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Episode # 10671 ~ Phyllis levels accusations at Joe; things gets worse for Jack.

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Billy: Chelsea! Well, I guess your mom is still not home. She will be soon, okay? Meantime, let's get some PJs and read you your favorite book. I'll do all the fun voices. Remember how we used to laugh when I would do the mama hippo? Which reminds me, I should give Mama a call. Okay. Okay. Voicemail again. Hey, hey, it's me. Um, the doctor said the earache is not too bad, so that's good. Um, we're home. Um, I mean, we're -- we're back here at your place. Anyway, just give me a call.. all right. [Sighs] All right, I have got your ear drops, got your juice, got you. And...your car. Where is your car? Did we leave it in the elevator? Yeah? Let's see if we can go find it. Want to go find it? [Grunts] [Sighs]

Jack: It's a relief to have someone to share these ideas with.

Chelsea: Yeah. I'm, uh, I'm glad to listen.

Jack: I'm gonna need you to do more than listen... after I went to bat for you today.

Chelsea: Uh, is it you expect in return?

Jack: A party -- something festive to celebrate the merger. I want you to plan it.

Chelsea: That's an odd quid pro quo for green-lighting my two new fashion lines.

Jack: And doubling your budget.

Chelsea: You've been super generous and I'm super grateful, but I'm a designer, not a party planner.

Jack: I know. We'll hire somebody to handle the details. This won't be that difficult. I tapped you for your incredible sense of style and taste.

Chelsea: But you haven't even run this by Victoria or Ashley.

Jack: Or Billy. They hate this idea.

Chelsea: So then why...

Jack: This is about reconciliation, Chelsea. You have been a flash point for conflict on both sides of this merger. Let's exploit that at the party. Let's you and I force all of the Abbotts and Newmans to lay down their swords.

Chelsea: Why are you being so nice to me after I cheated on your brother?

Ashley: That's a damn good question.

Phyllis: Avery?

Avery: Phyllis! Oh, my god, what are you doing here? [Chuckles]

Phyllis: You try to keep me away from Chicago in may. I love it! The breeze coming off the lake, the flowers are blooming, the cubs are still in contention.

Avery: That is unusually romantic for you. What are you really doing here?

Phyllis: All right, you have to ask? You tell me, almost as an afterthought, on the phone that you and Dylan have broken up?

Avery: I'm fine.

Phyllis: You were engaged

Avery: Yeah, well, it's all going to work out for the best.

Phyllis: I'm worried, okay? I mean, are you sure that you haven't let go too easily?

Avery: I know what I'm doing! I don't need you to come here and straighten me out!

Kelly: All right, I'm gonna run some errands.

Jack: You're leaving?

Kelly: Mm, just for a little while. We're almost out of supplies. And you're almost finished with that that book that I gave you. Come on, eat up. This will keep you satisfied while I'm gone. Now, I've already lengthened your chain so you can move around more freely.

Jack: Oh. Thank you.

Kelly: You're welcome. So, I can trust you to keep you uncuffed while I'm gone?

Adam: Hey, kiddo, buddy. Right? Loves that thing.

Billy: Looks like you've got a romantic evening planned for yourself. Is that all for you?

Adam: No, Billy, it's not all for me. It's dinner for me and Chelsea.

Billy: Oh, hot thoughtful.

Adam: Yeah. You know what? The thing is, I only bought two dinners, so, um, goodbye.

Billy: Sorry to spoil all your fun, but your evening's about to tank.

Adam: No, my evening is gonna be fine as long as you leave.

Billy: Connor's sick. He wants his mom.

Adam: He's sick. W-what's wrong with him?

Billy: He's got an ear infection. I've been trying to reach Chelsea, but she's not answering. Daycare called me.

Adam: Why'd they call you?

Billy: I guess that she forgot to take me off the emergency contact list.

Adam: I mean, it's pretty late. You're just now getting home? When a kid is sick, you bring him home, Billy. It's what you do.

Adam: No, Gabe, actually, when a kid is sick, you take him to the pediatrician. Then you clear off everything on your schedule, then you sit in the clinic for over an hour, then you beg the doctor to see your child before the clinic closes, and then you get some food in him. You fill out the prescription, you pick that up, you come back here, and that's what you do. So if you want to tell me again, in that condescending tone, how late it is, feel free.

