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Episode # 10665 ~ Victor makes waves at Newman-Jabot; Adam defends Chelsea.

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Jack: Victor...

Adam: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on a sec. What the hell are you doing? Jack, are you all right? What is this?

Victor: Come with me.

Adam: No, I'm not going anywhere until I find out that Jack's okay. Are you okay? What --

Victor: Whoa, whoa. Wait, wait, wait. He's awake. He's very disoriented. He is groggy. Come with me. Come on. He's very sensitive. Do you understand? You're upsetting him.

Adam: Upsetting him? You're trying to kill him.

Victor: [Sputters] What?

Summer: I, uh, brought some things that can maybe help jog Jack's memory from special events.

Phyllis: Thank you. Very sweet. The more powerful the memory, the better.

Summer: Yeah, no, that's exactly what I was thinking. So, I thought this one would for sure help.

Phyllis: [Laughs] A doll?

Summer: Yeah.

Phyllis: You know what? We need to do whatever it takes to bring Jack back to us. The real Jack.

Jack: Where is she? Where is my wife? She was just here!

Victoria: I'm so sorry that Jack's lost his memory.

Billy: Well, I'm sorry that my brother's lying incapacitated in a bed while your father takes full advantage.

Victoria: We don't know that.

Billy: Vic [Scoffs] He faked Jack's signature.

Victoria: [Sighs]

Billy: And Jack doesn't even know about it.

Victoria: That's your theory, Billy, and that's all it is -- a theory.

Billy: I have evidence.

Victoria: A signature that's probably Jack's.

Billy: I know my brother's signature.

Victoria: You don't know anything. You're not an expert at anything. And if you're gonna accuse my father of fraud and forgery, you better have proof.

[Cell phone rings]

Billy: Oh, look. Proof. Billy Abbott.

Chelsea: Do you know how hard it is to find a good babysitter, Mr. Man? Ugh. Michelle is upstairs now cleaning up your mess. Finger-painting all over mommy's bedspread? That doesn't sound like my good little boy, huh? What's going on, buddy? [Sighs] Never mind. I know what's going on. You miss Billy, don't you? You miss him being here and playing with you and your trucks and your toys, making funny voices when he reads you stories. You miss him, and it's all because of me. Just remember -- change is a part of life. So is losing.

Nick: You're pregnant.

Sage: Shocking, I know.

Nick: Wow.

Sage: It's okay, Nick. You can ask me.

Nick: Is the baby mine?

Sage: Yes. Nick, the baby's yours.

Nick: Uh... now, I don't -- I don't understand. You told me you couldn't, so we never used...

Sage: I'm as surprised as you are. I honestly didn't think this could happen. A doctor told me years ago that I wouldn't ever be able to have kids.

Nick: Good diagnosis.

Sage: Seems that way. I have a doctor appointment with the ob-gyn here in Genoa city to confirm.

Nick: So it's not 100%?

Sage: The home pregnancy test could be wrong.

Nick: Maybe. Not likely.

Sage: So...we need to talk.

Nick: Have you decided what you're gonna do?

Sage: Well...

Nick: Sharon.

Sharon: Um...I was hoping we could talk. But is this a bad time to interrupt?

Nick: Uh, actually --

Sage: No, we can finish this conversation later. I have to go to that...thing.

Nick: Okay. We'll talk later.

Sharon: She has to go to a "thing"? Sounds important.

Victoria: And that was?

Billy: One of the country's top handwriting analysts.

Victoria: And he confirmed that Jack signed the merger.

Billy: No. The results were inconclusive.

Victoria: That doesn't mean that it's forgery.

Billy: It was inconclusive both ways.

Victoria: Listen, Billy, why don't you just admit that my father is not guilty as charged? The signature is genuine. Why don't you just stop being so paranoid and focus on your brother's recovery?

Billy: This is helping my brother -- trying to prove that he was swindled and cheated out of his company.

Victoria: Your own expert said that he wasn't.

Billy: Wait, wait, wait, wait. That's why the analysis was bogus -- because I had an expert analyze an expert.

Victoria: Billy, what are you even talking about?

Billy: Obviously, the mustache was smart enough to use the best forger he could find, and that's why the results are inconclusive -- because he had the job done right.

Victoria: Now you're really reaching.

Billy: No. No, I'm not. And I'm not giving up. I'm gonna prove it.

Victoria: You'll be wasting your money.

Billy: I'm going to prove this about Victor. And if you're being honest, you would admit that you agree with me.

