Y&R Transcript Friday 5/22/15


Episode # 10672 ~ Lily talks to Devon & Hilary; the Newman-Abbott merger party hosts an unexpected guest.

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Lily: Hey. Thanks for filling in for Chelsea. I hope that Connor's okay.

Phyllis: Oh, I'm sure he will be. It's probably just a bug going around.

Lily: [Sighing] Yeah. I'm gonna have a meeting with the servers before we get under way. I know Jack said this is really important, so I want to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Phyllis: Yeah. He wants the key players at Newman-Abbott to celebrate this merger without strangling each other. If we can accomplish that, sky's the limit.

Lily: [Chuckling] Yeah, right.

[Footsteps approaching]

Lily: Excuse me. So, it's true. You're really doing this.

Devon: Let's not start this, please?

Hilary: Okay, just pretend you didn't see us.

Lily: I don't expect anything from you. But I thought that you actually cared about putting our family back together.

Neil: So, I saw the updated guest list, and I see that you invited Nikki.

Victor: Today's a day for all of us to make peace. I'd rather see her amongst family and friends rather than in some club room with -- with a minibar as a companion, you know?

Neil: I do know. But, Victor, with all due respect, I think you should tell her not to come.

Victor: I'm not gonna disinvite her.

Neil: Hear me out here, okay? Your wife is very vulnerable right now.

Victor: I understand that.

Neil: And the last thing she needs is to go to a party where she has to keep up appearances when all she wants to do is grab a drink. Now, I think it's too much pressure. If you really care about your wife, you're not gonna ask her to go.

Victor: Let's get one thing straight. I love my wife, all right?

Nikki: So what's going on?

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Jack: I realize neither of you are thrilled about coming to this party, but it means a lot to me.

Ashley: I told you before that I understood why you wanted us all together and you can count on me being there.

Jack: Oh, good. Kyle's also coming. He's gonna meet us at the club. What about the rest of you? Abby?

Abby: Well, as the only person in the company who is both a Newman and an Abbott, I am all for us all getting along better.

Stitch: Yeah, me too.

Jack: Thank you both. Billy?

Billy: You know where I stand, Jack.

Jack: I had hoped you have changed your mind.

Billy: I just don't see the need to throw confetti over the fact that the paperwork has been made official.

Jack: Paperwork that you still disagree with.

Billy: Look, you can put the Hatfields and McCoys in the same room if you like. It's not gonna make the bad blood between us just magically disappear.

Victoria: I couldn't agree more.

Dylan: Hey. What's going on?

Sharon: Ugh, you know what? I left my keys right here. Now they're gone. I can't find them anywhere.

[Keys jingling]

Dylan: Here you go.

Sharon: Oh, my god. How did I -- thank you.

Dylan: You have been anxious since you woke up. Is this about Sage and nick?

Sharon: No, no. The fact that they're having a baby together, you know, that -- I guess it made me feel awkward at first, but I've accepted it and it's not something that I worry about at all. I have to go out for a little while. What are you gonna do today?

Dylan: Just work.

Sharon: Okay, then I'll see you later.

[Door closes]

Nick: Hey, squirt. Can't believe it's been another year. A lot's happened since I was here last. But the thing you should know -- the most important thing -- is that... you're getting another little brother or sister.

Devon: So, you've obviously talked to Dad.

Lily: Yeah, I did. He said that you wanted to do the honorable thing and tell him face-to-face that you're seeing this lying piece of trash again.

Devon: Hey.

Hilary: Classy...

Devon: Please.

Hilary: ...As always.

Lily: Something you know nothing about.

Hilary: I know a sanctimonious bitch when I see one.

Phyllis: Okay, cool it! Ladies! It's a big event tonight.

Devon: Let's just go.

Hilary: Gladly.

Devon: All right.

Lily: You know, your whole mission in life was to avenge your mother's death. You think rose would be proud of the way that you acted? All the lives that you've ruined?

Hilary: How dare you mention my mother. You are not fit to say --

Devon: Hey! Hey! Hey!

Phyllis: Back off! Back off! Both of you!

Devon: We're not doing this!

Phyllis: Stop!