Adam: You did all that?

Billy: I did all that.

Adam: Thank you. And I'm -- I'm sure, you know, Chelsea would thank you. I'm sure she appreciates what you did.

Billy: Yeah, maybe. I don't know. I've been calling her nonstop. She's not answering. So, I'm gonna get him to bed, and you can feel free to take off.

Adam: I know where she's at.

Billy: Naturally.

Jack: Just in time, sis.

Ashley: For what? Keeping you from doing further damage to our family?

Jack: Chelsea and I are discussing a party I'm throwing to celebrate the merger.

Ashley: Yeah, I heard that. Kind of surprised to see you back here. Weren't our answers clear enough about your proposal for your two new projects?

Jack: Those answers being "no."

Ashley: That's right, because Victoria and Billy and I decided not to fund her children's line and not to double her budget per Gabe's proposal. We're going to instead focus our resources on rebooting hex.

Chelsea: A decision the three of you made out of spite, so I decided to take a different approach.

Ashley: You went over my head.

Jack: I'm glad she did.

Ashley: Yeah, because you turned out "no" into a "yes." Very resourceful of you.

Jack: I'm glad Chelsea stopped by. Look these two companies are merged, and yet the Abbotts and Newmans continue to act as if we're at war. You, Billy, and Victoria --

Ashley: We all worked together on this one, Jack. Isn't that the whole point?

Jack: You made your decision based on personal grievances.

[Cell phone rings]

Ashley: That's not true.

Jack: Billy, what's going on? Yeah, she's right here. Chelsea.

Chelsea: Hey, Billy.

Billy: First thing -- don't worry.

Chelsea: What happened?

Billy: Just come on home. It's Connor.

Chelsea: O-okay. Okay, I'll be right there. I have to go. My son is sick.

Ashley: Is it serious?

Jack: Is Connor okay?

Chelsea: No, no, no, it's nothing urgent. I'm just glad Billy was there to help. Um, I'll see you guys later. And thank you, Jack, for approving my ideas and not making your decisions based on personal issues.

Ashley: You know... Billy has always been the impulsive one in the family, not you. You're the one that does the well-thought-out decision-making around here. You know, it's almost as if...

Jack: As if?

Ashley: You're not back to being your old self, after all.

Jack: Of course you can trust me. I'm your husband. I love you.

Kelly: It's good to hear you say that. You remember that nasty pen-in-the-neck incident? That was very unfortunate, Jack. Can't have another repeat of that.

Jack: I feel awful about that.

Kelly: Do you?

Jack: Yes, I do. And I didn't know what I was doing. I was scared. I -- I wasn't myself. I -- I wasn't.

Kelly: How are you now?

Jack: I'm fine, Kelly. I love you. You're my wife. I would never, ever do anything to hurt you ever again.

Kelly: [Chuckles] That is just wonderful to hear that. [Chuckles] Okay! [Chuckles] Here you go. I promise you, you can have your hands unshackled.

Jack: All right, darling.

Kelly: [Laughs] Okay. But you're gonna have to have one ankle still cuffed, okay?

Jack: All right, darling.

Kelly: [Chuckles] Okay. You're so good. And I promise you, I will be right back, and I'll bring you a book -- a really good one. Okay? Okay. Nothing too violent, though. Hmm. [Humming]

Jack: [Clears throat]

Kelly: [Chuckles]

Phyllis: Believe it or not, I am trying to be a better sister.

Avery: Really? By butting into my live?

Phyllis: By making a suggestion that you stop and you think about this. What in the hell happened? Did you and Dylan get into a fight? He is a good, good man, and now you're letting go of this relationship that has meant a lot to you, just like that?

Avery: Dylan and I have been struggling for a long time, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Yeah, did this "long time" coincide with Joe's arrival to Genoa city?

Avery: I won't deny that Joe was a catalyst, but Dylan and I broke up because of us, not Joe.

Phyllis: Not because of Sharon?

Avery: Dylan's entanglement with her certainly didn't help.

Phyllis: That woman is a virus, infecting perfectly happy people everywhere around her, with her put-on, "woe is me" traumas and dramas. If I were you --

Avery: You're not me. And I appreciate the effort --I really do -- but I don't know where this is coming from.

Phyllis: You're my sister. We're blood. If I don't look out for you, who's gonna do that?

