Y&R Transcript Thursday 5/14/15


Episode # 10666 ~ Stitch is open with Ashley; Avery lays it all out with Dylan; Fen returns to town.

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Jack: Kelly?

Kelly: [Gasps] Good morning, sweetheart. I hope you slept well.

Jack: Head's -- head's so heavy. I...I'm thirsty.

Kelly: Well, this ought to help. Fresh squeezed right from our tree outside. We should toast. I'll toast. To paradise and to the wonderful man that I get to share it with. May we have a long and happy marriage.

Jack: Marriage? Right. You and I.

Kelly: Are husband and wife. You remember last night, don't you?

Jack: I-I remember we were... dancing, I think.

Kelly: [Laughs] And it was so beautiful. I could have stayed in your arms all night long, but... there are other more important ways we have yet to celebrate, so we should get to that.

Jack: No, w-w-wait. I should -- I should go to Genoa city. I need to see my family.

Kelly: No, you don't need to go anywhere. I'm your family now.

Ashley: Newman-Abbott.

[Door opens]

Ashley: Eh.

Stitch: Something wrong?

Ashley: Besides everything that's been going on around here lately? No. Where's your latest appendage? Tall, blonde girl, kind of looks like me.

Stitch: Abby's meeting some friends for breakfast.

Ashley: Really? So she's not spending the morning with you?

Stitch: You know, I'm -- I'm sorry to disappoint you, but, uh, things between us couldn't be better.

Ashley: I'm not disappointed.

Stitch: Really?

Ashley: No.

Stitch: Because everything about you screams that you have a problem with me seeing Abby.

Ashley: Not at all. Problem I have is if you stop seeing her, actually.

Abby: So, that's it, then. Your mom's totally in the clear?

Noah: DA's office dropped all the charges.

Mariah: I saw it on the news this morning.

Kyle: It's the big story everywhere.

Kevin: Yeah, which means the killer knows the cops are looking for a new suspect.

Summer: And since we're the only people with information out the murders...

Kyle: The guy's gonna want to shut us up.

Mariah: Well, I don't want to be the latest tragedy to fall out of the cabin armoire.

Summer: All right, well, how do you plan to avoid that?

Mariah: Private security.

Summer: Not to be rude, Mariah, but you're gonna hire them off your waitress salary?

Mariah: No, you're going to hire them out of your trust fund, snowflake.

Summer: [Scoffs] All right, well, we will see about that. You know, speaking of private security, where is your personal bodyguard?

Abby: If you're talking about Ben, he's at work. He doesn't think we're in danger anymore.

Kyle: What?

Noah: He's the one that's been shouting the loudest that we need to protect ourselves.

Abby: But now he isn't.

Kevin: Because?

Abby: Because we already told the police everything we know, and it didn't point to anyone except for Sharon. We're not a threat to the killer, so we have nothing to worry about.

Avery: Oh! I'm sorry. Didn't mean to startle you.

Phyllis: What are you doing here? I thought you were out of town.

Avery: Well, my sister's husband was in an accident. I thought she might be needing me.

Phyllis: If she did, she wouldn't admit it.

Avery: Yes, which is why I took the liberty of stopping by.

Phyllis: Well, you're a day too late. Crisis is over now.

Avery: What happened?

Phyllis: Jack had a seizure. Doctor had to put him in a coma, but when he came to, he couldn't remember anything. Not his name, not his family, not even me. And here I thought I was so unforgettable.

Avery: But he's okay now, right?

Phyllis: Yeah, they're sending him home today.

Avery: Oh, Phyllis, I'm so happy.

Phyllis: What's up with Joe? What's going on there?

Avery: He's great. I-I mean, he's not walking yet, but he's making progress. It's gonna be a long process.

Phyllis: One you no longer want to be involved in?

Avery: No, I do. It was time to come home. Dylan and I need to spend time together.

Dylan: Oh. Sorry. Go back to sleep. It's still early.

Sharon: Um... I didn't mean to fall asleep on the couch.

Dylan: Yeah, but you did.

Sharon: Um, here, let me make you some coffee.

Dylan: Hold on. Only if -- if you want to. You know I get free coffee at work, right?

