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Episode # 10670 ~ Victor talks to Neil; Kevin's efforts to apprehend the killer trouble Mariah.

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Christine: You can't take that personally.

Paul: "Police incompetence"? I am the police. How can I not take it personally?

Christine: Your investigation has some obstacles. All investigations have obstacles. Huh. In fact, there are a few of your obstacles right now.

Paul: Those kids have been obstructing this case every step of the way, and this is where it's gonna end. Let's -- get in here, please.

Summer: You wanted to talk to us?

Kyle: Is there any news?

Paul: Just stop talking and listen. This has gone on far too long. I am in charge of this investigation, and you are not. I will tell you exactly what you need to know and when you need to know it, so I need you to shut up and listen to me. And if any one of you have a problem with that, I will be more than happy to escort you down the hall and put you in a holding cell. Have I made myself clear?!

Victor: It was you, wasn't it? You murdered those two people, didn't you?

Jack: You can't be serious.

Victor: The DNA of a former drug lord was linked to both crimes.

Jack: Two rich kids I never set eyes on -- what possible reason could I have for killing them?

Victor: Austin Travers was making a documentary exposing the Newmans and the Abbotts. He stumbled upon something. The killer wanted to get ahold of the computer.

Jack: Well, it sounds like if anyone has a motive... it's you.

Nikki: [Slurring] No, no, no, no -- no more coffee. Done with coffee.

Neil: I guess you could always pick up a real drink, right? What's that gonna get you?

Nikki: You know, Neil, I played the very dutiful wife for all these years... and I'm done. I cannot do it anymore.

Neil: Victor -- he put you in this bad situation. I know that, all right? He pressured you into witnessing a merger contract that Jack never signed. It was very manipulative. It was very unfair. What I'm saying is that you drank because you wanted to drink and the merger contract was just an excuse to drink.

Nikki: Don't you understand that I don't want to be that person?

Neil: I don't want to be an alcoholic, either, but I am. Nikki, I have a choi-- you have a choice.

Nikki: Well, thank you. Thank you for...helping me get it together before...it went further.

Neil: Okay. Enough is enough, and too much is foolish. This is crap here. Your life is totally spinning out of control, and it's going from bad to worse. You know what you need to do, Nikki.

Chelsea: Wow. That's so great. And you're right - it really is a miracle, after being told it couldn't happen -- getting pregnant. It must be overwhelming.

Sage: Yeah, it is overwhelming, but in a good way. Lots of planning and nesting.

Nick: Yeah. We're checking out new homes for Sage.

Chelsea: Just you?

Nick: Yeah. She's gonna live alone, but we're gonna raise the baby together. This child will have whatever he or she needs, which is both parents.

Sage: Well, we have a lot to do, so...

Adam: Before you guys go, there's something I, uh, have to ask -- something I need to know.

Paul: Further testing by the FBI shows that there's no DNA match with the former drug kingpin. Now, I had my suspicions. I couldn't understand why someone on the FBI's most wanted list would have any interest at all in Austin and Courtney.

Kyle: Who sent the envelope to fen?

Summer: Yeah. Who blackmailed him into drugging us?

Paul: We have no new leads. I'm working very closely with the FBI agent who's heading the case.

Mariah: T blind leading the clueless.

Kevin: Mariah.

Christine: I think you all need to get a clue.

Mariah: What?! There's a killer out there, and we know nothing!

Paul: You covered up a murder. You ignored my instructions. You did everything you possibly could to hinder this investigation. And you have the audacity to ask me why we don't have a suspect in custody?!

Victor: I wouldn't murder someone over a petty exposé. That's absurd.

Jack: Oh, I'm sure you have plenty of people to do your dirty work for you.

Victor: Austin Travers... was married to my granddaughter, and my grandson was just about to marry that pretty blond officer that worked for Paul Williams when she was killed, so this is personal. Now, I'm not a killer. But when it comes to protecting my family, there are no limits.

Jack: That sounds remarkably like an admission.

Victor: It should sound to you like a warning.

Jack: If the truth got out about what you did to the real Jack Abbott...

Victor: It's a secret that you're eager to protect, aren't you?

Jack: You'd be the one rotting behind bars.

Victor: I know about your history. I know about your proclivity for violence. I know the extent you would go to to change your identity.

Jack: Your idea, remember?

