Y&R Transcript Friday 5/8/15


Episode # 10662 ~ Neil opens up to Nikki; Cane gives Lauren support; Devon & Hilary make a decision.

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Kyle: My dad woke up. I was out for a walk, and I missed it. How do you expect me to feel?

Abby: Kyle, you couldn't have known.

Kyle: I might have missed my last chance to talk to him.

Ashley: How is he?

Phyllis: Same.

Ashley: Phyllis, I'm not here just to check on Jack.

Phyllis: If you're gonna start in again about business --

Ashley: I need to talk to both you and Kyle.

Phyllis: About the company?

Ashley: Yes.

Phyllis: Okay. Yeah. My husband is fighting for his life, so I really could not care less about Newman-Abbott at the moment, and neither should you.

Ashley: I understand that, but what you don't understand is that there may not be a Newman-Abbott enterprises at all.

Victoria: Is Jack's condition still critical?

Billy: They induced a coma, so...

Victoria: I'm so sorry, Billy.

Billy: I was counting on that from you.

Victoria: What, my sympathy? What do you think it's gonna get you?

Billy: Some honest answers. I got sick of sitting around the hospital, feeling useless, so I started trying to help out with the company.

Victoria: How? You don't work here anymore.

Billy: Yeah, I know, but it's still my family's business.

Victoria: Billy, it's okay. Everything's gonna be fine.

Billy: I'm not so sure about that. With Jack out of it, Victor is in complete control of Newman-Abbott.

Victoria: Why is that a problem?

Billy: Because we can't find a copy of the contract.

Victoria: I'm sure that Jack has a copy.

Billy: Well, if he does, he hasn't shown it to Ashley or to me. And we've looked everywhere. There's no sign of it -- not at the house, not at the office.

Victoria: Why come to me?

Billy: Because I'm beginning to wonder if the damn thing was ever even signed, and I thought maybe you might know something about it.

Victor: Well, well, well. This is a hell of a signature, isn't it -- as if Jack had signed it himself?

Neil: Well, you and I both know, Victor, that's still not enough to sell that contract as legit.

Victor: Yeah, well, we need some help, don't we?

[Door opens]

Nikki: Hi, darling. Oh, Neil!

Victor: There you are.

Nikki: Nice surprise to see you.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Nikki: Hello.

Neil: Nikki, it's very good to see you, too.

Nikki: I am sick about the situation with Jack. His family must be devastated.

Victor: Isn't it awful? They're just rightfully rather distraught. They're not thinking straight. You know, that's why we need your help, my sweetheart.

[Both laugh]

Hilary: Beating you at tennis is always fun.

Devon: Gosh. You know I let you win, right?

Hilary: What? No, you did not.

Devon: Yes, I did.

Hilary: Okay, you were huffing and puffing all over that court. You poured your heart and soul into that match.

Devon: Oh, that was an act, sweetheart. Do you really think I would double-fault on match point?

Hilary: Uh, yeah. If you were exhausted from chasing balls back and forth on the baseline, yeah, I think you would.

Devon: You can believe whatever you want to believe. I thought you'd be better at spotting a con than that, though.

Hilary: Ouch. [Chuckles softly] Yeah, okay. Well, I see. So, you lost to me on purpose, right? Now, what reason would you have for doing that?

Devon: I thought the winning might take your mind off some things.

Hilary: Yeah. I have been worried about Jack lately.

Devon: And...?

Hilary: And...?

Devon: Mother's day.

Hilary: How'd you know that?

Devon: Because I know you.

Hilary: Yeah. I've been thinking about my mom a lot lately -- how her death brought me here to seek revenge and... how I fell in love instead.

Devon: I love hearing you say that.

Hilary: Yeah, well, I did manage to wreck the lives of everyone in your entire family. Don't forget that part.

Devon: We're picking up the pieces to that.

Hilary: I just... wish that...

Devon: No. You don't have to wish anything. I couldn't be happier that you're still in my life. And, honestly, all I can really think about is just kissing you.

Hilary: Devon... we said that we would... take things slow.

Devon: Well, Hilary... we can't keep doing this dance.

Lauren: After my fight last night with Michael, you were very sweet to me. Thank you for that.

