Y&R Transcript Monday 6/8/15


Episode # 10683 ~ Michael catches Lauren unawares; Paul devises a trap for the killer; Avery & Joe have an explosive encounter.

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Avery: What do you want?

Joe: I want you to make love to me.

Avery: After you just threatened me?

Joe: It wasn't exactly a threat.

Avery: If you go to the police and tell them I deliberately pushed you off that balcony, I could be disbarred. I could go to prison.

Joe: Your choice. Make love to me, Avery. I'm asking you.

Avery: You're blackmailing me.

Joe: We were happy together. What we shared -- you know it was good. Give us that chance.

Avery: And if I do?

Joe: You'll feel what you once felt for me.

Lily: Cane, can you please just call me back or at least come back to the club so we can talk? Just don't ignore my messages, okay? I just -- I want to apologize to you. I was just being...paranoid. And -- [Sighs] Of course I know there's nothing going on between you and Lauren. Just call me.

Lauren: Where did that come from?

Paul: All right. Thank you. Uh, no. We really appreciate the help. Right-O. Bye-bye.

Harding: FBI?

Paul: Yeah. With their resources, we should be able to pinpoint who -- who posted that message.

Harding: Yeah, that message. "It wasn't Tobias catch me if you can, or watch me get away with murder." I -- you know, chief, the killer has been so careful up until now. Why -- why would he go take a risk like that?

Paul: Well, you're right. It is a higher probability that it is a hoax.

Harding: Exactly. You know, if that's the case, then why are we wasting the money and the manpower?

Paul: Because even though the post may be fake, the poster might be able to lead us to the real killer.

Mariah: Come on.

Kevin: Hey, you need to calm down.

Mariah: How am I supposed to calm down? I panic every time somebody walks through the door? [Sighs] What if they come after me, Kevin? I'm gonna be arrested for posting that bogus message, supposedly from the killer of Austin and Courtney.

Kevin: And Tobias.

Mariah: And if the cops don't come after me, the killer will.

Stitch: Hey! Abby told me some TV show wants to interview everybody about the murders.

Kevin: Yeah. It's a good idea.

Stitch: What, going public? Putting your names and faces out there?

Kevin: Letting people know Tobias didn't kill our friends?

Stitch: Puts a target on your backs. Look. What you do is your business, Kevin. But trying to convince Abby into giving an interview, that's --

Mariah: Are you gonna do it?

Abby: Well, I --

Kevin: Come on, Abby! You didn't exactly say no before. You know it's a good idea.

Abby: Because I don't --

Stitch: Okay, I'll say it for her. No. No way is Abby gonna parade herself in front of the camera as bait for the killer, especially when he's getting so bold that he's taunting the police.

Abby: Ben, thank you for standing up for me, but I can speak for myself.

Mariah: So you're gonna do it!

Abby: No.

Mariah: Oh, my God. Why does it feel like Kevin and I are the only people that care about Austin and Courtney?!

Kevin: Because we are.

Abby: That's not fair.

Kevin: All right. Look. You know what? It doesn't even matter, because the others already refused. And the deal for the interview was all of us or no one. We have to come up with another way to flush this guy out.

Abby: And I know how.

Paul: You know, if Kevin still worked here, I'm sure he'd be searching the files of GC Buzz, finding the source of that post. [Chuckles] You know, the fact of the matter is, he's probably doing that right now -- cyber-sleuthing on his own.

Harding: I don't know, chief. I think maybe you got through to fish this time.

Paul: Really?

Harding: No, I'm just trying to make you feel better.

Paul: [Chuckling] Yeah, that's what I thought.

Harding: You know, I, uh -- I meant to tell you. A news outlet reached out to those kids, wanted them to talk about the murders.

Paul: Why am I hearing about this now?

Harding: B-because there was nothing to tell. Looks like those kids wised up. They, uh -- they all refused to be interviewed.

Paul: Well, maybe it's time I remind the department how I feel about that. No one is to give interviews or comments of any kind unless they want to lose their badges.

Harding: I'll spread the word. But it's gonna be easy to keep a lid on this thing, because we have no leads on this perp, no nothing. [Sighs]

Paul: So why is that, Harding? How does this guy manage to stay one step ahead of us?

