Y&R Transcript Friday 5/1/15


Episode # 10657 ~ Billy & Chelsea's wedding day; Avery & Dylan's relationship hits a boiling point.

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Jack: [Whistling]

Phyllis: Jack?!

Jack: Hey. There she is!

Phyllis: There you are.

Jack: Hello. [Smooches]

Phyllis: Hey, don't you check your messages anymore?

Jack: Yeah. Billy changed his mind. He's gonna have the wedding in town.

Phyllis: Yeah, as in right now, so come on. Let's go.

Jack: No. Oh, g-- I just got home. Can't we send a gift? Candlesticks are always nice.

Chelsea: I know it's incredibly short notice.

Anita: Oh, but it's not that kind of short notice. I mean, nobody's got a gun, if you know what I'm saying.

Ashley: Of course not. This is love, and you and Billy -- you've earned this. No apologies, right?

Anita: That's right.

Chelsea: Thank you. This is so surreal, you know -- getting a second chance like this, finding someone who loves me and we can be together and raise our children together. I mean, did you ever imagine my life being like this?

Anita: Oh, baby, I did -- just like this. This is everything I hoped for you.

Ashley: You'd better not be crying. Are you crying? Because then you're gonna ruin your makeup, and then I'm gonna cry, and it's like a catastrophe.

Chelsea: No. I promise.

Billy: [Sighs] Ladies, you all look lovely, but you...

Ashley: As do you.

Billy: ...You -- no words.

Anita: Aww.

Chelsea: Are we ready?

Billy: Not without the key players. Speaking of the best man, have you seen Gabriel?

Adam: Ahh!

Avery: And 10 more. 10. N-- I'm sorry. Did you forget how to count?

Joe: And what happens when I finish this set, huh? I wheel this chair around faster?

Avery: Well, why did you work out before this happened, Joe? You did it because you did it. I tripped over your weights in the bedroom more than once, and you know that.

Joe: Well, I'm sorry about that.

Avery: Well, I don't want you to be sorry. I don't want excuses. I want you to pick up these weights and use them, or you're gonna get one over the head!

Mariah: Sharon?

Sharon: Hello.

Mariah: Hi. You the new keeper of the gate?

Sharon: Dylan is here because he believes I'm innocent.

Mariah: And what -- I don't?

Sharon: Well, I was assuming since you hadn't visited before now...

Mariah: Well, you know what they say about assuming. It makes... I'm sorry. Look, I have been all about you being innocent. I know that you didn't hurt anybody, and that's not a guess or an assumption. I am sure of it. And I will tell anybody that will listen, not that people will listen -- whoa.

Sharon: Thank you.

Mariah: You did hear the part where people don't listen to me, right?

Michael: Heads up, friends! Hello, Mariah. I have got test results.

Mariah: What results?

Michael: I had an independent lab test that tire iron.

Dylan: What did they find out?

Michael: Along with Sharon's fingerprints, they found traces of -- wait for it -- latex.

Sharon: Latex, as in gloves?

Mariah: Or like a mold. Somebody could have had a latex mold done of your fingerprints.

Sharon: Is she right?

Michael: Yes, indeed. She is. If they got ahold of your fingerprints, they could have duplicated them with latex and planted them on the tire iron. Good work.

Mariah: I'm a big "CSI" fan -- huge, actually.

Dylan: That means somebody did a lot of planning to make this happen.

Michael: It's not definitive proof that Sharon was framed, but it sure as hell helps.

Sharon: But now I actually have a defense.

Michael: You have an excellent defense.

Mariah: I'll be right back.

Kevin: What's up?

Mariah: Hi. Good news, bad news. The bad news is awful.

Noah: It doesn't feel real half the time, you know? It's like I look around. This life -- it's not my life.

Summer: I get it. I mean, nothing makes sense from one day to the next, you know? And no one else even notices. Life just keeps going on for everyone else. Billy and Chelsea are getting married today.

Noah: I try not to think about weddings too much these days.

Summer: I'm sorry, Noah. Courtney really did love you.

Kevin: Hello, party people. I know. This smile -- it's fake. You get to put one on, too.

Summer: Okay. Why are you being so weird?

Kevin: What did I just say about smiling? I just got off the phone with Mariah. There's new evidence to suggest Sharon is being framed, which means the killer is still out there and could be watching us right now.

