer: Okay. Well, I will see you later.

Joe: Yeah.

Sharon: They always blow up in your face, don't they?

Joe: Excuse me?

Sharon: You've been lying to Avery about being able to walk and she tossed you out.

Joe: You know, my moving out of Avery's isn't good for either of us, Sharon.

Sharon: How's that going to affect me?

Joe: Well, now there's nothing stopping Dylan from going back to Avery. For all you know, he already has. Have you seen him this morning?

Sharon: Yeah. He's standing right behind you.

Phyllis: I'd like to smack that smug look right off his chiseled face.

Marco: Ooh, sounds like Joe Clark pissed off the wrong lady.

Phyllis: You know something? I can't stand the tone he uses when he talks about her. "She's already done so much for me already." He's full of it.

Marco: I would think you would be happy that Joe moved out of her place.

Phyllis: I would be if I didn't think there was more to him moving out.

Marco: What makes you so sure there is?

Phyllis: I'm connecting the dots. He conned Avery into asking him to move in. He has milked this paralysis for all its worth. And suddenly now he's walking? And he's knocking them back first thing in the morning? There is something up with this guy.

Marco: And you're not gonna give up until you figure out what it is. So I'll tell you what. Go to your sister and ask her.

Phyllis: You don't mind?

Marco: I got business of my own to attend to.

Phyllis: Okay. Thank you. I, uh, will see you later.

Marco: All right. I need to see you right away. No, it can't wait.

Kyle: [Clears throat] Okay, I'm here. What's the big emergency?

Marco: Do you think I could have your full attention?

Kyle: Come on, dad. I have to get back to summer. What do you want?

Marco: Five minutes for your old man. But before I get into any of this, I need to know I have your complete and utter trust. No one can know a thing about this.

Kyle: Okay. You're kind of freaking me out a bit, but if you need me to keep my mouth shut, I can do that.

Marco: Good. I need you to wire some money for me from the reserve account at Jabot. And it is imperative that my name not be connected to it in any way at all.

Kyle: This is getting sketchier by the minute.

Marco: You'll do it, though?

Kyle: Dad, are you in some kind of trouble here?

Marco: No. No, I swear.

Kyle: Okay, if it's important to you, I'll --

Marco: It is. Thank you very much. Now, this is the amount of money I need wired to that account.

Kyle: Seriously? Dad, what's this for?

Marco: It's an investment in securing our future.

Jack: What kind of man buys another man only to kill him?

Captain: The kind with very little sense of humor.

Jack: Let me talk to this guy, see if I can convince him to let me live.

Captain: [Chuckles] How?

Jack: By offering him something other than my life.

Captain: You have nothing. Except for this beauty. And I'm afraid even she can't save you.

Jack: One conversation. That's all I'm asking.

Captain: The deal is done. Once the money has been delivered, I'll complete the transaction.

Jack: Look, you can -- you can just release me. You don't need me. You don't want me. Get rid of me. I disappeared before. I'll do it again.

Captain: Yes, you will. This time, permanently. I regret I have to kill you, as well, querida. Something so beautiful. Well, that's the price of betrayal. Better say your goodbyes. We'll get the money soon.

[Door closes]

Marisa: What now, Marco?

Jack: What do you want me to do?

Marisa: Save us, like you always do.

Jack: How?

Marisa: Signal your men! They must be nearby waiting to burst onboard with guns. They take over the ship and free us. Do it, Marco, quick, before the captain comes back and...

Jack: I can't.

Marisa: Why not?

Jack: Because I don't have another plan. I don't have men waiting for us with boats to take us out of here. I'm not an international drug lord. I'm from Wisconsin. I'm Jack Abbott. And I'm about to die without ever seeing my family again.

Dylan: What's going on?

Joe: Well, I was just sharing my good fortune with your girlfriend.

Dylan: Ah, whatever it is, I'm sure she doesn't really care.

Joe: Well, I think, actually, you both would find this interesting.

Dylan: What are you talking about, Joe?

Joe: Look, Ma. No hands.

Dylan: You can walk.

Joe: Yeah, thanks to Avery. I never would have made it this far without her.

Dylan: Is that what you and Sharon were talking about?

Joe: Oh, I'm sure she can fill you in on the details. Nice talking to you, Sharon.

Sharon: Where were you this morning? You said you were coming straight here.

Dylan: [Sighs] I had something to take care of on my way in.

