Y&R Transcript Thursday 4/30/15


Episode # 10656 ~ Victor schemes to learn Gabriel Bingham's secret; Nick gets a surprise from Sharon; Ashley & Victoria butt heads.

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Michael: Thank you. Oh! Is that supposed to be coffee?

Sharon: It's herbal tea. You were dehydrated, Michael. I don't want to have another incident like before where you collapsed.

Michael: Fine. I'll just sneak some caffeine while you're not looking. I'm kidding. Really. I'm fine. While I was in the hospital, forced to rest, I had plenty of time to think about your defense.

Sharon: Really? Any new ideas?

Michael: Before I was released, I made a few phone calls. And I took a calculated risk, one that could make all the difference in whether we win or lose.

Nick: So, faith was okay going back to school today?

Victoria: Yes. Now that she knows what's going on with Sharon. You know, she just wanted to be back with her friends.

Nick: And how about last night? Any bad dreams?

Victoria: No, she thought it was a fun sleepover. Don't worry. She doesn't know that what she told her therapist might cause her dad to lose custody.

Dylan: Why would nick lose custody?

Abby: Ooh. Thank you.

Stitch: [British accent] You're quite welcome, darling. [Normal voice] Let's see here. Ooh!

Ashley: Really?! And you're late again! I thought we all decided we were gonna try to be professional when we're at the office.

Abby: Well, you're one to talk, miss "inappropriate use of the shower."

Ashley: Excuse me?

Stitch: Did you really just go there?

Abby: Well, I wish my mom hadn't given me reason to. We all have our share of illicit moments, don't we?

Adam: So, what's up with these little get-togethers, huh? 'Cause the last one went so well?

Victor: Well, there's a lot of tension, you know, between the Newmans and the Abbotts.

Adam: Hmm.

Victor: And I keep on thinking that you're in the perfect position to dispel that.

Adam: Really?

Victor: Yeah.

Adam: Second day in a row you tried to schmooze me.

Victor: [Laughs]

Adam: Why is that?

Victor: Oh, yeah. Schmoozing. Oh, yeah.

Billy: If anyplace in town can do an instant wedding, it's this joint. I've seen them pull off miracles. What's one more?

Chelsea: Let's hope you're right.

Chelsea: You need to pretend that nothing happened between us, okay? You need to forget.

Adam: I can't forget.

Chelsea: [Sighs]

Adam: I can't forget, and you can't, either.

Chelsea: It was -- it was just sex.

Adam: Don't say that. You know that was much more than sex, Chelsea.

Billy: Oh, look. It's our favorite neighbor. And snidely.

Chelsea: Please don't worry about them. Um, all I care about is our wedding.

Billy: You know what? That is all I care about, too. I want it to be a day that you'll never forget.

Nick: So, the therapist said she was just doing her job. But instead of coming directly to me, she listened to a child who she doesn't really know and instantly assumed I have anger issues. So then she picks up the phone and creates all this drama with child protective services.

Sage: That's so unfair and irresponsible of her.

Dylan: Not half as irresponsible as keeping Sharon in the dark.

Nick: She doesn't have custody.

Dylan: She's faith's mother. She deserves to know if her -- her kid's gonna go to foster care.

Victoria: Well, that's not gonna happen. Nick went before a judge, and faith is staying with me.

Nick: I'm meeting with the social worker later today to try and straighten things out.

Dylan: Well, how do you know it's gonna get straightened out?

Nick: Look, Dylan, this is my kid, all right, and I'll deal with it the way I want. I don't need your opinion.

Dylan: You were wrong not telling Sharon, and you know it.

Nick: And off he goes straight to Sharon.

Sage: That doesn't matter. We just have to focus on what's in front of you.

Victoria: Sage is right. The social worker is gonna be here any minute. You just need to calm down and focus on the situation at hand with your daughter.

Nick: I can't afford any mistakes. If I screw this up and I lose my daughter, I don't know what I'll do.

Victor: Why don't we put our differences aside and discuss the matter at hand?

Adam: That's a good idea. That's a good idea. I'll just forget that you destroyed my father's life by the way you do business.

Victor: Told you I was sorry about that. You know, Gabriel, you have no ties with either the Abbotts or the Newmans. In other words, you would be in the perfect position to be a mediator. And if you were to take on that task, I'd make it worth your while.