Abby: I almost hate to suggest this.

Mariah: Oh, yes. We know. You're terrified of the spotlight. What is it?

Abby: Kevin, can't you use your techno-magic and hack into the computer, find out who posted that "catch me" message? And then we know the identity of the person.

Kevin: Uh, no. I can't do that.

Abby: Why not?

Stitch: Yeah, you're usually pretty quick to jump on this kind of stuff.

Kevin: Uh, well, I got suspended from the department, and I can't go near police computers.

Abby: Why were you suspended? Because you were using police property to work on the case on your own. Hmm. And you got caught. Way to go, Kevin. That was real smart.

Kevin: Oh, Abby, thank you for your compassion.

Abby: I just meant that --

Stitch: All right. Well, however it went down, I'm just glad it did.

Mariah: Oh, so you're glad that Kevin lost his job.

Stitch: No, but I'm not exactly disappointed in you being forced to stay out of the investigation. Look. Let me ask you something. With all the warnings you've had, why do you continue to put your friends in jeopardy? Why won't you just back off?

Kevin: I'm trying to protect my friends from someone who thinks he has a motive to come after us.

Abby: Yes, it's scary. But what can we do?

Stitch: Staying out of the spotlight will keep you safe.

Abby: Okay, and just text immediately if the killer does anything creepy?

Stitch: We need to get back to the office, right?

Abby: Lead the way.

Kevin: That guy is... he's such a pain. But at least he's got Abby's back.

Mariah: Like you've got mine.

Kevin: Yeah. Absolutely.

Mariah: Amazing. So you're gonna help cover my tracks on GC buzz so nobody finds out it was me, right?

Kevin: Sorry, no. I cannot do that.

Cane: Lauren, I didn't mean to do that to you.

Lauren: I didn't mean to do that, either.

Cane: That shouldn't have happened.

Lauren: I was emotional about Michael. You were upset about things with Lily.

Cane: It's not gonna happen again between us, all right?

Lauren: No, never. Yes!

Michael: So, why did you ask me here?

Ashley: I spoke to Jack. He wants me to be the executor of his estate.

Michael: Well, that hasn't been finalized yet. But you're correct.

Ashley: Yeah, so, I have some questions about property disbursement, actually.

Michael: I can't answer those questions for you. Jack is my client. If you want information about how Jack has structured his estate --

Ashley: Michael, I'm not asking you to betray my brother's confidence. Don't worry.

Michael: Uh, why am I here?

Ashley: Wills. Well, more specifically, my will. Since my brother's getting his affairs in order, it just inspired me to do the same.

Michael: It's always a good idea. Given my own recent experience, I highly recommend it.

Ashley: How are you?

Michael: Fine, fine. A-and you're wise to be prepared. You never know what can happen.

Ashley: Right. So, I guess I want to just review my estate and maybe revise the will somewhat.

Michael: You can give my office a call. I'll have my assistant check my calendar.

Ashley: Can't we just do it now? I can access all the data we need.

Michael: Ohh, now's not good for me. We'd have to block out a couple hours anyway.

Ashley: I'd rather do it sooner than later.

Michael: That would be best.

Ashley: Thank you so much.

Michael: Sure.

Ashley: Thanks for coming all the way over.

Abby: It's good that summer and Kyle and fen aren't doing the interview. But I get this feeling that Kevin's holding something back.

Stitch: Yeah. Knowing him, he's probably busy right now trying to track the killer through that message on GC Buzz.

Abby: Yeah.

Ashley: What are you saying? The killer made another threat? Then that means it wasn't Tobias.

Abby: Um, the killer might still be out there.

Ashley: What -- you said he posted something on GC buzz?

Stitch: Ashley, try not to worry. The police are on this.

Ashley: "Catch me if you can, or watch me get away with murder." This w-- this was posted last night.

Stitch: Yeah, I-it -- it was posted hours ago, which means by now the cops --

Ashley: That means he could still be after you. Why didn't you let me know?

Abby: I didn't want to worry you.

Ashley: I am your mother. If something's going on with you, I have a right to know what's happening.