Sharon: Well, I'm not gonna send you out into rush-hour traffic without some caffeine. Come on, especially after everything you did for me yesterday.

Dylan: All right. Thank you.

Sharon: Neck hurt?

Dylan: Yeah, just a little bit.

Sharon: The sofa isn't really all that comfortable.

Dylan: It's not the first time I slept on it.

Sharon: Dylan, are we okay?

Avery: Neither one of us handled it very well, and I didn't want to leave it that way, so here I am.

Phyllis: You know what? You are gonna smooth things over with Dylan now that you're back. You just got to whip him into shape. You can do that in your sleep.

Avery: Yeah, I hope so.

Phyllis: Come on. I'll walk you out.

Avery: Are you sure there's nothing I can do to help you?

Phyllis: He's alert. He knows who I am. That's all I need.

Avery: Okay.

Phyllis: Okay. Let's go.

Jack: Aaaah! Escucheme! Tengo que salir de aqui! Haré cualquier cosa para conseguirlo! Escucheme!

Phyllis: Honey. You all right? Hey.

Jack: N-no, I'm fine. Just -- oh, just had a strange dream.

Phyllis: More like a nightmare from the sound of it.

Jack: Sound of it?

Phyllis: Yeah, you called out just before you woke up.

Jack: What did I say?

Phyllis: I have no idea. It was in Spanish.

Jack: Spanish?

Phyllis: That's what it sounded like. Since when are you fluent in Spanish?

Jack: I'm hardly fluent.

Phyllis: In all the years I've known you, I've heard you speak Spanish twice to order margaritas, and you screwed that up both times.

Jack: Come here. Come here.

Phyllis: [Chuckles]

Jack: I guess being married to you makes me feel like a regular don Juan.

Phyllis: Well, you've always been don Juan, but you never talked like him.

Jack: Nice that we can still surprise each other, huh?

Phyllis: Honey... you are still recovering. Okay, I need you to relax.

Jack: Are you gonna take away all the fun?

Phyllis: We will find ways to manage, I promise, okay? But seriously, I need you to get home and relax. And we will use all that time to learn all those things we apparently don't know about each other.

Jack: No, that can't be. I l-- I left my son, my sisters, my brother. They -- they're looking for me. They're --

Kelly: No, no, they're not. Not anymore. They all know that you're not coming back to them. I told you. Remember? The accident?

Jack: The acci-- oh. The -- the boat. The boat went down.

Kelly: Yes, the boat went down, and you were lost at sea. Wah. And everybody cried and was sad and moved on.

Jack: Wait, but...

Kelly: No, no, no, no. Don't you trouble yourself about this anymore, sweetheart. They are fine without you. And you are fine without them, 'cause you have me, and I'm all you need I'm all you will ever, ever need. You know that, don't you?

Jack: B-but what -- what about my work? I have to get back to Jabot.

Kel: No, you don't. There is no Jabot. Not anymore. [Chuckles]

[Cell phone rings]

Abby: It makes sense when you really think about it. Why would the killer go after a bunch of people that have nothing new to offer the police? I mean, why risk being caught?

Noah: That's true. He's safer laying low.

Summer: For all we know, he could be out of town by now.

Kevin: Probably on some Caribbean beach drinking a piña colada.

Mariah: Yeah, well, you may be willing to bet your life on that, but I'm not.

Kyle: So, that was Phyllis. She's bringing my dad home from the hospital.

Abby: Oh, my God. Already? That's fantastic.

Noah: I can't believe how fast he recovered. That's -- that's great.

Summer: I don't know about you guys, but between Jack being good and the killer finally being off our backs, I kind of feel like I can breathe again.

Mariah: Well, with an attitude like that, you might not be breathing for much longer.

Kevin: Mariah!

Mariah: If you're gonna try to make me feel better, just forget about it.

Kevin: Stitch's theory about the killer makes a lot of sense.

Mariah: Yeah, if you're an idiot.

Kevin: He's a smart guy.

Mariah: Then why is he dating Abby?

Kevin: I promise I am not gonna let anything happen to you.

Mariah: Noah made the same promise to Courtney.

Kevin: Courtney didn't have your survival instinct. In fact, if you do come face to face with the killer, my money's on you.

