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Episode # 10660 ~ Victor makes trouble for Sharon; Joe goes all in with Avery; an unexpected turn of events troubles the Abbotts.

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Jack: Come on, somebody's gotta be home. Pick up, pick up.

[Line ringing]

Jack: Oh, come on! Yeah! I need help! I need the police! This is a matter of life and death!

Kyle: Dad? Dad?!

Doctor: This our car crash victim?

Nurse: Yes, doctor, he was just sent in from the E.R. Just now.

Kyle: His name's Jack Abbott. I'm his son, Kyle. Is he going to be all right?

Doctor: We need to run some tests. Were you in the vehicle with him, Kyle?

Kyle: Yes.

Doctor: Well, then, you need to go get checked out. Go down to E.R. And have them take a look at you.

Kyle: No, not before I know about my dad!

Doctor: I need BP and pulse and iv of d5ns at 100 CCs an hour. Draw him for CBC, Chem panel, and toxicology screen. Wait -- tell radiology I need a ct scan of his head and neck area, stat.

Kyle: Doctor, what does that mean? Is he going to be all right?

Doctor: Kyle, listen, you don't have to go to E.R. Like I asked you to, but you need to get out of here, okay? Step out and let us take care of your dad.

Avery: Come on, you're almost there. You've got this, Joe.

Joe: I can't. No.

Avery: No? What do you mean, no?

Joe: I can't. I tried.

Avery: Trying isn't doing.

Joe: I should be further along by now.

Avery: You are exactly where you should be. Now, pull yourself up! You can do this, Joe. I know you can.

Joe: What's the point? So I can fall and injure myself again?

Avery: You are capable --

Joe: Be right back where I started?

Avery: You are capable of so much more than you are letting yourself believe. Now, don't overthink this.

Joe: Clearly this isn't working, all right? Besides, I've got a meeting with the doctor.

Avery: Joe!

Joe: Later.

Avery: [Sighs]

[Door opens]

I knew you weren't a quitter -- Dylan!

Dylan: Hey.

Avery: What are you doing here? I thought you were back in Genoa city, babysitting Sharon.

Phyllis: What the hell does Sharon think she's doing?

Victor: Making yet another unwise decision.

Abby: Is this legal? Can she even be here?

Stitch: Oh, boy, I wonder if Dylan knows.

Sage: What happened to her watchdog?

Nick: Michael? That's a damn good question.

Sharon: What is wrong with you kids? Do I have to pour my own drink?

Kevin: Alcohol -- that's a great idea!

Noah: Mom, you're out on bail, okay? You're not supposed to be here!

Mariah: Have you forgotten that you're under house arrest?

Sharon: Not for long. I'm being vindicated!

Noah: Uh. What?

Sharon: Yeah, I've said all along I'm being framed, and now the police have proof. So I came here to let everyone know that I'm innocent and that I forgive them.

Nick: Okay, Sharon, you need to go home right now.

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Dylan: Well, I'm here because I missed you. And it's been too long. And we've had a few conversations on the phone that have been very strained, and I figured the best way to fix that was to do it in person. So here I am.

Avery: I can see that.

Dylan: I actually stopped by your hotel first to see if maybe you were ready for a dinner break. But the manager told me you'd already checked out.

Avery: Yeah, um, this facility has some guest rooms for family members and caregivers. It was booked when I got here, but a room opened up, and I grabbed it. I wanted to be closer.

Dylan: Closer to Joe?

Avery: Oh, don't take it like that.

Dylan: Is there another way to take it?

Sharon: Why would I go home? I just got here!

Nick: What about faith? How can you risk doing this to her? What about her?

Sharon: I'm not risking a thing. My situation has changed.

Kevin: How, exactly?

Sharon: Excuse me?

Kevin: Did the police say in so many words that you're off the hook?

Sharon: They will.

Mariah: Well, we all hope that that's true, but until they do, you can't be here!

Sharon: Do you know what a nightmare it has been for me to be cooped up in that house for all these days? Okay, but all of that's about to be resolved. I came here to celebrate -- and what better place than your grand re-opening? It's all about healing and moving forward, new beginnings, forgiveness.

