Y&R Transcript Monday 5/25/15


Episode # 10673 ~ The Newman/Abbott merger party receives an uninvited guest; Kevin & Mariah run down a clue.

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Victor: Hold it right there. Just leave, okay?

Ashley: Turn around and walk away. You're not invited, and you're not welcome.

Tobias: Or I could stay here and enjoy some more of your hospitality. Have you tried the crab puffs?

Victor: Son, I said get out of here.

Tobias: Or maybe some more of that champagne over here. Sir?

Ashley: Do you remember what I told you when I fired you? If I saw your face again, I'd have you arrested.

Tobias: Cheers.

Jack: Uh, what's going on here?

Ashley: It's Tobias. Tobias, the mole that was working as a tech at Jabot, but we found out he was really spying for Victor to find out information about hex.

Jack: Excuse me. Uh, I don't remember if we've met. If we have, it didn't register on me, but we don't need spies any longer. We're all one team. Actually, that's what we're celebrating tonight.

Tobias: [Scoffs]

Victor: All this talk about spying is nonsense, all right, so why don't you get out of here now?

Tobias: Oh, Victor, look at you, acting like you don't know me. I used to work for you, sir!

Victor: I said leave!

Tobias: Well, I am hurt. And offended. And if I get offended, I make sure that all sorts of unsavory details about you and your secrets -- maybe I should talk to all your guests, let them know what the real story is.

Jack: Okay, you're pushing it now, pal.

Ashley: What real story? Wait, wait. What real story? More than what happened in the lab?

Victor: He is talking nonsense.

Jack: Yes, he is. You know what? You can show yourself out or I will have security take you out.

Tobias: People! Abbott-Newmans, Newman-Abbotts, backstabbers, hmm, frontstabbers. How about we talk about who your fearless leaders really are? Show of hands -- who wants to hear their dirty secrets?

Nick: Nice dress. What are you doing?

Sage: I am dressing for the party.

Nick: I told you you didn't have to go. Why stress yourself out?

Sage: It's not stress.

Nick: It's not even fun down there. There's a lot of Newmans, and they can give anyone morning sickness, even at night.

Sage: Well, I understand that, but they're your family. They're the baby's family. And it feels wrong to sit up here holed up. I should be down there supporting you and them.

Nick: I appreciate that. But honestly, you missed all the big stuff anyway. Jack made a speech.

Sage: Oh, yeah?

Nick: Pretty great speech. He's donating a new wing to the hospital in Cassie's name.

Sage: [Voice breaking] Oh, that's... I'm sorry. This is pregnancy hormones. It's gonna pass. [Chuckles] I promise not to get all weepy down there and give myself away.

Nick: Right. Well, I already told everyone you're pregnant, anyway. The only reason I did that was because if you did decide to come, I didn't want you standing there and have to answer a bunch of questions, so you really can take the night off.

Sage: Or everyone thinks that I'm now hiding up in here in shame. We have to go. Come on.

Nick: Not a great idea.

Sage: Look, this baby is Cassie's family, too. And with Jack's announcement, I want to -- I want to go there and be seen.

Nick: Well, Cassie is family, and honestly, this news would mean more to her than pretty much everyone.

Sage: This baby's really happening.

Nick: It's really happening.

Noah: See, the thing is, Cass, I-I can come and talk to you, and I can feel close to you. I can feel close to my big sister, but Courtney... no. No, her -- her parents won't even tell me where she's buried. So... I loved her, you know? I loved her, and, uh, I never even got a chance to say goodbye. [Sobs] I just -- I just miss her so much, you know. And yeah, I-I got the days that we were together. I got that time, sure, but I lost every single day after that, a lifetime. Just like the days that I lost with you. Who knows? Maybe you're with her. Maybe you two found each other out there in a big cosmic afterparty. I know it's crazy. I know it is, but if that did happen, will you just tell Courtney -- tell her I'm gonna -- I'm gonna find who did this. I'm gonna find him. There will be justice. Just do me a favor, okay, Cass? Just...just tell her I love her, okay?

