Y&R Transcript Tuesday 6/2/15


Episode # 10679 ~ Victor struggles to keep his family together; Mariah makes a shocking revelation; Neil & Hilary clash.

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Kyle: Hey.

Summer: Hey.

Kyle: You're smiling.

Summer: [Chuckles]

Kyle: Haven't seen that in a while.

Summer: Yeah, well, you know what I did today?

Kyle: What?

Summer: Normal.

Kyle: Normal?

Summer: Mm-hmm.

Kyle: [Chuckles] Okay. As in...

Summer: As in...everything. I mean, there's no killer on the loose, so I hung out with my dad and my sister, and now I'm having coffee with you.

Kyle: Well, that sounds great. Especially that last part.

Summer: Yeah, I'm just happy to finally have part of that horror show behind me.

Mariah: Did Tobias gray ever come here with anybody else or act suspicious at all? No, no, it's fine. I'm a reporter. You can tell me. It'll all be off the record.

Summer: Uh, no. She is not a reporter. She's a liar, and she'll stab you in the back as soon as you turn around.

Kevin: Which is why we have got to reopen the investigation and find out who really murdered Austin and Courtney.

Paul: Kevin, I had our best detective look at it, and he agreed. It's Tobias gray.

Kevin: Our best detective? I didn't know we had one of those. Who would that be?

Harding: What are you whining about now, fish?

Kevin: Harding? That is a loose interpretation of the word "best." And it's a loose interpretation of the word "detective."

Harding: You know, I've been gone for months. I bet you've been talking the whole time, haven't you?

Kevin: That's funny. What's funnier is I didn't even notice you'd been gone. Where have you been?

Harding: Well, that information is given on a need-to-know basis, and you, fish, don't need to know.

Kevin: Nor do I need to care.

Paul: Okay, okay. Now that you have your tearful reunion out of the way, what do you have for me, Harding?

Harding: I have a missing piece of the puzzle. DNA match to the killer. No mistakes this time. Guaranteed.

Kevin: Says who?

Harding: Says the FBI.

Devon: [Smooches] You taste good.

Hilary: Thanks. I...just signed these.

Devon: Divorce papers.

Hilary: Yep. Once Neil signs them, it'll be final.

Devon: I know this is gonna be difficult for Neil, but can we at least celebrate the fact that we're finally free to be together for real?

Hilary: I don't think I can celebrate just yet.

Lily: I will. I mean, I will celebrate anything that gets you another step away from my father. Now all we need is for Devon to come to his senses and then we can really have a party.

Nikki: I was awful to you, and I know you were only trying to help me. I hope you know how much I regret that.

Neil: I-I really -- I shouldn't have said some of the things that I said at that intervention. I know better. I-I really should have kept it a secret.

Nikki: I don't want to dwell on that.

Neil: Okay, then let's not dwell on it. Don't downplay the decision you made to come here. It was a very brave move.

Nikki: Well, that's what I keep telling myself.

Neil: And now... the healing can start, right?

Nikki: So, how about you? Are you healing?

Faith: Where's grandma?

Victor: Where's grandma? Well, she took a little trip. Oh, my goodness! Look at that. That is so pretty.

Faith: Yeah. I hope my mommy likes it. I'm gonna stay with her tonight.

Victor: Oh, you're gonna stay with your mommy tonight? Okay. You know what grandpa likes?

Faith: Cookies?

Victor: A cookie. Now, you bring me back the change, all right, smart girl? All right. She's gonna stay with Sharon tonight? What the hell are you thinking?

Sharon: I got faith a new doll and a couple of fun new books which I'm gonna give her tomorrow. Or, I don't know, maybe tonight, after her favorite meal.

Dylan: And the cake you baked.

Sharon: Yes. Presents after cake. Good idea.

Dylan: Sharon, why are you cleaning that? You already -- you already cleaned that.

Sharon: Yeah, I just want this to be spotless.

Dylan: I know, but you don't have to do all this. Faith will be thrilled just to be here with you.

Sharon: Yeah, I know. Maybe I should change her sheets. She might want her old ones.

Dylan: Sharon, did you -- did you stop taking your pills?

Sharon: What? Why would you ask me that? Am I acting erratic? Am I being manic?

Dylan: Come here.

Sharon: What?

