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Episode # 10682 ~ Devon & Hilary advance their relationship; Nikki spends time with Neil; a surprising pair share a kiss.

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Neil: Hi.

Nikki: Oh, my God. Neil.

Neil: Hi. Yeah.

Nikki: Aah! I am so happy to see you! Oh, do I need a friend right now.

Neil: It's so good to see you, too. How's your stay been?

Nikki: Oh, let's be honest -- I'm not really staying here. I'm hiding out.

Victor: Well, of course he's hiding. You assured me you would chase him up and down the south American coast. Now, do as you are told. Find him!

Marco: You lost someone -- someone important to our little arrangement?

Victor: This is not the place to have this conversation, all right?

Marco: You lost Jack Abbott?!

Victor: I said shut your mouth.

Marisa: Ay, mi or. Ohh. Stalled the captain, but not for long. He posted that picture proving you're alive. Now your enemies will fight for the chance to sell you off to the highest bidder.

Jack: Yeah, he's a real prince, that guy.

Marisa: There's only one thing that can save you, Marco. Listen to me. Admit you have the captain's money and pay him back.

Jack: You know what? I should never have tried to lie to you. I do have the captain's money.

Marisa: Where is it? Quickly!

Jack: In the heartland in America, safe and secure. If you can get there, I will see to it you get enough of that money to start your life all over again. What do you say?

Marisa: I say, "Go to hell!" [Sighs]

Devon: We never even got to the champagne.

Hilary: Who needs champagne? This was the perfect way to celebrate our new beginning.

Devon: I second that.

Hilary: No more...lying... mm... sneaking around. I can finally stop apologizing for loving you. Hopefully, one day, Neil and lily will understand.

Devon: I'm not gonna hold my breath for that. What matters to me is making the most of that new beginning you mentioned. Look under your pillow.

Hilary: Ooh. Uh...

Devon: Open it.

Hilary: It's my eternity ring. I can't believe you kept it.

Devon: I would have kept it forever, and that's how long I want to keep you. Hilary Curtis... will you marry m

Cane: Michael wants a divorce? Are you serious?

Lauren: Yes. You know, I wish I could blame it on his illness or a midlife crisis or even another woman. You know, that I could fig. But he won't even discuss it. He just...wants us over.

Cane: But why?

Lauren: He thinks he's doing me a favor by backing away, and it's -- [Voice breaking] It's really breaking my heart. Sorry. Now I don't even want to cry. I just want to save my marriage. And I don't even know how.

[Footsteps approach]

Avery: You upright-walking son of a bitch. How long's is been going on? And don't you lie to me, because summer just saw you strutting around here with your earbuds on!

Joe: Taking a few tentative steps is part of my physical therapy, and, you know, listening to music helps distract me. What summer saw -- me taking a few tentative steps or --

Avery: Taking actual steps, and you didn't think to inform me about that?! Why -- so I could continue to wait on you hand and foot?!

Joe: Avery, no! Look, I didn't want to tell you till I could ditch this wheelchair altogether... and walk on my own accord. It was my gift to you for standing by my side. It's the truth. You have to believe me, Avery.

Marco: How did this guy escape? What happened to Kelly?

Victor: It's none of your business.

Marco: None of my business? The last time I heard Jack Abbott's voice, I nearly died in a car accident. If he comes ck to town, what happens to us?

Victor: Keep your voice down! It's under control, Marco.

Marco: And I'm supposed to just take your word for that?

Victor: You bet.

Marco: I'm sorry. That's not enough I like being Jack Abbott and everything that goes with it. I'm not giving that up without a fight.

Victor: You love driving those red Ferraris -- huh? -- Around town. You're on my tab. You do as I say and don't threaten me. I don't take kindly to threats.

Marco: Good. I don't usually bother with threats.

Victor: Slow down, my friend. What have we got there?

Marco: If I had a gun, this would be a very different conversation -- a much shorter one.

Victor: Slow, slow, slow, slow, slow, slow. What is that?

