Y&R Transcript Friday 5/15/15


Episode # 10667 ~ Sharon & Dylan surrender to their feelings; Victor & Jack's imposter face off.

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Noah: Hey.

Stitch: Okay, you know who the killer is?

Abby: And you didn't say anything?

Summer: How could you, fen?

Kyle: Yeah, there's a little thing called obstruction?

Fenmore: Stop. Stop, stop. I-I didn't say I know him, I-I-if it even is a "him." I said I've been in contact with this --

Noah: Fen, fen, just spit it out!

Mariah: No, let the idiot explain.

Fenmore: Whoever this is reached out to me long before Abby's party, except I-I didn't know then he was a killer. I didn't realize that until we woke up on Valentine's Day, and Austin was dead.

Stitch: Okay, you're not making any sense.

Abby: Start from the beginning.

Noah: How did you get mixed up with somebody like that, fen?

Fenmore: I told you guys I drugged the punch for fun to take the party to the next level.

Kevin: And that wasn't the truth?

Fenmore: No.

Mariah: [Sighs]

Fenmore: I did it because I was being blackmailed.

Victor: ¿Tu nombre? ¿Como te llamas? ¿Que es tu nombre?

Jack: ¿Quien diablos quiere saber?

Victor: [Speaking Spanish] Huh?

Jack: Victor. Victor.

Phyllis: [Gasps]

Jack: What the heck do you think you're doing?

Keep this up, you could continue your therapies in outpatient at home. I'll consult with the team and report back later today.

Joe: Oh, that's amazing. Truly, I can use some good news.

Sharon: I was assuming you and Avery would still be here. I'm sure I'm the last person you want to see right now. But, um, you left this at my house.

Dylan: Thanks.

Sharon: That was really just an excuse for stopping by. I know you said that you and I would talk later, after you and Avery had a chance to talk. But I just -- I couldn't stand the waiting anymore. I needed to explain to both of you why I sent that text pretending to be you.

Dylan: Avery's not here.

Sharon: Oh. Did things blow up after you left my place?

Dylan: [Sighs] Avery and I broke up.

Joe: Wow, I'm surprised to see you back here so soon.

Avery: Well, remember you said you didn't want me to leave. You wanted me to stay and help you with your recovery.

Joe: Yeah, about that -- the doc was just here. Avery, what's wrong?

Avery: [Sniffles] It's been a rough morning. [Sobs]

Joe: Dylan.

Avery: [Sniffles, sighs]

Joe: You're not wearing your engagement ring.

Dylan: This... is how over it is between me and Avery.

Sharon: Oh, my gosh. Are you okay?

Dylan: Would you be? We finally got to talk. It's the most honest we've been with each other in months. We realized that we're great together, as long as there's a cause that we can fight against, a cause that we can fight together. But we haven't had that in a while. We started fighting each other.

Sharon: Over Joe and me injecting ourselves.

Dylan: [Sighs] It's hard to have four people in a relationship.

Sharon: I shouldn't have sent that text. I'm so sorry. It was a terrible thing to do. You know, I told myself that I was just protecting you, because I didn't want to see you hurt again. But to be completely honest, that was about what I wanted. It wasn't about what you wanted. And it's not up to me to decide what's best for you. I-I'm so sorry. You know what? It was selfish of me.

Dylan: You're right. It was selfish. I have gone out of my way to try to help you. And this is how you repay me?

Phyllis: Jack, can you let go of my wrist?

Jack: Oh. Uh, uh, sorry. I-I was a little thrown seeing a camera in my face as soon as I woke up.

Phyllis: I was coming up to check on you. When I saw you were having another dream, I thought it might be a good idea to record you.

Jack: Why?

Phyllis: Hearing what you're saying, seeing how you're acting, might help us figure out why you keep having these nightmares.

Jack: Oh, I may miss the viewing party, if it's all the same to you.

Phyllis: Were you dreaming about the accident? Is that it?

