Y&R Transcript Wednesday 5/27/15


Episode # 10675 ~ Neil makes a major decision; Billy reveals the reality of being with a Newman to Sage.

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[Cap clicks]

Nick: Let me help you with that.

Sage: If you insist.

Nick: I insist. You know, it's pretty sunny out here.

Sage: Mm-hmm.

Nick: I don't want you to get burned, so...

Sage: Oh, yeah?

Nick: Yeah.

Sage: Oh, you missed a spot.

Nick: Here?

Sage: [Laughs] I didn't expect to see you here.

Nick: Yeah, I just wanted to come and check on you. You said you were gonna go swimming, which I think's a great idea. Good exercise for pregnant ladies, but honestly, I don't see a lot of swimming. I see some lounging happening.

Sage: [Laughs] Well, it's because the water's really cold.

Nick: It is not.

Sage: It is! Okay, you go over there and stick your toe in and freeze. I dare you.

Nick: Fine. Let's go. Keep you warm with my body.

Sage: [Laughs] What? You don't have a bathing suit.

Nick: Who needs one? We pretty much -- yeah. Got the place to ourselves.

Sage: What are you doing? You can't go swimming in the nude.

Nick: I can't?

Sage: No! There's people here. They -- ohh. I see. You're funny.

Nick: I know. Come on. Let's go.

Billy: So you're saying you looked Nikki directly in the eye...

Victoria: And she denied that she had one drop of alcohol.

Billy: Are you kidding me? When you and I saw her, she was completely plastered. Sorry. That was a poor choice of words.

Victoria: No, it's okay. Don't apologize. It's the truth. The way she was with that lowlife that Neil had to punch out in the bar upstairs? It made me sick to my stomach. And now I finally muster up the courage to ask my dad for help, he doesn't even wanna discuss it. I mean, a bomb could go off, and he would refuse to deal with it. [Sighs] God, I wish there was some way that I could help her.

Billy: Are you sure that you can?

[Knock on door]

Nikki: Stop! [Groans softly]

[Loud knocking]

Nikki: [Groans] God. Whoever it is, stop...

[Pounding on door]

Nikki: Making that obnoxious pounding. What? Get out.

Neil: May I come in?

Nikki: No, you may not. I don't wanna see you. I don't wanna talk to you, after the way you sold me out to Victor.

Neil: Okay, well, I'm coming in anyway.

Nikki: Damn it, Neil!

Neil: Yeah, I didn't throw you under the bus, by the way. We got a lot to talk about. What is this mess in this...

Walt: [Groans]

Neil: Who the hell is that?

Nikki: [Gasps]

Sharon: I like the view.

Dylan: Yeah.

Sharon: How many bedrooms does it have?

Dylan: It's a 2-bedroom. I could maybe use one as an office or a den or something.

Sharon: Well, in-unit laundry, two indoor parking spaces. It sounds like it has everything you need.

Dylan: [Sighs] Yeah. So did my loft.

Sharon: But you have good tenants, and didn't you say they were maybe interested in buying the place?

Dylan: You know what? You're right. The universe has spoken. Time for a fresh start.

Sharon: Hear, hear.


Dylan: All right. Check this one out right here --

Phyllis: Hey. Hi. I know the two of you have been joined at the hip lately, but I need to borrow Dylan. It's important and private.

Dylan: Well, anything you have to say, you can say it in front of Sharon.

Sharon: You know what? Actually, I'm going to get a refill.

Dylan: All right, Phyllis. What's so important?

Phyllis: I have a little quiz for you.

Dylan: A quiz? No.

Phyllis: Yeah. You ready?

Dylan: I really don't have time for that.

Phyllis: Okay. Who checked themselves out of a rehab center yesterday? Bonus question -- where is he shacking up right now?

Avery: So I keep the remotes in that drawer over there. TV, stereo.

Joe: Yeah, sounds good.

Avery: And the kitchen -- I will rearrange everything so you can reach it -- the bathroom, too. I should've had all this organized before I brought you here.

Joe: Look, it's already a huge improvement over the rehab center. For one, it doesn't smell like disinfectant.

Avery: [Exhales]

Joe: And I can only imagine how much better the food's gonna taste.