Dylan: Come here.

Sharon: What are we doing?

Dylan: Oh, we're just -- you know, we're gonna slow things down for -- for a little while. We're gonna take it easy. Isn't that much better?

Sharon: Mm-hmm. Much. Thank you. Now, to answer your question, yes, I am taking my pills. See my pill container over here?

Dylan: I don't need to -- I don't need to see. I-I believe you.

Sharon: All right. Then why did you ask?

Dylan: Well, because you've just been acting a little... intense.

Sharon: [Sighs] I know. More dancing, please.

[Both chuckle]

Sharon: It's just that so much is riding on this, you know? If this visit with faith doesn't go smoothly, I could take a huge step backwards in the custody department. How do I keep that from happening?

Dylan: By, uh, doing what we're doing. Anytime you feel tense, you just stop, you take a deep breath... and you hold my hand. Tonight is not about cakes. It's not about toys or new sheets. It's about the love that you have for faith. You focus on that, and nothing will come between you and faith ever again.

Nick: Dad, this doesn't concern you.

Victor: My granddaughter's life concerns me a great deal, son. How can you allow her back in Sharon's hands? That woman is trouble. You know it.

Nick: Faith missed her mother.

Victor: I understand that, but the judge ruled in your favor. How could she manipulate you into agreeing to this?

Nick: I didn't get manipulated. It was my choice to go back to the mediator. Sharon was granted overnight custody one day a week.

Victor: Son, this worries me. I mean, are you forgetting what Sharon has pulled?

Nick: Well, dad, I could bring up a long list of things you've done, but I'm not gonna do that.

Victor: Son, we are not discussing that right now. This is a mistake.

Nick: Well, it's my mistake to make. Let it go. You need to pay attention to your own house.

Victor: What does that mean?

Nick: Well, it means you need to stop being so quick to judge. Mom said that at her intervention.

Victor: Son, a lot of things were said at that intervention, all right? And they should remain private.

Nick: I agree, but it's nothing I hadn't thought of. If you had paid more attention to mom and stopped trying to control my life by destroying Sharon, than maybe --

Victor: You mean she wouldn't have started drinking again? Is that what you're saying? How dare you accuse me of that?

Neil: I haven't taken a drink in months.

Nikki: Good for you. But actually, I was talking about a different kind of healing.

Neil: I'm working on it.

Nikki: So... you feeling better about Devon and Hilary in spite of how they hurt you?

Neil: Oh, man. Look, I, uh -- I said I'm handling it, all right? I'm handling it.

Nikki: You won't even talk about it.

Neil: How do you like this place? How do you like it so far?

Nikki: It's lonely. It's depressing. I feel like a total failure. I'm really happy that you came, though.

Neil: [Chuckles] Anything I can do to make it better for you? Anything?

Nikki: Well, yeah. You could, just for a few minutes, make me feel like I'm your friend. You know you can tell me things that you can't tell anyone else.

Neil: Um... well, I mean, listen, to be honest with you, which I have to be, these wounds that Devon and Hilary have caused -- they -- they're so raw. You know, and I'm trying to put it away. I'm trying to let it go. But it's always there. It's just waiting, and it's burning. So, what do I do? I hide it, Nikki.

Nikki: I hear you. But you know, talking does help.

Neil: No, it doesn't. Not really. Um... but I do know something that would help me to heal.

Nikki: What?

Neil: Revenge. Harsh, relentless payback. That would do it for me.

Nikki: Um... well, I guess I can see why imagining something like that would, but, um, not very healthy.

Neil: Oh, man. Oh, wow. [Chuckles] Do you know -- do you know how satisfying it would be? Hmm? I have to meet Hilary today to sign the divorce papers so her and Devon -- they can move on. They can have their happy ending. But I-I-I swear to you, I keep fantasizing about paying them back... um, finding a way to tear them apart. Or -- or maybe I could take my own son's fortune. Maybe I could drive her out of town and leave her without a dime to her name. Or even a better revenge is I could lock them both away in a cold, pitch-dark room. Yeah. Make them truly experience what I -- what I had to go through and experience -- sightless, completely blind to that twisted affair that was happening right in front of my face. How about that?

Lily: So, what's the deal with the divorce? How much money are you getting out of my father?

Hilary: I'm not taking a cent.