Abby: This is a fun way to spend the day, watching people in love.

Kyle: Hmm. Well, it is if you get drunk enough.

Abby: [Chuckles]

Chelsea: Gabriel? I have no idea where he is. I think that's probably a good thing.

Billy: Why is that?

Chelsea: Billy, you can't seriously want him as your best man.

Anita: It does sound a little wonky to me.

Billy: No, no. It makes all the sense in the world, doesn't it? I mean, today would be a new day, so I'm reaching out, and I just hope he can meet me halfway, if he ever makes it. Oh. Your future niece and nephew are here, so excuse me. Hey, guys. So glad you could make it. You ready for the main event? 'Cause it is gonna be unforgettable.

Adam: [Sighs] Well, then.

Sage: Yep. As mistakes go...

Adam: Oh, absolutely. Yeah.

Sage: Yeah.

Adam: Yeah.

Sage: Day drinking never ends well, especially after being rejected by people that we really care about.

Adam: Yeah, but at least we can forget about it for a little while, right?

Sage: And then you remember all over again. Well, you can go back to being angsty over Chelsea, and better now that she's about to be happily married, huh?

Adam: Great. And you can continue to obsess over that lox nick and wait for somebody to live up to the gloryhood of manhood that was Gabriel Bingham.

Sage: I just remembered why I hate you. Get out of my suite.

Adam: Why you hate me?

Sage: Yeah.

Adam: All right. Well, I'm gonna go take a shower.

[Cell phone rings]

Sage: Hello?

Billy: Hey. It's Billy Abbott. Did you get my voicemail? We'd love to see you at the wedding.

Sage: Yeah. I'm not gonna be able to make that.

Billy: Hey, just as a favor -- you know, you and your ex-husband, okay? If you can track Gabe down.

Sage: I might be able to find him, but I don't think he's gonna do what I tell him.

Billy: Well, if he won't do it for you and he won't do it for me, then maybe he'll do it for Chelsea, you know, since they're such good buddies and all, 'cause this is a momentous occasion, and, really, no one should miss it.

Phyllis: That's it? You're just gonna plant yourself on the sofa?

Jack: I just golfed a good nine holes. I earned this sofa time.

Phyllis: Honey, this is not the time to hold a grudge. You fired Billy. You're gonna skip out on the wedding, too?

Jack: He'll eventually have another one.

Phyllis: Look... I know what Billy said hurt you, not backing you up on the merger, more than I realized.

Jack: Yeah. Yeah. That stung. Yeah, the disloyalty, the disrespect -- after everything I've done for him, that hit pretty hard.

Phyllis: So go do what you do.

Jack: Which is what?

Phyllis: Be the Abbott patriarch. Be that bigger man. You go find Billy, and you tell him no matter what, you're family.

Jack: Wow. You get to me like few women the world has ever seen. I'll tell you what -- the car's still warm. Let's go throw some rice.

Phyllis: Honey, dressed like this?

Jack: Yeah. It's late. It's family. He can say his vows without me wearing a tie. Come on!

Summer: So, that's the big news -- latex?

Mariah: You want me to explain it all again, snowflake?

Summer: No. I got it just fine. It's just jumping from traces of latex to Sharon's being framed is a little over the top.

Kevin: Well, it is evidence that something was going on with that tire iron.

Summer: Yeah, the one with my husband's blood on it. Thank you. I really love talking about that.

Noah: Look, it's not easy for any of us to talk about, okay, summer? But it is becoming increasingly clear, even to you, that my mom is not the reason that Courtney and Austin are gone.

Kevin: Hopefully the real killer doesn't know any of that. With any luck, he or she is cocky and thinks all eyes are on Sharon.

Mariah: Which is how we have to continue to play it for outsiders. Sharon is going down, and the killer's off the streets.

Noah: We have to keep this quiet, so no discussions in public about my mom being innocent.

Kevin: I'm gonna head to the station -- try again to see if I can find out what Courtney found when she did that computer search.

Noah: You know that's what got her killed, right, Kev?

Mariah: So be careful and keep us posted?

Kevin: Yeah.

Summer: Okay. So, if the killer is still out there...

Mariah: He is.

Summer: ...And if we're in danger...

Mariah: We are.