Victor: Listen, amigo -- it must have been an enormous relief to finally be off the list of the 10 most wanted by the FBI. Now that they have DNA, your DNA, you'll jump right back to the top of that list.

Neil: You can't keep doing this. You need to go to rehab.

Nikki: No, no, no. I am not doing that to my family.

Neil: Your family is gonna understand where this is coming from. Your family will support you. They'll be grateful that you took this leap of faith.

Nikki: Oh, yeah, right, until they're accosted by those tabloid vultures.

Neil: You're very worried about everyone else's feelings instead of being worried about you. The only thing you're worried about is where that next drink is coming from.

Nikki: Oh, stop it! You're projecting. I had a slip.

Neil: And you're in the middle of a slip. It's potentially a long and dangerous one.

Nikki: You know, you don't get it! You don't get that this affects more than just me! I have my kids. Victoria and Nicholas -- they have just started to pull their lives together, and summer and Noah, my God -- the losses that they have suffered. The last thing they need is to deal with more chaos.

Neil: All right. Well, then, we'll come up with a reason for you, what, to go away for 30 days. It doesn't matter what it is. It can be going overseas for charity. It can be tracing your family r-- hey, you could be training for the Olympics!

Nikki: You are so missing the point here.

Neil: Whatever the excuse, it's not important.

Nikki: I have my family to consider!

Neil: I will help you. I'll cover for you at work. I'll help you in any way I can.

Nikki: Damn it, Neil! I am not going to rehab, so shut the hell up about it!

Nick: What is it you'd like to know?

Adam: Well, it's just when Chelsea and I came in here, you guys were talking about the baby. I wasn't -- I just wasn't aware if you guys were going public with this information or not.

Nick: Well, Sharon knows. I felt like it was important she knew. And it's only a matter of time. Thanks for asking.

Adam: Yeah. I want to respect your wishes.

Sage: This is still the beginning for us. We're still processing the news.

Chelsea: We will keep it private -- promise.

Adam: I know there's been some tension between us recently, and I know that I haven't always handled things with the Bingham grace and charm, but now that there's a baby involved, that's what's important -- the well-being, the health of the baby, so... I guess what I'm trying to say is congratulations.

Chelsea: Yeah. Congratulations.

Sage: Thank you so much.

Nick: Yeah. Thanks. Uh, we should go.

Sage: Okay. Bye.

Chelsea: Bye.

Adam: Bye.

Chelsea: Ooh! Well... I'm sure that must have been kind of hard on you, considering you wanted kids of your own.

Adam: Sage and I were never in love. A kid deserves two parents...

Chelsea: Yeah.

Adam: ...A stable home.

Chelsea: That's definitely the ideal situation. That's what I wanted for my son, but sometimes life doesn't work out that way. Not every kid gets the dream life.

Adam: Well, for Connor, that dream's alive and well.

Nikki: What really matters here is that I am serious about my recovery. Walk the walk.

Neil: I couldn't agree more.

Nikki: I don't need rehab to do that. I mean, I certainly don't need that public ridicule and [Sighs] That indignity.

Neil: Yeah, I like that word, "indignation." If you don't get help, how are you gonna feel when you wake up in the morning after a blackout and you don't remember a damn thing? You got your family and friends everywhere, and all they can do is tell you about your ugly behavior the night before. These are the people that you claim you want to protect.

Nikki: I will get a sponsor, and I will work the program.

Neil: Sure, you will, and you're gonna sneak off to the occasional meeting. What's that gonna get you?

Nikki: You know, you can't force me to do this any more than I could force you to do it. We all know where that ended up. You were drunk, you grabbed my steering wheel, and we hit Christine and she lost her unborn child. That happened because of you.

Neil: Ohh. This is the part of the story where, after talking to you for a long, long time, I get pissed off and I decide that I'm gonna leave, and what do you decide? You decide you're gonna pick up a bottle and you're gonna drink and you're gonna drink more and maybe you won't leave this room alive. I'm not gonna force you to do anything. I'm just gonna simply remind you that you're not alone in all this. You see, Victor needs you much more than he'll admit. You've got children, you've got grandkids, and they're all looking up to you, and your job is to help navigate them through life. You are the matriarch. You are the example. Now, my guess is that you want this, that you really need this. It's your choice.

Sage: Okay. We need some more lemons, triple sec, and tomato juice.

Nick: You are doing a fantastic job of not talking about what's really on your mind.

Sage: And check the ice.