Nick: Kevin told me about this-this evidence that may prove you're being set up, Sharon, and I sincerely hope that happens for you, but until you are released and the charges are officially dropped, there is nothing to celebrate.

Noah: Dad's right. You think that being cooped up in your living room is bad? Try a jail cell. You need to go home right now!

Mariah: Look, it's still early. I'll drive you.

Sharon: No! No! I'm staying, okay? End of discussion. Now, I'd like a chardonnay, please. And then I think the rest of your customers would like some attention.

Mariah: [Sighs]

Phyllis: You know, if I didn't hate Sharon so much, I think I'd actually love to hang out with her. I mean, what's it like in her world, where reality never bothers you?

Stitch: She'd better leave before reality shows up here. I can guarantee someone's gonna call the police.

Abby: I volunteer! What? I know the number.

Sage: Someone may have just beaten you to it.

Victor: 919 summit street. She's at the bar, waiting on a drink. Yep. Thank you, officer.

Nick: You couldn't just leave Sharon alone?

Victor: You bet I couldn't, son. She's breaking the law.

Nick: [Sighs] Get your mother out of here right now, because the police are on the way.

Mariah: [Sighs]

Jack: I don't know where I am. I'm in some kind of shack somewhere. I can hear the beach outside -- I'm near a beach. That's all I can tell you. I'll leave the phone on. Maybe the GPS is working. You can track me down that way. Have them come fast! I've got to get out of here! My son has been in some kind of an accident!

Kelly: [Grunts] Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!

Jack: They're coming to get me now. This is over! The police are coming to get me!

Kyle: [Groans]

Summer: Are you okay?

Kyle: Yeah, yeah, um, I will be. I'm -- I'm really glad you're here right now, summer.

Summer: Yeah.

Kyle: I couldn't handle being alone.

Summer: Of course. How's Jack? What happened?

Kyle: I was driving, and then there was this other car on the road. I jerked the wheel to avoid it, but then we hit a tree. And we were going so fast.

Summer: Are you sure that you're okay, Kyle?

Kyle: Yeah, I am.

Summer: Okay.

Kyle: But my dad is -- summer, he's hurt real bad. And it's all my fault.

Dylan: [Sighs] How long are you planning to stay?

Avery: I'm not sure. Things are tricky with Joe right now.

Dylan: Tricky? What -- what does that mean?

Avery: Well, for a while, I could play drill sergeant with him, and it worked. I got him to do his exercises. And now he realizes what a battle this is going to be, and he's giving up. He's making excuses. He's afraid to fail. And our therapist keeps telling me it's all in his head --

Dylan: Wait a minute -- "our" therapist?

Avery: I'm his rehab partner.

Dylan: What -- what happened to, "I'm gonna get him to Chicago just enough to get him settled, and I'll be back"?

Avery: He doesn't have anybody else.

Dylan: Well, lucky for him! He got everything he wanted.

Avery: Really? You think we wanted to be paralyzed?

Dylan: He's getting all the attention he wants from you, Avery!

Avery: Oh, my God, this is ridiculous! Why are we still having this argument? Why are you jealous and insecure? Why can't you just trust me?

Dylan: I don't trust Joe, okay? And he's using you!

Avery: Oh, please!

Dylan: He has you thinking it's your job to help him. Why can't you see that?

Avery: Maybe the same reason you can't see that's exactly what Sharon is doing to you!

Mariah: Sharon, we need to get you out of here!

Sharon: No! I'm not gonna sneak out the back door, okay?

Mariah: The cops are gonna be here any second!

Sharon: Okay, great. Let them. You know what? We can clear up this whole misunderstanding.

[Cell phone rings]

Noah: Hey, Michael, I'm glad you called -- listen --

Michael: All right, this is a real emergency. Your mother sneaked out while I was asleep. She's not answering her phone, and I need to find her and bring her back home!

Noah: Too late.

Officer: Sharon Newman, you're under arrest for violating your bail agreement.

Mariah: Oh, my God.