Nick: Yeah. Me and Sage are having a baby. It's quite a surprise. Not a bad surprise. It's just the last thing either one of us expected. Hey.

Sharon: Sorry. Didn't mean to interrupt.

Nick: No, you're not. I was just --

Sharon: Yeah, talking to Cassie. I heard. Um, this is your special time with her. I-I can wait until you're done.

Nick: No, no, no. I think you should stay. I think Cassie would like it if we were together.

Sharon: I'm sure you're right. Still feels like yesterday.

Nick: I swear to you, there are some mornings I wake up and I think, "I got to get her off to school."

Sharon: The memories are as vivid as they were when she was taken from us all those years ago, on this very day.

Nick: It's 'cause she never really left us.

Jack: I assume at least part of your reluctance to attend this event has to do with the invitation list.

Billy: If you're talking about Chelsea, she's staying home with Connor. And I'm sure that Gabe will take a pass if he can "help her out."

Abby: What a guy.

Jack: Victoria, what do I have to do to coax a little enthusiasm out of you?

Stitch: I don't know. Maybe not push so hard.

Jack: I think I need to hear that from the lady herself.

Victoria: I think Ben's right. I think this event feels very forced. What's the rush, Jack? What do you expect to gain from this happy-happy, joy-joy routine?

Ashley: You know what, Victoria? This event is as much your father's as it is Jack's, so would you talk to your father that way?

Jack: That's all right, ash. I get this. This event was put together very quickly. It's only natural that you would wonder why. But this reluctance, this reserve that I hear from Billy and Victoria is the very reason we're having this shindig. Look, I am not asking you to put aside years of grievances in only a matter of minutes. But these two companies are one now. We have to take a first step. I suggest that today might be the perfect opportunity to take that first step in good faith. Prove to ourselves, to the rest of the business community that we not only can work together, we are a united front. I'm asking you to do this as a favor to me. If that is not enough, do it for this company because you want this company, now the legacy of two families, to succeed.

Abby: Hear, hear.

Ashley: Well said.

Stitch: You have my support.

Jack: Thanks, doc. I appreciate that.

Stitch: Sure.

Billy: If it's that important to you...

Jack: It is.

Billy: ...Then I will make an appearance.

Victoria: So will I.

Jack: Perfect. I have to get to the club to deal with last-minute details. If you need me, you'll find me there. Thank you all.

Victoria: Jack, could I have a minute, please?

Jack: Absolutely. What's on your mind?

Victoria: I understand that you approved both a men's and a children's fashion line. I'd like to meet with you as soon as possible before it's too late to reverse that decision. I felt only strongly about adding a men's line.

Jack: Because you wanted to put Chelsea in her place.

Victoria: No.

Jack: You saw that she hurt Billy, and you wanted to use your authority as COO. To hurt her back. I get that. Look, I have my very strong feelings about how ms. Lawson treated my brother myself. But I set those aside and I made what I firmly believe is the best decision for business. Now, given the spirit of today, I hope you will follow my lead.

Victor: Neil and I were discussing a business matter.

Neil: Yes, we were.

Victor: I'm glad you came by. How are you feeling?

Nikki: I'm perfectly fine, thank you. I woke up stone-cold sober, thinking about Cassie.

Neil: Yeah. Today is the anniversary of Cassie's death.

Victor: You bet. So, today of all days, I think it's very important for our family to be together. So I'm glad you decided to come home now.

Nikki: Well, actually -- don't misunderstand -- I am not thinking about coming home any time soon, but I got your message and I needed an outfit for the event.

[Cell phone rings]

Victor: Excuse me. One moment, please.

Nikki: [Sighs]

Neil: How are you?

Victor: Yes, what is it?

We have a problem. Kelly's dead.

Victor: I beg your pardon?

It looks like she was murdered, and Jack is gone.

Nikki: So, are you really here on business, or are you talking about me? More specifically, my drinking.

Neil: Victor has the best intentions when it comes to inviting you to this party. I mean, I think it's his way of trying to reach out, Nikki. But here's the truth -- number one, you're going to a party. Number two, there's gonna be a bar, there's gonna be alcohol there. And number three, as your friend, I know exactly what you're struggling with. And I think it would be a mistake.