Stitch: Ashley, I'm gonna do everything I can to keep Abby safe.

Ashley: But what if you can't keep her safe?!

Abby: Mom? Are you okay?

Stitch: Ashley, hey.

Ashley: I-I -- yes. Yes, I...

Stitch: Hey.

Lauren: Michael? Are you all right?

Michael: Oh, well, uh, actually, I was just thinking about you.

Lauren: You were?

Michael: I hope you've reconsidered signing the divorce papers.

Lauren: No. I'm not gonna sign them.

Michael: We already live apart. There's not really much --

Lauren: I will contest the divorce if you proceed.

Michael: It would be so much easier if you didn't.

Lauren: When on earth did we ever do easy? Nothing has ever been easy for us. How many obstacles have we overcome? And we've always won. We've held it together, and we have loved each other more every single day.

Michael: Well, we haven't actually faced anything like this before.

Lauren: This is just prostate cancer.

Michael: "Just" prostate cancer.

Lauren: I know you're scared. And that's why you're pushing me away. I'm scared, too. But I'm not running.

Michael: I'm letting you go.

Lauren: No. We built a marriage and a family. And I will not let you give up on that. And I'm not going to, either, no matter how many ways you try to convince me to.

Michael: [Chuckles] If everything I've done hasn't told you that this is over, maybe we should take a look at what you've done.

Lauren: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Michael: Don't you?

Cane: [Sighs]

Lily: Hey. I-I've been looking for you.

Cane: Why?

Lily: Did you hear my messages, or...?

Cane: No. No, I didn't hear your messages.

Lily: It's fine. It's fine. I just... I wanted to apologize to you. I was being petty and jealous. And, of course, Lauren just needed a friend, and you were there for her. And I should've believed you. And I do believe you. I do. Is Lauren okay? Did you catch up to her?

Cane: Yeah, she -- she's okay.

Lily: I'm so embarrassed. I feel horrible. I was never even angry at you. It's just...me lashing out about what's been going on with my dad and Hilary and Devon.

Cane: Hey, um... I never meant to, uh --

Lily: No, don't. Don't. Do not apologize. This is me. I'm the one who lost faith in the power of love. And I started questioning if I could really even trust anybody. And that's wrong. I shouldn't let my dad's situation color what I know about our marriage. I love you. And I do trust you.

Avery: Joe, you got to stop trying to recapture what we had in the past. It's gone.

Joe: I don't believe that. One night, Avery. Let me prove I'm right.

Avery: You think one night is gonna change everything?!

Joe: Yes, I know it will.

Avery: But -- you asked me for one meal, and I gave you that.

Joe: Yeah, and we enjoyed ourselves.

Avery: But it didn't change anything!

Joe: Because you had your guard up. You didn't allow yourself to let -- to -- to feel.

Avery: Oh, really? That's -- that's what it was, Joe?

Joe: You were with Dylan then. And now you're not. For the first time, Avery, you're able to just open up and see that connection that we had.

Avery: And it's all gonna come rushing back to me, by having sex with you.

Joe: By you letting me love you. Let me prove to you, Avery, that we belong together.

Avery: All right, Joe. Let's make love.

Joe: Are you sure?

Avery: Yep, absolutely. One night of sex, coming up. Ooh. My bad. Love, not sex.

Joe: Now you're mocking me.

Avery: Why would I mock you, Joe? And since it's love we're making here, we really should set the stage. I mean, we can't just jump into bed, can we? Ooh! Aah! I don't have time to prepare you a romantic dinner!

Joe: I don't need that.

Avery: But we could have music, Joe! Yeah! We can have m-- ooh. We can have candles together. How about some wine, Joe?

Joe: Avery, slow down.

Avery: Why should I slow down? You've been waiting for this for a long time. We're gonna do this right. Get over here. Get over here and have some wine with me. There you go. This is great. Oh. [Sighs] Aah! I forgot to make a toast. [Sighs] [Mutters indistinctly] To the night... neither one of us is gonna forget. [Sighs]

Abby: Mom, are you sure you're okay? You're talking funny.

Ashley: S-- a side effect of my migraine medication.

Abby: Migraines?

