Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/19/15


Episode # 10669 ~ Nikki fights to stay sober; Victoria & Adam butt heads.

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Nikki: I mean, the program works if you work it. I'm working it, you're working it. If only there were a group for forgers or accessories to forgery.

Neil: It feels dirty, though, doesn't it, crossing that line? But you see, Jack wanted this merger. All we did is we gave life to a signed contract.

Nikki: The only reason Victor came to us is because he knew that we would be good little minions. The whole thing makes me sick. You know, when I think about all those years ago, you were so brave to leave Victor and Newman enterprises. Don't you worry now that you've handed your soul back to him? Because I worry about mine every day, every minute.

Neil: [Clears throat]

Victor: My ears were burning. Is there anything I should know about?

Nikki: Yes, actually. You should know that every time I see you, I want to take a drink.

Kyle: What happened to the golf pants?

Jack: I am rededicating myself to this business. From now on, we hit the links on weekends only.

Kyle: Aw, I'm gonna miss seeing you shank balls into the woods.

Jack: Careful.

Kyle: It's probably for the best that you're taking a break, because you have developed a pretty nasty slice there in the last few months.

Jack: Okay, back to business -- family business, a family meeting. Where is Abby?

Kyle: I got a text saying that she and stitch were doing research and to fill her in after.

Ashley: Well, maybe we should table this meeting for now since there's no Abby and you just got out of a hospital. I mean, really.

Kyle: Yeah, aunt ash is right, dad. After getting so banged up and losing your memory, it's --

Jack: No, no, no. I remember who I am and what I want. What I want right now is a family meeting to discuss making Newman-Abbott a real force in the next century.

Billy: So, um, question. Who are you and what have you done with my brother?

[Knock on door]

Adam: Hey. Where the hell did everyone go? It's like a ghost town in here. You scare everyone off?

Victoria: Ben and Abby are doing field work.

Adam: That sounds exciting. Considering they're in completely different departments, that's not suspicious at all, is it?

Victoria: Moving on.

Adam: Okay. Moving on -- moving on -- where's Ashley?

Victoria: Well, you know, she waltzes in here whenever she likes to pretend that she doesn't take orders from me.

Adam: From us now, though, right, since I'm co-COO.? Speaking of which, um, I went over your -- your budget proposal, and I got a few tweaks.

Victoria: Yeah, well, the proposal is locked. No tweaks required.

Adam: First of all, we don't cut the fashion budget. We double it. That way, Chelsea can expand on her line.

Victoria: I don't know what leverage you have with my father to get him to name you co-COO., But I'm not planning on giving any handouts to your little bed buddy, Chelsea.

Sharon: What we have, you know, if we have to hide it, maybe that means it's a bad thing.

Dylan: Uh, there's, uh -- there's nothing to hide.

Sharon: What if Avery walked in the door just now?

Dylan: Well, uh, that would be pretty awkward. The breakup with Avery is -- is still fresh. But it was a breakup. She gave me back the ring, and that's -- it's not a temporary separation.

Sharon: But in your heart --

Dylan: Avery and I have -- you know, we have history just like you and Nick. And we tried to hold on to that, and it didn't work. You know, I guess it was time to let go.

Sharon: I know how that feels. I know how much that hurts. As much as I tried with Nick, it was just broken.

Dylan: It's okay, 'cause we're here now. Right? And, uh, we already have a friendship. We have trust, we have respect, we have honesty. And that is something to build on. Because who knows what the future holds. I'm an optimist, so I'm guessing it's gonna be pretty good.

Sharon: I feel the same way. We have got to stop letting the past hold us back.

Nick: Evidently, I am not a magician and I can't cure morning sickness, which is shocking. I thought I could do anything. Uh, do we need to call a doctor?

Sage: Yeah, and then what's she gonna say? "You're pregnant, dummy. What did you expect?"