Cane: I'm just so sorry that things are difficult between the two of you.

Lauren: He's been avoiding me. But, you know, we just need a heart-to-heart, and, uh, speaking of which, if you don't mind, I'd really love to get through this business meeting as fast as possible.

Cane: So you can go and talk to Michael?

Lauren: Yes. I am gonna head upstairs and try and talk that stubborn husband of mine into coming home.

Michael: Thanks... for listening to my problems all night.

Felicity: Well, you paid for the time. Besides, everyone needs a shoulder to cry on sometimes.

Michael: The crying part -- that's between you and me?

Felicity: In my profession, confidentiality is of the utmost importance. And you seem like a nice guy... Mr. Smith.

Michael: Not my name.

Felicity: [Laughing] No!

Michael: It's the truth, felicity.

Felicity: I hope everything works out for you. You already paid.

Michael: You're worth the tip.

Felicity: If you ever want another date... like last night or maybe something different next time... contact my service.

Lily: Hi. This is Lily Ashby, the manager of the Genoa City Athletic Club. I need you to send the police right away.

Devon: Listen, we agreed not to keep secrets, 'cause I don't want to hide anything from the rest of my family.

Hilary: Yeah, but you told them that we were friendly, and that's all we have been.

Devon: Yet we're still hiding out, Hilary, and we have to stop doing that.

Hilary: How?

Devon: Let's have lunch at the club today.

Hilary: Uh, where lily and Cane and possibly even your dad might see us?

Devon: Yeah. I hope they do so we can explain to them.

Hilary: You just started rebuilding your relationship with your family, okay? If Neil finds out about this, he is gonna be so upset.

Devon: Probably. Probably. But you know what? At least he will respect the fact that we're being honest with him. The longer we wait, the worse things are gonna get, and I cannot let history repeat itself.

Hilary: Okay. Lunch.

Devon: It's a date.

Hilary: Hey, give me an hour, okay? I'm just gonna clean up, and I have some things to drop off for Victor Newman's review, so...

Devon: All right. Well, I have some connections at the club, so I'll make sure we get a nice table. Hey. Everything's gonna be fine.

Hilary: I hope you're right.

Lily: Hi. Um, I just escorted a police officer upstairs.

Cane: Wait. What happened?

Lauren: What? Was there a robbery?

Lily: No. There was a call girl leaving one of the guest rooms.

Cane: Whose room?

Lily: I didn't have time to find out before I called, and the police got here so fast --

Lauren: Michael!

Officer: I've arrested Mr. Baldwin for solicitation. The woman in question -- we picked her up outside.

Lauren: All right. There must be some mistake.

Lily: Michael, I'm really sorry. I didn't know.

Officer: I need to get him down to the station.

Lauren: All right. I'll be right behind you. We'll get this straightened out.

Michael: We'll do that.

Officer: This way.

Victor: While Jack's life is hanging in the balance... Billy and Ashley are doing everything in their power to scuttle the merger.

Nikki: I just can't believe that. They're coming to you with this now?

Victor: Yeah. They just did.

Nikki: Why do things always have to take such an ugly turn?

Neil: Nikki, are you surprised?

Nikki: Unfortunately, no, I'm not. But what am I supposed to do -- be the ambassador?

Victor: Here, sweetheart.

Nikki: What is this? The merger contract.

Victor: Yeah. You need to sign it to validate my arrangement with Jack.

Nikki: Why am I listed as the witness?

Victor: Because, my darling, Jack and I thought you were the best person to do that because you are a Newman who is closest to the Abbotts and you have no stake in this whole thing. In other words, you don't work for Newman, nor for Jabot, so, therefore, you have no interest in the outcome of the merger.

Nikki: Yeah, but there's a problem. I mean, as the witness, I should have been there when you both signed it. Why are you coming to me with this now?

Neil: [Clears throat]

Kyle: Dad, I'm sorry. When you opened your eyes, I should have been here.

Abby: Kyle, don't do that to yourself. You went for a walk because you weren't allowed in the room yet.

Kyle: Don't make excuses for me.

Abby: You know what uncle Jack would say if he could talk to us right now? He would say, "get over it" and that he's glad that you weren't here.

Kyle: How can you say that?