Adam: You're offering me a raise?

Victor: Because you're in need of money, aren't you? You lost your inheritance when you divorced Sage.

Adam: Heard about that, huh?

Victor: You bet. Nicholas told me about that.

Adam: Nicholas. Yeah. And that's -- that's my ex-wife's new boyfriend. Pretty credible source.

Victor: Anyway, I think it would benefit all of us, including Chelsea, if we work together.

Adam: Chelsea left the company, remember?

Victor: We'll rectify that.

Adam: I already told you. Her mind's made up.

Victor: But, you know, I think you can get through to her, considering that the two of you seem to be rather close.

Adam: Not close enough.

Victor: Well, look who's there. Talk of the devil. Here we go. So, how are the two of you doing?

Adam: Didn't, uh, didn't expect the happy couple back from the honeymoon so soon.

Billy: Change of plans. We're still not married.

Chelsea: But we will be this afternoon.

Victor: Well, wish you a long, happy life.

Ashley: Okay, look, I don't want to fight with you. We all agreed to stay on for Jabot's sake, and I will leave the micromanaging to Victoria if you please promise me to just tone down the public display. Can you do that, please?

Stitch: Yes, we will -- we will be more discreet. And, uh, are we ready to move on?

Abby: Not quite. I'm sorry that I snarked at you.

Ashley: I accept your apology.

Stitch: All right, so why'd you want to meet?

Ashley: [Sighs] Late last night, I received an e-mail from Victoria. She's very concerned about hex.

Abby: Concerned? Why?

Ashley: Because while we were busy trying to figure out what Jack was up to, Kiki Louden posted a very scathing review online.

Abby: A scathing review of hex?

Ashley: Yes.

Stitch: Ooh. Who is Kiki Louden?

Ashley: She is a very influential beauty columnist, and she hates hex. She thinks it's snake oil. She just completely ripped it to shreds.

Abby: Wow, that's the last thing we need right now.

Stitch: Okay, but this is just one person's opinion, right? I mean...

Ashley: It's gone viral, unfortunately. I wouldn't be surprised if Victoria wrote that herself and then asked Kiki to post it under her byline.

Stitch: Listen, that doesn't sound like something Victoria would do. Besides, she'd be hurting her own cause.

Ashley: The point is, I'm pretty sure Victoria is going to be coming after us about this, and I want to stay ahead of her, so what are your thoughts?

Abby: Well, what if we wrote a press release of our own, went head to head with Kiki?

Ashley: Not a bad idea. However, we can't control what the public focuses on.

Stitch: Why don't we alter the product, you know, a tiny amount, and roll out a new and improved hex?

Abby: And admit to the world that our product is flawed and Kiki's right? Why would we do that?

Ashley: No, no, no, no, no. I see what you're saying. Then you just put a little spin on it, right?

Abby: Please, you're telling me about spin?

Ashley: Well, so what would you change about it?

Stitch: I don't know. I can toy around with the formula a little bit. I'm sure I can tweak it, you know, enough so that the claims would be true.

Ashley: I like it. Yeah, get to work on that, okay? Please. We don't have much time.

Sharon: A calculated risk? Um, should I be worried?

Michael: [Chuckles] Quite the contrary. You and Dylan have been looking for a plan "b" in case I don't get the tire iron tossed out, which I'm very confident I can do, by the way.

Sharon: Because the chain of evidence has been so compromised.

Michael: Thank you very much. Ostensibly, it's the murder weapon in the first homicide because Avery's lab and the police found traces of Austin's blood, but his body was moved and staged so many times by parties known and unknown that the blood on the tire iron, you know, it doesn't actually prove a whole hell of a lot. Not to mention the fact that you're not even sure that you own a tire iron. You know, how would your fingerprints have possibly gotten there?

Sharon: That's very true.

Michael: Mm-hmm. Well, just to be thorough, I petitioned the court to have the tire iron re-tested in another independent lab. I got the judge's blessing. So let's just hope the third time's the charm.

Sharon: Wait. What? Why would you do that? What are you hoping to find?

Michael: I asked the new lab to go deeper, to go beyond blood and fingerprints. Where was the tire iron made? Did it come with a vehicle, or is it after-market? If it was bought, where was it bought? Any paint, dings, dents, scratches, any little detail that could bolster my argument that this piece of evidence needs to be dismissed. After that, the rest of the case against you crumbles. We get a dismissal before we even go to trial. And your name is cleared once and for all.