Sharon: Just tell me the truth, Dylan.

Dylan: Uh, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Sharon: Avery called right after she tossed Joe out, and you raced over there to comfort her.

Dylan: I'm not sorry she tossed the guy out, but this is the first I've heard of it.

Sharon: Oh. Well, I'm sure she will call, though. I mean, if only because she doesn't want you with me.

Dylan: Okay, you're jumping to way too many conclusions.

Sharon: But Avery did throw Joe out, and you are happy about it.

Dylan: Yes. Yeah, I am. But that doesn't mean Avery wants to get back together with me. I'm with you. And I'm happy.

Sharon: Are you?

Dylan: Yes, I am. You are the one that I want to be with. You can trust that, and you can trust me.

Summer: Aunt Avery? Aunt Avery?

Phyllis: Hey.

Summer: [Gasps] Oh, my God.

Phyllis: [Laughs]

Summer: Mom, I'm sorry. You scared me.

Phyllis: I'm sorry. Where's Avery?

Summer: Um, I don't know. The door was open when I got here.

Phyllis: Ave, you here? What the...?

Phyllis: No sign of her in the bedroom. Honey, don't touch that, please. Avery, summer and I are at your apartment. Um, don't know what's going on, but could you give me a call as soon as you get this?

Summer: Mom? The last number dialed was Dylan.

Dylan: [Sighs] Guy's coming to look at the refrigerator. I think the compressor needs to be replaced.

Sharon: You know, that thing has been acting up since I owned this place.

Dylan: Well, good to know it's not just me. We okay?

Sharon: I was being ridiculous earlier. I -- it's just that things are in such a good place now, and the thought that everything would fall apart...

Dylan: I'm here. I'm not going anywhere. Except to do payroll. I'm gonna grab my laptop.

Sharon: I'll keep an eye on things out here.

Dylan: See that? We're a great team.

[Cell phone rings]

Sharon: [Sighs] He's not coming back to you, Avery, so you can stop calling.

Phyllis: Just settle down. It's not Avery, Sharon. It's Phyllis. I need to speak to Dylan.

Sharon: About what?

Phyllis: Just put him on the damn phone.

Dylan: Is that for me?

Sharon: Um, it's Phyllis. She sounds upset.

Dylan: Phyllis, what's going on?

Phyllis: Have you seen Avery?

Dylan: No. Why?

Phyllis: Summer and I are at her apartment. The door was open when we got in. [Sighs] I don't know. It looks like...

Dylan: Like -- like what?

Phyllis: Like Avery was in some kind of struggle. There's a bowl on the floor, broken, with some blood.

Dylan: All right, call the police right away. I'm on my way.

Sharon: What's wrong?

Dylan: Something may have happened to Avery. I got -- I got to go.

Sharon: [Sighs]

Abby: Mom, if you won't go to the hospital, will you at least go home and get some rest?

Ashley: No, I need to finish this.

Abby: Why? Why are you putting yourself at risk like this?

Ashley: Because I have to protect the Jabot brand, Abby, all right? I'm not 100% behind this merger of Jack's, but I do know that I want Jabot to be the leader in the cosmetics industry just like it always has been. And if I have to do it on my own, then I will.

Abby: No, you don't, and uncle Jack wouldn't want you jeopardizing your health --

Ashley: You're not telling Jack about this.

Abby: He would want to know, and so would uncle Billy and aunt Traci.

Ashley: No, I don't want to worry them, especially when there's nothing to worry about.

Abby: You don't believe that any more than I do. You're scared, just like I am.

Ashley: No, no, no.

Abby: And that's why you don't want to face this.

Ashley: You forget that I don't scare that easily, honey.

Abby: Mom, you are one of the strongest, bravest women that I have ever known. And it's okay to admit that you're afraid.

Ashley: And who the hell am I supposed to admit that to?

Abby: Me, mom. You have me.

Ashley: I know you love me.

Abby: But it isn't enough. You want someone there in the morning when you wake up and someone in the afternoon when you get home. You want someone there full-time, and that's not me.

Stitch: We need to talk.

Ashley: I'm done talking. I've got to get to work.

Stitch: Ashley, if you don't go back to the hospital, you could die.

Marisa: You're not my Marco?

Jack: No.

Marisa: How can that be?

Jack: I-I don't know. I'm -- I'm sorry. I should have told you a long time ago.

Marisa: Jack Abbott?