Mariah: [Sighs] How do you always know what to say to make me feel better?

Kevin: I guess I know you pretty well by now.

Mariah: And I know you pretty well, too. So I know when you're lying to me. You're not convinced we're safe, either.

Dylan: I thought we agreed on this. It was just, uh, one of those moments, you know, no big deal. Uh, just two people feeling kind of beaten up and...

Sharon: Yeah. Right. No, of course. There was nothing more to it than that.

Dylan: Nothing. Ex-exactly.

Sharon: And yet...

Dylan: "Yet" what?

Sharon: I just can't help being concerned that it's going to affect our friendship, because I wouldn't want to jeopardize that.

Dylan: No. Not at all.

Sharon: Okay, then we're good.

Dylan: Yeah, we're good.

Sharon: Good!

Dylan: Yeah. Well, I should get going.

Sharon: Oh, okay. Yeah. Don't let me stop you.

Dylan: I'll check in later, okay?

Sharon: Okay, great. Um... see you later. [Sighs]

[Knock on door]

Sharon: Oh. Dylan! I know exactly what you came back for. This must have fallen out of your pants.

Kelly: So, after you were presumed dead, the board of directors took a vote and decided to merge Jabot with Newman.

Jack: Merge with Victor?

Kelly: Yes. Two great rivals finally making peace at last. It's like one big, happy family. Oh, and they changed the name of the company, too. It's now called Newman-Abbott.

Jack: No, that -- that can't be right. Ashley would never agree to that, or Billy.

Kelly: Oh, but they did. Jabot is no mo'. So there's no more reason for you to go back to Genoa city. There is nothing left for you there but sad memories.

John: Like me, Jackie. I've been nothing more than a memory for a long time. But I never left you.

Jack: Why are you here?

Kelly: Why am I here?

John: You know why I'm here. I came for the same reason I always do. To remind you of the truth.

Ashley: I can't help but notice that you seem to like to play musical chairs with the women in your life.

Stitch: [Laughs] Musical chairs?

Ashley: Yeah. Yeah, Victoria, me, and then Victor again and then Abby. Is this some kind of a pattern that you've established in your spare time?

Stitch: Wow. You know, it's been a long time since I had to answer questions from a girl's mother regarding my intentions.

Ashley: It's ne of my business, right? But I did warn you. I'm worried. I don't want to see my daughter get hurt. And you have to be aware of the tension between Victoria and Abby and Abby and me. It's a problem.

Stitch: I am sorry about that. I really am. But I'm not sorry I got together with Abby. Could the timing be better? Yeah. But something happened when I went into the club with Abby.

Ashley: Oh, something happened. The same thing that happens every time you get around an attractive woman, apparently.

Stitch: Okay, no, no, no, no. This is different. What I feel for Abby is different. I am finally in a relationship that didn't start with a lie. To be free of that, you know, to be exactly who I am with no judgment from her, it's one of the best things that could have happened to me. And I don't judge her, either. Not about Austin, not about anything. We're good for each other.

Ashley: That's great. Until something happens and there's a wedge between the two of you. And then how good is it gonna be, right?

Stitch: It'll never be perfect, but what is? All I know is that I'm willing to stake everything on it, and I don't intend to screw it up.

Ashley: Okay, then. Good to know.

Abby: How great will it feel not having to look over our shoulders every minute?

Kyle: Finally be able to put everything that happened at the cabin behind us.

Summer: What? No snarky comment, Mariah? Don't tell me that Kevin was finally able to get through to you.

[Cell phone chimes]

Summer: Oh, no.

Kyle: What?

Noah: Who's that from?

Summer: It's an unknown sender, but the message says to come to the cabin now. [Cell phone chimes]

[Cell phone chimes]

[Cell phone chimes]

[Cell phones chime]

Mariah: [Sighs] Avery: Looks I'm too late. Dylan's come and gone.

Sharon: How'd you know he'd be here?

Avery: Well, isn't this where he always is these days? Except when they threw you behind bars. And even then, I wouldn't be surprised if he camped outside your cell.

Sharon: Dylan's been very protective. He even saw me home from jail yesterday. By the way, they dropped all the charges. Oh!