Marco: That is a weapon of a very different kind. This is a log of every meeting we've ever had, starting with the day you found me in a Peruvian prison. I go into great detail about how you brought me here, how we bagged Jack on his wedding night and put me in his place.

Victor: I thought only young girls kept diaries.

Marco: Dismiss it at your peril, my friend. I have documented very clearly everything, including your offer to make me a very rich man if I could help you engineer this merger between your company and Jack's, all here in this little flash drive.

Victor: Sounds like a hell of a story, doesn't it? Try proving it.

Marco: Well, let's hope it doesn't come to that. But if Jack should come back and anything happens to me, I want you to know a copy of this document will be sent to Jack's sister Ashley and to the American FBI. The feds may not want to pursue this, but we both know Ashley sure as hell will.

Ashley: Will what?

Neil: Nikki, I don't see you as hiding out here. You're here to get your disease, your addiction, under control.

Nikki: Yes, but while I'm doing that, I have the added bonus of avoiding Victor.

Neil: He loves you.

Nikki: Well...

Neil: What, you don't believe that? That man is crazy about you. He's your family. You need each other.

Nikki: You know, love can be a wonderful thing, but it can also be very painful, especially when it comes with a disclaimer -- "I will love you if" or "I love you more when --"

Neil: Wait, wait, wait. Unconditional love -- it's very rare. I've known you two a long time, haven't I?

Nikki: Yeah.

Neil: Okay. So, I've watched you from afar and near, and what you two have is very, very special.

Nikki: Looks can be deceiving. Being married to Victor Newman -- let's just say that he casts a very large shadow, and heaven forbid if you should do something that he doesn't approve of.

Neil: Yeah. Well, you're forgetting something here -- that that man -- he swallowed his pride. He came to your family and me to help save you.

Nikki: Maybe. Yeah. But when it came right down to it, when you got me all in a room... and confronted me, he still held back. I mean, he just could not bring himself to be vulnerable in front of other people -- only when he was alone with me.

Neil: Isn't that enough?

Nikki: I don't know.

Neil: Nikki... you're here to overcome a problem. You're not here to become someone else. You can't expect Victor to change and become someone else, right? At the end of the day, deep down, you are who you are, and so am I.

Nikki: So, who are we talking about right now -- Victor... or you?

Neil: I have been pretending like everything's okay. I have. But deep down... there is a world of hurt, of pain, of real anger and rage.

Nikki: I know -- because of Hilary and Devon.

Neil: Yeah. I told you about my revenge fantasies, didn't I?

Nikki: Yes, fantasies that you assured me you would not act on.

Neil: No, I won't. But, damn it, it sure would feel good, just for a minute, just for a moment. And then I'd have to look at myself in the mirror, and all I'd see is hate staring back at me, and...that's not me... I don't think.

Devon: You never should have taken this off to begin with, and I hope you never do again.

Hilary: Devon, Devon, wait.

Devon: I don't want to wait. This is right for us.

Hilary: The ink isn't even dry on my divorce papers, okay? What are Neil and lily gonna think if they find out that we're engaged already?

Devon: We have already tried living our lives for other people, thinking that we can spare their feelings, and it didn't work. We can't make other people happy by being miserable. All right? You make me happy, and I want to dedicate the rest of my life to making your happiness my first priority. So, no more sacrifices, no more putting things off. Just please say yes and tell me you will be my wife.

Hilary: Yes.

Devon: Yeah?

Hilary: Yes.

Devon: Yeah?

Hilary: Yes. Of course I'll marry you.

Devon: [Laughs]

Hilary: [Laughs]

Devon: Come here.

Joe: Look, I realize now I should have told you, but I was waiting for the right moment, until I knew that you would be proud of me.

Avery: Show me. Right now -- walk.

Joe: Well, I've only taken a few tentative steps.

Avery: Walk!

Joe: What the hell was that for?

Avery: For thinking you could make a fool out of me. I was at that clinic, remember?! I saw how weak your legs were after the accident! There's no way you're taking steps without weeks of work! Not days -- weeks!

Joe: It's true, okay? We've been working --

Avery: Stop lying! This isn't -- this isn't a couple tentative steps, is it? You've been able to walk for weeks, haven't you? Haven't you?!