Jack: Yeah. That's my name.

Marisa: But your face is his.

Jack: Well, that's where the similarities end, believe me. Unfortunately, this is a case of mistaken identity.

Marisa: Unfortunate for us both. I knew something was wrong. I sensed something was off, but I... [Sighs] I thought the years had changed you. Why did you let me believe you were Marco?

Jack: I would do or say anything to live and see my family again.

Marisa: [Sighs] I've spent my life running from mine.

Jack: Mine means everything to me.

Marisa: Well, then, Jack Abbott, you have no henchmen to rescue us, so how are we going to get out of this mess?

Jack: You really expect me to have a plan "b"?

Marisa: You're not a criminal mastermind, but you seem like a smart man.

Jack: In a boardroom, I can crush anyone. But handcuffs and guns and crates of drugs in a ship at sea? No. I'm -- I'm a little out of my element.

Marisa: You're right. You're nothing like my Marco. But if he were here, he would tell me to fight with all that is in me. Jack Abbott may not know how to get us out of here, but I do.

Kyle: Look, dad, you know I'd do anything for you, right?

Marco: That goes both ways, you know.

Kyle: But just transferring this amount of money and -- and keeping it a secret? Are you sure you're not in some kind of trouble here?

Marco: I would never pull you into something that was illegal or dangerous ever.

Kyle: I guess I'd feel a whole lot better if you could tell me exactly what this money's for.

Marco: Okay, you're right. I should tell you. It cannot leave this table.

Kyle: Of course.

Marco: The money is going to a cargo company in south America. The deal I'm trying to broker could save Newman-Abbott millions of dollars in shipping fees.

Kyle: That sounds legit, so why the cloak and dagger?

Marco: It's a sensitive transaction. There are parts of it I really can't share with you. Kyle, I called you because you're the only person I can trust with this. I know we butt heads, but I also know that this recent car accident brought us closer, that there's a stronger bond between us now.

Kyle: Yeah, I-I feel the same way.

Marco: Then trust me not to tell you every detail right now. Just know our future is riding on this. Please. Do this for your father.

Abby: What's wrong with mom? Did Dr. Shelby tell you?

Ashley: He had no right to discuss my personal life with you.

Stitch: He wouldn't say a thing. I figured it out myself. He just confirmed my diagnosis.

Abby: What is it?

Stitch: You have an aneurysm at the base of your brain. Most likely congenital.

Abby: Is -- is that what's been causing all the migraines and the seizure?

Stitch: Yeah.

Abby: Can they fix it?

Stitch: There's a surgical procedure.

Abby: They have to operate on her brain?

Stitch: Look, I'm not gonna lie to you, Ashley. It's a complicated procedure, but Barton and I both agree that Dr. Akino is one of the best neurosurgeons around.

Abby: Mom, did you hear what Ben said?

Ashley: I assumed it was something neurological because of the headaches. And they wanted to do a brain scan.

Abby: Then why are you here? Why are you not in the hospital?

Ashley: Because as long as I can function and contribute and protect my father's legacy, that's what I want to do. I want to be creating, I want to be working, I want to be living.

Stitch: Ashley, if you don't go back to the hospital, you won't be doing any of that.

Ashley: Can you guarantee me that if I have this surgery that I'll be able to function at the same high level that I am now? Can you guarantee me that?

Stitch: There are always risks.

Ashley: [Voice breaking] So what are my odds? 50/50? Less than that?

Stitch: I can't give you a number.

Ashley: So something horrible could happen to me. I could be completely incapacitated. I could die, right? So why don't you just let me live my life the way I want to?!

Abby: [Voice breaking] Mom, I know that you're afraid, but you have to trust Ben and Dr. Shelby.

Ashley: Why? Why should I put my life in their hands?

Abby: I can't lose you.

Sharon: Joe.

Joe: Sharon. Here alone?

Sharon: Yes.

Joe: Dylan run off to be with Avery already?

Sharon: Dylan ran off to be with Phyllis. Apparently there's a problem at Avery's apartment.

Joe: What's the problem?

Sharon: I thought maybe you could tell me.

Joe: Why? Why would I know?

Sharon: You pointed out earlier that it's in both our best interests if Dylan and Avery aren't together.

Joe: I was just stating the obvious.

Sharon: But I got the distinct impression that you would be willing to do anything to keep them apart. Did you?