Avery: I'm gonna look out for me, and I need you to trust me that breaking up with Dylan was the right thing to do.

Phyllis: You're probably right. What is next?

Avery: Well, I'm -- I'm gonna be here for a while.

Phyllis: What is "a while"? A week?

Avery: Maybe.

Phyllis: Two weeks?

Avery: [Sighs]

Phyllis: Three weeks? Are you kidding me?!

Avery: Joe needs me.

Phyllis: What about what you need? You are an attorney, Avery. You're not a nursemaid. You can't just camp out here indefinitely while Joe keeps leaning on you.

Avery: As long as I'm making a difference in Joe's recovery, I'm gonna stay.

Phyllis: Are you ever coming home?

Avery: Yes! I am coming home. I'm coming home sometime. Just I want Joe to gain some independence and -- and make some real progress.

Phyllis: Uh-huh.

Avery: Please try to understand this.

Phyllis: So, is Joe actually making progress?

Avery: Yes.

Phyllis: Are his therapists pleased?

Avery: Yes. I mean, well, he was, at first. Things have slowed down. He's not progressing as quickly as everyone had hoped.

Phyllis: Interesting.

Avery: What's that supposed to mean?

Phyllis: Nothing. Let's go see Joe.

Avery: Uh... Phyllis.

Joe: Oh, Phyllis. What brings you to Chicago?

Phyllis: Well, I came in to check in on my sister. How are you feeling?

Joe: I'm good. I mean, I realize it's been quite a hardship on Avery, being away from her home and work, but, selfishly, I'm glad she's here.

Phyllis: I bet you are.

Ashley: Why didn't you consult with me about this?

Jack: I liked Chelsea's ideas.

Ashley: So, all that talk about feeling so terrible about not including Billy and I in the conversation was just talk!

Jack: And not including me in your decision was what?

Ashley: That was a consensus. Victoria, Billy, and I all agree --

Jack: Are all leaders in this newly re-formed company and, as such, need to stay out of your own way, and mine!

Ashley: Why is it always your way?!

Jack: Your way was to make a financial decision based on personal issues...

Ashley: That's not true.

Jack: ...That have no bearing on our business!

Ashley: What about our family business, Jack? This used to be a family business. When did you stop caring about our family?!

Jack: I care about how our family, Ashley. I also care about this never-ending fight with Victor that has consumed our family for generations! I honestly feel we can get more accomplished united than divided.

Ashley: Then why do you keep doing things that divide our family, like agreeing to this merger without talking to Billy and me? Like giving Chelsea carte blanche to spend whatever amount of money on whatever project she wants?! Now she's planning a party for us?! Really?

Jack: This party is an effort to end the Newman-Abbott feud once and for all and establish some peace.

Ashley: There'd be more peace around here if you would just talk to Billy and me before you blindside us with your edicts!

Jack: I believe in the decision I made about Chelsea. If you don't agree with that...

Ashley: If I don't agree? Are you kidding? Y-you don't get that I don't agree with this?

Jack: And you feel this decision is not worthy of my old self?

Ashley: Absolutely not!

Jack: Okay, then you tell me, what would the old Jack do?

Adam: Is he asleep?

Billy:, No not quite. He wants his mom.

Adam: Wants his mom? All right, well, she's on her way, um, home. I can stay with him. You can go.

Billy: The hell I will. He's scared and he's sick.

Adam: He's in bed, Billy.

Billy: And I'm not leaving him here with somebody he barely knows.

Adam: Plus, you wouldn't want to miss out on an opportunity to take another swipe at Chelsea.

Billy: Why would I do that?

Adam: You tried to sandbag her career earlier.

Billy: Rejecting a line of clothes is hardly sandbagging her.

Adam: Let me ask you a question. Do you think it's a good idea for Connor to pick up on the fact that you hate his mom? 'Cause he's gonna pick up on it.

Billy: Which is a crock.

Adam: He's a smart kid.

Billy: No, jackass, what I'm saying is, I don't hate Chelsea.

Adam: So, you've forgiven her for sleeping with me?

Billy: [Scoffs] Chelsea and I are done.

Adam: Sidestepping the question.

Billy: But I love Connor, and I'll do whatever it takes to keep him from being upset.

Adam: Even though you hate his mom?