Sharon: Wow.

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Sharon: You actually make it sound possible.

Michael: You've known me a lot of years. You've seen me in court dozens of times. Do I make categorical statements without having the goods to back them up, hmm? In this case, I'll be over-prepared, but that is never a bad thing.

[Both laugh]

Sharon: Oh, my gosh! Thank you!

Michael: Oh, don't thank me yet. Let's see what the new lab comes back with. [Chuckles]

[Knock on door]

Sharon: Come in!

Michael: Hey!

Sharon: Dylan, oh, my gosh. Michael just did the most incredible thing.

Dylan: Yeah, I'm happy to see you're back on your feet. I'm anxious to hear all about it. But what I have to tell you cannot wait.

Michael: What happened?

Dylan: Nick's temper happened. He punched out a reporter right in front of faith.

Sharon: I know.

Michael: You know? How did I not know? When did this happen?

Dylan: Yesterday. Some guy shot off his mouth about the charges against Sharon, and obviously faith didn't know yet, and she got upset. She told her therapist she was worried about her dad losing it. And that prompted the therapist to sic the authorities on nick.

Sharon: Oh, my God. Where's faith now?

Dylan: She's fine. She's in school. She's staying with Victoria. But the child protective services people are investigating.

Sharon: And then what? They can take our little girl away from nick? She could end up in a foster home?!

Michael: All right, Sharon, let's not get ahead of ourselves. I'm gonna check with my contacts and see what I can come up with, okay?

Sharon: Yes, please do. Check with everyone. I need to do whatever it takes to protect my little girl.

Nick: There's barb martin. I recognize her from the custody hearing.

Victoria: You're gonna do fine, nick.

Nick: Hope so.

Sage: I'll handle the meeting at the underground about the reopening tomorrow.

Nick: Thanks.

Victoria: Um, Sage, do you have a second?

Sage: Yeah.

Victoria: [Sighs] You know, this whole thing with faith...

Sage: I know. It's very disturbing. Thank God you were able to take faith at a moment's notice. I know it meant so much to your brother.

Victoria: And I meant what I said before about you being there for nick. It means a lot. But we're entering this whole new realm with faith.

Sage: What do you mean?

Victoria: You know, I didn't want to upset nick any more, but it's just gonna take awhile to sort this all out, and faith is already having some issues with you and nick seeing each other.

Sage: Oh. I assume you're telling me this because you want me to back off.

Victoria: You know, I think you should be sensitive to nick's position. I'm sure that you and nick are gonna talk later, and you'll know more about what's going on. And I know you're gonna make the right decision.

Nick: Since Sharon's been arrested, the media's really been hassling our family. I have done my best to shield faith from all the chaos, but yesterday this guy completely crossed the line.

Barb: So you're saying prior to this incident with the reporter, faith was completely unaware of her mother's legal situation?

Nick: She had no idea.

[Cell phone rings]

Nick: And then this so-called journalist shows up --

Barb: Oh, please forgive me. Uh, oh, oh, this isn't a number I recognize. Please go on.

Nick: So, this reporter, who I've never met before, barges right up to our table and just blurts out everything about Sharon and this case in front of my daughter. She gets very upset. So I asked this gentleman to join me out on the patio. He then has the nerve to say to me if I'm worried if my daughter's gonna end up bipolar like her mother. I'm sorry to say I lost my cool, but I know it wasn't appropriate.

Barb: No, it wasn't, for all sorts of reasons. Your daughter saw you strike another man, and then told her therapist afterwards she was afraid you might get angry like that at home.

Nick: Miss martin, I hope you didn't take that to mean that I would ever hurt my daughter, because I just would never do that, and faith knows that. That's not what she meant.

Barb: Are you saying that she misspoke, that she exaggerated her concerns about your temper?

Nick: I'm saying this therapist has no way of being able to interpret everything my daughter says.

Barb: Well, what do you think that she meant?

Nick: She just doesn't want any more fighting. She wants everything to go back to the time when -- when Sharon and I were thinking about getting married again. And she was very upset at the custody hearing because I won full custody, and she just wants her family back together. She's also very concerned her mother's gonna be charged with a serious crime, and it's... it's very stressful, okay? We're all under a lot of stress.