Summer: ...Then Kyle needs to know.

Mariah: Where is the replacement boyfriend, anyway?

Summer: I did not replace Austin, and Kyle -- never mind.

Noah: Kyle and Abby both should know to watch their backs.

Kyle: You see this?

Abby: Evidence it's not Sharon? What evidence?

Kyle: Did you see the part of the text that said, "keep quiet and be careful"?

Abby: It's not like I yelled it.

Kyle: [Scoffs] Yeah, well, it doesn't matter anyway. Noah wants Sharon to be innocent so badly, he could accept pretty much anything as evidence at this point.

Abby: Well, he's not the only one who thinks the killer's still out there. Being careful isn't the worst idea.

Kyle: Look, Abby, no one's gonna come after you at a wedding. And if they do, I'm right here beside you.

Chelsea: Billy?

Billy: Yeah?

Chelsea: Before we start, I just want to say I am sorry.

Billy: Okay. For something in general or something more specific?

Chelsea: It's just I know you wanted a big family wedding, and we have a few no-shows -- my dad, which is probably a good thing, actually, and Traci couldn't make it on such short notice, and your mom, Jack. I just -- I would understand if you want to postpone or --

Billy: Are you getting cold feet on me?

Chelsea: No. I just -- I want you to have the day that you've always pictured.

Billy: Well, I am not worried, and we're not waiting.

Chelsea: Okay.

Anita: So, how's my baby and my almost son-in-law?

Billy: Ready to get married.

Anita: Spoken like a man who knows what he wants.

Billy: I do, and you know what, Anita? If I forget to say something during the toast, I just need to give credit where credit is due, and Chelsea would not be the woman that she is today if it weren't for you, so today is your day, too.

Anita: You are such a sweetheart. Oh, that really touched me. Come here. Ohh.

Billy: Mm.

Anita: I'm so happy for you.

Billy: Thank you.

Anita: And you, sweetie.

Billy: Now, where is that reverend? I think we have waited long enough.

Joe: That was convincing.

Avery: Why are you talking and not working?!

Joe: You know what? A pep talk isn't gonna fix this, Avery. It's gonna take much more than that.

Avery: And giving up -- that works for you? Curling up in a ball and shutting out the world -- that works for you, Joe?

Joe: That's not what I'm doing.

Avery: I'm still talking. Look, you got screwed over. You did. But you also got a miracle out of this, because that fall could have killed you, could have left you in a bed hooked up to machines forever, and it didn't. You can think, Joe. You can see. You can hear. You can do all those things. So, what are you gonna do? Are you gonna sigh and say that everything's too hard, or are you going to be grateful and suck this up?! 'Cause I'm grateful you're still on this earth, even if you're driving me nuts!

Joe: You know, I'm only doing this 'cause I got a second wind.

Avery: Okay. Whatever. Just do it. You better not slow down.

Dylan: You know, I have an army buddy who specializes in forensics. If you want, maybe I should reach out to him, find out more about the process, maybe even figure out how the killer got Sharon's fingerprints.

Sharon: Yes. Please do. It's awful to think that whoever planned all of this has been in my home. Even worse, it's someone who's close to me.

Michael: Sharon, with Dylan and me here, you're safe. Keep that in mind.

Dylan: I'm gonna make that call.

Sharon: Of course.

Michael: And I am gonna take this to Paul.

Sharon: Michael... thank you for this news. It's starting to feel like this isn't completely hopeless.

Michael: Good. Good. [Chuckles] All right. I'm off.

Sharon: All right. [Sighs] Oh! One of you forgot your...

[Cell phone rings]

Sharon: ...Phone. Uh... hello?

Avery: Sharon? Why are you answering Dylan's phone?

Paul: You supposed to be here?

Kevin: Nope. I'm off the clock and using PD equipment. You can give me a wrist slap later. Right now I'm gonna find out what Courtney uncovered that got her killed.

Paul: Or I could just save you the trouble. I know exactly what Courtney found.

Billy: Hey, Sage. You made it.

Sage: Oh, I'm just leaving, actually.

Billy: Uh, hey, um, let me, uh -- let me get you some champagne. You want some champagne?

Sage: Uh, why do you want me to be here? We're not friends. We're not even neighbors anymore since I moved out of the penthouse.