Nikki: And why would you think that, because I am so very fragile?

Neil: Yes. You are.

Nikki: Well, I am a lot stronger than the last time you saw me.

Neil: Mm. Hear me out on this, okay? I understand. I know that you're dealing with a lot where Victor is concerned. And it's an emotional day. You've got Cassie on your mind. You shouldn't have to be putting on a fake smile and white-knuckling your way through a business meeting.

Nikki: I wouldn't be the only one doing it.

Neil: But it would only magnify the stress level. Jack and Victor, they may have thought that this party was a good idea. These are people who don't really get along or like each other that much, and Jack and Victor want to see if they play nice. I don't think that's gonna happen, do you? And if things get ugly, which I believe they will, I don't think you should be caught in the cross hairs.

Victor: This is terrible. She was so young.

It's a tragedy.

Victor: Well, it's more than tragic, for heaven's sake. And what the hell were you guys doing? You told me -- you promised me you would take care of things.

I did my best.

Victor: Well, obviously you didn't do your best. When did she die, and where's Jack Abbott now?

I don't know. It looks like the lady's been dead for a while. And there's no cash in her wallet.

Victor: [Sighs] Meaning Jack Abbott could be running around anywhere, right?

It's a small island. He won't get far. My men will find him.

Victor: They had better.

What do you want me to do with the body?

Victor: As far as the police and family are concerned, she has been dead for months. You got it? But she deserves a proper burial.

Yes, sir.

Victor: You find Jack Abbott. You make that your priority... or else. [Inhales, exhales deeply]

Phyllis: Can we remember where we're at, please?

Hilary: Tell her, not me. Me and Devon were just here minding our own business when she ran over here like she was possessed.

Lily: I can't believe that you're doing this. Haven't you hurt dad enough? Now you want to twist the knife?

Devon: Lily, I've made all the apologies I'm gonna make. I understand that it was wrong for Hilary and me to sneak around before. That's why, this time, we're being up front about it. And I hope one day that you and dad and the rest of the family can accept the fact that we are together.

Lily: You're delusional.

Devon: I'm being honest with you.

Lily: I have a party to put on.

Nick: Noah was still a baby then. I had just gotten used to the whole strained-pea thing.

[Both chuckle]

Nick: Then we got a new daughter.

Sharon: [Sighs] You were a little bit overwhelmed at first.

Nick: [Chuckles] A little? Try a lot. I mean, I was a father of two. It's a whole different ballgame. Honestly didn't know how I was gonna get through it, but... Cassie helped me.

Sharon: Yeah. She did. You were amazing with her, though -- drawing with her, teaching her how to ride, tucking her in at night.

Nick: Cassie made it easy.

Sharon: Yeah. She was a very special little girl.

Nick: She sure was. Now I have a new baby on the way. But no one will ever be able to replace Cassie.

Sharon: I know. Now I have Mariah in my life, but she'll never take her sister's place. And even though you and I have moved on, nothing can ever take away the memories we share.

Nick: That's because we will always hold Cassie in our hearts. What we shared with our daughter is ours and ours alone.

Victor: Sorry about that. That took longer than I expected.

Neil: While you were on the call, I actually was expressing my concern to Nikki.

Nikki: Yes, he made quite the case for me skipping the party.

Victor: You know I'd like you by my side, but, I mean, if you're doing this simply for my sake, to keep up appearances, then --

Nikki: Oh, no. I'm not doing it for you. And I'm certainly not gonna change my mind just because Neil doesn't think that I can handle being around people. I don't the two of you handling my life, but this thing is a family event, so I'm gonna go for Victoria and Nicholas for two reasons -- to support them and to let them see that I am fine.

Victor: Why would they not think that you're fine?

Nikki: Well, they know that I have a room at the club because you and I aren't getting along, but they don't know that I fell off the wagon. That's "fell," as in past tense. Don't want them to think that I'm falling apart at the seams, so... they just need to see that I can handle my drinking. Jack wants us all to act like one big, happy family. That's what I intend to do.

Abby: I am putting my brain on party mode. I'm not gonna think about who's out to get us or who's on the loose, none of that.