Barb: It sounds like faith is in the middle of an extremely volatile situation.

Nick: No, the -- the situation is volatile. I am not a threat to my daughter.

[Cell phone rings]

Barb: Oh, please forgive me. Whoever this is, they're very persistent.

Nick: It's -- it's fine. Take it.

Barb: Thank you. This is Barbara martin. I'm in a very important meeting. Can you please call me back later?

Michael: Ms. Martin, this is Michael Baldwin, Sharon Newman's attorney. She would like to meet with you as soon as possible regarding her daughter, faith. It's urgent.

Barb: What's the address?

Michael: 421 larkspur trail, Genoa city. It's on the Newman estate. The guards at the gate will direct you to the house.

Barb: 421 larkspur trail. I'll see you shortly. I believe I have everything I need.

Nick: Okay, I-I am not a threat to my daughter. I love her, okay? This situation has been blown completely out of proportion.

Barb: I understand your position, Mr. Newman. But I need to interview some more people before I can make a recommendation. Thank you for your time. I will be in touch.

Chelsea: Instead of eloping, Billy and I agreed to make the wedding a family affair. The club is available this afternoon, so here we are.

Billy: Yep. Luckily for us, everything's falling into place.

Adam: Well, don't let us keep you.

Victor: Chelsea, why don't you and I discuss your fashion line?

Chelsea: I quit, Victor. What is there to discuss?

Victor: Well, I'm sorry about yesterday, okay? It didn't go too well. Let's rectify that. You and I have a drink. How's that? Okay?

Chelsea: Fine.

Billy: Hey, are you still willing to be my best man? 'Cause I could sure use a friend to stand up for me. Huh?

Abby: "For immediate release, Newman-Abbott to launch improved hex fragrance."

Stitch: Shouldn't that be "new and improved"?

Abby: It's redundant. If it wasn't new, I wouldn't be alerting the media.

Ashley: Good morning, Victoria.

Victoria: Good morning.

Abby: Hi.

Ashley: Uh, we've been working on the hex problem. We think we've come up with a solution.

Victoria: Oh, thank you, but that won't be necessary. I've decided to just pull the line.

Ashley: You're killing my fragrance?

Abby: You haven't even seen what we've come up with.

Stitch: Yeah, why overreact over one bad review?

Victoria: That one bad review has already caused major damage.

Ashley: Okay, wait a second. This doesn't make any sense. Just yesterday you were talking about repackaging hex. You wanted to tie it into Chelsea's clothing line. Well, of course, that was before your amazing leadership skills led to her walking out the door.

Victoria: That was also before our P.R. Firm filled me in on the fallout from that lousy review.

Abby: How much fallout could there be? We -- we just learned about it.

Victoria: That article was posted a couple of days ago. There has been a lot of negative chatter on social media. Several retailers have e-mailed me, letting me know that sales have dropped so severely that they want out now. Once word of this gets out, it'll be a snowball effect. And without distribution, we're dead. So effective immediately, Newman-Abbott is out of the love potion business.

Ashley: I think we all know the real reason why you're scrapping my pet project, the one that I sweat blood over for over a year -- because you want your own fragrance with your own name on it, because God knows Newman hasn't come up with anything memorable in years.

Victoria: Well, it's amazing that you think I would be so petty.

Ashley: I do think you'd be that petty, and I'm not stupid. This is personal. You want to make it clear to everybody here that you are the alpha dog.

Victoria: I realize that you're having a hard time adjusting to the new hierarchy, but you should stop being so defensive and accept your new role -- working for me.

Ashley: Or what? You'll show me the door?

Victor: Victoria and I believe in your talent, okay?

Chelsea: [Scoffs]

Victor: We know how important you were to Jabot. So we value what you bring to the table, and I'm sure that we can somehow find a way to work things out and work together without undermining your artistic vision. Think about it. With Newman and Abbott behind you, the sky's the limit for you.

Chelsea: You make a compelling case, but I'm still not --

Victor: Don't answer -- don't answer me now. Think about it, all right?

Adam: Your best man?

Billy: Yeah.

Adam: Yeah, I'm gonna pass.

Billy: Really? Why? You agreed before.

Adam: Are you serious right now? It's obvious. The only reason you want me to be your best man is so you can rub it in my face that you're marrying Chelsea.