Jack: I don't know. I guess. I -- why does that matter?

Phyllis: Because if you just saw what I just saw, I don't think you'd feel the same way. The way you were sweating and writhing -- I mean, I think it's kind of weird you were yelling in Spanish, again.

Jack: I was?

Phyllis: You called out Victor's name.

Jack: [Chuckling] That -- that's the meds wearing off, probably. I -- look, my -- my system will be clear of them very soon. You know, I'll tell you what. You want some great footage? I'm gonna go take a shower. Maybe we could get that thing on a tripod, and you could join me.

Phyllis: You go first.

Jack: Okay.

Phyllis: [Gasps softly] Hey. It's me. There's something not right about Jack. You need to get over here right now.

Noah: When Courtney asked you where you got those drugs, and you said it didn't matter, well, fen, it damn well did!

Mariah: You said you had no clue what it was!

Kyle: Yeah, which was stupid, seeing as you got the stuff from a stranger who turned out to be a killer.

Summer: What did this person even have on you that could even make you consider putting us in danger?

Fenmore: I-I was flunking a class. I-I couldn't afford to have an "f" on my transcript, not if I wanted to get into law school. So...I took care of it.

Stitch: Took care of it how?

Kevin: He took a page from my book. Hacked his way into the school's main server, and suddenly, that "f" became a passing grade.

Fenmore: And somehow, this person found out and threatened to go to the dean of students. My whole future would've been ruined. I-I would've been expelled from school.

Summer: Your future, just like my husband's and my best friend's. Oh, no. Wait. They don't have a future, thanks to you, fen.

Kyle: This is all about a grade? You could've just repeated the class! Who gives a damn?!

Noah: Austin and Courtney were murdered, fen. They were murdered. And you were worried about getting kicked out of school?!

Fenmore: What do you want me to say, okay? I am sorry! I am. I am sorry!

[All shouting indistinctly]

Paul: Freeze! I mean it!

Summer: It's fen you want. He lied to all of us.

Paul: So, why didn't you come forward sooner, fen?

Noah: Especially after my mother was arrested.

Fenmore: Oh, yeah. That -- that made no sense to me. Sharon's always been cool. Why would she blackmail me? I couldn't figure that out.

Mariah: You -- but you still didn't bother going to the police. You would rather her go to prison.

Fenmore: Look, I thought she was guilty. That -- that's how the news made it sound. All the evidence was pointing right at her.

Stitch: Oh, and since you couldn't erase what you did, you just figured you'd keep quiet.

Fenmore: I-I get that you all hate me, but I'm here now, all right? I stepped up, and I told you the truth.

Kyle: Boy, you're a real hero.

Abby: How brave of you to come forward now that two people are dead.

Summer: Some friend.

Kevin: All right. Let him finish.

Paul: Valentine's day was three months ago, okay? Has the blackmailer continued to make threats?

Fenmore: No. I-I was just scared. I'm not -- I'm not saying that that makes it right, but if -- if you are asking me why --

Paul: Okay, I need to know how this person contacted you in the first place.

Fenmore: I got these anonymous texts.

Noah: What'd they say?

Fenmore: The first one came after I changed my grade. It said, "I'm watching you. Your 'f' became a 'B.'" He said he wouldn't rat me out as long as I did something for him later. And I-I didn't hear anything more until I was in town for Abby's party.

Paul: Okay, so what happened next?

Fenmore: I got another anonymous text. "Time for that favor," it said.

Stitch: And if you didn't do it, he was gonna tell your school.

Fenmore: Yeah, so I-I got the text, and I-I-it said that there -- there'd be a package taped under a bench on old post road.

Stitch: So whoever it is is familiar with the area.

Paul: So it would appear. All right, fen. What were the rest of the instructions?

Fenmore: Um, I was supposed to open the package and take the vial and put what I found there in everybody's drinks. So, look, I did it. I-I-I spiked the punch, and I haven't heard anything since.