Sharon: I'm under arrest? What? Okay, this is -- this is ludicrous!

Noah: You hearing this?

Michael: Tell her to stop talking! I will meet her at the precinct.

Noah: Okay, yeah, you got it. Hey, uh, listen, she has a lawyer. Mom, don't say anything.

Sharon: I can speak for myself!

Noah: Michael, your lawyer, says not to -- at all!

Sharon: I'm perfectly capable, Noah --

Noah: Mom, please don't make this any worse, okay?

Officer: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you --

Sharon: Don't you touch me!

Mariah: You're making a mistake --

Sharon: How many times do I have to say, I am innocent!

Victor: Hey, Paul. As you can see, we have an uninvited guest.

Paul: Sharon! Excuse me. Sharon --

Sharon: Oh, Paul! Thank goodness! Thank you for coming. Will you please tell your officer that it's okay for me to stay here?

Paul: All right, Mitchell. I'll take it from here.

Sharon: Ah, thank God, someone who actually knows the whole story. Would you mind explaining to Noah and Mariah that it's all right that I'm here?

Paul: Sharon, I'm afraid I can't do that.

Sharon: Wait a minute. Yeah, of course you can. I'm innocent! Dropping the charges is just a formality at this point.

Paul: You have the right to remain silent --

Sharon: Oh, please, please!

Noah: Well, you don't have to use handcuffs -- come on, please, she's not gonna cause you any trouble.

Paul: I won't use any handcuffs, but I do have to take her in. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you.

Phyllis: He's in ICU?! Oh, my God. I'll be right there.

Summer: Hey, um, my mom's on her way.

Kyle: Why hasn't there been any news yet? What's taking them so long?

Summer: Okay, I'm sure the minute they know anything, the doctor will be out to tell us. And plus, you said they're running tests. So that could take a while.

Kyle: God, summer, this is all my fault.

Summer: Now, Kyle, no, you cannot think that, okay? It was an accident. You didn't mean for any of this to happen.

Kyle: No, but my dad's still hurt, isn't he? I was the one driving. I was the one who got distracted. My God, what if he doesn't make it? I mean, that can't happen! Not when he's been this happy.

Summer: You've been feeling closer to him lately.

Kyle: I never should have let myself get distracted by that weird phone call.

Summer: What weird call?

Kelly: Stole my phone. [Clicks tongue] Shouldn't have done that, Jack. You'll be sorry.

[Noise outside]

Jack: In here! Quick! In here! Oh, thank God! You found me! Listen, I am being held against my will by that woman! Come on, help me get out of these cuffs. Here -- help me get out!

Officer: Don't move!

Kyle: The phone rang. I thought it might be you. I was about to answer it, but then dad --

Phyllis: Summer? Kyle? Where's Jack? What happened?

Kyle: He's with the doctor right now.

Phyllis: Where?

Kyle: He's in there, but, Phyllis, you can't --

Doctor: Whoa, whoa! No visitors yet.

Phyllis: I need to see my husband! Why won't you let me see my husband?

Doctor: Mr. Abbott's unconscious. We're working on getting him stabilized.

Phyllis: Is he gonna be all right?

Doctor: I'll know more when I get his test results. They're taking him down to radiology shortly.

Summer: Mom, do you want some water? Do you want to sit down?

Phyllis: No, what I want is some answers. Summer said that you were in the car with Jack. What caused the accident? Tell me exactly how it happened.

Jack: Wait, wait, wait, don't shoot! You've got this all wrong. I am not the criminal. She is! She kidnapped me! She brought me here against my will! She has been torturing me. She hasn't given me food or water for days! You've got to get me out of here. My son has been in some kind of an accident -- you have to help me!

Officer: Show me your passport.

Jack: I don't have a passport with me. I don't have identification. I don't have a driver's license. She took it all! You can call my family to confirm who I am. I'm Jack Abbott. I'm from Genoa city, Wisconsin. You can call my work! I am a businessman. I own an international company. Listen, it's called Jabot. Maybe you've even heard of it. Call them, call them. Ask for Ashley Abbott or Billy Abbott -- that's my sister and my brother. They'll tell you! Just call them! Call Jabot!