Devon: Hilary was only pretending to be a gold digger to help my relationship with dad. You know this.

Lily: Aww, so sweet. Or maybe she realized she doesn't need alimony 'cause she has your money to spend.

Devon: She's refused to spend any of my money. That's ridiculous.

Lily: Well, we'll see how long that lasts.

Devon: Do you want me to take care of getting these papers signed?

Hilary: No, no. I-I already made arrangements for Neil to meet me here.

Devon: Why would you do that?

Lily: Haven't you hurt him enough?

Hilary: I want to apologize. I owe it to Neil to see him face to face when we end our marriage for good.

Devon: Why would you set yourself up to have any kind of fight with Neil here? We'll just have the attorney deliver the papers to him.

Hilary: This is about respect, okay? I stood across from this man, and I promised to love him and honor him for the rest of my life.

Lily: [Chuckles]

Hilary: And this is my way of keeping at least part of that promise. I'm gonna honor him by owning my mistake and by acknowledging that he was a wonderful husband to me. I'm not gonna slither away, hiding behind lawyers.

Devon: I'm still worried about you.

Hilary: Whatever Neil has to say to me, I've earned it, okay? And besides, it's a public place.

Devon: Oh, so, what, you think he's not gonna make a scene?

Lily: Well, I hope he rips you apart.

Devon: And what good would that do?

Lily: Well, one, it's very entertaining. And two, whatever makes dad happy makes me happy.

Hilary: Whatever Neil has to say to me, I've got it coming, okay? I'll text you when I'm done.

Devon: That's gonna be necessary, 'cause I'm gonna be right there with you.

Lily: Are you kidding me? Are you really gonna sit across from dad, holding hands while he signs his wife over to you?

Devon: This isn't up to you.

Hilary: You're right. It's up to me. And for once, I agree with your sister.

Nikki: Tell me you're just fantasizing about this revenge, because I know that you would never really do that.

Neil: Of course not. No. But, uh, you know, these dark thoughts -- they help me.

Nikki: How does dreaming up these horrible things about your ex-wife -- how does that help you?

Neil: Oh, come on. What are you talking about? I got to vent to someone, don't I? I mean, drinking is not an option for me anymore. So visions of doing some maybe bad things to them -- that's good for me. [Chuckles]

Nikki: Yeah, but, honey, these violent thoughts are not healthy.

Neil: Hey, I got to go. I got to go, but I'll swing by and I'll see you soon. Give me a hug.

Nikki: Oh. Oh, I-I'll look forward to it.

Neil: And Nikki... one day at a time.

Nikki: Yeah.

Victor: There is no singular event that made your mother pick up the bottle again.

Nick: So, you're not gonna take any responsibility for this?

Victor: Of course I'm not. Nothing to do with me. And do you honestly think that you allowing faith to be in Sharon hands again is gonna calm your mother down? For that matter, you impregnating a woman after you hardly know her -- you think that's gonna put her mind at ease?

Nick: Okay, if I will agree that I should have paid more attention to mom, too, could we drop this argument? Because we both want what's best for her.

Victor: Yes, we both do.

Nick: Good. Now, can you tell me what happened with mom and this guy at the club?

Victor: I don't want to talk about that. I called earlier to set up an appointment to see her, but apparently there are no visitors allowed right now.

Nick: Really? 'Cause Neil told me he was gonna go up there and see her.

Victor: What?

Nick: Yeah.

Mariah: Just butt out of it, all right?

Kyle: No, Mariah. Not until you tell us why you were asking questions about Tobias gray.

Summer: Look, the case is closed. What happened to letting this nightmare finally be over?

Mariah: Everyone is not completely convinced that Tobias was the killer, all right?

Kyle: Everyone meaning Kevin. He's still poking around, isn't he? And he's convinced you to go along with him.

Summer: Mariah, what is wrong with you? Do you want there to be a killer on the loose?

Mariah: Yeah, 'cause that sounds super fun.

Kyle: What about the 3-d printer Tobias used to fake the fingerprints? Or the stolen hard drives? I mean, damn it, Mariah, he killed Austin and Courtney, end of story.