Paul: I don't suppose you would have any of the evidence that would help us catch this person who committed these murders?

Dylan: For you to do something so underhanded -- I thought we could trust each other.

Sharon: We can. It really didn't feel underhanded. I just reacted in the moment, and now I regret it.

Dylan: Why? Why? Because I found out, and now I'm angry?

Sharon: You're important to me, Dylan. I don't want to lose you. I really thought that I was just being a friend to you, and I hope you'll believe that.

Dylan: I don't see how a friend could act that way.

Sharon: I understand you're upset. And I understand how my actions could've led to a fight. But you said you and Avery had already been having problems. You know, when she found out that that text wasn't from you, that should've brought you closer together, not made you call it quits. And, you know, wild guess -- five minutes later, she was on a flight to Chicago, so you can't pin all that on what I did.

Dylan: It didn't help, Sharon.

Sharon: Okay, well, maybe, you know, there's something I can do. Maybe if I talked to Avery --

Dylan: You're the last person she wants to talk to.

Sharon: I could just try.

Dylan: You're not gonna change her mind. It's too late.

Sharon: Well, there's got to be something I can do.

Dylan: I think you should go.

Sharon: Is that what you really want?

Avery: Sharon did what she always does -- what's best for Sharon. Although I suppose in the cold light of day, maybe she did us a favor. [Chuckles dryly]

Joe: Yeah, well, that doesn't make it any less painful.

Avery: [Crying] No, it doesn't. [Sniffles] [Sighs] You know what? If Dylan and I had been in a good place, we wouldn't have broken up over someone else's obnoxious behavior. We were trying to be something that we weren't... living in the past with all the dreams that we had then instead of moving forward with new dreams.

Joe: It happens.

Avery: As much as I'd like to blame Sharon, it was Dylan who chose to spend all his time with her... like I choose to spend my time with you. It doesn't mean that I didn't love him.

Joe: Sometimes, love isn't enough, okay? Things change. People drift apart. It -- it's no one's fault.

Avery: I really appreciate you listening.

Joe: Of course, Avery. Anything for you. Just... just ask.

Avery: [Chuckles] Look at us... [Sniffles] ...How far we've come, being able to talk like this. What are you doing?

Jack: [Inhales sharply] ¿Quien diablos quiere saber? [Gasping] Victor.

Victor: [Chuckles]

Phyllis: Yeah.

Victor: I understand why you would find this disconcerting, you know?

Phyllis: You think this is normal?

Victor: My goodness.

Phyllis: You know, Jack's been acting like it's no big deal.

Victor: Yeah?

Phyllis: But these nightmares are really starting to worry me.

Victor: Well, you know, nightmares are not always a reflection of reality. Sometimes, they're just sort of the flotsam and jetsam of an active mind, you know?

Phyllis: Yeah, but you know what? They're reoccurring, so I can't help but wonder if there's something else going on. You know, this has happened twice within the last few days with Jack -- the tossing, the turning, the speaking Spanish.

Victor: Speaking spa-- what do you want me to do about it?

Phyllis: What do I want you to do?

Victor: Uh-huh.

Phyllis: Well, since the two of you are becoming friends --

Jack: Sweetheart, Victor is a very busy man these days. I wish you'd have talked to me before you had him come all the way out here.

Victor: Oh, no. That's quite all right. I'm glad to have come, okay? But what is this I hear about you tossing and turning at night in your sleep and speaking Spanish and shouting out my name?

Jack: I guess I'll have to watch that. People will say we're in love.

Victor: Oh, yeah. Don't take this lightly, okay? Your wife is very concerned.

Jack: I don't think this is anything we need to grind our teeth over.

Phyllis: If you would actually look at the video --

Jack: I don't need to look at the video.

Phyllis: You can't expect me to just drop this.

Victor: Maybe you're too stressed, Jack. Maybe this is just too much for you.

Jack: O-okay. Maybe it is stress. That'll pass.