Joe: Yes! Yes.

Neil: To call or not to call.

Nikki: Hmm?

Neil: You were debating whether to call Victor or not.

Nikki: Well, you are a very astute man, Neil winters, but you're wing this time. Actually, I was wondering if I should get some legal advice from Avery -- find out what my options are.

Neil: Whoa. Whoa. Uh, the big book -- the program -- says that you're not supposed to make any important decisions in the beginning. You know that.

Nikki: Yeah, but isn't making decisions part of my rehab? Aren't I supposed to be figuring out how to handle my life and take responsibility for my actions? I have to figure all that out before I leave.

Neil: Of course you do, but there's gonna be a lot of time for that.

Nikki: What if there isn't? What if now is the time? The longer I wait, the harder it's gonna be.

Neil: As your friend, I'm gonna advise you just to focus on your recovery. I mean, try to be patient.

Nikki: Not my strong suit.

Neil: Nor mine.

Nikki: Okay. Thanks for coming. I love you.

Neil: Back at you. And I'm glad did. And to be honest with you, I'm very worried about you, and I hope that you don't do anything that you'll regret.

Nikki: No.

Neil: Okay. Good.

Nikki: Hey, Neil. Same thing goes for you.

Lauren: But part of me thinks that maybe I should just give him what he wants, you know, and agree to a divorce.

Cane: What do you want?

Lily: Oh, let me guess -- the boutique is having a new promotion for the newly single. What to wear when you're back on the market -- I think it's gonna be a huge hit.

Cane: We're not talking shop. Lauren is just --

Lily: No, laurel is just being Lauren -- again.

Lauren: You know, I'm just gonna give you guys some time.

Lily: No, you can stay here. This concerns you.

Cane: Wait, wait, wait. Can we stop this? Can we not do this, please?

Lily: I have tried very hard to look the other way and pretend that Cane is just comforting his business partner.

Cane: Okay. That is all I'm doing, all right?

Lily: Maybe for you, but not for her. You need to back off. Just because you can't hold on to your own husband doesn't give you a right to mine.

Lauren: How dare you!

Lily: How dare I? Do you really want to go there?

Cane: We're making a scene.

Lily: I don't care.

Cane: This is not necessary.

Lily: Cane is not the appropriate person to be comforting you. If you're lonely or you're sad about your marriage, find a different shoulder to cry on, because my husband is off limits.

Ashley: Is there a problem? Did I miss a memo about a meeting or something?

Marco: Actually, Victor and I were waiting for you.

Victor: I remember Jack telling you that we had some doubts regarding Gabriel Bingham, and I just wondered if you had found out anything new about him.

Ashley: No, but I'll stay on it.

Marco: Thanks. Great.

Ashley: Yeah. So, what's really going on here?

[Cell phone rings]

Victor: I need to get this. One second.

Nikki: Hi, Victor.

Victor: My sweetheart, I'm so happy to hear from you.

Nikki: Well, I didn't want to call until I was ready to see you.

Victor: Are you ready now?

Nikki: How soon can you be here?

Victor: I'm on my way.

Ashley: I would really like to know what's going on.

Marco: We need to talk.

Jack: I don't understand. I-I offered you a chance for a fresh start, all expenses paid.

Marisa: After all we've been through? And you really think all I want is a payoff?

Jack: No, no. Of course not. I know you better than that.

Marisa: I would hope so! Now, tell me about this place where you've hidden the captain's money -- the heartland, you call it.

Jack: Genoa City, Wisconsin. Beautiful part of the country. Gently rolling hills and... lots of streams and lakes and woods and... little family farms that dot the countryside, farms you can drive right up to in the summer and get the best sweet corn and strawberries you ever tasted. Go to Geneva lake to sail or go up to granite peak to do some skiing. And the city itself is -- it's beautiful. Culture and night life and museums and the university, and... I work in a company there that I own called Jabot cosmetics, and I work with my -- with many talented people, people I care about, people I love having in my life, people -- people who... [Voice breaking] I miss a lot. I can't describe how I miss all of it.