Kevin: Whoa. Okay. Let's print that.

Officer: What the hell are you doing on the chief's computer?

Tobias: Have I got your attention now? I thought that would do it. The exceedingly compromising details of the Genoa city titans. Money. Entitlement. Ruthlessness. Those that have that think they have it all, but I know things about this man right here.

Victor: You finished?

Tobias: I've just got started.

Billy: Aww, shucks, Victor. Can't hurt to hear him out since you have nothing to hide.

Tobias: Oh, no, he has been hiding. No, he hired me to spy on Jabot, and his ex-wife over here figured it out and fired me. Dumped me like I was yesterday's garbage, sad and alone on the street.

Victor: This is absurd, son.

Tobias: It's all lying and spying and cheating with you. And I'm sure I'm not the only one that's happened to. I bet it's happened to a bunch of people here, right? Am I right? Or did you aid and abet this master in his power trips? Comprised. Complicit. Filthy.

Jack: All right, that's enough. Show's over. Please ignore the irrational rantings of a disgruntled ex-employee.

Tobias: What? Did I not speak slowly enough? You're all rich, entitled monsters, and I'm not the only one to say so.

Ashley: You know, I've had enough of you. You don't get to be all self-righteous and judgmental after being nothing but a spy in my lab. You were useless then. You're even more useless now. Get the hell out.

Tobias: The ice queen of chemistry speaks. You're gonna get all high and mighty with me now?

Ashley: You bet your ass --

Billy: Ash, ash. Come on, come on. I got it. I got it.

Ashley: Get him out of here.

Billy: Come on, buddy. Let's go. Come on.

Neil: No, no, wait. You should have had your ass out of here a long time ago. Get off the bar and get out of here.

Lily: Calm down!

Neil: You're disrespectful.

Billy: Easy. We got this.

Neil: Really? You want to step in now?

Now, before -- before this man made a fool out of your sister? That's how you defend your family, Billy?

Billy: I think this chump has made enough of a scene. We don't need to blow it up.

Neil: I'm not making a scene here. You are.

Billy: Look, I know this guy, and he's a weasel, but he's harmless. So let me pour him into a cab and we'll forget he was here.

Tobias: No! I was here!

Billy: Shut up, man.

Tobias: You better remember it! You don't want to see it! You are all swimming in the filth, and it's gonna pull you under! Don't say I didn't warn you!

Billy: Sorry, guys. There's still plenty of food and libations, so drink up. Well, if that's your, uh, entertainment for the evening, I'll take my money back.

Jack: You know what? You handled that very well. Thank you. That could have gotten very ugly.

Victor: Your brother's right.

Billy: You know, this little bromance between the two of you is never gonna sit well with me. In fact, I think it's fishy as hell. But since today you put the focus on a sweet girl who is gone too soon, I-I'm not gonna let a jerk like that ruin that for Cassie's family or for her.

Noah: Mariah? Hey.

Mariah: Hi. Uh...

Noah: You come to see Cassie?

Mariah: No. Um... no, I just...

Noah: You waiting for a bus or something?

Mariah: I come and I look at the graves all the time, you know, 'cause I'm weird like that. [Chuckles] Did you buy that? 'Cause I didn't.

Noah: You know, you never met Cassie, but that doesn't change the fact that you and she were sisters, so as far as I'm concerned, you have every right to be here, especially today.

Mariah: You know, sometimes I wonder. I wish. I mean, if -- if we'd actually met or if I had a chance to grow up with her... what things could have been like. I only know her through you and Nick and Sharon, the way you, uh, the way you talk about her.

Noah: Memories are good. They're not enough.

Mariah: Please call Courtney's parents again. Ask them where she's buried. They can't keep punishing you now that Sharon's been cleared. It's not your fault.