Mariah: Look, I hear everything you're saying. But Kevin --

Kyle: But Kevin won't let it go, right? [Chuckles] Well, this seems to be his latest installment in fanfic. I mean, look, if he's thinking that he can write a new ending where he nabs the killer and we all get to confront him for answers and justice, then no. That's -- it's not gonna happen.

Mariah: You don't know that.

Kyle: I know that Kevin has a long history of going rogue and getting himself into trouble. Are you really gonna trust him on his crazy hunch? Or are you gonna trust the FBI and the police?

Kevin: Finally. You have the DNA proof to reopen the case. I knew you'd come through, Harding.

Harding: Yeah, I hate to burst your bubble, fish, but the test results straight from Quantico show that the DNA on the envelope of drugs used to dose you and your pals comes from one Tobias gray.

Paul: There. Satisfied?

Kevin: That's not right.

Paul: Well, what is it gonna take to convince you?

Kevin: It's just so convenient.

Paul: Or it's excellent police work.

Kevin: [Scoffs]

Paul: Oh, come on, Kevin. If this truly is another setup, our killer would have had to have the forethought to frame two potential suspects in advance -- Sharon Newman and Tobias gray.

Kevin: Unless the DNA is wrong this time.

Paul: Okay, so you're really gonna make the case that an international drug lord came to Genoa city and committed two random killings versus a guy who was already here? We've got DNA evidence. We've got circumstantial evidence and motive.

Kevin: What if the DNA results were fixed?

Paul: That would require a very high-level plant at the FBI. You are tilting at windmills.

Kevin: Okay, chief, I know that's how it seems, but my gut is telling me there are more than a couple of windmills out there. [Sighs] Say hi to your bunny, Harding.

Paul: Get the door, will you? You know, I really was trying to get him to drop this. Think it worked?

Harding: Chief, I hate to agree with the guy, because he's such a little toad, but... I think fish may have a point.

Paul: [Chuckles] Oh, God. Convince me.

Harding: Let's say for a second that he's right, just for a second. Let's say that the real killer set up Tobias gray. Now, we don't know for sure that gray's accident was truly an accident. But with his death, the case is closed. Nobody's looking for the killer anymore.

Paul: Well, you know as well as I do if that's the case, the real killer is free to do anything he wants without being watched, free to kill again.

Faith: Mommy!

Sharon: Hi, baby! Oh! I missed you, too, so much.

Dylan: Hi, Nick. What's going on?

Nick: What's up, man?

Dylan: Hey.

Sharon: Look who's here. Are you hungry?

Faith: Are we having spaghetti?

Sharon: Mm-hmm. And guess what else.

Faith: I smell cake. Did you make cake, Mommy?

Sharon: I did! [Chuckles]

Faith: Hey, Dylan.

Dylan: Hey. What's up?

Faith: After we eat, can you help me build a fairy house like the one in my book?

Dylan: You know what? Uh, show me, and we can figure that out. Come on.

Sharon: I'll just have her back to your place by dinner tomorrow.

Nick: Yeah. That works.

Sharon: Okay. Um... thanks for this.

Nick: Of course. Good night, faith. I love you.

Faith: Night, daddy.

Sharon: So, are you happy Dylan's here?

Faith: Yeah. Dylan's fun. And he's my uncle. And I like him a lot better than smelly Sage.

Dylan: [Chuckles] Maybe we shouldn't call Sage smelly.

Faith: Okay. Mommy, will you and Dylan make me a new baby brother or sister, too?

Doctor: You're approaching your recovery with enthusiasm. That's good.

Nikki: Well, isn't that the idea -- get this thing done and go home?

Doctor: You realize, though, that the process can't be rushed.

Nikki: Look, I don't mean to make light of your program here, but I've been here, done this, so I think I can skip the basics.

Doctor: Can you, given that your previous stints weren't entirely successful?

Nikki: Oh, you mean the relapse. That -- that -- this is completely different.

Doctor: In what way?

Nikki: I drank because I was under undue stress for a year and a half. And my dearest friend in the world, Katherine, who was also an alcoholic, passed away.

Doctor: That's it? Stress? A death?

Nikki: Oh, I had many more tragedies. I-I was concerned about my children. I have a husband who is difficult to say the least. And -- and I am making excuses for my drinking as if this were my first time in rehab.

Doctor: It's easy to slide into old, familiar traps.

Nikki: I guess I just thought it would be easier this time.