[Both laugh]

Sage: Mm, maybe it's not the baby, though. Maybe it's just my nerves about telling Sharon about the baby. Oh, I think we should wait, Nick.

Nick: Yeah, let's do that till maybe it's, like, 12.

Sage: Yes. That works for me.

Nick: Look, Sharon is not gonna freak out on you, okay? And for faith's sake, Sharon needs to know about this sooner rather than later.

Sage: That woman used the fact that I was in a bathrobe to get more custody. When she finds out about this, forget it.

Nick: I'm not gonna let any of the heat fall on you for this, okay? I promise.

Sage: It's passing a little.

Nick: Yeah?

Sage: Yeah.

Nick: Enough that maybe we could get in the car and drive by some of those houses on that list?

Sage: Oh, that one with the bay window -- that was so cute.

Nick: It really was.

Sage: [Chuckles] It really was. Okay. Um, but if I say "pull over," then you better pull over.

Nick: Done. Pregnant lady in charge, but just while you're pregnant. Then I go back to being in charge.

Sage: All right. You really think we should tell Sharon about this?

Nick: Yeah. Secrets and lies have done a lot of damage for Sharon and me. The sooner she knows about this, the better it'll be.

Victor: So, your urge to drink is my fault?

Nikki: I merely said you were a trigger. You're one of them, yes.

Victor: Is that why you've been avoiding me?

Neil: All right, listen, I'm gonna let you two...talk amongst yourselves. I think I'm gonna leave.

Victor: That's a good idea, Neil, since the two of you have a habit of getting into trouble together.

Nikki: My God, can we please put that horrific accident in the past?

Victor: And your decision to protect Neil that almost cost you your freedom?

Nikki: Neil has been a wonderful friend to me. And now that my conscience is tearing me up inside because of that damn contract, he's helped keep me sane and sober.

Neil: You know, Victor, I happen to share Nikki's concern about this forgery. What we did -- it's not legal.

Victor: You understand the logic behind it, don't you? I mean, there's no reason to feel guilty.

Neil: I do understand, but the mind is a powerful thing. And guilt and shame can be very crippling.

Nikki: Don't waste your breath, Neil. Victor doesn't understand human emotions. That sort of thing is for mere mortals.

Neil: All right, Victor. It's not an easy fight. I mean, we do the best we can. We do it one day at a time.

Victor: For your information, I have been supportive of my wife's sobriety for a long time. So, why don't you get back to your office, Neil, and I will take my wife home.

Nikki: You may go wherever you please. You always do. But I have booked myself a room here for tonight.

Jack: Billy boy. Glad you could make it.

Ashley: Are you really?

Billy: Jack invited me. He's...full of surprises lately.

Ashley: Well, that's impressive progress.

Billy: But this new and not-so-improved Jack doesn't make a lot of sense -- the merger, chumming with the enemy. And then there's the matter of that signature on the agreement.

Jack: That's my signature, bill. I appreciate you having my back while I was out of commission, but as I told Ashley, it's my signature.

Ashley: He assured me that he did sign it with Victor in front of Nikki as a witness.

Billy: But you never told anybody about it, never filed a copy, and that isn't like you, brother.

Kyle: Look, my dad told you what happened. That should be enough.

Jack: No, no, no, no, Kyle. Your uncle's right. He is concerned, and he has good reason. I went all commander in chief on you and cut you all out of the process.

Billy: Yeah, you even fired some of us. And by "some of us," I mean me.

Jack: You're right. I stepped over the line. I'm sorry. Look, it took the underground falling on my head for me to realize working with Victor is good for all of us. It took being in a car accident for me to realize I shut you all out of this. I don't expect any head trauma in the near future, but I will tell you this. I'm going to do what it takes to see that the Abbotts have a real voice in Newman-Abbott. You have my word on that.

Ashley: So, just like that, Jack Abbott's back?

Billy: Jack Abbott never would have wanted this merger to begin with.