Officer: We are taking you into the station.

Kelly: No, no, no! Don't arrest him!

Nick: You know, forget Sharon, dad -- how can you do this to faith? Why would you want her mother in jail?

Victor: Why don't you ask Sharon that question, son?

Nick: This wouldn't even be an issue if you hadn't called the police.

Victor: Paul Williams came in. He hauled her off. I had nothing to do with that, now, did I?

Nick: Excuse me -- I have some customers.

Victor: You do that.

Sage: Hello, Mr. Newman. Can I get you a drink?

Victor: How are you? No, thank you. Kind of you to ask. So...how do you like this job?

Sage: [Chuckles] It's lovely.

Victor: Yeah? Have you done this before?

Sage: Managed a nightclub? No, never.

Victor: Ah. You seem very capable.

Sage: Oh, well, thank you. I appreciate that.

Victor: Your ex-husband, um, Gabriel Bingham, seems rather capable as well. He's working for me now, you know.

Sage: Yeah, the Jabot merger, I heard about that.

Victor: Yes. What do you know about him? He seems like an enigma to me.

Nick: The guy's not an enigma. He's a jerk.

Victor: Son, I know your opinion. I would like Sage's opinion.

Nick: Why are you so interested in Gabe, anyway? You got something on the guy?

Victor: He works for me now, son. I like to know everything I can about my employees.

[Cell phone rings]

Victor: Excuse me. Yes? What?! Are you serious? All right, thank you. [Sighs] Jack Abbott had a -- an accident. He's in the hospital. So...I'll see you later.

Nick: Wait! Dad, is he all right?

Michael: Sharon went to a party. That's it! She's been locked up for days. She wanted to get out. She wanted to see her kids, wish Nicholas well. I mean, she wasn't leaving the state. She wasn't hurting anyone. Look -- was it impulsive? Yes. Was it a bad idea? Terrible! But ultimately, where's the harm?

Paul: Come on, Michael, you're not gonna seriously ask me this question.

Michael: Just let me take Sharon home, and we can pretend that none of this ever happened. I mean, the case against her is falling apart.

Paul: It's not my call. The law is the law.

Michael: I understand that --

Paul: Then you understand the position I'm in. I don't care how harmless her decision was. She broke house arrest. She went to a nightclub in front of a crowd of witnesses! Now, what am I supposed to do, turn and look the other way when Victor Newman himself called it in?! And as far as the case goes, Michael, Sharon certainly didn't help her case, no matter how weak the evidence might be. She is out of control, and now everybody knows it!

Michael: Yeah, yeah, you know what? I can't deny, that's the way it looks. And while her actions are ill-advised, she's not a killer! And quite frankly, Paul, you don't have a case! Now, if you have to revoke her house arrest so you can sleep at night, fine. So be it. But you can at least talk to Sharon first. You explain to her that you might just believe that she is the victim of an extravagant setup!

Noah: I wish you'd just stayed at home, mom!

Mariah: Why didn't you? Especially when it sounds like you were so close to being cleared.

Sharon: The police have barely any evidence against me. I didn't think they would bother bringing me in!

Noah: Okay, well, now that they have, guess what! They can just throw you in jail and keep you there until you go to trial!

Sharon: Oh, my God, no! I cannot handle that. I'm already climbing the walls! I will really go crazy then. I've got to get out of here!

Sharon: Guard? Guard!

Noah: Shhhh! Mom, what are you doing? You don't realize you're in enough trouble as it is right now?

Sharon: I cannot stand to be in this room, let alone a cell!

Mariah: Hey, you need to try to relax. Deep breaths. Easy.

Sharon: I will ask to go to the bathroom. They have windows in there. That's how I got out last time!

Noah: Mom! Look at me. You need to calm down and focus! Be realistic.

Sharon: I am!

Noah: No, not if you're thinking about running. Where are you gonna go? What are you gonna do? What's gonna happen to faith? She needs her mother right now.

Mariah: Come on.

Noah: You just -- you need to hang in there a little while longer and trust that Michael's gonna convince Paul to let this go, and then we can just take you home.