Abby: He had a seizure, Kyle. Do you really think your dad would have wanted you to see that?

Kyle: Maybe not. But if he doesn't wake up, I'll never forgive myself.

Ashley: We can't find a contract. If there's no contract, there's no company.

Phyllis: Your wish, right?

Ashley: Yes, absolutely, because this merger was a huge mistake.

Phyllis: Jack's mistake?

Ashley: Just hear me out. It was constructed so that the Abbotts have absolutely no say in our own company. Jabot is being folded into Newman.

Phyllis: Jack has been running that company brilliantly for years, and you are doing your damnedest to unravel that deal.

Ashley: Listen, what I believe is that if this accident hadn't happened, Jack would have eventually come to his senses.

Phyllis: You'd be toeing the line right now, Ashley. You wouldn't be trying to tear apart Newman-Abbott with Jack in that hospital bed before he wakes up. Is that what you're hoping for -- that he does not wake up?

Ashley: Oh, my God, Phyllis. How dare you?

Phyllis: Ashley, you are ambitious, and wouldn't it be sweet satisfaction for you to take the helm as C.E.O. With Jack out of the way?

Ashley: I understand that you're upset about Jack and that you're stressed out, but that doesn't give you the right to accuse me of caring more about a business title than my brother's own life!

Abby: Mom, what's going on out here?

Ashley: Kyle, are you sure you're okay? I heard you weren't hurt in the accident. Is it true?

Kyle: Yeah. I'm fine. Why are you arguing?

Phyllis: Well, Ashley's hoping to find a way to reverse the merger, despite Jack's wishes.

Abby: Mom, no.

Ashley: I'm trying to figure out our options.

Abby: Why?

Ashley: Because I'm protecting our family's legacy, Abby. Victor may have brokered a peace with Jack but not with the rest of us.

Phyllis: Go ahead and ask her why she's bringing all this up now.

Ashley: I don't have a choice, Phyllis. It's true -- in case something happens to Jack and he doesn't recover.

Abby: Mom, don't even think that.

Ashley: I am terrified that Victor is going to eventually eliminate any vestiges of Abbott and Jabot from this company. Do you understand that? That's why I want to see a finalized contract. I'm not even sure there is one, but if there is, I just want to look at it. I want to see what the terms are so I know what our options are.

Abby: Really? That's how you want to spend mother's day weekend -- staging a coup?

Ashley: I know none of us wants to be doing this right now, but I need to know. Kyle, you and Phyllis are the ones that have been spending the most time with Jack lately, correct?

Kyle: What about it?

Phyllis: What, you're helping her now?

Kyle: I'm hearing her out.

Ashley: I just want to know if you've ever seen him with a contract. Did he ever talk about signing the contract?

Kyle: I never did.

Phyllis: No, I never did. Jack never mentioned it.

Kyle: There.

Phyllis: I assumed that the contract was taken care of, just like things are taken care of every day in business.

Kyle: So, you got your answer, all right? I'm done with this conversation.

Ashley: I appreciate that, and I'm sorry if I upset you -- both of you. I'm gonna see Jack, and I'll be gone.

Ashley: Oh. Hey. I'm here, Jackie. I just want you to know that. I also want you to know that I'm gonna be doing some things that you're not gonna agree with, but I hope to God you eventually understand why I did them. I don't understand. I don't -- I don't understand, because Jabot is not just our work, not just our company -- it's our father. He entrusted it to us, Jack. That's why I don't understand why it's okay with you [Voice breaking] That Victor owns it and that he's changing it. He's gonna kill it. But I want you to know that when you get out of here, I'm gonna be fighting you on this, Jack, okay? I also want you to know how much I love you.

Billy: Are you absolutely sure that Victor never showed you a fully executed copy of the contract?

Victoria: Yes, I'm sure, but that doesn't mean the document doesn't exist. It's not like my father feels compelled to run every piece of paperwork by me.

Billy: Yeah, but he would have said something in passing. I mean, Victor does enjoy crowing about his triumphs. "Jack signed. It's a done deal. I'm amazing."

Victoria: He didn't say anything.

Billy: Well, maybe there's a reason he's not gloating.