Jack: But I do, bill. But more than that, I want us together, working as a family to build something real and meaningful and lasting and strong. And I want you to be part of that. What is it gonna take to get you back?

Chelsea: Looks like this is a bad time.

Victoria: No. Please come in since, evidently, you're the most valuable asset we have right now.

Chelsea: Excuse me?

Victoria: Gabriel wants to double your financing.

Adam: Uh, it's just a proposal.

Chelsea: Wait. Why?

Adam: Well, because if we expand the fashion line, we expand the profit.

Victoria: So, when did you tell him you wanted more money?

Chelsea: I didn't. I-I don't want to double the budget.

Victoria: So, what is this, Gabriel? Is this your version of flowers and chocolate? "Here you go, Chelsea. Here's a little something."

Adam: Victoria, my title means I have an obligation to this company, okay? Expanding the fashion line is good for business.

Victoria: You slept with Billy's fiancée and now you're shoveling cash at her. You know what people will call that, don't you?

Adam: Okay, okay.

Chelsea: Wow, you seem really troubled by this, Victoria. What is it, exactly, though, that you're protecting? Is it the company's bottom line or is it your ex-husband's feelings?

Sharon: I get to watch you work behind the bar. You know, I spent a lot of time behind this counter. I could teach you a few tricks.

Dylan: [Chuckles] No, you don't get to watch me work. You have someplace to be.

Sharon: The spa? You got me a gift card to the spa?!

Dylan: Yeah, you know, it's been pretty stressful. It's supposed to be a massage, facial, the works.

Sharon: I love that. How did you know?

Dylan: Go get spoiled.

Sharon: Thank you.

Sage: [Laughs] I don't know. What did you think about the blue house?

Nick: I liked that one. Yeah.

Sage: It was a big yard.

Nick: Yeah, could have a batting cage or a --

Sage: [Clears throat]

Nick: There's no time like the present.

Sage: No, no. Um...this is between you and Sharon. I don't want to be here.

Nick: Feeling stressed out again?

Sage: I don't want to upset Sharon, and we both know that I upset Sharon very much.

Nick: Right, well, this is my problem, so why don't you let me deal with it, but I'll take you home first, okay?

Sage: It's all right. I can get a cab. You do what you got to do, okay? Just keep me posted.

Nick: Take care of yourself.

Sharon: Well, I hope Sage didn't leave because of me.

Nick: Uh, no. She's not feeling well.

Sharon: Oh, yeah. She looked a little pale.

Nick: Yeah, so, um... I wanted you to hear this from me. Sage is pregnant.

Dylan: Wow. Uh... congratulations. Uh, a baby is always good news.

Nick: Thanks.

Sharon: Uh...yes. Um...yeah. Tha-tha-that's true. Um, wow. A baby. I-I'm -- does Faith know?

Nick: No. I thought we'd figure out the best time to tell her, but for now, I just really wanted you to know.

Sharon: Well, thank you. I appreciate that. And now I have a spa treatment that I'm gonna go to at the club. Thank you again.

Dylan: Yeah. It includes a ride, if you need one.

Sharon: No, I'll be fine. I'm so happy for you. [Chuckles] New life.

Nick: Yep. [Sighs] She is definitely not okay with this.

Victor: You've been angry with me before and will no doubt be angry with me again. But the ranch is your home.

Nikki: Well, you may have coerced me into forgery, Victor, but you cannot order me home to my room.

Victor: Jack Abbott signed the damn contract himself. There's no reason to get all worked up about it.

Neil: She's entitled to feel the way she wants to feel, Victor. I say that as her friend and yours.

Victor: Neil, hadn't I asked you to go back to the office? Yet you're still here. You must feel awfully secure in your ability to get another job.

Neil: Are you threatening me?

Victor: It was merely an observation, all right?

Nikki: Very nice. Threatening a decent, loyal man. You planning on threatening me, too?

Billy: So, that's it? That's how this works? We're all good?

Kyle: My dad is reaching out. You reach back. It's that easy.