Avery: I just want everything to be workable for you. The hospital bed that I ordered hasn't come in yet, but for now, you will take my bed.

Joe: No, no, I'm sleeping on the couch.

Avery: No, I have dibs on the couch.

Joe: Avery, I'm not putting you out of your bed.

Avery: I want you to be comfortable.

Joe: I will be, on the couch. Look, I'll show you.

Avery: No, you don't have to do that, Joe.

Joe: Look, as long as the cushions are firm, I'll be fine.

Avery: They're not -- they're not firm! They're --

Joe: [Exhales]

Avery: Ohh! Ohh.

Joe: See? The couch is very comfortable.

Victoria: So exactly what am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to act like my father and ignore what's happening and watch my mother drown in a river of booze?

Billy: Look, all I'm saying is you can't fix another person.

Victoria: I didn't say fix, Billy. I said help.

Billy: I know, but just take it from another addict, okay? If Nikki doesn't want the help herself, then there's nothing you can do. She... she has to be motivated, vic.

Victoria: Okay, what? I gotta let her hit rock bottom? Why? Why can't she help herself before the worst happens?

Billy: I don't know, okay? I mean, the lucky ones can. But for the rest of us, we can't. Now... that's just the way it is, vic.

Victoria: No. No. I'm sorry. I don't accept that.

Billy: Okay, look, you remember... when I was drinking hard, and I was gambling, and how often did you come to me and say, "you gotta kick this. You gotta stop"? You remember? And you pleaded with me. You begged. You threatened me. Vic, I wasn't strong enough. I couldn't do it. And then you kicked me out. And that's what it took for me to overcome my addictions, to realize that... I was powerless.

Victoria: What am I supposed to do? Are you saying I'm just supposed to sit by and watch while my mother's drinking causes another disaster like what happened with Christine when Neil was drinking? And why wasn't that a wake-up call for her? What about her MS? You know, she's on some pretty strong medication right now. She can't mix alcohol and that medication. It's like she's playing Russian roulette with her life. Nothing good is gonna come out of this, Billy.

Billy: Okay, you know, you make an excellent point. I'd completely forgotten about all the meds that she's on.

Victoria: Look, maybe my dad can sit by and wait for things to get better. I can't. I have to do something now.

Billy: Okay, let's... let's see if we can figure out a plan, then.

Neil: Why is that piece of trash laying in the bed?

Nikki: I don't -- I-I... I don't know. Uh... I don't remember...that. I mean, how is that possible?

Neil: All right, I'm gonna get rid of him.

Nikki: [Gasps] Oh, my God.

Neil: Hey, you!

Walt: [Exhales]

Neil: Come on. Wake up.

Walt: Who's there? Who... [Gasps] You're the guy who popped me in the jaw.

Neil: Yeah, that's right. I am that guy, and I'm gonna do it again. How dare you take advantage of this woman?

Walt: [Grunts] Take advantage? W-what? No! I didn't come on to her. She came on to me!

Nikki: [Gasps]

Joe: Do you always wrestle with your guests who insist on sleeping on your couch?

Avery: You know me, the competitive type.

Joe: Yeah, who always wants to win.

Avery: Yes, always. Um, so I will be making a workspace for you that's, uh, that's accessible. Uh, computers, phone charger, whatever you need.

Joe: I still can't get over how generous you're being by letting me stay here. I know I take up a lot of space.

Avery: I'll manage.

Joe: But still, I'm interfering in your privacy, and I'm sure I'm putting a crimp on your social life.

Avery: You know, I'm not gonna make this easy on you forever. I need to motivate you to be independent and break through whatever is keeping you from achieving your next level of physical therapy, because you are gonna walk, Joe. I know it. And as for my social life, well, that is pretty much nonexistent at the moment, so... you have my undivided attention.

Dylan: If this is another diatribe about Avery and Joe, I don't --

Phyllis: She's brought him home. She's playing nursemaid. They're living together.

Dylan: They're not living together. Phyllis, you know what? It doesn't matter. What Avery does no longer has anything to do with me.

Phyllis: Stop acting like you don't care. You're jealous. You have every right to be. But if you take a step back, you'd see how much you love that woman. You're gonna have to get off your butt and actually do something. Joe is manipulating her into caring for him so he can have her back. You're the only one who could put a stop to it.