Stitch: Hey. Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Don't worry. Didn't I already tell you? I'm gonna keep you safe, all right?

Abby: I know you will.

[Laptop slams shut]

Ashley: Okay, um, I have to stop by the house before I go to the club, so I'll see you both there.

Abby: Everything all right?

Ashley: Yeah.

Abby: Um, am I imagining things, or is she sort of a bear right now?

Stitch: No, you're not imagining things. Um, hmm.

Abby: You know, ever since we got together, I feel like she's been sort of remote, you know?

Stitch: Ah, you can't be too surprised, can you?

Abby: Yeah, I mean, I thought that maybe there'd be some weirdness, but I thought we could get past it, you know?

Stitch: Yeah.

Abby: But maybe it'll always be this way. Since you two had your special night together...

Stitch: Okay, hey. Um, things have been strained, but look, I don't want you to overreact. Ashley's just had a lot on her mind with the merger and everything else that's going on.

Abby: True, but I'd feel a lot better if I knew that that's all there was to it.

Sharon: You followed me to the cemetery?

Dylan: Well, uh, you know, you were acting a little off this morning, and I was just worried about you. But once I realized what this day is... look, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have intruded on you and nick. I was just -- I was worried.

Sharon: No, you know what? Don't apologize. I should have told you that this was Cassie's anniversary. And I don't blame you for wondering why I was so on edge this morning.

Dylan: I get the feeling something's still bothering you. You want to talk about something?

Sharon: I got a call from Jack on my way over here, inviting me to celebrate at a party he's throwing today for the Newman-Abbott merger.

Dylan: Yeah, w-why? You don't work for him anymore.

Sharon: I know. It doesn't make any sense. Unless it's an ambush.

Dylan: Ah, I don't know. I mean, I don't know Jack that well, but that doesn't really seem like his style.

Sharon: Yeah, you're right. It's something that Victor would more likely do. But, of course, now they're teamed up. It's hard to know what to think.

Dylan: Well, if you think there's a chance that there's gonna be some bad ulterior motive, don't even go. Why? Who needs the aggravation?

Sharon: I hate to think that Jack would do anything like that. You know, and if he's sincere about wanting to include me, then I'd hate to miss out just because that's easier than facing everyone who's there.

Dylan: Well, then, take some time. Think about it. And if you decide to go... I'll be right there with you.

Victoria: Hell, no. I don't want to go to that party.

Billy: Well, then, why'd you let Jack talk you into it? You're angry with him and Victor.

Victoria: I guess I'll just have to set that aside for the good of the company.

Billy: Hmm. Is that the only reason?

Victoria: I'll admit, I'm a little curious about how this whole soiree's gonna play out.

Billy: Curious from like a scientific, observational standpoint, or like somebody who enjoys watching a good car crash?

Victoria: Maybe a little bit of both. I still have a hard time believing that Jack signed off on this merger of his own free will.

Billy: Whole thing was a mistake, Vick. And I can't undo it, but I'm gonna -- I've got to keep Jabot from disappearing. Because I'm never gonna believe that Victor is suddenly great pals with all the Abbotts.

Victoria: Why don't you do everyone a favor and keep your distance? Seems like you're looking for a fight, and you know that's not gonna sit well with Jack.

Billy: I promise I won't cross the line if Victor doesn't.

Victor: Thanks for coming, my sweetheart. Hope the two of you are doing well.

Abby: If you mean as a couple, I think so.

Stitch: Since my sister passed away, it's been, you know, kind of tough. I felt pretty alone in the world, so it's been -- it's been great having Abby in my life and being a part of this family business.

Victor: Must have been difficult. I hear you're doing a great job at the Jabot lab. Glad to hear that.

Stitch: That means a lot. Thanks, Mr. Newman.

Victor: You two enjoy yourselves, all right?

Abby: We will.

Victor: Thanks, my sweetheart.

Jack: Wow. What was that about?

Victor: What was what about?

Jack: Treating a lowly lab assistant like the second coming.

Victor: He's not a lowly lab assistant. He's my daughter's boyfriend, okay? I was being polite.

Jack: You were fawning.