Victor: I was doing what?

Adam: You had a syringe in your hand, Victor, when I walked in there. What were you gonna do with it?

Victor: What was I gonna do with it? The damn syringe was lying on the floor. The nurse left it there. It's dangerous.

Adam: Ah.

Victor: I picked it up.

Adam: That's nice. Come on, tell me. What was in it?

Victor: For all I know, nothing was in it.

Adam: Mm.

Victor: Forget it.

Adam: Sure, I can do that. Just forget it. [Clears throat] It's gonna cost you, though.

Kyle: I have something that I took from my dad a few years ago.

Summer: Well, "took" as in stole?

Phyllis: Jack's Harvard class ring.

Kyle: I had, um -- I'd hidden it when it was evidence against my dad.

Summer: Oh. When your mom...?

Kyle: Yeah. After my mom was murdered. I, um... I just lost my mother, and I -- I didn't want to lose my dad too.

Phyllis: Jack's not going anywhere. You bring that with you when you see him. You try to remember everything he's ever told you about Harvard. You make him remember. Okay, honey, what's the deal with the doll?

Summer: Um, that was, uh -- that was aunt Traci's when she was a little girl.

Phyllis: Okay.

Summer: And then, um, this bracelet -- it belonged to Ashley.

Phyllis: Honey, um, I don't know about this. I mean...why would this be so important to Jack?

Summer: I mean, he gave it all to me.

Kyle: They were part of her, um, tower of presents.

Summer: Yeah, there was a gift for each year of my life that he missed being my father. Even though Jack's not really my dad, it was still a really sweet gesture and really generous of him. It was something I'm never gonna forget. I don't know, hopefully he won't either.

Phyllis: Aww, sweetie.

Kyle: Do you really think that this is gonna work?

Phyllis: Listen up. Here's the truth -- we represent a huge chunk of Jack's past and present. If we're gonna want a future with him, we have to believe that the memories we made together are a big part of him, just like they're a big part of us. So we have to believe we can bring him back.

Summer: Mom's right. We have to at least try. We may be the best chance that Jack has to regain his memory.

Phyllis: I'm gonna get to the hospital.

Summer: Okay, yeah. No, we'll go with you.

Phyllis: You know, I think it should be just me for now. The doctors just don't want him overwhelmed, but what you do say you stop by in a few hours?

Summer: Yeah.

Phyllis: Is that okay?

Summer: Yeah, we can do that. Right, Kyle?

Kyle: Yeah.

Summer: Hey.

[Door closes]

Summer: You okay?

Kyle: Yeah. Look, you don't have to worry about me. Just worry about my dad.

Summer: Kyle...just because things got a little weird between us doesn't mean that I don't care about you. I do.

Kyle: You do?

Summer: Look, you were there with me day and night when Austin died. The least I can do is return the favor.

Kyle: That's good. I need someone fretting about me right now.

Sharon: What is going on with you?

Nick: Just didn't expect to see you.

Sharon: Oh. Did you think I'd be out celebrating since my release from jail?

Nick: Maybe you should be. You and Dylan made all this possible.

Sharon: Well, Dylan and I can celebrate later. Right now, you and I have something very important to talk about.

Nick: Like?

Sharon: Like, how does Noah seem to you?

Nick: Better than he's been.

Sharon: Okay. Good. 'Cause I'm worried about him. I'm worried about how he's dealing with Courtney's death. Nick?

Nick: [Sighs] I -- I don't know, Sharon. I'll -- I'll keep an eye on him. You know, it hasn't been that long. I don't think there's a timetable for getting back to normal when something like this happens, but he's gonna be okay. Anything else?

Sharon: Yeah. Then there's the matter of our other child.

Nick: Faith is fine.

Sharon: No, I know she's fine. I'm just hoping that you'll consider going back to shared custody.

Victoria: Don't you tell me what I think, especially when it comes to my father.

Billy: Well, there has got to be an epidemic of amnesia going around if you're forgetting what Victor is capable of.

Victoria: I know that he can be aggressive, especially in business.

Billy: When has he ever limited his conniving to the boardroom?

Victoria: Billy, what do you want from me?

Billy: How many times has he sabotaged us, huh? I mean, he arranged to have you arrested at our wedding so you could spend our honeymoon in prison.

Victoria: God, that was such a long time ago.

Billy: A-and what about the time he finds me in that pit of a prison in Myanmar, huh? And -- and the only way he would agree to get me out is if I swore that I would stay away from you and my sick daughter. Then he brings Chelsea and Anita to town --

Victoria: Billy.