Victor: May pass, yeah. May not pass.

Jack: Okay, I-if you're talking about Kyle cracking up my Ferrari, I --

Victor: No, I'm talking about the merger. You know that your family has been against it from day one. I mean, they have opposed this, although you have expressly said that you wanted the merger, you know? But this is affecting your health. I can see this. Maybe we should call it off. Call the whole thing off.

Jack: I am not going to scuttle our deal. I told Ashley. I told Phyllis that I am going to be much more involved in the day-to-day operations of the company. Once my family gets used to things, they will fall in line.

Phyllis: Yeah, as long as you don't overdo it.

Jack: Whatever that means.

Phyllis: What that means is that Victor might be right. Maybe the stress is getting to you. You know it's not gonna end anytime soon. I don't see Billy and Ashley rolling over on this. Do you?

Victor: Well, she has a point, Jack.

Jack: My wife is a little overprotective since the accident. Look, you saw how comfortable Ashley was with the idea I would be working a lot more. I will bring her on board. I will make her see and the others see that I am on their side, that I will protect them from the evil Victor Newman treading all over their company. Once all this infighting is over, I'm sure I will sleep like a baby again.

Phyllis: I hope so.

Victor: Well, now, Phyllis, you've explained the situation, so I will keep a close, close eye on Jack.

Jack: [Sighs]

Fenmore: You can see the dates and times here, if that makes any difference.

Paul: Right. But whoever sent you these texts, fen, obviously used a burner. That's long gone now. Is -- is there anything else? Uh, what about the vial the drugs came in?

Noah: When we decided to cover up Austin's death, Courtney took the vial with her. She threw it away when we got back into town.

Paul: [Sighs]

Summer: I knew there were times when she really regretted that.

Mariah: Bad decisions -- we've made a lot of them.

Kevin: Yeah, and they've all come back to bite us.

Kyle: That's for sure.

Paul: Well, it's too bad about the vial. That would've been evidence worth pursuing.

Fenmore: I-I-I do have something else that might help. The envelope the vial was in. After I got it off the bench, I shoved it in -- there? -- In my coat pocket. After everything went to hell, I thought I should hold on to it, just in case.

Paul: Okay. Is there anything else, uh, that you want to tell me about or show me?

Fenmore: No, that's -- that's everything, Paul. I swear.

Kevin: Are you gonna tell Michael and Lauren about this?

Fenmore: No, I'll -- I'll tell them. It's time I was honest with everyone, including my folks. If -- if they think I should withdraw from college, I'll do that, too.

Stitch: Don't you remember what Paul said? Nobody outside this room, including parents, should know what happened. You need to go back to school and act like nothing's changed so the police can work hard to find the killer.

Paul: He's right. I agree.

Fenmore: I'm sorry. I can't do that.

Dylan: Go back to sleep. It's still early.

Sharon: Um... I didn't mean to fall asleep on the couch.

Dylan: Yeah, but you did.

Singer: We built our love, and we took off our kid gloves and we walked around in our grown-up skin and we were signing autographs with big, shiny movie laughs and never acting out the mess we're in and now we've opened up...

Dylan: And -- and the kiss... yeah, it was just an expression of relief. I mean, I was there.

[Both chuckle]

Dylan: I felt the same thing.

Sharon: Yeah, so, it won't happen again. I...just don't want anything to hurt our friendship.

Dylan: That's not gonna happen.

Singer: ...Any semblance kindness your heart grown as hard as a stone I have tried to put everything aside for you how am I now all alone crying into the dial tone?

Joe: A-after everything that we've been through, what we just shared, why would it surprise you that I wanted to kiss you?

Avery: Why would you think that I would want that? I literally just ended my engagement with Dylan. I'm not looking for some kind of rebound thing. That's not why I came back.

Joe: Then why are you here?

Avery: You're alone! You have no support system. You're going through one of the toughest times of your life.

Joe: Come on, Avery. There's more to that, and we both know it.