Victoria: You would really love to turn the tables on my dad, wouldn't you -- get Jabot back, get your job back?

Billy: That would make my day -- my year, my life!

Victoria: Don't forget, Jack agreed to this merger, and he's the one who fired you.

Billy: That is burned in to my brain. Thank you.

Victoria: Why do you want to stir things up here? It's never been better at the company.

Billy: [Chuckles] For you. Your family's company has expanded. You got a brand-new C.O.O. Title. You're working here with your boyfriend. What? What -- what was that?

Victoria: That last thing -- the last part.

Billy: Yeah, what? Did you fire stitch?

Victoria: No. Ben is still working here, but he's not my boyfriend anymore. We're over.

Lily: I mean, I knew Michael and Lauren were having problems, but what happened today took things to a whole new level.

Cane: I just feel so bad for her, you know? She's trying to work things out, but he won't even meet her halfway.

Lily: But why? Has Lauren done something>

Cane: I don't think so.

Lily: Well, then, why would Michael turn to a prostitute?

Cane: I don't know. It's like he's intentionally trying to hurt her, but why?

Lily: I guess you never really know what's going on inside someone's head.

Cane: No, you don't. I just wish I could do something to help Lauren.

Lauren: I just took care of your bail. You should be released soon.

Michael: Thank you.

Lauren: Now I want the real story.

Michael: The real story?

Lauren: Yes, Michael.

Michael: Now? You want it now?

Lauren: No. Hey, let's wait for mother's day brunch, shall we? What the hell happened last night?

Michael: I paid a hooker to have sex with me.

Lauren: What are you saying?

Michael: What part don't you understand?

Lauren: All of it. Why? For sex?

Michael: No.

Lauren: I know that w haven't been together in a long time, but that is not because I haven't wanted you.

Michael: It wasn't just about the sex! I keep telling you, Lauren, but you refuse to hear it.

Lauren: I'm all ears now.

Michael: I told you I needed to get away from the pressures of a relationship.

Lauren: I did that. I gave you space. I didn't call you.

Michael: How I was tired of fighting, tired of your expectations.

Lauren: So you turned to somebody with no expectations?

Michael: That's right -- felicity.

Lauren: Shut up, Michael.

Michael: That's her name.

Lauren: I see. So, she's somebody who wouldn't make you think or even try to talk about your cancer.

Michael: My illness, my problem.

Lauren: No, it is our problem, and it was when you hid it from me, when you then deigned to tell me the truth, and it is our problem now!

Michael: If we're not together, then --

Lauren: I still love you! [Crying] But you'd rather have sex with some stranger... than come home with me...

Lily: Don't feel bad. There's probably nothing that anyone can do for Michael and Lauren at this point.

Cane: I'd still like to try.

Lily: Wh-where are you going?

Cane: I'll see you, baby. I love you.

Devon: Hey, Lil. I have this lunch thing I'm trying to plan. What's wrong with you?

Lily: What's wrong is that my husband cares more about Lauren's marriage than ours.

Phyllis: The nurse said we can go in as soon as she's done. Is Ashley gone?

Kyle: Yeah.

Phyllis: Good.

Abby: Look, Phyllis, despite what you think, my mom's really worried about uncle Jack.

Phyllis: That may be, but I think that takes second place to how much she cares about herself.

Abby: That's not true.

Phyllis: Really? Then why is she refusing to accept Jack's decision?

Kyle: You're defending what she's doing?

Abby: No. Okay, I'm not exactly comfortable with my mom going after my dad and my uncle, but...you two have only seen how happy uncle Jack has been.

Phyllis: What are you getting at?

Abby: I work at Jabot every day, where uncle Jack has been conspicuously absent. It's like he signed off on this company and stopped caring about what happened to it. I love my sister. I do. But Victoria's not exactly a dream boss. She killed the successful perfume that mom and stitch and I busted our butts to create.

Kyle: Well, Victor said that he and Victoria would be open to the Jabot team's opinions.

Abby: Yes, that's how it's supposed to work, but they'll never agree with us. All I'm saying is that there's two sides to this.

Billy: You and stitch? When?

Victoria: We broke up right...before you announced your wedding plans.

Billy: Well, why didn't you tell me?