Jack: Thanks, son, I appreciate this, but your uncle is right. I was drunk with power. I can't do this without you. I don't want to do this without you. I realize I'm gonna have to earn your trust, but that's what I'm gonna do.

Ashley: That was actually kind of convincing.

Jack: Billy, we want you at Newman-Abbott. Bring all of your doubts with you. Actually, they'll serve to keep us all in check. But work with us. Work with me. Let me prove to you that I'm right about this.

Ashley: [Sighs] That's what dad would want, Billy.

Billy: Oh, come on, ash. You can't go playing the dad card this early.

Ashley: I know, but it's true. I mean, dad might not be for the merger for Newman-Abbott, but he would want us all together, working on this, hashing it out.

Jack: She's right. Think of it this way. If I am completely wrong about this, if it blows up in my face, you will have a front-row seat and you'll be first in line to tell me, "I told you so."

Billy: All right, well, there's a signing bonus.

Jack: [Chuckles] Watch out, Newmans! The Abbotts are a force to be reckoned with.

Victoria: Billy doesn't need me to fight his battles.

Chelsea: As long as we're not making this personal. However, my fashion line is personal to me. It is part of me. It is not a chew toy for the two of you to fight over. So, here are the men's line designs that you suggested. My assistant did a cost analysis, and it turns out I don't need to double my budget. So, why don't you take a look at the numbers and let me know.

Adam: I'm sorry you got caught in the middle of everything in there.

Chelsea: No, you're not. No, you're not. You love me being in the middle of your drama.

Adam: No, I don't. I-I know I cost you a lot with Billy, but I'm trying to make things right for you.

Chelsea: Because of you, Victoria practically called me a whore in there.

Adam: Well, you know, I tried to help.

Chelsea: I don't need your help, Gabe! And -- and I don't need guilt money because I was humiliated at my own wedding. And most of all, I'm not gonna just fall back into bed with you because you tried to double my budget.

Adam: Okay. Fine. Then don't do it because of the budget. Do it because it's what you want.

Chelsea: You have no idea what I want.

Adam: Oh, I think I do.

Ashley: [Clears throat]

Billy: Are we...interrupting?

Adam: No, not at all. You bring your -- your family down here even though it's restricted?

Billy: Oh, I'm not just family. Jack asked me back. I gave in. It was touching. Too bad you missed it.

Chelsea: Oh, that's -- that's great news, Billy, for you and Jack.

Billy: Yeah, he wanted me to make sure that things were heading in the right direction, whatever that means. You know, working with family is so rewarding.

Victoria: Oh, you're back. That's great. We all get to work together. How fun.

Jack: I want you to see that this man gets this envelope.

Kyle: Uh...okay.

Jack: And no.

Kyle: No what?

Jack: What you're thinking. With Billy back, does this suddenly relegate you to glorified gopher.

Kyle: The answer is no?

Jack: The answer is an absolute and unequivocal no. Listen to me. You are the future of this company not because of blood but because of what you bring.

Kyle: Right. Whatever you need, dad.

Jack: Right now, see that this envelope is personally delivered.

Kyle: Okay.

Jack: Hey. Something else on your mind?

Kyle: Yeah, it's just with Sharon being cleared, we know that there's still this killer out there, and he or she is probably feeling pretty cornered right now 'cause the cops are closing in. I-I just worry about summer and the others.

Jack: Wait, wait. The cops are closing in? They have some kind of new lead?

Kyle: Uh...

Jack: Kyle, do the police know who did all this?

Victor: I don't see the need for threats and recriminations. What you consider a crime I look at as a favor to my friend and business partner Jack Abbott, okay? And that's how he sees it.

Nikki: For the life of me, I cannot understand why Jack suddenly trusts you. But frankly, right now, the only thing I care about is getting a decent night's sleep away from stress and aggravation. And that would be here.

Victor: To be honest with you, I don't give a damn what you think right now and how you feel right now.