Doctor: It might even be harder.

Nikki: Well, I'm gonna make it. I'm here for a reason. I have a lot of people who love me and need me.

Doctor: You're saying what you think I want to hear, Nikki.

Nikki: No, I'm not.

Doctor: Don't quote things you heard others say in meetings.

Nikki: Well, if I'm not being innovative enough for you, why don't you just give me a hint?

Doctor: Admit what you really need.

Nikki: I just did.

Doctor: Why do you need to be sober?

Nikki: Because I want to live. And I guess you've heard that a million times, too.

Doctor: What makes this time different?

Nikki: I don't know. Maybe it's my MS. I'm getting older, confronting my own mortality. I don't want to drink myself to death.

Doctor: What do you think you can find here?

Nikki: Well, strength, I hope.

Doctor: Strength you couldn't get at home?

Nikki: With Victor? Oh, no.

Doctor: Why not?

Nikki: Victor makes a lot of decisions that I don't like.

Doctor: And you've told him this.

Nikki: Many, many times.

Doctor: And you've left him.

Nikki: Many, many times. But I've always gone back.

Doctor: Victor Newman is a very powerful man.

Nikki: Indeed he is, and that is why I need to be powerful. Because I'm gonna need all of my strength to deal with him when I go home.

[Cell phone vibrates]

Nikki: Hey, if you have to go, it's fine.

Doctor: On the contrary, I think I should probably stay. This is a text from security. Your husband is here.

Nick: Oh! I was supposed to have this done when you got here.

Sage: What's this about?

Nick: Surprise!

Sage: [Laughs] What -- why? What's the occasion? It's not my birthday.

Nick: Oh, it's not?

Sage: [Laughing] No.

Nick: I took a shot. You know, I had 1-in-365 chance. You know, I like those odds. Remind me later to ask you when your birthday is. But until then, this is my gift to you. My lady.

Sage: [Chuckles] Thank you.

Nick: Sure. We have just a lovely vintage for you this evening. The best sparkling cider. Hey. Wh-what's that?

Sage: [Voice breaking] It' just really sweet of you. Just pulling out all the stops for the baby, and...

Nick: Hey, uh, you know, I want to -- I want to make something clear. This is not just because I love our baby.

Sage: It's not? Oh, Nick.

Kevin: Well, I guess you told them what I've been thinking.

Mariah: They overheard me pressing the barista for details on Tobias.

Summer: He's the killer, Kevin. Get it through your head.

Kevin: You will be happy to know the chief of police agrees with you and he won't be reopening the case.

Kyle: Good. Somebody's thinking straight around here.

Summer: Yeah. I'm glad it's finally over with.

Kevin: You guys, you're being naive. The evidence against Tobias was obviously planted.

Kyle: No, you're the only one who thinks that, Kevin.

Kevin: It doesn't bother you that we're allowing a killer to walk free, to get away with two murders? There is no way Tobias killed Austin and Courtney!

Kevin: Come on! The facts are right there!

Kevin: Okay, fine, fine. If you're so sure that the killer is dead and buried, why does it bother you if I'm asking questions?

Summer: Because it keeps it in our faces, Kevin. Look, it just keeps me seeing Austin dead and Courtney, my best friend, in her wedding dress, dead. That was my husband, Kevin, and my best friend. They're not just some strangers in a news story.

Mariah: You're right, summer. And they were important to us, too.

Summer: Okay, then how can you let him sit here and keep doing this? I am trying to move on and pick up the pieces. But you're making us relive this over and over and over again. Why can't you just accept reality? Tobias is the killer, he's dead, and it's over.

Kevin: Because, summer, I can't believe that. And it does a disservice to Austin and Courtney's memories to not try and find the truth. At least you're with me on this.

Mariah: Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing if we could really put all of this behind us.

Kevin: Well... now I know where you all stand.

Mariah: [Sighs]

Kevin: I guess I will be fighting this battle solo. But for the record, if I am right, and I'm pretty sure I'm right, we're all still in a lot of danger.

Mariah: Kevin...

Paul: Kevin is just operating on emotion here. There is no satisfying ending. There is no day in court. He's just digging up trouble now.

Harding: Fine, well, that's a good reason not to listen to fisher, but I have no emotional investment.