Nick: I know it's early in the pregnancy and you didn't want to talk to anyone about it, especially your ex.

Sage: Well, like you said, your ex knows. It was only a matter of time.

Nick: Sharon and I are not together right now, but it was complicating, talking to her about it.

Sage: Well, there is no comparison with Gabe.

Nick: There wasn't a baby, but you two had a connection.

Sage: It was a marriage of convenience. I don't want to worry about what he thinks or how he feels about this. This pregnancy wasn't supposed to be able to happen, and... it feels a little fragile.

Adam: Connor's an amazing kid. He's got a dream life, and it's all because of you.

Chelsea: Oh, I don't -- the dream part of the equation is all thanks to Connor. I mean, I do my best, but I'm no tiger mom.

Adam: That's a good thing that you're not programming the kid for success.

Chelsea: I don't know. I see all these mothers in the park, you know, with their flash cards, teaching their babies mandarin between breastfeeding sessions, and I'm just happy I can get his pants on right.

Adam: "Happy" being the operative word, yes. That kid's life is full of joy and wonder. He'll have plenty of time to be the victim of expectations soon enough, right? Newman curse?

Chelsea: Newman curse?

Adam: Yeah.

Chelsea: That's what Adam called it.

Adam: Yeah, you mentioned that to me before. Plus, I've seen Victor in action, and, I tell you, Connor's lucky to have you. You're too strong to be controlled by Victor, too smart to be manipulated. And that's why he's lucky to have you as a mom.

Chelsea: I wonder if Sage knows what she's in for. It took me a long time to have a good relationship with the man, but the reality of the situation is he is going to be the grandfather of that child.

Jack: I've been kind of busy, Victor, following your orders, doing your bidding all around town. I didn't have time to stalk and kill these two kids.

Victor: On the contrary. You've been conspicuously absent from your job.

Jack: To spend time with my son, which you wanted.

Victor: You know that's B.S. You've been off doing who knows what?

Jack: Okay. Look, I have done some improvising -- maybe too much -- but it wasn't gonna fly, me just imitating Jack Abbott. There were bound to be inconsistencies. I was covering those inconsistencies with my actions. I did not kill those kids.

Victor: Your DNA just kind of showed up?

Jack: If I had to guess, I would say that you probably gave the police my DNA to keep me in line. That wasn't necessary. I've already taken steps.

Victor: What kind of steps?

Jack: The Abbotts -- I have assured them that I am totally focused on the family company. No more kicking back, no more midday golf breaks. I'm committed. I have convinced them that my inconsistencies are based on my near-death experience in the underground.

Victor: You want me to just accept this?

Jack: Look, you've built exit ramps for yourself all through this process. I want this to work. I've come through for you. I came straight to you with the Gabriel Bingham thing, and I am still in a perfect position to find out who he really is.

Victor: You're good. You're really good, aren't you? Do you think you're pulling the wool over my eyes? From now on, bandido, you're gonna act like Jack Abbott and you're gonna get your ass into this office every day and you devote your time to business. You got it? And you become assertive, the way Jack Abbott does.

Jack: I am well aware of what's at stake -- for both of us.

Victor: From now on -- last warning I give you -- you do exactly as I tell you. No games, no improvisation. Is that clear?

Jack: You have more than my word. You will have my actions.

Chelsea: I may have potential as a mom, but as a fashion designer, not so much -- at least according to Victoria.

Adam: Yeah, well, you know, Victoria is upset that her father promoted me -- gave me the same title as her. You got caught in the middle of that whole thing. Her shooting down your idea for a children's clothing line -- that was -- that was a message she was sending to me.

Chelsea: A message that you have lousy taste in fashion?

Adam: It's got to get you on some level, right?

Chelsea: I'll live. You really think you know me well, don't you?

Adam: Well, I've learned something about artists' artistic temperament, and I definitely have an eye for real talent.

Chelsea: Just your unbiased opinion.

Adam: Victoria's angry. It's not about you.

Chelsea: Ugh. I shouldn't let it get to me so much. It's just, you know, when you care about your work and you put your heart into it, when you believe in it...

Adam: Yeah. Let me ask you a question. Do you, um -- do you believe in it any less after how she reacted?

Chelsea: No.

Adam: Why don't you take it to Jack?

Chelsea: Go over Victoria's head?

Adam: I think it's worth fighting for.