Nikki: Okay.

Victor: But you get your behind back home where you belong.

Nikki: I'll see you. Thanks for standing up for me. It gave me strength. I don't know. Maybe only an addict can understand this.

Neil: Nikki, I think some people do understand. I mean, they can cop to their own feelings. With Victor, I believe that alcoholism is something that he looks at like a weakness. He can't comprehend it.

Nikki: I have to admit, he has been understanding at times. Maybe having to deal with it all these years has just worn down his patience. I don't know.

Neil: Strength isn't about tough talk and denying your failings. Strength is wanting a drink and not taking it. You are so much stronger than Victor will ever be, Nikki.

Nikki: [Chuckles]

Neil: Mm. With that in mind, I do have some business to tend to while I still have a job, so I'm gonna leave. You okay?

Nikki: Yeah. I'm fine. And if that changes, I will call you. Thank you.

Neil: Sure. I'll talk to you soon.

Nikki: Okay.

Dylan: She was fine about the baby news.

Nick: But she's not.

Dylan: Well, then, uh -- then she will be.

Nick: You sure about that?

Dylan: Well, you're the one who just dropped the bombshell that Sage is pregnant. Do you want her to react in a certain way to make it okay?

Nick: I just -- I wanted her to know about it sooner rather than later.

Dylan: Now she does. She's hurt, Nick. You know, whatever she says, we can assume that, right? And she's worried about how it's gonna affect Faith.

Nick: We'll figure out the right time to tell Faith, but honestly, I'm more concerned about how Sharon handles this.

Dylan: Well, she's gonna handle it how she handles it.

Nick: Well, how she reacts to this affects a lot of people. I mean, Sage was worried sick about the thought of telling her about this.

Dylan: Because all you've told Sage is how damaged and dangerous Sharon is. She's not damaged, Nick. She's not this broken thing that -- that you couldn't fix to your standards. Sharon is brave. She was brave enough to fight for her family, fight for her freedom when everybody thought she was guilty. She fights for Faith even though you take her away on a regular basis. Look, all she wants is to be herself, no judgment, no one telling her she's wrong all the time.

Nick: So... you're sleeping with her.

[Knock on door]

Sage: [Sighs] Is it over?

Sharon: All done. May I come in?

Sharon: Please know that I did not come here to upset you.

Sage: Well, you didn't show up with balloons and a onesie, either.

Sharon: I'm sure there will be time for that.

Sage: Maybe we can wait until then.

Sharon: You know, it used to be very important to me that I was the only mother of nick's children. But I don't think in terms of that anymore. [Chuckles] I'm just glad that Nick's happy, and it sounds like the two of you have found a house to raise the baby.

Sage: No, that's not how it is. We're gonna raise the baby together, but Nick will be in his house. He'll stay there. I'll have mine.

Sharon: Oh. I didn't realize.

Sage: Well, I'm surprised he didn't tell you when he told you about the baby.

Sharon: The way you say that it sounds like you're trying to assure me that you and Nick won't be moving in together. Are you still worried about how I'm gonna react?

Sage: Sharon, you used me as cannon fodder in your custody suit, so, yes, I have many concerns.

Sharon: Well, Nick and I are in a much better, more cooperative place now. Um...I guess part of it is I just understand about moving on. Dylan and I are together now.

Sage: Congratulations.

Sharon: Thank you. It's like a clean slate for both of us. So, believe me when I say that I'm very happy for you and Nick. Faith's family is growing. I'm happy for all of us.

Sage: Oh.

Dylan: You don't think anyone would defend Sharon for her own sake, and that's exactly what I've been doing. I mean, how hard is it to give her the benefit of the doubt? What -- what does it cost you?

Nick: Dylan, I've given her a lot of breaks, all right? And it's cost me plenty. I have every right to know how Sharon's gonna handle this news about Sage and the baby. Sharon does things. She's irrational. She's unpredictable.