Billy: Who doesn't like weddings, huh?

Sage: Someone with no romantic prospects whatsoever. Thanks for reminding me.

Billy: Okay, but weddings can be inspirational or cathartic or just plain entertaining, and this one promises to be all three.

Sage: Fine.

Billy: Great!

Sage: Yeah.

Billy: Great. Thank you. Jack! Wow! Way to upstage the bride.

Phyllis: It was short notice.

Jack: I'm a grown man. You don't have to make excuses for me.

Billy: No. You look sharp. Look, my best man -- he just blew off his duties. You care to stand in? Consider it an olive branch.

Phyllis: He'd love to.

Jack: Evidently, I'd love to.

Billy: Fantastic! I'll let the reverend know.

Ashley: Are you kidding me?! This is what you do instead of paying attention to work?

Jack: All work and no play.

Ashley: Victoria killed hex, Jack. She shelved it. It's out of production. Jabot has now lost its biggest seller.

Phyllis: Is she out of her mind?!

Ashley: Yes. Did you know about this? And, more importantly, what are you gonna do about it?

Jack: Where are your priorities, Ashley? Our brother is getting married.

Chelsea: Should I just --

Billy: What? No. No. You got to walk down the aisle -- I mean, all 6 feet of it.

Chelsea: Oh, I don't have to.

Billy: Hey, the moment needs to build. This is a grand entrance.

Chelsea: It just seems silly.

Billy: Nothing we're doing here today is silly. These are moments we're gonna remember forever.

Chelsea: You're such a romantic.

Billy: Yeah, I really am.

Chelsea: Okay. [Exhales sharply]

Kevin: What do you mean, you found out what Courtney was after?

Paul: I put somebody else on the case, and they got results.

Kevin: Someone who isn't me.

Paul: I assume so.

Kevin: And they were able to pull Courtney's search results?

Paul: What are you so surprised about, Kevin -- the fact that I put somebody else on the case or the fact they made progress?

Kevin: Both. Who's better than I am, and why would you go to somebody else?

Paul: Oh, gee. I don't know. Maybe it's the fact you covered up a murder and you've been suspended as a result.

Kevin: Oh, right -- that. Fine. So, what did this person who isn't me find?

Kevin: That's a video still shot of summer and Austin's apartment building.

Paul: Mm. Who is that sneaking in?

Kevin: Well, it could be Sharon.

Paul: It is Sharon, with a date and time stamp.

Kevin: 9:00 P.M. The night Austin was murdered. That doesn't prove anything.

Paul: It proves that Sharon was looking for the victim. Right? The night of the storm, when she said she was with her daughter.

Kevin: But that's not where Austin was murdered.

Paul: No. We assume that she kept looking for him until she found him. Time of death was a couple of hours later.

Kevin: Yeah. Something about this isn't right.

Paul: What's not right is that Sharon killed Austin and you and your pals covered up a murder! That gave her the opportunity to kill Courtney! And I'm telling you, Kevin, she is not gonna get away with it.

Dylan: Hey. Have you seen my phone?

Sharon: I'm sorry. I answered it. It's Avery. I just didn't want you to miss the call.

Dylan: Oh. Okay. Avery.

Avery: Was that your secretary?

Dylan: Uh, Sharon answered the phone. I was in the other room. Actually, I was getting ready to make a call about this new evidence that could help clear her.

Avery: How nice for her.

Dylan: Well, yeah. Since you fight for people's innocence, I thought you'd be happy to hear that.

Avery: You sound busy. Maybe this is a bad time.

Dylan: Tell me about Joe's progress.

Avery: Because you care so much?

Dylan: Come on, Avery.

Avery: You know, it sounds like we have a lot going on -- both of us -- so why don't we just talk later?

Dylan: [Sighs] [Sighs]

Chelsea: [Sighs] [Exhales sharply]

Anita: [Gasps] Ohh. Honey.

Chelsea: [Sighs] [Sighs]

Reverend: Welcome, family and friends, as we stand with Chelsea and Billy as they pledge their lives and their love to one another.

Chelsea: Thank you for letting me go first, because I really want to get these words out. I never expected this day. I never expected this moment. I never expected to find such happiness again... so filled with hope. You and I -- we, uh -- we've written a crazy story [Laughs] A crazy story together. But that story has gotten us here, to our love. Sure, there was drama and there was some grief and some pain. But now there's love and joy, forgiveness, understanding. And I am so excited to write the rest of our story together, because I know it is gonna be everything I've always hoped for... a life with you.