Billy: I will always put Connor's interests first. I'm the only dad he's ever known.

Adam: Stop saying that you're his dad, all right? His real dad probably wouldn't want you anywhere near him. And after what you pulled with Chelsea, after what you did to her, he'd probably make sure you never saw the kid again!

Billy: Just because you've been sniffing around Chelsea, you think you know what Connor's so-called father would do?

Adam: I know enough.

Billy: If you knew the truth about Adam Newman, if you went through what I went through with this guy, you'd never call the guy a father. Nobody worthy of being called "father" would ever do to a child what Adam Newman did!

Adam: No, what you think he did.

Billy: What I think he did? What I think he did was leave my daughter on the side of the road like a sack of garbage! That's what he did!

Adam: Adam Newman would never intentionally hurt a kid, okay? That's not what happened.

Billy: [Scoffs]

Adam: It was a mistake, Billy! Hell, you were the one who left her in the damn car!

Billy: That! That! How do you know things like this?

Adam: People talk, Billy! I know! All right? Just like you think you know everything about Adam.

Billy: Allow me to enlighten you, Gabe, since you think you know everything here. I had a conversation with Adam on the night that he died, and he confessed. He confessed at his responsibility. So when I say "I know," I know.

Adam: You had a conversation?

Billy: Yeah, that's what I said.

Adam: A-and he confessed to what happened to Delia?

Billy: Y-you don't do that. You don't say my daughter's name. You don't have that right. And why are you defending this psycho anyway?!

Adam: Psycho? You're the one that's out of control right now, Billy.

Billy: Me? I... I don't even know why I'm taking to you.

Adam: Let me tell you something. You gather a group of your family together in a public forum just to humiliate Chelsea...

Chelsea: Stop it!

Adam: ...This woman you supposedly love, at her wedding?!

Chelsea: Stop it! [Sighs]

Ashley: The old Jack would have hired an independent analyst to evaluate the money-making potential of both of Chelsea's new lines vs. Hex.

Jack: And when was the last time I did something like that?

Ashley: At the very least, you would have hired a focus group, Jack. Yes, or you would have at least interviewed designers to see if maybe they can do the exact same thing that Chelsea does, without the baggage.

Jack: Of course, finding and vetting and nurturing a brand-spanking-new designer is so much more effective than dealing with the devil that we know.

Ashley: Okay, those are things that I would have done.

Jack: These were nice suggestions, by the way.

Ashley: But so not you. What you did...

Jack: Going behind your back?

Ashley: Making a decisive decision based on the facts at hand, and the consequences be damned, that's very much something the old Jack would have done.

Jack: Ash, I'm not trying to hurt you. I'm not. I'm trying to make this merger work for all of us.

Ashley: Sweet-talking me into overlooking your many, many, many flaws -- that's you behaving just like you.

Jack: I cannot tell you how happy I am to hear you say that.

Avery: This one is all about plateaus in rehab, and how to overcome them.

Joe: Yeah, I mean, but how do you just not quit and give up?

Avery: Well, I'm gonna e-mail you this, so you're gonna read about it. I won't give up on you, Joe -- not ever.

Phyllis: What are the therapists saying, Joe? Joe? About your plateaus?

Joe: They can't figure it out, except for just "keep with therapy."

Avery: Yes, and staying positive.

Joe: Which is your job, and you've been so great at keeping my head in the game.

Phyllis: But there's no way of knowing how long it's gonna take you to get back on track, right?

Avery: That's why I'm here as long as Joe needs me. Have you had your protein shake?

Joe: No, I haven't.

Avery: Oh, well, I'll go find the attendant to take care of that. Phyllis, come with me.

Phyllis: No, I'll -- I'll wait here.

Joe: It's great of you to come visit. I'm sure Avery appreciates it.

Phyllis: Here's the deal, handsome. My sister has a very big heart, and usually, she's pretty perceptive.

Joe: Usually?

Phyllis: Yeah, but right now, her guilt over your fall is not letting her see very clearly. But that's not gonna last too much longer.

Joe: Yeah. And what do you think she's gonna see, once that guilt wears off, Phyllis?

Phyllis: That you're playing her.

[Door opens]

Kelly: I'm back. Like I promised. And look -- books!

Jack: Thank you, Kelly.

Kelly: I got you some mysteries... and some westerns...