Victor: I think you're beginning to see things.

Jack: Am I?

Victor: Very happy to see you here.

Victoria: I'm attending a mandatory work function. I still haven't forgiven you for what you did.

Victor: So what sin have I committed now?

Victoria: I questioned your actions and you made Gabriel Bingham my equal at the company -- a man who's only been at Jabot for two months. So if you don't see why that's insulting...

Victor: I made a decision. And you know when your father decides something, he sticks by it. I'm not gonna change my mind, so you had better find a way to get along with Gabriel Bingham.

Victoria: I will always do what's best for the company...

Victor: Good.

Victoria: ...Whether you like it or not.

Jack: [Speaks indistinctly] Oh, what, you're 15 feet away from Victor and you've somehow managed to ignore him. Congratulations.

Billy: I didn't come here looking for trouble, but if he starts something, so help me.

Jack: This event is about unity. He's not gonna do anything to spoil that.

Billy: [Scoffs] You just keep telling yourself that, Jack, right up until the day he stabs all of us Abbotts in the back.

Phyllis: Great turnout.

Nikki: Yeah, this party was really very gracious of Jack, but I have to wonder if he's jumped back into business too soon. I mean, he just barely got out of the hospital.

Phyllis: Well, you know what? That worried me, too, but he's promised not to push too hard. And he seems himself lately, certainly more than he did before the accident.

Nikki: So, do you really think that the Jack that we all know and love is really behind this merger?

Phyllis: I do, Nikki, for many, many reasons.

Nikki: Oh.

Phyllis: I think Jack is doing the right thing for his family and his company.

Nikki: Well, it sounds like things are going very nicely for the two of you. It's nice.

Nick: Wish I could say the same for you and dad.

Phyllis: Why? What's going on?

Nikki: Nothing. It -- it's nothing, really. You know, you just have those moments sometimes. Certainly nothing serious that we would miss today.

Victoria: Dad hasn't exactly been my favorite person, either.

Nick: I know what's happening, and I'm gonna ask all of you to just put that aside for the time being, if you don't mind.

Nikki: Of course, darling. We all know what today is.

Phyllis: How you doing?

Nick: I'm okay. Well, I have some news that I need to tell all of you... and dad.

Nikki: Unbelievable.

Phyllis: Who's Neil with?

Lily: That's the woman that Devon was pretending to date while he and Hilary were sleeping together.

Neil: Hi.

Devon: Hi, Gwen.

Hilary: It's nice to see you, Gwen.

Gwen: Neil told me you'd probably bring Devon. Aren't you two something?

Neil: Okay. Looks like we're all here. Now we can have ourselves a party, right?

Lily: Gwen, how's it going? It's been a while.

Gwen: I know. Nice to see you.

Lily: You too.

Gwen: It's going just fine, but I'm a little thirsty. You want some iced tea?

Neil: Sure. I'll take some. Thanks. You a little surprised?

Lily: I'm a little surprised, yes. I'm glad that you didn't come alone, and I get why you would want to mess with Devon, but is this really how you want to play it?

Neil: Listen, I'm -- I'm not playing any games here. Um, I happen to like Gwen a lot, and, see, I'm getting the feeling that she feels the exact same way about me.

Hilary: Listen, Gwen, um... I know this is uncomfortable. I'm concerned about Neil. I mean, do you know that he got into a fistfight with Billy Abbott the other day? And now he's running around with you, and he's obviously acting out, okay? How does he seem?

Gwen: You expect me to believe you give a damn after you trashed this man's life repeatedly?

Hilary: I know what Neil must have told you, but I'm being sincere.

Gwen: That'll be the day.

Devon: Okay, hey. Gwen, come on. Let's knock it off.

Gwen: I don't take orders from you. You repulse me -- both of you. I never would've agreed to go out with you if I'd known it was to cover up your disgusting affair. And you can even stop with the fake dates. You went to bed with me. You made me believe that we actually had a chance.

Devon: I'm sorry about that, Gwen.

Gwen: Don't pretend you care. You two deserve whatever you get.

Stitch: So, Abby feels you've been distant lately. She's pretty upset by it. I told her it's probably just work-related stress. That's all there is to it, right?