Victoria: Well, you know, it just didn't seem like the right time to share. [Chuckles] And then things exploded with you and Chelsea. It just didn't really ever seem appropriate.

Billy: Yeah, I guess.

Victoria: Anyway, I thought you would have heard all about it by now since Ben has moved on with Abby.

Billy: Your -- your sister, my niece Abby? Damn. Are you okay?

Victoria: Yes. I'm fine. Of course I'm fine. It was definitely for the best.

Billy: So...you're all right being single again?

Victoria: Of course I'm all right being single again. Yes. And you have more important things to worry about, with Jack being in the hospital.

Billy: Yes, that and my scavenger hunt for the contract.

Victoria: Exactly. Happy hunting.

Billy: You know... you could help.

Victoria: Oh, could I? How?

Billy: I don't know. You could talk to your old man, see if Jack actually signed that document.

Victoria: And then what?

Billy: And then, gee, um, maybe you could tell me?

Victoria: Now, why would I do that?

Billy: Because you have integrity, Victoria, and you know deep down that I could be right.

Victoria: I don't know that. Now if you'll excuse me --

Billy: But you know your dad, and you know that if this merger were a done deal, he would be sending copies to all Abbotts, warning everybody to not even think about hatching plots.

Victoria: Aren't we so full of conspiracy theories?

Billy: Yeah. You know that I'm right. You know what your father is capable of when it comes to getting what he wants.

Victor: You know, I planned for the three of us to meet so that we could sign this whole thing in your presence.

Nikki: Uh-huh. What happened to that plan?

Victor: Jack abbot -- he just came by unexpectedly and said, "let's get this damn thing done."

Nikki: Without a witness?

Victor: He didn't care if you were here or not.

Nikki: That seems very odd to me.

Neil: Well, as odd as it may seem, Jack's been doing things on his own schedule lately.

Nikki: Actually, I have heard that he's been spotted at the golf club more often than at work.

Victor: I'm just glad he signed the damn contract when he did. Otherwise, we would have had hell to pay with the Abbotts.

Nikki: Yeah, you're right about that. I don't know. I mean, signing this after the fact, under these circumstances -- it just doesn't seem right.

Neil: Yeah. I wish we didn't have to put you in this position, Nikki, but without your signature, this contract is meaningless. It's not official.

Victor: Sweetheart, just sign it. Jack wants this merger. Remember when he and I showed up in front of the cameras at the press conference, shook hands, and when you and Phyllis asked him questions and he said he wanted to bury the feud between the Newmans and the Abbotts and to forge a new bond?

Nikki: That was very touching.

Neil: I guess, if I can add to this, I have heard Jack express nothing other than enthusiasm about this deal, for what it's worth.

Nikki: That's -- that's true. I think you're right, Neil.

Victor: Sweetheart, just sign it. It'll be good for our company,. It'll be good for the merger. It'll be good for everyone concerned, okay?

Nikki: Okay. [Sighs]

Nikki: Well, I certainly wasn't expecting to get caught up in corporate intrigue today.

Neil: Right? I'd almost forgotten what it's like to work here.

Nikki: Mm.

Neil: Surprises around every single.

Nikki: I'm sure.

Hilary: Victor, I have that report for you. Uh... uh, I'm sorry. Uh...um...Victor...said he... wanted...this. I'm reporting to him now that Jack is --

Neil: Yeah.

Hilary: Here.

Neil: I'll make sure Victor gets it. Anything else?

Hilary: Uh...nope. That's everything. Thanks.

Neil: Yeah.

Nikki: How did you manage to keep your hands off that woman's throat after what she's done to you?

Neil: It's all in the past.

Nikki: Wow. Nevertheless, the fact that you could be so professional with her just proves how strong you are.

Neil: I'm pretty good at faking it, you know? Hilary and Devon's affair -- it crushed me. I got to be honest. And I'm still -- Nikki, I'm still going through it.

Nikki: I'm sure you are. But you're sober.

Neil: Do you remember that time when you chastised me for drinking my head off, right, into oblivion instead of standing up and fighting for myself? Well, you know something? I haven't had a drop of alcohol since then.

Nikki: Good. So, um... how often?

Neil: Do I want to drink? Not often. [Sighs] Just every minute of every day. That's all.