Jack: "Sherlock Holmes short stories."

Kelly: Yeah, I thought you'd like that one.

Jack: Oh. "Mystery of the redheaded league." Redhead... red.

Kelly: Okay. The heck with that book. [Laughs] Let me check on your ankle. How is it feeling, huh?

Jack: Uh...

Kelly: Is it still sore from the restraint?

Jack: A little.

Kelly: Ohh.

Jack: [Sighs]

Kelly: Oh, poor baby.

Jack: [Sighs] Oh, thank you, Kelly. I like it when you touch me.

Kelly: [Chuckles] I know you do, naughty.

Jack: [Chuckles weakly]

Kelly: Okay. You know what? I think I got you a cream for that, and I left it in the car. Um, I'm gonna go get it. Be right back.

Jack: Okay.

Kelly: You really are mine now. [Sighs]

Ashley: I feel a little guilty, I suppose, second-guessing you.

Jack: As well you should.

Ashley: Jack, this merger is throwing me for a loop. I mean, the thought of losing Jabot, our father's legacy -- I can't stand it.

Jack: That's what I'm trying to save. The only way to do that is to have the Abbotts and the Newmans stand together and make this company everything it can possibly be, even with Victor in the mix. But we can't do this without peace.

Ashley: It's been very difficult being on opposite sides. Will you please make me a promise and --

Jack: Anything. Anything for you, I swear.

Ashley: No more surprises. No more weird, erratic maneuvers, okay? And please, I don't ever want to see pod Jack again.

Jack: Pod Jack?

Ashley: Yeah, you know, like in that movie?

Jack: Oh. [Laughs] Where the aliens steal people's souls?

Ashley: Yeah. They act like themselves, they talk like themselves, but they're really pod people.

Jack: Pod Jack?

Ashley: Promise me?

Jack: Sis, I promise you, I will continue to be the man you see standing before you. As far as this merger goes, it can work. I will do anything I have to do to see that it works.

Billy: Oh, good, you're still here.

Adam: Yeah, I'm still here. Chelsea, did you want me to leave?

Chelsea: I just want to know why you were attacking Billy over what happened at the wedding.

Adam: "Attacking" is sort of a strong word.

Chelsea: He already apologized to me for all that, Gabe.

Adam: Okay. I-I'm sorry things got tense between us, okay?

Billy: Tense?

Adam: Yeah.

Chelsea: So, what are you doing here?

Adam: Well, actually, before... I was hoping we could celebrate. You know, I wanted to know how your -- how'd your meeting go with Jack?

Chelsea: It was good. Jack gave me the go-ahead on two new lines.

Adam: He did? That's great.

Chelsea: [Chuckles]

Billy: Did he?

Adam: Why do you act so surprised, Billy?

Billy: No, I just thought a decision had already been made.

Adam: Well, it was the wrong decision.

Billy: Why do you keep inserting yourself into my business?

Adam: Let's talk about that for a second. It's more my business than it is yours, now, right? I'm co-COO., Which I'm not sure what your new position is, over at the company, but I probably outrank you.

Billy: And yet you're still on the attack, even though you have Chelsea right where you want her.

Chelsea: Billy, stop.

Billy: You know what? No. No, this bastard who you love spending time with has the gall to throw Delia's death in my face.

Chelsea: Why? Why would you do that?

Adam: I didn't. I wouldn't do that. I didn't do that.

Billy: As if it wasn't enough that you slept with my fiancée. You have to keep finding new ways to twist the knife.

Chelsea: Oh, my god, that's enough, you guys -- both of you! My son is sick upstairs, and all you can do -- both of you -- is just fight all the time! [Sighs]

Adam: Sorry.

Chelsea: This is what Jack is trying to avoid -- the constant fighting. Maybe you should take his lead, huh?

Billy: I'm sorry. Do you need anything else tonight?

Chelsea: No, I'm okay. Thank you. [Sighs] Billy? [Sighs] Thank you for what you did today, for taking care of Connor.

Billy: I would do anything for him. You know that.

Chelsea: You have to stop this, Gabe. I don't need you defending me, especially not to Billy.

Joe: I'm not playing Avery.

Phyllis: What do you call it?

Joe: Being honest. See, I'm not lying to her or manipulating her. I've been very up-front with her about my feelings.