Chelsea: That's actually not a bad idea. Maybe I will. Thank you.

Adam: Thank you for what?

Chelsea: I mean, you just said what I needed to hear. It's like you knew exactly what to say.

Adam: Huh.

Chelsea: You have no idea how much that means.

Summer: I mean, if we had gone to the police in the beginning, then they may have caught the killer by now. And who knows? Courtney may still be with us.

Kyle: No, you don't know that.

Summer: It was because of me that we decided to cover up Austin's murder in the first place.

Mariah: As tempting as it is to let you blame yourself, princess --

Kyle: Could you just lose the chip on your shoulder for one second?

Mariah: Her life is in danger, and you're upset with me because I don't want to join the pity party? Or -- I'm sorry -- is this your version of foreplay, Kyle?

Kyle: You have serious issues. You know that?

Mariah: I am not playing along with summer's attempts to gain sympathy when real danger is out there. It might not be Scarface who's out to get us, but somebody murdered two of our friends, and I'm gonna focus on that.

Kevin: Whoa. Look, something about this just doesn't add up. DNA gets run through CODIS, then cross-referenced through the FBI database. The lab looks for genetic markers and unique patterns.

Mariah: Nothing of what you're saying is making sense.

Kevin: Something doesn't come up as a match unless it's an actual match.

Summer: So, you're saying someone might have changed it?

Paul: So, the FBI takes over the case, and, suddenly, we don't have a hit. I don't understand it. I was gonna mention something, but I didn't want to do it in front of Kevin and all his little buddies.

Christine: As the DA, I am asking you to put that on hold.

Paul: Why?

Christine: So I can wish my husband happy birthday. Come here. [Chuckles] I have to say, I didn't know whether I should make plans or not, with the turn in the case, so...

Paul: No, it's better that you didn't, I guess, everything considered. A lot different from last year, huh? You made such wonderful plans -- champagne and a room at the club.

Christine: And we both blew out that candle together... and made the same wish that I'd be pregnant.

Paul: I know.

Nikki: I shouldn't have said what I said to you about the accident -- Christine, the baby. I'm sorry.

Neil: It's okay. It was my fault. If I hadn't been drinking, I wouldn't have caused that accident. That's the reality.

Nikki: I had no right throwing it in your face.

Neil: It was the booze talking.

Nikki: I am serious about my recovery.

Neil: I know what it means to take this next step.

[Knock on door]

Nikki: Who could that be? Oh.

Victor: I don't like the way we left things. What's going on here?

Neil: All right, Victor, look -- this isn't what it looks like. I heard that Nikki was staying here. I came by to see her. I just wanted to discuss things with her, and I had my concerns.

Victor: You would do well to focus... on the job I hired you for. Don't you worry about my personal life.

Neil: We've been friends a long time now, and Nikki doesn't stop being my friend just because I'm working with you. You remember the court case. Come on! She's a big advocate. I owe her.

Victor: And this is how you return the favor -- by having all this booze around?

Nikki: Oh, Victor, don't.

Victor: Commiserating over the minibar?

Nikki: Stop it.

Victor: Are you determined to drag her down to the gutter with you? I guess misery likes company.

Neil: No. That's not what this is about.

Victor: Neil, I would like you to leave now, okay?

Nikki: It's okay. Thanks again.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

Nikki: Okay. Go ahead and tell me. Tell me how weak I am. Tell me how much I'm gonna embarrass the family.

Victor: Why do you let him drag you down like this?

Nikki: This is not Neil's fault! This is your fault!

Victor: My fault?

Nikki: Yes! I drank this because of the lie you made me tell! And I drank this one to try to drown the guilt! Let's see. This one -- I took this one -- I drank it to try to kill the pain... that you always cause, the way you treat our kids! You manipulate them! You control them! The way you rejected my son and you tried to ruin him! And all along, I just stood by, and I-I protected you. I made excuses for you. Why the hell I did that, I don't know! Neil was here tonight -- he didn't have one drop of liquor! He was here to help me, unlike you!

Victor: You're coming home with me.

Nikki: I am not your lackey. I don't take orders.

Victor: You're coming home with me. You need help.

Nikki: No.

Victor: Pack your bag.

Nikki: I told you I'm not going anywhere.

[Knock on door]

Jack: Come in!

Chelsea: Hey. I know you're busy, but could you spare a few minutes?

Jack: For our top fashion designer?