Billy: Oh, and then he hires a hooker to hit on me. I gave her money for a ride home, and he has me arrested. Are you forgetting all of these things?

Victoria: No! Of course I remember all of them, okay?! But none of them broke us up for good.

Billy: All right. Yeah, you're right. That wasn't Victor's fault. That was my fault. But these are all things that he did to his daughter -- someone that he loves. Is it such a stretch to believe that he could do this to Jack, his sworn enemy?

Adam: So, you expect me to conceal from the world -- specifically the Abbott family -- that you just tried to whack your new business partner, A.K.A. Your new bestest buddy in the whole wide world, right? And that you plotted this whole thing conveniently right after the signed merger documents just [Snaps fingers] Magically appeared?

Victor: What's your price?

Adam: That position that you mentioned earlier -- I want it. With all the trimmings.

Victor: All right. It's done.

Adam: Good. Also, that position would outrank Victoria -- higher status, better title... more money. Victor, I'm merely negotiating with leverage here. You understand, right?

Victor: [Chuckles]

Adam: It's good, right?

Victor: Very good. You're funny. Do you know the difference between negotiating with leverage and blackmail?

Adam: About a half mil a year?

Victor: Eh? It's a very thin line. You just crossed it.

Adam: Mm.

Victor: Okay? Now, you do not tell anyone what you think you saw in that hospital room. You keep your mouth shut without me having to buy your silence.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Okay. Why would I do that?

Victor: Because we all have information about ourselves that we don't want others to know about. Right...Gabriel?

[Cell phone rings]

Victor: Be right with you. You think about the only option you have. Yes? What is it?

Things are under control, just like Kelly told you.

Jack: I need the phone! I need to call home!

Victor: Listen, you keep him under control. You got it? You do the same thing with Kelly. I don't trust any of you on that island. That goes for you as well. Don't make me come down there.

No need to leave Genoa City, sir.

Jack: Genoa City? That's where I'm from! My family -- that's where... they don't know I'm alive! You have to tell them! They think I'm dead! Tell them! Tell them I'm alive! Tell them!

Sage: [Sighs] [Moaning]

Nick: Aah! Aah! [Panting]

[Door opens]

Well, it's as you thought, Ms. Warner. You're pregnant.

Sage: Oh. Uh, I was told that it wasn't possible.

Well, despite what we like to believe, doctors are fallible. And, uh, bodies change.

Sage: Or it's just a miracle.

[Chuckles] That's another way of looking at it. So, I gather this is a welcome pregnancy?

Sage: [Chuckles] It's a wish I thought would never come true.

Glad to hear it. So, tell me about the father. How does he feel about the baby?

Nick: You want to talk about child custody now?

Sharon: The charges against me have been dropped, so...

Nick: It's kind of hard to forget some of the things you've done.

Sharon: Okay. Well, then, don't forget, but at least acknowledge how hard I've worked to get better.

Nick: Yeah, I know you are trying.

Sharon: Okay, so then why can't we go back to --

Nick: Look, you're still doing inappropriate things, like when you showed up to the underground when you were supposed to be home on house arrest.

Sharon: That was a mistake.

Nick: A very recent mistake.

Sharon: Well, you recently made a mistake. You assaulted a reporter...

Nick: [Sighing] Oh, come on.

Sharon: ...And you got in trouble with child-protective services! I defended you to that social worker.

Nick: I know you did.

Sharon: Because I know that you are a good father to faith and I know that you would never do anything to hurt her.

Nick: Yes. Thank you for that.

Sharon: I don't need your thanks, Nick. I need more access to my child.

Nick: Sharon...

Sharon: Nick, I know our romantic relationship is over -- clearly -- but we will always have the shared responsibility of raising our daughter. That's not gonna go away for the rest of our lives, and it will always be a bond we have. But instead of focusing on our mistakes and our conflicts, why don't we think about the love that we share for our daughter? Let's think about doing what's best for her. She needs a mother and a father, Nick.

Nick: [Sighs]

Sharon: Nick?

Nick: Yeah, sorry.

Sharon: What is going on with you today?

Nick: Nothing. I'm good. I'm -- I'm listening.

Sharon: You're half listening. Is -- did something happen with faith? Did something happen I don't know about?

Nick: No. Uh, no. It's not -- it's not faith. It's, uh... [Sighs] I just -- I guess I need to know what -- what exactly you expect from me.