Mariah: You have already made one bad move tonight. If you pull something else, you're gonna make everything worse!

Sharon: No, you're right. I -- I'm not thinking clearly. I'm sorry.

Noah: Mom, have you been taking your meds? Because you seem a little manic.

Sharon: You know what? Yes, of course, I -- no. No, wait a minute. I might have forgotten. I might have forgotten because of all of the excitement over the last few days.

Mariah: Take one. Look, I know that you're excited about the possibility of getting cleared. But you need to get yourself together for your own sake.

Sharon: You're right. I'm sorry. [Exhales] Paul said that I could make a phone call before he booked me.

Mariah: Michael's already here.

Sharon: No, I know. I want to call Dylan. He just has a way of making me feel better.

[Door opens]

Paul: Noah, Mariah -- I need you to leave. I want to talk to Sharon alone.

Avery: Oh, it's Sharon. Take it.

Dylan: She hung up.

Avery: Well, you could've answered it.

Dylan: Well, I didn't answer it.

Avery: Right, because you're trying to prove a point that you're not attached to her.

Dylan: No, because I'm in the middle of a discussion about a guy who's manipulating you. And it's working! He got you to leave home, your business, your fiancé. You've turned your whole life inside out to be with this guy, and now you're telling me that there's no end in sight!

Avery: Joe is paralyzed! Okay? He has no one! God forbid, if you were hurt, I would do the same thing for you!

Dylan: I'm your future! He's your past. Or so I thought.

Joe: Ah, Dylan! This is a surprise. You come all the way here for a visit?

Dylan: Yeah, well, I'm taking off.

Joe: So how'd that go?

Officer: We're taking him into headquarters and you to the hospital.

Kelly: Oh, no, you don't need to take me or my patient anywhere -- see, the bleeding has stopped --

Jack: Your patient?! What're you talking about, patient?

Kelly: Do you think maybe we could speak privately?

Jack: No, don't listen to her! She's a liar! Don't listen to a word she says! Don't listen! She's lying!

Doctor: We've gotten him stabilized. That's the good news.

Kyle: And what's the bad news?

Doctor: The ct scan shows intracranial bruising from the accident. It's in roughly the same area as his prior concussion, so we weren't able to determine whether there's residual injury. That would tend to compound the current trauma.

Summer: In English, please?

Doctor: Jack's brain is injured in the same spot as it was when he was in the building collapse -- which may or may not be a factor in how he weathers this.

Phyllis: So, how long do you think before he wakes up?

Doctor: I can't answer that. Some things are out of our control. Now, if you'll excuse me... I'd like to get back to my patient.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Summer: Hi, grandpa.

Kyle: I'm gonna get some water. Do you want anything?

Phyllis: No, thank you.

Kyle: Okay.

Summer: I'll give you a hand.

Victor: You know, Jack is very strong, and he loves you very much. And nothing will keep him from his new bride.

Phyllis: I hope you're right. Now, I'm gonna go be with him, whether his doctors like it or not.

Victor: Oh, okay.

Summer: Wait, so you were starting to tell me about that phone call, the one that distracted you in the car.

Kyle: Yeah, it was bizarre. Whoever my dad was talking to, summer, he was really tense. He was like, "who is this?" And then, "answer my question first."

Summer: And this all happened off of your phone?

Kyle: Yeah. I got distracted, because I was trying to figure out who would have called that had my dad so startled. You know, it's like he recognized the voice, but couldn't believe what he was hearing.

Abby: So, here we are, out in public, and no one's head has exploded.

Stitch: Yeah, I guess it's official. We're a couple.

Abby: Hey, no one even noticed, except for Mariah, and you can always count on Sharon for a big old distraction.

Stitch: You know, I hope she didn't make things worse for herself by showing up here.

Abby: Getting arrested by the chief of police is never a good sign. And when she gets out and they announce that they're dropping charges...

Stitch: Then the real killer starts to get worried that we're getting closer to the truth again.

Nick: The loud group in the corner wants a sex on the beach, two draft beers, and a margarita, no salt.