Noah: Yeah, well, they just lost their daughter, so I don't think that they're thinking about being fair right now. Losing a kid, I saw my mom and my dad go through that, and... it's just never the same.

Mariah: It's not the same for you, either. Please just call again. And if that doesn't work, then -- then we can find our own way to honor Courtney. She loved you. And you loved her. That matters. And you can keep her alive in your own way, just like you do with Cassie. Our sister.

Lily: Dad?

Neil: What?

Lily: You okay?

Neil: Why wouldn't I be?

Lily: Well, you got very aggressive with a party crasher when we have security for that.

Neil: Security didn't bother to show up, did they? And that man was rude, and he needed me to teach him a lesson.

Lily: By what? Attacking him? And then I hear about your fight with Billy?

Neil: What? What is your point?

Lily: My point is that normally you're very calm. And I understand if you're upset or angry. I get it.

Neil: You know what? You're too worried about me. I suggest you worry about yourself. Go about your business, all right?

Jack: Did you just get here?

Summer: No, we, uh, got here a couple minutes ago.

Kyle: Just in time to see the lab rat lose it.

Phyllis: Yeah, well, the show is over. I doubt he will be back. What?

Jack: Has this guy bothered you before? Has he gone on like this with you?

Kyle: We, um, caught him spying on us at crimson lights.

Summer: Yeah, he said it was nothing, but afterwards, we kind of felt like it was our faults for assuming the worst of him.

Kyle: Maybe he knew exactly what he was doing. Maybe it wasn't so innocent.

Phyllis: Wait a minute. Are you telling me this drunk was spying on you before? It couldn't have been for Victor, so why?

Abby: He probably just wanted the scoop on the party tonight. You know, he wanted to get the details so he could come crash, make a big scene. You know, like uncle Jack said, a disgruntled ex-employee.

Phyllis: If you see that creep again, I want you to stay away, all right? This is the kind of guy that's got a formula for the plague or something.

Summer: Yes, mom, I promise to stay away from the crazy guy.

Kyle: Yeah, and I'll help her keep her word on that.

Phyllis: You two are too cute for each other. Go and have some fun, please.

Summer: All right. You, too. He was spying on us.

Kyle: Just...

Abby: Completely, but we told Paul we wouldn't talk about the case.

Summer: Which I didn't mention to my mom.

Kyle: No, you covered. We all covered. It's fine.

Summer: Yeah, except that Tobias drilled me with a death glare.

Abby: Yeah, I saw that. And what did he mean by he's not the only one who thinks we're scum? What was that about?

Kyle: Who knows? But there's no way that it was about the party arrangements, like you said, since it hadn't even been planned yet.

Abby: Obviously, but Phyllis didn't need to know that.

Kyle: The conversation he was listening to, it was about the killer's DNA.

Abby: And since Tobias has a grudge against all of us, we can assume that he's interested in the case.

Summer: Yeah, but we have to figure out why.

Kyle: Look, I don't know the guy, but could he somehow have something to do with the killer?

Kevin: The chief asked me to do an inspection of all the department equipment. And since he's the boss, I thought I'd start with his computer. I will get to you eventually, so if you have any non-departmental stuff on your computer, say online poker, I'd start deleting it.

Officer: I got a report to file.

Kevin: Cool.

Mariah: You just lied to a cop, someone you work with.

Kevin: And it went really well. Good for me.

Mariah: What's the thrill? Getting as close to being caught as possible? You're hacking again.

Kevin: There is good hacking and there's bad hacking.

Mariah: And there's hacking the FBI server and going to federal prison.

Kevin: And since I'm only working on Paul's computer, we're all good.

Mariah: Or not.

Kevin: Why don't you let me tell you what I found out before you decide that?

Billy: Hey.

Victoria: Don't.

Billy: Don't what?

Victoria: You want to talk to me about my father having a mole at Jabot.

Billy: Actually, I was gonna tell you how nice you look. But since you brought up your dad's moral, legal, and ethical breach...