Phyllis: A short nap.

Jack: Yes, one you deserve. You have been working 'round the clock looking after me.

Phyllis: When you and Victor are through talking business, I expect you to come join me.

Jack: Ooh, twist my arm.

Phyllis: Victor, thank you for dropping everything when I called.

Victor: Well, Phyllis, thank you for asking me to come by. You have a good rest.

Phyllis: Thank you. Bye.

Jack: Sleep well, baby. Why would you suggest killing the merger?

Victor: I did this to distract her attention so she wouldn't ask any further questions. You got it? What the hell is going on with you -- tossing and turning, speaking in Spanish? Are you out of your mind?!

Jack: I can't exactly control what happens during my sleep. I did have seizures. I was in a coma. I wasn't faking that. Look, my brain short-circuits when I sleep. I'm entitled to that, I would think.

Victor: Your brain is short-circuiting right now. You're not entitled to a damn thing. You will not blow this deal. You got that? I want you to piss her off to the point where she has to sleep in a separate room, or you ask for more space.

Jack: No.

Victor: What do you mean, no?

Fenmore: I can't just turn around and go back to school without seeing my parents.

Paul: [Sighs]

Fenmore: Look, my dad has cancer. I-I-I need to make sure he's holding up okay.

Paul: Okay, fen. You go visit your parents. You go directly from here to there, and then I want you on a plane -- the first plane -- back to Arizona. I don't want the killer to see you interacting with anybody in this cabin. It'll only raise questions. And we don't want that, not now, not when you may have given us the break we need.

Stitch: Well, what about the envelope? What kind of analysis will you run?

Paul: Place of origin, fingerprints, DNA. If the killer licked the envelope to seal it, we may have a trace amount of saliva. And if we do, I will run it through the FBI's database. And we may be able to put a name to this killer.

Joe: As much as I wanted your support, even after I pushed you away, you knew you didn't have to be here. After you got me set up, you could've gone back to Dylan, and that was it. Avery, the only thing that I asked of you was to get me out of my lease and make sure my stuff got in storage. And you could've done that from Genoa city. But yet you're here, by my side, day in and day out, even though I have an entire medical staff looking after me.

Avery: But it's different. They don't know you like I do.

Joe: Right, that's my point. We have a connection.

Avery: [Sighs] Joe, I think you're misreading things. And w-what happened to you saying that you're over me?

Joe: That's because I didn't think I had a chance, especially after the accident. Look, I was being honest with you when I said all I wanted was your happiness. And I'm being honest with you now when I say I've never stopped loving you.

Avery: Oh, my God. Stop it, Joe. What -- what am I supposed to do with that?

Joe: I'm only telling you that because I believe you feel the same way. And if you would be honest with yourself as you say you are, then I think you'd realize that that's why you came back here as soon as you ended things with Dylan.

[Door opens]

Sharon: I thought you were done with me.

Dylan: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have pushed you away. I was just... I was just angry.

Sharon: You had every right to be.

Dylan: No, it wasn't just about the text. I was angry at myself for not seeing what was happening between me and Avery... and for not being honest about you.

Sharon: Wha-- I don't know what that means. Uh --

Dylan: Avery made me face some hard questions. I do care about you.

Sharon: What's so surprising about that? I mean, you wouldn't be here doing all these things for me if you didn't care.

Dylan: That's not -- that's not what she meant. She... she said that I had feelings for you. She was right.

Stitch: Look, we should all just get back to doing what we normally would be doing this time of day.

Summer: No, I will leave when I'm damn good and ready -- after I talk to fen. I don't get how a so-called "friend" could've deceived us like this.

Kyle: Fen, people accused me of killing Austin. Courtney was murdered. Abby was hurt.

Mariah: Sharon was charged with a double homicide.

Kyle: The list goes on.

Abby: Meanwhile, you're just out west while we're walking around terrified. You were covering your own ass and hiding important information.