Dylan: Don't you think I warned her a thousand times about that guy already?

Phyllis: All right, so make her listen. You're the only one who can.

Dylan: No, no. You need to listen. If Avery chooses Joe, that's her choice.

Phyllis: No, but it's not. She's stepping into something with Joe that she doesn't want. Avery wants you. Think about your history. Everything you've battled to be together...

Dylan: That's -- that's all it is. It's history. She broke up with me. It's over with. It's time for both of us just to move on.

Phyllis: You know, I see that my sister is not the only one being manipulated here.

Dylan: What's that supposed to mean?

Phyllis: Whatever spell she's casting over you...

Dylan: [Sighs heavily]

Phyllis: Beware. PS -- she threw me down the stairs and put me in a coma for a year. Just sayin'.

Sharon: I made us a reservation for an early dinner. Rooftop at the club. Is that okay?

Dylan: Sounds great.

Sharon: Should be a nice night for it.

Dylan: Aren't you the least bit curious to what Phyllis wanted to talk to me about? No, I'm sure it doesn't concern me. It's probably about Avery.

Dylan: Yeah, Joe's moving in with Avery.

Sharon: [Gasps] Oh. Wow. That's...are you okay?

Dylan: Yeah, I'm fine. It's no big surprise.

Sharon: Well, still, that had to be a shock.

Dylan: Yeah, you know, but like I told Phyllis, you know, what Avery does with her life -- it's not up to me. She can live with whoever she chooses to live with. Phyllis is the one who had a problem with it.

Sharon: Well, why would Phyllis be concerned who Avery is involved with these days? Those two aren't even close, are they?

Dylan: I mean, they've grown closer since Phyllis came back to town.

Sharon: Oh. Well, good for them. Now they have a common enemy.

Dylan: It's not like that. Phyllis thinks that Joe is manipulating her.

Sharon: Knowing Phyllis, though, I have to wonder -- is this really about Avery? Or is it about us? You know, she's always looking for an excuse to try to hurt me. What better way than for you to dump me and go back to Avery?

Nick: I'm proud of you. You decided to tough it out, and you're gonna be a mom soon, and that's not a job for sissies.

Sage: You're right. Oh, man, I was, uh... not able to sleep last night. I was just laying awake, wondering if I'm in over my head. I mean, as thrilled as I am about having this baby and after all those years of thinking it wouldn't be able to happen...

Nick: What are you worried about?

Sage: What kind of mom I'll be. I never had a role model. My mom died when I was really young. And, uh, Constance was very nice, but it's not the same thing, you know? I never had the mom you did.

Nick: My mom wasn't perfect. She made a lot of mistakes. And that's the point. I mean, everybody does. Everybody. I mean, you start out as a human, and then you're a parent. You're hardwired for it, but there's a learning curve.

Sage: Just gonna make stuff up as I go along, huh?

Nick: Yeah. You're gonna be doing everything perfectly, and then out of nowhere, you're gonna make a mistake, and then you're gonna wanna kick yourself for it. But you're gonna be just fine, Sage. And... you're not gonna be alone.

[Cell phone ringing]

Nick: Sorry. Let me just, uh... [Sighs] What are you doing?

Sage: [Laughs] I'm sorry.

Nick: Oh, it's my sister. I should take this.

Sage: Go ahead.

Nick: Hey, Vic, what's up?

Victoria: Hey. I need you, Nick. It's about mom.

Walt: I swear to you, man. I was walking back to my room last night, minding my own business, when she came out of nowhere and started hittin' on me, like, aggressive, grabbing me.

Nikki: [Laughs]

Walt: [Laughs]

Nikki: Oh, wait. Oh.

Walt: You're naughty, Nikki.

Both: [Laughing]

Nikki: Yeah?

Walt: Yeah.

Nikki: Yeah, I've been telling you. [Chuckles] Did you know that I used to be an exotic dancer?

Walt: [Laughs] No.

Nikki: It is true. You play your cards right, I'll give you a free show.

Walt: Let's make it rain.

Both: [Laughing]

Neil: Come on. Get your stuff and let's go. Come on.

Walt: [Breathing heavily] Nikki, Nikki!