Sharon: Okay, well, I'd like our shared custody arrangement to be more fluid. I would like faith to know that even though her mother and her father don't live together, that we're both equally responsible for her upbringing. And I want her to know that that's never gonna change.

Nick: Never? Sharon, I -- things happen. Families rearrange. I can't guarantee you that -- that an agreement we make now is not gonna change at some point.

Victoria: I know how far my father will go to get what we wants.

Billy: Then what are we arguing about?

Victoria: Proof, Billy! Unless you can prove that my father or somebody forged that contract.

Billy: Look, you love your dad, just like I love my brother. But that doesn't mean that he didn't pull something shady. Just like Jack was nuts to fire me and agree to this insane merger with Newman.

Victoria: So my dad is shady, and Jack is nuts, and you're what? You're perfect?

Billy: No, I'm driven. Look, maybe Jack was delusional. Maybe he was tricked. I don't know, but there is something off about this merger, Victoria. And I'm gonna make it right, which is what you should be trying to do.

Victoria: Even though you're wrong?

Billy: That was convincing -- spewing the party line.

Victoria: I happen to believe what I'm saying.

Billy: You should try saying that to someone who never loved you, married you, and had kids with you. Look, I can see into your heart. And you know that I'm right.

[Door opens]

Chelsea: Am I early?

Victoria: Uh...for what?

Chelsea: I got your e-mail about wanting to go over the sketches I left here earlier.

Victoria: Oh, right. Yes, we do need to discuss these. But, um...not right now.

Chelsea: Okay. Then when?

Victoria: Later. I have something urgent that I need to take care of.

Chelsea: [Chuckles] Well, I guess I dodged a bullet. Victoria's opinions can be quite tough at times.

Billy: Children's wear?

Chelsea: Yeah. I don't know if the new Newman-Abbott is gonna be interested in going there, but I thought, you know, might as well try. Connor actually influenced that one.

Billy: How's he doing?

Chelsea: He misses you.

Adam: You know, Jack, we should get a guard posted outside your door in case doctor death shows up again with his syringe. [Sighs] I think I scared him off, but, seriously, are you okay?

Jack: I'm fine.

Adam: Yeah? Listen, you don't -- you don't think it's possible that he knows who I really am, do you?

Jack: I have no idea what you're talking about. Who are you really?

Adam: Okay, good. Um, you just get your rest, all right? Feel better.

Jack: [Breathing heavily]

[Door closes]

Jack: Just had a lovely visit from our friend Gabriel.

Victor: What did he want?

Jack: Well, he's concerned about me.

Victor: You're not concerned?

Jack: And why would I be? Oh, I didn't really think you were gonna kill me. You're a lot of things, Victor. You're not a murderer.

Victor: But you're expendable now, Jack.

Jack: Oh, I don't think so. You need me.

Victor: Why is that?

Jack: Well, if for no other reason than I am the one person who can find out what Gabriel's hiding.

Victor: Okay. I'm gonna placate him by giving him what he wants. But do find out what secret he's keeping, yes? And you better toe the line. And stop acting recklessly. Otherwise, I have no use for you.

[Door opens, closes]

Sharon: I worked very hard on esess, with the help of friends like Dylan and family, like Mariah and Noah. If you will trust me with this dy, I promise that I will do everything I can to live up to that trust.

Nick: I believe you. And I will consider it.

Sharon: You will? But is there any chance we can talk about this

Sharon: Why n

Nick: I just -- I really need to get some things done.

Sharon: Um, Nick.

Sharon: When you were talking about ch, mean your relationship with Sage? I mean, what -- what did I walk in on earlier with you two?

Nick: It was just, uh, work-related, mostly.

Sharon: Yeah, 'cause I'm just asking for faith's benefit. Are you still seeing each other?

Nick: Sage works here.

Sharon: And that. But, I mean, you know faith. She's just really, um worries about me too much. She's active.

Nick: And what are you trying to say?

Sharon: Well, not that it's any of my business, but I just think st that you don't see Sage anymore. I mean, for faith's sake.

Nick: [Sighs]

Sage: I haven't had a chance to tell the baby'

I ask because I see you're divorced, and I want to know what kind of support you'll have.

Sage: Well, my ex-husband is not it's someone else. L man. [Chuckles] It's just happening at a very awkward time.

Starting a family is rarely convenient.

Sage: I know he'll be a really wonderful father to my child... if he chooses to be.

Victoria: I want the truth this time, dad. Did you forge Jack's name on the merger paperwork?