Kevin: All right, look. I know that we're all upset, but put yourself in fen's shoes for a minute.

Fenmore: Kevin, you don't have to defend me.

Kevin: He was finally off drugs, finally out of trouble, going to college like a normal kid. And then he messes up bad because of a failing grade. Starts receiving anonymous threats. He -- he can't tell his parents, dump it all on them -- not with his dad so sick and his mom so concerned about taking care of his dad.

Noah: It's no excuse, Kevin. It's no excuse. You know it.

Kevin: Okay, fine. How many people in this room haven't done something so totally stupid and destructive they wish they could just take back? Summer. Abby. Come on, stitch! Mariah? I mean...

Mariah: Yeah, it's true. I've done some terrible things. But I've never gotten anyone killed.

Kevin: Yeah, but fen didn't know anybody was gonna die. That was the killer, not him.

Noah: Doesn't bring my fiancée back.

Abby: Fen is just as much to blame as if he killed Austin and Courtney himself.

Jack: I mean exactly what I say -- no. You can't talk to me like one of your children or one of your employees.

Victor: Listen carefully. Awake or asleep, you control yourself.

Jack: And ditch the love of my life. Come on. That's not gonna send up red flags? I thought you told me to play it smart.

Victor: If anyone is smart... it's that lady upstairs. I don't want her to ask any more questions, so stop acting crazy.

Jack: I guess I'll just have to divert her attention.

Victor: Listen to me. You take her lightly, you pay the price, all right? Start using your brain. Forget about the rest of your anatomy.

Jack: I'm playing the part of a newlywed. Believe me, I know how to do that. Uh, hey. [Sighs] Let me do my job. Everything's gonna work out fine. Just back off.

Victor: I call the shots around here. Not you!

Avery: What I realize is that I should've been more careful with you.

Joe: Careful? How?

Avery: You're vulnerable right now, Joe. How could you not be? And I think that you have misread my concern as something more.

Joe: Avery, I --

Avery: No, the reason I've been spending so much time here is because I'm the one who put you in this position. I caused you to fall over that balcony.

Joe: Which wouldn't have happened if I didn't come on to you. Uh, I was picking up on signals that I thought you wanted me to. A-and now you're telling me that again, I-I misunderstood.

Avery: Joe, listen to me. I do care about you, as a friend. I know you want more, but I can't give it to you, because I don't feel the same way. What we had was over a long time ago. I need you to accept that. I need you to promise me that you're not gonna cross the line again. Otherwise, I have to leave.

Joe: I understand. I'm sorry.

Avery: Look, I really do want to be here in the early stages of your recovery. And when you're up and you're about, I will go on with my own life.

Joe: I hear you, Avery. Loud and clear.

Sharon: You're really catching me off-guard here. I-I had no idea you felt that way about me.

Dylan: Uh, yeah. For your sake, I wish I didn't.

Sharon: [Chuckles softly] Why do you say that?

Dylan: I'm just A... little messed up right now. You know, I think I'm doing better. Then all of a sudden, I self-destruct again, and the people I care about are the ones who suffer... like Avery. For years, I just -- I just wanted to be with her, and... look what happened.

Sharon: The problems you two had, they -- they weren't all your fault.

Dylan: I know it takes two. I still can't help feeling like I'm a... [Sighs] ...Like I'm a poison, you know? Like I'm never gonna be able to... make a real relationship work.

Sharon: Well, you already have... with me.

[Both chuckle softly]

Sharon: I've kind of gotten used to having you around. [Chuckles]

Dylan: I don't want to hurt you.

Sharon: I'm not afraid of you. I understand everything that you just said about how you feel. That is how I feel, too. Because of my illness, I'm afraid everything I touch, I'm gonna destroy. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Joe: Well, I think it's great that you think I'm ready for outpatient rehab, but, yeah, I've been having some serious second thoughts. I mean, maybe -- what if what happened before was a fluke?

Try it again, and let's see.