Ashley: [Chuckling] Yeah. Don't worry. I'm not gonna be operating any, uh, heavy machinery.

Stitch: Oh, damn. You know, I, uh -- [Scoffs] I was supposed to check on that shipment of glycerin packets at the warehouse. Uh, I'll be right back. You gonna be okay?

Abby: Yeah, we're -- we're okay. Thank you.

Ashley: Whew!

Abby: Why is this the first that I'm hearing about headaches? When did they start?

Ashley: Just a couple weeks ago, honey. It's just...stress from the merger.

Abby: No, you have never been stressed out about work. Am I causing your headaches?

Ashley: [Chuckles] When you were a teenager, absolutely.

Abby: Well, you've been stressed ever since I was attacked in the park.

Ashley: I'm concerned about you, honey, but it has nothing to do with that. Believe me.

Abby: Maybe your headaches would go away if I stopped seeing Ben.

Paul: Well, that's interesting. All right. Thank you. Good work. Awesome. Harding, with me.

Harding: What's up?

Paul: I got a lead on the "catch me if you can" message. Come on.

Mariah: I cannot believe you won't help me.

Kevin: It's not that I won't. I can't.

Mariah: Why not?

Kevin: Because even if I could get into the computer files, it's too late. Paul and the FBI have been all over this thing since the post went up.

Mariah: So I have every right to be terrified.

Kevin: They probably already located your I.P. Address.

Mariah: So they could be coming for me right now. What am I supposed to do?!

Kevin: Your best bet is to come forward.

Mariah: And admit that I posed that message? No, no, no. A-absolutely not.

Kevin: Listen, listen. We'll talk to Michael. He's already working on getting my obstruction charges dropped. He can talk to Paul and --

Mariah: It's not gonna work.

Kevin: Look, Michael's a great lawyer.

Mariah: I am not the type of person who gets breaks, Kevin. It -- it just doesn't happen. I-I can't confess!

Kevin: Okay, then, do you have a better idea?

Mariah: Yes. We run.

Kevin: You want us to go on the lam?

Mariah: I know how to disappear. I've done it before. And you wouldn't have to face those misdemeanor charges.

Kevin: Mariah, that's crazy! We would have to stay underground forever.

Mariah: What's so bad about that?!

Kevin: You'd be okay with leaving here forever, never seeing anyone from here again?

Mariah: If I can -- which I can -- you can.

Kevin: But it wouldn't just be the local cops looking for us. The feds would be after us.

Mariah: So we leave the country.

Kevin: And we'd be sidetracking the authorities, making them waste time looking for us when they should be searching for the person who killed Austin and Courtney.

Mariah: Look, I understand all of that, but, Kevin...I cannot afford to be in trouble again.

Kevin: Mariah, there -- [Sighs]

Mariah: I understand if you need to stay. It's been nice.

You've been nice.

Kevin: Mariah, wait. This is --

Harding: Mariah Copeland, you're under arrest.

Ashley: Would you stop seeing Ben if I asked you to?

Abby: Yeah, it's just, um... I mean, we're just -- we're so right for each other. I mean, it might not seem like we are. We might not seem perfect on the outside -- I mean, girly girl meets macho man. But it works. And he's protective and caring, but in this way of, like, "Abby, be your own woman," and --

Ashley: I'm not gonna ask you to stop seeing him, honey.

Abby: Really? [Sighs]

Ashley: 'Course not.

Abby: Thank you. [Sighs] But, um, is this gonna make things weird between us?

Ashley: No, not if we don't let it. Besides, I'm a grown woman. I think I can handle whatever feelings I had for him. And believe me, they weren't much. And you know what? This is a silly conversation for us to be having, because, obviously, the two of you care for each other deeply.

Stitch: [Sighs] Um, Dr. Shelby, you have a second?

Barton: Not much more than that. What is it?

Stitch: You prescribed migraine meds for Ashley Abbott.

Barton: Ms. Abbott asked you to speak to me about this?

Stitch: No, she didn't.

Barton: Then there's nothing more for us to talk about.

Stitch: Okay, I saw your name on the prescription bottle. I'm just saying that -- that there might be more to her headaches than migraines -- other symptoms.