Billy: You know, when you and I became a "we," I never saw it coming, but it made sense in a way -- didn't it? -- Because we knew each other's dark sides. You know, there was no guilt. There was nowhere to hide, no reason to lie. You knew me in Myanmar. I was...getting...drunk and running from my life, and I knew you. You were just this really hot bartender who set me up and got me locked away in a foreign prison, but, you know, whatever. Bygones, right? Because we made it through. Didn't we? Did we make it through to the other side? And didn't we do that with honesty and with understanding? I mean, we were just two people who -- who fell in love despite our past, right? And we're better people for it, so bravo, us. And then, uh -- then I found out that I was wrong... because you didn't change, Chelsea, 'cause you set me up again and you lied to me. Except this time... my prison would have been in a marriage to you. So, that whole piece about "do you take this woman?" Nope. No way in hell.

Michael: Hey.

Paul: Hey.

Michael: Got a moment?

Paul: Uh, yeah, but I don't suppose it's to grab a cup of coffee and have a conversation with a friend.

Michael: Well, as a friend, I advise you to reopen the investigation into Courtney and Austin's murder. You don't have the killer, and the public's still in danger.

Paul: Come on, Michael. Really?

Michael: I have new evidence from an independent lab which indicates Sharon is being set up and that we have an extremely devious murderer on the loose.

Paul: Oh. Meanwhile, I have new evidence... that proves that Sharon knew exactly what she was doing and how beautifully she conned you.

Kevin: The theory is Sharon killed Austin to bury the interview she gave about nick and then killed Courtney to bury the security-camera shot.

Mariah: Of Sharon sneaking in to Austin's apartment building, where he was not killed?

Summer: Proves that she stalked my husband at our home.

Mariah: Well, since he was killed at the cabin, she wasn't much of a stalker, was she?

Noah: That part's not gonna matter to the cops. They're just gonna focus on the fact that she was looking for Austin the night that he died.

Kevin: It's not just the location that's weird. This screen shot -- there's something off about it.

Ashley: Billy, what is wrong with you?

Chelsea: Okay, Billy. We don't have to do this right now, okay? Why don't we just go --

Billy: No, no, no. No. No. This is -- this is the honesty part, right? We agreed there'd be no more secrets. So, let me just catch everybody up, in case you're unclear. Our neighbor Gabe -- he stopped by to do a little knocking, and he came away with more than just a cup of sugar, if you know what I mean. By that, I mean sex. The two of them -- they had some sex.

Abby: Great -- the public-humiliation portion of the wedding. I've had enough of that for a lifetime.

Kyle: Yeah. Come on.

Billy: It's funny, isn't it, Jack -- I mean, your good buddy Gabe and my fiancée, Chelsea? You know, the truth of it is that you and me -- we're not saints. We've certainly made a lot of mistakes, haven't we? But I grew up, which is ironic that I'm the one that grew up here, but I decided that I was done with that. I was ready to stop making mistakes. But for Chelsea, a cheap thrill was worth more than a marriage to a chump like me, I guess.

Anita: Have you been drinking, Billy? Because my daughter adores you.

Billy: And you adore my bank account. Have you asked yourself, has Chelsea bothered to deny any of this?

Chelsea: Billy, can we just please go somewhere and talk, please?

Ashley: Is it true, Chelsea? Is Billy right?

Chelsea: Look at me. [Voice breaking] It was one time. It was a mistake.

Billy: Yeah, it was, and this -- I got to say, this is the really tricky part about all this, because, like I said, I'm no saint, but Chelsea's track record on marriage is even worse than mine, if you can believe that. So, let's recap, shall we? You trapped Dylan into a marriage with a baby that wasn't his. Then you tried to trap me with a baby that was mine. But the only person that you've actually married for true, real love was Adam Newman -- Adam Newman. You know, that should have set off some bells for me, that the one guy you really loved was a lying...

Adam: Okay.

Billy: ...Murderous...

Adam: Okay. That was fun.

Billy: Oh. And then there's you. You're another prize. Chelsea has got fantastic taste. You know, Sage, you're lucky you got out of this when you did.