Billy: No, no, I swear that's not the reason. Look, I'm starting over. This is like a whole new life for me. In fact, that's why I want to have all my friends and my family here. And look, look, this tension between you and me, it's bugging Chelsea, so I thought maybe this would be a good way to start over and, you know, try and be real friends.

Adam: Real friends?

Billy: Yeah.

Adam: Not interested in being your friend. I'm not interested in being your grand, symbolic gesture, either.

Billy: Oh, come on, Gabe.

Adam: Hey, why don't you -- why don't you ask your brother? He's gone nuts. Ask him. Or ask your buddy Cane, whatever his name is. Ask the bartender. I'm not going. Don't ask me.

Billy: Well, that's a shame. But I do hope that you'll reconsider, because trust me when I tell you, this is going to be an event you won't want to miss.

Sharon: I know you're trying to determine what's best for faith and whether nick should keep custody. But as faith's mother, I would like to go on record about what's happening.

Barb: You weren't present for the altercation at the crimson lights, were you?

Sharon: No, but I talked to my daughter, and I know what it was about. Ever since I was charged with these terrible crimes, the press has been a nightmare. They just won't let up.

Dylan: Yeah, I can vouch for that. It's been -- it's been crazy. News vans would be parked on the front lawn if it wasn't for security.

Sharon: And it doesn't help that this time of year, well, it -- it's even more difficult for nick and me.

Barb: Why is that?

Michael: Yesterday was the anniversary of the car crash that killed their oldest daughter, Cassie.

Sharon: It brings up a lot of strong emotions. I think it makes us a little overprotective of our children, and I think that's what Nicholas was doing. He was trying to protect faith against that jerk of a reporter, and it made him lash out in a way that he ordinarily wouldn't have.

Barb: You're speaking very supportively of your ex-husband, but not long ago, you were fighting him in court.

Sharon: When nick sued me for custody, I felt like I needed to fight back. And I deeply regret that any of my previous actions let the judge rule against me. But I love my daughter with my whole heart, and I know that Nicholas does, too. He is not a violent man. He has never harmed a child, not ours, not anyone else's. There has never been an incident like this before, not with any children. And I think after this, nick will be mindful to control his temper.

Barb: It's obvious that you feel strongly, but I --

Sharon: Do you think that if I believed for a second that Nicholas could hurt faith that I would be interjecting myself like this? Given how unstable my situation is, faith needs her father now more than ever. Please, miss martin. Please don't take her away from her father.

Sage: So, the meeting at the underground went great, so you don't need to worry about that, okay? But, uh, I am worried about you, nick. Just call me as soon as you get this. I'm really anxious to hear how it went with the social worker. Bye.

Michael: Ah, perfect timing.

[Door closes]

Nick: You interrupted my meeting with barb martin so you could call her over here?

Sharon: I didn't intend --

Nick: Sharon, what the hell is going on? I get it that you're pissed at me because I don't want faith around you right now, but what's the play here? You tank me and then Michael gets you acquitted, so then I'm out of your way and you can have full custody of faith?

Dylan: Nick, Sharon just saved you. She went out of her way with the social worker to make sure faith wouldn't be taken away from you.

Michael: Sharon was adamant that staying with you was in faith's best interest, and it worked.

Nick: It did?

Sharon: I didn't mean to break into your meeting. But I wanted to speak on your behalf, and when I was finished, miss martin said she saw no reason to disrupt faith's life any more than it already has been.

Nick: I'm sorry. I'm just -- I'm worried, Sharon.

Sharon: I know. And if I were in your shoes, I would have reacted the same way. But despite everything we've gone through, nick, what matters most to us hasn't changed, and that's keeping our kids safe, making them feel loved and secure, and I hope that going forward, we'll both remember nothing is more important than that.

Victor: Isn't it a bit early?

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, but, you know, I have a light schedule today, considering I'm still the director of marketing for a fashion line [Laughing] That doesn't exist. I'm saying that presuming you got exactly nowhere with Chelsea.

Victor: Oh, I'll get her back under the Newman-Abbott umbrella.

Adam: Well, good luck to you.

Victor: Yep. You know, I got to tell you, your reaction when you saw Billy boy Abbott and Chelsea walk in together, I mean, if looks could kill...

Adam: What's it to you?