Joe: I'm gonna say this once, Sharon, so listen carefully. I love Avery, and everything that I've done is so that we can be together. Yes, we had a fight. Yes, she threw me out. But I never hurt her. Never.

Phyllis: Thanks for coming, Paul.

Paul: Well, Dylan said you and summer were pretty upset. You want to, uh, want to tell me what happened?

Summer: Well, the door was open when we got here, and then we found that.

Phyllis: I tried calling Avery, but it went straight to voicemail.

Paul: Hmm. And none of the neighbors have seen her?

Summer: No. What could have happened to her?

Paul: Well, maybe she cut herself and went to the hospital. Uh, did you check to see if, uh, her car was here?

Summer: No.

Paul: Kaminsky, go downstairs and see if ms. Clark's car is here.

Dylan: Don't bother. Avery's car is gone.

Paul: All right, we put an APB out on Avery's car. But let's go over the last time you saw her. Maybe we can put together a timeline of some kind.

Phyllis: I saw her just a few days ago. She was just back from Chicago. And her ex-husband, Joe, had moved in with her. We argued.

Paul: What about?

Phyllis: She insisted on Joe living with her so that she could help him through his rehab. Fortunately, he had a miraculous recovery and decided to move out.

Summer: Um, not exactly. Aunt Avery threw him out.

Phyllis: Really? Then he just lied to me.

Dylan: How do you know Avery kicked Joe out?

Summer: 'Cause I was the one that told her that he can walk and he'd been hiding it from her.

Phyllis: He's been manipulating my sister the whole time, and now he's done something to her.

Paul: Whoa, whoa. Where do you think you're going?

Phyllis: I am going to find Joe and make him tell me what he's done with Avery.

Paul: No, you're not. I'm tired of people taking the law into their own hands. This is a police investigation. Do you understand that?

Phyllis: Paul, what do you expect me to do? To just sit back while my sister's missing and her smug ex is just hanging out at the club drinking the most expensive scotch that they sell?

Paul: Do you have any proof against Joe Clark?

Phyllis: He has been guilt-tripping her from the day that he got hurt. She saw through his lies and manipulations, and when she showed him the door, he freaked out. He lost it.

Paul: I will look into your theory. Meanwhile, if you really want to be helpful, why don't you come down to the station and we'll file a missing-persons report?

Phyllis: I will let you handle this.

Paul: Good.

Phyllis: But do not expect me and especially Dylan to back off.

Paul: Well, Dylan doesn't have a -- ...choice. [Sighs]

Marco: Hey.

Kyle: Hey.

Marco: Is it done?

Kyle: The money's been wired, and there's no way that it can be traced back to you.

Marco: I am so proud of you, son.

Kyle: Well, if I'd known that's all it took...

Marco: Not -- not for handling the transfer. For trusting me. I didn't tell you every detail of this deal, and you put your faith in me.

Kyle: You're my dad.

Marco: You will never know how much what you did today means to your old man. I will not forget this. Your faith in me will not go unrewarded.

Kyle: Hey, you're proud of me, and that's a win.

[Cell phone rings]

Kyle: Hello? What's up? Oh, no.

Jack: You have a plan?

Marisa: [Chuckles] I survived on my own for years. Like a phoenix, I learned how to rise from the ashes.

[Door opens]

Captain: Good news. [Chuckling] Well, good news for me, that is. The ransom money was wired into my account, and I am a very rich man. But you, my friend, are a very dead one.

Jack: Let me call my family. I will make you a richer man.

Captain: I'm not greedy, Marco. Or a fool. If the man who bought you realized I double-crossed him, I'd be lying in that grave next to yours.

Marisa: No one's paid for me.

Captain: You chose your own fate when you chose a doomed man over me.

Marisa: It was one kiss. If he said it was more, he's a filthy liar.

Captain: Even one with your old lover is one too many.

Marisa: I made one mistake. Don't make me pay for it with my life.

Captain: Why shouldn't I?

Marisa: I know you haven't forgotten what it feels like to feel my lips on yours, to feel my body close to you.

Captain: [Chuckles] Oh, now, that's a trick. You just want me to keep you alive so you can save your precious Marco.

Marisa: I don't give a damn about him. I just want to save myself.

Sharon: Dylan. Hey, how -- how's Avery?

Dylan: I don't know.

Sharon: What do you mean, you don't know? Weren't you just at her apartment?

Dylan: Yeah, she wasn't there. She's missing.