Sage: You got it. Did I hear you say there's another case of vodka in the back?

Nick: Yeah, probably.

Sage: Have you heard from Noah? What's going on with Sharon?

Nick: Don't know, but I hope Paul lets her off with a warning. I cannot explain to my little girl that mother's in jail again.

Sage: Who could blame you?

Nick: I just don't know what the hell she was thinking! I mean, she was on the verge of all this going away. Why would she pull a stunt like this?

Sage: She did it for you.

Kevin: How long has Sharon been in with Paul?

Michael: Oh just a few minutes. I could kick myself for dozing off and letting her leave in the first place.

Kevin: She's a grown-up. She should know better. Besides, you could use the sleep. You look like hell.

Michael: Why, thank you.

Kevin: Well, maybe if Sharon does go to jail, you can go home and get some rest.

Michael: That's not happening.

Kevin: What does that mean?

Michael: Nothing. Forget it.

Kevin: Michael. What's going on?

Michael: Lauren and I are separated.

Kevin: What? You jackass! What the hell happened?

Michael: Things were tense. We were both under a lot of pressure. There were a lot of expectations that weren't being met. So we both decided that we needed a break.

Kevin: Why are you lying to me?

Michael: I'm not lying to you.

Kevin: You went through so much last year, with fen and carmine, and you came out stronger than ever! So, now Lauren needs a break, while the man she loves is being treated for cancer? That doesn't make any sense.

Michael: All right, all right, listen! Now is not the time to discuss this. I have got a client to focus on.

Paul: And I arrested you for a reason. It's no mystery. You broke the deal you made with the court, so I have to put you in a cell.

Sharon: I understand. It's your job. I made a bad choice. There are consequences.

Paul: I'm glad you understand that.

Sharon: What I don't know, that's really worrying me, is, although I broke the agreement of my bail, but does that change any of the facts of my case? Do you still believe that I'm being framed?

Paul: Well, as I told Michael, we are looking into other suspects.

Sharon: Okay, then you admit that there's no real evidence.

Paul: I didn't say that.

Sharon: What are you saying?

Paul: The case against you is flawed. And if you repeat that, either one of you, I will deny it.

Sharon: All right --

Michael: Sharon, he is the chief of police. You don't have to say a thing.

Sharon: It's okay, Michael. How can I incriminate myself when I'm innocent?

Michael: All the more reason not to say anything.

Sharon: Paul, just forget about the case for a minute and just listen to me. I know I've done some questionable things. But I did not kill Austin or Courtney. I am not a murderer, even if someone in Genoa city tries to make it appear that way. I know that you know that.

Avery: And the worst part is Dylan thinks that you're manipulating me so I'll stay here instead of coming home.

Joe: Don't you think that if I was trying to manipulate you, I would've figured out a way to do that without being paralyzed from the waist down?

Avery: Look, it doesn't matter. Dylan and I will work this out. Right now, I am gonna help you do what you need to do to get better.

Joe: Look, it's true, in the beginning, okay, I couldn't do any of this without you. But you've given me the strength so that I can do this on my own, all right? So if you need to go home and reassure Dylan, then you should.

Avery: I will do that eventually. But right now, you and I have a job to do.

Joe: I know this is temporary, but I appreciate all of it. And I'm going to show you just how much. Everything that you said was true. I can do this!

Phyllis: Jack. It's me. Now, you better listen up, because I have been through hell and back to be with you. And you are not gonna check out on me. Do you hear me? I need you to wake up, and I need you to open your eyes, because I'm not gonna lose you to a stupid car wreck. Understand?

Victor: They said that no one is allowed to see Jack right now except Phyllis. So, I suggest the two of you take a walk and get some fresh air. What do you think?

Summer: Kyle?

Victor: Huh?

Kyle: I'm not leaving dad.

Summer: Look, if anything happens, mom's gonna call. We won't go that far.

Kyle: Yeah. Okay.

Victor: All right.

Summer: Really, if anything happens, will you call me?

Victor: You bet. Okay? Bye, sweetheart.

Summer: Thank you.