Paul: Harding, I just got back from D.C. I questioned the FBI guys in great detail. I'm telling you -- I can't figure out why there would be such a high-level cover-up in a case like this.

Harding: Okay, well, it's improbable. It's not impossible.

Paul: [Sighs] Okay, theories?

Harding: I think fisher's right, that the evidence is just too perfectly laid out.

Paul: Okay. What about the background check on Tobias gray?

Harding: I interviewed his parents personally.

Paul: And I'm sure they fiercely denied his involvement in the killings.

Harding: Of course, long and loud, but there's something else. They also insisted he had an alibi for the night of Austin's murder.

Paul: And did you check it out?

Harding: Yeah, I can't call it concrete.

Paul: Hmm. Where was he when Courtney was killed?

Harding: Alone.

Paul: Okay. So...because our suspect is dead, he really can't help iron out any of these little details, can he?

Harding: Yeah, but isn't that a little too convenient, too, chief?

Paul: Harding, the case is closed.

Harding: Well, I can see why you would want it to be.

Paul: Oh, come on. Don't you accuse me of rushing to justice.

Harding: I'm just saying, you know, from -- from where you're sitting, I get it. If gray really is the perp, then...the Newman kids, this Abbott guy, fisher, everyone's safe. But I still have questions.

Paul: [Sighs] Okay. Quietly, and I mean very quietly, keep digging.

[Door closes]

Lily: Dad. Hey. Hey.

Neil: Hey, baby girl. What's up?

Lily: Look, I know what's about to go down, and I want to help you. I want to sit with you and be your backup while you deal with that monster.

Neil: Okay, I appreciate the offer, but I don't want you there.

Lily: You sure?

Neil: Hey, don't you worry about it, okay? I don't think you want to witness this.

Sharon: Having a baby together isn't something you just do. I mean, uh, a lot goes into making that decision, and we don't have any plans right now.

Faith: Okay. But I might still wish for it on my candles on my birthday. I need to go unpack. I can sleep on my princess sheets!

Dylan: You good?

Faith: My book.

Dylan: Take your book. Okay.

Sharon: I knew I should have kept the old sheets.

Faith: New sheets! I love them!

Dylan: See? You're a hit.

Sharon: Um, I'm really sorry about that baby question.

Dylan: No, I'm -- I'm the one who should actually be apologizing to you.

Nick: Sage, this dinner is a thank you.

Sage: Oh. Uh... I must have done something really good. Cue me in.

Nick: Well, you have dealt with everything. I mean, my ex-wife, my little girl's mood swings, my parents, who are pretty unbelievable. Uh, you just -- you have dealt with so much drama, and you and the baby -- you didn't deserve that.

Sage: Well... thank you for thanking me.

Nick: What is it?

Sage: I'm just emotional.

Nick: Did I do something wrong?

Sage: [Chuckles] No. [Voice breaking] You don't do anything wrong. You do everything right. Nick, I was just hoping that -- aah.

Nick: Hey, wh--

Sage: Oh, my -- geez. Ow.

Nick: Hey, hey. What's up?

Sage: [Sighs] That was a cramp, a really -- aah! Oh, God.

Nick: Okay, okay, okay.

Sage: Oh, the baby, the baby. Aah!

Nick: Take it easy. Come on. Okay. Take it easy.

Sage: I can't stand up.

Nick: Okay, I got you.

Sage: My --

Nick: Come on, come on.

Sage: I can't walk, I can't walk. Aah!

Paul: Well, I-I don't have any comment at this time. You know, that was someone claiming to be a reporter about a, uh, potential leak in our department.

Harding: More than just potential. Look at this. There's only one other person outside this room who had that information.

Kevin: Hey!

Paul: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Kyle: What has he done?

Summer: What is it?

Kyle: It's a post on GC buzz. "According to a source inside GCPD, police are unconvinced Tobias gray is guilty."

Mariah: Oh, no.

Kyle: Yeah. It looks like we didn't get through to Kevin after all.

Mariah: You know, at least he's willing to stick his neck out for something he believes in.

Summer: Even if he's completely wrong?

Kyle: Look, having faith in the guy is fine, but you need to know who he really is, Mariah.

Mariah: Shut up, Kyle. You are not an expert on Kevin or anything, really.