Sage: This is your drama, all right? You leave me out of it.

Adam: Billy, you want to fight somebody? Leave her alone and fight me.

Billy: You know what, pal? I don't want to be anywhere near you. But I do hope that you and this lying con-artist slut live happily ever after.

Adam: Well, here we go!

Billy: Let's.

Adam: Here we go!

Chelsea: Stop it! Stop!

Joe: Maybe you should try a set of these. [Grunts]

Avery: What? No. Sorry.

Joe: You know, we're still here, after everything. I'm here. You're here. That means there's something worth fighting for.

Avery: I give the lectures. You do the work.

Joe: Ah, yeah. So, what are you -- the brains? And I'm the brawn?

Avery: You have some brains.

Joe: Yeah, well, I'm just saying you should listen sometimes, because if not, you're not, you're just this beautiful blonde barking orders around here and threatening slackers.

Avery: Okay. Stop talking and start moving.

Dylan: Well, that was my army buddy. He doesn't have anything for me on the fingerprints.

Sharon: Thank you for trying. I'm sorry I answered your phone earlier. I should never --

Dylan: It's not a big deal.

Sharon: But Avery was upset about it.

Dylan: You're my friend. You have been since I came to town. I'm not gonna walk away from you while you need help, just like Avery's not gonna walk away from Joe.

Sharon: Being apart isn't healthy for a relationship. If you went to Chicago, even for just a day, it could make a huge difference.

Dylan: No, not right now. Avery's where she needs to be, and... I'm where I need to be.

Michael: You are not at all concerned that there is an intelligent, calculating, cold-blooded killer out there? And Christine really believes that she will get a conviction based on fingerprints that were clearly planted and a still photo of Sharon taken at a location other than where the murder took place?!

Paul: Michael, Sharon did it. Maybe you just want to set Sharon free so you can get home to your wife. Sharon is the danger.

Michael: Well, Lauren and I are separated, so my getting home is not an issue.

Paul: Wh-why didn't you tell me? Why didn't Lauren?

Michael: Because there's nothing to tell.

Paul: Yes, there is. Michael [Sighs] This is not the time to be making knee-jerk decisions about separation -- not while you're going through treatment.

Michael: And yet I just told you we're not discussing this.

Paul: We are discussing it. This is the very time you and Lauren should be together. It's the only way you're gonna get through the dark times. Knowing that there's somebody that loves you is the only way.

Abby: So, please tell us about this new evidence, which better be good news, or I will turn around leave.

Summer: You came because of the evidence?

Kyle: Did you want me to come for some other reason?

Noah: Why aren't you guys at the wedding?

Abby: Oh, you mean the latest nightmare wedding from hell?

Kyle: Uncle Billy went up to the altar and announced that Chelsea is a liar and a cheat.

Abby: We didn't stick around to get all the details, so now there's no wedding, and you can tell us all about this evidence, which better be good.

Kevin: Michael discovered physical evidence that Sharon is being framed, but Paul has proof that Sharon was looking for Austin the night he was killed, so it's like this evidence face-off.

Noah: The upshot is that the killer's still out there.

Summer: Maybe.

Noah: Definitely.

Abby: I-I need to call Ben.

Kevin: Uh, yeah. I think enough people already know about this.

Abby: No, Ben's not people. He's Ben.

Summer: "Ben"? Not "stitch"? Not your bodyguard? Just "Ben"? I was right, wasn't I?

Abby: He deserves to know.

Summer: Sleeping with your niece's husband wasn't enough. You just had to upgrade to your sister's boyfriend, didn't you?

Phyllis: Get out, you hear me? You stay away from this family.

Ashley: Get out. You've caused enough trouble.

Billy: Yeah, you've done plenty -- including my fiancée.

Adam: You never deserved her, Billy, and you know that, right?

Billy: Look at that -- something we can agree on. Sorry for the fireworks. It just seemed like a fitting end to a huge mistake.

Chelsea: Can't we just please go somewhere and talk, just for a second?

Billy: Catch. Wouldn't want you to leave here empty-handed.

Ashley: Did you really have to do this, Chelsea? You really had to take Billy's love and his trust and just kill it?

Phyllis: What exactly were you thinking? Obviously, you weren't thinking.