Victor: Honey, I to do that, okay? Jack was eager to sign, and he that everything was in order.

Victoria: Jack? Not you? W why would you ask me that question?

Victoria: Dad, please don't pretend like you're above trying to trick the Abbotts into handing you pressured Jack into agreeing to this merger. And the signed con previously unseen by me or any of the Abbotts suddenly turns u when Jack is lying unconscious in the hospital?

Victor: You talked to Billy boy Abbott, who filled your head with nonsense. V Victoria: He just told me what I already knew -- what ire capable of -- and yet here I am shocked that I have to confront you about it again.

Victor: Well, sweetheart, you know how much I love you, but you disappoint me, you know? I thought I could count on you. O, um... someone else.

Victoria: [Scoffs]

[Telephone rings]

Victor: Yep? Send him in.

[Door opens]

Adam: You wanted to see me?

[Door closes]

Phyllis: You remember me?

Jack: You keep saying you're my wife.

Phyllis: I say that because I am. I have some presents.

Jack: What's the occasion?

Phyllis: You. This album here is filled with memories. I have some mementos, too, that Kyle -- that's your son -- and I put together. And Summer helped, too. She's my daughter.

Jack: But not mine?

Phyllis: No. Not yours. The accident did some damage inside that ruggedly handsome head of yours, but the man that I love is still in here. With thousands of memories that we have made together as friends and lovers and husband and wife and enemies.

Jack: Enemies?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Sometimes. But making up was an awful lot of fun. You know, you saved my life.

Jack: I saved your life? How?

Phyllis: Years ago, we very much wanted a child. I thought the only way I could give you that is through I.V.F. And, um, I took some hormones that made me very sick. And I almost died. Do you remember any of that? You sitting by my side, not letting me slip away?

Jack: I'm sorry.

Phyllis: It's okay. This memory loss is only temporary.

Jack: You can't really know that.

Phyllis: I refuse to let you slip away from me. I love you. [Sniffles] I need you to come back to me. You can't leave me. [Sobbing] Please. I won't let you.

Jack: Istanbul.

Phyllis: What about Istanbul?

Jack: I-I-I don't know. I -- I remember a h-hotel room and...a waiter and some kind of miracle.

Phyllis: The miracle of Istanbul -- that's right. [Chuckles]

Jack: It's coming back to me.

Phyllis: What else do you remember? Tell me.

Jack: I remember that I love you, Red.

Chelsea: Connor's been asking for you. And he's been a terror with the new babysitter.

Billy: Kids don't like change much.

Chelsea: I'm the reason my son had to lose another father. Okay, well...

Billy: Did you expect me to disagree with you?

Chelsea: No.

Billy: Listen, Chels. If Connor ever needs me -- I mean, I can't be a 24/7 dad to him, but...I can be there as a friend.

Chelsea: Thanks for that. I know you have your own kids.

Billy: Yeah, challenging this merger has been unbelievably busy, and I haven't had the time to spend with Johnny and Katie like I'd like. But I'm working on it, and Jack's accident has really given me a new perspective on life.

Chelsea: That's good. All right. Well...

Billy: I hate what you did.

Chelsea: I hate what I did, too.

Billy: But publicly humiliating you at our wedding, I regret that. It was childish and stupid. I thought it was gonna make me feel better, and I guess it did for a minute. But if I had to do it over again, I wouldn't.

Chelsea: Thanks for saying that.

Billy: The outcome would still be the same, though. We wouldn't be together.

Chelsea: No.

[Cell phone rings]

Billy: This is about Jack. I -- I need to take it.

Chelsea: Yeah.

Billy: Excuse me.

Chelsea: [Sighs]

Sharon: I know you have to close up here, and Dylan's waiting for me. He's been a really good friend through all this.

Nick: Yeah. Well, you know, you didn't have to come over here, make a special trip. It could have waited.

Sharon: No, it couldn't have.


Sharon: Um... well, thanks again, Nick.

Nick: Yeah, sure. So?

Sage: So it's confirmed. I am pregnant.

Nick: [Sighs] Wow.

Sage: You keep saying that -- "wow."

Nick: Well, it's, uh [Chuckles]

Sage: I know. It's -- it's wow-worthy.

Nick: Yeah.

Sage: I know this complicates your life, and I'm sorry, but I'm so happy. All my life, all I ever wanted to be was a mom. And when the doctor told me I couldn't have kids, I was so devastated. But now I have something that's mine. It's my miracle.