Avery: You don't expect me to congratulate you, do you?

Sharon: I'm not holding my breath, especially considering all the compassion you've shown me lately. You and everybody else. Dylan was the only one who stayed by my side and believed that I w innocent. All the rest of you, you couldn't wait to see me go down. You smelled blood, and you couldn't wait to just jump all over it and finish me off. But not Dylan, because he has a heart.

Avery: You have feelings for him.

Sharon: Oh, we're just friends.

Avery: With what kind of benefits?

Sharon: It's not like that.

Avery: No? How does a wallet fall out of a man's pocket when he's standing up, Sharon? Unless he was on his back and you were on top of him!

Sharon: And that's right where your mind goes, doesn't it? Because that's exactly what you want to be doing with your ex. Yeah, Dylan told me how you've been dodging him for Joe.

Avery: My relationship with Dylan is none of your business. I can't believe he would confide in you about it.

Dylan: I thought you were staying longer with Joe.

Avery: Clearly.

Dylan: I mean, whatever you're thinking --

Avery: It doesn't matter. I didn't like how we left things in Chicago, and I came home to work them out. Maybe I should have listened to your text and just stayed there?

Dylan: What text?

Avery: What text? What text? "You made your choice. I made mine. Finish what you started. So will I."

Dylan: I didn't send that.

Avery: We--

Sharon: I sent it.

Dylan: Why would you send a text like that to Avery and let her think it was from me?

Sharon: Dylan, you were hurting so much because Avery had decided to stay in Chicago with Joe.

Avery: So you decided to swoop in and take advantage? Come between Dylan and me?

Sharon: I was just trying to help you.

Avery: Oh, the same way you helped Nick, saying that summer wasn't his daughter?

Dylan: Just give her -- give her a chance to explain.

Avery: What's to explain, Dylan? She wants you for herself. All this time, you've been going on and on about Joe threatening our relationship! It's Sharon you need to worry about!

Sharon: Okay, you're twisting everything around. You're making it into something that it's not.

Avery: No, Sharon! You are the one doing the twisting here! You are incapable of thinking straight!

Dylan: Avery.

Avery: What?! Are you gonna defend her?

Dylan: We need to continue this in private.

Avery: Yeah, Dylan, we do.

Dylan: [Sighs]

Sharon: Dylan, let me explain. I...

Dylan: I need to take care of this.

Phyllis: Is this comfortable? Is this good?

Jack: Ooh, very. Thank you.

Phyllis: De nada. You know, I need to study up on my Spanish now that you're fluent. Never did tell me what in the world you were dreaming about.

Jack: Oh, you know, it was all a jumble. Something about a trip I once took to Acapulco.

Phyllis: Well, must have been a vacation from hell by the way you were carrying on.

Jack: I don't know why we are so focused on a nightmare can barely recall when I would so much rather be talking about some good dreams I've been having.

Phyllis: Really?

Jack: Very good.

Phyllis: Seriously? Want to tell me about them?

Jack: I want to show you.

Phyllis: Okay. Hmm.

Ashley: Oh, please. Looks like somebody's fully recovered.

Phyllis: Well, he isn't, exactly, because he just completely insists on pushing his limits.

Ashley: Jack, stop it. You've just been through a life-threatening experience.

Jack: No one knows that better than I. In fact, this accident has changed my entire outlook. Things are going to be very different from now on.

Abby: It's exactly the same. It says "come to the cabin now," and then it says "no cops."

Stitch: Okay, stay there, all of you. I'm coming right over.

Abby: Ben is on his way.

Summer: I can't believe this is happening again.

Mariah: I really hate saying "I told you so." Maybe next time you guys will listen to me.

Kyle: There won't be a next time.

Summer: What -- what do you mean?

Kyle: I'm gonna go up to the cabin and find out what the hell is going on here.

Summer: Kyle, you can't do that.

Kevin: We have to be smart about this. We need a plan.

Summer: Yes, we need to call the police.

Noah: And piss this guy off? Yeah, we can't risk that.

Summer: Well, it's a risk either way! I don't want anything happening to you.

Abby: Just wait until Ben gets here. Then we can figure this out together.