Barton: Describe them.

Stitch: Dizziness, slurred speech. Dr. Shelby, I-I think you should run some more tests.

Barton: Well, allow me to remind you that you're in no position to be making diagnoses, much less consult, considering you lost your privileges here at this hospital.

Stitch: Let me remind you that I was a doctor and a damn good one. And what I have observed has me extremely concerned about Ashley Abbott.

Barton: Mr. Rayburn... I'm concerned, too, about the privacy of my patients. You do not belong here. I suggest you remember that.

Lily: Look, I know things have been tense between us. I just have a lot of issues that I need to work through still with what's happened with Devon and Hilary.

Cane: Can you -- can you please don't say anything else, all right? I-I can't do it right now.

Lily: Are you still angry with me?

Cane: Oh, baby, I'm not angry at you, all right? I just don't need you to say any more. I understand, okay? Listen. I want you to listen to me. I love you. You know that, right? You believe that I-I love you when I say that, right?

Lily: Yes.

Cane: Okay. All right.

Lily: I do.

Cane: Okay. Okay.

Lily: [Chuckles] Well, maybe I should've, uh, apologized in private. [Chuckles] Do you forgive me?

Cane: There's nothing to forgive.

Lily: Okay.

Cane: Okay.

Lily: I'm gonna apologize to Lauren, though. I need to call her.

Cane: No, you don't have to call her and apologize to her.

Lily: No, I just want to tell her that I'm sorry --

Cane: Just don't push people. Just don't do it. [Sighs] [Groans] It's not you. It's not you.

Lily: Then what -- what is it?

Cane: It's just me. I got a lot of stress at work right now. I'm sorry. Um, I got to go. I love you.

Lauren: I don't know what you think I've done.

Michael: I don't blame you. I don't blame you. You're a warm, passionate woman with desires and needs. And I can't fulfill those needs anymore.

Lauren: All right. I do not want to have this conversation anymore. I love you! Don't you get that?

Michael: If that's all there was to it, we wouldn't have a problem.

Lauren: I have told you over and over that there are many ways for us to be close. We don't need to be physical.

Michael: But you do. You do. I saw you kissing Cane.

Abby: Hey.

Ashley: Hey, how did things go at the warehouse?

Stitch: It's, uh...fine. Fine.

[Cell phone rings]

Ashley: Excuse me.

Abby: Are you okay? Were they mean to you at the warehouse?

Stitch: [Chuckles]

Barton: You should know, Ms. Abbott, Ben Rayburn just spoke to me about you.

Ashley: He did?

Barton: Yes. I didn't share anything, of course. In fact, I told him that he wasn't welcome here at this hospital.

Ashley: What did he say?

Barton: Well, he raised some issues that I'd like to discuss with you.

Ashley: That's not necessary.

Barton: Ms. Abbott, I'm concerned about your dizziness and slurring of words. I'd like for you to stop by as soon as possible so that we may take a look at you.

Ashley: Okay, I'll try to stop by sometime tomorrow. Would you please go get that glycerin for me that you picked up?

Stitch: Uh, it -- uh, it wasn't quite ready.

Ashley: Right, because you didn't go to the warehouse, did you?

Abby: What's going on?

Ashley: You went to see my doctor behind my back.

Abby: What doctor?

Stitch: Okay, I saw Barton. I wanted to give him the heads-up on some of your symptoms.

Ashley: Who asked you to do that?!

Stitch: Hey, I am concerned about you, Ashley.

Ashley: Well, don't be concerned about me! You're involved with my daughter, not me! Be concerned about her!

Paul: Posing as the killer? What the hell were you thinking?

Kevin: At least she got people believing the real murderer is still out there, because he is.

Paul: Don't you think we already know that?

Kevin: Wait, what?

Harding: Yeah, we're not as stupid as you look. We don't think Tobias gray is the real killer, either.

Paul: We never stopped investigating. Our strategy all along was to make the killer be overconfident so he would make a mistake. But thanks to you, Kevin, and now thanks to you, that plan is completely blown out of the water.

Harding: The chief told you to let us do the investigating, not you!