Chelsea: Well, nice to think you think so.

Jack: Something happen while I was away?

Chelsea: Well, I came up with a new concept for a children's line. I put together a whole proposal -- research, designs, budget.

Jack: Do you have it with you?

Chelsea: Yeah. Here. I mean, it took months of work before I put my name on it. You know I always only want to give you my best, Jack. I have a very strong work ethic.

Jack: Yeah. That's why we value you.

Chelsea: Well, then I showed it to Victoria, and she rejected it. I mean, she barely even looked at it.

Jack: Did she give you a reason?

Chelsea: She said she wants to focus on a men's line. So, that was a tough pill to swallow, but the name on the label says, "Chelsea Lawson by Jabot," so I started making designs for the men's line. You know me, Jack, and I'm a hard worker and I want to be a team player.

Jack: But?

Chelsea: I mean, I just worry. I don't think these designs are gonna fare any better with Victoria.

Jack: What exactly are you saying, Chelsea?

Kevin: DNA tests are almost always conclusive. There's no such thing as a false positive on these tests.

Summer: But someone could falsify the results.

Kevin: Exactly.

Kyle: The point is, though, that these test results can only be changed deliberately, after the fact.

Summer: Well, who would do that? Not Paul.

Kyle: I mean, he had legitimate motive. Austin shot him, right?

Mariah: No, Paul doesn't seem like the type of police chief to be consumed by revenge.

Summer: Plus he really liked Courtney.

Kyle: Maybe he did it for a price. I don't know.

Kevin: No. No. Not a chance. But...he may have misled us and told us the DNA didn't match.

Summer: Well, why would he lie to us?

Kyle: Yeah.

Kevin: If he found some new evidence on the killer...

Mariah: He wanted us to stay out of it so we weren't running around town, talking about the big, bad drug lord...

Kevin: Thus tipping off the big, bad drug lord. Paul is trying to protect us.

Kyle: [Sighs] Or the FBI lied to him, too.

Summer: Yeah, but how can we be sure?

Kevin: There's a way.

Sage: I was shocked at how well you took the news when I told you I was pregnant.

Nick: This baby... our baby... is a miracle.

Sage: Not everybody's gonna feel that way. I know you think that faith is gonna love the idea of being a big sister.

Nick: She will... eventually.

Sage: What about the other Newmans when they find out you knocked up a girl you hardly know?

Nick: In my family, this doesn't even come close to qualifying as a scandal. I mean, honestly, it's not in the top like 58ish.

Sage: I'm serious. Your dad, your mom, Victoria -- what are they gonna do?

Nick: Look, if anyone in my family gives you any grief, if they even look at you funny, you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna step in and look right back at them funny... funny...funnier.

Sage: [Laughs]

Nick: Look, we're happy, and we're in this together, and that's really all that matters, right? Who cares what anyone else in my family thinks about this?

Christine: I'm sorry.

Paul: We lost a child. There's no time table on grief. We're doing the best we can. One day at a time.

Christine: Right. Okay. So, listen, I do -- I do kind of have a surprise. I was looking for some flights online, trying to figure out how this place could run itself without us for a few days, 'cause we just -- we need to get away, just the two of us.

Paul: Okay. We can do that. Just -- I just can't do it now.

Christine: I know. I know. When the time's right.

Paul: I really have to go to Washington and verify the FBI's story that there is no match with this Marco Annicelli. You know, I'm gonna call in a few favors. I think they owe me that.

Christine: Okay. Have you reached out to Ronan?

Paul: Well, I've called to his office at homeland security, so...

Christine: Yeah, and I'm gonna try a few of my contacts at the D.O.J. Maybe they'll figure out where this information originated. At least it's a start.

Paul: You know, I've got a better idea. Why don't you clear your calendar, just like you planned, and, uh...come with me?

Christine: [Chuckles]

Paul: I know it's not the trip that you had in mind, but --

Christine: You can count me in.

[Both chuckle]

Paul: Okay.

Mariah: If they catch you hacking the FBI's database, looking for DNA results, your life is over.

Kyle: Yeah, and anybody who had a conversation about it with you.

Kevin: What conversation? I didn't say anything.

Kyle: You didn't have to, buddy.

Mariah: Kevin, for god's sakes! They'll prosecute you as a terrorist threat!

Kevin: You think I don't know what I would be risking? Look, I am not crazy, and I'm not stupid. But I do have to get back to work. This conversation didn't even happen.