Dylan: We all do irrational things, don't we? Sharon's not perfect. But she does own her actions.

Nick: All right. I get it. You're in. All right. You're her champion, her ally, so I'm coming to you for reassurance that Sharon is gonna stay away from Sage and this baby she's carrying.

Victoria: Now that we're in one place, I'd like to talk budget, specifically Gabe's suggestion to double Chelsea's budget for the men's wear line.

Chelsea: And I told you I don't need it doubled. But since we keep talking about it, I'll gladly take it.

Billy: Oh, so this is your idea? Well, that's surprising. I assume you ran this by Victor and Jack.

Adam: I came to my, uh, co-COO. Like a good team player.

Ashley: Well, there you have it. Chelsea doesn't need the money, but hex definitely does. It's time to reboot and relaunch. To hell with one viral rant against our product. We know how special it is. We never should have panicked and pulled it to begin with, right, Victoria?

Victoria: You're right. It was a bad call. But now I say we fix it.

Billy: Hex back on the shelves works for me. You've been outvoted.

Adam: Well, it doesn't seem petty or misguided at all, Billy. Is this -- is this really how you plan on running a multi-national business?

Billy: You know, you can feel free to leave the company in protest. We could find you a window right now if you'd like to try out that golden parachute.

Adam: Listen, there's no reason why we can't bump up Chelsea's budget for her new men's line and put hex back on the shelf at the same time. It's good utilization of capital, it sends a strong message to the business community, but you're too busy shooting me down and devaluing Chelsea's contribution to the company. It's bad business, Billy. Quite frankly, it's pathetic.

Jack: If the police know who the killer is, why are they still out on the streets? If you and summer are in any kind of danger --

Kyle: Dad, I shouldn't have said all of this already. Paul doesn't want us talking about this.

Jack: I understand that. You're talking to your old man. Whatever you say is in the strictest of confidence.

Kyle: The police have a break in the case. They think it leads right to the killer.

Jack: What happened? They have some new evidence?

Kyle: They think they may have the killer's DNA.

Jack: How could the police have the killer's DNA?

Kyle: Well, I mean, that whole story -- it's convoluted and completely messed up, but, um, basically, the killer contacted fen and sent him a package. And because of that package, they got a hit on the DNA database. Now, get this -- it belongs to a big-time drug lord, like an international dealer.

Jack: A big drug kingpin. What would he want to do with fen? Or Genoa city or Austin or Courtney or...? No, the police are going in the wrong direction, just like they did with Sharon.

Victor: Glad to see you looking so well, Jack. Back in your element. This a bad time?

Jack: Actually, Kyle and I were just catching up.

Kyle: I'll get right on this, dad.

Victor: All right.

Kyle: Back soon.

Jack: Thanks.

Kyle: Victor.

Victor: Kyle. What's this about DNA?

[Knock on door]

Neil: It's me. It's Neil.

Nikki: Oh, well, hi. In that case, come on in. Come see how the other half live. Well, the ones that are off the wagon.

Neil: Yeah, off the wagon. I shouldn't have left you.

Nikki: Oh, no. Of course you should have. It's fine. Don't you listen to what they say in class? I can make my own choices. I am an adult, and I decide what I -- well, now, wait a minute. Maybe it is the addiction that is talking, 'cause they say that, too. I get those two mixed up sometimes. Is it -- whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you doing?

Neil: What am I doing?

Nikki: Don't do this. No. These are mine. These are mine.

Neil: Yeah, they're going in the trash.

Nikki: And these are... empty.

Neil: Here. Let me have those.

Nikki: Well, these are no good.

Neil: No, they're not any good.

Nikki: I'll get some more.

Neil: No, you won't, okay?

Nikki: I will get some more.

Neil: I'm not gonna let you drink any more. This is over and done with.

Nikki: Hey, what are you doing? Don't you call Victor. Don't you dare call Victor.