Kyle: Yeah, like that's ever worked. No, I'm done waiting around to see who the next victim will be, okay? I can't -- I won't live my life like that. This ends now.

Summer: Kyle.

Mariah: Hey.

Stitch: Abby.

Abby: [Sighs] Hey, I'm so glad you're here.

Stitch: Hey. Where's everyone else? Where are the guys?

Mariah: Off being guys, playing superhero and trying to save the day.

Summer: Yeah, Noah and Kevin tried to stop Kyle from heading to the cabin, but once they couldn't, they just decided that it'd be better that they go and help.

Stitch: What the hell is wrong with them? That's a stupid, reckless thing to do.

Mariah: You think?

Stitch: They couldn't have got that far. I'm gonna see if I can catch up with them and get them to turn around.

Abby: I'll go with you.

Stitch: No way.

Abby: But I need to do something.

Stitch: You need to stay safe is what you need to do.

Abby: Yeah, so do you. If anything ever happened to you...

Stitch: Hey, it won't. I made a promise to your mom, and I intend to keep it.

Abby: But --

Stitch: Hey. I'm coming back to you, okay? Don't you even think of following me, all right? Any of you.

Mariah: No, of course not, because we're just weak, little women who can't do anything for ourselves. We need the big, strong guys to take care of this for us.

Summer: I don't care what any of you say. I am calling the police.

Mariah: So when it comes to you, not only are we the weaker sex. We're the dumber. What about "no cops" do you not understand?

Summer: Look, we can trust Paul, okay? I have his direct number. No one will know that I'm calling except him. You guys, we tried doing this on our own once, and that got one of us killed. If we haven't learned from that, then we really are morons. Paul, it's summer. Call me back when you can. There's something going on at the cabin.

Dylan: Come on, Avery. We need to talk.

Avery: We needed to talk a long time ago, but you wouldn't listen, and now Sharon has you exactly where she wants you.

Dylan: She's been dealing with a lot. She's had some issues with her meds.

Avery: Oh, my God! I've heard that one before.

Dylan: It's true. Sharon is bipolar. I mean, she has to deal with issues and confront things that most people can't even imagine!

Avery: Yes, and her psychiatrist is equipped to handle it! You are not!

Dylan: I can't just abandon her. What kind of person would I be?

Avery: A smart one. A kind one.

Dylan: A kind? Really?

Avery: Yes! Do you honestly think you're doing her any good by feeding into her psychosis? She pulls something like texting me from your phone and you're letting her get away with it! How is that helping her?!

Dylan: I'm not gonna walk away from a friend.

Avery: You both keeping calling each other that. When are you gonna admit it's something more?

Dylan: When are you gonna stop telling me how I feel?! I love you!

Avery: Then why did you spend the night at her place?!

Dylan: I spent it on the couch!

Avery: Alone?!

Dylan: Nothing happened!

Avery: Yeah, maybe not yet!

Dylan: Why -- why are you saying this?! Why are you insistent on turning my friendship with Sharon into something more?

Avery: Because it is something more!

Dylan: No, it's not! But you have to make it that way because of your own feelings for Joe!

Kelly: It's all gonna become clearer and clearer, and I'm gonna take care of you like a good wife should. Is there anything you need right now?

Jack: The truth.

Kelly: Well, I have been telling you the truth, and I'm gonna keep telling you the truth until you actually believe me. Right now, the truth is you need a clean shirt. And I'm gonna get it for you. Look at me. I'm so domestic!

John: So, you two went off and got hitched, huh?

Jack: W-we're married, Kelly and I. I'm married.

John: You seem a bit confused.

Jack: Oh, that was the accident. A boat went down at sea.

John: I see, I see. So that's why you're so weak.

Jack: Kelly's taking care of me. It's just...

John: What, son? What's wrong, Jackie?

Jack: Something doesn't... it's about Jabot. It's... I have questions, lots of questions.

John: Well, then go ahead and ask them! And keep asking until you get answers!

Jack: That car accident was a wakeup call. I realized lately I have been trying to be someone that I am not, taking all these chances, living an irresponsible life, buying that car. You know what? It was probably some effort to recapture my youth. I have decided that's better left to the young.