Chelsea: [Sniffles]

Anita: Just dry your eyes, baby.

Chelsea: Mom, I want to --

Anita: No. We're gonna figure out an angle to make this go away.

Chelsea: Stop. I want to be alone.

Anita: Come on.

Chelsea: Go! Mom, go!

Anita: Okay.

Chelsea: [Crying] Oh, no. [Crying continues]

Adam: Let me get you out of here.

Summer: And into bed with him. That's really mature.

Abby: It's not cheating. Stitch and Victoria broke up. It was mutual and very mature.

Summer: Mm, yeah, and then you fell into bed with him. That's really mature.

Abby: Can we not beat up on me for like 10 minutes?

Summer: I'm sorry. Your life is so difficult.

Kyle: Okay. Considering we should be talking about the evidence, can we just --

Summer: You know, I don't know if you've heard, but there are such things as single guys. You should try one, like how they pass out samples at the market.

Kevin: Whoa.

Mariah: No, no, no. Don't interrupt. This is highly entertaining.

Kevin: Market, deli, light bulb.

Noah: That was coherent.

Kevin: The photo that's been bugging me -- the time stamp that shows Sharon sniffing around says 9:00 P.M.

Kyle: Okay. And?

Kevin: What time does the deli close downstairs?

Summer: 6:00.

Kevin: Only in the shot, the deli is open.

Kyle: So, the time stamp was wrong?

Kevin: It's fake! It was rigged! It wasn't taken at 9:00 P.M. It could have been taken any day before 6:00 P.M.

Noah: Just one more piece that my mom's being set up.

Summer: And then they got this photo into the police department's computer system?

Mariah: Which means the killer is smart, connected, and way more dangerous than we thought.

Phyllis: As if Billy hasn't gone through enough hell in the last couple of years.

Jack: And you wanted me to wear a tie for that.

Phyllis: Your deep concern for your brother is touching.

Jack: Of course I care about Billy. Chelsea sure got what's coming to her.

Phyllis: Shouldn't you be looking for Billy, just making sure he's okay?

Jack: You know what? My brother needs a little time on his own to lick his wounds. There was a lot of pain back there. He doesn't need me hovering. I'll call him tomorrow, okay?

Phyllis: Yeah. Yeah. I guess you're right about that. I still feel for him, though, poor guy.

Jack: I feel for him, too. Everyone should find that perfect match. And when they do... they should never let her go.

Ashley: Hey.

Billy: Hey, ash.

Ashley: I sure wish dad was here for you.

Billy: Yeah, me, too. But, uh...I'm gonna be okay.

Ashley: Nobody expects you to be okay, Billy.

Billy: Well, don't get me wrong, ash. It [Sighs] It hurts. But...you know, it's better now than after the vows, after I love her kid even more than I already do. Better than going through some joke of a marriage only to find out who she really is.

Ashley: I suppose that's true.

Billy: But look, you know, it's -- it's over now. It's done. I can move on without this... mistake weighing me down.

Chelsea: This is all your fault.

Adam: I didn't tell him, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Yeah? Then how did he find out?

Adam: I don't know. I don't know.

Chelsea: It doesn't matter. You got what you wanted, huh? You really love this, I bet. Billy hates me now. And his family was here to see it!

Adam: Billy's a hypocrite, and he's a moron. He doesn't deserve you. And, no, I didn't want to see you with the guy, okay? That's not a secret. But I never wanted this to happen to you.

Chelsea: You don't get to decide what happens to me! I love Billy, and we were finally coming together to have something wonderful after both suffering so much loss! [Crying] Oh, God! It's like I just -- I don't know how to love people the right way. It's like I don't know how to love someone the way they deserve because I don't really deserve it.

Adam: That's not true.

Chelsea: It is true! What do you even know?! You had a fake marriage with a friend, and then you chased around a woman who was -- who was in love with somebody else! You have no idea what it is like to love somebody, to be so, so in love with them, and then have it just ripped away from you. And now I've done that. I just did that to Billy. It's my fault. No. No. It's our fault. Billy didn't deserve this. But I do. Stay away from me.

Adam: Don't say that. Hey.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Victoria: Are you quitting?

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Nick: What's so urgent?

Noah: We have proof that Mom is innocent.

Adam: Man, you actually think that you are that little boy's father?

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