Neil: Stop. Wait. Stop. Hello? Yeah, I'd like a pot of coffee. Thanks.

Nikki: Oh. Oh, well, this is gonna be a boring visit. You're gonna be all righteous drinking coffee, and I'm gonna stick with vodka. You know, caffeine is bad for you.

Neil: Yeah, caffeine is bad.

Nikki: It is very true. I mean, like it or not, is --

Neil: Stop. Just stop.

Nikki: You stop! 'Cause it is time for you to go. Time to go to work in the big tower in the sky. Go make some more money, money, money, money for Victor. 'Cause he is the boss. He's in charge. And we are all on his payroll in one way or another, aren't we?

Ashley: [Sighs] Gabe was out of line.

Victoria: But...

Ashley: Well, he was right. You could have given money to Chelsea and to hex. It was a power play on your part. Want to make sure everybody knows you're still calling the shots around here.

Victoria: And you're welcome.

Ashley: Hey, I definitely want hex back on the shelves, but I'm not the one that pulled it in the first place. That was your call. Now you're kind of overreacting to Gabe. Just my opinion. I think you might want to slow down a little bit, stop reacting, start acting, maybe... trust your instincts a little bit.

Victoria: Do you trust my instincts?

Ashley: I'm not 100% sure I like the merger, but if you stay on top of your game and your father does, then maybe it won't be a complete disaster.

Victoria: Oh, good. Good, good, good. Then there's something that we agree on.

Ashley: I'm gonna go, um, get started on our relaunch.

Victoria: Thanks.

Billy: Well, well. Look at you two not killing each other. I am so proud.

Victoria: Give us time.

Billy: You know, Ashley was right, though. That was a power play. You don't care about hex.

Victoria: I sure as hell am not gonna reward Chelsea for hurting you.

Billy: I'm all right, though, Vick.

Victoria: Are you? Are you okay?

Billy: Yeah. I really am. But thank you. I love that you have my back.

Victoria: We're family, no matter what. And nobody messes with my family.

Nick: Sharon was just supposed to go to the spa.

Sage: She detoured by my room.

Nick: So, what happened? Did she -- she flip out? She cry?

Sage: Neither. Don't get me wrong -- it was very uncomfortable. She was calm and friendly. She told me she was moving on with Dylan and she just wanted you to be happy. And then she hugged me.

Nick: Well, Dylan gave me a big speech about how tough and brave Sharon is. And I didn't argue. I mean, Sharon's a lot of great things. But she tends to spin out and cause complete destruction. And unfortunately, Dylan's probably gonna have to figure that out for himself.

Sage: Well, maybe this time really is different.

Nick: Well, I hope so. But that doesn't mean I'm gonna let Sharon anywhere near you or our baby.

Chelsea: You're pregnant?

Adam: That's impossible.

Chelsea: Wow. Congratulations. But I-I thought you couldn't have kids.

Sage: That's what I thought, too. Um...I don't say this many times in my life, but I feel blessed. This is amazing. It's a miracle.

Chelsea: It is. It really is amazing. Wow. So, did you do fertility treatments or acupunct-- oh, my God. That's so rude of me. I'm sorry. I shouldn't even be asking that. [Chuckles] Sorry.

Sage: No, this baby happened the old-fashioned way.

Nick: Yeah, it's still pretty early, but we are happy.

Chelsea: Wow. It really is amazing. Congrats again. But it must be overwhelming. I mean, especially since you didn't think you could have kids.

Sage: It is overwhelming, but in a really good way. We're just, you know, planning and nesting.

Nick: Yeah, we're checking out new houses for Sage.

Chelsea: Just, um -- just for you?

Nick: Yeah. She's gonna live on her own, but we're gonna raise the baby together. This child will have whatever he or she needs, which is both parents.

Dylan: So, no spa today?

Sharon: No. I thought Sage should hear it directly from me.

Dylan: Hear what?

Sharon: Well, I know what Nick probably said to you and what he definitely said to Sage. Dylan, you've had a lot of Faith in me for so long. I don't want that to change.