Victoria: You know the guy was drunk.

Billy: In vino veritas, baby.

Victoria: Yes, yes. "In wine, truth." I know.

Billy: You really do look nice.

Victoria: Well, you heard your brother. This merger could be a good thing for all of us. We just have to embrace it.

Billy: Like we're gonna embrace each other. And what about ash? You gonna embrace her, too?

Victoria: You know, I haven't had much to drink, but I do like working with you.

Billy: Well, what's not to like?

Victoria: Do you remember when we used to talk about starting our own business?

Billy: I do. Back in the olden days, way, way back when we were still married.

Victoria: Well, you know, we're working at the same company. Maybe we could do a little project together. It'll be fun. Like a symbol of unity at Abbott-Newman.

Billy: That'd be great. We could be like a, you know, beacon of hope. So why don't we go find a quiet corner and start brainstorming?

Victoria: [Chuckles] It's a party. We can't wander off.

Billy: Yeah, yeah, it's a heck of a party.

Victoria: I have to talk to Nick. You can, um, you can brainstorm without me.

Billy: All right.

Victoria: Hi.

Sage: Hi.

Victoria: So glad you could make it.

Sage: I'm so glad to be included.

Victoria: Yeah.

Nick: Uh, Mom, Dad, you remember Sage?

Victor: Yes, indeed.

Nikki: Yes. Of course.

Sage: It's really nice to see you again.

Nikki: Mm-hmm.

Nick: Mother -- she knows how excited we are about this baby.

Noah: Sorry. Excited about the...what?

Nikki: Nicholas, you're kidding me. Your own son doesn't know?

Nick: I was meaning to tell you at some point this evening, son, but Sage and I are having a baby.

Noah: Wow. Congratulations.

Nick: Thank you.

Sage: Thank you.

Victoria: Would you like some ginger ale or some crackers? I couldn't get enough crackers when I had my morning sickness.

Sage: Oh, no, I'm fine now. But that's a good idea. I'll think of that next time.

Victor: I think that calls for a toast. Thank you.

Victoria: Definitely.

Nick: Yeah.

Victor: There we go.

Nikki: None -- none for me.

Noah: Thank you.

Sage: Oh, you don't have to keep me company not drinking. That's very sweet of you, but I'm okay.

Nick: Uh, actually, my mom doesn't drink.

Nikki: And that's why they call it alcoholics anonymous. Excuse me while I powder my nose.

Victor: Well, should we drink to the newest Newman?

Nick: Yeah.

Victoria: Yeah. That's a good idea.

Nick: Cheers.

Noah: Cheers.

Dylan: Nikki. You okay?

Nikki: Actually, no, I am not okay. I'm watching both of my sons saddle themselves with women who will only hold them back. Why would two smart men want to get involved with a woman like that?

Dylan: Everybody knows how you feel about Sharon. Let's just not get into it.

Nikki: No, I think we do need to get into it because you're turning out to be just like Nicholas. Running for the rescue, cooing, fawning over the poor, little bird that's...really a vulture. Hello, Sharon.

Kevin: Okay, so Paul wasn't lying to throw us off the trail. He is looking at other potential perps.

Mariah: So he's not convinced it's this drug lord, which I hate saying, by the way -- drug lord. Makes him sound like some twisted homicidal maniac who wears a white suit and has a pet python.

Kevin: Are you finished? Back to me. Okay, so Paul is looking at other suspects, and I found the file.

Mariah: Great. So let's go talk about it somewhere where it won't get you fired.

Kevin: Paul's out of town with Christine. I'm not leaving any trails. Relax.

[Computer keys clacking]

Mariah: Never tell a woman to relax. It really pisses us off.

Kevin: Sorry. Chill. Sorry again. Okay, so Paul pulled a list of names and addresses of disgruntled former Jabot and Newman employees.

Mariah: So, someone was fired and they killed Austin and Courtney?