Mariah: I'm sorry! I just --

Kevin: I wish you would've trusted me with that information instead of suspending me.

Harding: You're blaming us?

Kevin: I'm agreeing with you. Pay attention. Paul, you have to keep up with this plan. Instead of doing less talking to the press, why not do more? Let this guy know the pressure's really on him.

Harding: These are going on you, Mariah.

Mariah: For -- for what? Lying on the internet? You're gonna need more handcuffs, buddy, because they do it all --

Harding: We could bring you in for interfering with a police investigation, filing a false report...assaulting an officer.

Paul: Harding, hold off on that. You two, do not move.

Harding: What's up, chief?

Paul: [Sighs] Kevin's right.

Harding: God, I hate it when that happens.

Paul: So far, the killer has made a move every time he thought he was about to be caught.

Harding: So you think if he feels the walls closing in, maybe he'll walk into a trap.

Paul: If we play it right.

Mariah: Well, maybe we can get adjoining cells.

Kevin: Were you really just gonna leave, knowing you'd never see your friends here again?

Mariah: I don't have any friends here.

Kevin: You have me. Doesn't that count for anything?

Paul: You're both free to go. But...

Mariah: [Sighs]

Paul: ...You are not to involve yourself in this case from this point forward. And if you have the audacity to insert yourself into this investigation again in any way, there will be no dropping of the charges. There will be no leniency. Do I make myself clear?

Kevin: Yes, Chief.

Paul: Get the hell out of here.

[Door slams]

Mariah: What just happened?

Kevin: You're still here.

Mariah: [Sighing] Oh, my God.

Kevin: Come on.

Lauren: Michael, what you saw...

Michael: Wasn't what it looked like?

Lauren: It wasn't.

Michael: Well, I think it was very clear. [Scoffs] You needed the comfort of a real man. I understand...better than you do, apparently.

Lauren: You did this.

Michael: No, I'm not the one who kissed Cane.

Lauren: No, you kept making this all about the fact that you couldn't satisfy me. I didn't even realize...

Michael: What are you talking about?

Lauren: Your cup...in the dishwasher, and your shirts in our closet, and your scent. You took it away.

Michael: I understand you want to --

Lauren: No, you understand that my bed is empty, because I'm all about that...according to you. But you took the stroking of my hair away, and the rubbing of my shoulders... and the holding of my hand. Your words... your laughter, your footsteps... all of your sounds, you -- you left. And you left me with nothing, not even -- not even a sliver of our marriage that I could hold on to. You -- you left me untouched... and unloved and unwanted. And I was starving. I was starving for one look, just one look...where you weren't rejecting me, you weren't judging me, and you weren't trying to shove me away. And you sit there in your "I'm the one with cancer" arrogance, and you accuse me of kissing Cane because I'm sexual. I kissed Cane because I'm human. And I'm the one who's dying inside of loneliness. You did that. You did it.

Michael: We need to end this.

Lauren: Oh.

Michael: Divorce me!

Lauren: [Gasps]

Avery: You enjoying yourself, Joe?

Joe: Yeah, I'm not sure.

Avery: Oh, is it the wine? No, wait. It's my outfit, isn't it? This is hardly -- hardly the clothes for seduction, isn't it? I'm gonna go to my bedroom and change.

Joe: I don't need you --

Avery: No, that's right. You don't need clothes at all, do you? You just want me naked. That's fine. You want me naked, like you always do. Come on!

Joe: I don't want you to --

Avery: We gonna be in the bedroom? No, let's -- let's do it here. Here, right on the sofa. Get down, 'cause that's what you want, right? You want me all willing and wanting you.

Joe: Avery, no --

Avery: Any second now, Joe, I'm gonna remember.

Joe: Avery!

Avery: What?! I'm not doing it right?!

Joe: Stop it! Damn you!

Avery: [Gasps]

Joe: Damn you. I give you everything. This is how you repay me?!

Avery: Let go of me!

Joe: Get back here!

Avery: Let go! [Slap] Aah!

Avery: [Gasps]

Joe: I want you to want me. I still love you, Avery.

Avery: Get out! Now!