Nick: I'm so -- I'm -- I'm happy for you. I can --

Sage: You don't have to be around for it, okay? 'Cause we're not together, and that's okay.

Nick: Sage.

Sage: 'Cause I'm gonna have this baby, and I'm gonna raise it, and I don't know if I'm gonna stay here or go. But whether or not I do, I'm never gonna ask you for anything, okay? No expectations.

Adam: Victoria, how are you?

Victoria: Should I go?

Victor: No, no, sweetheart. You stay, okay? This concerns you as well. Gabriel, I've reconsidered your position at this company. I want you from now on to work alongside Victoria.

Victoria: What?

Victor: You'll be peers. Same title, same compensations, same responsibilities. Okay?

Victoria: How could you do this to me?

Jack: My family. They'll...come...find me. My family. My -- my -- my wife. My wife, she's going to come find... you! You -- you have to call my family. Tell them -- tell them I'm here. Tell them I'm alive. You have to call them!

And you have to be quiet! You can be heard all over the island!

Jack: No, no! No, no, no. Okay, okay. I'll be quiet. I'll be quiet! [Breathing heavily] [Sobbing] Where's my wife? Where's Kelly?

Don't worry. Your wife will be back.

Jack: [Exhales sharply] [Whimpers]

Kyle: Dad, I am so sorry about the accident.

Jack: No, no, no, no, no, no. It's not your fault, all right? I'm just happy that you're okay.

Summer: You're gonna be okay, too, Jack.

Jack: Yeah, I am, Summer.

Kyle: I felt so guilty, you know? And it -- it was stupid. I-I-I allowed myself to get distracted by that phone call.

Jack: Yeah.

Kyle: What was that about, anyway? You -- you seemed upset.

Jack: Y-you -- I don't -- I-I-I guess it was a wrong number.

[Door opens]

Billy: Hey, hey. I hear you're back.

Jack: Well, you heard right. How you doing, Billy boy?

Billy: "Billy boy." I'm...I'm -- I'm good. So -- so, how did all this happen? Did into place, or...?

Phyllis: All of a sudden, he just and remembered everything.

Billy: Listen, despite how things have been between us, I hated seeing you hurt.

Jack: Thanks.

Billy: Listen, we need to talk some business.

Phyllis: Not now, Billy.

Jack: Business... but you're no longer at Jabot.

Billy: No, I know. And I'll keep this brief. I just have to set some things straight. Listen, do you remember signing this? At Philadelphia, there's an art to making cream cheese.

Nick: I completely understand why this baby is important to you. It's honestly -- I-it's just, it's the last thing I was expecting right now.

Sage: I know, and that's why --

Nick: And -- and things were really starting to...kind of chill out between me and Sharon. And I don't want to upset faith or make her feel threatened.

Sage: I know, and I don't want that either. So, I just -- I just need a little time to figure out where I'm gonna go and what I'm gonna do.

Nick: Where you're gonna go? Sage, I don't want you to go anywhere. I just need this news about this baby to stay between us for now. I got to figure out a way to tell faith about this.

Sage: Oh.

Nick: Did you honestly think that I was expecting you to go off somewhere alone and raise this baby by yourself? Do I seem like that kind of guy to you?

Sage: No. No. And I -- I want to keep this quiet right now, too.

Nick: Look, this is gonna work out. Everything's gonna work out, and I...I actually think faith is gonna be happy about this someday.

Sage: Are you happy?

Nick: I really am. This baby's ours. And I love being a dad. [Chuckling] Okay? And I want to be a part of this baby's life.

Sage: [Sobs] I was hoping you would say that.

Victoria: You're a glorified marketing executive. You don't know the first thing about running a multinational corporation.

Adam: Marketing is a skill, and what makes you think you'd even be working here if you weren't the boss's daughter?

Chelsea: Um, hi, guys. Maybe you should take it down a notch.

Victoria: Why are you even here?

Chelsea: Uh, you told me to meet you later about the designs. It's later.

Victoria: Oh, that's right. Uh, well, the children's line is a no-go, so focus on developing the menswear line.

Chelsea: Men's? But --

Victoria: Go work on that now. Gabriel and I have some things to discuss.

Adam: Okay. So, the thing is, Victoria, you're not the only one with power and authority around here anymore, okay? That's the last time you talk to Chelsea like that.

Jack: The merger agreement. Yeah, I remember signing it.

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Summer: Paul, it's Summer. Call me back when you can. There's something going on at the cabin.

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