Kevin: Or they were interviewed by Austin, they freaked out about it, and they killed him to cover it up. You got to keep up with me here. The point is, look at the list.

Mariah: And?

Kevin: Tobias gray. That's the guy Summer and Kyle thought was stalking them. Exactly. He was snooping around. He's on the list. This is progress.

Mariah: So you think that this guy knows something about Austin and Courtney.

Kevin: I think we can ask him if he does.

Mariah: I'm not going to this guy's place.

Kevin: See, now, I think you are.

Mariah: I hate you.

Kevin: And?

Mariah: And I'm doing this for Noah and Courtney. He promised her justice, and he can't do it alone.

Dylan: We're not gonna get into anything right now. It's just a bad idea.

Nikki: Oh? Why is that? You afraid you'll see Sharon for what she really is?

Sharon: Today is a terrible day for everyone, Nikki. It always is every year because we miss Cassie. And we realize the world is a little less wonderful since she's been gone. So no matter what you have to say to me, I will not argue with you, not today.

Nikki: That was so noble. And yet serene.

Sharon: It's sad, as you are. Although there is one thing.

Nikki: Oh, yes, I'm sure there is. Go ahead.

Sharon: No matter how you feel about Sage, she is carrying your grandchild, and that's a blessing. One day you'll realize that, so maybe you should try to find a way to get along with her. At least don't antagonize her while she's pregnant. She doesn't need that.

Nikki: Don't you tell me what to do. You have put Nicholas through so much stress over the years, not the least of which was taking up with Adam. Now you're taking up with his other brother. When are you gonna stop taking advantage of this family?

Dylan: Nobody is taking advantage of me, Nikki. And the past is the past.

Sharon: You love your sons, as you should. They're both good men. And Dylan has been a really good friend to me.

Dylan: And Sharon has been a good friend to me, and I'm grateful, and let's just leave it at that, okay?

Nikki: Yeah. Okay. Good night. Take care of yourself.

Victor: So, I assume this is not a reaction you were expecting.

Sage: Uh, I wasn't expecting anything, including this pregnancy.

Victor: There are all kinds of unkind assumptions, given my son's wealth and his family name.

Sage: Maybe I'm just a gold digger who's using the oldest trick in the book to land a rich guy.

Victor: People say all kinds of things.

Sage: Yeah. But the thing is, Victor, I was married to Gabriel Bingham, and I walked away from a whole lot of money.

Victor: My son told me that was just a business arrangement, so why did you walk away from the reward?

Sage: Because I didn't feel the same way going in as I felt going out.

Victor: And now?

Sage: Now I didn't think I could get pregnant, and here I am. And it's...it's wonderful and exciting and scary, and I'm very lucky. And the father of this child is a good man. He's a good father, and he wants to be a part of this baby's life. And I hope that you can respect him enough to accept his choice, because I do.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Nick: Sorry, had to spend a little time there with Noah. Everything, uh, cool?

[Siren wailing]

Phyllis: Lily, what's wrong?

Nick: Wow. That sounds close.

Lily: Uh, there's -- there's been a severe car accident, and the valet said that the car was driven by a party guest.

Phyllis: Who? Who was it?

Lily: I don't know. I'm gonna find out more information.

Victor: Where's your mother?

Nick: I don't know.

Victor: Have you seen your mother?

Nick: No, but you don't think she was driving, do you?

Victor: She stormed out of here and didn't answer her phone.

Nick: I'm gonna try it, too.

Lily: Everyone, I have an update. Uh, the driver of the car was the man who caused a scene earlier. He was alone. Now, I'm really sorry the evening took this turn, but please, if you've been drinking, you need a cab, just let us know and we'll arrange one for you, okay?

Phyllis: Thank you.

Lily: Sure.

Nick: Well, thank God mom's okay. I guess the crasher --

Billy: Tobias. I should have put that guy in a cab myself.

Abby: You didn't know that he'd drive himself like an idiot. It's not your fault.