Avery: All those years, I blamed myself for what happened between us. [Crying] But it was you. Any guilt that I have felt is gone. Any pity I had for you -- I don't give a damn anymore. Now, get out of my house.

Joe: Avery, let's talk about this.

Avery: Thinking that I would make love to you after you lied and manipulated me --

Joe: I never meant to hurt you.

Avery: But you did hurt me! You hurt me. And -- oh, my God -- the lies, what they've cost me! [Sobs] And the fantasy that you would think that I would fall back in love with you! What is wrong with you? Never!

Joe: Anything you want me to say.

Avery: I want you to say, "I'm leaving"!

Joe: Avery --

Avery: And I want you to collect your things and walk out of here, 'cause, yes, you can walk! Get out! [Crying] Get out! ...of my house.

Joe: I may have made a mistake here tonight. But I wasn't the only one.

Avery: [Gasping] [Sobbing]

Lauren: I'm so glad I found you.

Cane: Lauren, I don't want to talk to you right now.

Lauren: No, Michael --

Cane: I can't be around you.

Lauren: Michael was in the park. [Whispering] He saw us kiss.

Cane: [Sighs] God, no. Oh, no. Okay. All right. Okay. I'm gonna go and tell Lily what happened before Michael does. That's what I'm gonna do. Okay.

Lily: Hi. Um, I was looking for Lauren, but, actually, I'm glad I ran into you. I heard that you asked Lauren for a divorce?

Michael: Uh... yeah, that's right. [Chuckles] Allergies.

Lily: [Chuckles] Um... I really think that you should reconsider. Look, I know I don't know the details of your issues. I get that. But I do know... that Lauren loves you very much.

Michael: You're right. That's none of your business... any more than your problems with Cane are my business.

Lily: [Chuckles] I'm sorry. What do you mean by my problems with Cane?

Michael: Never mind.

Lily: No, I-I-I want to know. Did Lauren say something to you?

Michael: I'm not the one you should be talking to about this. Excuse me.

[Door opens, shuts]

Kevin: Are you gonna give me an answer?

Mariah: About what?

Kevin: Would you have actually left without giving me another thought?

Mariah: Mm, I would've thought about you.

Kevin: Well, that's something, I guess.

Mariah: And I would've missed you.

Kevin: Yeah?

Mariah: And I probably would've been pretty miserable thinking that I could never see you again.

Kevin: But you would've gone anyway.

Mariah: Well, now we don't know, because I'm here.

[Cell phones chime]

Paul's holding a press conference.

Paul: Thank you all for coming. The reason for this press conference is really pretty straightforward. The murder investigation of Austin Travers and officer Courtney Sloane is going to be reopened. We have discovered some new information. And the presumptive killer, Tobias Gray, is, in fact, a third victim. And the new information points us to another perpetrator. Are there any questions?

Isn't that what you said about Sharon Newman?

Paul: Well, if you know anything about investigation, it takes a while to sift through the evidence. And this particular killer is very adept at framing other suspects.

Why should the public believe you got it right now?

Paul: We have recovered a tablet belonging to Austin Travers, on which he has backups of all his computer files.

Kevin: Austin didn't have a tablet. There was no backup.

Paul: And this tablet is at an undisclosed location, being analyzed. That's all I have to say right now.

Kevin: [Scoffs]

Paul: Thank you.

Kevin: Son of a...

Mariah: What?

Kevin: Paul is using the power of the press, getting them to spread a lie that'll put pressure on the killer and lure him out into the open. [Chuckles]

Abby: Mom, why don't you just admit that you're more upset about Ben than you --

Ashley: I'm not upset!

Abby: No, you are yelling.

Ashley: Because he doesn't have the right to -- to be prying into my personal information, all right?

Abby: Just admit that you care about Ben.

Stitch: Abby, will you please just stop?

Abby: No, I'm not gonna stop until --

Ashley: Both of you just stop. Please, I just need you to stop! Stop.

Abby: Mom? Mom?

Stitch: Ashley.

Abby: Mom?

Stitch: Ashley. Hey. Hey! Ashley.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Stitch: Ashley had a seizure, and then she left the hospital without telling anyone. I'm not leaving here until you tell me why.

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