Neil: Don't come back here!

Nikki: What he said... it happened. He was telling the truth.

Neil: Are you kidding me? You seduced that guy?

Nikki: You can't tell anybody. Swear to me!

Neil: Your life is totally out of control. Do you -- open your eyes.

Nikki: [Exhales]

Neil: Can't you see what you're doing to yourself? Nikki! What about your husband? Huh? What about Victor? You claim to love your husband.

Nikki: He drove me to this. This is his fault!

Neil: Yeah. You know what you sound like right now? You sound like me. You sound like a drunk. Pour me -- pour me a drink. You keep blaming everyone else out there for your own mistakes. Who is the one who got in bed last night with a total stranger? It wasn't your husband. It wasn't your kids, who you're disappointed in. It wasn't your father that hurt you. It's not all those people out there that you keep blaming, Nikki. It's you. It's only you.

Nikki: Neil, you don't -- you don't get it. You don't get it.

Neil: You have to take responsibility. You have to be accountable. And let's start right now. Here's the plan. We're gonna get over this hangover, and you're gonna get sober.

Nikki: [Groans] My stomach hurts.

Neil: Yeah. That's because you haven't had any food or water. Here you go. Drink this. You're dehydrated. That's why you feel like hell. All right? I'm gonna order a pot of coffee from room service, and I'm gonna run you a shower.

Nikki: Stop. Don't tell me what to do. I can take care of myself.

Neil: You're doing a fantastic job, okay? [Pats arm] You clean yourself up. I'm not leaving until you do.

[Furniture clatters]

Nikki: Yeah, um, security, right? I-I-I need somebody up here right away. Yeah, there's a man here. He refuses to leave.

Dylan: I have no idea why she felt she had to stick her nose in our business.

Sharon: Because Phyllis hates me. What better reason? And she obviously thinks that I'm the reason why you and Avery broke up, and we know that Avery isn't thrilled that you and I started...

Dylan: [Sighs]

Sharon: That we're involved.

Dylan: Well, they can blame whoever they want at this point. It just -- it just doesn't matter. I don't -- I don't care.

Sharon: Well, I wish I didn't, but I can't help it. Do you think I'm manipulating you? Do you think I'm capable of something like that?

Phyllis: Hi! Look how pretty you look. She told me that you were here, but I had to see it for my own eyes. You're here.

Avery: I assume you're here to unload on me about my decision.

Phyllis: Now that I see how much better you're doing, no way. Look, Joe, you know what? I am happy that you are done with the hospitals, and I imagine the doctors are saying that you're gonna make a full recovery. You know, I bet you're gonna be back on your feet in a minute and out the door.

Joe: Yeah, Avery's being very generous.

Phyllis: I'll say, considering how cozy her place is. How big is your guest bedroom?

Avery: Phyllis, you know I don't have a guest bedroom.

Phyllis: That's right! It's a 1-bedroom, isn't it?

Avery: Yes, Joe and I have been arguing over who's gonna take the bed, but we will figure that out later, won't we?

Joe: Yes. Excuse me, ladies. [Clears throat]

Avery: All right, he's gone. Go ahead. Tell me what a big mistake I'm making, and then please leave. I have things to do.

Phyllis: I didn't come here to yell at you. Who do you think I am? Avery...seriously... I'm concerned.

Avery: About what?

Phyllis: For one thing, I can't help wonder about the extent of his injuries. I mean, has his paralysis affected his physical performance?

Avery: Are you asking me if he can have sex? I don't know. He has a severe spinal injury. It's none of my business.

Phyllis: Well, he's gonna make it his business in about two seconds flat, because he wants to get you into bed and on this couch.

Avery: What is wrong with you? I know what I'm doing. Can you just accept that and butt out?

Phyllis: Well, for a very smart woman, you are acting awfully stupid right now.

Avery: Excuse me?

Phyllis: You rejected that man years ago. How can you let him con his way back into your life?

Avery: You know what I can't accept? You bullying me, Phyllis, as if it's some way to be a better sister. You made a choice years ago not to be a sister to me at all. Why don't we go back to that?

Phyllis: I made a mistake pushing you away. In spite of the years we lost, I care about you very much.