Marisa: Your new home -- you make it sound... captivating. I see a side of you I never knew existed.

Jack: Then you'll help me get there? Please. If you help me get there, there are not enough "thank yous" in the world.

Marisa: I will gladly help you, on one condition.

Jack: Name it.

Marisa: I want more than a share of the captain's money.

Jack: Fine. How much?

Marisa: I won't help you get there unless I can share in this wonderful life of yours.

Joe: Look, there's a reason I lied. Avery, I have so much further to go, and I can't get through this on my own. You're the only family I have.

Avery: We're not family -- not anymore.

Joe: We can be again if you stop fighting this.

Avery: Joe, we have been through this. Whatever I felt for you, whatever we had, it's been over for years.

Joe: Then why did you follow me to Chicago, invite me back in your home through all of this? Don't say it's out of guilt, because you feel responsible for the accident.

Avery: Why not? It's the truth.

Joe: Stop saying that. You know it's not true. You know, I'm glad summer saw me walking, because now I can be honest with the way I feel. I love you, Avery. I always have. And I know you love me.

Devon: Lily, stop it. You're out of line.

Lily: I'm out of line? I don't know what's worse -- you defending Hilary or Cane holding poor Lauren's hand.

Cane: You're getting upset over nothing.

Lily: Oh, so our marriage is nothing to you now?

Cane: I didn't say our marriage was nothing. I am trying to be a friend to Lauren, and that is it.

Lily: Well, in case you've forgotten, she has a history. I'm sorry. Did everybody forget about carmine? Remember him? If she cheated on her husband back then, why not cheat with someone else's?

Cane: You know, Devon is right. You are out of line.

Marco: I need to ask a favor.

Ashley: I just did you a favor regarding Chelsea. If we're gonna start keeping count of favors, you owe me about 200. Now, Jack, I'm gonna draw the line -- I have to -- with the business favors.

Marco: No, no, no. This isn't business. This is personal. Look, my recent car crash brought home once again how precious life is, how any of us can be taken at the blink of an eye. And so, if anything should happen to me, I've asked Michael Baldwin to update my estate documents, and unless you have some strenuous objection, I've made you executor.

Ashley: Is there something wrong with you?

Marco: No. No, no, no. I'm fine -- all of me. Never better.

Ashley: Okay. Well, then...why me? Why wouldn't you have Phyllis do this?

Marco: As much as I love Phyllis, she feels she has a debt of gratitude to Victor, one he is all too eager to reinforce. Look, you are somebody Victor can't manipulate. And if I should meet with an untimely end... I want to know that my legacy is protected...by you.

Nikki: They're beautiful but really not necessary, Victor.

Victor: But I wanted to bring them. Let me take a look at you.

Nikki: Victor, come on.

Victor: You look much healthier.

Nikki: Well, I have kind of been in a bit of a tailspin lately, but... I've started to change that.

Victor: I'm happy to hear that, and I'm happy you called.

Nikki: I've been thinking a lot about my triggers, you know -- all the stressors that make me want to drink -- and it's been really painful. I've had to think about not just the woman that I have become, with all of the wealth and privilege... but the woman... that has fought a lifelong battle of very low self-esteem.

Victor: Don't put yourself down. That's not the Nikki I know.

Nikki: Victor, that's just the point. You don't know me. You only know the Nikki that you want to know, the Nikki that you created, the one that caters to you and does everything the way that you want things to be without any questions. I can't always do that. Now, my sobriety comes with a price. That's just the way it is.

Victor: Okay.

Nikki: And if I am going to remain sober when I leave here... you and I are going to have be apart... indefinitely.

Victor: Well, so much for these counselors, these psychobabble experts. Asking you to...cut yourself off from your husband? What the hell are they talking about? Baby, your home is with me. I'm the source of your stability.

Nikki: No, Victor. You are the source of my dependency.

Victor: Oh, come on.

Nikki: And I figured that out all by myself -- no other counselors involved.

Victor: This is absurd!

Nikki: I need to do this to reclaim my life, Victor. Don't you understand?