Summer: Yeah.

Abby: Tobias was drunk and angry and, for all we know, dangerous.

Summer: Lily said the crash was severe, so luckily there was just not another car involved.

Billy: This turned out to be a hell of a night. Hope it's not an omen.

Kyle: We need to get to the hospital. Maybe Tobias would like to clear his conscience and talk.

Abby: Or maybe he's doped up enough to spill everything. Let's go.

Mariah: Shades of when I was living in a place just like this. I guess if you work for Victor, you end up in a dive motel room.

Kevin: He's not here. Let's have a look.

Mariah: No!

Kevin: What? You came all this way to peek through a window?

Mariah: I didn't come here to do a b&E.

Kevin: So you don't want me hacking, you don't want me breaking and entering. Who are you?

Mariah: I am a woman with a plan that won't get us arrested. Watch and learn.

Victoria: It's a little weird, huh?

Noah: What's that?

Victoria: Having a little brother or sister when you're old enough to have one yourself.

Noah: Yeah, it's a little weird.

Victoria: Noah, I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking when I said that.

Noah: No, it's fine. It's okay. No, it's true. Yeah, Courtney and I, we could have had kids. I mean, we talked about it. Wouldn't have been right away, but...eventually, sure.

Nick: Well, looks like mom's okay, so do you want to tell me what you two were talking about?

Sage: Victor was just offering his congratulations on the pregnancy. We didn't get much further than that. Oh, and that we both think that you're a wonderful father.

Nick: Well, I'm glad to hear it's all in my favor. So that's it?

Victor: That's it. I'm gonna call your mother, okay?

Nick: Okay.

Victor: There you are. I was worried about you, sweetheart. There was an accident. I thought you were involved. Have you been drinking?

Nikki: Wow, that really is the only thing you can say to me, isn't it? [Sighs] This has been an awful evening. If it didn't drive somebody to drink, I don't know what would.

Victor: The nonsensical display of the Tobias guy should not drive you to drink.

Nikki: I didn't say it did. But, you know, he's got a point there, having somebody do your dirty work. Sounds like something you would do. Maybe I ought to have a little tête-à-tête with that guy. We can compare our guilt and shame for stooping to your level.

Victor: You're drinking too much, okay? Why don't you -- do you see Jack Abbott over there? Why don't you go to him and ask him how he feels about having you sign that contract with me?

Nikki: Victor, that is not even the point.

Victor: What is the point?

Nikki: I went against my better judgment and I did as you asked, as you demanded. I compromised myself, and it feels dirty and ugly and, just like what that guy said, drowning in filth, which is probably how he felt when he wrapped his car around a tree.

Victor: Did I force him to wrap his car around the tree? Hmm? He was drunk.

Nikki: Because of what you made him do.

Victor: Are you serious? What are you accusing me of? I told the lunatic to drink and drive like a crazy man? Is that -- I will not be blamed for it.

Nikki: Oh, well, I won't be blamed for anything you do, either, not anymore.

Victor: You're beginning to disgust me.

Nikki: Good night!

Nikki: [Laughs] [Drunkenly] You think I'm luminous? Whoo-hoo-hoo!

[Both laugh]

Nikki: I'll bet you say that 10 times a week.

Walt: Well, or maybe I was inspired by you. A luminous inspiration. That is what you are.

Nikki: You are good. Not great, but you might get there.

Neil: [Clears throat] Excuse me. Hi. Nikki.

Nikki: Huh?

Neil: Nikki, you got a minute? Come here. Excuse us.

Nikki: No, I do not.

Neil: Come here.

Nikki: I'm finally having some fun tonight.

Neil: Really? Is this what you call having fun?

Nikki: Is that a trick question? Yeah! This is fun. I have a new friend. And I have a wet drink. And now you have to tell me something. Did you have fun waltzing in with your son's ex-girlfriend? Because that was one hell of an entrance, my friend.

Walt: [Laughs] Your son's woman?