Kyle: Yeah, that's true, but you know what? I know this much -- when things start to, uh, get boring in life, Kevin always finds a way to make them interesting.

Mariah: Exactly! That's why I love him.

Summer: Wait, you love Kevin?

Sage: So, what is it, doctor? What -- what's wrong with me?

You have acute appendicitis.

Sage: Oh, that's it? It's just my appendix? That's great.

Sage, you need surgery immediately. I don't know how great that is.

Nick: What about the -- the baby?

Doctor: Mr. Newman, I'm sorry you wasted a trip, but you can't see your wife right now.

Victor: What do you mean I can't see my wife right now?

Doctor: Well --

Victor: I understand that Neil winters was here. He saw her. He's not even family.

Doctor: After an intervention, an alcoholic needs time and space.

Victor: Uh, Doctor, spare me your psychobabble, all right? I don't give a damn about time and space. I'm the one who brought my wife here in the first place.

Doctor: Even so, I rec--

Victor: Even so? Have you heard, perhaps? I don't take "no" for answer often or easily.

Doctor: I have heard, Mr. Newman, but with all due respect --

Victor: With all due respect, Doctor, you cannot tell me that my love and my affection for my wife will not help her to stem the temptation to drink again.

Doctor: I am afraid that love isn't always enough. And drinking isn't the only possible pitfall for an addict.

Hilary: Thank you for coming. Um... Neil, I just wanted to tell you, again, how sorry I am for... everything.

Neil: [Thinking] I swear to you, I keep fantasizing...

Hilary: I went into our marriage...

Neil: ...About paying them back.

Hilary: ...Expecting, hoping that it would last forever.

Neil: Maybe I could drive her out of town and leave her without a dime to her name. Or even a better revenge is I could lock them both away in a cold, pitch-dark room. Make them truly experience what I had to go through and experience.

Hilary: I want you to be happy. just like I love...the month of June and...puppies and...this coffee.

Summer: Yeah, but you' shacking up with that French roast, are you?

Mariah: Kevin and I sleep in separate rooms

Summer: Mm, before and after?

Mariah: [Chuckles] Okay, we're friends. That's it. And if I hear that you or you said that I used that word in ''M...

Paul: You leaked misinformation to GC buzz.

Kevin: What?! No. I-I've been sitting here, innocently watching a hilarious video of a cat juggling th--

Harding: No one's laughing, fish.

Paul: You cannot force me to open a closed case by posting lies. I can't have all the citizens of Genoa city in a panic because you, you little twerp, are unconvinced!

Kevin: Am I the only one here interested in finding justice? You are the only one under arrest for obstruction of office.

Kevin: Oh, co--

Victor: I have lived with her addiction for years. I have pulled her back from the brink of despair more often than I can count.

Doctor: Then maybe it is time for her to save herself.

Victor: Then maybe it is time for you, Doctor, to tell her to come out here and face me and talk to me.

Doctor: It's my decision, or the facility's, to keep you away from your wife, Mr. Newman. She doesn't want to see you. She doesn't want you here.

Hilary: Neil, is everything all right?

[Slaps table]

Hilary: Thank you for not making this more painful. I really hope that one day, you and Devon can get past this.

Lily: Hey. I give you major props for how you handled that.

Neil: Thanks. Appreciate that. I got to go. [Smooches]

Sharon: You don't have anything to apologize for.

Dylan: Yeah, yeah, I do. I'm sorry for asking you about your meds earlier. After seeing you with faith, I realized how wrong I was to ask. I mean, the bond you have with her -- it's -- it's just -- it's just a beautiful thing.

Sharon: I've just missed out on so much time with my little girl, and...I know by now I should be used to only see faith part time, but, um, it still hurts that I don't have her living here with me.

Dylan: I get it. I get that the thought of losing your kids is -- is too much for you to bear.

Doctor: Putting you under for the appendectomy does pose a significant risk to the fetus.

Nick: And if it's left untreated?

Doctor: The appendix could rupture, which could be fatal for both mother and child.

Sage: What are my other options?

Doctor: I'm afraid there aren't any.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Adam: I got to be honest with you. This whole charade is getting more and more difficult to pull off.

Kevin: The real killer got away with it, and I'm the only one who's questioning that.

Jack: I'm being held here against my will. I want my family to be con--

[Thud, groans]

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