Ashley: Well, I'm not sure it's time to put you out to pasture quite yet, Jack.

Phyllis: Oh, I'd say.

Jack: All I know is I'm not gonna do anything that's gonna take me away from a wife that I love, a family that I love, and a company that I love.

Ashley: Well, the company you love doesn't actually exist anymore.

Jack: Not the way we're used to, no. But merging it with Victor makes the company stronger and me relevant.

Ashley: I think we were getting there anyway, Jack, by ourselves, you know?

Jack: It would have taken years that we don't have to enjoy the success we're having right now.

Ashley: I'm glad you're enjoying it. But then again, you haven't been around, have you, and have to work with Victor and Victoria.

Jack: I will be now.

Phyllis: So, you are going back to work full-time?

Jack: The golf course and the racetrack are going to have to figure out how to get along without me. I am committed as of this moment to doing everything I can to be a guiding force in my father's company.

Ashley: Not if Victor has anything to say about it.

Jack: Let me handle Victor. I promise you, I will make sure he doesn't cross the line.

Ashley: Well, now this is the Jack that I know and love. I mean, I'm so happy to have you back.

Phyllis: Well, he isn't back exactly just yet. You need to get upstairs. You got some healing to do. Right now. In bed. Or I'm gonna have Mrs. Martinez come after you.

Jack: Ay, caramba! I'll be a good boy. I'll be a good boy. Hey. Thanks for coming by.

Ashley: I'm so glad I did.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Ashley: Wow. What a turnaround.

Phyllis: I'm not so sure about that.

Jack: I can't, pop. I can't remember what questions to ask.

John: They're stored inside you, like papers in a filing cabinet waiting to be accessed. All you have to do is open the drawer.

Kelly: Here we go. Fresh from the line outside. Mmm. [Sniffs] It smells like ocean breezes. I'll help you into it.

Jack: I-I have a question to ask.

Kelly: Of course. Anything.

Jack: I want to understand the merger.

Kelly: Oh, come on, Jack. Really? Do you really want to go through all of that? You don't need any more stress, do you?

Jack: Stress? No.

John: What did I just tell you? Stick to your guns, son!

Jack: I need...to understand. I need... I'm confused.

Kelly: All right. If it's that important to you.

John: That's my boy. I'm very proud of you.

Kelly: I saved these just in case you wanted to look at them at some point. Uh...here. "Jabot cosmetics merges with Newman enterprises after scion's death." Hmm. Sad. Oh, and this one. This one is, um, "Ashley Abbott takes over for the Abbott side of things while working in close conjunction with Victor." See? Any more questions?

Jack: No. No more.

Kyle: Well, there's nobody in the bedrooms.

Noah: Or the bathrooms.

Kevin: Just leaves one place we haven't checked.

Kyle: [Sighs] Well, that's rude. Not even a message for us.

Noah: So, what is the deal, huh? Why were we summoned here?!

[Door slams]

Kevin: What the hell, man?! You scared us half to death!

Stitch: Good, maybe it'll rouse some sense into that brain of yours. What the hell were you guys thinking, taking the killer's bait and coming up here on your own? You want to get yourselves murdered?

Kyle: Wait. Who are you calling?

Stitch: The cops. You may have a death wish, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna stand by and let that happen.

[Car approaches]

Noah: Did you hear that?

[Car door closes]

Kyle: Who is it?

Kevin: I don't know, but they're coming this way.

Stitch: I'll handle this. I got him! I got him!

Fenmore: Stop! Stop! It's me!

Kevin: Fen?!

Kyle: What the hell are you doing here?

Noah: Did you get a text, too?

Fenmore: No. I sent it.

Dylan: Why don't you just admit it already? You're not by Joe's side because of obligation or guilt.

Avery: That is exactly why I am there. I'm the reason that Joe is paralyzed!

Dylan: Come on, Avery. Who are you trying to convince? Me or yourself?

Avery: This is ridiculous. Why are we even having this conversation?

Dylan: Because I saw you, the two of you. You were in each other's arms.

Avery: What are you talking about?

Dylan: In Chicago after we had that argument. I-I came back to try to make things right, and the two of you were groping each other!