Lily: Cane has basically appointed himself as Lauren's comprehensive support system.

Devon: I mean...it kind of sounds like he's just being a good friend to her.

Lily: No. They are spending way too much time together. This is going beyond friendly work partners.

Devon: Okay. So, do you really think that Cane would...

Lily: I'm just saying that Lauren has a history of turning to other men.

Devon: Cane wouldn't cheat on you.

Lily: He might not choose to, but he could get dragged into it.

Devon: He's not gonna get dragged into anything. It's not -- it's not him.

Lily: He is not setting any boundaries, even after I told him how concerned I am.

Devon: Listen to me. Not everyone cheats. And I know I'm not a great example, but I also know how much Cane loves you, and I really think you need to believe more in your husband and what you two have together.

Lily: I'm trying.

[Cell phone chimes]

Lauren: [Sighs] Hi.

Lily: Hi.

Lauren: Hi, lily. Devon.

Devon: Hi. Hey, I'm sorry. I have something I need to take care of right now. Excuse me.

Lauren: Yeah, sure.

Lily: Sorry about my brother's manners. Sit down, please.

Lauren: I'm so distracted right now, I didn't even notice.

Lily: What happened with Michael?

Lauren: I bailed him out. You know, I can't leave him in jail. He needs his meds and his rest.

Lily: He's not with you?

Lauren: I have no idea where my husband is.

Lily: Lauren, I'm really sorry about what happened.

Lauren: It's not your fault that my husband decided to spend the night with a prostitute. Um...do you know where Cane is? I'd really like to get back to work.

Lily: I-I don't know where he went. I thought he was going to find you.

Lauren: Really? I want you to know what a godsend he has been to me. I do not know how I would have gotten through this rough time without him.

Cane: Thank you. The officer over here said you're the woman he arrested outside the club.

Felicity: They said that I was free to go.

Cane: Uh...I'm sure you are. Listen, don't worry -- I'm not a cop.

Felicity: Okay. So, what's your deal?

Cane: The man you were with last night -- he's a friend of mine.

Felicity: I hope you're not asking me for a date, with all these cops around.

Cane: [Chuckles] No. No, I'm not. But, uh... listen...my friend -- it's not really his style to step outside his marriage.

Felicity: That is the read I got on him, too. Heard all about the wife last night -- how much he loves her, wants her to be happy.

Cane: So, all you guys did was talk?

Felicity: That is all we did. I swear. I almost felt bad taking his money -- almost.

Cane: Michael, it's Cane. We need to meet now.

Phyllis: You know, I know we haven't been exactly close lately, but, uh... we're family, so if you want to talk...

Kyle: Would you be honest with me?

Phyllis: I can do honest.

Kyle: Do you hate me for doing this to dad?

Phyllis: I hate what happened...but not you. It was an accident. And when your father's ready, he's gonna wake up, and we're gonna take him home and we're gonna get back to normal.

Kyle: Phyllis, do you really think that he's gonna come out of this? Remember, you made a promise.

Phyllis: I refuse to believe anything else. I am certain that your father is fighting with everything he's got to come back to us. And when he does, after a lot of laughing and kissing and hugging, he's gonna have a long talk with Billy and Ashley about what they're trying to do.

Victoria: I'm not really comfortable with prying information out of my father for you.

Billy: You make it sound like it's a bad thing. You'd be on the side of truth and justice.

Victoria: Before you ask, you should check with legal about this elusive contract.

Ashley: I just came from there -- no luck. I left a message for Hilary, too.

Victoria: Well, I'm sure that you and Billy will dig up the information that you're looking for. Hi, dad. I was just telling Ashley and Billy that I have no idea what happened to the merger paperwork but I'm sure that everything's in order.

Victor: It is.

Cane: So, I checked on the prostitute.

Michael: Mm. Does your wife know about this?

Cane: [Chuckles] And she told me all you two did was talk.

Michael: That's not how I remember it.

Cane: Michael, I knew something was wrong when you didn't explain to Lauren what happened when you were arrested. Listen to me. You need to go and you need to tell her the truth.

Michael: I can't do that, Cane, and I'm asking you not to.

Cane: Why?