Avery: Words, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Please don't do that. I am trying here. I want you happy, and it's killing me, seeing you turn your back on Dylan like this. You claim he was the love of your life. You left Nick at the altar for him. Joe had his chance with you, and he blew it. Why are you letting him take over your whole life? You don't even know if his man parts are in working order.

Avery: Okay, are you finished? 'Cause let's talk about what this is really about. You hate Sharon, and as usual, you are trying to stick it to her.

Phyllis: I don't care about Sharon.

Avery: Oh, what a crock. You say that it kills you that I left Dylan, really? What kills you is that Sharon got her way, and you want Dylan and me to get back together so Sharon will be all alone. Admit it.

[Wheels rolling]

Phyllis: You know what? I've said all I have to say.

Avery: Ooh! Promise?

Avery: [Sighs] She can be such a damn hypocrite.

[Door closes]

Avery: And no, I don't wanna talk about it.

Joe: Okay, in that case, let's eat. How about brunch? My treat.

Avery: That sounds lovely. Yes, and I am glad you're not self-conscious about being seen in your chair.

Joe: What about you? Are you self-conscious about being seen with a guy in the chair?

Avery: No. Not at all. I have nothing to hide.

Dylan: I don't think you're manipulating me.

Sharon: Well, do you think I'm capable of something like that?

Dylan: Sharon, I think that you're bright. I think that you're beautiful. You're kind, and you're a lot of fun to hang around, so if that's manipulating me, then go ahead.

Sharon: [Laughs] Okay.

Dylan: [Chuckles]

Sharon: So you don't care what Phyllis says?

Dylan: No, I don't care what Phyllis says. I don't care what Nick says. I don't care what Nikki says. I don't care what Avery says.

Sharon: Oh. I forgot how many people were lined up against me.

Dylan: I didn't care what the evidence said when you were a murder suspect.

Sharon: Dylan...

Dylan: I don't care about any of it because I know.

Sharon: You know what?

Dylan: I know you. I know who you are. I know that you're a good person. And even though you've suffered on account of your illness and made some... [Inhales deeply] Bad errors in judgment, you bounce back, and you make amends, and to me, that -- that means something. So I don't believe you should be so harshly judged by anybody.

Sharon: What I don't deserve is you.

Dylan: No, don't say that. You deserve the best of everything.

Neil: Water's hot. Time for you to jump in.

Nikki: You know, I don't really think it's your place to dictate when I bathe, so why don't you go find somebody else to hover over? Because I don't need you.

Neil: I said the same thing to you before my accident, remember? The thing is, you didn't give up on me. You helped me face my addiction, which is exactly what you need to do right now.

[Knock on door]

Neil: I'll get it.

Nikki: I'll get it.

Man: This the guy?

Nikki: Yeah. I want him gone.

Neil: Now wait, wait. Nikki? Wait a minute. You called security on me?

Man: Let's -- let's go for a walk, Mr. Winters.

Nikki: Don't come back.

Neil: You know me. You know my son owns this hotel. I've seen you before.

Man: Come on. You've worn out your welcome here.

Neil: You know what? I can -- I can walk out on my own. Don't grab me. Nikki, you know how this party is gonna end, right? And what happened last night is a good indication. Get it together.


Nick: This happened when? Two nights ago?

Billy: It was the night of the Newman-Abbott party.

Nick: And I'm just hearing about this now?

Victoria: Well, I assumed you knew. It was all over GC. Buzz. They're calling her "naughty Nikki."

Nick: I don't read that garbage. You know that. Does dad know?

Victoria: I talked to him this morning, or at least I tried to. He's basically absolving himself of all responsibility.

Nick: [Sighs] Is there anything we can do?

Victoria: Well, he says that until mom admits that she has a problem, he's stepping back.

Billy: [Scoffs] That's a first.

Victoria: He's trying to punish her for not moving back home. Meanwhile, she's on all this heavy medication, and I'm worried about her.

Nick: Yeah, alcohol and pills -- I mean, it's dangerous.

Victoria: There's gotta be something we can do.

Neil: Yeah, there is.

Victoria: Hi, Neil.

Neil: Hi. Sage, Billy, would you mind if I spoke to Nick and Victoria for a moment?