Phyllis: And that makes it so much better?

Joe: Look, I'm not hiding anything. She knows I want to be more than just friends.

Phyllis: Well, wanting isn't getting. Dylan McAvoy is the love of my sister's life.

Joe: You don't have to remind me of that history. It broke up my marriage.

Phyllis: And you didn't have anything to do with that?

Joe: I'll admit, I wasn't the best of husbands, but I know Avery loves Dylan.

Phyllis: So, why are you keeping her here?

Joe: You know, I actually pushed her to Genoa city. And guess what happened? She saw Dylan all cozied up to Sharon. So if you want to blame someone, to talk to Dylan.

Phyllis: Are you finished with your generous, self-sacrificing act? Because, see, I'm not buying it. And eventually, my smart sister won't, either. So get better, or don't. But quit using Avery.

Avery: Phyllis, you need to go. It was a mistake for you to come here.

Kelly: You passed all my tests.

Jack: Tests?

Kelly: Isn't it wonderful? You've proven to me that I can trust you, Jack. Now our life together can begin and we can go wherever we want. [Laughs] We could be whoever we want. We could change our names, and no one would know who we used to be. [Chuckles] It's everything I've ever dreamed of, Jack.

Jack: It sounds wonderful. Wonderful.

Kelly: We could just completely and totally put the past behind us. Or not.

Jack: What do you mean?

Kelly: I want you to understand... if you don't want any part of this... if you don't think that you can love me... the way that I love you... then I just want you to get up and walk right out of this room, because I really want you, Jack, but I want our love be freely given and freely received.

Jack: Why wouldn't I want you? Why wouldn't I want to be with you?

Kelly: You might still have feelings for that...

Jack: For you. You're my wife. I love you.

Kelly: Mmm.

Phyllis: Don't get upset. Everything is fine. I'm just trying to get to know Joe.

Avery: I heard you, Phyllis. It's time for you to go.

Phyllis: I'm not the only one that needs to go.

Avery: Phyllis...

Phyllis: Goodbye, Joe.

Avery: What were you doing?

Phyllis: I'm looking out for my sister, is what I'm doing.

Avery: Since when?

Phyllis: Since it's a new thing. I am trying to be a better sister.

Avery: You don't think I can handle Joe?

Phyllis: I don't know. Can you, Avery?

Avery: Okay.

Phyllis: I'm sorry. Okay? I didn't mean to be so obnoxious. You know that's not easy for me.

Avery: Yes, I know.

Phyllis: [Sighs] All right, listen, I do have an ulterior motive to get you back home. I miss you. And since I've been back, we've gotten close. I don't want to lose you to that snake charmer.

Avery: How are things at home?

Phyllis: Good.

Avery: Are you still worried about Jack?

Phyllis: He actually texted me, earlier. There is a party tomorrow, celebrating the merger. So, you know, if you're interested...

Avery: What does the merger have to do with me?

Phyllis: It'd be nice to have my sister there for some moral support.

Avery: Mm-hmm, and I would be away from Joe and back to Dylan.

Phyllis: A little from column "a" and column "B."

Avery: Have you listened to anything I've said?

Phyllis: I think he is playing you. And for some reason, you're letting him. Why don't you get away from him for a couple days to just get some perspective on this.

Avery: Yeah, I -- I appreciate the offer, but I'm gonna stay here. Safe drive home.

Phyllis: I miss you. And I need you right now.

Avery: Next time you want to be a better sister, have a little faith that I know what I'm doing.

Ashley: I'm so happy Connor's okay, but that must be difficult for you, not to be with him all the time.

Billy: Yeah, but, you know, it ended up being a good thing, getting to spend some time with him.

Ashley: Really? It doesn't sound like it was that good.

Billy: He needed me, and I guess it reminded me of all the things I'm missing out on because Chelsea cheated on me.

Ashley: Haven't gotten over that one yet, huh?

Billy: [Scoffs] Don't think I'm ever gonna forget what Gabriel and Chelsea did.

Ashley: You weren't a big fan of his to begin with.

Billy: No, I wasn't. But yet, just there's something about the guy, Ashley. It's like he's this avenging angel that's been sent down by Adam to get in my face.

Chelsea: I was engaged to him, Gabriel. Of course Billy's gonna be upset that we slept together.