Victor: Just saying. So, have you, uh, given it some more thought, working for our company?

Adam: Mm-hmm. I did.

Victor: Uh-huh.

Adam: And, um, the truth is, you're right about me needing the money, so whatever capacity you need me in... [Sighs]

Victor: That's very nice to know. Excuse me. I'm sure we'll have fun working together, all right? Don't drink too much of that.

Abby: Victoria doesn't want you gone, right?

Victoria: I have no desire to get rid of Ashley. Her talents are an asset to this company, but if she's not happy and she wants to leave, then that's her decision.

Ashley: [Laughs] Listen to you. You're only saying exactly what you think your father wants you to say.

Stitch: Since when does Victoria hide her feelings about anything, especially business?

Ashley: You know, it's so obvious what your plan is, Victoria. You're just gonna marginalize me, disrespect me until I get so fed up that I leave. You're hoping. You're hoping.

Victoria: I'll just add mind reader to your list of personal skills in your file.

Ashley: I don't care I admit it or not. Just so you understand I'm never quitting. You can throw your worst at me, and I will take it. I'm gonna stay here, and I'm gonna succeed for Jabot's sake in honor of my father and in spite of you.

Victoria: Oh, good. There's nothing better than an employee with fire in her belly. I'll expect great things from you, Ashley.

Ashley: And I would expect you to continue lording over your newfound power over all of us.

Victoria: Hmm. Oh, wow. Just when I thought this meeting couldn't get any more fun, here you are.

Chelsea: Well, we're not here because of work.

Billy: Yeah, Chelsea and I are getting married at the club, and we're keeping it small. You know, just family. Ash, Abby, we were hoping you guys could make it.

Ashley: When is this happening?

Billy: Uh, how fast can you change?

Abby: Fast, like lightning, right, Mom? [Chuckles]

Ashley: Sure. That's assuming that our boss will let us have the time off.

Victoria: Um, yeah, I have no problem with that.

Chelsea: Thank you, Victoria. That's very gracious of you.

Billy: Where's Jack?

Ashley: [Sighs] Who knows? Golfing, playing tennis, basket weaving. Why? Do you want me to find him for you?

Billy: No, no, I got it.

Victoria: Um, well, I'll leave you to your plans.

Billy: Stay. I, uh... I want you to come, too.

Victoria: Um, I appreciate the invitation, but I don't think my being at your wedding is a good idea.

Chelsea: Well, of course, you're welcome, or else we wouldn't be inviting you.

Billy: Just trying to build a bridge between our families.

Stitch: I'm sure there are much better ways to do that, Billy.

Billy: Actually, I think it's the perfect time and place. You know, small family wedding. And Vicki and I were a perfect example of how the Abbotts and the Newmans can get along, history be damned. We've moved on, but we're still a big part of each other's lives. And it would really mean a lot to me if you were there.

Victoria: Um, well, I appreciate the gesture, and I wish you and Chelsea all the best. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to decline.

Victor: That's a very wise decision. You have far more important things to do today.

Michael: Okay, pastrami for me, corned beef for you.

Dylan: Lots of mustard.

Michael: Sharon?

Sharon: Um, I'll have a Cobb salad.

Michael: I'm gonna swing by the office and pick up that file, hit the deli, and I'll be back before you know it.

Dylan: Thanks.

Michael: All right.

Dylan: [Sighs]

Sharon: Thank you for being so supportive of me earlier.

Dylan: You did a great job. And you don't have to thank me.

Sharon: Yes, I do. You're always looking out for me, Dylan. You came rushing over here with the news about faith. When nick came charging in, you didn't hesitate to stand up for me, not to mention you've been defending me against these charges.

Dylan: You're my friend, and nobody is gonna railroad you, not on my watch.

Nick: So, I got the official call today from child protective services. Faith stays with me.

Sage: Oh, my God! What a relief! You must be so happy.

Nick: Yeah. I am.

Sage: That was huge of Sharon to give you that assist.

Nick: Well, when it comes to faith, you know, she always comes first. To Sharon... and me.

Sage: This is a celebration moment. Why aren't you smiling?

Nick: Well, cps is gonna be keeping an eye on things for a while just to make sure faith is okay. And after this misunderstanding with her therapist, I just -- I need to make sure that... that she doesn't say anything else that could be misinterpreted by the social worker.