Sage: No, no, no.

Billy: Yeah, of course.

Neil: Thanks. Um, you're -- you're wrong about your father. He asked me to help out with your mom's drinking.

Nick: He did?

Neil: Yeah, he did. He's very worried about your mother. He wants her in rehab. You know your mom. She's -- she's fighting it all the way. She's in total denial.

Victoria: Oh, my gosh. When dad and I talked -- I feel terrible. I just assumed the worst of him.

Nick: It's a serious situation. There's no harm done. What can we do?

Neil: Well, after I spoke to your dad, I actually found a therapist who does interventions.

Nick: So we're supposed to just ambush mom into rehab? Will that even work?

Neil: Listen, Nikki's best chance is this, okay? Especially if we can catch her while she's sober. I mean, we got one shot at this. One shot only. The time is right now.

Victoria: I agree. Yeah. When? Where?

Neil: The ranch. Your parents' place. I think we oughta do it right now today.

Nick: That fast?

Neil: You understand this is a matter of life or death for your mom. I don't think she's had a drink yet, but I could be wrong. If we act quickly, this might just work.

Victoria: Yeah. We have to do this quickly. Nick, are you on board?

[Knock on door]

[Cap clicks]

[Knock on door]

Nikki: Unbelievable. What? Oh. Oh, um, what are you doing here?

Victoria: Can we come in?

Nikki: Sure. Um... I guess, uh, this is about what happened the other night?

Victoria: I talked to dad. He's concerned about you. We all are.

Nikki: Well, I don't know why. What'd he say to you?

Nick: He wants us to come to the ranch, just the four of us. I thought it was gonna be about the merger, but I think he just misses his family, especially you.

Nikki: Well...

Nick: So come and have some dinner with us.

Nikki: I-I don't think so.

Victoria: Mom, listen, I understand if you're not ready to move home yet. But just say you'll do this for me and Nick and for the kids, just for the sake of peace in the family.

Nick: We're on our way out there. Please come with us.

Nikki: All right, I'll go, but I'll meet you there later. I-I just took a shower. I haven't even finished my makeup yet.

Nick: All right, look, I'm taking you to the ranch right now, and you don't need makeup. You're as beautiful as always.

Nikki: Oh, wait. [Sighs] I'm not going without lipstick. I have to put my lipstick on.

Victoria: You don't need lipstick. You need a drink.

Sage: Nick and Victoria have a lot to deal with. Who knows how long they're gonna be? I think I should probably just get going.

Billy: No, no. Stay. I can buy you a glass of milk or something.

Sage: A glass of milk.

Billy: Yeah, we can toast to the new thing we're about to have in common.

Sage: What's that?

Billy: Soon, you, too, will be a non-Newman parent of a Victor Newman grandchild.

Sage: Oh, well, you make that sound almost...

Billy: Frightening? It is.

Sage: Lovely.

Billy: Well, as soon as you hold that baby for the first time, you'll forget about all the junk that Victor put you through and... actually, that's not true. I remember all of it.

Sage: Look, I understand why you'd be bitter, but Victor did not have anything to do with your marriage breaking up.

Billy: Gabe tell you that? From all the diligent digging he did into my past? I mean, technically, he's right, though. Victor wasn't responsible for tanking my marriage. Although it wasn't for a lack of trying.

Sage: I understand what you're trying to say. Um, but Nick and I aren't married. We're not going to get married. We're not even really, you know, in a...

Billy: Even in love?

Sage: We care very much for each other, and he's gonna be a really good father.

Billy: Listen, Sage, it's not gonna matter if you and Nick are married. Victor's gonna find a way to be a part of this kid's life. And if you don't believe me, you can ask Chelsea or Sharon, Phyllis.

Sage: That's the part that worries me -- what happened to Sharon. She ran afoul of Victor, and she's still paying for it.

Billy: Cross him, and he will do that to you, too.

Dylan: Heard you were back. [Sighs]

Avery: I guess I have Phyllis to thank for spreading the word.

Dylan: Yeah, I told Phyllis that it was none of my business.

Avery: Sharon, would you mind keeping Joe company while I have a word with Dylan?

Sharon: Uh... yeah. Sure.

Dylan: So what's up?