Victor: You are not dependent. This is nonsense! This is psychobabble! What are you talking about? We love each other.

Nikki: Yes, I know. I love you with all my heart and soul. I will love you forever.

Victor: Okay. That's all that matters. Once this poison's out of your body, once you get rid of these ridiculous ideas --

Nikki: No. You've got to listen to me, Victor, please. Just listen to me and try to hear what I am saying. This is one time that you're just not gonna get what you want. It has nothing to do with your pride... or... our love or our history. It has to do with my survival. Do you want me to come home and go right back into my old habits, trying so hard to be the wife that you want me to be that I drink myself to death and maybe take other people out with me?

Victor: Are you saying you're drinking yourself to death because of me? Of course I don't want you to do any of this.

Nikki: You say you love me.

Victor: Yes.

Nikki: If you truly love me... you have to -- you have to let me go. You have to give me my freedom. Please.

Jack: Genoa city, for all its charms, is a very provincial place. I can't imagine someone like you living in a boring place like that. Can you? Marisa, you're a free spirit. You love the excitement of Rio, the -- the sophistication of Paris, the romance of Venice.

Marisa: We can have all that once you recover the captain's fortune, but we can also have what money cannot buy -- the kind of stability I've always longed for. Ever since I clawed my way out of the gutter, I've never had a place I can call home. This -- this Genoa City -- you describe it with such... love. It sounds like the perfect place for us, Marco -- a place we can be together, build a future. I want a place like that as much as I want you.

Marisa: I can explain.

Oh, don't stop on my account.

Jack: Let us explain.

I should have known I couldn't trust you and the snake in the grass who stole my money. Since you mean so much to each other... you can share the same fate.

Cane: You want to talk about it?

Lauren: Nothing to say.

Cane: Okay. Well, I'm gonna sit here on my own, then, and feed pigeons. Oh, I swiped a roll from the breakfast table at GCAC. You want some?

Lauren: You should really go.

Cane: Why?

Lauren: Because I've caused trouble for you and lily.

Cane: Lily's been holding a grudge for months now 'cause I didn't tell her about Devon and Hilary's affair, okay? And now she's just taking it out on you, and that's all this is.

Lauren: She's right, you know? I have a history. And I'm not very proud of that.

Cane: I know that you're not trying to wreck our marriage. I know you're trying to save your own. I admire you for that. Now, take the bread roll and feed the damn pigeons.

Devon: If anyone's doing a number on your marriage, it's you, not Lauren.

Lily: Oh, really? You're giving me marital advice -- the guy who stole his father's wife? You two don't know the first thing about love or what it takes to hold a marriage together.

Devon: You know what I do know? If you'd make up your mind to trust your husband, you wouldn't give him a reason to be more than just friends with Lauren.

Lily: Oh, really? So now it's my fault? I'm pushing them together?

Hilary: Devon's right, okay? It's all about trust.

Lily: [Chuckles] That's actually really funny coming from you.

Devon: You don't trust her. You don't trust your husband. You don't trust your brother. I don't know what to tell you if you're gonna be like that. While you're sitting here passing judgment, people are moving on with their lives. Yeah. Hilary and I are getting married.

Neil: Forgive me if I don't shake your hand or ask to kiss your bride-to-be.

Hilary: I know you'll never forgive me. But I hope that one day you can...try to forgive your son.

Neil: Okay. No need to look into the future. Now that our divorce is final... you're free to do whatever you want to do, and as for Devon, you've always done what you want to do, sometimes at the expense of your family.

Lily: Dad...

Neil: Hmm? What?

Lily: ...I know that had to be really hard.

Neil: I'll live.

Lily: Look, I'm with you. The thought of those two engaged makes me want to hurl. I mean, it's actually making me paranoid about my own marriage. I know what you're thinking. I can't let it get to me. I can't let what Devon and Hilary have done pollute what Cane and I have.

Neil: You' be sorry.

Lily: You're right. If Cane and I don't patch things up, we will be sorry. [Sighs] I just -- I have to apologize when he comes back. Thanks, dad. Thank you.

Neil: Sure.