Adam: That doesn't give him the right to --

Chelsea: If anyone deserves to be attacked, it's us, not Billy. And to stoop so low as to bring up his daughter?

Adam: I would never do that.

Chelsea: Oh, it doesn't matter. I just want you to stop. I want you to stop fighting with him, please.

Adam: Do you think it was right for him to cut you off at the knees professionally for retribution for what we did? Do you think that was right?

Chelsea: No, but I can't blame him for his anger. And I can't deny him wanting to vent his anger. So, please, you have to stop. You have to drop this.

Adam: I can't! He's not gonna quit coming after me, Chelsea. He's never gonna forgive me for taking away somebody he loves.

Chelsea: Billy doesn't love me -- not anymore.

Adam: Chelsea, I'm not talking about you.

Chelsea: Who else did you take away from him?

Billy: Gabe kept talking about Connor's real father, and he was defending him. He was going on and on about how Adam Newman was this poor, misunderstood guy who would have made a great father, who never would have hurt a child.

Ashley: That's a strange perception of Adam.

Billy: Right?

Ashley: Where did he come up with that?

Billy: [Sighs] I don't know. I mean, Chelsea? Research? The guy is obsessed with Chelsea, and he's so tuned in to Adam. He knows stuff. He knows...weird stuff.

Ashley: Like what?

Billy: He know all about Delia... how she died. He had the nerve to bring up that I left her in the car that night.

Ashley: Oh, no, I'm sorry. That's horrible. Who could ever blame you for her death?

Billy: I don't get it, ash. I mean, even Chelsea wouldn't defend Adam in the end. He was a guy that everybody who met him hated him. So, why would a stranger be working so hard to defend Adam?

Adam: Just forget everything I said. [Sighs] I'm here... I'm no fan of Billy's, and you're right about that. Just it still doesn't give me the right to, uh, walk around and flaunt the fact that you and I have this -- well, it's a deep connection, Chelsea.

Chelsea: There is no connection. Told you I'm not interested.

Adam: I know that's what you told me. I hear you keep saying that. But I also know how it feels when I'm around you, like earlier today, at the lab, when our bodies were pressed up against each other --

Chelsea: You -- if I remember correctly, you pushed your body up against mine.

Adam: It's exactly what happened. And if you didn't like it, you should have told me to stop.

Chelsea: You didn't give me a chance to stay "stop."

Adam: I'm gonna wait as long as it takes. I'll give you time. We were meant to be together.

Chelsea: I don't -- I don't think so.

Adam: Yeah. We were.

Chelsea: [Scoffs]

Adam: You know what's amazing, though, is that you thought you would have this one great love of a lifetime you thought it was Adam. I'm going to prove you wrong.

Avery: Phyllis wanted to take me home to Genoa city so she could lecture me all the way home in the car.

Joe: Yeah, that's not it.

Avery: Of course it is. She disapproves of my sticking around here. She wants me to go home and patch things up with Dylan.

Joe: No, it's me that she disapproves of. All right? She thinks I'm manipulating you.

Avery: Well, she's the one who's trying to manipulate me, and I won't put up with it.

Joe: I can't ask you to stay, but... I'm grateful for every moment with you.

Avery: [Chuckles]

[Knock on door]

Phyllis: Look at you burning the midnight oil. Are you sure you're not supposed to be in bed? No early-morning golf games?

Jack: Oh, those days are over now.

Phyllis: Do you have much more to do?

Jack: Mountains. It's going to be here late tonight. I may even have to do an all-nighter.

Phyllis: Oh.

Jack: Haven't done one of those since -- wow -- Harvard.

Phyllis: Yeah. You know your doctor doesn't want you to push it too hard.

Jack: Oh, I'm fine. [Chuckles] Hi.

Phyllis: Hi.

Jack: I want -- I want to... I want to make love to you like before.

Phyllis: Before?

Jack: Before we were married. Show me how we used to do it.

Phyllis: Oh, you mean, like you can't remember?

Jack: I-I'd just love for you to remind me.

Phyllis: Okay. It went something like this.

Jack: Uh-huh.

Jack: [Moaning]

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Victoria: Are you sure it's yours?

Hilary: How dare you mention my mother! You are not fit to say her name!

Devon: Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Island cop: We have a problem. Kelly is dead, and Jack is gone.

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