Avery: Well, I-I'm sure that Phyllis has painted a pretty warped picture of Joe and me, our living arrangements, and I just wanna set the record straight. He's just staying at my place so he can make his transition to --

Dylan: Avery, it's really -- it's really none of my business. You have to do what you have to do.

Sharon: How's physical therapy going? Have you made any good progress?

Joe: You know, how about we just cut the small chat? I know you sent that text to Avery from Dylan's phone, which was the beginning of the end for those two. And I'm sure that made you all sorts of happy. Look, you don't want those two together any more than I do.

Sharon: I don't know how you could possibly...

Joe: And I bet you'd be willing to do pretty much anything to keep Dylan, and why not? He's good for you, just like Avery's good for me. So how about we make a pact to not let those two screw this up?

Sharon: I don't know what you're insinuating.

Joe: Sure, you do.

Sage: Thank you for the warning and the milk.


Sage: I promise to be on my best behavior.

Billy: [Exhales] Look, Sage, the thing is that me, Sharon, Phyllis, Chelsea -- all of us, we've given Victor reasons to disapprove of us over the years, but you -- you're -- you're a clean slate. He's got no reason to go after you, so...

Sage: I'm carrying nick's baby. Isn't that enough?

Phyllis: An intervention?

Neil: Yeah.

Phyllis: So this is not like a little slip-up.

Neil: Well, Phyllis, understand, when an alcoholic breaks their sobriety, it's --

Phyllis: One drink is too many, and a thousand is never enough. I remember.

Neil: Exactly, that's it. You know, obviously, I want Jack to be there.

Phyllis: When are you doing this?

Neil: I'm doing it tonight. Um, you know, I heard that Jack was headed out of town, though, for a business conference?

Phyllis: That's not till tomorrow.

Neil: Oh, really?

Phyllis: Yeah, I mean, I can stop him. The jet doesn't leave for another half-hour. He'll be there.

Neil: Thank you.

Phyllis: I know Jack would wanna be there for Nikki.

Neil: Nikki right now -- she can use all the help she can get.

Nikki: I'm getting pretty sick and tired of these accusations. Maybe I just wanna look my best. Did you ever think of that?

Victoria: Come on, mom. It's us.

Nick: Look, I always feel like I need a drink whenever I go to a Newman family event. You want me to follow your lead, then go sober.

Nikki: I really don't know.

Nick: I got your purse. Put your lipstick on in the car.

Nikki: Nicholas...

Nick: We're gonna get through this with the least amount of stress as possible.

Victoria: It'll help having you there as a referee.

Nikki: I...

Victoria: Come on. Let's go.

Nick: Come on.

Dylan: [Sighs]

Sharon: What? Bad news?

Dylan: Ah, this, uh, this rental I was looking at -- somebody else grabbed it.

Sharon: Oh, that's a shame.

Dylan: Yeah, it was a good one. You know, it had a yard. I would kill for some outdoor space.

Sharon: Well... my house has a yard. Pretty big one, next to acres of woods and riding trails.

Dylan: Yeah, that's a -- that's a lot of space. What are you saying?

Sharon: Well, I mean, you're already living with me as it is, so... might as well just...move in.

Dylan: [Sighs] Uh, I appreciate the offer. It's tempting... for a lot of reasons. But I just -- I don't know. I don't think we're ready to... take that step.

Sharon: Yeah, no, you're right. We shouldn't move in just for convenience' sake.

Dylan: Right. I'm glad you agree.

Joe: Call it.

Avery: Heads I win, tails you lose.

Joe: Fine. I call heads.

Avery: Oh.

Joe: Ah! I win. Couch is mine.

Avery: Wait a minute. That coin is rigged. Let me see.

Joe: Nah, it's on the up and up. Look, just give me this, okay? If I can't walk on my own two feet, at least let me be a gentleman.

Avery: You will walk again, Joe, someday soon, if I have anything to say about it.

Joe: From your lips to god's ears.

Avery: I have a meeting in an hour. I'm gonna go get ready. Do you need anything?

Joe: No, I'm fine.

Avery: Okay, then.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

[Shower running]

Joe: [Grunts]

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Nikki: Well, you don't have anything to do with the company. What exactly is going on here?

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