Ashley: I don't really want to have this conversation with you right now.

Stitch: What does -- what does that mean? Hey. There's something you want to say to me, I want to hear it.

Ashley: I don't think you want to hear this, actually.

Stitch: [Scoffs] Try me.

Ashley: You know, you and I were friends. And then, um, you know, that thing happened in the shower, right? And, um... I know. I was just telling myself that it was just a casual thing, but I guess sometime in there, I just sort of developed feelings for you.

Stitch: That doesn't make sense.

Ashley: I'm sure it doesn't make any sense at all to you.

Stitch: I asked you if you had a problem with me seeing Abby, and you said you didn't. In fact, you -- you told me you wanted me to make sure that I was really committed to her.

Ashley: I know. I-I don't want to see her get hurt.

Stitch: Ash...

Ashley: No, look. It's -- it's okay. It's not a big deal. It's just that, you know, I-I understood when you went back to Victoria because you guys had been together and you were kind of on a break, and I accepted that, and it was just strange for me when you broke up, you know, with Victoria, you went right to Abby as if what happened with us didn't really matter. It just kind of hurt my feelings.

Stitch: I-I-I had no idea you felt this way.

Ashley: I know, and now you do. Please don't say anything to Abby, okay? Like I said, I love her, and, uh, it's okay. I'm just accepting what's going on between you two. It's okay.

Nick: Sage and I are having a baby.

Nikki: What?

Victor: You're having a child with Gabriel Bingham's ex-wife? Is that it?

Victoria: Are you sure it's yours?

Nick: Yeah, Vick. I'm sure. Look, Sage and Gabe were married, but it was just an arrangement. There's nothing there.

Nikki: You said that -- that -- that you were friends and that she was working with you, and now you're saying that you're having a baby together? Are you committed to this woman?

Nick: I care about Sage. I'm committed to this child. Mom, it's a blessing. After today, how can I see it as anything other than that?

Victor: So where's the mother-to-be now?

Nick: Sage said, uh, she might come later. She's not feeling well.

Victoria: No comment, Phyllis?

Phyllis: I think it's gonna be strange for summer to hear, but, you know what? We'll talk about it. She'll adjust. Beyond that, I wish you and Sage all the happiness in the world.

Nick: Thanks.

Nikki: Well, you seem to be taking this in stride.

Phyllis: Well, I'm not the one that changed the paternity test because I couldn't handle nick reproducing with another woman.

Nikki: [Chuckling] Oh, to be a fly on the wall for her to hear that.

Nick: Sharon knows.

Victoria: How did she react?

Nick: Shockingly well.

Victor: Son, to your face, all right? Who knows what she'll say in a little while? Watch your back.

Sharon: Hello, everyone.

Nick: Hey.

Phyllis: What are you doing here?

Sharon: Jack asked me to be here. He said that it was very important.

Jack: Yes, I did. And I hope you will all make Sharon and Dylan welcome here.

Nikki: Dylan is always welcome.

Dylan: As you can see, I'm not alone.

[Cell phone rings]

Victor: Excuse me for a moment. What's happening?

Still no sign of Jack. We have people scouring the island, going door to door.

Victor: You find that SOB. I cannot afford to have him come to town and ruin everything. You find him.

Jack: Problems?

Victor: Nothing for you to worry about, Jack.

Jack: Well, I promise you, you have no reason to worry about why Sharon is here.

Hilary: I have made mistakes. I admit that.

Gwen: How big of you?

Hilary: But I am just concerned about Neil. And what kind of game are you playing here, huh?

Lily: I'm sorry. You have no right to question her.

Gwen: "Game"? Like cheating on him with his son, or breaking my wedding vow?

Devon: Guys, keep it down, please. No one's looking to fight. Hilary's just concerned about Neil, that's it.

Gwen: Neil's doing just fine, considering how he's been treated. And it's so disrespectful of you guys just show up here together. If he's a powder keg ready to blow, then you're the match.

Neil: Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. It's really loud here. What's going on?

Gwen: I'm so sorry, Neil. I -- I didn't mean to make a scene. I just -- I think I should go.