Nikki: Mm-hmm.

Walt: Good for you, buddy. Go for it.

[Both laugh]

Walt: I think, uh, Nikki and I are gonna move this party elsewhere.

Nikki: Ohhhh!

[Both laugh]

Nikki: Well, cheers to that. [Laughs] You are very cute.

Dylan: Well, it's a tough way to end a good night for Nikki to pile on after Jack made that nice tribute to Cassie. I-I'm sorry.

Sharon: Oh, please don't feel like you have to apologize for Nikki. She has hated me for as long as I can remember. And I know it's -- it's new to you, but it's not new to me. I guess I'm used to it. You know, she hugged me a little while back. It was bizarre. I don't remember what that was about, but tonight was more normal.

Dylan: [Chuckles] That's not something you should have to get used to, being put down and attacked.

Sharon: No. But I am used to it. It really doesn't get to me the way that it used to. And the truth is, I'm always going to be attached to the Newmans because of the kids. And the kids are the best thing that's ever happened to me, so I think I can handle the downside.

Dylan: Yeah, kids, uh, make everything worthwhile, don't they? At least that's what it looks like from the outside.

Sharon: Well, I'm sorry you never got the chance to find out. I mean, I know you had that sort of with Chelsea for a little while, and you hoped for it with Avery.

Dylan: Yeah, I guess it just, you know, wasn't meant to be.

Sharon: Why is that? No more chances for you? You never know. Anything could happen. Life changes every day, every second, so... I mean, could you have predicted this -- you and me?

Dylan: Honestly, no.

Sharon: There you go. Can't count anything out.

Sage: Well, my first introduction to your family was a massive failure. I'm so sorry. I did not know your mother was sober.

Nick: Usually she's not so sensitive. But she's kind of going through a lot, and all this stuff with my dad...

Sage: Yeah, your dad. He's larger than life, isn't he?

Nick: I'm guessing he wasn't just congratulating you on the baby.

Sage: He was watching out for you.

Nick: Which I never need and always resent.

Sage: Don't worry. I'm not intimidated by Victor.

Nick: He's just got this thing about family. He takes his role of being the patriarch very seriously. He thinks he can control everyone. And a good rule of thumb when it comes to my dad is just duck and cover.

Sage: [Laughs] Got it.

Nick: I'm gonna let you get some rest, so I'll see you later.

Sage: But, um... I'm not tired, and for once, I'm not feeling queasy. Hmm?

Nick: Really?

Sage: Yeah, so I don't want to waste another second.

Kevin: You look hot.

Mariah: Good, I'm glad, because this was all an elaborate scheme to get you alone in a motel room in a maid's outfit.

Kevin: Sweet.

Mariah: Except not.

Kevin: No.

Mariah: You know, I can -- I can help with that.

Kevin: [Scoffs] I got it.

Mariah: [Sighs]

Kevin: Oh.

Mariah: Yeah.

Kevin: Okay. All right.

Kyle: Shh.

[Door closes]

Summer: Tobias?

Kyle: Hey. Tobias. We need to talk to you. Hey. Hey, it's okay. We're not gonna hurt you. All right, we just need some answers. You were following us, weren't you, even though you denied it?

Summer: Why did you lie to us? What do you want from us?

Tobias: You... need to know.

Dylan: You know, I should, uh, probably go.

Sharon: Oh. Okay. If you have to.

Dylan: No, my -- my stuff's still at Avery's, and I should clear it out before she gets back from Chicago. And then I just -- I kind of have to figure out what happens next, you know.

Sharon: Yeah. Yeah, of course. Okay, well... thanks for driving me home.

Dylan: Yeah. Good night.

Sharon: Good night.

Dylan: [Sighs] Good night.

[Knock on door]

Sharon: What happened? Forget something?

Victoria: Of course Nick is happy. He loves being a father.

Billy: And Sage didn't think she was gonna be able to be a mom, so she's got to be thrilled.