Victor: Are you looking for someone?

Nurse: Uh, yes, Kyle Abbott. The police left this for him. They impounded the vehicle and had to bag up all of his personal belongings.

Victor: Oh, well, I'll see that he gets is.

Nurse: I'm sorry, sir, I'm supposed to give this directly to Kyle.

Victor: Don't you worry, all right? I'll make sure that he gets it.

Nurse: Of course. Thank you, Mr. Newman.

Victor: Sure. Thank you.

Kelly: Thank you so much, officers. You've been incredibly helpful, but when you're doing intensive therapy with a patient like this, it's really important that you stay isolated.

Jack: Don't listen to her! She's lying to you! She is not my therapist! She was my girlfriend. She faked her death, had me kidnapped and dragged here against my will -- wherever "here" is!

Officer: Doctor, you sure you'll be safe here with this crazy man?

Kelly: I will be fine, and so will my patient. But before you go, there is one thing I need you gentlemen to assist me with.

Avery: Okay, steady. You got it! You got it! Left... right... you got it! You did -- oh! Oh, oh! Are you all right? You okay?

Joe: [Laughs] Sure, I'm great! Never better. You're not making progress unless you fall, and, well, I guess I'm making progress.

Avery: Joe, I'm so proud of you!

Sage: I can see how concerned you are about Sharon.

Nick: [Sighs] I'm just -- I'm really, really upset at her.

Sage: [Sighs] That, too. Look, if you want to go to the police station and vouch for her or just go to be supportive, I'm okay. I can handle things here.

Nick: That's kind of you.

Sage: Yeah, I'm, I'm a good employee.

Nick: Yes, you are. But no, no, I'm not doing that. Sharon has her own support team. That's not my job anymore.

Mariah: I swear to God, Sharon is her own worst enemy. She hears good news about her case and decides, "oh, great, I'm gonna put on my best dress and break my bail agreement."

Noah: Well, hopefully Paul will be reasonable, send her home.

Mariah: You know what? I am exactly like her. Reckless. Self-destructive. I'm warning you, you'd better run for the hills before it's too late.

Kevin: Too bad. I'm not going anywhere.

Sharon: Someone knew I was vulnerable to being set up because of my psychological history. Someone transferred my fingerprints onto that tire iron. Someone doctored a picture of me outside of Austin's building. And someone knew that I wanted his computer to keep a secret --

Paul: Sharon, why don't you let us worry about the suspects and solving crimes?

Sharon: Okay, fine, while I worry about surviving a night in jail? Fine. I can do that. I won't like it, but I'll get through it.

Paul: Okay, you do realize it's not just for one night? You will be in lockup until your trial begins.

Michael: Paul, this is absurd -- we both know that trial's never going to happen.

Paul: Michael, it's out of my hands. She broke the bail agreement.

Michael: We're fighting this! I'm calling judge Hoffman. We'll fix this up.

Sharon: Wait. No, Michael. [Exhales] I really don't like being here, but maybe the longer I am, the more time it gives Paul to find who really did this. Paul, do what you have to with me. I just don't want anyone else to get hurt. Find this killer!

Phyllis: I know you, Jack. I know you love me. I know you want to come home, so, do it already, okay? We have fought so hard to be together. So, come on. Wake up. Wake up and open your eyes, baby. For me.

Kelly: Good night, officers. Thank you for all your help!

[Cell phone rings]

Kelly: Ooh. I'm going to answer this. Don't go anywhere. Hello?

Victor: You called Kyle, and the wrong person answered. What the hell is the matter with you?

Kelly: Jack got a hold of my phone somehow.

Victor: You get rid of that damn phone.

Kelly: I will.

Phyllis: Hey, you! You're back!

Jack: Victor.

Kelly: Don't worry about Jack. Things got a little tense for a moment, but... it's under control.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Dylan: I come back, Sharon's locked up, and the real killer's still out there!

Lauren: Come on, let's just -- let's go home and just --

Michael: No, stop it! You have to let me go!

Victor: He never got to sign all the documents, you know.

Neil: Are you saying that someone should forge Jack's signature?

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