Neil: No. No. No. You don't have to go, please.

Gwen: It's a really important day for Newman-Abbott, and I don't want to ruin it for you.

Neil: [Sighs]

Hilary: We should probably just go, too.

Devon: Excuse us.

Abby: So, I saw you talking to my mom. Did she open up to you about what's been bugging her?

Stitch: Yeah, she's concerned about our relationship given the way I've handled my personal life, so...

Abby: Uh, like she has a lot of room to talk.

Stitch: Hey, she's just being protective like any good mother. Um, all she really wants is for you to be happy.

Abby: Then we will be patient. We'll wait out the awkwardness, wait for it to pass.

Stitch: Fine. Yeah. [Scoffs] [Chuckling] You know, I... I -- I forgot I've got to take care of something at work. I was -- I was supposed to, uh, file those test results by the end of today. You know, I got to go.

Abby: Okay.

Stitch: All right? We'll talk later, okay?

Abby: Ben?

Sharon: Jack sure knows how to throw a party.

Dylan: Yeah, food's pretty good.

Sharon: I was talking about me. Yeah, just add Sharon and mix -- it's sure to cause a stir.

Dylan: Everyone seems pleasant and well-behaved so far.

Sharon: The day is young. I'm gonna go and get a drink. Do you want something?

Dylan: No, thanks.

Sharon: Okay.

Nikki: You're a good man, Dylan. You stuck to your beliefs and defended Sharon when nobody else in town would believe her story.

Dylan: I hear a "but" coming.

Nikki: No, I'm just saying, now that she's been cleared, there's no reason for you to escort her around town anymore.

Dylan: You might as well hear it from me.

Nikki: What?

Dylan: Uh, Sharon and I are pretty, pretty close.

Nikki: Pretty close? What about Avery?

Dylan: That's, uh -- that's over.

Nikki: What? Oh, my god. You could knock me over with a feather about that. What -- what are you doing? I mean, Sharon is the last person on earth that you want to get involved with. Don't you realize what you're getting into?

Dylan: Actually, I do, although a lot of people can say the same thing about me.

Nikki: Oh, please. Hardly.

Dylan: Come on, Nikki. You know it's true. I mean, Sharon and I, you know, we have similar...issues. It's one of the reasons we understand each other so well.

Nikki: I-I-I-I really don't know what to say.

Dylan: I'm gonna go check on her.

Nikki: Mm-hmm.

Dylan: Excuse me.

Nikki: Yeah. [Exhales deeply]

Jack: Well, I guess I better get started, huh?

Phyllis: Yeah, okay.

Jack: Everyone, could I have your attention? Can we gather around a bit, please?

[Glass clinks]

Jack: [Clears throat] Thank you for taking time out of your very busy schedules to be part of this celebration of a new beginning. I've heard people say, "this is a 'command performance.'" This is anything but another work event. You see, I look at Newman-Abbott not as just another corporation, I look at it as a family, more specifically, the merger of two great families. And I am committed to this merger being a building block for the future of both families, something we can all be very proud of, something our children can be proud of. I'm not blind. I know that there is a real divide between many in this room tonight. But I thought perhaps today, we could begin to bridge that divide. "And why today?" You ask. Well, today is the perfect day to bring everyone together. Today is the anniversary... of Cassie Newman's death, an event that reverberated deeply in all of those who knew her -- Abbott and Newman alike -- an event we all hold in our hearts to this day. I wanted to do something special, though, to honor the occasion. And I'm announcing tonight that I am funding a new pediatric wing at memorial hospital and dedicating it to our shared memory of Cassie Newman.


Billy: I guess now we know why Jack was pushing so hard to make this happen today.

Nick: Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jack: You are very welcome, nick.

Sharon: Jack. You're the best, you know that?

Jack: So I hear.

Ashley: Well, that was lovely, totally unexpected.

Victor: Yeah, it certainly was. You should not be here.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

What the hell are you doing on the chief's computer?

Dylan: Nikki... you okay?

Nikki: Actually, no.

Lily: There's been a severe car accident, and the valet said that the car was driven by a party guest.

Victor: Where's your mother?

Nick: I don't know.

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