Sage: Oh, like, um, "my daddy spending all his time with the woman I don't like, the one without pants"?

Nick: She's just -- you know, she's pretty vulnerable right now.

Sage: You don't need to explain. We can just take a step back for a while until things settle down with faith.

Nick: Can't really give you a timetable.

Sage: Are you breaking up with me?

Nick: I'm really sorry. I wish it wasn't like this. I'm sorry.

Nick: [Sighs]

Dylan: Hey, I know it's only been a couple of nights, but I miss you. Just call me back soon, okay? I want to know how things are going.

[Cell phone rings]

Michael: Michael Baldwin. Yes. So, you finished re-testing the tire iron? Great. Terrific. What'd you find?

Ashley: For Victoria to kill my fragrance without even a discussion and for such a ridiculous reason, yeah, I take it personally. She's trying to make sure that I know she's putting me in my place. And now she's punishing my team because she and Ben broke up and now he's with Abby.

Victor: Hmm? That's news to me.

Ashley: Oh, yeah, the surprises never end around here.

Victor: Well, whatever the case may be, I am in 100% support of my daughter.

Ashley: I'm sure that's the case, which only proves my point that the so-called "merger" is, in actuality, a takeover and the Abbott opinion doesn't matter at all anymore.

Victor: Oh, I wouldn't say that. I think Jack was privy to Victoria's decision.

Ashley: Oh, was he? That's news to me.

Victor: You haven't talked to him today?

Ashley: Oh, no, not today, not yesterday. Mnh-mnh. I'm hoping maybe I can corner him at Billy's wedding and remind him he's supposed to care about our company.

Victor: Huh. I'll be damned.

Abby: Well, I guess this is what they mean by things getting a little too close for comfort.

Stitch: Things will improve as long as we agree to be more civil with each other.

Abby: Sis, are you okay? I know that Billy's wedding invitation came as a surprise.

Victoria: No, I'm okay. I mean, even if I didn't feel like it was right for me to be there, I'm -- I'm really happy for them.

Chelsea: Did it ever occur to you that maybe I don't want your ex-wife at our wedding?

Billy: Sorry if I caught you off guard. I just want everybody who matters to us to be there when we say our vows.

Chelsea: [Sighs] That's sweet, but I'm glad she said no. I had a really bad feeling about it.

Billy: Pre-wedding jitters. I hear it's normal.

Chelsea: Can you blame me that I'm a little wound up? I mean, I'm planning a wedding in half a day.

Billy: Would you stop worrying about the food and the flowers? The day's all about us. We're meant to be, right?

Chelsea: Definitely.

Billy: Right. So what could possibly happen to ruin our plans?

Chelsea: Absolutely nothing.

Billy: [Sighs]

Adam: Look at you. I feel like I'm one ahead of you at least.

Sage: I don't remember asking you to join me.

Adam: Did you hear the big news? There's a big party downstairs, a wedding. Actually, it's Chelsea and Billy getting married this afternoon.

Sage: Boo-hoo. I never understood what you saw in her anyway.

Adam: Really? Ditto my brother -- big, bland moron.

Sage: You can stop talking about nick now, 'cause we aren't together anymore.

Adam: Really? Is this the part where I get to tell you "I told you so"? Huh?

Sage: Would it be too much to ask for you not to be a bastard for the next five minutes?

Adam: Okay.

Sage: Okay.

Adam: Sorry. [Sighs] Still, I mean, you got to admit you're a real champ at picking out men, right? I mean, didn't anyone ever tell you that? Always trying to get them to be someone they're not, do things they don't want to do? It's unbelievable.

Sage: Clearly, because stayed married to you for so long, huh?

Adam: Yeah, that's what I'm saying. It's pathetic. Trying to get me to be Gabe Bingham, this guy that you pined after for all those years. Come on now.

Sage: Yeah. You're right. I'm a fool. Because you were never Gabriel Bingham. Everybody loved Gabriel. He was sweet and charming and compassionate and loving, and he was a good person. [Voice breaking] And you could never live up to him.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Kevin: I'm gonna find out what Courtney uncovered that got her killed.

Paul: I know exactly what Courtney found.

Avery: You're going to be grateful and suck this up, 'cause I'm grateful you're still on this earth!

Billy: So glad you could make it. It is gonna be unforgettable.

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