Joe: [Grunts] [Panting] Maybe it's too soon. Maybe I should stay here longer.

Avery: What kind of issues?

Phyllis: You know what? As thrilled as I am to have him back, I just can't help but wonder if they released him too soon.

Avery: Oh, honey, I'm sorry. Whatever he's going through, hopefully, it's only temporary.

Phyllis: Yeah. I hope it is. Listen, thank you for checking in, but I am gonna let you go. I know that you came home to spend time with Dylan.

Avery: [Voice breaking] Actually, I'm back at the rehab center.

Phyllis: Again? Really? Why?

Avery: Dylan and I broke up. I gave him back his engagement ring.

Phyllis: Avery...honey, I'm so sorry.

Avery: Me, too. [Sniffles] Although part of me thinks that maybe it was inevitable. [Sniffles]

Joe: [Groans]

Avery: Besides, Joe needs me.

Sharon: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that. Um, that was a mistake. It's just like before. You said you wanted us to be friends.

Singer: Lost, my heart aching abandoned and forsaken alone, out of hope at the end of my rope till you believed in me and set my spirit free suddenly you, suddenly me suddenly where we're meant to be holding you close, feeling so safe seeing the smile upon your face making love so real, so true suddenly you

Abby: All you had to do on the night of my party was tell us that someone was trying to force you to drug the punch, let us in on it from the beginning. Then we wouldn't have passed out and woken up to find Austin bludgeoned to death. But no. You didn't give a damn about anyone but yourself.

Fenmore: Look, I know there's nothing I can do except say how sorry I am.

Mariah: You were right before. Sorry doesn't even begin to cut it.

Summer: You know, if you had trusted your friends enough to help you, then my husband and Noah's fiancée might still be with us.

Kevin: We don't know that.

Kyle: Oh, like hell we don't.

Noah: Two innocent people... paid for your stupid mistake with their lives. Their blood is on your hands. I'm never gonna forgive you. Neither is summer.

Summer: You played God with all of our lives, fen.

Kevin: Fen is just a kid. People his age mess up. Hell, we all do! I did! I still do!

Summer: [Scoffs]

Kevin: Can you all see how upset he is? How about showing just a little bit of compassion? No? Nothing? Ben, help me out, here.

Stitch: Sorry, man. I can't disagree with a thing they said.

Noah: Let's just hope that Paul can take that envelope and find a DNA match, and they can put that murdering scum away before somebody else gets hurt... or worse.

Paul: We've got you.

Jack: I told you this before. Don't talk to me like I'm your employee.

Victor: Then who are you?

Jack: I am your partner, and I expect to be treated as such, or this whole deal blows up.

Victor: You threatening me? Don't do that.

Jack: Or what? You'll wave another syringe in front of me?

Victor: The police in Peru didn't know who they had in custody, did they? That's why it was easy for me to pass a few bucks and spring you out of that hellhole. But there's an organization in Washington, D.C., called the FBI. They would love to know where you are. You're on their most wanted list. They'd be happy to find out. If you cross me, I will let them know where to find you.

Jack: You're not gonna do that, and we both know it. It'd ruin your plan. See, I'd blow up your entire operation. I'd pour gasoline on it and light the match myself.

Victor: You can't tie me to a damn thing. You go, you go alone.

Jack: You talk, I talk.

Victor: And you will not have a chance.

Jack: Is that another empty threat? I'm getting kind of tired of those.

Victor: Really? So did Jack Abbott. Got tired of empty threats. Look where that landed him.

Jack: I am Marco. I don't play by the same rules.

Victor: Okay, niño. You're Marco?

Soy Victor Newman. I have my own rules. You know what that rule is? Winner takes all.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Sage: If you think I'm gonna move in with you, forget it.

Paul: There was a match to a wanted criminal in the FBI database. He's known for leaving no witnesses.

Michael: You are suffocating me! I would rather be with a hooker who makes no demands on me!

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