Michael: To push her away... irrevocably, completely. I asked her for a separation. She wouldn't listen to me.

Cane: She didn't tell me that.

Michael: Yeah, no. She won't let it go. She agreed to a separation, and the next thing I knew, she showed up and insisted I go home with her? Look, she refuses to understand that my treatment changed me.

Cane: You mean it's affecting your --

Michael: Yes, yes, it's affected me... emotionally and -- and physically. Look, I want Lauren to be happy. She deserves more than a husband she pities.

Cane: Michael, she doesn't pity you, and I don't understand how you can intentionally hurt someone who loves you so much.

Michael: It is because she's the love of my life that I --

Cane: Okay. All right.

Michael: I'm not the man that she fell in love with, and I cannot be the husband she deserves. She has got to let me go.

Cane: All right, listen -- I understand. I know you're overwhelmed, and I know you're depressed.

Michael: Do you?

Cane: Yes, I do, but do you think it is easier on the patient than the loved one? Is that what you think?

Michael: I am trying to spare Lauren that.

Cane: She doesn't need to be spared, and she doesn't want to be spared. Lily overcame her cancer, okay? But that cancer took away her ability to have a baby, but we got past that, and now we have a beautiful family, and she is healthy and we have a fantastic life. You can have that with Lauren if you want it, Michael.

Michael: And how many years of disappointment and sorrow will my wife have to endure before she gets there, only to end up alone?

Cane: You don't even know if that's going to happen.

Michael: If you want to be a good friend to her, you make her accept this -- our marriage is over.

Hilary: Okay, I'm sorry I stood you up for lunch.

Devon: I had a feeling you might, but I still was surprised to get your text.

Hilary: I was on my way here, I swear, Devon. I just --

Devon: What happened?

Hilary: [Sighs] I ran in to Neil, okay? And he is still so hurt. Despite everything that you said, I don't think he's ever gonna be okay with us being together.

Devon: Hilary --

Hilary: Okay? Just -- I think we should just -- just be friends.

Devon: You really think we can be friends?

Hilary: I think it'll be a challenge.

Devon: Is that what you want? Hilary?

Hilary: I should go. I --

Devon: Hey. What I really don't want... is to just be your friend.

Cane: So, I spoke with Michael.

Lauren: Did he say anything about last night?

Cane: Look, I know you want to fight for your marriage, and I respect that. I do. But he's in a dark place right now, and I think he just might need some time and space.

Lauren: [Sighs]

Cane: Okay? I think he just needs to hit rock bottom before he comes to his senses.

Lauren: It's just so hard.

Cane: I know.

Lauren: [Crying]

Cane: Come here. I know. And I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Neil: Honestly, Nikki, I have been going through absolute hell trying to stay sober, you know? I'm doing what I can. I'm going to my meetings. I mean, the program -- it's -- it's working, I think. How 'bout you? Are you as tempted to drink as I am to pick up a bottle?

Nikki: Surprisingly, no. I have just decided that I'm not going to let Victor or anything drive me back to drink, and every day, I seem to feel stronger and more determined.

Neil: I am very glad to hear that, Nikki, and I'm very proud of you.

Phyllis: I've been thinking about all the things Jack and I are gonna do when we get home. I'm not letting you near another sports car -- nothing faster than a golf cart from now on. And I'll pimp one out for him.

Kyle: Now, that I've got to see.

Phyllis: Yeah. Safe sports only. I wish you'd smile for me, baby. I'm sure you -- you want to do some things with your father when we get home. Why don't you talk to him about them?

Kyle: [Scoffs] I -- no, I can't. Um... I hope that you're right -- that he has a future with us, but...

Ashley: Interesting timing, showing up with this right now.

Victor: Well, I got to tell you, after a rather unpleasant encounter with you and Billy yesterday, I thought I'd come by and show this to you, you know, so you realize the merger's official. Jack and I signed this. Nikki was a witness, so we can proceed with business as usual.

Billy: Well, that's not gonna happen... because that's not Jack's signature.

Victor: Really?

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Victoria: Please tell me that Jack's signature wasn't forged.

Billy: Neil, you're the one that can't see the truth. You didn't even realize it when your wife and your son were cheating on you.

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