Victoria: When did she tell you that, that she couldn't have a baby?

Billy: Um, Chelsea invited Sage and Gabe over to celebrate their marriage, and, uh, that was long before Gabe slept with my fiancée, so...

Victoria: So, it's "change the subject" time.

Billy: [Chuckles]

Victoria: Oh, we could talk about our new project.

Billy: Yeah, okay. You ready to do some brainstorming?

Victoria: Yeah, as long as it takes for genius to strike.

Nikki: Wait a minute. Where is my drink?

Neil: No, listen to me. You can't go off with some random guy that you just met.

Nikki: Hey!

Neil: What?

Nikki: That sounds like an order. It sounds like somethin' Victor would say.

Neil: It's the booze right now. You hear me? It's the booze that's telling you to party. What he wants, what this guy wants and what you want -- not the same thing.

Nikki: Neil, Neil, we don't take orders. We follow orders, like that boy, that -- that young man, that person. We're like him. We do Victor's bidding.

Neil: You better get yourself together, all right? We made a choice. Now we got to live with it.

Nikki: Well, damn it, we were strong-armed. But if you want to pretend that we have free will with Victor, well, then that's okay. We have free will. But I'm gonna take my free will over with my new friend here. And while I'm free-willing with him, I am gonna be praying. I'm gonna be praying for that guy. Victor -- Victor always wins. Right? But not with me. Not tonight. [Laughs]

Neil: Not tonight? You were talking about praying. Let's go the suite.

Walt: Nikki!

Nikki: Yeah?

Walt: We heading out or what?

Nikki: Yeah!

Walt: [Laughs]

Neil: Hey. Listen to me. You better leave this woman alone, okay?

Nikki: Neil.

Neil: I'm gonna say it once. You step off.

Walt: [Chuckles] I don't think so, pal.

Neil: I'm not your pal.

Nikki: Neil.

Neil: And now you made me mad.

Walt: Lady and I are just gonna take care of a little business.

Neil: Oh, no, you're not gonna take care of anything.

Nikki: Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Billy: Whoa, whoa! Easy! Easy, man!

Neil: Come on. Hey.

Billy: It's not worth it, man.

Neil: Keep your hands off her! Do you understand? Don't you ever touch her! Get off of me!

Nikki: What is wrong with you?! Walt? Are you okay?

Walt: He punched me, baby.

Nikki: Ohh. Honey, I'm so sorry. Oh, I know it hurts.

Victor: It is your damn job to keep track of Jack Abbott. I want an update immediately. Got it?

Ashley: Excuse me. I don't suppose you feel the least bit responsible for Tobias' car accident.

Victor: Why would I feel responsible? The guy was drunk. He's a lunatic. He was ranting and raving. I mean, Newman and Jabot have merged, and I think we're doing very well.

Ashley: Well, that is one way to end a war, isn't it? I mean, if it's actually ended.

Phyllis: Excuse me. Have you seen Jack? The party's host has gone MIA.

Mariah: Oh, come on. There has got to be s-- [Gasps] Hey!

Kevin: Hey! Check this out. 3D printer, fingertip molds.

Mariah: Sharon's fingerprints on the murder weapon -- that's how they did it!

Kevin: What did you find?

Mariah: Oh, nothing. Just stolen hard drives.

Kevin: How do you know they're stol--

Mariah: "Property of GCPD."

Kevin: We got him.

Mariah: Captain nerd is the murderer after all.

Kyle: We need to know what?

Abby: Is it about the victims?

Kyle: How were they murdered?

Summer: Look, what do you know? Please, just can you tell us? Okay, if you did it or you were involved, just tell us, please.

Tobias: Aus...tin.

[Flat line]

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Kevin: Somebody is working really hard to get us to believe that Tobias is the killer. Now, who would do that?

Avery: You're not staying at a hotel, are you? You've been staying with Sharon.

Victor: Will you please stop making excuses? You have got to stop drinking!

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