Sharon: Missing?

Dylan: Yeah, I just really need to find Joe.

Sharon: Well, he's here. He's at the bar.

Dylan: You saw him?

Sharon: Yeah, I told him that something was wrong with Avery and he seems upset and alarmed.

Dylan: Yeah, I bet. I really wish you hadn't talked to him.

Sharon: I'm sorry. I-I didn't --

Dylan: Can you just do me a favor? Can you go back to the coffeehouse and just take care of things for me?

Sharon: Yeah, of course.

Dylan: Where's Avery? What did you do to her?

Abby: [Sighs] "Monsters and goblins go bump in the night. Thunder and lightning may give you a fright. But always remember, no matter the sight..."

Ashley: "...I will be there holding you tight." You remember. [Sniffles]

Abby: Of course I do. And -- and you were always there for me whenever I was scared.

Ashley: I love you.

Abby: I love you more.

Ashley: I love you most.

Stitch: Hey. Ready?

Ashley: Just a few simple tests, right?

Stitch: Abby and I will be waiting for you when you get back.

Ashley: Okay.

Captain: Why should I believe you?

Marisa: I can prove that my desire for you is real.

Captain: How?

Marisa: Share a meal with me alone. I guarantee you'll be convinced.

Captain: Whet my appetite.

Marco: Phyllis?

Phyllis: Jack. Thank God you're here.

Marco: Any word on Avery?

Phyllis: No. I'm really getting scared here.

Summer: Thank you for coming.

Kyle: Of course. Look, I know you're worried about your aunt, but she's tough, summer. I've seen her kick butt in and out of court.

Summer: Yeah, well, she may be in way over her head this time and it could be all my fault.

Kyle: What are you talking about?

Summer: I may be responsible for what happened to my aunt Avery.

[Door opens]

Phyllis: Paul, did you find Dylan?

Paul: Kaminsky, here. No, not yet.

Marco: Any word on Avery?

Paul: No.

Phyllis: Have you sent your men to ask Joe some questions?

Paul: I haven't.

Phyllis: Why haven't you, damn it?

Marco: Phyllis, Phyllis, take it easy.

Paul: Phyllis, we are doing everything we can to find Avery, all right?

Phyllis: You know what? If that were true, you'd be forcing her ex to tell you what he did to my sister. I guarantee you that's what Dylan's doing.

Dylan: Where is she? Where's Avery?!

Joe: Little late in getting the intel. Haven't you heard? I moved out of her place.

Dylan: You mean she tossed you out.

Joe: Slow and inaccurate.

Dylan: Avery finally saw through your act and kicked you out. You can spin it any way you want, but I know that's what happened. What I don't know is what you did to retaliate, but I will before I leave here.

Joe: Boy, you got this whole righteous thing down, both you and Avery. Where do you guys get off, huh? You're the ones that had the affair, claiming you were destined for each other. What a load of crap, huh? You just wanted to jump in the sack with each other.

Dylan: Just tell me where Avery is.

Joe: You too busy playing knight in shining armor with Sharon? You couldn't happen to notice where your one true love is?

Dylan: I'm warning you, Joe.

Joe: I don't know where she is, Dylan! I figured she was with you. You check your bed? Maybe she turned into the needy bitch that once loved you.

Phyllis: He better be talking to Joe. He knows something, Jack.

Marco: Sweetheart, I'm sure Paul knows what he's doing.

Phyllis: Well, he damn well better. I just started to like Avery. If anything happens to my sister...

Kyle: Summer, this is not your fault, all right? You -- you heard your mom. She thinks it's Joe Clark.

Summer: I was the one that told aunt Avery about Joe lying to her about being able to walk. Mom thinks that he lost it when she kicked him out of her apartment, and now she's missing.

Kyle: Look, we don't know anything, all right?

Paul: Okay, um, I've got some news.

Phyllis: About Avery?

Paul: We found her car out at concord lake.

Phyllis: Oh, thank God.

Marco: Great.

Phyllis: She's safe, right?

Paul: We found her car, Phyllis. There's no sign of Avery.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Dr. Akino: We need to perform surgery as soon as possible.

Stitch: How soon can you schedule this?

Ashley: Wait a second. I didn't say I was gonna do it.

Phyllis: I may not have any proof that you did anything to my sister, but, you see, I got this little feeling who is --

Joe: There's another reason why she's missing.

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