Dylan: What did you and Sage talk about?

Sharon: Mostly just that I want Nick to be happy.

Dylan: And you needed to tell her today?

Sharon: Well, this is faith's family. And it's growing. Honestly, in the back of my mind, I have this thought that if we can get through this in a healthy way, then I'll get to spend more time with Faith. What did Nick say to you? Did he change your mind about me?

Dylan: [Chuckles] Well, that can't be done. He's known you longer, but I feel like I know you better. Does that sound cocky?

Sharon: No. That sounds fabulous.

Dylan: You think with your heart, and I'll never fault you for that.

Billy: So, I say that we load up a balloon of this stuff and dump it on Bingham. It's not gonna make him lovable, but, you know, he'll be tolerable.

Victoria: Wow, that's kind of a stretch, even for the powers of Jabot chemistry.

Billy: Then I don't suppose we try it on Victor, either.

Victoria: You know, my father is who he is. Which I have to keep reminding myself. He can't be stopped and he cannot be changed.

Billy: You and Nick and Abby sure as hell stopped him with that lawsuit that you won, proving that he's not all-powerful, despite his press releases. So, you know, if there's something that's bothering you, like, I don't know, maybe Jack's signature on that merger agreement...

Victoria: No. Not getting into it. But nice try.

Billy: I will always try.

Victoria: Well, I like the continuity, and I like having a friendly face around here, especially with Ashley staring at me like I'm some power-crazed COO.

Billy: Oh, no. Co-COO. You and Gabe -- two peas in a pod like, um, peanut butter and arsenic.

Victoria: [Chuckles] It's good having you back.

Billy: For the first time today, it feels good to be back.

Nikki: Neil, please, no more. No. I don't --

Neil: Go ahead. It's gonna help you. Yeah.

Nikki: You know, the only thing that you're gonna get out of this is a wide-awake drunk.

Neil: Here. Okay. After this -- after this, you're gonna take a shower, all right? You're gonna sober up, and you're gonna shake it off. And maybe, just maybe, tomorrow morning, you're not gonna feel like there's a jackhammer pounding away in your head.

Nikki: Oh, my God. I don't want to think about tomorrow at all. Take that away from me. It smells like coffee.

Neil: All right, all right. Just one more. Just one more. There you go.

Nikki: Okay, enough. I don't even want to think about today, forget tomorrow. I don't -- I don't want this day. I don't want this week. And, damn it, I don't want my name on that contract as the witness. [Sighs] Why did I do that? I broke the law. I did it -- I did it because Victor asked me to do it. No, no, no, no, no. He ordered me to do it. It -- it was not like we were equals in any way. It was not like the way you would talk to your wife that you love.

Neil: Okay, Victor -- he does love you. Even more than he realizes most of the time. He does, Nikki. Don't you get it that you -- hey, I'm right here.

Nikki: I'm here.

Neil: You are the best part of him. And only you can help save that man from himself.

Victor: You have not answered my question.

Jack: What? I'm just a little surprised to see you here. We had some, uh, unfortunate words the last time we were together. I'm glad we can put the past behind us, that we understand each other now.

Victor: You and Kyle talked about DNA linked to the killer.

Jack: Well, yes, after the chaos and upheaval these kids have been through... come on. Kyle's my son. Summer is like my daughter. I mean, wouldn't Jack be -- I mean, wouldn't I be concerned about their safety?

Victor: He talked about DNA, and you wouldn't let it go.

Jack: Yeah, it seemed so absurd. An international drug kingpin? What does he care about Genoa City?

Victor: You killed those two people, didn't you?

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Sage: We had sex once.

Adam: I'm pretty sure once is all it takes. I want a paternity test.

Jack: I am reconsidering the direction of this merger.

Neil: I will help you.

Nikki: Damn it, Neil! I am not going to rehab, so shut the hell up about it! <

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