Chelsea: Victoria was being petty because of Billy, punishing me because I hurt him. I mean, that's why she rejected my idea.

Jack: That's a pretty serious accusation, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Well, I think you should know how your company is being run, why decisions are being made -- because of vendettas and personal animosity.

Jack: A lot of things go on behind that desk that you don't understand.

Chelsea: I just want my work to be judged by its merit.

Jack: Okay. Here's what I propose -- we double your budget, give a green light to the children's line and the men's line. What do you think?

Chelsea: I think if you're being serious, I might kiss you.

Jack: Well, let's see how you feel in a few months.

Chelsea: Oh, my God! Jack, I don't know what to say!

Jack: Well, you don't have to say anything. Trust your instincts and run with it.

Chelsea: So, I mean, what about Victoria? You're gonna have to run this by her, right?

Jack: Don't worry about Victoria. You go be brilliant. I'll worry about Victoria, and I'll take care of Victor, too.

Victor: I think this should tell you how far --

Nikki: How far gone I am?

Victor: You need help, my baby, okay? I'll have someone pick up your things later.

Nikki: Did you not hear a word I said?

Victor: I've heard everything you've said. Is this how you want to live?

Nikki: I don't want to... submit anymore. And I don't want to keep my mouth shut while you... do whatever you want. And I don't want to give my soul away piece by piece by piece. So... no, I don't want to live life this way.

Victor: What has happened to us? [Sighs] I'm killing your soul piece by piece? I have provided you with the biggest luxury any man can provide a woman with.

Nikki: That's not the point.

Victor: You have a ranch. You have children. You have grandchildren.

Nikki: That's not the point! That's not the point!

Victor: You have cars -- [Sighs]

Nikki: Just please go. [Crying] Please go. [Sobbing]

Sage: Okay. No slacking, Newman. I expect you to be a good provider for our kid, all right? This place ain't gonna run itself.

Nick: You call me controlling?

Sage: Just don't forget the lemons.

Adam: That was quite a bomb you dropped earlier, Sage.

Sage: We were just as surprised. And we're both really, really happy about this baby.

Adam: How happy do you think he's gonna be if he finds out he's not the father?

Mariah: So much for leaving it to law enforcement.

Kevin: If we can find out who the real killer is, isn't it worth the risk?

Mariah: No, Kevin, it's not. And it's not up to you. You're putting all of our lives in danger.

Chelsea: This is an amazing opportunity.

Jack: You earned it.

Chelsea: Well, it's good to hear you like this -- more like yourself.

Jack: Well, it took a little while, but, yeah, I'm back. And I am reconsidering the direction of this merger. And I wouldn't say that to someone I couldn't trust... that I couldn't count on.

Chelsea: Of course.

Neil: I assume you're here to fire me.

Victor: [Sighs] Nikki told me why you were there. I appreciate it, okay? She needs help.

Neil: Yes, she does.

Victor: Man, oh, man. I had half a mind to drag her out of there kicking and screaming.

Neil: Mnh. You can't force someone to get clean.

Victor: [Sighs heavily] All the money, all the resources I have at my disposal --

Neil: None of that matters, does it?

Victor: It doesn't, does it? The woman I love... is falling victim to the bottle. Nothing I can do.

Neil: You realize it's totally out of your control, right? Acknowledging that is the first step.

Nikki: I'll take this... and this. [Sobbing] Oh, God.

Sage: This baby's Nick's.

Adam: How can you be so sure?

Sage: We had sex once.

Adam: We had sex o-- I'm pretty sure once is all it takes, Sage. I want a paternity test.

Sage: It has been your goal this whole time to get Chelsea back, to be a father to Connor, your son. Hmm? What do you think this is gonna do if they find out?

Adam: I have a right to know if that's my child.

Nick: Bingo!

Adam: Hey!

Nick: What brings you by?

Adam: You know, I, um... had a question for Sage, and I didn't get a chance to ask her, with all the, uh -- the baby stuff earlier. But mission accomplished, so... mission accomplished. Congratulations again.

Nick: Thanks. What was that about?

Sage: Nothing. Just something came up about Constance's estate.

Nick: It obviously... upset you.

Sage: No. I -- there are so many other things that I want to deal with right now, aside from Gabe.

Nick: Well, I'll do anything I can to help. We're in this together, remember?

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