Victor: How can I let you go?

Nikki: It's what I want, Victor. It's what I need.

Victor: You've left me before. You've always come back because that's where you belong. You know it. We both know it.

Nikki: Well, you're half right. When I'm done here, I am gonna be coming home.

Victor: Okay.

Nikki: But not to you. We're going to have to live separate lives... and you're just going to have to get us to it.

Victor: The hell I will.

Nikki: I've made my decision. It's not up for debate.

Victor: This is not your decision.

Nikki: Yes, it is.

Victor: Someone planted the seed in your head.

Nikki: Oh, Victor, please!

Victor: And I have a feeling know who it is, and I will have a talk with them.

Nikki: You are wrong.

Victor: No!

Nikki: Victor. Victor--

Joe: Thank God you understand. Babe, I've always loved you.

Avery: You get this straight. I don't love you! I will never love you!

Joe: Avery...

Avery: You get your bag and you start packing! I want you gone by the time I get back! [Crying]

Joe: Avery! You're not going anywhere, and neither am I.

Ashley: I'm so touched, Jack, that you trust me to be the executor of your estate, but, um... there's something that you haven't really considered.

Marco: What's that?

Ashley: Well, you know, what if something happened to me?

Marco: You're indestructible. I'll have Michael draw up the papers so you can sign them, okay? And thanks. This means a lot to me. Thanks.

Ashley: Yeah, you're welcome.

[Cell phone rings]

Marco: Yeah. What's up? Yes. I said I would pay for information, but only if it's solid. Send it to my phone. I'll be the judge of that.

[Cell phone chimes]

Marco: [Speaks foreign language]

You two deserve each other, and when I decide which one of your enemies to sell you to... you can die together.

Marisa: [Sighs] This is my fault.

Jack: No. Don't blame yourself.

Marisa: Who else should I blame? But I can face anything as long as we're together.

Jack: I'm not ready to die for love just yet. There's got to be some way to get out of here. There's got to be.

Lily: You okay?

Neil: I'm fine. How many times do I have to tell you that?

Lily: Look, how about this? How about if you try to not let them get to you, I'll do the same with Lauren? Deal?

Neil: Thanks. Thanks for caring for me.

Lily: I love you.

Neil: I love you, too -- very much.

Victor: Hello, Neil.

Neil: Hi, Victor.

Victor: So, I understand you visited Nikki today and convinced her to keep her distance from me.

Neil: Now, no. That's not exactly how --

Victor: Don't tell me that I'm wrong, okay?

Neil: Victor, you are wrong, and I didn't do anything of the kind. I actually was trying to convince her emphatically that she needs you and she needs the rest of your family.

Victor: And why should I believe you?

Lily: I'm sorry. I went overboard. I shouldn't have attacked Lauren, and I definitely shouldn't have accused you of anything. I promise I'll make it up to you, okay? Just...call me. Bye. [Sighs]

Lauren: Well, we're all out of bread.

Cane: Hmm. Here we are.

Lauren: All right. Maybe I'll just take a long walk.

Cane: Let me, uh, keep you company.

Lauren: Not today.

Cane: Okay.

Lauren: But I do want to thank you, you know, for being you. [Chuckles] Thanks.

Avery: This is my home, not yours. If you're not gone by the time I get back, I'm calling the cops!

Joe: Yeah, go ahead. Do that. And when they get here, I'll tell them exactly what happened that night on the balcony -- how you pushed me and caused me to fall.

Avery: You wouldn't do that. Nobody would believe you.

Joe: Who do you think they'd believe -- the man whose life you almost ended, who may be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life? What about the jury? You think they'd believe you or the man whose life you ruined?

Avery: Blackmail? You're blackmailing me, Joe? You would stoop so low?

Joe: Think, Avery. Your life would be ruined, too -- attempted murder, disbarment. And Dylan can't run to your side because you let him loose to go hang with Sharon. Go ahead if that's what you want.

Avery: And you say that you love me.

Joe: I do...very much. But what you need is some tough love to bring you to your senses.

Avery: What do you want?

Joe: I want you to make love to me.

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