Avery: I was groping Joe? Yeah, that was it. That was it, Dylan. We -- we were doing it right there on the rehab floor in front of patients and pts and anybody who would watch 'cause that's what turns us on! Have you lost your mind hanging out with Sharon so long? Oh, my God. If I was holding Joe, it was to comfort him or encourage him or, my God, to hold him upright! There was nothing sexual about it!

Dylan: Your body language said different, and you know it.

Avery: So you ran into Sharon's arms to get back at me?

Dylan: I told you we never --

Avery: No, but you damn well wanted to! [Sighs]

Dylan: H-how did we get here? Going at each other like this? We've always fought together.

Avery: Yeah, we have. Against my marriage, against Ian ward, even Victor Newman. But now there's nothing standing in our way, is there? There's nothing left for you to protect, and the soldier in you always needs something to protect.

Dylan: So where does that leave us? Now that all the battles are over... does that... does that mean we're over?

Kelly: There you go. Fresh as a daisy. Have I told you how handsome you look in your nice, clean, white shirt? What's the matter, Jack? You look a little distracted.

John: Don't forget, Jack. Do not forget your wife.

Jack: My wife.

Kelly: That's right, sweetheart. I am your wife. And you love me and only me. Isn't that right? Isn't that right, Jack?!

Jack: Yes, that... that's right.

Kelly: [Chuckles]

Ashley: You're kidding. Jack was speaking Spanish in his sleep? I'm surprised you could even understand him. Mrs. Martinez used to laugh about it all the time. She said that he just butchered it. It made her ears hurt.

Phyllis: Well, she wouldn't have said that if she heard him earlier. He sounded like he has spoken Spanish his entire life.

Ashley: Really?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Ashley: Well, I know that he studied the romance languages in school.

Phyllis: [Sighs] Long time ago. And you know what they say about languages. If you don't use it, you lose it. You don't get better at it.

Ashley: Well, that's pretty weird. But he did just come out of a coma, though.

Phyllis: So did I.

Ashley: Wait a minute. You know what? I just remembered. I have heard of cases where people were able to recover skills that were dormant for years. Must be something like that.

Phyllis: Yeah. No, yeah, could totally be something like that.

Ashley: Well, it has to be. What else could it be?

Jack: [Muttering]

[Knock on door]

Jack: Escucheme! Tengo que salir de aqui! Haré cualquier cosa para consiguirlo! I got to get out of here! I'll do anything!

Avery: I can't believe I'm saying this. [Voice breaking] I never thought I would. But I can't -- I can't go on the way things are right now. All the accusations and suspicions and anger, Dylan, it's not how I want to live my life. I don't think it's how you want to live yours.

Dylan: What -- what -- what about all the years of loving each other, dreaming of being together? Doesn't that count for something?

Avery: Honestly, I don't know anymore. All those nights I spent thinking about you in Afghanistan and praying that you would come home and picturing our life together... it didn't look like this.

Dylan: I'm not the same guy who went off to war.

Avery: And I'm not the woman you left behind. Maybe Joe coming back into my life was a good thing, and not because I want a relationship with him, but because it forced us to look at things honestly for the first time. And what I see... are two people really trying to fix something...

Dylan: ...That can't be fixed.

Avery: Do you think it can?

Dylan: [Sighs] What should we do?

Avery: I know what we shouldn't do.

Dylan: Avery, n-no. No.

Noah: What do you mean, you sent the text?

Kyle: Why would you do that?

Stitch: You had to know that would freak everyone out.

Kevin: I don't understand. If you wanted us to meet up, why didn't you just call us or say that the text was from you?

Fenmore: I had to make sure you'd all come. I-I know I'm not the most popular guy these days after spiking that punch on Valentine's Day.

Kyle: Well, this latest stunt hasn't helped.

Fenmore: Hey, where's summer and Abby and Mariah?

Stitch: Hey, they're smart. They stayed away. Okay, so look, you got us here. What was so important that you had to get us together like this?

Fenmore: I've been in contact with the killer.

Noah: What?

Kevin: When?

Fenmore: From the beginning.

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Dylan: I have gone out of my way to try to help you, and this is how you repay me?

Avery: What are you doing?

Jack: Just back off.

Victor: I call the shots around here. Not you!

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